We invite you to join an active group of parents and families who support the student experience through volunteer and philanthropic efforts.

Divya, Pankaj and Nitasha Gupta '26 are standing in front of South College

Divya, Pankaj and Nitasha Gupta ’26 are pictured in front of South College

Marquis Parents Council Benefits and Opportunities

Members enjoy unique opportunities and events throughout the year. The council offers the following opportunities to more deeply engage with the school:

We value parents’ perspectives and input on the Lafayette experience. Throughout
the year, parents are invited to a variety of gatherings where they have opportunities to interact with the president, key administrators, faculty, and staff. We also look for opportunities to engage with parents when they are on campus for Lafayette events, athletics, or performances, or when visiting their student(s).


Family Weekend
In addition to the wide range of events designed for all families throughout
Family Weekend, we invite Marquis Parents Council members and prospective
new members to a fall cocktail reception Friday evening and a breakfast with a
meeting following on Saturday morning. This is always a great way to kick off
the year and to thank and connect with current and potential new members.
Council members can help by encouraging attendance, connecting with new families, and taking on other outreach roles.

Marquis Parents Council Spring Meeting
Each spring, members are invited to a spring meeting. During this time, parents take advantage of opportunities to meet and hear from key administrators and faculty, network, socialize with new friends, and—best of all—visit their Lafayette student(s).

MARQUIS PARENTS COUNCILCOMMENCEMENT RECEPTION. President Hurd is standing at a podium speaking to parents.


Commencement Reception
One of the best events of the year is a Commencement reception for Marquis Parents Council members and families. This is always a wonderful occasion to celebrate your students’ success, and it provides a final opportunity to say thank you.

Special Event Hosts
Marquis Parent Council members often serve as event hosts for regional events throughout the year, including summer welcome events for new families.

Opportunities to Expand Philanthropy
Marquis Parent Council members can assist in expanding the Council’s fundraising capacity by identifying potential new members and encouraging other families to participate. Parents have opportunities to interact with other families through their students’ and involvement in activities—athletics, the arts, Greek life, data boot camps, the Landis Center for Community Engagement, etc. These valuable connections help expand Council membership and opportunities for philanthropy.

The Marquis Parent Council is composed of accomplished parents! When opportunities arise, we look to the Council to identify parents who are a good fit for one of our advisory boards, strong additions to our network of volunteers who help mentor students through career and professional development, insightful visiting lecturers and speakers, and more. As we get to know our members, we are always looking for ways to add value to their Marquis Parents Council experience.

The Parents Fund

Each year, the Marquis Parents Council provides more than $1 million in support through gifts to the Parents Fund to support academics, athletics, the arts, and a $100,000 gift to the Marquis Parents Council Catalyst Fund. The Council also provides essential support to the Gateway Career Center and the Dyer Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. We are proud of our efforts to make the student experience at Lafayette extraordinary.

Marquis Parents Council members are able to hear directly from students who have benefited from the council’s generosity. Council meetings frequently feature updates from College leadership, offering the opportunity to learn about Lafayette’s strategic initiatives and latest news. Council members also enjoy meeting fellow Lafayette parents who are committed to providing students with outstanding extracurricular opportunities.

Marquis Parents Council membership and recognition begins with a gift of $1,826 and above. We know there are many ways to support this outstanding College; however, we consider our group to be crucial to cultivating the students’ overall experience. So much of the learning that takes place in college happens outside of the classroom, and the Marquis Parents Council supports initiatives that provide these valuable experiences.

Support Lafayette and the parents fund Today!



GINA AND GREG JANSEN WITHDAUGHTER, CHRISTINE ’25 are standing outside on Lafayette's campus.


Dear Lafayette Parents,

Greetings from the Marquis Parents Council! We are excited to share our perspective on the incredible impact the Council has on the Lafayette community and invite you to join us. This is an exciting time to be a parent at Lafayette College. Lafayette is in the process of developing a comprehensive strategic plan and a master plan, AND we are planning for the Bicentennial in 2026! The Marquis Parents Council creates opportunities for us to come together, offers program advice to College leadership, and provides valuable feedback and financial support that helps shape Lafayette’s future.

Communication: The Marquis Parents Council meets twice a year—once in the fall during Family Weekend and again in the spring. During these meetings, you will have a firsthand opportunity to discuss important campus initiatives with College leadership and connect with families from all four classes.
Community engagement: We joined the Marquis Parent Council in our daughter’s freshman year. We were looking for an opportunity to engage and offer our support to the College. Through philanthropy, the Council significantly contributes to enriching and enhancing the student experience.
Connection to a Parent Network: As a member of the Council, you will stay informed about the College’s developments, become part of a strong parent network, and strengthen the sense of community that makes Lafayette such a special place.
Contribution: The Marquis Parents Council is crucial to cultivating students’ overall experience. We are proud to report that the Council provides more than $1 million annually to elevate programs and initiatives. Being part of an active parents’ council has been an immensely rewarding experience for us, and we hope you will join us. As part of the Marquis Parents Council, you will deepen your connection with Lafayette and join a group of passionate and dedicated parents who play a vital role in ensuring Lafayette’s ongoing success.

