We invite you to join an active group of parents and families who support the student experience through volunteer and philanthropic efforts.

Divya, Pankaj and Nitasha Gupta '26 are standing in front of South College

Divya, Pankaj and Nitasha Gupta ’26 are pictured in front of South College

Join the Marquis Parents Council!

The Marquis Parents Council is comprised of Lafayette families committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of the Lafayette experience. Members seek to inspire support from other Lafayette parents by making example-setting gifts, engaging in personal outreach, hosting and attending regional events, and welcoming new families into the community.

Lafayette parents have a strong tradition of philanthropy to the College, both while their children are at Lafayette and after they have graduated. The generosity of parents and families has positioned the Parents Fund as a source of annual resources that directly supports outstanding academic and research opportunities, athletics, on-campus student experiences, and more. These gifts go to work immediately, sustaining Lafayette’s academic excellence and ensuring every student has access to all Lafayette has to offer. Parents also support the College through tribute gifts in honor of their graduating seniors, through planned gifts or support for specific programs and centers such as Gateway Career Center and Dyer Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Lafayette wouldn’t be where it is today without the generosity and support from families, which strengthen the entire community. 

Skatoff family members are standing arm in arm include Leo, Henry (Hank)'25, David P'25, and Arthur.

From left, members of the Skatoff family include Leo, Henry (Hank)’25, David P’25, and Arthur.

The Marquis Parents Council Catalyst Fund

From the creation of a Data Analytics Boot Camp, to helping students hone marketable skills, hosting Career Tracks through the Gateway Career Center, and more, there are many ways parents can specifically support students. The Marquis Parents Council Catalyst Fund was created in March of 2020 at the onset of the pandemic to raise student’s skill levels to enhance career opportunities and supplement their academic experience. The fund supports interdisciplinary experiences by providing resources that will equip them for success after they graduate. To learn more about the Catalyst Fund and ways you can support students contact Janice Egan at (610) 330-5898 or by email at eganja@lafayette.edu.

Support Lafayette and the parents fund Today!

A gift of $1,826 to the Parents Fund can support many areas at the College from programs for students to financial aid.

A gift of $5,000 could support the purchase of new uniforms and equipment for an athletic team.  

A gift of $10,000 could create a named annual scholarship for a student in need.

A gift of $25,000 (through either a multi-year commitment or annual gift) could create a new program or initiative on campus such as a summer session in an emerging academic area.  

A gift of $50,000 or more can establish an endowment to support a scholarship or a stipend in perpetuity, or can advance a capital project.

Why Join the Marquis Parents Council?

Laura and Erik Eselius P'22 are pictured with their son, Erik '22. They are standing outside. Erik Jr. has his arms around his parents.

Laura and Erik Eselius P’22 are pictured with their son, Erik ’22.

As chairs of the Marquis Parents Council, we are looking forward to leading the efforts of this group and hope you will join us! We were excited to join the council in our son’s first year to lend our support to the College. The Marquis Parents Council plays an important role in helping to strengthen the programs and opportunities that make a Lafayette student’s experience so meaningful and memorable. 

While the Marquis Parents Council provides critical financial support, it is more than just an avenue for giving—it creates space for parents to hear firsthand about important developments on campus, and to raise questions and share feedback with the College’s leadership and staff. The council also creates opportunities to connect with other families from across all four classes, which we have greatly appreciated and enjoyed. As a member of the Marquis Parents Council, you will tap into a strong parent network, serve as a sounding board for the administration, and help move forward initiatives that aim to enhance the Lafayette experience for each and every student who attends the College. We are thrilled to be a part of such an active parents council and hope you will join us in supporting the Lafayette community through your involvement and philanthropic support. 

Laura and Erik Eselius, P’22
Chairs of the Marquis Parents Council

“The Marquis Parents Council truly connects parents and families to their student’s college experience. We live in Kansas City, yet feel more connected to other families and to Lafayette, because of the council. In addition, what we have been able to accomplish in the time that we have been at Lafayette has been phenomenal, including the creation of a new fund to support programs for Lafayette students!” 
~Paul and Karen Fenaroli P’22

“The Marquis Parents Council provided us with opportunities and needs to assist the engineering program. We felt it was important to support the engineering facility renovation to further strengthen the program for all students.”

