Between July 2008 and December 2018, Lafayette College raised more than $425 million in campaign commitments from 27,309 donors. We offer our sincere appreciation to the following individuals and groups who made the Live Connected, Lead Change Campaign an overwhelming success. (To find your name quickly, click Ctrl+F and type your name in the search bar.) 

Please note: the list of donors below recognizes those who contributed to the College during the period of the campaign. Every effort has been made to make this report as accurate as possible. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or misplaced, we sincerely apologize. Please let us know if there is an error by contacting Development and College Relations, Lafayette College, 307 Markle Hall, Easton, PA 18042-1774 or call (610) 330-3136.

Anonymous (70)
Ms. Georgene A. Aaroe ’14
Mr. Paul M. Aaroe II ’85
Mr. Matthew A. Aaron ’10
Dr. William B., Jr. ’65 and Mrs. Karen E. Aarons
Ms. Alexandria Abacherli ’19
Mr. Michael A. and Mrs. Sue A. Abacherli P’19
Ms. Katrina Barrientos Abad
Ms. Claire E. Abadie ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Abadie P’11
Mr. Salahuddin Abbasi ’93
Mr. Philip P. Abbate, Jr. ’09
Ms. Christine Abbate-Reuland ’85
Ms. Kelly E. Abbot ’14
Mrs. Linday Messina Abbot ’08
Mr. Eric L. Abbott ’92
Ms. Hailey Nicole Abbott ’22
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Abbott ’50
Mr. Noel R. Abbott ’66
Ms. Khadija M. Abdel Hafiz-Sokaria ’12
Ms. Noureen A. Abdel Rahman ’18
Ms. Linda Anderson Abdill ’87
Mr. Daniel E. Abdirkin ’10
Mr. David Abdirkin and Mrs. Isabel Buse P’10
Dr. Rashid A. Abdu ’56
Ms. Anam Abdulla ’10
Mr. Bilal S. Abdullah ’08
Ms. Cara A. Abecunas ’17
Dr. Richard G. Abecunas and Ms. Jean C. Nizinkirck P’17
Mr. Farhan Abedin ’11
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Abel, Jr. P’20
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Abel, Sr. GP’20
Mr. Douglas Abel ’83
Ms. Jennifer L. Abel ’09
Mr. Robert S. Abel
Mr. Oliver, IV and Ms. Robin Gold ’78 Abel
Ms. Bethany A. Abele ’03
Ms. Margaret A. Abelkop ’14
Mr. Martin I. Abelkop and Ms. Shelley B. Hunt P’13
Mr. James E. Abels ’00
Ms. Kendall and Mr. Chris Aberg
Dr. Rasika M. ’93 and Mrs. Marlene G. Abeysinghe
Mr. Mohammad Abil
Ms. Carrie A. Abildgaard ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Henrik Abildgaard
Mr. Peter D. Abitanto IV ’92
Ms. Patricia H. Ablat-Conard P’21
Mr. Franc E.L. ’11 and Ms. Rachel Ports ’10 Abbott
Mr. Eric M. Abowitz ’13
Mr. Alan and Ms. Marsha Abraham
Mrs. Naida C. and Mr. Samuel R. Abraham
Mr. Armen A. Abrahamian ’78
Mr. Mitchell W. Abramo ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Abramovitz ’77
Mr. Benjamin A. Abrams ’08
Mr. Charles J. Abrams `92
Dr. J. Todd ’79 and Mrs. Brenda Glaser Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Abrams ’53
Dr. Karen A. Abrams P’16
Mr. Leonard E. Abrams
Ms. Leslie S. Abrams ’96
Dr. Samuel and Mrs. Barbara Abrams
Dr. Philip S. Abramsky ’77 and Mrs. Kathleen A. Malanaphy-Abramsky
Mr. Samuel C. Abramsky ’18
Mr. Adam Mark Abramson
Mr. Floyd H. and Mrs. Elaine J. Abramson
Dr. Marla L. Abramson ’90
Ms. Sophia Abramson
Ms. Wendy A. Abrantes ’04
Mr. William and Ms. Amy E. Abruzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Abruzzo P’12
Ms. Joan T. Aburn
Ms. Amy Moore Acarlar
Mr. Jeffrey T. Aceto ’84
Mr. John J. Acevedo ’09
Mr. Muhammad Zakaria Achakzai ’01 and Ms. Stacy Lynn Swearingen
Ms. Valerie S. Acheampong ’15
Mr. Leonard A. Achey ’59*
Ms. Jessica M. Ackendorf ’19
Mr. Timothy V. Ackerly ’94
Mr. Edward I. Ackerman ’87
Mr. Hervey W. Ackerman, Jr. ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Ackerman
Mr. Matthew G. Ackerman ’18
Mr. Paul W. Ackerman ’61
Ms. S. Daniel Ackerman
ACN Consulting Company
Mrs. Sarkis Acopian W’51 P’70’75 GP’03
Mr. Ezra J. Acopian ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Acopian ’70 P’03
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Acopian ’75
Ms. Shae Acopian
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Acosta
Ms. Lisa T. Acquaire ’86
Mr. Stephen H. Acunto, Jr. ’97
Dr. Shaun T. Adair ’09
Mr. Thomas H. Adair ’51*
Mr. Richard F. Adam ’66
Adam S. Kaufman D.M.D.
Ms. Joanne Moloney Adamchak ’82
Mr. and Mrs. John Adamchick
Mr. John K. Adamchick and Mrs. Pamela E. Leonardi
Dr. Anthony F. Adamo P’20
Mr. Christopher Adamo ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Adams P’04
Ms. Catherine L. Adams
Mr. Clemens M. and Mrs. Helgard Adams P’14
Mrs. Corinne E. Adams ’09
Mr. Cory J. Adams ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Dale G. Adams ’61
Mr. David M. and Mrs. Kathleen M. Adams P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Adams GP’18’20
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Adams
Ms. Evelyn Adams ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Adams P’09
Ms. Huldah L. Adams ’00
Mr. James C. Adams ’89
Mr. Justin Z. Adams ’15
Mr. Landon J. Adams ’02
Ms. Leslie Kress Adams ’89
Mr. Louis L. Adams
Mrs. Marie R. Adams ’10
Mr. Martin S. Adams ’14
Ms. Paige C. Adams ’16
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Adams
Mr. Ronald D. Adams ’56*
Mr. William C. Adams, III ’90
Mr. Robert E. Adamski
Mr. Benjamin T. Adamson ’03
Mr. James C. ’84 and Mrs. Renee M. Adamson
Mr. Michael J. Adamson ’13
Dr. Bruce M. ’01 and Mrs. Mousam Kayastha ’01 Adcock
Mr. Roland T. Addis, III ’83
Mr. Bradley T. Addison ’82
Mr. James A. Addison `65*
Mr. Michael J. Adelman ’10
Ms. Rebecca Adelman ’19
Mr. James Adelstein
Ms. Ann F. Adenbaum
Mr. Benjamin M. Adenbaum ’19
Mr. Robert W. Adenbaum ’49*
Mr. Samuel T. Adenbaum ’73 and Ms. Gilda L. Kramer
Mr. Victor Aderton ’49*
Ms. Betsy Savacool Adey ’79
Mr. Prajesh Adhikari ’12
Mr. Nii O. Adjei ’08
Mr. Alfred Adler ’51
Dr. Eric Steven Adler ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Adler P’11
Mrs. Laurie J. Adler ’85
Mr. Michael T. Adler ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Adler P’16
Admiral’s Cove Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Erik R. Adolfsson ’11
Mr. Goran and Ms. Carmella Adolfsson P’11
Dr. Ursula A. Adourian ’80
Ms. Adedayo C. Adu ’12
Mr. Peter A. Adubato ’14
Mr. Peter A. Adubato and Ms. Sara A. Begley P’14
Advanced Dermatology and Dermatopathology Inc
Advocare LLC
Ms. Carol Cline Aferiat ’81
Mr. and Mrs. John Allen Affleck ’68
Mr. Alaa Agag ’18
Mr. Tarush Agarwal ’10
Ms. Trisha Agarwal ’20
Ms. Bianca D. Agcaoili ’14
Mrs. Cristina Macioch Agee ’12
Ms. Shannon Gregg Agin ’97
Mr. Richard H. Agins ’70
Mr. Bruce Aglietti
Mr. Daniel J. Agnello P’20
Ms. Sarah Anne Agnello
Mr. William I. Agnew ’63
Mr. Sedomo O. Agosa ’18
Ms. Bobbi Jo Agosta P’17
Dr. Fred Alan Agre ’57
Ms. Liana M. Agrios ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Agrios P’14
Ms. Christine Fiumara Agron ’90
Mr. Eduardo A. Aguayo ’86
Mr. Felix O. Aguayo ’86
Dr. Ariel M. Aguiar ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Licinio Aguiar P’12
Mrs. Robin Hagan Aguiar
Ms. Ariana S. Agustines ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Ahart ’69 Hon.D.’10 P’97’03
Ms. Jodie L. Ahart ’06
Mr. Andrew Jeffrey Ahearn
Mr. John S. Ahearn ’03
Dr. Rexford A. Ahene P’08
Mr. Christopher M. Ahern ’11
Ms. Dana A. Ahern ’15
Mr. Mark E. Ahern ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Ahern P’11’15
Mrs. Marnel Moschorak Ahern ’99
Mr. Christopher M. and Mrs. Kathryn Aherne P’18
Ms. Cynthia A. Aherne P’19
Mr. Drew C. Aherne ’18
Ms. Sydney V. Aherne ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Cary W. Ahl ’54
Mr. Kenneth E. and Dr. Diane Cole Ahl
Ms. Abida S. Ahmed ’10
Mr. Farhan Ahmed ’05 and Ms. Andrea S. Dietz ’05
Mr. Zain Ahmed ’11
Ji Yung Ahn
Ms. Dawn Woodmore Aho ’84
Dr. David R. Ahouse ’64
Mr. Benjamin G. Ahrens ’06
Ms. Amira S. Ahsan ’13
Mr. John M. Ahsler ’14
Mr. John K. and Mrs. Carey C. Ahsler P’14
Ms. Margaret L. Ahsler
Dr. David D. and Mrs. Nancy R. Aichholz P’21
Mr. Robert A. Aiello ’54
Air Products & Chemicals Inc
Air Products Foundation
AISC Education Foundation
Mr. Dean M. Aita ’91
Ms. Gabrielle Laux Aitchison ’94
Victoria Aitchison
Mr. James Aitken
Mr. Mark S. ’76 and Mrs. Patrice G. Aitken
Mr. Thomas J. Aitken Jr. ’67
Mr. Elias Aizenman and Mrs. Leslie Boltax Aizenman
Ms. Aleeza Ajmal ’18
Mr. Vahe H. Akashian ’50*
Mr. Bilal Akbar ’18
Ms. Fatima Akbar ’18
Dr. Shahzad Akbar ’73
Mr. James W. ’86 and Ms. Karen Blinder ’86 Akerhielm
Mr. Frederick I. and Ms. Cynthia Akiya
Mr. Asad Akram ’13
Ms. Shabhia Akter ’15
Ms. Afua A. Akuffo ’11
Mr. Donald W. Alabaster ’80 and Mrs. Margaret J. Watral ’80
Mr. Frank L. and Mrs. JoAnn L. Alaimo P’15
Mr. Frank and Ms. Michelle Alaimo
Mr. Michael J. Alaimo ’15
Ms. Farah Alam ’11
Ms. Melody Alam ’17
Isabella Grace Alampi ’20
Mr. Joseph Ferdinand and Mrs. Maria C. Alampi P’20
Alan H Felty Inc
Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Lisa H. Albagli P’18
Mr. Victor and Ms. Maureen M, Albagli
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Albala ’78
Dr. Lillian Vogel Albanese ’87
Mr. Marc A. and Mrs. MaryLee Albanese P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Albanese
Ms. Lauren E. Albano ’01
Mr. Nicholas J. Albano ’09
Ms. Regina Albano
Mr. Michael J. O. Alberga ’62
Mr. Robert D. Albergotti ’01
Captain and Mrs. Carl M. Albero, USN-R ’57
Mr. Collin D. Albershardt ’17
Ms. Beth T. Albert
Mr. Richard C. Albert ’88
Mr. Scott T. Albert ’13
Mr. Richard J. Albertini ’13
Mr. John B. Albertson
Ms. Stacy A. Alboher ’04
Mr. Dale R. Albright Sr. ’56
Mr. Dale R. Albright Jr. ’85
Mr. Paul E. Albright `74
Mr. Philip M. Albright ’84
Ms. Alana M. Albus
Mr. Donald R. Albus ’49*
Mr. Francis E. Albus ’42 P’67 ’68 GP’03*
Mr. John W. Albus ’45
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Albus ’68
Mr. Solon George Alchas ’72
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Barbara J. Alden
Mr. James Alden
Mr. Otto Alden ’42 GP’95*
Dr. Susan L. Alden ’81
Mr. Eugene H. Alderman ’56
Mrs. Sandra Palumbo Aldi ’97
Mr. Donald R. Aldinger
Mr. Thomas Aldington ’48
Mr. David King Aldrich ’38*
Ms. Hope Aldrich ’73
Ms. Lisa Aldrich McInnis ’88
Ms. Jeanne M. Alemeida P’17
Dr. D. Scott Alenick ’80
Mr. Michael W. Alessi
Mr. Robert A. Alessi ’00
Ms. Amy T. Alexander
Ms. Carrie L. Alexander
Mr. Charles W. Alexander ’62
Mr.* and Mrs. Cornelius Alexander IV ’56 P’95
Mr. Cornelius J. Alexander V ’95
Mr. Craig C. ’04 and Dr. Amy Magos ’04 Alexander
Mr. Geddes O. Alexander ’97
Mr. Jack Alexander ’50
Mr. Jacob M. Alexander ’14
Mr. James A. ’81 and Mrs. Lynn A. Alexander P’15
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Alexander P’16
Dr. and Mrs. Keith R. Alexander P’02 ’04
Ms. Leigh A. Alexander ’07
Ms. Leslie Alexander
Ms. Lindsey M. Alexander ’02
Mr. Michael H. Alexander ’15
Mr. Richard A. Alexander ’65
Dr. Stuart E. and Mrs. Lynne J. Alexander P’14
Alexander W. Dick Foundation
Mr. Ernst F. W. Alexanderson ’68
Ms. Maria C. Alexandratos ’00
Mr. Donald Alexis and Ms. Shelia S. Martin
Ms. Loren Pierce Alexis ’82
Mr. and Mrs. John Alfieri
Mr. Joseph A. Alfieri ’49
Mr. Alexander Alford III ’18
Mr. Stuart K. Alford ’99
Ms. Anne Strunk Alfred ’03
Dr. Mireille C. Algazi ’85
Mr. John T. Alger ’18
Mr. Anthony Algieri
Mr. Tawfiq Alhamedi ’17
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Lynette M. Alicandro P’17
Mr. Andrew D. Alikhani ’15
Alimar Flow Technologies, Inc.
Ariana Aliprantis ’22
Mr. Peter Aliprantis P’22
Mr. Elbern H. Alkire ’58*
Dr. Richard C. Alkire ’63
Ms. Elizabeth R. Allacco ’14
Mr. Louis, Jr. and Mrs. Anna Allacco, Jr. P’14
Mr. Steve D. Allaico ’15
Mr. John M. Allan ’49*
Ms. Keri G. Allan ’02
Allan Jones Foundation
Ms. Ashley N. Allee ’15
Dr. Steven R. and Dr. Lori Rothman Allee P’15
Mr. Donald P. and Ms. Pam Allegretto
Mr. A. Matson Allen ’92
Mr. Andrew J. Allen ’15
Ms. Betty J.W. Allen
Mr. Bill C. and Mrs. Patricia A. Allen P’15
Ms. Bridget Allen
Ms. Christine M. Allen ’17
Mr. Christopher P. and Mrs. Eileen M. Allen P’17
Mr. Curtis M. Allen ’79
Mr. David S. Allen `65
Ms. Deanna Warren Allen ’97
Mr. Donald L. Allen ’59*
Mr. Eric J. Allen
Mr. Gary Allen
Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Helen Rita Allen
Mr. Kenya T. Allen ’02
Ms. Madeline R. Allen ’13
Mr. Mark D. ’89 and Mrs. Susan Allen
Ms. Mary-Ellen Hannigan Allen ’96
Mr. Grant Guliano and Ms. Melanie L. Allen
Ms. Melissa M. Allen ’15
Mr. Michael S. ’85 and Ms. Andrea Grason ’83 Allen
Mr. Paul S. Allen ’80
Mr. Richard P. Allen ’65 and Ms. Mary L. Sieminski
Porter Allen 1902 Estate
Ms. Lisa O. Allendorph
Mr. Timothy J. and Mrs. Patricia M. Allers
Mr. Zachary M. Alles ’13
Mr. and Mrs. David Alley
Mr. Jason R. Alley
Mr. James M. and Ms. Anne Allie
Mr. E. Page Allinson IV ’07 and Ms. Cadance E. Hinkle ’07
Mr. Gregory D. Allis ’12
Mr. Ned W. ’02 and Ms. Melissa Fiorelli ’02 Allis
Ms. Kristen C. Allison ’14
Mr. Neville M. Allison ’47
Mr. Robert and Ms. Diane D. Allman
Mr. Mark Allocco
Mr. Christopher J. Allora ’97 and Mrs. Veronica LaMura Allora ’05
Mr. Carl L. Allspaw ’57
Mr. Robert F. ’89 and Mrs. Kira L. ’89 Almeida
Ms. Simone M. Almeida ’92
Ms. Victoria Almeida ’17
Ms. Christine R. Almer ’16
Mr. Tommy C. Almodovar ’15
Mrs. Carrie Linker Almskog ’97
Mr. Benedetto J. Aloi ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Aloi P’14
Ms. Catherine Aloise
Mrs. Washcarina Martinez Alonzo ’11
Mr. Jonathan and Ms. Anne Marie Santos ’84 Alperin
Dr. Andrew M. Alpert ’68
Ms. Linda Alpert
Mr. Matthew R. Alpert ’12
Alpha Consulting Engineers Inc
Alpha Gamma Delta
Alpha Phi
Mr. Ghassan and Mrs. Zouka Alrassi P’13
Ms. Nicole Alrassi ’13
Mr. Jason B. Alsher ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Salman M. Al-Sudairi ’00
Sheikh Abdulaziz A. AlSulaiman ’55
Mr. Mark K. Altemose ’87
Mr. Steve Alteniese
Mr. William C. Altier ’86
Dr. Richard A. Altimari ’60*
Mr. Michael R. Altman ’16
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Phoebe Joan Altman
Mr. George M. Altmeier ’79
Dr. Michael A. Altmeier ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Altrofer P’14
Mr. Ryan A. Altorfer ’15
Alumni Assoc of Lafayette College
Mr. Alan M. Alvarez ’63
Ms. Jessica Alvarez-Calderon ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio M. Alves
Mr. Christopher W. Alworth ’03
Mr. Alexander J. Amador ’15
Mr. Jorge A. Amador P’15
Mr. Edward C. Amaducci ’79
Mr. Jairo M. Amarillo ’05
Mr. Christopher J. Amato*
Mr. Graham Amato
Mr. Richard S. Amato and Mrs. Ruth A. Pottinger-Amato P’15
Mr. Taylor S. Amato ’15
Mr. Tony and Ms. Jane Amato
Antoine Giovanni Amblard ’21
Mr. Guillaume P. Amblard and Mrs. Barbara M. Zanin P’21
Ms. Annabelle Ambrose
Mr. Thomas J. Ambrosole ’08
Mr. Jerome P. and Dr. Carol McArthur ’87 Amedeo P’07
Ms. Louise Amell
Mrs. Lauren E. Amendo ’03
American Friends of Lafayette
American Institute of Steel Construction Inc
Rev. G. Clayton Ames III ’66
Mr. W. Robin Amesbury ’71 and Ms. Karen A. Kapner
Mr. Eugene J. ’78 and Ms. Mary Thomson ’78 Amici
Mr. Frank T. Amico ’14
Mr. Thomas F. and Mrs. Roxanne T. Amico P’14
Mr. David M. ’79 and Ms. Carol Maltz ’79 Amidon
Mr. Christopher David Amill Jr. ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Amman ’64
Mr. John T. Amorosa ’79
Mr. Larry C. Amos ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Amster ’89
Ms. Melanie Swade Anagnos ’80
Ms. Susan B. Anamier ’05
Ms. Anavi Anand ’19
Ms. Safia Nurbhai Anand ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Anastasia
Mr. Andrew W. Anastor ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Wade C. Anastor P’14
Ms. Alexis L. Anastos ’05
Dr. John P. and Mrs. Julie D. Anastos P’19
Mr. Jonathan Samuel Anastos ’19
Ms. Karen E. Anathan ’93
Mr. R. Todd ’95 and Ms. Jeannine Fallon ’93 Anckaitis
Mr. Robert G. Anckaitis ’67
Ms. Cecile Anderes Tucci ’89
Mr. James R. Anderko ’84
Mr. David A. Anders ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Andersen
Mr. John J. and Mrs. Randi A. Andersen P’15
Ms. Kelsey F. Andersen ’11
Ms. Olivia N. Andersen ’17
Mr. Roger G. Anderson P’11
Mrs. Sherlyn H. Andersen P’11
Ms. Ann L. Anderson
Mr. Brian E., Sr. and Mrs. Dawn R. Anderson
Mr. Bruce E. Anderson ’79
Mr. C. Gerhard, III ’01 and Mrs. Leanne S. ’02 Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Anderson Jr. ’67 P’01
Ms. Caron B. Anderson ’73
Mr. Christopher R. ’88 and Mrs. Debra A. Anderson
Ms. Corinna B. Anderson ’17
Dr. David C. Anderson ’85
Mr. David M. and Mrs. Jane B. Anderson P’14
Ms. Eliza M. Anderson
Ms. Elizabeth L. Anderson ’14
Mr. Eric P. Anderson ’14
Frederick G. Anderson Ph.D. ’80
Ms. Gina Anderson
Mr. H. William Anderson Jr. ’56*
Mr. Howard H. Anderson ’83
Ian L. Anderson ’20
Mr. J. Wayne Anderson ’60
Mr. James M. Anderson ’63
Mr. James F. Anderson ’72
Ms. Jane C. Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Anderson ’86
Mr. Jesse J., III and Mrs. Wendy L. Anderson P’20
Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson ’87
Mr. John Anderson
Jordan D. Anderson ’22
Mr. Kevin and Ms. Theresa Anderson
Ms. Kristin W. Anderson ’14
Mr. Kurt M. and Mrs. Lisa R. Anderson P’20
Dr. Lauren Sefcik Anderson ’04
Mr. Lawrence L. Anderson ’62
Mr. Mark P. and Mrs. Juleann M. Anderson P’14
Mark Patrick Anderson ’20
Mr. Martin J. Anderson ’14
Mr. Matthew J. Anderson ’16
Mr. Nicholas A. Anderson ’02
Mr. Paul L. Anderson ’77
Ms. Peggy G. Anderson
Mr. Martin and Ms. Rebecca Fogel Anderson
Ms. Rhonda L. Anderson ’74
Mr. Robert H. Anderson ’39*
Ms. Ruth T. Anderson
Mrs. Sandra B. Anderson ’85
Dr. Steven P. Anderson ’87
Mr. Theodore and Ms. Cathy Anderson
Mr. Tyler M. ’08 and Mrs. Julia Olenski ’08 Anderson
Mr. Wataru Ando ’18
Mr. Stephen P. Andors ’60
Mr. James J. Andreacchi ’17
Mr. Constantin W.L. Andreae ’97
Ms. Katherine Morrison Andreassen ’83
Dr. John L. Andreassi II ’94
Ms. Victoria R. Andrejecsk ’10
Mr. K. Patrick ’97 and Mrs. Heather Pfitzinger ’97 Andren
Mr. James T. and Mrs. Joanne P. Andres P’16
Ms. Jillian M. Andres ’16
Ms. Unique Winter Andres ’15
Mr. Adam D. ’00 and Ms. Nancy Berrier ’01 Andreski
Mr. Richard W. Andreski Jr. ’96
Mr. Thomas C. Andress ’76*
Ms. Miranda Q. Andretti ’16
Ms. Heidi D. Andrew
Mr. and Mrs.* Leonard D. Andrew ’63
Mr. Benjamin S. Andrews ’08
Mr. Clifford S. and Ms. Christine Andrews P’19
Mr. Duncan Andrews ’57*
Ms. Heather Douglass Andrews ’90
Ms. Jaclyn R. Andrews ’16
Mr. Clifford and Mrs. Mary Ann Andrews
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Mary E. Andrews P’16
Mr. Robert B. Andrews ’03
Mr. Sean Parker Andrews ’19
Mr. Stephen F. and Mrs. Diana C. Andrews P’16
Mrs. Terry R. Andrews P’19
Mr. Timothy J. Andrews ’16
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Andrews ’71 P’03’08
Mr. Matthew C. Androski ’10
Mr. Jeffrey M. ’96 and Mrs. Alison Murphy ’95 Andrus
Mr. and Mrs. Emil C. Andrusko P’15
Mr. Eddie S. Andujar ’15
Michael Ebube Anekwe ’22
Mr. Ing Chea Ang ’04
Mr. David A. Angel ’17
Mr. Carl A. Angelella
Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Mary Louise Angelella P’21
Grace Marie Angelella ’21
Ms. Lena A. Angelella
Ms. Samantha R. Angeline ’11
Mr. Victor Angeline III ’78
Mr. Kevin L. Angelis ’01
Mr. Keith G. Angell Jr. ’98
Mr. Atanas S. Angelov ’16
Mr. Robert E. Angevine ’72
Mr. Raymond D. Angle Jr. ’52*
Mr. Douglas M. Angoff and Ms. Robin Greenberg P’15
Ms. Eleanor Angoff
Mr. Zachary A. Angoff ’15
Dr. David L. Angst Jr. ’80
Mr. Fares Ani ’14
Ms. Jeeda Ani ’19
Dr. Samar Shami and Dr. Nasser Ani P’14’19’22
Ms. Mary Ann Anisiewski
Ms. Alexandra C. Anisko ’11
Mr. Spencer R. Ankeney ’65
Ms. Pryncess Ankle ’19
Ms. Maxine V.E. Ankora ’16
Mr. Richard and Ms. Diane Ankrom
Mr. V. S. Shastri and Ms. Pramila Annambhotla
Annette Antolik DBA TLC Impressions
The Honorable Russell W. Annich Jr. ’63 and Dr. Wendy Matthews
Ann’s Choice Life Long Learning Academy
Mr. Erwin K. Annulysse
Mr. Obioma N. Anomnachi ’16
Mr. Uchechi Amala Anomnachi ’19
Ms. Anne Anquillare
Mr. Ettore J. Anselmi ’71
Mr. David E. Anshen ’90
Mr. Omari Anson and Ms. Yolanda Sadl P’16
Mr. Quentin Y. Anson ’16
Prof. Bradley C. Antanitis
Mrs. Kelley M. Anthes-Smith ’04
Ms. Emily Fogelberg Anthony ’05
Ms. Fanny V. Anthony
Mr. Jeffrey M. Anthony
Mr. Paul T. and Dr. Elizabeth M. Anthony P’21
Mr. Ralph E. Anthony ’73
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jennifer Anthony P’21
Thomas Dean Anthony ’21
Anthony P. Abdalla, D.M.D., P.C.