Warm regards,

Gina and Greg Jansen P’25
Chairs of the Marquis Parents Council

Why we joined the Marquis Parents Council

From left: Noel, Brian ‘16, Cameron ’21, and Andrea O’Neill stand outside. Cameron is wearing a black commencement robe and hat.

From left: Noel, Brian ‘16, Cameron ’21, and Andrea O’Neill

“If there was any path that our two sons were curious about exploring, they could deepen their understanding through Lafayette’s Gateway Career Center programs. In turn, this led them to develop confidence in themselves. There is an intersection between the two that contributed to their Lafayette experience, and we hope that is true for other students as well.” —Noel and Andrea O’Neill P ’16 ’21

Mary and Jim Wise P’24 are standing in formal wear next to each other and smiling. Mary is wearing a dress and Jim is wearing a jacket.

Mary and Jim Wise P’24

“When our son, Ian, decided to attend Lafayette, we wanted to find a way to be involved without intruding on his experience. We looked for ways to connect with the College and the parent network. The Marquis Parents Council, through the guidance of Janice Egan, provided the connection to the College we were looking for. It allows us to focus our financial support in areas that really impact student life.”—Mary and Jim Wise P’24

(from left) Betsy Hughes Phillips ’85, Caroline '21, Leslie '23, and Charles Phillips stand outside arm. They are smiling at the camera.

(from left) Betsy Hughes
Phillips ’85, Caroline ’21, Leslie ’23, and Charles Phillips

“As a fourth-generation Lafayette family, we know firsthand the benefits of the tight Lafayette community and how our experiences and friendships at Lafayette can positively impact your life. Thank you to the Parents Council for promoting Lafayette as a lifelong relationship for students and families.”  —Charles and Betsy Hughes Phillips ’85     

Jason and Nancy Rosenthal P’26, with their son, Andrew. stand outside. Ian is wearing a jacket and tie. Nancy is wearing a black dress. They are smiling at the camera.

Jason and Nancy Rosenthal P’26, with their son, Andrew

Our son chose to attend Lafayette because it was a place he could obtain a liberal arts education AND pursue a degree in engineering. He found that at Lafayette! We are struck by the warm and thoughtful Lafayette community—from President Hurd to the professors, staff, students, and alumni. Lafayette is an important place for our son, and we are delighted to support the College philanthropically through the Marquis Parent Council. Lafayette is thousands of miles from where we live in California, but the Council makes us feel welcome and connected.” —Jason and Nancy Rosenthal P’26

David and Ashley Skatoff P’25 are standing outside in front of a flowering shrub.

David and Ashley Skatoff P’25

“All of the programs, plans, and projects we have read about for Lafayette come to life through the relationships we have developed from the Marquis Parents Council. Our latest example is the Marquis Parents Council Catalyst Fund, a data boot camp for students, which our son participated in this summer with students from all over the country. The Marquis Parents Council is a valuable resource the school offers, and it has been an integral part of our experience as parents every year.” —David and Ashley Skatoff P’25

Parent Impact 

Kevin and Bethany Durkin with their daughter, Lucy ‘27, at Move-In. They are standing in Lucy's dorm. There are string lights, and photos in the background.

Kevin and Bethany Durkin with their daughter, Lucy ‘27, at Move-In.

Each year, parents and families contribute more than $1 million to support academics, athletics, programs, and more. Hundreds of parents also support the Gateway Career Center by providing internships, externships, career tracks, speaker series, mentoring, and through offering philanthropic support to internship stipend funds. We are eternally grateful for the collective impact of parents at Lafayette. If you are current or former parent and are interested in supporting Lafayette students and programs, contact Development and College Relations at 610-330-5037 or by email at fund@lafayette.edu.

We are here to help!

Janine LeGrand Casey
Director of Parent and Family Relations

As the Director of Parent and Family Relations, I engage family members as partners in their student’s educational journey. By providing information, resources, tools, and services. I work together with families to empower students to be successful. As the liaison for Lafayette families, I advocate for the needs of parents and families and assist them in guiding their students to the appropriate campus resources and services. If you have questions about Lafayette’s services or need assistance with your student’s educational experience, please contact me at (610) 330-5024 or parents@lafayette.edu.