~ Jodi and Bill Felton P’23 

~Noel and Andrea O’Neill P ’16 ’21“We are just real believers in the strength of a good education. Investing in not only our kids’ experience, but the experience that others can have as a result of our involvement has always been a priority for us.’’

~Noel and Andrea O’Neill P ’16 ’21

*Marquis Parent Membership Levels:

Marquis Laureates – $50,000 and up

Marquis Council – $25,000 – $49,999

Marquis Circle – $10,000 – $24,999

Marquis Court – $5,000 – $9,999

Marquis Founders – $1,826 – $4,999

*All annual gifts of $1,826 or more made in the fiscal year ending June 30—including outright gifts, matching gifts, donor advised funds gifts, and planned gifts—qualify for membership to the Marquis Parents Council.

Steve '94 P'24 and Jennifer Noxon P'24, are pictured with their son, Jared '24 and Colleen Tracy '94 P'24 at the 2022 Legacy Reception.

Jared Noxen ’24 is joined by his parents, Jennifer and Steve ’94 P’24 Noxen, and Colleen Tracy ’94 P’24 at the 2022 Legacy Reception.

We invite you to make an impact on the life of your child and every student at Lafayette by joining the Marquis Parents Council. Members offer advice and counsel from a parent perspective and play an important role in ensuring Lafayette’s success by supporting the College financially. Support from the Marquis Parents Council directly impacts students’ lives and enables Lafayette to provide unmatched educational and co-curricular experiences.

Engagement Opportunities and Courtesies Extended to Members

  • Opportunities to support interdisciplinary programs and/or targeted areas within the College that may coincide with a student’s emerging academic, research, or extracurricular passions, or to priorities that align with existing family philanthropy
  • Demonstrate philanthropic support with annual gift in support of the Parents Fund or to invest in a specific initiative 
  • Host regional events for parents and alumni
  • Receive invitations to special campus and regional events 
  • Invitation to annual Marquis Founders Dinner*
  • Volunteer as Parent Ambassadors to incoming parents and families
  • Build relationships with an institution with which children will have a lifelong affiliation
  • Recognition in the annual Summary of Giving 
  • Invitations to attend two council meetings per year, one during Parents Weekend (fall) and one in the spring

*Minimum gift of $1,826

Parent Impact 

Greg and Aileen Tuorto P'23 are standing outside with their daughter, Kerry'23

Greg and Aileen Tuorto P’23 are pictured with their daughter, Kerry’23

Each year, parents and families contribute more than $1 million to support academics, athletics, programs, and more. Hundreds of parents also support the Gateway Career Center by providing internships, externships, career tracks, speaker series, mentoring, and through offering philanthropic support to internship stipend funds. We are eternally grateful for the collective impact of parents at Lafayette. 

Olivia Beckman ‘25 and Maureen McCormack ‘22 are on a tennis court and are high fiving

Olivia Beckman ‘25 and Maureen McCormack ‘22

To become a member of Marquis Parents Council or for more information, please contact Janice Egan, director of Parent and Family Engagement and Philanthropy, at 610-330-5898 or eganja@lafayette.edu.

We are here to help!

Janice A. Egan P’21
Director of Parent and Family Engagement and Philanthropy

Janice Egan head shot

As Director of Parent and Family Engagement and Philanthropy and parent of a Lafayette graduate, I understand that Lafayette parents can play an important role in this effort by joining the Marquis Parents Council. If you are interested in learning more about the Marquis Parents Council, volunteer opportunities, giving opportunities, or other ways in which you can support your student at Lafayette, please contact me at (610) 330-5898 or by email at eganja@lafayette.edu. We also have a list of Parent Ambassadors who are willing to answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in connecting with a Parent Ambassador please reach out to me and I can connect you with parents in your region.

Janine LeGrand Casey
Director of Parent and Family Relations

As the Director of Parent and Family Relations, I engage family members as partners in their student’s educational journey. By providing information, resources, tools, and services. I work together with families to empower students to be successful. As the liaison for Lafayette families, I advocate for the needs of parents and families and assist them in guiding their students to the appropriate campus resources and services. If you have questions about Lafayette’s services or need assistance with your student’s educational experience, please contact me at (610) 330-5024 or parents@lafayette.edu.