Mr. Douglas A. ’76 and Ms. Joyce Lakin ’76 Antisell
Mr. David R. Antolick ’69
Mr. Jeffrey B. Antolick ’93
Ryan M. Antonelle ’20
Dr. Jodi A. Antonelli ’02
Mr. H. James ’72 and Mrs. Margaret Jordan ’73 Antonisse
Mr. Antony J. Antonopoulos ’54
Mrs. Laura Werkheiser Antonow ’09
Ms. Elizabeth K. Antrim ’81
Any One Can Fly Foundation Inc
Ms. Abseen R. Anya ’11
Chukwuka Dwight-Aaron Anyafo
Mr. Jamie J. Anzalone ’03 and Ms. Mary A. David ’03
Mr. Joseph E. Anzalone
Ms. Carole Anzalone-Newman
Mr. Brian D. Apgar ’10
Ms. Cassie L. Apgar ’16
Mr. Gregory J. and Mrs. Karen C. Apgar P’16
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Kathy P. Apgar
Mrs. Marti Hovey Apgar ’91
Mr. Daniel A. Apoldite ’05
Mr. Benedict Aponavicius ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Angel Aponte
Ms. Christy M. Aponte ’09
Mr. Jonathan C. Apostoles ’03
Dr. Arthur J. Appel ’76 and Mrs. Cathy Altschul-Appel ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Appel ’60
Mr. Arthur A. Appelstein
Gerald M. Appelstein
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Appelstein P’12
Ms. Melissa B. Appelstein ’12
Mr. Peter P. Appert ’77
Mr. Jack T. Appicciafuoco ’18
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Karen Appicciafuoco P’18
Ms. Lauren M. Appio ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Applebaum
Ms. Linda E. Applebaum P’16
Stanley A., Esq. ’55 and Mrs. Sylvia A. Applebaum
Ms. Kristy Applegate
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Applestein ’62
Mr. Donald Applestein ’68
Mr. Donald V. Appleton ’65
Mr. Benjamin A. April ’01
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. April
Mr. Charles D. Apter ’51*
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Aquilina
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Evelyn M. Aquino
Ms. Georgeanne D’Agrosa Aquino ’77
Mr. John M. Aquino
Mr. Leikune F. Aragaw ’15
Dr. James G. Arbogast ’72
Dr. Karl F. Arbogast Jr. ’51
Mr. Mark A. Arbogast
Ms. Barbara S. Arcati
ArcelorMittal Matching Gifts Program
ArcelorMittal Tubular Products USA LLC
Mr. Barry J. Arch ’66
Mr. Kevin P. Archbald ’78
Dr. David Archibald ’68
Mr. David G. Archibald ’93
Ms. Emily A. Archibald ’09
Mr. Anthony Arciszewski ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Arcuri P’19
Ms. Mary Katherine Arcuri ’19
Ms. Avantika Ardey ’12
Ms. Kimberly A. Arditte ’08
Mr. Joseph R. Ardon ’16
Mr. Nelson E. Arena ’49*
Mr. Christopher P. Aresco ’17
Mr. Jeremy W. Arfield ’93
Mr. Joshua B.C. Arfin ’17
Mr. Robert J. Argenti ’74
Ms. Casey A. Argento ’09
Mr. Liborio J. and Mrs. Ellen A. Argento P’14
Mr. Andrew T. Arkema ’07
Mr. Allen H. Arkett ’51
Mr. Earnest L. Arko and Ms. Barbara C. Lebeck P’18
Ms. Jennica T. Arko ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Arlein
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Marie Arlo P’15
Ms. Carolyn A. Arlo ’15
Mr. George Armah ’08
Ms. Catherine Armandroff
Dr. John J. Armbruster ’91
Ms. Leslie Brown Armknecht P’20
Mr. Andrew W. ’89 and Mrs. Linda F. ’89 Armour
Ms. Ellen M. Armour ’18
Mr. Gregory A. and Mrs. Alice J. Arms P’15
Ms. Margaret M. Arms ’15
Mr. Bradley A. ’05 and Mrs. Jaclyn Vazquez ’07 Armstrong
Mrs. Brittany W. Armstrong ’09
Ms. Delphy Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Armstrong
Mr. John F., III and Ms. Beth Armstrong
Mr. Keith L. and Ms. Elizabeth Armstrong
Mr. Barry and Mrs. Susan H. Armstrong
Mr. William Armstrong ’78
Ms. Leah M. Arndt ’06
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Christine A. Arner
Ms. Alexandra F. Arnold ’18
Ms. Carolyn Arnold
Mr. David S. Arnold ’42*
Mr. David Thomas Arnold Sr. ’64
Mr. Edward S. Arnold ’40*
Mr. Ethan N. Arnold `88
Ms. Heidi Arnold
Ms. Katelyn E. Arnold ’17
Ms. Kimberly Arnold
Ms. Margaret McGrath Arnold ’95
Mr. Michael M. Arnold ’79
Mr. Michael S. and Mrs. Susan P. Arnold P’17
Mr. Richard H. Arnold
Ms. Rita A. Arnold
Ms. Samantha M. Arnold ’18
Mr. Sebastian P. Arnold ’59
Mr. Walter V. ’94 and Ms. Erynn Mackool ’93 Arnold
Ms. Rebekka K. Arnthorsdottir ’18
Mr. Charles A. Aronica IV ’10
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Holly G. Aronow
Mr. Barry P. Aronowsky ’62
Mr. J. Richard Aronson
Ms. Joanne W. Aronson
Mrs. Kristen Cannon Aronson ’07
Mr. Lee E. Aroyo ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Aroyo
Ms. Linda N. Arra ’74
Mr. John A. ’96 and Ms. Elizabeth Rowland ’96 Arredondo
Ms. Amanda T. Arriaran ’13
Mr. Humberto W. Arriaza ’10
Mr. Joseph J. Arrieta ’15
Ms. Dena Arrison
Mr. Frank J. ’73 and Dr. Elizabeth G. ’75 Arrison
Mr. David I. and Mrs. Donna R. Arronson P’16
Mr. Nathan H.R. Arronson ’16
Ms. Astrid Pia Artho
Mr. and Mrs. Greer M. Arthur, Jr. ’56
Arthur C. Tutela II MD PA
Leonard J. Artigliere Esq. ’81
Ms. Leslie A. Artigliere P’11
Ms. Stephanie L. Artigliere ’11
Dr. Michael L. Arvanitis ’77
Syderia Asberry
Mr. Ronald T. ’86 and Ms. Nancy Burgess ’87 Ascher
Mr. Stephen L. Ash ’09
Ms. Herberta C. Ashburn
Mr. Matthew J. Ashby ’92
Mr. David C. and Mrs. Alicia L. Ashenfarb
Mr. Jeremy B. Asher P’17
Ms. Renae M. Asher
Mr. Tamerlane B.G. Asher ’17
Ms. Elise Renee Ashford ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ashford P’19
Ms. Anna-Lisa K. Ashman ’16
Ms. Serena K. Ashmore
Mr. Brian J. Ashnault ’15
Mr. Robert J. and Mrs. Lisa M. Ashnault P’15
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Alma M. Ashton
Mr. Fred L. Ashton Jr. ’52*
Ms. Lauren Wool Ashton ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Ashton P’85
Mr. R. Kline, Jr. and Mrs. Amy P. Ashton P’16
Mr. Robert K. Ashton III ’16
Ms. Shirley V. Ashton P’16
Mr. Stuart L. ’85 and Ms. Kristina Schirmacher ’86 Ashton
Mr. Thomas M. ’86 and Ms. Kathleen Kenna ’86 Ashton
Mr. W. Scott ’85 and Ms. Sharon Roche ’85 Ashton
Ms. Alyssa L. Ashworth ’11
Mr. Andrew P. and Mrs. Linda Ashworth P’11
Mr. Edward Y. Asiedu ’03
Mr. Brian Asingia ’12
Ms. Margaret A. Aske ’17
Mr. Richard H. Askenase ’74
Mr. A. Bradley Askin ’65
Mr. Eric R. Askins ’08
Ms. Deb Askland
Ms. Karen Levin Asofsky ’86
Ms. Annika Kirsten Asplund ’19
Ms. Meredith P. Asplundh
Ms. Genevieve M. Asselin ’15
Ms. Meaghan A. Asselta
Asset Strategy Consultants LLC
Associates in Obstetrics Gynecology and Infertility LLC
Association of American Colleges and Universities
Association of College & Research Libraries
Association of College and Universities Museums/Galleries
Association of Independent Colleges & Universities of PA
Association of Performing Arts Professionals, Inc.
Association of Reporters of Jud Decisions
Assured Guaranty Corporation
Mr. George M. and Mrs. Mary L. Ast P’19
Ms. JoAnna Michelle Ast ’19
Mr. Robert Astacio ’99
Ms. Jessica C. Aston ’11
Mr. David A. and Mrs. Catherine A. Astor P’17
Mr. Michael T. Astor ’17
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Angela Astorino
Mr. Steve Ateniese and Ms. Noreen Peragine
Mr. Salil A. ’92 and Ms. Susan Kesler ’92 Athalye
Mrs. Nancy A. Athanas ’94
Ms. Susan Athari Soltany ’89
Ms. Beverly B. Atherholt
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Atherton ’77
Mr. Craig M. Atkins ’06
Mr. Jeremy N. Atkins ’10
Mr. Brett T. Atkinson ’99
Ms. Elizabeth E. Atkinson ’18
Mr. Richard T. and Mrs. Julie E. Atkinson P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Atkinson
Mr. Steven R. Atkinson ’90
Mary H. Atkinson Estate
Atlanta Chapter Lafayette Alumni Association
Atlantic Apparel Contractors Association, Inc.
Atlantic Insulation Services
Dr. Steven A. Attanasio ’89 and Dr. Catherine E. Jordan ’89
Ms. Amanda D. Attina ’09
Ms. Diana V. Attina ’09
Dr. Stephen W. Atwater ’81
Mr. Evan B. Atwood ’02
Mr. Derrick M. and Mrs. Arminda V. Au P’19
Ms. Jane M. Au
Ms. Jennifer M. Au ’00
Mr. Brent D. Auble ’97
Mr. Edward C. Auble ’61
Audiology Endeavors PC Center for Hearing
Mr. Jerry M. Aufox ’64
Mr. John T. Augelli ’13
August A Busch III Charitable Trust
Mr. Brooks M. Aukamp ’03
Mr. William M. Aukamp ’58*
Mrs. Kati Bastelli Aumack ’03
Ms. Julia C. Auriemma ’18
Mrs. Susan H. Auriemma P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Auro
Ms. Elizabeth Selfridge Ausmus ’92
Mr. Peter A. and Ms. Mary Stengel ’86 Austen
Mr. Franklin B. Austin ’92
Mrs. Johann M. Austin ’80
Kelly Victoria Austin ’22
Ms. Mary Barbara Austin
Mrs. Patricia Blair Austin ’89
Dr. and Mrs. R. Marshall Austin ’71
Dr. Roger S. Austin ’62
Mr. Desmond J. Austin Miller ’17
Mr. Peter M. and Ms. Elizabeth Auteri
Auto Zone Marketing
Automatic Data Processing Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Auvil P’15
Mr. Peter R. Auvil ’15
Mr. Joseph J. Avagliano ’07
Ms. Charlotte M. Avallone ’16
Mr. Michael Avallone P’16
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Laura J. Avalos
Victor V. Avedian M.D.
Ms. Ana L. Avendano ’09
Mr. Izaiah Leroy Avent ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Averbuch P’07
Ms. Megan E. Averbuch ’07
Dr. Susan L. Averett
Ms. Julia F. Averett Peet
Ms. Robyn L. Aversa ’85
Mr. Glenn and Ms. Theresa M. Avick
Mr. Michael J. Avicolli ’03
Ms. Jaclyn A. Avidon ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Avidon P’12
Mr. Neil L. Avison ’76
Ms. Melanie Brown Avner ’95
Ms. Jennifer Avolio
Gabriel A. Avram Esq. ’54*
Mr. and Mrs. Giovanni M. Awuapara
Mr. Samir Awuapara ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Axberg Jr. ’53
Mr. Jay G. and Margaret Golieb, Esq. ’74 Axelrod
Mr. Daniel Ayala
Mr. Joe Anthony Ayala
Ms. Amelia A. Ayers ’16
Mr. Jeffrey L. Ayers and Ms. Kathleen M. Wisnosky P’16
Mr. Edwin B. Ayres ’62
Mr. George and Ms. Kathy Azar
Mr. Brian J. Azara ’03
Mrs. Melissa Eisen Azarian ’88
Ms. Mary L. Azcuenaga
Mr. Darnell ’02 and Mrs. Patricia Brown ’02 Azeez
Howard Azer
Mr. Joshua K. Azer
Ms. Maria A. Azimova ’06
Ms. Marina M. Aziz ’14
Mr. Charles J. Azuelos ’14
Mr. Charles S. Azzalina ’54
Mr. Douglas J. Azzalina ’85
Mr. Joseph J. Azzalina ’57
Mr. Michael D. Azzara ’50*
Mr. Nicholas J. Azzolina ’67
Mr. Iakovos A. Babalitis ’90
Mr. Walter H. Babbitt ’77
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Abigail C. Babcock
Mr. Kody A. Babcock ’09
Mr. Paul H. Babcock Jr. ’66
Mr. Paul and Ms. Marina Babcock
Ms. Karen V. Babikian
Mrs. Ashley M. Babinecz ’08
Ms. Dawn Fiala Babler ’92
Ms. Darcy J. Baboulis-Gyscek ’15
Ms. Daryl M. Baboulis-Gyscek ’08
Ms. Susan Detwiler Bacallao ’87
Mr. Gerard F. and Mrs. Kathryn L. Baccaglini P’11
Ms. Kristyn A. Baccaglini ’11
Mrs. Caitlin Duley Bach ’07
Ms. Reina A. Bach ’86
Mr. Charles O. and Mrs. Shareen F. Bachman
Mr. William I. Bachman ’63
Mr. John C. Bachner ’11
Mr. John Bacho III ’80
Charles T. Bachus Ph.D. ’71
Mr. Robert E. Bacino ’59
Mr. Robert J. ’92 and Mrs. Maria T. ’88 Bacino
Dr. and Mrs. V. Richard Back ’59
Dr. Marc I. Backal ’86
Ms. Lori Pollina Backer P’14
Mr. Eric S. Backlund ’07
Backstage Library Works Inc
Mr. James C. Baclawski ’08
Mr. Christian D. ’09 and Mrs. LaMika Robinson ’10 Bacon
Mrs. Allison Pennella Bacsa ’10
Mr. Jeffrey Mrs. Margaret M. Bacsik
Ms. Tamara Marie Bacsik ’02
Mr. Bryan Bacskai
Mr. Robert C. Baczenas
Mr. Vincent Badagliacca Jr. ’79
Mr. Michael F. Badal ’10
Dr. and Mrs. Francis P. Badamo
Ms. Heather A. Badamo ’03
Mr. William G. Baddeley ’52*
Mr. Shawn Kelly and Mrs. Margaret Badenhausen
Mr. Bruce A. Bader ’71
Mr. Jeffrey S. and Ms. Rosemary M. Bader
Mr. Mark D. and Mrs. Katherine F. Badertscher P’20
Mr. Anthony N. Badillo ’07
Mr. Edward J. Badstuber ’00
Ms. Barbara A. Baer
Dr. David A. and Mrs. Ann B. Baer P’16
Mr. Jeffrey Baer
Mr. Jesse A. Baer ’16
Ms. Rachel Z. Baer ’16
Mr. Robert F. Baer ’78
Mr. Jose E. Baez ’18
Ms. Maria Baez P’13
Mr. Thomas C. Bagg III ’74
Mr. John A. Bagger ’56
The Arnold Baggins Foundation
Mr. Alex P. Baglyos ’55
Ms. Rita Bagus
Mr. Muhamad Bah ’18
Mr. Andrew Z. Bahr ’13
Mr. Harry T. Bahr Jr. ’51
Mr. Harry T., III and Ms. Rebecca Bahr
Mr. Robert A. Bahr and Ms. Lisa M. Eldred P’13
Dr. Gregory A. Bahtiarian ’87
Dr. Andrea K. Baier ’92
Ms. Amanda Elizabeth Baildon ’19
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Baildon ’65
Mr. Brian K. and Mrs. Adrianna Bailey P’11
Ms. Caroline A. Bailey ’08
Ms. Danielle R. Bailey ’07
Dr. Darlyne Bailey `74
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Donna Bailey
Mr. Frank Rose Bailey Jr. ’51
Mr. and Mrs. G. Alan Bailey
Mr. Harrison Bailey III ’95
Jenna Marie Bailey ’21
Mr. John and Mrs. Lynda B. Bailey
Ms. Lynn D. Bailey ’88
Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Nancy H. Bailey
Mr. Richard F. Bailey ’68
Mr. Robert S. Bailey ’50*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Bailey Jr. ’76
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Lisa Bailey P’21
Ms. Mary Beth Bailey-Dittrich ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Bailine ’61
Mr. A. Charles and Ms. Marilyn Baillie
Mr. Evan A. Baily ’12
Mr. Peter B. Bain ’12
Mr. Merle D. Bainbridge ’60
Ms. Simran Bains ’15
Dr. Yatinder and Mrs. Savreet Bains P’15
Mr. Drew Baird
Mr. William E. Baird ’65
Walter Baird Estate
Ms. Sheila L. Baisden ’77
Mr. Harry W. Baist ’74
Mr. Andrew R. Baker ’18
Mr. Anthony W. Baker ’99
Mr. Anthony W. Baker ’15
Mr. Anthony J. and Mrs. Patrice Baker P’15
Ms. B. Kim Baker
Mr. Brian J. Baker ’91
Dr. Bruce D. Baker ’87
Dr. David W. Baker ’68
Mr. Fred and Ms. Doris Baker
Mr. Drew E. Baker ’71
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Baker Jr. ’70
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Baker
Mrs. Janice M. Baker
Mr. Jeffrey E. Baker ’75
Mr. Jeffrey A. Baker ’90
Ms. Martha B. Baker
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Mary M. Baker
Ms. Meghan L. Baker ’07
Mr. Rhodes B. Baker Jr. ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes Baker
Ms. Rosemary J. Baker
Scott Fredric Baker Jr.
Mr. Scott F., Sr. and Mrs. Allison W. Baker
Ms. Victoria M. Baker ’10
Mr. W. David Baker ’70
Mr. Warren H. Baker ’63
Baker Funeral Home
Mr. John J. Bakey ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Jon P. Bakken P’16
Ms. Rachna Bal ’19
Ms. Amanda E. Balaban ’12
Ms. Marilyn A. Balamaci ’74
Ms. Bernadette C. Balane ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Yolando Balane
Mr. Ronald L. Balasco Jr.
Mr. Neil V. and Mrs. Barbara J. Baldino P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Baldoni ’02
Ms. Sarah Baldree
Mr. Andrew C. Baldridge ’10
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Debra C. Cook Balducci
Mr. Gregory T. Baldwin ’12
Mrs. Laura Shur Baldwin ’88
Ms. Marie Baldwin
Mr. Nickolas B. ’06 and Ms. Kirby W. ’07 Baldwin
Mr. Todd C. Baldwin ’02
Mr. William B. and Mrs. Holly Baldwin P’21
Mr. Derek M. Balent ’03
Mr. Anthony G. Balestrieri ’85
Mr. John and Mrs. Carol F. Balinski
Mr. Thomas J. Balkan ’72
Dr. Sandy D. Balkin ’94
Mr. Bradbury E. Ball and Ms. Kim Hopper P’20
Mr. Brendan R. Ball ’18
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Ball
Mr.* and Mrs. Harrison Ball Jr. ’63
Mrs. Lauren Phelps Ball ’07
Mr. Thomas C. Licorish and Ms. Nancy L. Ball
Mr. Robert C., Jr. ’87 and Mrs. Karen M. ’87 Ball
Ms. Robin L. Ball
Mr. Walter G. Ball ’57*
Mr. and Mrs. G. Alan Balla ’67
Dr. Ian Matheson Ballard ’58*
Mr. Jeffrey L. Ballard ’14
Mrs. Paula Ballard
Mr. Walter L. Ballard Jr. ’74
Mr. William R. Ballek ’62*
Mrs. Sharon Griest Ballen
Mr. Adam S. Ballester ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Luis F. Ballester Jr.
Mr. Cory P. Balliet ’04
Dr. Bela R. Ballo ’84
Mr. Jeromie M. Ballreich ’10
Caitlin Elizabeth Balmer ’20
Mr. Michael R. Balmer and Ms. Lynne A. Davis P’20
Mr. Max Balsam Kalman ’11
Ms. Alice K. Balsone ’84
Mr. Andrew A. ’78 and Ms. Anne Goetz ’78 Baltz
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Jamie L. Baltz
Mr. Harry Balukjian ’51*
Mr. and Mrs. Florin Balus P’19
Maria Anca Balus
Mr. Gregory A. ’03 and Ms. Katrina Gibbons ’03 Baluta
Mr. John C. Bambach III ’89
Mr. David P. Bambey ’69
Mr. Colton D. Bamford ’17
Mr. David H. and Mrs. Jane Bamford P’17
Mr. Tyler R. Bamford ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Banas
Mr. Stephen P. and Ms. Lisa Banco
Mr. Ryan D. Bancroft ’09
Juerg Bandle
Mr. Joseph G. and Mrs. Teresa Bandoni P’11
Ms. Wendy G. Bandrowski
Mr. Edward W. Bandtlow ’60
Ms. Jaimie A. Bandur ’15
Mr. Jeffrey T. Bandy ’85
Mrs. Henry M. Bangser W’52 P’76*
Bank of America
Bank of New York Mellon, NA
Mr. Shaun M. Banks ’11
Mr. John and Mrs. Katrina Banks-Binici P’19
Mr. James W. Bann ’76
Mr. Matthew R. and Mrs. Nancy J. Bannon P’21
Mr. Richard C. Bannon
Mr. Timothy M. Bannon ’77*
Mr. Timothy Bannon
Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Alma Banta
Mr. Eugene M. Banta ’51*
Mr. Richard O. Banyard ’66
Ms. Shao Ping Bao ’10
Ms. Jennifer Rossmann Baptiste ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Xavier Baquerizo P’21
Ms. Kathie Bara
Mr. Thomas and Ms. Karen Bara
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. B. Baraf ’66
Michele Lynn Baranello
Ms. Alison Mary Baranovic ’19
Mr. Carlos M. Barata ’14
Mr. William A. Barati ’53
Ms. Susan E. Barba ’12
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Joanne Barbara
Mr. Jason R. ’02 and Mrs. Michelle Angelo ’02 Barbely
Mr. John H. Barber ’73
Dr. Locke W. Barber ’77
Mr. Russell Howard Barber ’73
Ms. Susan Barber
Mr. William R. Barber
Mr. Jeffrey R. Barbero ’82
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert J. Barbero ’51 P’82
Mr. Chad Barbieri ’09
Mr. Richard P. Barbor ’51*
Catherine Kenisha Bendal Barbour ’20
Mr. Vincent J. and Mrs. Michele M. Barcia P’22
Mr. William A. Barcklow
Gavin Abram Barclay ’21
Ms. Julie Gloss Barclay ’95
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Barclay P’21
Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell D. Bardeen Jr. ’71
Mr. Paul Barden
Mr. Robert and Ms. Marjorie H. Bareford
Dr. Brian D. Barford ’68
Barge Taxi Inc
Mr. John S. Barisich ’76
Mr. Joseph E. Barkauskas ’72
Mr. Dane S. Barkin ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Barkley
Ms. Gail E. Barkley
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Charlene A. Barksdale
Mr. Joseph M. Barletta ’60
Mr. John and Mrs. Cheryl S. Barlow
Mr. Peter G. Barlow ’91
Mr. Thomas J. Barlow ’82
Tyler Chandler Barlow
Mr. William T. Barlow ’13
Ms. Michelle Moller Barman ’96
Dr. Nicholas J. and Mrs. Theresa E. Barna P’11
Mr. Peter Barna
Mr. William F. Barner ’82
Mr. Brett M. Barnes ’09
Casey Sue Barnes
Ms. Dana Barnes
Mr. David J. ’98 and Mrs. Nancy Rothberg ’97 Barnes
Ms. Elizabeth Rex Barnes ’85
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Gladys R. Barnes
Mr. James W. Barnes ’66
Mr. Jared M. Barnes ’04
Dr. Jeffrey Alan Barnes ’67
Ms. Jennifer M. Barnes ’17
Mr. Jonathan A. Barnes ’68
Ms. Katherine Laporte Barnes ’81
Ms. Lauren A. Barnes ’98
Mr. Michael J. Barnes ’76
Mr. Paul F. Barnes ’00
Dr. and Mrs. Roswell P. Barnes Jr. ’50
Ms. Tingle C. Barnes
Mr. Joseph M. Barnet ’90
Ms. Ann Huntington Barnett ’74
Ms. Cassandra Barnett
Mr. Jonathan C. Barnett ’87
Ms. Martha O. Barnett*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Barnett, Jr. P’20
Ryan A Barnett ’20
Rev. Stephanie C. Barnett ’97
Mrs. Danielle Seger Barnette ’06
Dorothy Olivia Rose Barney ’21
Ms. Rebecca M. Barney
Ms. Melissa Barnick
Mr. Andrew J. Barnousky ’10
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Barnousky
Mr. Eric D. Barofsky ’76
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Baron ’75
Mr. David W. Baron and Ms. Pamela G. Mann P’18
Ms. Donna Baron
Mr. Zachary M. Baron ’18
Ms. Kelsey J. Barone ’18
Mrs. Maryanne Barowski
Mr. Adam D. and Mrs. Maura V. Barr P’21
Mr. H. Davidson ’65 and Mrs. Joan B. Barr
Mr. Travis B. Barr ’15 and Ms. Hailey E. Votta ’15
Mr. Warren and Mrs. Lisa T. Barratt
Dr. Anthony J. Barravecchio ’91
Mr. Edward F. Barrese `69
Mr. Sebastian F. Barreto Ortiz ’10
Mr. John E. Barrett Jr. ’72
Ms. Katherine A. Barrett ’15
Ms. Kelly A. Barrett ’99
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Lauren E. Barrett
Ms. Mary-Alice Barrett ’92
Mr. Matthew T. Barrett ’17
Mr. Michael A. Barrett ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Barrett ’63
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Barrett ’58
Ms. Teresa Laincz Barrett ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barrett
Mr. W. Brooks Barrett ’04
Ms. Kelly Daley Barringer ’90
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Janet Barrish
Mrs. Rachel Smith Barron ’88
Ms. Rachel A. Barron ’16
Mr. Robert L. Barron ’77
Mrs. Claire Adamson Barrus ’80
Austin Michael Barry ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Barry P’15
Ms. Brianna M. Barry ’15
Ms. Dana L. Barry ’17
Mr. Dennis E. Barry ’63
Mr. Everett G. Barry Jr. ’68
Mrs. Jenny Beecroft Barry ’05
Mr. Justin T. Barry ’12
Mr. Keith R. Barry ’10
Mr. Kevin P. Barry ’05
Mr. Kevin M. and Mrs. Susan L. Barry P’22
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Lisa M. Barry
Mr. Marcus A. and Mrs. Beverly R. Barry P’17
Mr. Mark D. and Mrs. Doreen A. Barry P’14
Ms. Mary Jo Lynch Barry ’78
Ms. Pamela L. Barry P’22
Mr. Richard S. and Mrs. Michelle L. Barry P’18
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Rochelle R. Barry
Ms. Sian H. Barry ’18
Ms. TarynAnn H. Barry ’09
Mr. Sammy M. Barsa
Mr. Robert M. Barsky ’79*
Mrs. Phoebe Y. Barta
Mr. Aaron T. Bart-Addison ’16
Mr. Joseph T. Bart-Addison and Ms. Theresa Osei P’16
Mr. Charles E. Bartberger ’67 and Ms. Gretchen Platt
Mr. Richard J. Bartel
Mr. Daniel C. and Mrs. Jennifer R. Bartell P’18
Ms. Katherine M. Bartels ’12
Mr. Robert R. and Mrs. Margarita M. Bartels P’12
Mr. Roger A. Bartels ’63
Ms. Kimberly A. Bartholomew
Mr. Matthew W. Bartle ’05
Mr. Andrew T. ’06 and Mrs. Lauren Moulder ’08 Bartlett
Mr. Cameron J. Bartlett ’18
Mr. John L. and Mrs. Cynthia C. Bartlett P’18
Mr. Matthew L. Bartlett ’97
Mr. Richard S. Bartlett ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bartlett
Ms. Alicia J. Bartley ’12
Mr. Vincent Bartley P’12
Ms. Natalie Norteman Bartner ’89
Mr. Eric A. Barto ’89
Mr. A. Ralph Bartolacci ’55
Ms. Heidi McGregor Bartolacci ’94
Ms. Alexandra T. Barton ’18
Mr. Carl L. Barton ’62
Dr. Thomas M. Barton P’12
Lt. Col. Edward T. Bartosh ’70
Ms. Marie Bartosh
Mr. William D. Bartron ’61
Ms. Erica L. Bartsch ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Bartsch
Ms. Ainhoa Barturen ’09
Mr. Larry and Ms. Laurie Baruch
Ms. Anna C. Baruzzi ’14
Ms. Louise B. Basbas
Mr. William D. Baseley ’50
Ms. Hannah M. Bashian ’14
Mr. James V. Bashian and Ms. Priscilla Cintron-Bashian P’14
Mr. and Mrs. H. David Bashkin
Mr. David and Ms. Karen Bashkin
Mr. Austin J. Bashline ’16
Ms. Betsy Bashline
Dr. Bruce S. and Mrs. Carrie J. Bashline P’16
Dr. Christopher A. Bashur ’04
Mr. Tahir I. Basil ’13
Mr. Edward M. Basile ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Basile ’80
Jake G. Basilico
Ms. Carolyn Harrison Baskett ’83
Rev. Richard P. Baskwill ’60
Ms. Nirupa Basnet ’17
Dr. Frank C. Bason ’65
Dr. Susan A. Basow
Mr. Charles F. and Mrs. Lisa L. Bass P’14
Ms. Lucy F. Bass ’14
Mr. Max L. Bass ’10
Dr. Richard J. Bass ’63
Mr. Bruce Young and Ms. Marjorie Bassett
Mrs. Cynthia A. Bassett P’13
Dr. David R. Bassett ’61*
Ms. Marlene Bassett
Ms. Erin Bass-Goldberg ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bassin
Ms. Sarah J. Bassin ’04
Dr. Sharon K. Basso ’83
Ms. Noelle L. Bastardi ’90
Mr. Kyle J. Basting ’10
Mr. Tyler M. Basting ’12
Mr. Kai M. Bastos ’15
Mr. Shrutarshi Basu ’11
Mr. Alfredo Basurto and Ms. Catherine Munera P’15
Mr. Ivan M. Basurto ’15
Mr. Mark A. Basurto ’90
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Anita Batarags P’12
Mr. Andrew L. Batchelor ’01
Ms. Jennifer A. Batchelor ’98
Mr. Kevin R. Batchelor ’71
Mr. Harold A. Batdorf ’70
Mr. Rodney Bate P’84
Mr. Carter J. ’96 and Mrs. Lindsay Phillips ’96 Bateman
Mr. Coates F. Bateman Jr. ’68
Ms. Julie P. Bateman ’04
Ms. Stephanie R. Bateman ’13
Mr. Thomas P. Bateman ’14
Mr. William R. Batenic ’98
Mr. Alexander W. Bates
Mrs. Ruth Maguire Bates
Mr. William P. Bates ’71
Ms. Susan A. Bathke ’80
Mr. Lucas A. ’92 and Mrs. Nancy White ’93 Bathurst
Mr. John R. Batley ’56*
Mr. Steven J. Batta ’91
Mr. Mark R. Battaglia ’06
Mr. Arnott K. Battersby and Ms. Mahalia B. Thompson P’11
Ms. Emily A. Battersby ’08
Ms. Krysta A. Battersby ’11
Mr. Thomas D. Battersby ’11
Ms. Laura Wickiewicz Battiato ’05
Ms. Robyn Williamson Battiato ’94
Ms. Alexandria S. Battison ’16
Mr. William J. and Mrs. Elisabeth H. Battison P’16
Mr. Louis S. and Mrs. Kalayanee Vorhchai Battista P’11
Ms. Melanie A. Battista ’11
Mr. Matthew D. Battiste ’04
Mr. Alexander P. Battisti ’18
Ms. Claudine Battisti
Mr. Paul A. and Ms. Patricia Battisti
Dr. Danielle E. Battisti-Katz
Mr. Morgan H. Battle ’01
Mr. Richard B. Batts ’56
Dr. Alyssa M. Batula ’09
Ms. Laurie Mangan Bauch ’77
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Katherine V. Baudisch
Barbara Bauer
Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. Bauer P’11
Ms. Holly L. Bauer
Mr. John H. Bauer ’51*
Ms. Kirsten E. Bauer ’90
Mr. Leigh W. Bauer ’59*
Ms. Nicole McPhillamy Bauer ’78
Ms. Nicole E. Bauer ’16
Mr. Robert G. Bauer ’71
Mr. Stefan G. Bauer ’11
Mr. Robin P. and Mrs. Renee Bauerle P’14
Mr. J. Steven and Mrs. Kathleen Baughman
Ms. Cassie M. Baum ’04
Mr. David H. Baum ’15
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Dorothy A. Baum P’15
Mr. L. Fred Baum Jr. ’58
Dr. Ralph L. Slaght and Dr. Susan M. Bauman ’74 P’92
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Carole W. Baumann
Ms. Cynthia F. Baumann P’14
Mr. Richard H. Baumann
Mr. Robert A. Baumann ’74
Mr. George F. Baumeister ’85
Ms. Nanette Dubois Baumgardner ’80
Mr. and Mrs. R. Edward Baumgardner ’61
Mr. Craig A. Baumunk ’84*
Mr. Michael Baumwoll ’09
Mr. Francis X. Baur Jr. ’90
Mr. Hans and Mrs. Mary Fox Baurmeister
Mr. Hans and Mrs. Wendy Baurmeister
Mr. James P. Bause ’78
Ms. Debra L. Baver
Ms. Anne D. Baxter
Kevin Mr. Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Baxter
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sara J. Baxter
Mr. William John Baxter ’19
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Baxter P’19
Mr. John H. ’06 and Mrs. Katherine Bogden ’06 Bayard
Mr. Blagovest D. Baychev ’12
Mr. Can B. Baydier ’15
Mr. Aaron and Dr. Laurie H. Bayer P’14
Ms. Jayne Bayer
Dr. Jennifer L. Bayer ’03
Ms. Rose B. Bayer ’14
Mr. Stephen R. Bayer ’04
Mrs. Catherine Ellen Baylog W’51*
Mr. Joseph Baylog Jr. ’51*
Chris Takeru Baylor ’22
Ms. Jessica L. Baylor ’16
Mr. Matthew F. and Mrs. Anne M. Bayly P’21
Ms. Melissa J. Bayly ’11
Mr. Jeffrey J. Baymor ’79 and Ms. Elizabeth Cullen
Ms. Mariana L. Bazan ’09
Mr. Andrew A. ’90 and Ms. Laura MacAvoy ’94 Bazarian
Mr. Edward R. Bazarian ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Bazarian ’94
Ms. Stephanie Ward Bazzini
Mrs. Allyson M. Beach ’95
Mr. Arthur T. Beach ’42*
Ms. Candace A. Beach ’15
Mr. Thomas A. and Mrs. Sheri A. Beach P’21
Mr. Wayne J. Beach ’93
Ms. Elisabeth Beaird
Mr. Peter F. Beakes ’71
Mr. Bradford J. ’77 and Mrs. Ellen Fenlon ’81 Beal
Mr. Maynard S. Beal ’69
Ms. Jane A. Bealer ’77
Dr. Herman S. Beam ’33*
Mrs. Laura Black Beaman ’95
Ms. Barbara Bean
Mr. Jeffrey J. Bean ’82
Mr. Seymour Donald Bean ’37
Dr. Howard C. Beane
Mr. and Mrs. S. Robert Beane ’58 P’88
Dr. and Mrs. Silas R. Beane III ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Beans
Ms. Katherine Hart Beard ’82
Mr. Paul R. Beard ’41*
Ms. Catherine M. Beardsley
Mr.* Tony J. and Mrs. Kimberly A. Beasley P’12
Mr. Michael C. Beatrice ’04
Mr. C. William Beattie ’64
Mr. G. Steven and Mrs. Luann H. Beatty P’11
Mr. Gerald E. Beatty ’43*
Mr. Jeffrey A. Beatty ’11
Mr. Richard H. Beatty ’08
Mrs. Edith A. Beaty ’75
Mr. John C. and Mrs. Mayan Beaudouin P’16
Mr. John C. Beaudouin Jr.
