If you would like to make a qualified charitable distribution to Lafayette College from your IRA, please contact your IRA administrator. Keep in mind:

  • Donor must be at least 70 ½ years of age when the gift is made;
  • Transfer must be made directly from the IRA administrator to Lafayette College;
  • Gifts from the IRA cannot exceed $105,000 per person ($210,000 for a couple) in a given year;
  • No goods and services can be given in exchange; and
  • Gifts cannot be made to a donor advised fund, a supporting organization, or a private foundation.

Joseph Samaritano ’91

Director of Gift Planning

1 Markle Hall
Easton, PA 18042

This information is not intended as tax, legal, or financial advice. Gift results may vary. Consult your personal adviser for information specific to your situation.