Facilities and Capital Projects

Facilities and Endowments

Thanks to the generosity of so many alumni, family, and friends, we are fortunate to have a beautiful campus marked by architecturally diverse buildings and stunning grounds. However, to make sure that we are offering a campus that fosters educational innovation, we must continually assess, build, and modernize our facilities.

Capital gifts can support the design and construction of new buildings, the renovation and upgrade of existing structures, the addition of new technologies and research facilities, and the beautification of the campus.

Major current projects include:

  • Integrated Science Center
  • 219 North Third Street
  • DKE Renovation
  • Food Service Facility Upgrades
  • Campus Wide Signage
  • Campus Framework Update
  • Rowing Facility
  • Plus many smaller projects
  • For information on capital projects contact Kim Spang at spangk@lafayette.edu.


Any individual can make a donation of any size to an already established endowed fund. However, many donors are interested in creating their own fund and establishing a permanent, named legacy of support. Because endowed funds are named, many benefactors create these funds to simultaneously secure support for a particular area of the College while also honoring or memorializing one’s own life or that of a loved one.

An endowment fund is a gift or bequest of money or property that is given for permanent, self-sustaining support of the College. The assets are invested and a portion of value of the fund is paid out to support the fund’s purpose. Any earnings in excess of the distributions are reinvested into the fund’s principal.

Whatever a donor’s particular area of interest, the College’s endowment policies allow each vision to become—and remain—a reality.

Types of Endowments

Although endowed funds can support almost any priority or initiative at the College, below are some of the most common and important funds that can be created.


Financial aid is a core priority of Lafayette. Committed to attracting the best students, we remain true to our promise of providing full grant or capped loans based on household income levels. Additionally, we offer merit-based scholarships for students with high academic or athletic achievements. There are three broad categories of financial assistance offered: need based, academic-merit based (Marquis Scholars), and athletic-merit based aid.

Named endowed scholarships provide a perpetual source of aid for students and honor the individual for whom they are named. Although general named scholarships can be created with a gift of $10,000, a $50,000 fund allows the donor to designate the category of aid and ideal characteristics of the intended recipients (e.g., an engineering student). Donors can join a long history of student support by establishing an endowed fund in perpetuity and providing the opportunity for any qualified student to benefit from the remarkable educational experience that Lafayette offers.

Donors who prefer to support financial aid on an annual basis have the opportunity to create a named annual fund scholarship and support one student for his or her four-year tenure at Lafayette.


Alumni cite the relationships built with faculty as some of the most treasured memories from their years at Lafayette. Endowed chairs recognize and reward faculty for their teaching and scholarly achievements while also serving as an incredible tool for the College in the recruitment and retention of additional exceptional professors. An endowed professorship fund, beginning at $2 million, underwrites a prominent faculty member’s salary and provides for travel, research, and course development.

Other Endowed Funds

A strong endowment is integral to maintaining and enhancing Lafayette’s strengths while ensuring a promising and innovative future. In addition to scholarships and professorships, there are a variety of endowed funds that can be created for the permanent provision of a general priority or specific program.

From academic initiatives such as research and design projects, interim abroad courses, or a lecture series, to student life opportunities such as internships and community outreach programs, to facility maintenance and grounds improvements, the possibilities of endowed funds are limitless. Beginning at $10,000, a named endowed fund guarantees that future generations of students will benefit from the Lafayette educational experience.