Ms. Kristina E. Beaudouin ’16
Lydia Beaumont
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Anne M. Beavan
Mr. Jeffrey A. Beavan ’09
Mr. Stephen E. Beavan ’11
Ms. Brittany N. Beaver ’11
Mr. James and Ms. Lorraine Beaver
Mr. William S. and Mrs. Thea Beaver P’11
Mr. Robert C. Beavins ’58
Mr. Alexander S. Bechta ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Bechta P’11
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Alice T. Bechtel
Mr. Warren Bechtel ’58
Mr.* and Mrs. Bruce Bechtold ’58
Mr. John C. Becica ’69
Mrs. Carol P. Beck ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Beck P’10
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Etta C. Beck
Mr. and Mrs. G. Christopher Beck ’96
Ms. Jean Pavuk Beck ’79
Mr. Matthew C. ’10 and Mrs. Maria Drehwing ’10 Beck
Mr. Matthew C. Beck Jr. ’18
Mr. Michael D. Beck ’83
Mr. John and Mrs. Mollie Beck
Mr. Patrick M. Beck ’84
Mr. Richard H. Beck ’60
Mr. Robert M. Beck ’83
Dr. Alan R. Beckenstein ’68
Ms. Bridget A. Becker ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce O. Becker ’53 P’84
Mr. Craig Becker
Dr. Daniel F. Becker ’73
Mr. David C. Becker Esq. ’75
Mr. Dirk Becker ’92
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Elsie A. Becker
Emily Frances Becker ’21
Mrs. Joellen Cope Becker ’08
Mr. and Mrs. John Becker ’71
Mr. John W. and Mrs. Nancy L. Becker
Mr. John A. Becker
Ms. Margaret Becker
Dr. Martin A. and Mrs. Denyse C. Becker P’21
Nathan Daniel Becker ’20
Mr. Richard J. Becker ’63
Mr. Robert G. Becker ’51*
Mr. Robert D. Becker ’69
Mr. Robert L. and Mrs. Dona M. Becker P’13
Mr. Steven R. Becker ’84
Mrs. Robin Becker-Cornblatt ’89
Mr. John F. Beckert III ’11
Mr. William Beckett and Ms. Mary McSpirit P’21
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Nancy Ann Beckman
The Hon. Alan M. Beckoff ’78
Mr. Dean and Ms Jamie M. Beckstead
Mr. John R. Beckum ’62
Mr. David G. Beckwith ’01
Ms. Eleanor G. Beckwith ’15
Mr. Kenneth A. and Mrs. Laura Beckwith P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Beckwith
Mr. David C. Bedding ’15
Mr. Donald W., II and Mrs. Paige S. Bedell P’22
Lily Noble Bedell ’22
Reid Sowerby Bedell
Mr. Thomas Kort and Ms. Anne Bedics
David Jeffrey Bednar ’18
Mr. Dustin T. Bednarz ’08
Mr. Philip B. Bedoukian ’17
Dr. Robert H. and Mrs. Gail A. Bedoukian P’17
Mr. Robert M. Bedson ’13
Mr. Scott M. and Mrs. Mary K. Bedson P’13
Mr. Jeffrey T. and Mrs. Charlene A. Beebe P’17
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Julia K. Beebe
Mr. Ronald J. Beebe ’79
Ms. Tatiana Sepe Beebe ’00
Paige Godfrey Beede ’20
Mr. Robert J. and Mrs. Katherine G. Beede P’20
Dr. Alexander W. Beeman ’11
Mr. Bradford S. Beemer and Ms. Susan M. Gannon P’20
Mrs. Lynn Echan Beer ’99
Ms. Karen Karcher Beers ’90
Mr. Stephen F. and Mrs. Sherie L. Beers
Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Cheryl-Ann Beetem
Mr. Stephen P. Beggs ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Beghou P’15
Mr. Daniel E. Begley-Groth ’10
Ms. Alexandra P. Behette ’13
Mr. Andrew D. Behler ’81*
Ms. Christie D. Behot ’16
Mr. Scott D. Behot ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Otto J. Behrens, Jr. ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley C. Beidel
Mr. Brandon C. Beidel ’09
Dr. Francis E. and Ms. Ann Smetana Beideman
Mr. Daniel J. Beideman ’14
Dr. and Mrs. Carl R. Beidleman ’54
Mr. David J. and Mrs. Kathleen M. Beier P’19
Mr. Thomas Paul Beier ’19
Dr. Michelle Oswald Beiler ’07
Dr. Michael A. Beim ’78
Mr.* and Mrs. Norman H. Beim ’40
Mr. William S. Beinecke
Mr. Mark S. Beisler ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Beisler ’80 P’06
Mr. Harry L. Beisswenger ’57*
Dr. Paul J. Beisswenger ’60
Ms. Maria Lucci Beitel ’84
Mrs. Carol E. Beitler
Mr. Nicholas M. Beizer ’94
Kofi Bejabeng
Mr. Preston K. Bejabeng ’17
Mr. Kumera A. Bekele ’13
Mr. Joseph G. Bekhor ’63
Ms. Candace Kovner Bel Air ’72
Dr. Karyn Goudie Belanger ’90
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Roberta Belanger
Mr. Gregg R. Belardo ’86
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Maureen A. Belcher P’14
Ms. Molly Belcher ’14
Mr. Michael E. ’08 and Ms. Jaclyn Danchak ’08 Beldowski
Mrs. Debra N. Belena ’93
Mr. Joseph F. Belesi Jr. ’89
Mr. John G. Belger ’82
Mr. Anthony J. Belgiovine ’12
Mr. Mauro and Mrs. Diane Belgiovine P’12
Mr. Vincent and Ms. Diane Belgiovine
Mr. Marc A. ’86 and Mrs. Sheila McGrath ’87 Beljan
Ms. Ashlee E. Belkevich ’18
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Diane A. Belkevich P’18
Ms. Alexandra N. Bell ’18
Ms. Angela Bell
Mrs. Ann Shellenberger Bell ’76
Mr. Arthur R. Bell III ’87
Mr. Burson W. Bell ’70
Mr. Chad T. Bell ’17
Mrs. Chandra Bowen Bell ’98
Dr. Charles E. Bell ’74
Mr. Chris P. Bell Sr. P’18
Mr. Christopher J. and Mrs. Ann Marie Bell P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Derek D. Bell P’18
Mr. Francis Mrs. Donna M. Bell
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Elizabeth K. Bell
Mr. Francis X. and Mrs. Suzanne Bell P’12
Mr. George Bell ’18
Ms. Hilary C. Bell ’98
Rev. Dr. James Renwick Bell ’40*
John Robert Bell ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Bell Jr. ’63
Ms. Julia A. Bell ’12
Ms. Laurie R. Bell ’81
Mrs. Lesly Bell P’18
Ms. Lois F. Bell
Mr. Ryan D. Bell ’93
Mr. Schuyler R. Bell ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Bell P’17
Mr. Stephen Bell
Mr. Steven F. Bell ’89
Bella Boutique Princeton
Ms. Alexis J. Belladonna ’93
Mr. Dave and Mrs. Kathryn R. Bellairs
Mr. Wisam R. Bellan ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Bellantoni
Mr. Michael J. Bellantoni ’10
Ms. Brittany H. Jesser Bellard ’07
Ms. Shani Bellegarde ’08
Mr. Marc F. Bellemare
Mr. Claude R. Beller ’66
Mr. Adam M. Belles ’03
Mr. Robert Bellfy ’85
Ms. Fiorella Bellini-Rota ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Bellino
Ms. Marianne Bellino ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Belliotti
Ms. Sarah J. Belliotti ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bellis ’40*
Mr. James L. Bellis ’70
Ms. Mary Linda Bellis
Mr. Phillip R. Bellis ’13
Mr. Rick M. and Mrs. Maria G. Bellis P’13
Mr. Thomas S. Bellone Jr. ’10
Mr. Christopher Bellucci ’93
Mr. John A. Bellucci ’86
Bellview Pump LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Belmonte, Jr. P’11
Ms. Julie Belock ’87
Dr. Martin K. Belsky ’80
Mr. Matthew L. ’01 and Mrs. Megan Bodtke ’03 Belson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Beltram
Mr. Richard S. ’73 and Mrs. Jackie Beltram
Mr. Leonard D. Beltz Jr.
Mr. Robert and Ms. Marguerite L. Belyea
Ms. Susan L. Belyea
Mr. E. Dennison Bement ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Benante
Mr. Christian C. Benante ’10
Mr. Philip A. Benanti ’89
Benard Associates
Ms. Crystal J. Benaroya ’06
Ms. Rachel N. Benaroya ’03
Mr. Chester A. Benash ’73
Ms. Julia E. Ben-Asher ’14
Darion Terrel Benbow
Mrs. Susan Fleming Bence ’78
Mr. Bruce N. Bench ’75
Mr. Dennis B. Bencsko Jr. ’16
Mr. Edward J. Benda ’64
Mr. Bruce R. and Mrs. Amy D. Bender P’21
Dr. Christine L. Bender ’04
Ms. Rebecca S. Bender ’18
Sarah Morgan Bender ’21
Mr. Serdar Benderli ’09 and Mrs. Raluca Eftimoiu ’10
Ms. Sandi A. Ben-Dov
Mr. David C. Bendush P’15
Mr. Cecil and Mrs. Janet C. Bendush
Ms. Stephanie A. Bendush ’15
Mr. Zachary T. Benedetto ’14
Mrs. Cherish O’Donnell Benedict ’03
Mr. Christopher F. Benedict ’95
Mr. Jonathan C. Benedict ’68
Mr. Peter F. Benedict ’65
Mr. Robert F. Benedict
Ms. Teresa Vaiti Beneducci
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Loretta Javier Beneroff
Dr. Michael A. Benetatos ’86
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Benezra
Mr. Steven E. Benezra ’10
Ms. Deniz Bengi ’18
Mr. Francis A. Benginia
Ms. Carol M. Bengis ’75
Mr. Christopher A. Bengtson ’68
Ms. Agathe Benichou ’18
Mr. Cyril Benichou and Dr. Veronique Lankar P’18
Mr. Gabriel A. and Mrs. Diana L. Benincasa P’13
Mr. Matthew R. Benincasa ’13
Mr. Martin J. Benison
Mr. Brandon M. Benjamin ’06
Mr. Donald Edward Benjamin ’59
Mr. James P. Benjamin ’97
Mr. James L. Benjamin ’84
Mr. Ryan K. Benjamin ’10
Mr. Thomas J. Benjamin ’12
Benjamin Goldberg Trust
Mrs. Nina F. Benkley P’11
Ms. Stephanie L. Benko ’16
Mr. Stephen E. and Mrs. Sue B. Benko P’16
Mr. Robert J. Benkovich ’73
Mr. Aaron Benner
Mr. Dale Benner ’96
Ms. Maureen Benner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Benner ’78
Mr. Arthur J., Jr. and Mrs. Virginia R. Bennert
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Beth Ann Bennett P’22
Mr. Anthony D. and Mrs. Susan K. Bennett P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Bennett ’58
Mr. Christopher J. Bennett ’17
Mr. David A. Bennett ’72
Mr. David T. Bennett
Ms. Debra Ohnegian Bennett ’90
Ms. Dorothy A. Bennett
Mr. Douglas H. Bennett ’84
Mr. E. Todd Bennett ’89
Ms. Emily L. Bennett ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Bennett P’97
Mr. James M. Bennett ’70
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bennett P’17
Mr. Jeffrey A. Bennett ’88
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bennett Jr. ’50 P’84
Mr. John K. ’77 and Mrs. Faith Bennett
L. Kimberly Law Bennett Esq. ’90
Mr. Lloyd J. ’97 and Mrs. Shea E. Bennett
Ms. Margery C. Bennett ’78
Mrs. Elmer J. Bennett W’30 P’70’74 GP’00’03
Mr. Maurice J. Bennett ’06
Mr. Michael D. Bennett ’17
Mr. Mitchell A. Bennett II ’12
Mr. Peter Y. Bennett ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Bennett P’17
Mr. R. William Bennett Jr. ’78
Ms. Shannon Gallagher Bennett ’93
Dr. Susan Bennett ’82
Mrs. Veronica DeBerardine Bennett ’82
William Robert Bennett ’21
Mr. Peter M. Gottlieb and Ms. Roberta Bennett-Gottlieb ’82
Mr. Ulf and Mrs. Ann Marie Bennfors
Mr. Wayne A. and Ms. Susan Benninger
Mr. Joseph J. Benoit ’04 and Ms. Rebecca J. Banchik ’05
Mr. Christopher J. Benonis ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Benonis P’08
Emily L Benson ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Benson III ’59
Mr. George J. Benson ’61
Mr. James A. Benson Jr. ’14
Mr. James A., Sr. and Mrs. Mary Beth Benson P’14
Mrs. Lucy Wilson Benson Hon.D.’99
Mr. Roy T. Benson
Mr. Todd E. and Mrs. Charlene L. Benson P’20
Ms. Courtney B. Bentley
Mrs. Juliet T.S. Bentley ’12
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Denise Benton
Mr. Nicholas A. Benvenuto III ’07
Ms. Heather C. Beraducci ’97
Mrs. Doris Fjeldal Berard ’82
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Berardi
Ms. Amalia Berardone ’09
Ms. Sara M. Berberich ’07
Mr. Fredric W. Berdux ’50*
Ms. Stephanie C. Bereday ’11
Mr. Marc and Mrs. Marcy E. Berejka
Ms. Maureen Berejka
Mr. Robert H. Berens ’64
Dr. Eric J. Berenson ’95
Mr. George Beres ’00
Mr. Peter S. Berexa ’14
Mr. David J. Berg ’84
Dr. and Mrs. Elijah Berg P’20
Isaiah Solomon Berg
Ms. Jennifer Eng Berg ’87
Samantha I. Berg
Mr. Ronald J. ’81 and Mrs. Anne B. ’81 Bergamesca
Ms. Margaret J. Bergamini ’85
Mr. Alex and Mrs. Elena Bergelson P’14
Mr. Max Bergelson ’14
Mr. Mikhail S. Bergelson
Ms. Jan Loeffler Bergen ’74
Bergen Track & Field LLC
Dr. Richard E. Bergenback ’48
Ms. Alexandra J. Berger ’15
Mrs. Allison Irving Berger ’11
Ms. Amanda P. Berger ’09
Ms. Betty Lou Berger
Mr. Charles M. Berger ’65
Cole S. Berger ’21
Mr. Evan M. Berger ’98
Mr. Jonathan R. and Mrs. Elaine M. Berger P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Ken J. Berger P’15
Ms. Kristen L. Berger ’15
Ms. Lee-Ann Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell W. Berger ’77 P’09
Mr. Scott Evan Berger ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Berger P’21
Mr. Thomas M. ’79 and Mrs. Michelle L. Berger
Mrs. K. Roald Bergethon Hon.D. ’78*
Mr. and Mrs. Odvard M. Bergethon
Mr. and Mrs. Ragnar Bergethon
Mr. Charles V. Bergh ’79
Ms. Lauren P. Berglin ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Berglin
Mr. and Mrs. Nils L. Berglund ’73
Mr. Aaron S. Bergman ’11
Dr. Jay A. and Mrs. Julie B. Bergman P’11
Mr. Michael R. Bergmann
Mr. James J. Bergquist ’02
Mr. Robert Bergren
Mr. Carl J. ’85 and Ms. Nancy Flagg ’85 Bergsten
Mr. and Mrs. John Bergstrom
Ms. Sara M. Bergstrom ’08
Mr. Solomon S. Berhe and Ms. Lemlem Samuel P’14
Mrs. Elaine M. Berk W’49
Leslie Berk
Mr. Philip J. Berkeley ’93
Mr. Brian A. Berkey ’92
Mr. George G. and Mrs. Cheryl Berkin P’14
Mr. Laurence D. Berkley
Mr. William R. Berkley Jr. ’51
Dr. Ethan J. and Ms. Kyra Berkove
Ms. Abra S. Berkowitz ’09
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Linda Berkowitz
Mr. Martin Berkowitz ’46*
Mr. Steven D. Berkowitz ’04 and Ms. Angela M. Coxe ’03
Ms. Gwendolyn M. Berky ’98
Mr. John F. Berky ’69
Dr. Jerry ’81 and Dr. Laila Krauss ’84 Berland
Dr. Robert I. Berlin ’81
Mr. David E. Berliner ’83
Mr. Benjamin M. Berlow ’06
Mr. Richard W. Berls ’65
Mr. Donald B. Bermack ’66
Mr. Arthur R. Berman ’63
Dr. Edward R. Berman ’75
Mr. Richard and Ms. Elaine D. Berman
Mr. Gregg S. ’02 and Ms. Stacey M. Cromer ’05 Berman
Mr. Lawrence S. ’76 and Mrs. Laurie Cohen ’76 Berman
Mr. Matthew P. Berman ’98
Mr. Robert M. Berman ’71
Mr. Ekrem O Bermek ’12
Ms. Eileen Corcoran Bermingham ’82
Mr. Geoffrey B. Bermingham ’81
Ms. Kelly A. Bernabucci ’13
Mr. Arthur L. Bernard ’71
Dr. John Bernard and Mrs. Diane Bernard
Emily Patricia Bernard
Mr. Richard N. Bernard Jr. ’63
Ms. Heather Kent Bernardin ’90
Ms. Christine Tessier Bernardino ’00
Mr. Joseph E. ’90 and Mrs. Marlane Bernardo
Mr. Eric H. Berndt ’84 and Ms. Anne Harwood Matlack ’85
Mr. Alexander J. Berner ’13
Ms. Stacey Berner
Mrs. Edmund A. Bernhard W’56
Ms. Janet Sweet Bernhard ’82
Mr. Matthew R. Bernhard ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Bernhard P’12
Mr. James Howard Bernhardt ’66*
Mr. Samuel E. Bernhardt ’18
Ms. Marcia Bloom Bernicat ’75
Mr. Paul J. Bernieri ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Bernon ’84
Mr. Alec Bernstein ’11
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Ellan Rubin Bernstein
Mr. Gregory V. Bernstein ’12
Dr. Howard B. Bernstein ’49*
Mr. Howard and Ms. Debra DeDea Bernstein P’11
Ms. Jeri Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Bernstein
Ms. Emily D. Bernzott ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Bernzott
Ms. Danielle L. Bero ’07
Dr. Allison L. Berrier ’90
Mr. Percell and Mrs. Angelina Percell Berry
Ms. Erin Carney Berry ’00
Ms. Katherine L. Berry
Ms. Kendall L. Berry ’15
Ms. Marjorie P. Berry
Mr. Matthew E. Berry ’18
Dr. Richard Emerson Berry ’54*
Dr. Richard Warren Berry ’55*
Mr. Robert H. ’89 and Ms. Susan Littlejohn ’89 Berry
Ms. Susan Toms Berry ’84
Mr. Thomas R. and Mrs. Jane R. Berry P’22
Mr. James D. Berstler Jr. ’08
Mr. Stephen Berte ’78
Mr. Daniel J. Berteletti ’05
Mr. Gonzalo H. ’91 and Mrs. Antonella M. ’92 Berthin
Ms. Ann Bertino ’88
Mr. Bradley A. Bertkau ’03
Ms. Kathy J. Bertolino ’80
Ms. Tracey Long Berton ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Besecker Jr.
Ms. Lindsay M. Besecker ’10
Ms. Lisa Pallante Beslity ’76
Mrs. Elisabeth W. Besore ’11
Ms. Cynthia Knox Besselaar
Ms. Christine L. Besselman ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Besselman
Mr. Frank G. Besson ’18
Mr. and Mrs. H. William Best
Mr. Jon H., Jr. ’80 and Ms. Marie Puglia ’82 Best
Mr. Jonathan E. and Mrs. Susan K. Best P’14
Ms. Kathryn S. Best ’14
Ms. Lori Astheimer Best ’05
Mr. Arnulf H. Bestehorn ’51
Mr. Diego R. Betancourt ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Bethart
Ms. Morgan T. Bethea ’14
Mr. Gregg B. Betheil ’92
Mr. Daniel J. ’93 and Mrs. Jessica G. ’92 Betjemann
Ms. Meagan L. Betke ’13
Mr. Matthew F. ’08 and Mrs. Cassandra Bradley ’09 Betley
Mr. Patrick J. ’06 and Mrs. Kaitlin Kokolus ’06 Betley
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Kathleen Betner
Mr. Lance A. and Mrs. Laurel H. Betros
Mr. Tod W. Bettenhausen ’87
Mr. Erik R. Better ’16
Mr. Christopher J. Bettner ’17
Mr. Mark S. and Mrs. Laurel D. Bettner P’17
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Sharon A. Betz
Mr. James T. Betzenberger ’91
Mr. Jame and Ms. Barbara Bevan
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Beveridge
Ms. Christel Rocha Beverly ’01
Mr. Michael G. Bevilacqua ’14
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Kathleen G. Bevilacqua P’14
Ms. Alexandra N. Beyer ’17
Ms. Brenda L. Beyer
Dr. and Mrs. Brent Beyer ’80
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Gabriele H. Beyer P’17
Dr. Mark D. Beyer ’84
Mr. Michael D. Beyer ’16
Mr. Scott ’81 and Mrs. Polly B. Beyer P’15
Mr. David W. Bezer ’18
Mr. Stephen A. Bezer ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Bezer P’15’18
Mr. John R. Bezerra Jr. ’97
Mrs. Carolyn Fisher Bhalodia ’07
Mr. Amrit Bhandari ’18
Ms. Tricia W. Bhattacharya ’92
Mr. Hemendra V. Bhola ’12
Mr. Tanner B Biagini
Ms. Vickie J. Biagini
Ms. Alexa R. Biale ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Biale
Mr. Stephen J. Biale ’82 and Ms. Nan-Kirsten Forte P’12
Mr. Michael Biamonte ’88
Ms. Angelina C. Bianchi ’18
Mr. Anthony E. and Ms. Ashley Bianchi
Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Catherine M. Bianchi P’18
Ms. Brandy Lee Bianco
Mr. Nicholas Biase ’82
Mr. Ian D. Bibby ’02
Mrs. Maureen D. Bibeau ’84
Mr. Adam K. Bibi ’00
Ms. Jacqueline P. Bible ’14
Mr. Peter R. Bible and Ms. Jody Harker P’14
Ms. Samantha B. Bickel ’11
Bickers Consulting Group
Mr. James J. Bickford ’18
Mr. Donald F. Bickhart ’58
Mr. Frank P. Bicking ’60*
Mr. Donald B. and Mrs. Monique A. Biddle P’18
Mrs. Donna J. Biddle
Ms. Morgan A. Biddle ’18
Mr. Robert and Ms. Suzanne J. Biddle
Ms. Jennifer E. Biderman ’96
Mr. Albert B. Bieber ’58
Ms. Jane Eoff Bieberbach
Mr. Scott Bieda
Mrs. Romaine Biedlingmaier
Mr. Timothy R. ’01 and Ms. Kathryn Madden ’02 Bieg
Judge Kenneth G. Biehn ’61
Mr. J. Scott Biel ’12
Mr. Jeffrey S. and Mrs. Ellen K. Biel P’12
Mr. Walter M. Bielanowski ’55
Mr. Tomas Bielskis ’07
Mr.* and Mrs. John B. Biemiller ’60
Mrs. Jennifer Namias Bienemann ’08
Ms. Marta Bierbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bierce P’09
Mrs. Kirsten Biering
Ms. Lois R. Bierly
Mr. Alexander S. Bierman ’17
Dr. Clifford J. and Mrs. Mary L. Bierman P’17
Mr. Howard N. Bierman ’86 and Ms. Jill Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Bigelow
Mr. Frederick S. and Ms. Doranne Bigelow P’12
Ms. Hanna M. Bigelow P’12
Ms. Jane E. Bigelow ’12
Ms. Nicole Piccione Bigg ’99
Mr. David M. Biggers ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Biggers P’17
Mr. Gregory V. Biggiani ’16
Ms. Anne Biggs
Mr. Dennis N. and Mrs. Paula Biggs P’12
Mr. Gavin N. ’12 and Mrs. Bree Belmonte ’11 Biggs
Ms. Kathleen Biggs
Ms. Martha K. Biggs
Mr. David M. Biko ’98
Ms. Helen M. Bilbao
Ms. Asuman Bilgin ’12
Mr. Bulent and Mrs. Muge Bilgin P’12
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Bilheimer ’61
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bilheimer
Mr. Matthew D. Bilheimer ’10
Mr. Eric H. Bilhuber ’82
Mr. Henry R. Bilhuber ’51*
Attorney* and Mrs. Bernard M. Billick ’63 P’93
Ms. Tina Haas Billig ’84
Mr. Eric R. Billimoria ’18
Mr. Michael J. ’91 and Dr. Lora M. ’93 Billings
Ms. Melissa A. Billota ’90
Dr. Daniel A. Bills ’97
Mr. Ethan James Binder ’19
Ms. Nancy Elzey Binder ’83
Dr. William R. Binder ’12
Dr. William D. Binder and Dr. Anne Noel P’19
Mr. Hansdip S. Bindra ’92
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Inez A. Bing
Mr. Sanford B. Bing ’60
Ms. Carolyn Rosiecki Bingaman ’97
Mr. Tory D. Bingaman ’16
Mr. William T. and Mrs. Wendy W. Bingaman P’16
Mr. Hartley D. Bingham Jr. ’63*
Ms. Jaclyn M. Bingham ’03
Mr. James E. Bingham ’75
Mr. William B. Bingham Sr. ’66
Mrs. Lauri O. Bini ’85
Mr. Christopher R. Biniek ’05
Mr. Hank T. Bink ’10
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Bink
Ms. Cailey A. Binkley ’09
Mr. David N. Binkley ’98
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Laura D. Binner
Ms. Victoria L. Binz ’17
Mr. Christopher J. Biondi ’15
Ms. Cynthia Rapp Birch ’78
Mr. Christopher J. Birchby ’97
Ms. Jennifer A. Birch-Israeloff ’91
Ms. Barbara A. Bird
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Bird
Mr. Donald B. Bird P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bird
Mr. Ian Bird
Mrs. Nadine F. Bird P’19
Ms. Rachel Katherine Bird ’19
Mr. Robert E. Bird ’49
Dr. Roger C. Bird ’60
Ms. Kayla M. Birde ’17
Mr. Patrick J. Birde and Ms. Loretta A. Mannion P’17
Ms. Wendy A. Birkhead ’98
Mr. James R., Jr. ’83 and Mrs. Judith L. Birle P’16
Ms. Katherine L. Birle ’16
Mr. Barry N. Birnbaum ’69
Mr. Nicholas S. Birosik ’06
Mrs. Sheila Foran Birrell ’90
Mr. Raji E. Birru ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Birsic
Dr. Aaron M. Birt ’12
Mr. Robert H. and Mrs. Laura Birt P’12
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Jacqueline R. Bischer
Mr. John Paul Bisciotti ’15
Mr. Lloyd H. Biscoll USN (Ret.) ’52
Mrs. Betty K. Bishop
Mr. Craig J. ’75 and Ms. Virginia H. ’76 Bishop
Mr. Glenn L. Bishop ’69
Mr. James E. Bishop
Ms. Kimberly A. Bishop ’92
Mr. Matthew T. Bishop ’02 and Ms. Michelle M. Ruggiero ’01
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Morag Bishop
Mr. Robert J. Bishop
Mr. William H. Bishop ’05
Mr. Thomas P. Bispham ’72
Ms. Gabrielle D. Bissell ’14
Mr. Jacob Garrick Bissell ’19
Mr. Mark A. and Mrs. Jayne-Anne Bissell P’19
Mr.* and Mrs. Andrew W. Bisset ’41 P’67 ’69
Captain Andrew E. ’67 and Mrs. Nancy Coburn Bisset
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Bisset Jr.
Mr. M. Douglas Bisset ’69
Mr. Dennis E. Bissig ’69
Ms. Amanda E. Bisson ’11
Mr. Gregory P. and Mrs. Elizabeth Bisson P’11
Mr. Madhav Bista ’18
Ms. Jean Hazlett Bitner ’85
Mr. Jeffrey W. Bittenbender ’07
Ms. Caroline C. Bitterly ’17
Mr. Connor G. Bitterman ’18
Mr. Jay F. Bitting ’54*
Ms. Zara N Bittner ’19
Ms. Emily L. Bjork ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Bjork
Mrs. Deborah A. Blache
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Black ’60
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Allison P. Black
Mr. Bret T. Black ’16
Mr. Christopher D. Black
Mr. Edward A. and Mrs. Kathryn H. Black
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert F. Black
Mr. James J. Black Jr. ’69
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Black
Mrs. Jennifer M. Black ’02
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Black Jr. ’75
Mr. John E. Black ’76
Mr. Joseph G. and Mrs. Sally J. Black P’12
Ms. Karen Piercy Black ’85
Mr. Michael J. Black ’12
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Nancy J. Black
Ms. Nicole M. Black ’06
Mr. Philip J. Black
Mr. Raymond D. Black ’85
Mr. Robert J. and Mrs. Cassandra S. Black
Mr. Shane S. Black ’15
Mr. Frederick S. IV ’72 and Ms. Shirley Merk ’72 Blackall
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blackburn P’02
Mr. Theodore W. Blackburn ’02
Mr. Cyrus L. Blackfan Jr. ’57
Ms. Rachael K. Blackman ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blackman
Ms. Jaime A. Blackmon ’17
Mr. Thomas L. Blackmon and Ms. Linda Ennis-Blackmon P’17
Ms. Brook Blackshaw ’19
Ms. Martha L. Blackstone
Mr. Matthew C., Sr. and Mrs. Dawn M. Blackton P’06
Mr. Matthew C. Blackton, Jr. ’06
Mr. Aaron K. and Mrs. Pamela G. Blackwell
Ms. Allyson L. Blackwell ’12
Mr. Dawit E. Blackwell ’17
Rev. Robert L. Blackwell ’51*
Mr. Timothy J. Blackwell ’15
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Michelle N. Blagg
Lt. Col. Michael J. Blaine USMC (Ret.) ’76
Mr. Andrew J. ’02 and Ms. Sherry Sanderson ’02 Blair
Mr. Keith E. ’80 and Mrs. Elizaeth Kwasnik ’80 Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Blair
Dr. Michael A. Blair ’01
Ms. Teva W. Miller Blair
Rev. Dr. Thomas W. Blair ’79
Mr. Joseph C. Blakaitis ’61
Ms. Elizabeth L. Blake ’12
Mr. Jordan R. Blake ’15
Mr. Jordan R. Blake
Ms. Julie Takacs Blake ’84
Ms. Kathryn J. Blake ’88
Mr. Lawrence D. Blake ’66
Mr. Michael F. and Mrs. Cindy Blake P’15
Mrs. Patricia P. Blake ’82
Mr. R. David Blake ’75
Dr. Susan L. Blake* and Mr. Gordon DesBrisay
Mr. Thomas C. and Mrs. Lauren W. Blake P’12
Mr. Josh A. Blake Bendiksrud ’18
Mr. Christopher G. Blakelock ’90
Mr. Jerome A. Blakeslee Jr. ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Blakeslee P’08
Ms. Mara A. Blanchard ’17
Mr. Thomas S. Blanchard ’89
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Susan W. Blanchard P’19
Mr. Alexander H. Blanchet III ’82
Mr. Peter D. ’86 and Ms. Dore DiBerardino ’86 Blanchet
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Katherine M. Blanchone
Frank A. Blandino Esq. ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Blanes P’92
Mr. Bruce A. Blank ’90
Mr. Kevin L. and Mrs. Leslie J. Blank P’14
Ms. Liza B. Blank ’14
Mr. Craig O. Blanton ’76
Mr. Douglas E. Blaser ’81
Mr. David J. Blasic Jr.
Ms. Jennifer K. Blasko ’95
Ms. Brittany L. Blass ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blass P’15
Mr. Ronald C. Blass Jr. ’73*
Mr. William James Blatherwick ’68*
Ms. Elizabeth K. Blatt
Mr. Kristian Martineau Blau ’19
Dr. Justin F. Blaum ’08
Mr. Maurice Blaustein
Mrs. Amy Savage Blawas ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Kent B. Blazy ’70
Maxine Kolar Blech ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Blecher ’60
Mr. Christopher S. ’97 and Ms. Allison Ditty ’97 Blechschmidt
Mr. Thomas J. ’08 and Mrs. Ashley Sanders ’08 Blenk
Mr. Brian F. Bleuher ’88
Mr. Christopher J. Bliss ’09
Mr. Harvey L. Bliss ’73
Mr. Arthur and Ms. Marion J. Bliss
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bliss
Mr. Robert J. Bliwise ’76
Mr. Robert and Ms. Linda Bloch
Mr. Adam T. Block ’13
Ms. Colby F. Block ’06
Mr. David A. ’93 and Ms. Janine Care ’94 Block
Ms. Debra M. Block P’20
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Saionna Block P’12
Mr. John D. and Mrs. Margaret Block P’13
Mr. Keith G. Block P’20
Meredith F. Block ’20
Mr. Steven N. Block ’77
Cecil A. Blocker
Ms. Courtney N. Blocker ’17
Rebecca L. Blocker ’20
Mr. Lawrence H. and Mrs. Mary Louise Blond P’11
Mr. Scott H. Blond ’11
Ms. Shona Paston Blonsky ’95
Mr. Charles H. Blood, Jr. and Ms. Ann Aurigemma P’18
Ms. Francesca N. Blood ’18
Mr. Alan R. and Mrs. Holly P. Bloom
Ms. Barbara A. Bloom
Dr. Charles H. Bloom ’76
Mr. Craig W. Bloom ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Bloom P’07’08
Mrs. G. Harvey Bloom W’30*
Mr.* and Mrs. Jay B. Bloom ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Joel N. Bloom
Mr. Keith R. Bloom ’07 and Ms. Shannon M. Fisher ’07
Mr. Michael G. Bloom ’16
Mr. Samuel R. Bloom ’10
Mr. William G. Bloor ’74
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Daphne Bloore P’15
Mr. John W. Bloore ’15
Mr. Ethan T. Blose ’05
Mrs. Deborah R. Blotner
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Blotzer
Mr. Craig V. A. Blouin ’68*
Ms. Deneen K. Blow ’91
Mr. David P. Bloys ’61
Mr. John E. Bloys ’89
Mr. Matthew A. Blue
Blue Hill Hydraulics, Inc.
Mr. Abram I. Bluestein ’69 and Ms. Ilene S. Gordon
Sanfurd G. Bluestein, M.D. ’42*
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bluhm
Mr. Christopher M. Blum ’10
Mr. Daniel A. Blum ’16
Mr. Andrew B. Katz ’86* and Ms. Debra E. Blum ’86
Mr. Dennis Blum
Ms. Jeri W. Blum
Dr. Nathan J. Blum and Dr. Barbara S. Rolnick P’16
Mr. Robert N. Blum ’09
Mr. Patrick and Ms. Terri Lynn Blum
Mr. Thomas L. ’86 and Ms. Michele DeCarlo ’86 Blum
Mr. Ralph T. Blumberg ’13
Ms. Deborah Sullivan Blume ’85
Mr. Kurt W. Blumenau
Ms. Alexandra Ebner Blumencranz ’96
Dr. Alan B. Blumenthal ’64
Ms. Arielle R. Blumenthal ’13
Dr. Bernard I. Blumenthal ’59
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Alissa Blumenthal P’21
Mr.* and Mrs. Edwin Blumenthal ’42 P’72’77 GP’99’02’06
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Blumenthal
Mr. Jeffrey C. and Mrs. Janice E. Blumenthal P’13
Mr. Peter M. Blumenthal ’72
Ms. Roberta Blumenthal
Mr. Roy Blumenthal
Dr. and Mrs. Scott T. Bluni, Sr. ’89
Mr. Sean A. ’90 and Mrs. Susan Lee ’90 Bluni
Dr. Robert W. Blunt and Ms. Danielle Walters
Ms. Lori Garb Blutfield ’87
Samantha Bluvol ’21
Ms. Amy S. Blythe ’14
Bnai Abraham Synagogue
B’nai B’rith Charities Foundation of Allentown
Mrs. Elizabeth May Boak ’83
Rev. Dr. Donald P. Boardman ’61
Mr. Constantine F. Boas ’51*
Mr. Thomas N. Boate ’52*
Mr. Kofi Y. Boateng ’16
Bob Kahle Piano Service
Mr. Donald K. Bobb ’51
Mr. Jarrel A. Bobb ’16
Dr. Bradford D. Bobrin ’91
Ms. Jessica M. Bochner ’08
Mr. Robert M. Bociulis and Ms. Debra A. Lunburg-Bociulis P’17
Mr. Brian T. Bock Jr. ’15
Ms. Leslie A. Bock
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bock
Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Bockus Jr. ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Craig H. Boddorff ’73
Mr. Harold E. Boddorff ’44*
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Bodey ’56
Rev. Dr. Richard A. Bodey ’52*
Dr. C. Kenneth Bodine ’82
Mr. Jeffrey L. Bodine ’88
Ms. Amanda F. Bodkin ’07
Ms. Jennifer Knight Bodnar ’84
Dr. Stephen John Bodnar ’51
Dr. Bruce E. and Mrs. Madeline I. Bodner P’20
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Bodner
Mrs. Allison R. Boeckmann ’95
Dr. Clifford E. Boehm ’74
Mrs. Andrea Boyen Boehmcke ’90
Mr. Dial A. Boehmer ’14
Mr. Edward A. and Mrs. Kelly A. Boehmer P’14
Mr. Andrew S. Boehringer ’17
Lt. Colonel Carl R. Boesch ’63
Dr. James Leroy Boettler ’58*
Mrs. Louise Boewe
Mr. John Orloff and Gwen Bogacki MD
Mr. John Bogar ’70
Ms. Sarah Proffitt Bogardus ’99
Mr. Russell W. Bogda
Mr. James M. Bogden ’77
Mr. Kenneth M. Bogden ’69
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Bogden ’69
Mr. Steven M. and Mrs. Sarah M. Boggess P’23
Mrs. Bhavana S. Boggs ’86
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bogle
Ms. Jennifer L. Bognar ’16
Mr. John and Mrs. Karen S. Bognar P’16
Mr. Peter M. Bograd ’83
Mr. Marvin and Ms. Susan Bograd
Mr. Robert M. Boguski ’07 and Ms. Pui-In Tang ’08
Mr. David Bogusky II
Mrs. Jacqueline Larrabee Bohan ’87
Jessica Lynn Bohan ’22
Mr. Stephen E. and Mrs. Suzanne L. Bohan P’22
Ms. Rachel E. Bohlander ’14
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Cindy Bohlander P’14
Mr. Dennis L. Bohn
Mr. Dennis L. Bohn Sr.
Ms. Ashley D. Bohnenberger ’15
Dr. Robert W. and Mrs. Rachel Bohnenberger P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bohnenberger
Mr. Michael T. Bohr ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Bohr
Mr. Joseph S. Bohrer
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Mary Jane Bohrer
Mr. Paul J. Bohrer
Mr. Robert S. Bohrer ’52
Mr. Jaysen L. Bohrod ’17
Dr. William H. Bohrod ’79 and Ms. Keslie J. Patch-Bohrod
Ms. Elena S. Boiardi
Mr. Daryl J. Boich ’90
Mr. Joseph A. Bojues ’62
Peter Ryan Bokma ’20
Dr. Linda M. Boland ’83
Ms. Taryn E. Boland ’99
Dr. Deborah J. Bolanowski P’12
Mrs. Kelsey Harkness. Bolar ’11
Mr. David M. and Mrs. Constance E. Bolash P’15
Mr. Daniel Boldt ’79
Dr. Joseph R. Boldt II ’72
Ms. Amy E. Boles ’18
Mr. Eric Reed and Ms. Donna M. Boles
Mr. Michael J. Boles ’14
Mr. Cale Bollman ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Bollman Jr. ’60 P’81 GP’12’12’17
Mr. Larry Bollwahn
Mr. Maurice T. Bolmer Jr. ’43*
Mr. Daniel L. Bolognini ’16
Mr. Vincent L. and Mrs. Marcia Bolognini P’16
Dr. Jeffrey M. Bolstridge ’11
Mr. Mark B. and Mrs. Janet C. Bolt P’12
Mr. Thomas J. Bolt ’12
Ms. Barbara R. Boltax
Mr. Benjamin A. Bolton ’50*
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. Bolton P’13
Mr. Clayton L. Bolton Jr. ’58*
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bolton
Mrs. John E. Bolton Jr. W’43*
Mr. John N. Bolton ’13
Mr. Michael A. Bolton ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Bolton
Bombadil LLC
Ms. Jenelle Zelinski Bombard ’01
Mrs. Grace S. Bomberger W’53
Mr. John C. Bomberger ’53*
Mr. Michael P. ’85 and Ms. Ms. Fran Horowitz ’85 Bonadies
Mr. Patrick A. Bonam ’75
Mr. Joseph Bonanno
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bonasera ’52
Ms. Anne W. Bond ’13
Mr. D. Kirk Bond ’67
Brother Frederick C. Bond, III
Mr. Lawrence M. Bond ’02
Mr. Martin W. and Mrs. Mary Fuller Bond P’13
Ms. Jacqueline N. Bonder ’08
Ms. April Bonds
Mr. Russell E. Bone ’56*
Mrs. Hannah T. Bonelli
Mr. Richard T. Bonelli ’63*
Mr. Harvey M. Boneparth ’66
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lisa M. Bonevento P’18
Ms. Olivia A. Bonevento ’18
Dr. Nelson A. Bonheim ’63
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Susan A. Bonick
Mr. William and Mrs. Kristi Bonifacio
Ms. Erica Stacey Bonime ’80
Mr. Charles J. and Ms. Connie L. Bonisese P’14
Mr. John D. Bonisese ’52
Ms. Valorie J. Bonisese ’73
Ms. Victoria L. Bonisese ’14
Rev. George C. Bonnell ’50*
Mr. Bradford R. Bonner ’97
Mr. Sean M. Bonner ’84
Bonner Chevrolet Company Inc
Mr. Gary B. Bonnett ’68
Mr. David W. and Ms. Zoe Allison ’94 Bonnette
Mr. Glenn E. Bonney ’81
Mr. Craig M. Bonnist ’88
Mr. Stephen T. Bono ’05
Mr. Thomas S. and Dr. Dianne Bono
Ms. Diane Puricelli Bonsiglio
Mr. Bryan L. Bonuomo ’87
Mrs. Kathryn L. Booker ’03
Ms. Jocelyn H. Bookman ’14
Mr. Abizer Hatim and Dr. Jamila Bookwala P’20
Mr. David W. Boole
Mr. Bakari A. Boone ’15
Mr. Wilkerson Boone ’50*
Ms Janice L. Boop
Mr. Charles H. Booraem ’63
Dr. Dean P. Boorujy ’89
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert H. Boorujy ’52
Mr. George L. Booth
Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Booth ’60 P’85
Ms. Madalyn R. Booth ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Booth
Mr. William W. Booz ’10
Mr. Henry W. Boozan ’16
Mr. John F. Boozang ’87
Mr. Gary K. ’89 and Ms. Ellen Patz ’90 Borak
Mr. Bruce T. Bord ’89
Mr. Eva C. Borden ’99
Mr. Harold W. Borden Jr. ’66
Mrs. Joy Biscornet Borek ’96
Mr. Robert Mitchell Borek ’71
Mr. John and Mrs. Dianne M. Borgeson
Ms. Lauren A. Borghard ’14
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Robyn Borgo
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carol F. Borke
Mr. Joseph P. and Mrs. Mary Ann Borke P’11
Ms. Kerriann T. Borke ’11
Mr. William J. and Mrs. Mary A. Borkovitz
Ms. Camille L. Borland ’13
Mr. Joseph C. Borland ’06
Mr. William and Mrs. Sandra L. Borland P’13
Mr. Bradford C. Bormann ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Christian F. Bormann P’14
Dr. Concetta Conaway Bormans ’95
Mr. Kristian J.F. Bornemann ’91 and Ms. Amy Hespenheide
Ms. Jill Crocker Bornstein ’90
Mr. Gordon C. Boronow ’75
Mrs. Camille Caddle Borrelli ’78
Mrs. Alexandra D. Borriello ’06
Mr. Blake A. Bortnick ’17
Mr. Justin A. Bortnick ’13
Mr. Wallace and Mrs. Eileen M. Boryszewski
Rebecca Georgia Bosanko ’20
Mr. William J. and Mrs. Heather S. Bosanko P’20
Mr. Beau A. Bosch ’18
Mr. Richard A., Jr. and Mrs. Kimberly L. Bosch P’18
Mr. Salvatore J. Boscia ’51
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Boscolo ’83
Ms. Margaret Roll Bose ’83
Ms. Melissa B. Boskey ’06
Mrs. Carol N. Boslet
Mr. Mark Boslet
Elise Kendall Bossert ’20
Mr. Gary A. Bossert ’87
Dr. Inge Bossert
Mr. Neal Bossert ’77
Michael Joseph Bossman
Mr. Robert Bossoli
Mr. Andrew T. Bostian ’02
Ms. Fayola Bostic ’05
Mr. John D. Bostrom ’85
Ms. Elizabeth White Bostwick ’93
Ms. Donna M. Boswell
Mr. Austin H. Botelho ’18
Mr. Felix M. and Mrs. Beth A. Botelho P’20
Mr. Kieran A. Both ’84
Mr. Adam Bothwell ’19
Ms. Laura Botoff
Mr. Donald L. Bott ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Bottcher ’68
Ms. Caroline Elizabeth Bottega ’19
Mr. John and Mrs. Margaret Bottega
Dr. Gregory W. Botteron P’18
Mr. John P. Botti III ’07
Mr. Mark J. Bottini Jr. ’12
Ms. Bethany L. Boucher ’04
Mr. Whitney S. Boucher ’80
Ms. Louise A. Boudart ’05
Mr.* and Mrs. Van T. Boughton Jr. ’47 P’76
Ms. Karen N. Bouldin ’08
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Boule II
Dr. Lisbeth A. Boule ’09
Mr. Emil M. Boulos ’12
Rev. Dr. Wayne G. Boulton ’63*
Mr. Christopher Y. Bouquet ’17
Mr. Thomas C. and Mrs. Rowena Y. Bouquet P’17
Mr. Matthew A. ’02 and Ms. Kristy B. ’02 Bourdon
Dr. Susan Boynton Bouregy ’86
Mr. and Mrs. W. Theodore Bourke
Ms. Claire P. Bourquin ’07
Mr. Konstantinos Bousmalis ’05
Ms. Rachael R. Bouthot ’03
Mr. Thomas L. ’09 and Mrs. Sara Walter ’09 Boutin
Mr. Robert W. Bouton ’72
Gregory Thomas Bove ’22
Ms. Virginia Pancoast Bove ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Bowden
Mr. Donald J. Bowe ’79
Mr. John J. and Mrs. Dortohy L. Bowe P’20
Mr. Christopher A. Bowen ’84
Mr. Daniel W. Bowen ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Bowen
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Jennifer R. Bowen
Mrs. Joan Whelan Bowen ’80
Mr. Woodberry and Mrs. Joan Sandlin Bowen
Ms. Judith G. Bowen ’84
Mr. Mark R. Bowen III ’85
Mr. Oliver E. ’05 and Mrs. Laura Roberts ’05 Bowen
Dr. Barbara Bower ’90
Ms. Maureen V. Bower ’06
Mr. Charles A. Bowers ’89
Dr. Jack F. Bowers ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Klaus D. Bowers
Ms. Linda A. Bowers
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Bowers
Mr. David Fair and Ms. Robin S. Bowers-Fair
Mrs. Bonnie Bowes P’20
Mr. Frederick M. Bowes II ’66
Mr. John F. Bowis ’85
Ms. Lynne McMenamy Bowis ’86
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bowles P’18
Ms. Madelyn M. Bowles ’18
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bowman Sr.
Mr. DeMark R. Bowman ’12
Ms. Jessica L. Bowman ’09
Mrs. Sara D. Bowman ’07
Mr. Terrence L. Bowman ’65
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bown ’64 P’83’84
Mr. John A. Bown Jr. ’83
Mr. Robert A. Bown ’84
Mr. Fred W. Bowser ’60
Mr. Jonathan R. ’99 and Mrs. Kara L. ’01 Bowser
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Bowyer
Mr. Jeffrey S. Boxer ’89
Mr. Bruce C. Boyce ’57*
Mr. Christopher R. Boyce ’12
Ms. Julianne K. Boyce ’10
Ms. Kelly M. Boyce ’15
Mr. Kenneth J. Boyce ’71
Mr. Kenneth J., Jr. and Mrs. Donna R. Boyce P’12
Mr. Michael T. Boyce ’73
Mr. Timothy D. and Mrs. Ellen M. Boyce P’15
Dr. Alvin T. Boyd ’67
Ms. Ashley L. Boyd ’15
Mr. Brendan M. Boyd ’15
Mr. Bruce L. Boyd ’60
Mrs. Carly Feiro Boyd ’12
Mr. Evan R. Boyd ’99
Mr. James F. Boyd ’91
Mr. Jason D. Boyd ’04
Ms. Kelsey E. Boyd ’11
Mrs. Maureen Corcoran Boyd ’02
Mr. Michael J. Boyd and Ms. Sally Boyd Fitzgerald P’15
Dr. Norman W., Jr. ’64 and Dr. Julianne M. Boyd
Mr. Robert Boyd
Mrs. Stephanie Danchak Boyd ’07
Mr. Robert L. ’76 and Ms. Suzanne Rappaport ’74 Boydstun
Mr. Benjamin A. Boyer ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Garry L. Boyer
Mr. Jeremiah J., IV and Mrs. Leslie Boyer P’11
Mrs. Leslie Plumeri Boyer ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Boyes P’13
Mr. Nicholas J. Boyes ’13
Mr. LaMont K. Boykins II ’17
Mr. and Mrs. LaMont K. Boykins P’17
Mr. Harry M. Boyko Jr. ’61
Mr. Ronald A. Boyko ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius J. Boylan
Mr. Joseph F. Boylan Jr. ’60
Ms. Ruthanne Boylan ’80
Dr. Mary F. Boyle P’13
Ms. Mary Ellen Ross Boyle ’78
Mrs. Megan Greevy Boyle ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sean Boyle
Mr. Bruce W. Boyles ’76
Mr. Timothy J. Bozack ’98
Mr. Adam L. ’06 and Mrs. Nicole R. Bozick
Mr. Joseph R. Bozik ’58*
Mr. Christopher K. Bozman ’89 and Ms. Merri Lee Newby ’91
Mr. Kenneth J. and Mrs. Andrea A. Bozzi P’19
Mr. Laurence R., Jr. and Mrs. Yvonne R. Braasch P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bracaglia Jr. ’75
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Veronica E. Bracht
Mr. Maurice Brackett
Mr. Glenn Karl Brackmann ’72
Dr. Alan B. ’79 and Mrs. Eileen M. ’80 Brackup
Ms. Julia H. Brackup ’16
Mr. Douglas B. Bracy ’58
Mr. Michael ’90 and Ms. Laura ’91 Brader-Araje
Mr. Robert A. Bradfield ’01 and Ms. Dana DiRenzo-Bradfield ’00
Mr. William T. Bradfield ’71
Mr. Alan G. Bradford ’61
Mr. Robert A. Bradford ’71
Ms. Stacey A. Bradford ’89
Mr. George F. and Mrs. Susan M. Bradlau
Mr. Powers and Mrs. Alice T. Bradley
Mr. Brian J. and Mrs. Lori A. Bradley P’16
Colin James Bradley ’20
Ms. Debra Cosgrove Bradley ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Bradley
Mr. Kenneth O. ’86 and Mrs. Lynne Bradley
Ms. Marla Bradley
Mr. Richard R. Bradley
Mr. Robert J. Bradley ’50*
Mr. Scott A. Bradley ’16
Mrs. Shelly Lutz Bradley ’99
Mr. Steven G. and Ms. Christina L. Bradley P’18
Mr. William C. Bradley ’83
Mr. Valdez and Ms. Yvette Bradley
Mr. Andrew J. ’13 and Mrs. Hannah Quinlan ’13 Brady
Ms. Carol Potts Brady ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Brady Jr.
Mr. Christopher P. and Mrs. Ellen W. Brady P’18
Mr. Duncan W. Brady ’18
Mr. John and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Brady
Mr. James J., Jr. and Mrs. Dawn C. Brady P’13
Ms. Jennifer L. Brady ’11
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brady, Jr.
Mr. John and Mrs. Josephine Brady
Mr. Justin T. Brady ’18
Ms. Kelly M. Brady ’05
Ms. Keri Grunther Brady ’00
Mr. Michael K. Brady ’75
Mr. Patrick R. Brady ’15
Mr. Shane M. Brady ’14
Ms. Susan T. Brady ’90
Mr. Timothy William Brady
Mr. Casey J. Brady-Gold ’14
Mrs. Susan Sullivan Bragdon ’80
Mr. Timothy J. and Ms. Autumn Leciston ’90 Bragg P’20’23
Mr. Marc Brahaney
Ms. Neysa Braimah ’17
Mr. Stephen R. Brainard ’67
Mr. James P. Braisted ’58*
Mrs. Carolyn C. Braithwaite ’87
Mr. James A. Bramble Jr. ’86
Mr. Geoffrey W. Bramhall ’69
Mr. John O. Bramick ’55
Mr. Fred C. Brammer ’51
Adam J Bramson ’20
Ms. Carol Bramson P’20
Mr. Howard Bramson P’20
Gillian Branam ’20
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Branch ’58
Mr. Kenneth V. Branch ’61
Ryan John Branch ’21
Mr. Cortney C. ’92 and Ms. Mira van Roon ’92 Brand
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Brand ’64 P’92
Ms. Mary V. Brand ’16
Mr. Robert N. Jones and Ms. Susan G. Brand P’21
Dr. David and Mrs. Catherine A. Brandes
Ms. Elizabeth Becker Brandhorst ’85
Mr. James S. Brandl ’71
Mr. Allen Brands ’56
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Brandt ’87
Mr. William P. Brandt III ’13
Mr. William A. and Ms. Joan Peifer Brandt P’13
Mr. Clifford E. Brane ’70
Mr. William R. Brankowitz ’72
Ms. Sally R. Brannan
Ms. Alexandria L. Brannick ’12
Mr. William and Ms. Joan M. Brannick
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Janet M. Brannick P’12
Ms. Katie Louise Brannigan ’19
Ms. Leah D. Brannigan
Mr. Joel P. and Ms. Bernadette Ulissi ’93 Branosky
Mr. Joseph P. ’09 and Mrs. Jessica Spicer ’09 Branosky
Dr. Mary Garibaldi Brasch ’82
Mr. Bernard Braskamp
Bridget Brassil ’20
Ms. Brianna C. Braswell ’16
Mr. William H. Braswell ’10
Mrs. Elisabeth B. Bratlien ’04
Dr. Paul B. Bratter ’78
Ms. Dolores C. Bratz
Mr. Jeffrey K. Bratz ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Bratz P’10
Mr. Mark S. Brault ’03 and Ms. Brooke A. DiMarco ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Braun
Mr. George F. Braun ’50*
Mrs. Jeanne M. Braun W’48
Mrs. Regina Sutliff Braun ’95
Mr.* and Mrs. Fred P. Braun Jr. ’55 P’83
Mrs. Kathleen Boyer Braunstein ’00
Ms. Alyssa P. Braver ’16
Dr. Joel K. and Dr. Vanita Braver P’16
Ellen Braverman Esq. ’74
Ms. Susan B. Bravman ’82
Mrs. Karla B. Brawner ’08
Mr. Ahmed M. Braxton ’17
Ms. Sarah W. Bray ’15
Mr. Scott R. Brazer
Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Maryalice Coyle Brearey
Mr. Gerard J. Brecher
Mr. Melvin and Mrs. Helen Brecher
Mr. Michael J. Brecher
Mr. and Mrs.* George T. Brecht Jr. ’53
Mr. William B. Brecht ’71
Mr. J. Robert and Mrs. Kimberly J. Bredahl P’17
Mr. Michael A. Bredahl ’17
Demetrius S. Breedlove ’20
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Marlissa M. Breese
Ms. Vanessa Knight Breese ’95
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Pamela A. Bregenzer
Ms. Ellen Schlanger Bregg ’83
Mr. Andrew L. Bregman ’74
Mr. Barry I. ’77 and Ms. Barbara Fox ’76 Bregman
Ms. Donna M. Breheney
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Breheney
Mr. Edward Breheney
Ms. Meghan K. Breheney ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brehl
Ms. Carolyn Stotz Brehm ’76
Mr. F. Warren Breig Jr. ’58
Mr. F. Warren Breig III ’82
Mr. Noah A. Breininger ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Breisch
Mr. William and Ms. Marjorie R. Breitwieser
Mr. Richard T. Brekus ’77
Capt. Robert D. Brem ’89
Mrs. Katharine Day Bremer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bremer
Mrs. Kathleen Lane Brenan ’90
Mrs. Beth Ann Brennan ’89
Mr. Brian Brennan
Mr. Conor G. Brennan ’11
Mrs. Elysia Brennan ’08
Mr. Gregory ’95 and Ms. Andrea Dagostino ’94 Brennan
Mr. Ian A. Brennan ’16
Mr. James and Mrs. JoAnn Brennan P’11
Jane Carol Brennan ’20
Mr. John J. Brennan ’91
Ms. Julia M. Brennan ’17
Mr. Kyle C. Brennan ’15
Ms. Nancy E. Brennan ’74
Mr. Paul R. and Mrs. Connie M. Brennan P’15
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Ellen D. Brenner
Ms. Emma B. Brenner ’15
Dr. Jason E. Brenner ’07 and Ms. Allison V. Quigley ’08
Dr. Morton R. Brenner ’44
Mr. Saul B. and Dr. Gayle Brenner P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Brenner ’70
Mr. William F. Brenner ’60
Mrs. Jenna Cellini Bresler ’06
Mr. Frank Breslin
Mrs. Theresa Madonia Breslin ’79
Dr. Richard A. Breslow ’56*
Abbie Cecilia Bresnahan ’20
Mr. Stephen J. and Mrs. Sharon A. Bresnahan P’20
Mr. and Mrs. David Bressler
Mr. Gary Bressler
Mr. Ryan A. Bressner ’16
Mr. William R. Bretschneider ’89
Mr. Peter W. Bretsky Jr. ’61
Mr. Thomas R. Brett ’58
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Anna Breuer
Mr. Edward Breuer Jr.
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Ingeborg Breuers
Antonio A. Brewer ’20
Ms. Gina E. Brewer ’07
Mr. Joseph C. Brewer ’59
Ms. Laura E. Brewer ’06
Mr. Lloyd G. and Ms. Pamela E. Brewer
Mr. Robert W. Brewster ’74
Mr. Alan C. Brice ’13
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Christine M. Brice
Mr. Charles S. Brick ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W. Brick ’62
The Brickman Group, Ltd.
Caroline S. Bridges ’20
Mr. Clifford and Mrs. Dianne C. Bridges
Bridgewater Associates LP
Mr. Jeffrey A. Bridgman ’84
Ms. Beth Abramson Brier ’83
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Maryalice Briggs
Mr. Payson S. ’91 and Ms. Aideen Cooney ’90 Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. R. Robert Briggs
Rev. John Jellico Bright ’62
Ms. Michelle S. Bright ’90
Mr. George L. and Mrs. Sharon M. Bright
Mr. Waltar Bright
Mr. William C. ’79 and Mrs. Laurie Loken ’81 Brightly
Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Brill ’57
Ms. Chelsea P. Brill ’13
Mr. Robert and Ms. Christine Brill
Dr. Richard Walter Brill ’70
Dr. Gilbert D. Brinckerhoff ’59
Mr. Richard Brindle
Ms. Rebecca Novia Brindley ’02
Mr. Kurt M. Bringsjord ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Brink ’70
Connor Edward Brink
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brink
Mr. Kyle W. Brinkerhoff ’14
Mr. Thomas J. Brinkerhoff ’13
Mr. Dick and Ms. Crystal Brinkman
Ms. Mary L. Brinton
Mr. Samuel F. Brinton ’14
Mr. Kenneth J. Briotte ’13
Mr. Robert M. and Mrs. Rita S. Briotte P’13
Ms. Emily J. Bristol ’14
Mr. Albert C. Bristow ’92
Mr. Clark D. Britan ’08
Dr. Gerald M. Britan
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Britt
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Madelyn Britt
Britt Associates Inc.
Mr. Michael C. ’98 and Ms. Chisato Murata ’99 Brittain
Ms. Suzanne G. Brittingham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Britton ’44 GP’02
Mr. Douglas M. ’94 and Ms. Kimberly McNaughton ’95 Broad
Mr. Russell S. Broad Jr.
Mrs. Nancy Trayes Broadbent ’75
Mr. Michael J. Broadwater ’91
Ms. Linda M. Brobst
Mr. Sacha P. Broccard ’14
Mr. Robert J. Brochu ’62*
Mr. Jason P. Brock ’00
Mr. Christopher P. Brockman ’16
Ms. Kristen R. Brockmeier ’99
Mrs. Tara B. Broczkowski ’87
Mr. Doron and Ms. Lisa Brodarzon
Mr. Dane A. Brodber ’03
Rachael Etta Broder ’20
Ms. Brittany A. Broderick ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Broderick P’14
Mr. Francis A. and Mrs. Alicia B. Broderick P’15
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Broderick ’78
Mr. Kurt A. Broderick ’83
Mrs. Laurie Gormley Broderick ’92
Ms. Sara McCall Broderick ’85
Mr. Sean M. Broderick ’14
Mr. Richard P. Broders ’75
Ms. Laura Dingman Brodeur ’94
Mr. Paul Brodeur ’86
Mr. Richard R. Brodeur ’85
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Jennifer Brodfuehrer P’21
Mr. Anthony A. Brodfuhrer ’56
Ms. Devin E. Brodie ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Brodie Jr. ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Brodie P’15
Dr. Bruce I. Brodkin ’63
Dr. Roger Harrison Brodkin ’54 and Dr. Adele Brodkin
Ms. Florence S. Brodley
Mr. Peter P. Brodnitz ’85
Mr. Jonathan S. Brodsky ’91
Mr. Joshua L. Brodsky ’03
Ms. Julia Brodsky ’13
Ms. Elena Degnan Brody ’95
Mr. Gregory R. Brody ’12
Ms. Janice R. Brody
Ms. Jessica A. Brody ’04
Dr. Joshua D. and Mrs. Amy B. Brody P’12
Ms. Laurie R. Brody
Mr. Adam F. Broeckaert ’16
Mr. Steve A. and Mrs. Dory B. Broeckaert P’16
Mr. Byard F., III ’94 and Ms. Laura Bennett ’94 Brogan
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Diane M. Brogan
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Brogan
Mrs. Kristin M. Brogan
Dr. Jessica Jenkins Broglie ’07
Ms. Cindy Broholm
Mr. Richard R. Broholm
Ms. Tessa L. Broholm ’17
Mr. Richard E. Brok ’77
Mr. Kevin P. Bromby ’01
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bromley
Mr. Alfred N. Bronakowski ’08
Ms. Pamela Bronander Depaolera ’78
Mrs. Ilana S. Bronheim ’04
Mr. James J. ’85 and Mrs. Alison Cuthbert ’85 Bronico
Mr. Robert A. and Mrs. Jill L. Bronstein P’21
Mr. Joseph R. Bronzo ’18
Mr. Anthony C. Brooke ’91
Mr. Avery S. Brooks ’09
Mr. Wendell and Mrs. Charlotte Willis Brooks
Mr. Henry B. Brooks ’67
Mr. Joshua D. and Mrs. Andrea K. Brooks P’12
Ms. Krista N. Brooks ’12
Mr. Michael D. ’92 and Mrs. Catherine Szulc ’91 Brooks
Mrs. Susan G. Brooks W’66
Mr. and Mrs. David Brooman
Jordyn J. Brosemer ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Brosniak
Ms. Michelle Math Bross ’81
Mr. Peter J. Bross ’14
Dr. Theodore M. Bross ’71
Ms. Amanda L. Brosy ’08
Ms. Emily S. Brotman ’06
Mr. Robert M. Brotman ’59
Mr. Russell D. Brott ’01
Mr. James W. Brotzman ’68
Ms. Laura E. Brotzman ’13
Dr. Richard W. Brotzman ’75
Dr. David E. Brougher ’52
Ms. Eleanor D. Brouillard
Mr. Frederic P. Brousse ’58*
Mr. John H. Brower ’78
Ms. Lisa Henriques Brower ’98
Mr. Adam H. Brown ’18
Ms. Aimee S. Brown P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Brown
Ms. Alexandra B. Brown ’13
Ms. Allison C. Brown ’16
Mr. George and Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Brown
Mr. Anthony Brown III
Mr. Barrett T. Brown ’81
Mr. Benjamin L. Brown ’14
Ms. Betty L. Brown P’18
Ms. Breyon D. Brown ’12
Bridget M. Brown
Ms. Brienne B. Brown ’08
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Brown ’52
Ms. Christina R. Brown ’13
Ms. Christine A. Brown ’02
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Brown P’13
Mr. Corey A. Brown ’11
Mr. Craig H. and Mrs. Lynda Brown P’11
Mr. Daniel J. Brown ’09
LTC David Lee Brown ’53
Mr. David W. Brown ’66*
Mr. David C. Brown and Ms. Renee J. Keller P’14
Mr. DeSean N. Brown ’18
Mr. Devin B. Brown ’90
Mr. Douglas S. Brown ’91
Mrs. Eileen O. Brown W’50
Ms. Elena Brown
Ms. Emily L. Brown ’08
Ms. Emily C. Brown ’13
Mr. Eric W. and Mrs. Jennifer A. Brown P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Brown
Mr. Frederick D. Brown Jr. ’89
The Hon. Garrett E. Brown Jr. ’65
Mr. Gerald W. Brown ’72
Gerald J., D.O. ’57* and Mrs. Mardalee “Tink” Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Brown ’57 P’82
Mr. Ellis and Ms. Gwendolyn H. Brown
Mrs. Irene D. Brown
Mr. J. Lawrence Brown Jr. ’78
Mr. James V. Brown ’62
Mr. James A. Brown Jr. ’02
Mr. James M. and Mrs. Maria E. Brown P’13
Ms. Janet M. Brown ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Brown ’64
Mr. Sam and Mrs. Joann M. Brown
Mr. John R. Brown III ’64
Mr. Joseph S. Brown
Mr. Joshua T. Brown ’13
Ms. Julia F. Brown ’11
Mr. Justin K. Brown ’10
Ms. Kaitlin A. Brown ’15
Ms. Kara Boodakian Brown ’07
Mr. John and Mrs. Katharine F. Brown
Ms. Kathryn E. Brown ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Brown ’77
Mr. Kenneth J. and Mrs. Susan C. Brown P’15
Ms. Lauren T. Brown ’11
Ms. Leslie Brown P’11
Dr. M. Elaine Brown P’13
Dr. Marc D. and Mrs. Lisa M. Brown P’18
Ms. Margaret A. Brown
Mr. J. and Mrs. Marjorie Brown
Dr. Mark A. Brown ’10
Mr. Mark I. Brown ’12
Ms. Marlene Brown
Mrs. Molly H. Brown W’66
Ms. Patricia B. Brown
Mr. Paul C. Brown ’77
Mr. Paul B. Brown and Ms. Margaret Watson
Mr. Peter C. and Mrs. Victoria L. Brown P’14
Mr. Raymond Brown
Ms. Rebecca M. Brown ’15
Ms. Rebecca E. Brown ’18
Mr. Richard K. Brown ’54
Mr. Robert N. Brown ’57
Mr. Robert G. ’82 and Mrs. Elizabeth G. ’86 Brown
Mr. Robert A. Brown Jr. ’03
Dr. Roger H. and Mrs. Ava L. Brown P’19
Mr. Scott L. Brown ’78
Mr. Scott D. and Mrs. Susan E. Brown P’13
Mr. Spencer A. Brown ’10
Mrs. Tara Lynn Brown ’92
Mr. Taylor J. Brown ’15
Mrs. Terese S. Brown ’07
Mr. Thomas P. and Mrs. Suzanne K. Brown P’13
Mr. William C. Brown ’13
Mr. Thomas and Ms. Ann E. Brown Sullivan
Mr. Michael D. Browne ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Browne
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald M. Browne
Mrs. Margaret S. Brownell ’79
Ms. Nicole L. Brownell ’13
Mr. Richard H. Brownell ’57
Mr. Chauncey Hoyt Browning III ’77
Mr. Norman K. Browning ’73
Mr. Steven H. ’81 and Ms. Denise Mayer ’82 Brownlee
Mr. Josh Brownstein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Broz ’69 P’04
Dr. Kristen D. Brubaker ’91
Ms. Michele Suffis Brubaker ’81
Ms. Trisha E. Brubaker
Mr. Christopher J. Bruce ’12
Mr. Eric B. Bruce ’90
Dr. John W. Bruce ’65
Mr. Justin T. ’09 and Mrs. Jacqueline Gowdy ’11 Bruce
Mr. James J., Jr. and Ms. Alexandra Murphy ’97 Bruder
Mr. Joseph P. Bruder ’89
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Karen E. Brueggen
Mr. David M. ’04 and Mrs. Erin Allison ’03 Bruestle
Mr. Stephen D. Bruestle ’07
Mr. Jordan L. ’03 and Ms. Maria Fekete ’02 Brugg
Mr. Lucien C. Bruggeman ’14
Mr. Joseph P. ’80 and Mrs. Toni Mignogna ’82 Brugger
Dr. Thomas H. Bruggink and Mrs. Susan Bruggink
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Brugler P’16’20
Mr. Duncan C. Brugler ’16
Mr. Alfred A. Bruhn Jr. ’57
Mr. Mark T. Bruinooge ’93
Ms. Cara C. Brumfield ’10
Ms. Karen Brund
Dr. Bruce H. Brundage ’60
Mr. Cole E. Brundage ’83
Dr. J. Reed Brundage ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Brune P’05
Mrs. Erin Brune-Cooper ’05
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Dolores Bruner
Taylor Leigh Bruner
Ms. Anne Brunetto
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Arlene M. Bruni
Mr. Gregory T. and Mrs. Moira M. Brunk P’20
Ms. Ashley Seibert Brunnell ’11
Mr. H. Keith Brunnemer
Mr. Dick and Mrs. Betty L. Brunner
Mr. Andrew G. Brunnquell ’14
Dr. Stephen ’77 and Mrs. Donna K. Brunnquell
Mr. John Bruno
Joseph Dominic Bruno
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Nova B. Bruno
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Brunswick ’58
Ms. Jacqueline S. Bruscella ’10
Mr. Walter G. Bruska
Mr. Timothy J. Bruss ’04
Ms. Courtney E. Bryan ’10
Mrs. Linda G. Bryan W’45*
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bryan
Mr. Wilbur L. Bryan ’42*
Mr. Brandon J. Bryant ’18
Ms. Debra Mushlitz Bryant ’77
Mr. Donald L., Jr. and Ms. Diane Bryant
Mr. Eric T. Bryant ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison L. Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Bryant
Mr. Alan G. Bryce ’74
Mr. E. James Bryner ’42*
Mr. John W. Bryner III ’97
Mrs. Doris Bry-Nildsen
Ms. Maria Bua
Mr. Mark E. and Mrs. Cathy G. Bubb P’18
Mr. Quentin A. Bubb ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Bubba
Mrs. Christine Agocs Bucca ’81
Mr. Adam J. ’05 and Mrs. Jill Saporetti ’06 Bucci
Mr. Gregory W. Buchan ’11
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Cynthia M. Buchanan
Mr. David R. and Mrs. Susan L. Buchanan P’17
Mr. Nicholas A. Buchanan ’17
Mr. Robert A. Buchanan ’61*
Ms. Courtney R. Buchanon ’09
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Buchanon
Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Irene P. Bucher P’15
Ms. Melissa K. Bucher ’15
Ms. Monika G. Bucher
Mr. A. Robert Buchert ’50
Doreen Buchman ’77 and Bill Lammers
Mr. Alan M. and Mrs. Joan Bucholtz P’11
Mr. David G. ’11 and Dr. Jennifer Romano ’10 Bucholtz
Ms. Laura L. Buchwald ’92
Mr.* and Mrs.* Alexander K. Buck ’53
Mr. David B. Buck ’86
Mr. James, III and Ms. Lin Buck
Ms. McLean Alexandra Buck ’19
Mr. Steven D. Buck ’82
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck ’50
Mr. Fred J. Buckholtz Jr. ’59
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Jane A. Buckiewicz
Mr. Stephen R.Buckingham ’82 and Ms. Barbara A. Hedeen
Ms. Lisa Montalbano Buckland ’82
Mr. Bruce C. Buckle ’80
Mr. James G. Buckler Jr. ’98
Mr. Daniel L. Buckley ’11
Ms. Katherine F. Buckley ’17
Mr. Michael F. Buckley ’97
Ms. Noelle P. Buckley ’18
Mr. Raymond F. and Mrs. Eileen A. Buckley P’18
Ms. Trudyann M. Buckley ’15
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Buckley
Bucknell University
Mr. Robert M. Bucks ’50
Mr. Chris A. Bucolo ’82
Mr. George and Mrs. Carolyn Bucsko
Mr. William M. Buczak ’74 and Ms. Alma R. Scott-Buczak ’74
Ms. Samantha Buczek ’17
Dr. Brett A. Budis ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Budrow
Ms. Bianca Jessica Buecklers ’19
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Buehler ’61
Mr. T. and Mrs. Lois J. Buek
Dr. Raphael Bueono and Ms. Kate Poverman P’19
Ms. Rebecca Bueno ’19
Mr. Kenneth M. and Mrs. Barbara A. Buerkle P’13
Mr. Kevin J. Buerkle ’13
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Lisa J. Buerle
Mr. Craig H. ’86 and Ms. Janet Fullarton ’86 Buermann
Mr. Stephen Buermann ’63
Mr. Andrew D. ’05 and Mrs. Ashley M. ’05 Buettner
Dr. Katherine M. Buettner ’07
Alexa Rose Buffa ’20
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Buffa P’20
Ms. Taylor Buffa
Ms. Elise M. Buffinton ’14
Ms. Jean E. Buffinton
Dr. Keith W. and Dr. Christine M. Buffinton P’14
Mr. Anthony Buffolino ’12
Mr. Frank A. and Mrs. Julie A. Buffolino P’12
Mr. David Bufo ’85
Mr. Andrew S. ’75 and Ms. Sharon McGill ’76 Buge
Mr. Christian J. and Mrs. Paulina I. Bugyis P’21
Mr. Robert W. Buhrman ’53
Ms. Giang N. Bui ’13
Ms. Ha My P. Bui ’17
Mr. Quang H. Bui ’17
Mr. Tung T. Bui ’11
Ms. Jennifer Elizabeth Buirkle
Dr. Rose Marie L. Bukics
Dr. Eric J. Bukowski ’99
Mr. James and Mrs. Patricia E. Bulakowski
Mr. Steven J. Bulger ’81
Mr. John V. R. Bull ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Bull ’76
Mr. William H. Bull ’85
Mr. Gregory T. and Mrs. Anne D. Bullard
Mr. Raymond Bullock
Mr. Benjamin A. Bulluck ’16
Ms. Teresa Bunkers
Mr. Justin E. Bunnell ’11
Mr. Theodore M. Bunten ’55
Mr. William L. Bunting III ’86
Ms. Elaine F. Buralli
Mr. Timothy J. Burch ’73
Mr. John J. and Mrs. Ellen M. Burchenal P’16
Mr. Douglas M. ’80 and Mrs. Kim D. Burcin P’16
Mr. John G. Burcin ’56*
Ms. Kayla R. Burcin ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burcin ’57 P’80 GP’16
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Burd P’82 ’85
Mr. Samuel C. Burd ’13
Lt. Col. Jeanne Danahy Burden ’77
Mr. Andrew M. ’93 and Mrs. Sarah M. Burdick
Mr. Sean M. Burek ’07
Mr. Craig M. Burel ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Marc H. Burel
Ms. Crystal Y. Burey ’10
Dr. David H. and Mrs. Deborah Burg
Grant Tyler Burg
Mr. Jeffrey L. Burger ’72
Mr. Jeffrey A. Burger ’76
Mr. Philip J. Burger ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Burger
Mr. Paul Burgess
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Burggraaff ’59
Dr. Roche Charles Burgio ’53*
Ms. Arlene Burgoyne
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Burk P’21
John M. Burk ’21
Mr. Alfred Burka
Mr.* Randolph J. ’78 and Mrs. Pamela W. Burkart
Mr. David A. and Mrs. Elizabeth Burkat P’16
Mr. Walter J. Burkat ’16
Mr. Brian C. ’02 and Ms. Kristen Murphy ’02 Burke
Ms. Caitlin A. Burke ’08
Ms. Christine M. Burke ’07
Mr. David A. ’79 and Mrs. Francey Kanengiser ’79 Burke
Mr. Douglas A. Burke ’04
Mr. Edward J. Burke and Ms. Katina L. Georgopulo P’21
Mr. Eric Burke
Mr. Guthrie M. Burke Jr. ’13
Mr. Jason Burke
Ms. Jennifer Mackey Burke ’99
Ms. Jennifer E. Devlin Burke ’94
Mr. John A. Burke ’14
Mrs. Kathleen Mulvey Burke ’96
Ms. Lucy M. Burke
Mr. Mathew S. Burke ’08
Mr. Patrick E. Burke ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Burke Jr.
Mr. Raymond M., III ’75 and Ms. Ellen Kravet ’76 Burke
Mr. Richard E. Burke Jr. ’82
Mr. Ryan A. Burke ’16
Mr. Sean P. Burke ’14
Mr. Terrence D. ’92 and Dr. Sarah M. ’92 Burke
Ms. Tess A. Burke ’18
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Burke
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Burke Jr.
Sarah Elizabeth Burkert ’21
Mr. Thomas S. and Mrs. Becky A. Burkert P’21
Ms. Jennifer Allyson Burkhart ’19
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Patricia G. Burkhart
Ms. Charlene M. Burkholder P’22
Mr. Nicholas C. Burkholder ’74
Mr. Barry W. Burlaga ’62*
Dr. Mark W. Burlingame P’09
Mr. Henry A. ’97 and Mrs. Amy Corea ’97 Burmeister
Dr. Michael J. Burnes ’77
Mr. Gary R. and Mrs. Holly E. Burnet Mikula P’21
Mr. Andrew T. Burnett ’15
Ms. Cheryl A. Burnett ’89
Mr. David R. ’82 and Ms. Anne Burkhardt ’80 Burnett
Mrs. Mathilde K. Burnett
Mr. Richard C. Burnett ’64
Mrs. Teresa M. Burnett
Ms. Beth Sutton Burnette ’89
Mr. Charles Adrian Burnor
Ms. Elisabeth A. Burnor ’14
Mr. Jeffrey M. Burnor ’10
Mr. John M. Burnor
Mrs. Carolyn E. Burns ’09
Mr. Christopher Medd Burns ’19
Mr. Duncan A. Burns ’96
Mr. David and Ms. Elizabeth C. Burns
Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Frances A. Burns
Mr. Gregory J. Burns ’86
Mr. Jake C. Burns ’17
Dr. James E. Burns Jr. ’67
Ms. Jane Leveroni Burns ’90
Mr. John M. Burns ’14
Mr. Martin Burns
Mr. Richard A. Burns ’98
Mr. Richard B. Burns ’53*
Mr. Richard C. Burns ’70
Mr. Robert T. Burns ’63
Mr. Drew and Ms. Susan E. Burns
Mr. Thomas E. Burns III ’62
Mr. Thomas R. Burns ’02
Mr. W. L. Burns
Mr. Keith Burnside
Caleb David Burr ’22
Mr. David D. and Mrs. Julie S. Burr P’22
Mr. Justin C. Burrell
Ms. Meredith L. Burrell ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Burris
Ms. Emma Burris-Janssen
Mr. Scott E. ’98 and Mrs. Rachel Necker ’97 Burroughs
Ms. Debra Burroughs-Washington P’13
Mrs. Nina Gladstone Burstein ’85
Ms. Leslie R. Burstyn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burt
Mr. George and Ms. Cathy A. Burton
Ms. Emily Gould Burton ’05
Ms. Sydney L. Burton ’18
Mr. Connor Edward Burwell ’19
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Burzillo
Dr. Thomas A. Buscheck ’76
Mr. Timothy E. Buscheck ’77
Mr. Blair A. Boyer and Ms. Elizabeth Busciglio-Boyer
Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Christina Buser
Mr.* and Mrs. Gary L. Buser Sr.
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Patricia A. Buser
Ms. Betsy J. Bush ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight L. Bush, Sr. P’18
Mr. G. Christopher Bush ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Bush
Mr. Joseph M. and Mrs. Cathleen T. Bush P’21
Ms. Karen Franck Bush ’86
Ms. Nancy Bush
Mr. Steven E. Bush ’81
Mr. William M. Bush Jr. ’59*
Mr. William M. Bush III ’94
Mrs. Rachael M. Bushey ’00
Mr. Gregory G. Busillo ’12
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Busillo P’12
Cmdr. Barry B. Buss ’86
Ms. Sara E. Bussiere ’09
Mr. Christopher J. Busuttil ’15
Dr. Richard S. Buswell
Ms. B. Jean Butcher
Ms. Jennifer Guogas Butchko ’01
Ms. Lindsay G. Butera ’07
Ms. Alicia Mary Butler
Mrs. Amanda Smith Butler ’10
Dr. Bonnie Butler ’79
Mr. Brandon T. Butler ’09
Ms. Charlene Butler
Mrs. Cheryl Moyer Butler ’86
Mr. David J. Butler ’63*
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Butler
Mr. Jeffrey R. Butler ’09
Col. John M. Butler (USMC RET) ’61
Mr. John T. Butler and Dr. Katherine E. Brown P’14
Mr. Justin T. Butler ’14
Kaizer Terrel Butler ’21
Mrs. Katherine A. Butler ’98
Katherine D. Butler ’22
Mr. Leroy A. Butler Jr. ’12
Ms. Lisa A. Butler ’87
Ms. Lynn A. Butler
Dr. Mark S. ’77 and Mrs. Cynthia Scangarella ’76 Butler
Mr. Matthew P. and Mrs. Rose Butler P’18
Mr. Michael E. Butler ’11
Mr. Nicholas J. Butler ’18
Mr. Ross Andrew Butler ’01
Ms. Shelby M. Butler ’18
Ms. Julie G. Butt ’98
Mr. John and Mrs. Gail B. Butter
Ms. Kathryn Bassett Butterfield ’96
Mr. Sean Charles Butterly ’73
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Susan Butters
Ms. Sandra Button
Mr. Daniel A. Butts ’00
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Butz ’51
Ms. Khulganaa Buyannemekh ’18
Dr. Mark K. ’94 and Dr. Jodi H. ’95 Buyyounouski
Mr. Kent R. Buzard ’78
Mr. Kevin S. Buzard ’81
Ms. Jessica A. Buzzell ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Buzzell
Mr. Robert D. Buzzell Jr. ’80
Ana Luisa Buzzerd ’20
Mr. Harry W., III and Mrs. Cecile Buzzerd P’20
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Judith O. Buzzerd
Dr. Alison R. Byerly and Mr. Stephen Jensen
Mr. Graham C. ’98 and Ms. Christina Polakowski ’98 Byers
Mr. Robert L. and Ms. Pamela Trauger ’87 Byers
Ms. Carolyn I. Byington ’15*
Mr. Robert G. ’78 and Ms. Jennifer Toce ’81 Byington P’15
Ms. Monica Bynum
Mr. Randall L. Bynum
Dr. Allison Dickens Byrd ’74
Ms. Gloria A. Byrd
Ms. Martha Smith Byrd ’87
Mr. Terence L. Byrd ’74
Dr. Dennis M. Byrne ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Byrne
Mrs. Lois Welsh Byrne
Ms. Marianna F. Byrne ’13
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Nancy B. Byrne
Mr. Robert M. and Mrs. Sally B. Byrne P’13
Mr. Troster J. Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. William V. Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Byrnes III
Dr. Mark S. Byrnes ’83
Dr. Timothy J. Byrnes ’05
Mr. Todd P. ’74 and Ms. Paula Askman ’77 Byrum
Mr. Stephen J. Byun ’94
C.H.S. Professional Practice P.C.
Mr. Alexander R. Caballero ’13
Ms. Susan Githens Cable ’91
Ms. Estebania M Cabrera ’08
Kristin Diane Cabrera
Ms. Mary K. Cabrera
Ms. Rosalba Cabrera P’12
Ms. Carolyn D. Cabrey ’12
Mr. Thomas J. and Mrs. Denise P. Cabrey P’12
Mr. Anthony S. ’05 and Ms. Maria Elefterakis ’05 Cacace
Ms. Loretta A. Cacace ’10
Mr. Kenneth C. Cacciatore ’95
Mr. Stewart Cades
Ms. Tanina D. Cadwell ’17
Mr. Joseph B. Cady Jr. ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Caesar III ’58
Ms. Winifred M. Caetta
Mr. Thomas E. Caffrey ’74
Mr. Francis and Ms. Anita A. Cafone
Mr. Laurence M. Cafritz ’85
Ms. Stacey B. Cagenello ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Greg J. Caggainello P’13
Ms. Kelly M. Caggainello ’13
Ms. Coleen M. Cahill ’85
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Cahuas Jr. ’86
Mr. Salvatore J. Caiazzo ’03
Mr. Nicholas S. Caiella ’04
Ms. Imogen K. Cain ’12
Mr. John W. Cain ’18
Ms. Karen Chandler Cain ’93
Mr. Timothy M. and Mrs. Alison J. Cain P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Caine ’78
Mr. Javauhn E. Caines ’12
Mr. Michael B. Cairnes ’81
Mitchell D. Cairns ’20
Ms. Karen Burger Cairone ’96
Mr. Carl J. Caivano and Ms. Nancy B. Campbell P’12
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Patricia Calabritto
Mr. Leo and Ms. Marie L. Calandra
Mr. Raymond Calandra ’75
Mr. Santo and Ms. Victoria L. Calantoni
Ms. Kristine Calcagno P’22
Ms. Michi C. Calcagno ’87
Mr. Arthur Caldarola ’79
Dr. Michele E. Calderoni ’85
Mr. Adam S. Caldwell ’88
Mrs. Elizabeth Roman Caldwell ’09
Dr. Gregory T. Caldwell ’90
Mr. Jamison A. ’07 and Dr. Mary Rollyson ’08 Caldwell
Mrs. June Caldwell*
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Margaret Caldwell
Mr. Maurice D. Caldwell ’89
Mr. Robert H. Caldwell ’50*
Ms. Christine T. Calella ’16
Dr. Anthony P. Caleshu ’92
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Kathy A. Calfa
Ms. Stacey Shelly Calhoon ’91
Ms. Cynthia Katherine Calhoun
Ms. Elizabeth Frey Calhoun ’85
Dr. Joseph E. Calhoun ’83
Mr. Matthew S. ’99 and Mrs. Kathy B. Calhoun
Mr. Michael and Ms. Stair Z. Calhoun
Mr. Nicholas A. Cali ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Caliento P’15
Mr. Robert J. Caliento ’15
Ms. Suzanne Caligiuri
Mr. Frank M. Calizzi ’64
Mr. Anthony R. Caljean ’10
Mr. Jesse R. Calkins ’10
Ms. Colleen Call
Ms. Brooke A. Callaghan ’11
Mr. Gerard A. Callaghan P’11
Mr. Robert P. Callaghan Jr. ’66
Ms. Cristina Callagy ’09
Ms. Brooke L. Callahan ’16
Dr. James P. ’08 and Mrs. Alison Boyd ’08 Callahan
Ms. Janece R. Callahan
Ms. Kelly A. Callahan ’13
Mr. Kevin J. ’77 and Mrs. Patricia H. Callahan
Mr. Kevin C. and Dr. Kim D. Callahan P’19
Mr. Kevin Charles Callahan Jr. ’19
Mr. Kevin J. Callahan Jr.
Ms. Morgan E. Callahan ’11
Mr. Patrick K. ’92 and Ms. Lisa Puente ’91 Callahan
Mr. Sean P. ’99 and Ms. Jody Walsh ’99 Callahan
Mr. Thomas P. and Mrs. Renee B. Callahan P’13
Ms. Amy E. Callan ’08
Dr. Anthony J. Callan
Mr. Jeffrey M. Callan ’88
Mr. Richard P. and Mrs. Holly Callanan P’16
Mr. Ryan E. Callanan ’16
Mr.* and Mrs. Paul R. Callaway ’62
Mr. Sean D. Callihan ’92
Ms. Michele George Callum ’92
Mr. Axel F. Calmet ’14
Mr. Anthony L. and Mrs. Joy E. Calogero P’18
Ms. Gina Calogero
Ms. Kaitlyn E Calogero ’18
Ms. Alyssa J. Calomeni ’11
Mr. Luke D. Calvano ’12
Cambia Health Foundation
Mr. Jeffrey D. ’12 and Mrs. Rachel Hamilton ’14 Cameron
Mr. John S. and Mrs. Naomi L. Cameron P’12
Ms. Judith Cameron
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Kim Cameron
Mr. William E. Cameron Jr. ’60
Mr. Lynden C. Camin ’63
Mr. Christopher G. Camisa ’93
Mr. Mauro and Mrs. Angel Cammarano
Mr. Joseph A. and Mrs. Constance M. Cammarano
Ms. Alexandra M. Campanaro ’15
Ms. June Campanaro
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Campanaro P’15
Mr. Ryan J. Campanelli ’04
Ms. Francesca M. Campanile ’11
Mr. A. James ’93 and Mrs. Kristine D. ’93 Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Allan B. Campbell ’68
Mrs. Allison McGann Campbell ’05
Mr. Bruce A. Campbell ’84
Mr. C. Mark Campbell
Mr. Charles W. and Mrs. Carol Campbell P’15
Mr. Douglas M. Campbell ’86
Mr. Frank Campbell Jr. ’74
Frank A.S. Campbell Esq. ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Campbell
Mrs. Judith A. Campbell
Ms. Julia A. Campbell ’15
Kenneth Val Campbell ’20
Mr. Kenneth J. and Mrs. Gwen C. Campbell P’20
Ms. Margaret A. Campbell
Ms. Nancy Mueller Campbell ’87
Ms. Patricia Campbell ’90
Dr. Stacy McIlraith Campbell ’93
Ms. Susan G. Campbell
Mrs. Terri Dadio Campbell ’92
Mr. Thomas J. Campbell Jr. ’76
Mr.* and Mrs. W. Douglas Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Campbell
Mr. William E. Campbell ’59
Campbell Soup Company
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Suzanne Campese
Ms. Ellen Campion
Mr. Sean Campion
Dr. John V. Campo ’78
Mr. Jesse S. Campoamor ’07
Mr. Peter A. and Mrs. Monica V. CampoBasso P’12
Mrs. Maria DiChiara Campolattaro ’90
Mr. Eamon T. Campolettano ’15
Mr. Thomas Campolettano P’15
Campus Pizza House
Matthew Paul Canariato
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Linda Canariato P’11
Mr. Devin R. Canavan ’09
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Fredrica H. Canavan
Mr. Kevin J. Canavan ’76 and Ms. Beatrice O’Donnell
Mr. Colin M. Caneff ’15
Mr. Dennis M. Caneff P’15
Mr. Brian Lilburn Canfield ’73
Mr. Jeffrey R. Canfield ’09
Mr. Joseph H. Canfield ’16
Ms. Linda M. Cangialosi ’88
Mr. Thomas G. Cangialosi ’17
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jill E. Cannan
Mr. Marc E. Canner ’93
Mr. James J. Cannizzaro P’12
Ms. Shannon D. Cannizzaro ’12
Mr. Erik M. Cannon ’14
Mr. Erik J. Cannon ’17
Mr. Eugene M. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Cannon P’14
Mr. Kevin T. and Mrs. Lois C. Cannon P’17
Mr. Robert E. ’80 and Mrs. Marilou Wittek ’81 Cannon
Mr. Thomas E. Cannon ’79
Ms. Sue Cannone
Dr. Anne Meduri Cannuli ’84
Ms. Maria Cano Garcia ’16
Mr. Jeffrey S. Cantafio ’99
Mr. John A. Cantafio ’53*
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Laura Cantatore
Mr. David B. Canter ’07
Mr. Jon D. Canter ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Canter
Mr. Michael E. Canterino ’07
Ms. Joan H. Cantley
Dr. and Mrs. Ira L. Cantner II ’68 P’97
Dr. Matthew S. Cantner ’97 and Mrs. Shaleighne Mary Cantner
Dr. and Mrs. Victor A. Canto P’07
Ms. Veronica M. Canto-Ponce ’07
Mr. Brian R. Cantor ’15
Mr. Jeffrey N. and Mrs. Suzanne P. Cantor P’17
Ms. Julie H. Cantor ’17
Mr. Richard J. and Mrs. Barbara E. Cantor P’15
Ms. Deborah G. Cantow ’84
Mr. Devon Cantrel ’17
Ms. Alexandra Mary Cantwell ’19
Mr. Andrew J. Cantwell ’09
Ms. Theresa O’Connell Cantwell ’90
Ms. Erica M. Canzler ’04
Ms. Caitlyn J. Cap ’17
Mr. David M. and Mrs. Jeanmarie Cap P’17
Dr. Jean-Pierre and and Dr. Biruta Cap
Isabella D. Capachietti ’20
Mr. Zachary R. Capetola ’04
Capital Blue Cross
Ms. Samara Newman Caplan ’05
Mrs. G. Marteena Caple ’00
Ms. Jennifer Lashen Caplin ’86
Mr. Dominic A. and Mrs. Dahlia M. Capolongo P’20
Zachery Christian Capolongo ’20
Mr. Michael E. and Mrs. Judith Capotorto P’11
Mr. Thomas J. Capotorto ’11
Cynthia Lynn Capotosto ’21
Ms. Laura J. Capotosto ’05
Ms. Helen Capparell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Capperella ’64
Mrs. Marie Baltz Cappeillo ’84
Ms. Ariadne Alatzas Capsis ’90
Mr. Dino Capuano ’93
Mr. J. Gary Caputi ’75
Ms. Christine M. Caputo ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Caputo
Mr. Steven V. and Mrs. Patricia L. Caputo P’17
Mr. Gino Cara ’86
Ms. Emily V. Caracandas ’10
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Caracandas
Mr. Angelo and Mrs. Alexandra M. Carapezza
Mr. Robert M. ’89 and Ms. Karen Kingfield ’91 Carapezzi
Janis F Caravello
Mr. Daniel J. Caravetta ’69
Ms. Francine Freedman Carb ’80
Mr. Terry L. Carbaugh ’82 and Ms. Debra A. Carpenter ’84
Mr. Charles Carberry
Olivia Elsie Carbone
Ms. Camela Carboni
Mr. Nicholas J. Carboni ’13
Mr. Victor and Mrs. Karen J. Carboni P’13
Ms. Kristine Melchinger Carbonneau ’84
Mr. Kevin S. Cardaci ’80
Dr. Wendi A. Cardeiro ’87
Mr. Peter A. ’87 and Ms. Daniele Wolfson ’87 Cardelia
Mr. Marc J. ’06 and Dr. Colleen W. ’06 Cardella
Ms. Natalie Cardenas ’17
Mr. Brian M. Cardew ’73
Mr. Kevin P. Cardinal ’91
Ms. Laure Anderson Cardinale ’84
Dr. Guy A. Cardineau ’72
Career Connections Inc.
Mr. Chris J. and Mrs. Dawn M. Carey P’19
Mrs. J. Raymond Carey W’57
Dr. James F. Carey ’59
Mrs. Janice Carey
Mr. and Mrs. John Carey
Mr. Kristopher D. Carey ’04
Mr. Liam T. Carey ’11
Ms. Margaret M. Carey
Ms. Maureen A. Carey ’14
Mr. Michael Carey
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Carey P’11
Mr. Paul L. Carey ’82
Mr. Richard B. Carey ’49*
Dr. Stephen D. and Mrs. Erica C. Carey P’11
Mrs. Margaret A. Carfora ’06
Dr. Abba L. and Mrs. Karen Cargan P’14
Mrs. Marianne Cargill-DiMauro ’85
Mr. James M. Carifa ’01
Dr. Vincent G. Carifi ’67 P’95’02
Mr. Albert F. Carilli ’81
Ms. Jillian E. Carinci ’08
Karla Carino ’21
Ms. Janice Carlen
Mr. Christopher and Ms. Mitzi W. Carletti
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Donald Carley
Ms. Maxine I. Carley
Ms. Andrea L. Carlin P’21
Dr. Allen and Mrs. Anne Carlins P’11
Mr. Andrew S. Carlins ’11
Marion L. Carlisle
Mrs. Meridith Guro Carlisle ’17
Ms. Cynthia Carll
Mr. and Mrs. R. Byron Carlock, Jr. P’17
Mr. and Mrs. John M Carlon
Mr. Andrew A. Carlson ’13
Asher Wyatt Carlson ’21
Mr. Bernard B. Carlson ’65
Mr. David S. ’86 and Mrs. Laura Benedict ’87 Carlson
Ms. Elizabeth Anderson Carlson ’89
Ms. Jennifer McCabe Carlson ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Carlson ’49
Mr. Peter H.H. Carlson ’02
Dr. Raymond J. Carlson ’77
Ms. Stephanie Barnes Carlson ’86
Mr. Steven A. and Mrs. Cynthia U. Carlson P’13
Mr. Wayne R. Carlson and Ms. Ellen S. Hoenig-Carlson P’21
Ms. Lorene Y. Carlston ’06*
Mr.* and Mrs. Bernard R. Carman
Mr. Ryan B. Carmichael ’95
Ms. Jacqueline M. Carmona ’13
Ms. Allison Kaye Carneal ’92
Ms. Alisandra B. Carnevale ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Carney
Mr. Matthew J. ’01 and Mrs. Natasha D. ’01 Carney
Ms. Sheila E. Carnicelli ’89
Ms. Daryn E. Carp ’10
Mr. Michael L. Carp and Mrs. Susan Raila
Mr. David S. and Mrs. Theresa A. Carpency P’16
Ms. Kelly R. Carpency ’16
Julianna Marena Carpenetti ’21
Dr. Stefano and Dr. Alison Carpenetti P’21
Mrs. Sharon Bogan Carpenito ’99
Mr. Alan E. and Mrs. Diane R. Carpenter P’17
Ms. Christine C. Carpenter ’17
Mr. Drake R. Carpenter ’78
Mr. Evan B. ’94 and Ms. Jolie Richelson ’95 Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Carpenter
Mr. John H. Carpenter ’51
LCDR M. James Carpenter Jr. ’66
Mr. Matthew W. Carpenter ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Noble Carpenter
Dr. Shelby E. Carpenter ’96
Mr. William T. Carpenter and Ms. Elisabeth A. Counselman-Carpenter P’17
Ms. Virginia Stroup Carper ’00
Mr. Glen and Mrs. Janine Carpinello
Mr. Matthew P. Carpinello ’12
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Lisa Carpinello P’12
Mr. Alvin J. Carr ’48*
Mr. Roddy and Mrs. Patricia Carr
Ms. Rachel E. Carr ’99
Mr. Roderick J. and Mrs. Patricia Carr P’21
Sophia Grace Carr ’21
Ms. Virginia M. Carr
Alvin J. Carr ’48 Estate
Mr. George A. and Ms. Susan B. ’76 Carras
Dr. Marc A. and Ms. Linda Assante ’90 Carrasco
Mr. Daniel P. ’04 and and Ms. Virginia R. ’03 Carreno
Mr. David L. Carrick ’73
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Marnie Carrick
Mr. Garry and Mrs. Sheila A. Carrico
Dr. Allison F. Carrier ’04
Ms. Madeleine C. Carrier ’13
Mr. James V. Carrigan Jr. ’55*
Ms. Lisa D. Carril ’76
Mr. Peter J. Carril ’52 P’76
Mr. Benjamin T. Carroll ’17
Mr. Brendan D. Carroll ’18
Mr. Brendon W. Carroll ’16
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Jane Carroll
Mrs. Janice Fuchella Carroll ’82
Mr. John H. Carroll and Mrs. Susan Merrow
Mr. John E. Carroll
Mr. Charles and Ms. Mary R. Carroll
Ms. Nora E. Carroll ’14
Mr. Peter F., Jr. ’84 and Ms. Sally Harris ’83 Carroll
Dr. and Mrs. Stanton F. Carroll ’67 P’96
Mr. Timothy D Carroll ’19
Mr. William J. Carroll III
Dr. J. Stanton Carson ’63
Mr. Joseph M. Carson ’03
Dr. Michael P. Carson ’88
Mr. Brian M. Carstens ’05
Rev. and Mrs. Eric H. Carswell
Mr. Ian B. Carswell
Mr. Dane and Mrs. Jessica O’Neil Carswell
Dr. Patricia Ann Carta ’76*
Dr. Ann R. Carter
Mr. Brandon T. Carter ’07
Ms. Emily E. Carter ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Carter
Ms. Frances B. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Carter P’09
Ms. Mary Ellen Carter
Mr. Mason N. Carter III ’11
Ms. Megan E. Carter ’09
Mr. Richard E. Carter ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Carter
Mr. Robert B. Carter II P’12
Mrs. Susan E. Carter P’18
Mr. William P. Carter ’02
Mr. Geoffrey K. Cartier ’98
Mr. Barry R. and Mrs. Stacy A. Carus P’16
Mr. Brian J. Carus ’16
Mrs. Amy Levinson Caruso ’05
Ms. Kristen L. Caruso ’02
Mr. Michael J. Caruso
Paul Martin Caruso Jr. ’20
Mr. Paul M., Sr. and Mrs. Desiree Caruso P’20
Mr. Stephen T. Caruso ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Carver
Mr. Jeffrey L. Carver ’79
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Carver
Ms. Margaret M. Carver ’17
Mr. Mark E. and Mrs. Frances M. Carver P’17
Dr. W. Edmund Carver ’50
Ms. Joan Carvo
Mr.* and Mrs. David E. Cary ’57
Mrs. Devoe F. Casagrande W’56
Mr. Paul J. Casalaspi ’84
Capt. Emil C. Casciano ’82
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Melanie Casciano
Mr. Philip C. Casciotti ’74
Ms. Amanda C. Case ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund W. Case
Mr. Edwin J. Case ’59
Mr. Eric E. Case ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Case P’17
Ms. Stephanie Case
Mr. Maxwell S. Caserta ’13
Mrs. Adriana M. Casey ’99
Mr. Andrew C. ’11 and Ms. Carissa Jung ’11 Casey
Mr. Benjamin H. Casey ’08
Mrs. Beth N. Casey ’90
Mrs. Carrie Damico Casey ’00
Mr. Donald J. and Mrs. Rose Ann Casey P’13
Ms. Emeline Casey
Mr. G. R., Jr. and Mrs. Freda Casey
Mr. Thomas D. and Ms. Janine M. Casey
Mrs. Jeanne R. Casey
Mrs. Karen C. Casey ’86
Mr. Kevin D. Casey ’13
Ms. Rebecca Ryback Casey ’01
Mr. Sean P. Casey ’10
Mr. Thomas J. Casey ’76
Mrs. Vicki A. Casey
Mr. Warren Casey and Ms. Andra P. Racibarskas P’11
Mr. William R. Casey ’68
Mr. William F. Casey III ’85
Mr. John D. Casey Jr.
Mr. David Flavin and Mrs. Catherine E. Casey-Flavin
Ms. Catherine T. Cash ’13
Mrs. Jane Dewey Cash W’37*
Ms. Lauren E. Cash ’07
Ms. Jean E. Cashan ’80
Mr. George R. Cashau ’53*
Mrs. Aubrey Goward Cashion ’99
Dr. Laurie F. Caslake
Mr. Blaine M. Caslin ’13
Mr. Ryan S. Caso ’08
Lt. Cmdr. William T. Cason ’99
Mr. Laurence and Mrs. Charlene M. Cass
Ms. Colleen Ann Cass ’19
Ms. Susan Zimmermann Cass ’88
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cassebaum ’53 P’82
Dr. Gary H. Cassel ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Cassel ’61
Mr. Matthew A. Cassera ’14
Mr. Thomas Cassera P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Cassidy
Mr. John J. and Mrs. Adele Cassidy P’12
Ms. Megan K. Cassidy ’12
Mr. Brendan and Mrs. Robyn N. Cassidy
Mrs. Kaajia Bruck Cassin ’03
Mr. Alberto J. Cassola P’14
Ms. Alexis C. Cassola ’14
Dr. Marie-Jeanne L. Castadot
Mr. Peter Midulla and Mrs. Martine A. Castadot
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Kathleen H. Castagnetta P’13
Ms. Alexandria K. Castaldo ’14
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Dawn P. Castaldo P’13
Ms. Kristina L. Castaldo ’13
Elkin Alonso Castaneda Jr.
Mr. Elkin A. and Mrs. Maria C. Castaneda
Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Castelletti
Mr. David A. Castelletti ’05
Mr. Joseph N. Castelli ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Castelli
Mr. Michael V. Castelli ’14
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Carol Castelli P’14
Mr. Christopher J. Castello ’15
Mr. Michael P. Castello
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Castello
Mr. Anthony J. Castellucci ’16
Mr. Anthony Castellucci and Ms. April C. Beauchamp P’16
Mr. James L. Castelluccio ’09
Ms. Alexandra Rose Castiel ’19
Mr. Donald W. Castle Jr. and Ms. Robin Albing
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Castor ’51 P’83
Mr. Bruce L. Castor III ’14
Ms. Meredith A. Castor ’10
Mr. Frank P. Castrina III ’89
Mr. Anthony J. Castro ’12
Mr. John R. and Mrs. Nancy I. Castro P’12
Mrs. Krista Catalano-Pietrafeso ’03
Mrs. Tarin D. Cataldo ’98
Ms. Alane Cater
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cathcart ’67
Ms. Cindy Seyferth Catherwood
Catholic Community Foundation
Ms. Goldie Catino
Mr. John W. and Mrs. Eileen Catino P’13
Ms. Nicole M. Catino ’13
Mr. Robert L. ’82 and Mrs. Susan F. ’83 Catlett
Ms. Megan E. Catli ’08
Chelsea Leigh Catlin ’21
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Leigh Ann Catlin P’21
Mr. Ross A. Catlin ’87 and Mrs. Susie Catlin
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cattano
Mr. Corey A. Cattano ’09
Rev. Roland Catterall ’53*
Ms. Jann Bate Catto ’84
Ms. Joanne Boorujy Catudal ’80
Mr. Louis O. Caudill ’57
Mr. George Cauffman ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Cauffman
Ms. Megan A. Caufield ’03
Mr. Henry A. Cauley ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cauley
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Caulfield
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan R. Caulfield
Ms. Kathryn E. Caulfield
Mr. Michael J. ’05 and Dr. Meghan D. ’06 Caulfield
Ms. Carolyn Cautilli
Dr. George P. ’82 and Ms. Laurie Rhodes ’82 Cautilli
Ms. Kristen L. Cautilli ’10
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cautilli Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cautilli Sr.
Mrs. Christina F. Cavagnaro ’07
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Maureen Cavalluzzo
Mr. Colin J. Cavanagh ’16
Mr. Sean P. Cavanagh ’18
Ms. Lynne A. Cavanaugh ’96
Mr. William J. Cavanaugh ’54*
Ms. Marie A. Cavuto
Mrs. Kathryn Kay Cawley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Cawley
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Cawley
Claudia M. Cayo
Mr. Michael W. Cazzola ’09
Cedar Tree Foundation
Mr. Irvin L. Cedillo Cruz ’16
Ms. Katherine D. Cedillos ’17
Ms. Karen A. Cedzidlo ’85
Mr. Sean C. Cefalo
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Nancy L. Ceglia
Ms. Nicole C. Ceil ’11
Mr. Anthony and Ms. Betty A. Cek
Mr. Recep Celebi ’17
Mr. Michael A. Celentano ’09
Mr. Eric Cenami ’01
Dr. Judith Haase Cenci ’94
Mr. Lawrence M.A. Centanni ’01
Mr. Robert and Mrs Jaimie E. Centeno
Central Connecticut Endodontics, P.C.
Central PA. Lafayette Alumni Chapter
Mr. Robin S. Cepeda ’17
Mr. Michael L. Cerankowski ’11
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Patricia N. Cerankowski P’11
Chris Cerato
Mr. Ryan E. Cerbone ’17
Mr. Gavin and Mrs. Diane M. Cerco
Mr. Christopher E. Ceresini ’96
Mr. Joseph V. Cericola ’16
Ms. Marianne Cerino-Sigman
Mr. Frank B. Cermak ’65
Mr. J. Adam Cermak ’91
Mr. Ronald N. Cerny ’73
Mr. William Cerra
Mr. Richard D. Cerretani ’15
Ms. Darlene J. Cerullo ’11
Ms. Jeanette F. Cesanek
Mrs. Jodi A. Cesanek P’15
Ms. Lauren A. Cesanek ’15
Mr. Sam J. Cesario ’15
Mr. Michael J. Cesaro ’10
Dr. Dajana Cesic
Mr. Nicholas Ceto Jr. ’56
CHA Consulting Inc.
William Francis Chabala ’22
Ms. Karyn Chabora P’12
Mr. Blasco G. Chacon ’98
Rev. Albert A. Chaffee ’62
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Risa Chain P’18
Ms. Peri Chain ’18
Ms. Lisa Horn Chainey ’81
Ms. Carrie R. Chaitt ’03
Mrs. Christina Lamb Chakalova ’05
Dr. Joseph B. Chalal ’78
Mr. Brett A. Chalanick ’06
Mr. R. and Ms. Barbara Chalk
Mr. Wesley E. Chalker Jr. ’68
Ms. Kirtika Challa ’12
Challenger Overseas LLC
Ms. Samantha A. Chalmers ’11
Ms. Alexandra E. Chalons-Browne ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Roland W. Chalons-Browne
Mr. Joseph F. and Mrs. Barbara Chalupa P’12
Mr. Shane J. Chalupa ’12
Ms. Jennifer L. Chamberlain ’07
Ms. Ann W. Chamberlin
Mrs. Margot Chamberlin
Ms. Courtney E. Chambers ’84
Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Chambers
Ms. Hannah Nicole Chambers ’19
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Chambers
Ms. Susan A. Chambers
Mr. Christopher A. Chamides ’92
Ms. Tania Chamlian
Mr. Richard F. Chammings
Champ I, LLC.
Ms. Debra Waldele Champagne ’76
Ms. Lauren Marie Champagne ’19
Mr. Chak Man Chan ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Chanda ’89
Ms. Kimberly A. Chandlee
Mr. William and Mrs. Antonette B. Chandler
Ms. Caitlin J. Chandler ’06
Ms. Christy H. Chandler ’92
Mrs. Suzanne Owen Chandler ’93
Mr. John J., Jr. and Mrs. Cheryl D. Chando P’14
Mr. Justin J. Chando ’14
Mr. Ankit Chandra ’12
Ms. Soumya Chandramouli ’02
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Cathy Tsungtze Chang
Ms. Meranda C. Chang P’11
Annekka Landa Chao ’20
Mr. David S. and Mrs. Marianne L. Chao P’20
Mr. David C. Chapin ’76 and Mrs. Lauren I. Norton
Ms. Erin E. Chapin ’14
Mr. Mark W. Chapin ’59*
Mr. William and Mrs. Maryann M. Chapin
Mr. Samuel R. ’79 and Mrs. Beth Lanigan ’80 Chapin
Mr. John H. Chaplin and Ms. Jill U. Adams P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Benson J. Chapman P’03
Ms. Judith B. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Chapman
Mr. Robert W. Chapman ’74
Mr. Steven P. Chapman ’03
Mr. Jorge E Chapoy
Mr. James Chappel
Ms. Felice Fishman Char ’92
Mr. Benjamin J. Charach ’69
Mrs. Elizabeth Bruton Charapp ’93
Mr. Alexander O. Charchalis ’15
Mr. David and Mrs. Barbara F. Chardavoyne
Mrs. Ashton A. Charette ’10
Ms. Danielle S. Charette
Mr. Robert Charette
Ms. Maureen A. Charleroy ’01
Ms. Dafna M. Charles ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Charles
Mr. Jason A. Charles ’98
Charles Koch Foundation
Charleston Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry LLC
Ms. Jessica Wolfson Charmont ’97
Mr. James A. ’02 and Ms. Cristen Place ’02 Charnley
Charter Oak Country Club
Ms. Darby A. Charvat ’83
Ms. Ashley A. Chase ’15
Mr. Bart A. and Mrs. Ann Chase P’15
Fr. Edwin T. Chase IV ’69
Mr. Charles and Ms. Lisa Chase
Dr. Robert S. Chase*
Dr. Michael Chasin ’63
Ms. Olivia A Chasse ’19
Mr. Scott M. and Mrs. Robin S. Chasse P’19
Mr. John T. Chatcho
Mr. Alexander W. Chatfield ’07
Chatham Parking Systems Inc.
Chatham Pediatrics
Ms. Ambyr Craw Chatzopoulos ’02
Mr. Gary W. Chavers ’77
Dr. Kenneth D. ’83 and Mrs. Nadine K. Chavin
Ms. Samantha M. Chavin ’16
Dr. Douglass A. Chavis and Dr. Paula Ellman P’14
Ms. Jennie S. Chavis ’14
Mr. Santbir S. Chawla ’17
Ms. Megan M. Chawner ’08
Mr. Jesse A. Chazen ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Chazen P’15
Ms. Susan Checkman
Ms. Madeline Cheers
Ms. Ericka S. Chehi ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Chehi P’12
Mr. Gregory H. and Mrs. Stacey B. Chelak P’19
Mr. William Chelak Jr. ’86
Mr. Joseph J. Chelland ’57
Ai-Ju Chen and Chun-Chun Chen
Ms. Christina J. Chen ’11
Ms. Daisy Chen ’12
Dr. Francis Hap-Kwong Chen ’71
Mr. Fu Sheng Chen P’22
Ms. Hsuan-Yu Chen ’18
Ju Sheng Chen
Ms. Lori J. Chen ’99
Ms. Margaret Chen P’18
Ms. Mayna Chen ’18
Mr. Renzhong Chen ’93
Ms. Sharon Chen ’15
Ms. Szu-Ying Chen ’13
Ms. Xuan Chen ’13
Mr. Yiming Chen ’15
Ms. Zhihui Chen ’18
Ms. Ziqi Chen ’18
Mr. David A. Cheney ’98
Mrs. Helle-May E. Cheney ’86
Mr. Richard B. Cheney Jr. ’74
Ms. Sze Cheng ’17
Xuhong Cheng
Mr. Ross D. Chenoweth
Mr. Ryan Joseph Chenoweth ’19
Mr. Dean and Mrs. Susan R. Chenski
Ms. Lauren A. Chepauskas ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Cherico
Ms. Meaghan L. Cherico ’09
Harry S. Cherken Jr., Esq. ’71
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Phyllis A. Chernalis
Ms. Katherine A. Cherney ’15
Mr. Adam D. Chernicoff ’14
Mr. Robert E. and Mrs. Debra L. Chernicoff P’14
Mr. Robert M. Chernow ’80 and Ms. Patricia L. Sly ’82
Mr. Jack H. Chernus ’76 and Ms. Jennifer Karpas
Mr. Adrian N. Chernyk ’12
Mr. Zenon Chernyk and Dr. Areta D. Podhorodecki P’12
Mr. Andrew B. Cherrington ’61
Mr. and Mrs.* C. Douglas Cherry ’58
Mr. Gregory E. and Mrs. Catherine E. Cherry P’17
Ms. Jacqueline Cherry
Ms. Leigh Grygotis Cherry ’91
Ms. Lindsey C. Cherry ’17
Myles Stuart Cherry ’20
Mr. Warren I. Cherry ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Chervenak
Mr. Charles E., Jr. ’87 and Mrs. Julia Hull ’87 Chesebrough
Ms. Caroline C. Chester ’12
Mr. Jonathan S. and Mrs. Judy A. Chester P’12
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Maryanne F. Chestnut
Mr. Donald H. Chew ’73 and Ms. Susan Emerson
Mr. Robert L. Chew ’58
Mr. William S. Cheyney ’09
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Angela Chianese
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Chiaravalle
Mr. Luke M. Chiarolanzio ’15
Mrs. Susan C. Chiarolanzio ’88
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Chiavetta
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Elen S. Chicarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chicarelli
Mr. James M. and Mrs. Evelyne F. Chickering P’16
Ms. Kelly D. Chickering ’16
Mr. Brian A. Chickey
Ms. Lorrie Devlin Chieffo ’96
Ms. Larisa K. Chiesa ’17
Mr. Munyaradzi M. Chifetete ’17
Mr. Stephen J. Chiger ’01
Mr. Constantine J. ’92 and Mrs. Erica Braz ’92 Chigounis
Mr. Douglas B. Child ’79
Mrs. Evelyn Bechtolf Child W’35*
Dr. and Mrs. Alan W. Childs P’00’04
Mr. Jeffrey D. Childs ’04 and Ms. Elizabeth A. Taylor ’06
Mr. Nicholas K. and Mrs. Denene M. Chiles P’15
Mr. Raphael E. Chillious ’96
Mr. Brian W. Chin ’14
Ms. Zing Tha Chin ’18
Mr. Maytee Chinavanichkit ’12
Ms. Cristal J. Chinn ’99
Mr. Frank L. Chipman ’50*
Ms. Diane Chiquette
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Chiquette
Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Chisesi
Ms. Kristin R. Chisesi ’99
Mr. and Mrs. William Chisholm
Mr. and Mrs. Susan E. Chism P’13
Mr. Jeffrey D. ’05 and Mrs. Veronica E.H. ’05 Chittim
Ms. Ting Y. Chiu ’11
Ms. Anna E. Chiumento ’14
Mr. Joseph T. and Mrs. Cathy Chiumento P’14
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Chiusano P’04
Ms. Mary Chlopecki ’87
Mr. Alan P. Chmelewski ’73
Mr. Richard D.W. Chmielewski ’95
Ms. Henna K. Cho ’14
Dr. Il Hyun Cho and Dr. Seo-Hyun Park
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Choate III ’70
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Amanda B. Chodor
Mr. Julian B. Choi ’95
Ms. Charlotte R. Choinski ’18
Mr. Martin T. Chojnacki ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cholak
Mr. Joseph P. Chollak ’15
Dr. William L. and Dr. Lynda D. Dolson Chollak P’15
Ms. Jodi M. Chomicky ’95
Mr. Louis J. Chomo ’59*
Mrs. Patricia M. Chomo W’59
Ms. Jaclyn A. Chomsky ’05
Mrs. Cameron Hodgkins Choniski ’07
Mr. John J. Chopack Jr. ’97
Mr. Daniel J. Choroser ’13
Mr. David M. and Mrs. Beth A. Choroser P’13
Ms. Narin Chou P’18
Mr. Neelabh K. Choudhary ’16
Mrs. Manjari Chovatia
Mr. Shafayat Chowdhury ’09
Mr. Benjamin Chrin ’78
Chrin Brothers, Inc.
Dr. Allan K. Chrisman ’67
Mr. Lee H. Chrisman ’07
Mr. Conner A. Christensen ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Christensen
Mrs. Jennifer Cotennec Christensen ’11
Mr. Dennis and Ms. Judith K. Christensen
Mr. Andrew K. Christian ’97
Mr. F. Philip Christian III ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Christian P’09
Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation
Ms. Kathleen Christiansen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Christianson
Ms. Bethany E. Christie ’14
Ms. Nicole F. Christie ’14
Mr. Timothy S. and Mrs. Donna M. Christie P’14
Mr. E. David Christine Jr. ’79
Mr. Robert P. Christman ’50
Ms. Shelly L. Christman ’07
Christmas City Veterinary Hospital, LLC
Ms. Anna L. Christo ’10
Mr. Charles Christophe P’22
Christopher M Sigda DBA CMS Construction
Ms. Sarah R. Christy ’10
Mr. Timothy W. Christy ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chromey
Mr. Tyler J. Chromey ’10
Mr. Michael S. Chroscinski ’91
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Claire Chrysanthopoulos P’23
Yuehru Chu
Mr. Donald B. Chubb ’50*
Mr. Faris A. Chugthai ’15
Mr. Andrew Todd Chuma ’19
Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Chuma, Jr. P’19
Mr. Ross J. Chumsky ’16
Mr. Andrew B. Chun ’12
Mr. Michael D. Chun ’63
Ms. Elenie L. Chung ’12
Mr. Eugene Chung ’15
Ms. Jennifer Chung
Mr. Ronald A. and Mrs. Ping Fong Chung P’12
Mr. and Mrs. A. Clarke Church P’85
Dr. Austin T. Church ’70
Mr. Douglas A. ’71 and Mrs. Barbara Church
Mr. John C. Church ’64
Mr. David D. Churchill and Ms. Sharon M. Cassidy
Mr. Dwight Churchill
Dr. Frederick Churchill II ’62*
Mr. John L. and Mrs. Kathleen M. Churchill
Ms. Mary C. Churchill ’10
Mr. Peter Churchill
Ms. Betty B. Churchman
Mr. John J. Churla ’76
Mr. Daniel W. and Mrs. Kathleen M. Chute P’12
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Chwalek
Mr. Douglas J. Ciabotti ’81
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Georgia P. Cianci
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cianfrocca
Dr. John C. Ciardelli Jr. ’50*
Mr. Robert J., Jr. and Mrs. Melissa D. Ciatto P’22
Ms. Meghan L. Cicchi ’11
Mr. Michael A. Cicchi P’11
Ms. Alaina Marie Ciccone ’19
Mr. Christopher J. Cichella
Mr. Jason Cichowicz
Ms. Julia A Ciciarelli ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ciemniecki ’75
Ms. Jill B. Cigich
Mr. John T. Cigno ’14
Ms. Elizabeth Ciliento
Ms. Karissa L. Ciliento ’14
Mr. James and Mrs. Marion Ciliento
Mr. A. Kevin Cimei ’84
Mr. Ryan C. Cimo ’98 and Mrs. Brenda Cimo
Mr. Dominic D. Cimorelli ’08
Ms. Erin D. Cincotta ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Cincotta P’17
Mr. Michael S. Cinefra ’07
Dr. Philip J. ’82 and Mrs. Jeannette Glock ’84 Cinelli
Mr. John C. Cini
Ms. Katherine E. Cinnamond ’05
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Diane E. Cinque
Mr. Anthony D. Cinquini and Mrs. Jane E. LaForce-Cinquini P’22
Mr. Edmundo E. Cintra
Mr. Gary and Ms. Susan B. Cipa
Mr. David E. Cipoletti ’06
Dr. Debra A. Cipriani ’80
Mr. Louis P. Cipriani ’57
Mr. Wayne B. Cirpriani ’60
Ms. Lori Brown Ciprich ’96
Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Barbara Birde Cirella
Ms. Jacqueline A. Cirincione ’16
Mr. John L. and Mrs. Jodi L. Cirincione P’16
Ms. Kristen Marie Cirincione ’19
Mrs. Carmella Cirone
Ms. Alice Cisek
Mr. Stephen and Ms. Maureen A. Cisek
John Thomas Cisneros ’22
Ms. Rebecca A. Citrin ’14
Mr. Richard P. and Mrs. Lori Citrin P’14
Mr. Andrew J. Citron ’11
Ms. Nancy Pokotilow Citti ’78
Mr. Brian J. Ciuffreda ’94
Ms. Kathleen L. Ciufo ’85
Ms. Jenny R. Ciulla
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Theresa Civitano
Dr. and Mrs. Marc A. Clachko ’67 P’93’98
Mr. Joseph L. Clair ’97
Mr. Elliott Clakeley
Mr. Eric M. and Mrs. Nicole Dadey Clakeley
Ms. Gail Clakeley
Mr. Peter Clakeley
Dr. Jeffrey M. ’94 and Dr. Christine Terrigno ’95 Clancey
Mr. Paul M. Clancy ’85
Mr. Francis S. Claps Jr. ’67
Ms. April K. Clare ’85
Ms. Alicia M. Clark ’11
Mr. Banks T. Clark ’10
Mrs. Betty Emley Clark W’51*
Mr. Brian J. Clark ’04 and Mrs. Katie B. Clark
Ms. Carolyn Clark ’17
Mr. Clarence H. Clark VI ’09
Mr. Darryl W. Clark ’82
Mr. David T. Clark ’68
Ms. Deirdre J. Clark ’80*
Mr. Douglas J. Clark ’82
Ms. Emily D. Clark ’12
Mr. Emory W. Clark
Mr. Gordon B. Clark ’51
Dr. Howard Evans Clark ’62
Mr. Jesse K., III and Mrs. Susan Clark P’11
Mr. Keith C. Clark ’73
Mr. Keith P. Clark ’85
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Michelle Clark P’12
Ms. Marian Peifer Clark ’84
Mrs. Marilyn R. Clark
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Mary Beth Clark
Mr. Matthew G. Clark ’79
Mr. Nelson E. ’82 and Ms. Lisa Hollander ’84 Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark Jr. ’50
Mr. Roger B. Clark ’68
Ms. Samantha M. Clark ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Clark ’79
Dr. Thomas W. ’81 and Ms. Sarah Hogan ’81 Clark
Clark Construction Group LLC
Mr. William and Mrs. Betsy B. Clarke
Mr. Clinton A. and Mrs. Denese P. Clarke P’11
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Elizabeth W. Clarke
Mr. Francis Allan Clarke ’70
Mr. Francis Paul Clarke Jr. ’19
Mr. Francis P., Sr. and Mrs. Valerie J. Clarke P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Clarke P’08’12
Mr. Kareem A. Clarke ’11
Ms. Lauren E. Clarke ’08
Ms. Linden S. Clarke ’18
Mr. Martin M. ’87 and Ms. Jane Stewart ’89 Clarke
Ms. Molly G. Clarke ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Clarke P’18
Mr. Ryon H. Clarke ’04
Class of 1939
Mr. Peter K. Classen ’74
Mr. Sherwood F. Clause ’56
Mr. and Mrs. H. Peter Claussen Jr. ’62
Mr.* and Mrs. J. Frank Claussen ’39
Mr. Robert F. Claussen ’68
Mr. Robert S. Clawson ’95
Col. Patricia Clay
Mr. Reginald N. Clay ’04
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Clayman
Brian Thomas Clayton ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Clayton
Mr. Jonathan Alan Clayton ’59*
Dr. Kathleen L. Clayton ’79 and Dr. David A. Veshosky
Mr. Kyle M. ’10 and Mrs. Kelly Clyde ’11 Clayton
Mr. Matthew A. Clayton ’80
Ms. Susan Beth Clayton ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Clayton
Ms. Elizabeth M. Clearfield ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Clearfield
Mr. Craig E. Clearwater ’90
Mr. Scott M. Cleary and Ms. Julie Hensler
Mr. Zachary M. Cleary ’10
Mr. John W. Cleaver Jr. ’50*
Mr. James and Ms. Nancy M. Clee
Mr. Osvaldo Cleger
Mr. Thomas W. Clegg III ’85 and Dr. Deborah L. Heyl-Clegg ’86
Mr. Douglas and Ms. Elizabeth Dougherty Clemens
Ms. Cordelia E. Clement
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Clement Jr. ’69
Ms. Valarie Clemente-Crain
Mr. Marquis D. Clements ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clements Jr. ’68
Mr. Jesse P. Clemmens ’09
Dr. Charles Paul Clericuzio ’67
Mrs. Amy Emerick Clerkin ’03
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Alexandra B. Clifford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Clifford ’84
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Clift III
Ms. Devon E. Clifton ’16
Mr. Jeremy W. Cline ’07
Mr. John B. Cline II ’53*
Mr. Michael A. Cline ’79
Ms. Maribeth Clissa ’84
Mr. Alan P. Cloak ’92
Ms. Meghan E. Cloonan ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Cloonan
Adam R. Close ’20
Dr. Daryl L. Close ’69
Ms. Emily G. Close ’16
Ms. Jordan A. Close ’14
Mr. Kevin M. and Ms. Robin M. Close P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Close
Mr. Matthew C. Close ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Close III P’20
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Close Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth C. Cloud
Mr. Kenneth G. Cloud IV ’18
Mr. Kenneth G. Cloud III and Dr. Adrienne L. Maraist P’18
Dr. Roger B. Clough ’63
Clough Harbour & Associates, LLP
Ms. Lisa Melone Cloughen ’82
Mr. Robert Charles Cloughen III ’19
Rev. Samuel T. Clover II ’91
Cloverfields Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Clow P’14
Ms. Eleanor S. Clowe ’12
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Isabel Banton Clowe P’12
Ms. Debbie Clower
Mr. Peter R. Clute ’71
Mr. and Mrs. James Clyde
Mr. Jeffrey D. and Mrs. Leslie Clyde P’11
Ms. Maureen E. Clyde
Mr. and Mrs. Clairmont W. Clymer
CMX Community Foundation
Ms. Susan Coady
Mr. Peter J. Coate ’10
Mr. Christopher A. and Mrs. Barbara B. Coates P’21
Mr. James N. Coates ’65
Mr. Michael B. Coates Jr. ’17
Mr. Michael B. and Mrs. Janine Coates P’18
LT. Col. (Ret) Cynthia Garbee Coats ’80
Dr. Thomas D. Coats ’84
Mr. William R. Coats ’82
Mr. Chance W. Cobb ’07
Dr. Jennifer Stroka Cobb ’03
Mr. Matthew D. Coble ’01
Mr. George R. and Mrs. Lisa M. Cobleigh P’19
Mr. Jacob Alexander Cobleigh ’19
Mr. Jack W. Cobourn ’18
Ms. Corinne H. Coburn ’14
Mr. Jacob A Coburn ’19
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Judith Coburn
Mr. Peter E. and Mrs. Susan Debes Coburn
Ms. Lynn M. Cocchiola ’10
Mr. Brandon M. Cochenour ’03
Mr. Peter A. Cocheo ’91
Mr. James R. Cochran ’18
Mr. James and Ms. Linda L. Cochran
Mr. Stephen R. and Mrs. Katherine K. Cochran P’18
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Cochrane P’16
Ms. Elena E. Cochrane ’16
Mrs. Elizabeth Boldry Cochrane ’83
Mr. George W. Cochrane ’52
Dr. Mark D. Cocker ’71
Ms. Jo Ellen Cockley ’87
Emily Christine Codispoti ’20
Mr. Lawrence A. and Mrs. Mary F. Codispoti P’20
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Rita Codos P’11
Ms. Stephanie L. Codos ’11
Ms. Rita L. Cody
Mr. John W. Coe ’49*
Mrs. Lisa Verrilli Coe ’89
Mrs. Marcia S. Coe W’49
Dr. Gary H. Coelho ’63
Mr. Paulo ’03 and Mrs. Alyssa A. ’03 Coelho
Mr. Christopher J. Coen ’89
Ms. Hillary Fowler Coffee ’94
Mr. Kevin R. and Mrs. Sarah S. Coffer P’21
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Ray Coffer
Ms. Alissa A. Coffey ’12
Ms. Bridget Catherine Coffey ’19
Mr. James M. Coffey ’75
Mr. James F. and Mrs. Christina C. Coffey P’19
Mr. Joseph J., III ’87 and Ms. Kathryn Cesare ’87 Coffey
Mr. Thomas S. Coffey
Ms. Carolyn Fast Coffin ’82
Mr. Donald M. Coffin ’49*
Ms. Melanie R. Coffin ’15
Mr. Daryl W. Coffman and Ms. Janice O’Lear P’17
Mr. Theodore M. Coffman ’17
Mr. Hudson and Ms. Melissa W. Cofield
Mr. Alan W. Cognigni ’82
Ms. Pamela Elmer Cogswell
Mr. Alec S. Cohen ’18
Dr. Allan B. Cohen ’63
Ms. Amy B. Cohen ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Cohen
Mrs. Ashley L. Cohen ’07
Mr. J. and Ms. Audrey Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Barry R. Cohen
Ms. Carol Dean Cohen ’76
Ms. Caroline A. Cohen ’13
Courtney Samantha Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Cohen ’65
Mr. Douglas M. Cohen
Ms. Emma J. Cohen ’18
Mr. Evan M. Cohen ’08
Mr. Stanley and Ms. Frances Cohen
Dr. Gary S. and Mrs. Arlene K. Cohen P’18
Dr. Gerald D. and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Cohen P’22
Mr. Harold G. Cohen ’68
Mr. Harvey Cohen ’40*
Mr. Howard D. Cohen ’80 and Ms. Karen M. Sztencel ’80
Mr. James Cohen
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Janice Cohen
Mr. Jeriah D. Cohen Jr. ’07
Ms. Jessica G. Cohen ’06
Mr. Joshua M. Cohen
Mr. Joshua W. Cohen ’18
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Lori G. Cohen
Ms. Louise G. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall J. Cohen
Mr. Martin F. Cohen ’56*
Dr. Martin A. Cohen ’75
Martin D. Cohen, Esq.
Dr. Mathew Cohen ’58
Mr. Michael H. Cohen ’70
Mr. Phil Cohen
Ms. Rhonda Grobman Cohen ’98
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Cohen
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Ronna S. Cohen
Mr. Fred and Ms. Ruth P. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Cohen
Mr. Steven M. Cohen ’18
Mr. Stuart A. Cohen and Ms. Anne M. Lucas P’13
Mrs. Susan Cohen
Ms. Judi Cohen-Roberts
Mr. Joel S. Cohn ’91
Mr. Jonathan D. ’04 and Mrs. Jessica E. Hronich ’04 Cohn
Mr. Jonathan S. Cohn ’12
Mr. Lowell A. Cohn ’66
Mr. Michael G. Cohn ’04
Mrs. Penny Lacey Cohn P’06
Dr. Scott I. Cohn ’94
Mr. Tyler J. Cohn ’06
Mr. John Colabelli
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic A. Colaizzo
Ms. Gina R. Colaizzo ’09
Mr. Kevin M. ’04 and Mrs. Sofia N. ’04 Colantropo
Ms. Carol G. Colao P’14
Mr. Joseph J. Colao ’53
Ms. Leah C. Colao ’14
Ms. Kathryn D. Colarulli ’17
Mr. Paul F. Colarulli and Ms. Susan B. Kaplan P’17
Mr. Peter F. Colarulli
Ms. Christine M. Colasurdo ’94
Mr. John F. Colavita ’84
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Colbourn
Ms. Deborah Colbourn Yovanovich ’96
Ms. Ellen C. Colbourne ’18
Ms. Freda Colbourne
Ms. Margaret Colbourne
Mr. William and Mrs. Moira Colbourne
Mr. Richard Colbourne ’78
Mr. Charles H. Colby ’63
Mr. William and Mrs. Diane M. Colby
Mr. Issaiah P. Coldren ’17
Mr. Peter A. and Mrs. Cheryl Coldren P’17
Mr. Clark M. Cole
Mr. Edward A. Cole ’99
Ms. Elizabeth A. Cole ’13
Ms. Elizabeth A. Cole
Mr. Jeffrey S. Cole ’92
Mr. Jeffrey B. Cole
Dr. Kenneth D. Cole ’71
Mr. Laurence G. Cole ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Martin I. Cole P’13
Mr. Richard H. Cole ’58*
Mr. Robert J. Cole ’69
Mr. Andrew and Ms. Tina M. Cole
Mr. Warren D. Cole ’71
Ms. Amber C. Coleman ’12
Mr. Gerald B. Coleman ’70
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Coleman
Mr. Zachary Wyatt Coleman ’19
Andrea Brock Coles
Mr. Mark R. ’82 and Ms. Louise Seto ’81 Coles
Ms. Claire Coletta
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Coletta
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Coletta Jr.
Mr. John W. and Mrs. Muriel Coletta P’15
Ms. Kristen N. Coletta ’15
Mr. David M. Colgan ’93
Mr. James H. and Mrs. Pamela G. Colgan P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Colgrove ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Aiden J. Colie
Dr. Francis P. Colizzo III ’86
Mr. Kevin S. Coll ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Collevecchio
Mr. and Mrs. David Colley
Dr. H. Edward Collier III ’78
Mr. Christopher W. Collins
Mr. Conor J. Collins ’18
Mr. Dana F. Collins
Mr. Daniel J. Collins III ’86
Ms. Emma L. Collins ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Collins
Mr. James S. Collins Jr. ’62
Mr. James R. and Mrs. Nancy A. Collins P’18
Ms. Jane H. Collins ’18
Mr. John C. and Mrs. Robin D. Collins P’17
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Patricia A. Collins
Mr. Reco C. Collins ’05
Mr. Richard S. Collins ’85
Mr. Robert Collins III ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Collins
Mr. Ryan P. ’03 and Mrs. Jennifer R. ’03 Collins
Ms. Sandra J. Collins
Ms. Shannon Iorio Collins ’99
Simon Collins
Mr. William E. Collins IV ’12
Mr. William E., II and Mrs. Susan Martin Collins P’12
The Rev. Ann Collins Wasson ’78
Dr. Michael A. Collura ’75
Dr. Allan H. Colman ’63
Mr. James W. and Mrs. Wendy N. Colnon P’18
Mr. Reagan E. Colnon ’18
Mr. John Colombero
Ms. Daniella L. Colon ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Colon
Ms. Eileen Colonna
Mr. Michael and Ms. Jeanne Colonna
Mr. Scott A. Colonna ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Jon I. Colpitts
Rev. Charles E. Colson ’65
Ms. Saralee C. Colson
Mr. John W. Colston III ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley T. Colton III ’74
Mr. John M. Colton III ’64
Mr. Reed C. Colton
Mr. Robert Kirkwood Colton, Sr. ’67
Mr. Michael R. Coltrane
Ms. Sallie Saunders Colucci ’85
Mr. Harold L. Colvocoresses ’72
Mr. Brian P. Colwell Jr. ’12
Mr. Anthony A. and Mrs. Christina Comanto P’11
Mr. Nina K. Comanto
Mr. Stephen A. Comanto ’11
Mr. Mark E. ’86 and Ms. Cynthia Sems ’90 Combi
Dr. Robert Lawson Combs ’66
Come Ready Foods, LLC
Mr. Douglas Comer and Ms. Christina Sofia-Comer P’21
Mel Comer
Mr. Sean E. Comerford ’06
Mr. David M. Comfort and Ms. Pamela L. Patterson P’21
Garan Ethan Comfort ’21
Mr. Charles J. and Mrs. Stacy A. Comiskey
Ms. Dorothy E. Comiskey
Dr. Heidi Caruso Commins ’94
Mr. Brandon A. Commodaro ’14
Community Action Committee of The Lehigh Valley
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Ms. Elizabeth C. Comontofski ’11
Ms. Dawn M. Comp
Mrs. Alice Davies Compagnone
Mr. Hamlet G. Compres ’18
Mrs. Kathy T. Compton P’15
Ms. Priscilla A. Compton ’15
Mr. Foster F. Comstock ’43
COMTO New Jersey Chapter
Mr. Kevin M. Conaboy ’96
Mr. Tomas Concepcion IV ’11
Concord Chamber Singers
Ms. Catherine M. Condit ’14
Mr. Frederick ’68 and Mrs. Judith R. Condit P’14
Mrs. Dianne Tanczos Condon ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Condon
Mr. Richard J. Condon
Mr. James Mrs. Rosemarie A. Condon
Mr. William B. and Mrs. Anne S. Condon P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Confalone P’17
Mr. Dillon M. Confalone ’17
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Confort P’15
Mr. Matthew J. Confort ’15
Mr. Michael P. Confort
Mr. Michael Confort
Mr. Thierry Deegan and Mrs. Patricia F. Confort
Dr. Sandra M. De Rose and Ms. Diana P. Congdon P’14
Mr. Michael S. Congdon
Mr. Raymond F. Conger ’07
Mr. William C. Conger ’51
Mr. Joseph M. and Mrs. Debra Coniglio P’16
Mr. Michael J. Coniglio ’16
Ms. Linda S. Conine
Mr. and Mrs. A. Robert Coningsby ’57
Mr. Henry G. Conkey Jr. ’52
Ms. Charlene Hoppe Conklin ’90
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Conklin
Mr. Robert H., Jr. and Mrs. Alice M. Conklin Jr. P’21
Mrs. Krystin Porter Conlan ’01
Mr. Christopher J. Conley ’92
Mr. Clifford P. Conley ’61
Ms. Stephanie A. Conley
Mrs. Alexis Millken Conlon ’98
Mr. Laurence E. and Mrs. Joan M. Conlon P’11
Mr. and Mrs. M. Clark Conlon ’54 P’86
Ms. Maricate Conlon ’11
Ms. Siobhan O’Brien Conlon ’98
Mr. Jeffrey J. Conn ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Conn P’18
Dr. G. Gordon Connally ’56
Mr. Bryan M. Connell ’98
Chloe A. Connell
Mr. Duane ’91 and Mrs. Jane E. Connell
Mr. Kevin P. ’97 and Ms. Liza Miller ’97 Connell
Ms. Mary K. Connell ’15
Mr. Shane ’90 and Mrs. Jennifer Connell
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Angeline C. Connelly
Ms. Anna M. Connelly ’14
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Karen M. Connelly
Mr. David and Mrs. Nancy L. Connelly
Mr. Patrick S. Connelly ’15
Mr. Patrick A. Connelly and Ms. Michelle Smith P’15
Mr. Philip J. and Mrs. Donna Connelly P’14
Mr. Stephen Connelly
Ms. Allyssa M. Conner ’18
Mrs. Jo Ann Simpson Conner W’36*
Mr. Jonathan A. ’88 and Mrs. Janet Phillips Conner
Mr. Nathan H. ’97 and Ms. Rebecca Winner ’97 Conner
Mr. Kerry B. ’79 and Mrs. Susan Whitten ’80 Conners
Mr. Richard J. Conners
Mr. Stephen G. Connlain ’05
Ms. Cheryl A. Connolly ’95
Ms. Isabel H. Connolly ’14
Mr. James R. Connolly ’09
Mr. James E. and Mrs. Margaret B. Connolly P’13
Dr. Jeannine Sluck Connolly ’95
Mr. Joseph J. Connolly ’81
Ms. Megan M. Connolly ’14
Ms. Michaela A. Connolly ’13
Mr. Michael and Ms. Nancy Connolly
Mr. Paul J. Connolly ’84
Mr. Robert J. and Mrs. Joanne G. Connolly P’14
Mr. William Connolly Jr.
Mr. Francis and Mrs. A. Joan Connor
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Patricia Connor
Mr. Wyman Neale Connor ’48*
Mr. Timothy and Ms. Kathryn E. Connors
Ms. Mary E. Connors ’18
Mr. Adam and Ms. Shirley Catino Connors
Ms. Alison Elizabeth Conologue ’99
Mr. Allen Schluger and Ms. Barbara Conover
Mr.* and Mrs. George Conover Jr. ’50 P’75’76
Mr. Gerret B. Conover ’51
Rev. Keith R. Conover ’71
Mr. A. Lee Conrad ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Conrad
Grace E. Conrad ’20
Mr. James W. Conrad ’07
Mrs. Jane P. Conrad W’53
Mrs. Nancy M. Conrad W’43*
Mr. Paul C. Conrad ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Conrad P’20
Ms. Grace E. Conroy ’17
Joseph M. Conroy Estate
Ms. Paula M. Consolini ’81
Mr. Patrick R. Consolla ’93
Ms. Frances H. Consorti
Ms. Elizabeth A. Constable ’08
Mr. Robert L. ’85 and Mrs. Tina Constable
Dr. William H. Constad ’75
Mr. Nicholas D. Constan
Mr. Robert L. Constant ’76
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Claire J. Constantine
Agatha H. Constanza M.D.
Container Group Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John Richard Contarino ’62
Mr. John L. Contarino P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Contarino ’89
Mr. Nicholas J. Contarino ’18
Dr. Vincent M. Contarino ’75
Ms. Cathleen Fowler Conte ’82
Mr. Leonard J. Conte ’71
Mr. Michael A. Conte ’86
Ms. Dawn M. Conti
Mr. Frederic L. Conti
Mrs. Jessica Bigness Conti ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Conti P’68 GP’07*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Conti
Mr. Nicholas Contos ’71
Mr. Cadeem C. Contreras ’15
Ms. Jennifer Komsa Contrucci ’93
Ms. Adele Celia Conway ’19
Mr.* and Mrs. Arthur W. Conway ’68 P’19
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Christine Conway
Ms. Kathleen Megan Conway ’19
Mr. Stephen J. Conway Jr. ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Conway Sr.
Mr. George G. Conyngham ’79
Mr. Brian T. Cook ’81
Mr. C. Andrew Cook ’63
Emily Tatum Cook ’21
Mr. Eugene M. Cook Jr. ’58
Hannah J. Cook ’21
Mrs. Jennifer B. Cook ’03
Mr. Jeremy D. ’05 and Mrs. Elizabeth Cassidy ’05 Cook
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Kathryn T. Cook
Ms Martha Z. Cook
Mrs. Mary Lou Cook P’21
Ms. Patricia Mettler Cook ’75
Mr. Robert R. and Mrs. Diane V. Cook P’18
Mr. Stanley C. Cook ’03
Dr. Thomas D. Cook ’40*
Ms. Kamani M. Cook-Christian ’17
Mr. Francis C. Cooke ’90
Dr. Jacob E. Cooke*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cooke
Mr. Terence Cooke III ’97
Mr. Len Schultz and Ms. Lisa M. Cook-Shultz
Mr. Jeremy P. ’77 and Dr. Susan L. ’79 Cooley
Mr. Jeremy A. Cooley ’16
Mr. Dean X. and Mrs. Nanette Cooley
Ms. Beth Rose Coolidge ’81
Mr. George B. Coolidge ’63
Brinton Elizabeth Coombs ’20
Dr. Robert F. ’95 and Mrs. Beth Ann Donofrio ’97 Coombs
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Coombs P’20
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy J. Coon
Mrs. Ki P. Cooney ’95
Ms. Tracy A. Cooney ’95
Mr. Wallace R. ’85 and Mrs. Catherine Flanagan ’86 Cooney
Ms. Amy Sedlacek Cooper ’90
Mr. Andrew F. ’03 and Mrs. Sylvia Anserian ’04 Cooper
Mr. Arthur Cooper
Mr. James and Ms. Betty Ann Cooper
Mr. Caleb Elijah Cooper ’19
Mr. Edward A. Cooper ’16
Mr. John H., III ’63 and Mrs. Marilyn B. Cooper
Mr. Joseph Gibson Cooper ’45*
Mr. Kris J. Cooper ’72
Ms. Margaret Cooper
Mr. Philip H. Cooper ’52*
Mr. Robert J. Cooper ’53
Mr. Sanford L. Cooper ’54*
Mr. Scott C. Cooper ’93
Mr. Kevin Mahla and Ms. Susan Cooper
Mr. Timothy T. Cooper ’75
Ms. Towana D. Cooper ’88
Mr. Tristan T. Cooper ’05
Dr. Joel S. Cooperman ’62
Dr. Saul Cooperman ’56
Mr. Gary ’86 and Mrs. Joanne S. ’86 Coopersmith
Ms. Maria Cooper-Ziolkowski
Mr. Jeremy P. Coote
Ms. Donna Copani
Mr. Craig A. ’78 and Ms. Gail Brandstatter ’81 Cope
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cope
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Leslie E. Cope
Mr. Matthew A. Cope ’96
Mr. Ryan Cope ’18
Mr. Booker T. Copeland III ’83
Mr. David S. Copeland ’05
Ms. Elizabethann R. Coradino ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Coradino P’13
Dr. Robert J. Coraor ’71
Mr. Robert A. Corash ’63
Mr. Robert Corbett
Ms. Catherine M. Corbin ’18
Mr. Glenn S. Corbin and Ms. Michelle T. Beckham-Corbin P’18
Ms. Victoria L. Corbit ’13
Ms. Charlotte E. Corbo ’15
Ms. Lauren L. Corbo ’11
Mr. Michael A. ’81 and Mrs. Jennifer M. Corbo P’11’15
Mr. Sean and Mrs. Amanda Rodgers Corcoran
Ms. Ann M. Corcoran
Mr. Brian P. Corcoran ’93
Mr. Francis X. Corcoran Jr.
Mr. Gregory R. Corcoran ’07
Jason Corcoran ’20
Mr. John Corcoran
Ms. Kate B. Edelstein ’01
Ms. Kristin Williams Corcoran ’92
Mr. Patrick K. Corcoran ’17
Drs. Patrick J. and Della M. Corcoran P’20
Ms. Cara Cordeaux ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Raoul C. Cordeaux
Ms. Kathryn A. Cording ’10
Mr. Glenn D. Cordingley ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cordova
Mr. Gary S. Coren
Dr. Jeffrey Corey ’91
Mrs. Kristen King Corey ’95
Mr. and Mrs. William Corey
Mrs. Catherine M. Corgan W’32
Ms. Claire I. Corgan ’08
Mr. Dominic H. Corigliano ’08
Mr. Henry Corigliano Jr. ’76
Mr. Henry Corigliano Sr.*
Mrs. Lisa D. Corigliano ’77
Ms. Catherine A. Corkery ’13
Mr. F. Daniel and Mrs. Susan P. Corkery P’13
Mr. Stephen C. Corley ’70
Ms. Melissa Smith Cormican ’95
Ms. Michaela R. Corn ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Cornell Jr. ’62 P’91
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Cornell, III ’91 P’21
Mr. Steven and Ms. Sarah H. Cornell
Ms. Carrie Cornish
Mr. John B. Cornish ’51*
Mr. Seth A. ’86 and Ms. Jennifer Kinard ’91 Cornish
Dr. Wilmer R. Cornman ’50
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Cornstein ’60
Mr. Adam I. Cornwell ’15
Ms. Chandler L. Cornwell ’14
Mr. Carmel J. Corona Jr. ’66
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Jacqueline Belleau Corona
Mr. Thomas J Corona
Ms. Andrea V. Corpora ’10
Corporate Investigations, Inc.
Ms. Bianca Corrado ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Corrado P’15
Ms. Ayleen Paola Correa ’19
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Tracy M. Correa
Mr. Robert D., Jr. ’86 and Mrs. Mary S. ’87 Correll
Ms. Ida N. Corrigan
Ms. Leah E. Corrigan ’07
Ms. Ellen C. Corrini ’16
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Lynn Corritori
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Cors ’19
Dr. William K. and Mrs. Barbara Cors P’19
Mr. Charles J. Corsi
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Maryanne Corsi P’18
Ms. Taylor Corsi ’18
Mr. Charles A. Corson ’64
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Karen Corson
Mr. Brian C. Cort ’99
Dr. Frank B. ’07 and Dr. Jacqueline G. ’07 Cortazar
Mr. Richard F. Cortazzo ’57
Ms. Brett Underwood Cortell ’98
Ms. Kaitlyn Cortes ’14
Mr. Phillip E. Cortes and Mrs. Hope Cronin-Cortes P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cortese
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Eileen K. Cortese
Ms. Elizabeth H. Cortese ’10
Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Cortese
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cortese P’17
Ms. Julie M. Cortese
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Cortese
Mr. Matthew B. Cortese ’17
Mr. Nicholas and Ms. Louise M. Cortezi
Kiefer Andreas Cortez-Mecham
Ms. Jennifer C. Cortner ’85
Mr. David P. Cortright ’49*
Dr. Morrow C. Corvasce ’75
Mr. John M. Corwin ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Corwin ’67 P’04
Mr. James A. Coscia ’15
Mrs. Kimberly B. Cosetti ’00
Ms. Catrina C. Cosey ’09
Mr. Christopher R. Cosgrove ’98
Dr. Christopher T. Cosgrove ’10
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Cosgrove Jr. ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Cosgrove
Mr. Thomas James Cosgrove ’19
Mr. William A. Cosnett ’69
Dr. and Mrs. Joel I. Cossrow ’68
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Ingrid A. Costa
Ms. Lauren Costa ’09
Mr. Nathaniel J. Costa ’11 and Ms. Alexandra G. Lucy ’12
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Patricia M. Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Costa P’09
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Costa P’15
Mr. Timothy J. Costa ’15
Mr. Nicholas Costalas ’54
Mr. Christopher J. ’12 and Mrs. Danielle Hartl ’12 Costantino
Mr. Samuel D. Costanzo ’84
Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara Ann Costello
Cameron S. Costello ’20
Mr. Donald A. Costello
Mr. James J. Costello ’76
Mr. John L., III and Mrs. Kristen T. Costello P’20
Mr. Thomas J. Costello ’92
Mr. Charles M. Costenbader Jr. ’82
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Costigan
Mrs. Annette Costigan-MacCauley ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Costlow
Ms. Sarah E. Costlow ’09
Ms. Jennifer Redfield Costner ’80
Mrs. Lauren Fisher ’07 and Mr. Louis P. Cote
Mr. Philippe J. and Mrs. Donna Cotennec P’11
Ms. Natalie D. Cothren ’09
Ms. Arielle P. Cotroneo ’14
Mr. Christopher ’10 and Mrs. Jessica DeLoureiro ’10 Cotter
Mr. James Cotter and Ms. Kathryn M. Chartier
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Kathleen A. Cotter
Mr. Richard J. Cotter ’84
Ms. Nina Elizabeth Cotto ’19
Mr. Edward R. Cotton Jr. ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd L Cotton ’56
Ms. Nancy Johann Cotton ’00
Mr. Robert E. Cotton ’51
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Santa M. Cottone
Mr. Andrew W. Cottrell ’04
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cottrell Jr. ’77
Mr. Martin M. Cottrell Jr. ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Cottrell
Mr. Jonathan C. Couch ’91 and Mrs. Susan J. Curtin ’92
Ms. Melanie Goldstein Coughlan ’76
Mr. David P. Coughlin ’76
Mrs. Kimberly Maron Coughlin ’04
Ms. Sara A. Coughlin ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Coughlin ’87
Mr. Thomas A. Coughlin ’52
Mr. Andrew R. and Mrs. Joan G. Coulson P’18
Ms Kimberly L. Coulson ’93
Ms. Laura E. Coulson
Mr. Ryan L. Coulson ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Coulson
Ms. Wendy J. Coulson
Council for Advancement & Support of Education
Ms. Jessica L. Counihan ’10
Mr. Andrew Court and Ms. Roni C. Rabin P’21
Mr. James Court
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome H. Court
Mrs. Jaclyn DiSanti Courter ’09
Mr. Andrew G. Courtney ’85
Mr. Sean T. Courtney Jr. ’15
The Coury Financial Group LP
Dr. Brenda G. and Mr. John M. Coutinho P’20
Mr. William S. Covach ’58*
Mr. Bruce E. Covahey ’88
Mr. Hart G. ’85 and Ms. Susan Crowley ’88 Coven
Ms. Margareta Tuneblom Coveney ’83
Ms. Eileen R. Cover
Ms. Eve P. Cowen ’97
Mr. C. Deming Cowles IV ’68
Ms. Ansley E. Cox ’03
Ms. Cheryl A. Cox P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Cox
Mr. Henry Allison Cox ’40*
Dr. Joseph T. Cox ’68 Hon.D.’13 P’03 and Ms. Kathy Stevenson
Mr. Marcus J. Cox ’11
Mr. Thomas E. Cox ’51*
Dr. W. William A. Cox ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Coxe
Ms. Marjorie D. Coxe
Mr. John P. ’91 and Mrs. Gail M. Coykendall
Ms. Amy C. Coyl
Mrs. Jane F. Coyl
Mr. Thomas P. Coyl
Ms. Jane A. Coyle P’14
Mr. and Mrs. John Coyle ’72 P’06
Ms. Maryalice Coyle
Mr. Matthew J. Coyle ’06
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Bridget Coyne
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Clare Coyne
Mr. Douglas Coyne
Ms. Erin Amanda Coyne ’19
Ms. Janelle Maginnis Coyne ’00
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Mary E. Coyne
Mr. Peter Coyne
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cozier
Mr. Mark L. Cozin ’70
CPO Recruiting Group
Dr. Suzan Distenfeld Crabb ’82
Mr. Morgan J. Craft ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Craig
Ms. Hannah L. Craig ’15
Mr. Lathrop B. and Mrs. Serafin H. Craig P’15
Ms. Megan E. Craig ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Craig ’84
Mr. Robert Craig
Mr. Scott K. Craig ’92
Mr. Steven M. Craig ’73
Mr. and Mrs. E. Ross Craigie
Mr. James H. Craiglow ’63
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Carol A. Crain
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Karen Crain
Mr. Arthur and Ms. Sally J. Crain
Mr. William C. Crain ’45
Dr. William M. and Prof. Nicole V. Crain
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cram
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Cramer
Ms. Irene B. Cramer ’78
Mr. Aydan L Crandall
Mr. Courtney and Mrs. Denise Crandall P’20
Mr. David and Mrs. Gretchen Crandall
Ms. Marion G. Crandall
Zane Gage Crandall ’20
Mr. Kenneth S. Crandell ’75
Mr. Edwin A. Crane ’50*
Ms. Eleanor R. Crane
Mr. Hal R. Crane ’68
Mr. Travis G. ’94 and Mrs. Ruth Gilbert ’93 Crane
Dr. Robert ’91 and Mrs. Susan Beth Cranley P’20
Mr. William A. ’82 and Ms. Laurie Kobayashii ’83 Cranmer
Mr. Sebastian J. ’97 and Mrs. Elisa Bussemer ’97 Crapanzano
Francis Michael Craska III ’22
Ms. Seanna Dyer Crasnick ’03
Mr. Harold D. Craven and Dr. Regina Y. Fragneto P’20
Ms. Caroline E. Craver ’15
Mr. Jon D. and Mrs. Patricia F. Craver P’15
Mr. Richard T. Craw ’68
Mr. Bennett M. Crawford ’17
Mr. Charles F. Crawford
Mr. Chris R. and Mrs. Jennifer Crawford P’15
Mr. Darrell D. Crawford ’16
Ms. Emily E. Crawford ’15
Mr. Gregory R. Crawford ’68
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Crawford
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Patricia Stuhler Crawford
Mr. Thom Cooney Crawford
Mr. William G. Crawford ’60
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Crawford ’67
Mr. Ian S. Crawley ’15
Mrs. Kelly L. Cray ’99
Crayola LLC
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Creahan P’14
Mr. Patrick M. Creahan ’14
Mr. David M. Crean ’02
Mr. Gerald P. Crean Jr. ’59
Mr. Gerald P. Crean III ’84
Ms. Robin Crebbin
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde B. Crebs ’63
Mr. Ronald A. Creed II ’92
Mr. Frederick H., Jr. and Mrs. Maura Creekmore P’20
Dr. Gregg E. Cregan ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Creme Jr.
Mr. Paul M. Creme ’10
Mr. John T. Crerand ’09
Mr. John C. Cresci ’64
Mr. Alexander M. Crespo ’10
Mr. Manuel D. and Mrs. Theresa A. Crespo P’21
Ms. Maribel Crespo P’17
Mr. Thomas, Jr. and Mrs. Rochelle L. Crespo P’17
Allen Cressman
Mr. Brandon Cressman
Dr. Peter T. Cressman ’66
Mrs. Meredith Rung Creswell W’58
Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Crews
Ms. Nicole A. Crilley ’17
Mr. Alex L. Crippen and Ms. Elizabeth A. Strauss P’22
Mrs. Dana D’Angelo Crisafulli ’91
Mrs. Cornelia S. Crisci P’21
Mr. Enrico Crispo ’90 and Ms. Mellissa K. Lennon ’90
Mr. John F. Crist ’62
Ms. Susan M. Cristal
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cristal
Mr. David ’99 and Ms. Elizabeth Richey ’98 Cristini
Mr. Joseph R. Crobak ’06 and Dr. Julie E. Phelan ’05
Mr. Bruce A. Crocco Jr. ’79
Ms. Frances Cofone Crocco ’83
Ms. Donna Croce
Dr. Kathleen O’Shea Crocker ’93
Mr. Thomas E. and Mrs. Elizabeth L. Crocker P’17
Mr. Daniel R. Crocket ’81
Mr. Alexander A. Croft ’15
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Deborah A. Croke
Mr. Michael A. Crom ’77
Mr. Michael A. Croman
Dr. Jason A. Cromer ’01
Mr. Matthew Cromey
Mr. William M. Cronan ’57*
Mr. Charles W. Cronenweth Jr. ’69
Mr. James Kenneth Croney III ’19
Brendan Thomas Cronin ’21
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Danielle R. Cronin
Mr. Brian W. Cronise ’09
Mr. and Mrs. William Cronise
Ms. Amy Crooks P’12
Mr. Bruce W. Crooks
Mr. Jacob A. Crooks ’12
Mr. Cory S. Crosbie-Foote ’14
Ms. Holly S. Crosbie-Foote P’14
Mr. David K. Crosby ’67
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Crosby ’65
Mrs. Lauren M. Crosby ’09
Mr. Patrick B. Crosby ’14
Mr. William P. Crosby
Mr. David W. Cross ’67
Mr. Jonathon E. Cross ’93
Mr. Theodore and Ms. Mary S. Cross
Mr. Trent Michael Crossan ’19
Ms. Emily M. Crossette ’15
Mr. Jonathan M. and Mrs. Linda Crossette P’15
Mr. Collin P. Crotty ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Crotty ’61
Ms. Emily H. Crouch
Mr. George W. Crouch ’38*
Ms. Margaret L. Crouch
Ms. Nancy Matchett Crouse ’80
Mr. Peter F. Crouse ’10
Mr. Thomas N. Crouse ’77
Mr. Wesley B. Crouse ’81
Ms. Britt C. Crouss ’10
Ms. Tess M. Crouss ’08
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Crouss
Ms. Danielle Crouthamel
Ms. Megan Morsell Crow ’98
Mr. Lars E. Crowder
Mr. Brian A. and Mrs. Janet G. Crowe P’19
Mr. Steven P. Crowe ’84
Ms. Sydney G. Crowe ’19
Mr. David Irvine Crowell ’58
Ms. Alison E. Crowley ’08
Mr. Daniel A. Crowley ’17
Ms. Paige D. Crowley ’15
Mr. Barry N. Crownover ’94
Ms. Catherine K. Crowther ’11
Mr. Hugh L. and Mrs. Patricia Crowther P’11
Mr. Martin J. and Mrs. Rochelle G. Crozier
Mr. Philip J. Crudden ’68
Mr. Ryan J. Crumlish ’13
Mr. Byron C. Crump ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Crump
Mr. and Mrs. John Crumpton P’21
Ms. S. Maarit Cruz ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben A. Cruzpino
Mr. Clement S. Crystal Jr. ’49
Dr. Matthew A. ’11 and Ms. Emily Simon ’11 Crystal
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Elizabeth Crystal P’11
Ms. Jennifer Crystie
Ms. Melissa Roe Cubala ’96
Mrs. Julie C. Cubicciotti ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Cuccioli
Ms. Christina A. Cucinotta ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Cucinotta P’14
Ms. Ellen Cuddy
Mr. Michael J. Cuffe ’88
Ms. Jingchen Cui ’17
Ms. Liangqing Cui ’15
Mr. Shiliang Cui ’09 and Ms. Jiaqi Li ’12
Ms. Xiao Cui ’13
Yiwen Cui ’22
Mr. Bryan N. Culbertson ’07
Mr. John D. Culbertson
Mr. Ralph R. Culbertson
Grace Kirby Culbertson Estate
Ms. Christine M. Culgin ’12
Mr. Richard M. and Ms. Virginia H. Culgin P’12
Mr. Aengus B. Culhane ’15
Ms. Laura J. Cullen ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Cullen P’09
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Cullen Jr. ’64
Cullen and Dykman LLP
Dr. Gregory A. Culley ’60
Mr. H. David Culley ’58*
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kent Culley ’62 P’89’92’96
Mr. James K. Culley II ’92
Ms. Sara E. Culley ’96
Mr. Jordan W. Cullinane ’08
Mr. and Mrs. William Cullinane
Ms. Laura Bailey Culp ’82
Mr. Thomas C. Culp ’12
Mr. Thomas C., Jr. and Mrs. Dorinda Culp P’12
Mrs. Cynthia Culver-Apgar ’92
Mr. William H. Culviner ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Cumming
Mr. Jeffrey E. Cumming ’10
Mr. Alexander D. Cummings ’12
Mr. Craig Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Darrin C. Cummings P’19
Mr. Denis B. Cummings and Ms. Claire Ferrari
Mr. Jonathan Cummings
Mr. Luke Benedetto Cummings ’19
Mr. Robert L. and Mrs. Frances W. Cummings P’12
Ms. Vicki N. Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cummins
Dr. Paul G. Cummins ’08
Mr. Robert Cummins
Mr. Gavin M. ’98 and Mrs. Lauren Howe ’98 Cuneo
Mr. Roland Cuneo ’12
Mr. Earl Stephen Cunerd ’64
Dr. Dario J. and Mrs. Karen M. Cunico P’11
Mr. David T. Cunico ’11
Mr. Timothy J. Cunneen ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Cunning P’12
Mr. James and Mrs. Catherine A. Cunningham
Mr. Corey S. Cunningham ’15
Mr. Craig A. Cunningham ’83
Mr. David J. Cunningham ’79
Mr. John B. Cunningham ’61*
Mr. John J., IV ’90 and Ms. Christine Prete ’87 Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cunningham Sr.
Ms. Lauren F. Cunningham ’08
Mr. Lyle P. Cunningham Jr. P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Oley L. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cunningham
Ms. Rowan E. Cunningham ’16
Ms. Verdelle Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Cuomo
Dr. Raphael E. Cuomo ’11
Cups & Cones
Mr. Matthew M. Curcio ’00
Mr. Michael A. Curcio ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Curcio P’00’03
Ms. Michele M. Curcio
Dr. Michael Curi ’92
Mr. Thomas L. Curless
Ms. Amanda M. Curley ’09
Dr. Edwin M. Curley ’59
Ms. Jacqueline N. Curley ’08
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Curley P’09
Ms. Kristin E. Curley ’16
Mr. Robert C. Curley ’10
Mr. Robert M. and Mrs. Theresa M. Curley P’16
Caroline Marie Curnal ’22
Mr. James A. Curnal ’76
Mr. Daniel J. Curran
Mr. Patrick C. and Mrs. Amy S. Curran P’16
Ms. Rebecca A. Curran ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Curran
Dr. William V. Curran ’52
Mr. James and Mrs. Amy D. Currie
Bryce A. Currie ’20
Mrs. Edna R. Currie*
Mr. Frederick M.H. Currie Jr. ’63*
Mr. James R. Currie ’57
Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Marie C. Currier
Mr. Clarence F. Curry ’65
Ms. Jennifer M. Curry
Mr. Neal Curry ’71
Mr. John B. and Mrs. Anne Ingersoll Curtin P’14
Ms. Meghan O. Curtin ’14
Mr. Michael D. Curtin ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Curtin
Ms. Carol Dunn Curtis ’85
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Christine Curtis
Mr. Edward B. Curtis ’62
Ms. Genevieve R. Curtis ’14
Mr. Harry L., III ’76 and Mrs. Alice O. Curtis
Mr. John D. Curtis ’97
Ms. Linda Curtis
Ms. Myrna Curtis
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Nancy Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Curtis Jr. ’49*
Curtis Family Foundation, Inc.
Curtis Mallet-Prevost Colt & Mosle LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cusack
Mr. R. and Ms. Cheryl Charron Cusano
Mr. Eric J. Cusano ’09
Mr. Robert T. Cuscino ’96
Ms. Margaret J. Cushing ’86
Ms. Sarah Ridge Cushing ’75
Mr. David and Mrs. Clair E. Cushman
Ms. Emily E. Cushman ’10
Ms. Susan Heebner Cushman ’96
Mr. E. Nicholas Cutaneo ’91
Mrs. Erica Sgroe Cuticelli ’09
Ms. Chelsea M. Cutino ’15
Ms. Suzanne C. Cutino P’15
Ms. Emily Ritz Cutler ’93
Mrs. Jill Spiess Cutler ’89
Mr.* and Mrs. Martyn Lewis Cutler ’51
Mr. Alexander P. Cutrone ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Cutrone
Mr. Philip J. and Mrs. Lori J. Cutrone P’18
Ms. Rose Marie Cutrone
Mr. Samuel L. Cutrone ’18
Mr. Charles E. Cuttic ’77
Mrs. Theodore L. Cuyler IV W’44
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Patricia A. Cuzzocrea
Alec Steven Cwienkala ’21
Mr. Steven J. Cwienkala, Jr. and Mrs. Tammy C. Yokum-Cwienkala P’21
Ms. Melanie N. Cybriwsky ’12
Ms. Jessica Cygler Wagner ’07
Cynthia Clark Trust
Mr. Howard M., III and Mrs. Leslie M. Cyr
Mr. Joseph C. Cyrulik ’96
Ms. Jessica F. Cysner ’14
Mr. Moshe Cysner and Ms. Mary Fallon-Cysner P’14
Ms. Helen McElroy Cyzio
Mrs. Christine Socha Czapek ’02
Mr. Robert J. Czarnecki Jr. ’03
Mr. Warren and Mrs. Nancy Czerniak
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Czochor
Mr. Robert V. D’ Angelo Jr. ’77
D G Yuengling & Son Inc
D R Howard Inc
Ms. Brianna C. Dacey ’18
Omolola Olaore Dada ’21
Ms. Omotayo Dada P’21
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Sandra DaDalt P’15
Ms. Audrey C. DaDalt ’15
Mr. Himanshu D. Dadarwala ’89
Mr. Illya J. ’87 and Ms. Elaine Fraim ’87 D’Addezio
Mrs. Laura Dadey
Ms. Rachel Dadey
Mr.* and Mrs. William P. Dadio
Ms. Allison L. Dadouris ’14
Mr. Curtis C. Daehler ’91
Dr. Erica L. D’Agostino ’95
Mr. Mark and Ms. Kathy J. D’Agostino
Mr. Bidur K. Dahal ’12
Mr. Eric M. Dahar ’03
Dr. Caryn Smith Dahl ’82
Mr. Yusuf S. Dahl
Mr. Robert W. Dahlin ’59
Mr. Marc P. ’83 and Ms. Kathleen Ronca ’83 Dahling
Mr. Gary C. Dahms ’80
Mr. Raymond C. Dahms ’57
Mr. Ziwei Dai ’18
Mr. Peter R. Daifuku and Ms. Anne de Bruyn Kops P’17
Mrs. Katherine Rigas Daigle ’91
Mr. James L. and Mrs. Brenda Dailey P’21
James Michael Dailey ’21
Mr. James Dailey
Ms. Lindsey C. Dailey ’13
Ms. Maura P. Dailey ’04
Mr. Nils L. Dailey ’70
Mr. Scott M. Dailey ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Vijay A. Dalal ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. D’Alberto ’57
Mr. Fred N. Dalessandro
Mr. Daniel P. D’Alessandro ’02
Ms. Sara M. D’Alessandro ’79
Mr. Thomas and Ms. Darcey Waller Daley
Mr. Edmund P. Daley III ’10
Ms. Evelyn K. Daley
Mr.* and Mrs. James J. Daley ’74
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Nanette R. Daley
Mr. Frank J. Dalicandro ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Dalicandro P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Dalio P’01
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Alice J. Dalla Palu
Ms. Laura E. Dallago ’13
Dr. Linda M. Dallasta ’85
Mr. Walter E. Daller Jr. ’61 P’93
Mr. Kenneth E. Dallmeyer ’72
Ms. Alison C. Dally ’13
The Hon. Craig A. ’78 and Mrs. Ann C. Dally P’13
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Dally Jr.
Mrs. John Thomas Dally W’49 P’78 GP’00’03’11
Ms. Sarah E. Dally ’11
Ms. Samantha R. Dalmass ’13
Mrs. Philip H. Dalrymple W’42*
Mr. Robert C. Dalrymple ’40*
Ms. Sarah K. Dalrymple
Dr. Karen Johannes Dalton ’82
Mr. Michael E. Dalton ’85
Mr. Charles H. Daluisio ’80
Ms. Arleen Daly
Mr. Brian J. Daly
Mr. Charles B. Daly ’66
Mr. Christopher J. Daly
Ms. Cynthia Morgenstern Daly ’91
Mr. Daniel Daly
Dr. Eileen P. Daly ’89
Ms. Ellen E. Daly
Mr. J. Peirce Daly ’14
Mr. James C. and Mrs. Janis R. Daly P’14
Mrs. Katherine Merriam Daly ’08
Mr. Daniel and Ms. Laurel P. Daly
Ms. Lila M. Daly ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Daly
Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas F. Daly ’60
Mr. William F. Daly ’50*
Mr. Darrell A. Daman ’03
Mr. Edward M. and Mrs. Mary R. D’Amelio P’13
Ms. Erin J. D’Amelio ’13
Mr. John M. D’Amelio Jr. ’01
Mr. Michael B. Damgaard ’10
Ms. Caitlin M. Damiano ’12
Mr. Mark J. ’74 and Ms. Christine M. ’02 Damiano P’02’04
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Damiano P’12
Mrs. Julia Damiano-Vicidomini ’02
Ms. Dru L. D’Amico ’05
Mr. Michael F. D’Amico ’75
Mr. John and Mrs. Virginia R. d’Amico
Mr. Daniel R. Olson and Mrs. Kia N Damon-Olson
Ms. Nicole M. Damore ’17
Dr. Laura R. Danberg ’06
Mr. Robert M. Danbury
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Danchak
Mr.* and Mrs. Paul A. Danco ’62
Mr. Gerald V. Dandeneau ’70
Dr. Michael J. and Mrs. Martha P. D’Andrea P’20
Mr. Vincent C. D’Angelis ’02
Mr. Anthony D’Angelo
Dr. David W. D’Angelo ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. D’Angelo
Mr. Joseph D’Angelo
Mr. Louis A. D’Angelo III ’11
Mr. Michael F. D’Angelo ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Daniel ’80
Ms. Debra L. Daniel ’74
Mr. John E. Daniel ’57
Dr. Joseph N. and Mrs. Michelle A. Daniel P’22
Mr. Stewart O. Daniel ’18
Dr. Fred A. Daniele ’80
Mr. Gerald M. Daniello ’77
Mrs. Alyssa Harmon Daniels ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell S. Daniels
Mr. David S. ’85 and Ms. Janet Byers ’84 Daniels
Ms. Kristi Daniels
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Miriam Daniels
Ms. Stevie O. Daniels
Ms. Makenzie M. Danis ’15
D’Anjolell Memorial Homes
Mr. John D. Danko ’86
Mr. Richard A. Danks ’72
Mr. Mark E. Dannemiller ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Danowski
Taylor Elizabeth Danson ’20
Mr. Daniel A. Dantas ’71
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Danziger
Mr. Andrew W. Dapkunas ’09
Mr. Robert S. Darbee III ’67
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Sarah H. Darby
Ms. Elizabeth K. Darcy ’02
Ms. Stacey Donofrio D’Arcy ’99
Alienor d’Arenberg
Mr. Enrique ’65 and Dr. Veronica Darer
Mr. Richard L. D’Argenio ’10
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Vikki D’Argenio P’11
Ms. Dawn M. Darkes P’18
Mr. Cameron M. Darkes-Burkey ’18
Ms. Meaghan E. Darling ’09
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Darling Jr.
Mr. Harry M. Darlington Jr. ’57
Mr.* and Mrs. John K. Darr ’66
Mrs. Linda Sansone Darrach ’88
Ms. Kristen K. Darragh ’11
Mr. Victor J. D’Ascenzo ’17
Mr. Victor F. and Mrs. Christine C. D’Ascenzo P’17
Dashlight Diagnostics
Ms. Aimee M. Dassner ’10
Mr.* Donald C. ’56 and Mrs.* Suzanne R. Dates
Mrs. Suzanne R. Dates W’56*
Dr. Peter Suhge d’Aubermont ’73
Mr. Timothy J. Daubert ’09
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Daubert III
Mr. David E. Dauenheimer ’91
Dr. Charles V.R. Dauerty ’49
Mr. James S. Dauerty Jr. ’49
Ms. Lisa Harfst D’Augelli ’81
Mr. H. Blair Daugherty ’60
Mr. Giffin F. Daughtridge ’81
Mr. Stuart C. Daughtridge ’86
Ms. Mary Regina Daulton
Mr. Ronald L. Dauphin ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. D’Auria
Mr. George N. and Mrs. Jennifer P. Davatzes P’21
Dave O’Brien’s Auto Repair
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Davenport
Mr. Shane J. Davenport ’06
Mr. Charles T. Davey ’50*
Mr. Donald E. Davey ’37*
Ms. Hannah Rietano Davey ’19
Mr. Robert D. Davey and Ms. Susan E. Rietano P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Wade W. Davey
Ms. Carly D. David ’13
Dr. Christopher L. David ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Elias David
Mr. Eric S. David ’88
Mr. Steven G. and Mrs. Jo-Ann David P’13
Mr. Colin S. and Mrs. Emily O. Davidson P’20
Mr. George E. Davidson ’51*
Ms. Gwen Davidson
Mr. James V. Davidson ’71
Dr. Megan Goff Davidson ’96 and Mr. Michael Davidson
Mr. Michael Davidson ’89
Ms. Suzanne J. S. Davidson W’69
Mr. Richard S. Davie ’85
Mr. Allan B. Davies ’80
Mr. and Mrs. John Davies ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Davies ’66
Mr. Thomas R. Davies ’74
Mr. William Davies Jr. ’59
Ms. Nancy D. Davies-Hathen ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Brent F. Davila P’12
Mr. Brian M. Davila ’12
Dr. Allison Crean Davis `88
Mr. Austin M. Davis ’15
Mr. Brett R. Davis ’09
Mr. Chad W. and Ms. Allison Davis
Mr. Charles E. ’87 and Mrs. Carlotta T. Davis
Ms. Christina K. Davis
Ms. Costanza E. Davis ’17
Mr. Craig J. Davis ’95
Mr. Darrell W. Davis
Mr. Donald J. Davis ’71
Mr. Donald J. Davis
Ms. Drew R. Davis ’17
Mr. Dwight M. Davis ’73
Mr. Frederick E. Davis ’66
Shelby and Gale Davis
Mr. Gregory A. Davis ’08
Ms. Helen Davis
Mr. James F. Davis Jr. ’58
Dr. James E. Davis ’71
Mr. James M. ’95 and Mrs. Alissa Batroney ’95 Davis
Mr. Jeffrey W. Davis
Mrs. Jessica Martin Davis ’08
Mr. John P. Davis III ’77
Mr. Jonathan R. Davis ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I. Davis P’18
Mr. Joshua S. Davis ’18
Mr. Justin D. Davis ’96
Ms. Kathryn Moyer Davis ’81
Mr. Korey Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Lance A. Davis ’61 P’90
Mr. Kenneth W. and Mrs. Laura H. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Davis
Mr. Lee A. Davis ’77
Mr. Levar B. Davis ’11
Ms. Lizzie Davis
Mr. M. Dustin Davis ’02
Mrs. Madison Cargan Davis ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm J. Davis ’53
Mr. Marc B. Davis ’70
Ms. Margaret B. Davis ’81
Mr. Mark M. ’12 and Mrs. Emily Moore ’11 Davis
Mr. Michael H. Davis ’80
Mr. Michael W. Davis ’05
Mrs. Nancy Carroll Davis ’96
Mr. Neil R. ’75 and Ms. Elsie Rogers ’75 Davis
Ms. Pamela J. Davis P’16
Mr. Patrick J. Davis ’06
Mr. Randall E. and Mrs. Kim Turpin Davis
Ms. Rhonda Lee R. Davis ’09
Dr. Richard E. Davis ’76
Mr. Richard T. and Mrs. Kellie B. Davis P’15
Mr. Robert T. Davis ’98
Mr. Robert B. Davis ’70
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Robin G. Davis
Shane Davis ’22
Mrs. Stella M. Davis
Mr. Thomas R. Davis ’64
Mr. Tyler R. Davis ’13
Ms. Vanessa Davis ’12
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Davis
Ms. Yvonne Ameche Davis
Mrs. Zara M.K. Davis ’02
Mr. Irwin S. Davison ’63
Mr. John C. Davison ’37*
Mr. John E. Davison ’66
Hon. Maxwell E. Davison ’54 and Mrs.* Barbara Davison
Mrs. Lindsay R. Davis-Vickery ’10
Mr. William E.B. Davlin ’88
Mr. Ryan C. Dawe ’11
Mr. Andrew J. Dawson III ’03
Mr. Bruce E. Dawson ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Dawson
Ms. Caitlyn J. Dawson ’13
Mr. David and Ms. Caroline S. Dawson
Mr. Chester W. Dawson ’67
Ms. Diana C. Dawson
Mr. George K. and Mrs. Kathleen L. Dawson P’13
Mr. Bradford R. Day Esq. ’69
Mr. and Mrs. D. Frederick Day ’63 P’99’01
Ms. Elisabeth A. Day ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Day
Mr. Eric D. ’93 and Ms. Monica Thatcher ’91 Day
Mr. Gordon M. Day*
Mr. Graham M. Day ’99 and Mrs. Kelly Day
Mr. James K. Day and Ms. Theresa M. Kidd P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome C. Day, Jr. P’14
Mr. Jonathan Day and Ms. Nina DeMartini-Day
Mr. Louis C. Day ’66
Ms. Marisa E. Thatcher-Day ’95
Mr. Stephen L. ’00 and Ms. Brooke Hallingby ’01 Day
Mr. Thomas C. Day ’16
Mr. Everett B. Dayton ’54
The Dayton Foundation
Mrs. Barbara De Brulye
Mr. Gerard B. de Camp ’74
Mr. Richard L. de Campo ’76
Ms. Jean T. De Fusco
Dr. Vincent A. De Gennaro ’68
Ms. Beatriz De Jesus ’12
Mr. Carl J.A. de Jounge ’92
Ms. Pacita de la Cruz
Ms. Caitlyn R de la Haba
Mr. David E. DeLeeuw ’67 and Ms. Treva Holloway
Mr. Michael S. ’03 and Mrs. Kathleen De Lisi
Mr. William De Longis Sr.
Mr. Alfonso V. and Mrs. A. Lorena de Lucio P’15
Ms. Daniela Isabel de Lucio ’15
Ms. Virginia G. De Marie
Mr. Furman A. De Maris ’53*
Mr. Thomas M. De Martino ’59
Mr. Patrick De Michele ’59
Mr. Anthony R. ’92 and Mrs. Elizabeth Bassett ’93 De Paolo
Mr. John C. de Ruyter ’73
Ms. Larissa C. De Souza Lima Lopes ’18
Dr. Courtney A. De Thomas-Shapiro ’02
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Pam De Vito
Mr. Phillip W. De Vore ’57
Mr. Bradford J. De Vries ’69
Mr. Walter L. Dea ’07
Megan Deacon
Mr. Brian A. Deal ’88
Mrs. Erin North Dean ’03
Mr. Geoffrey K. Dean ’06
Ms. Judy A. Dean
Mr. Shariff J. Dean ’11
Mr. Thomas M. Dean ’68
Mr . Joseph and Mrs. Sheri L. Deane
Rev. Jeremy R. Deaner ’04
Mr. Andrew M. ’97 and Ms. Tamara Rork ’97 DeAngelis
Mr. Michael J. ’84 and Ms. Beatrice Albertson ’83 DeAngelis
Mr. Christopher M. DeAppolonio ’06
Mr. James L. Dearden ’72
Mr. Kenneth W. Dearden ’50*
Mr. Brian R. Deardorff ’89
Ms. Crystalann Harbold Deardorff ’02
Mr. Howard M. Deardorff ’53*
Ms. Mary Beth Townsend Dearie ’91
Mr. William N. Deatly ’80
Mr. Douglas K. Deatrick ’79
Mr. Jeffrey S. and Mrs. Leda J.DeBarba P’17
Mr. William P. ’17 and Mrs. Jillian Sacchetta ’17 DeBarba
Mr. Matthew Joseph DeBenedetto ’19
Mr. James F. DeBerardine ’14
Mr. Justin D. ’04 and Mrs. Kerrie Kiley ’04 DeBerry
Mr. and Mrs. David DeBlander
Mr. Matthew D. DeBlander ’10
Ms. Elizabeth Smiles DeBlis ’84
Mr. Terry A. Debold ’64
Mr. and Mrs. James D. DeCamp
Mr. Paul C. DeCamp ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Albert deCant
Mr. Kyle A. deCant ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Feliciano M. DeCarvalho
Mr. Adam C. Decker ’03
Mr. John Shields Decker ’62
Mr. Joseph A. and Mrs. Kimberly A. Decker P’19
Mr. Noah Samuel Decker ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Decker
Ms. Suzanne A. Decker
Ms. Victoria A. Decker ’17
Mr. William M. ’04 and Mrs. Jacqueline Decker
Mr. Paul R. DeCurtis ’69
Ms. Christine Dee
Mr. Donald W. Dee
Richard Allen Dee ’52
Mr. James F. and Mrs. Helen Deegan P’22
Leanna Marie Deegan ’22
Mr. Albert R., Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer Deemer P’17
Ms. Alexa R. Deemer ’17
Ms. Kelly Jo Deemer
Ms. Candace A. Deen
Ms. Doris A. Deen
Mr. Keith C. Deen ’76
Mr. Paul Deery
Amanda DeFalco
Mr. Frank A. DeFazio P.E. ’49*
Ms. Melanie L. DeFazio ’11
Mr. Kevin A. DeFeo ’92
Mr. Anthony Thomas DeFilippo
Ms. Margaret A. Defilippo ’07
Ms. Emily Defnet ’13
Ms. Jennifer Defnet P’13
Mr. Benjamin M. DeForest ’16
Mr. Kyle S. ’09 and Mrs. Elina R. ’10 DeFranceschi
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. DeFrancesco
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Mary Jo DeFranco P’17
Mr. Brian J. DeFranco ’02
Mr. Felix and Mrs. Josephine DeFranco
Ms. Julia N. DeFranco ’17
Ms. Margaret DeFranco
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DeFranco
Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeFuccio
Mr. William and Mrs. Mary A. DeFusco
Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeGennaro
Mr. Stephen Degnen
Ms. Anne C. deGot
Ms. Dolcie L. DeGrandchamp ’15
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Gina M. DeGreenia
Dr. Michael DeGregorio ’05
Mr. Michael A. Degrottole
Mr. Robert and Ms. Beverly A. DeHaas
Dr. Phillip A. ’93 and Mrs. Tanuja Majumdar ’93 Dehne
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Dehne ’64
Mr. Connar Trenton Dehnert ’19
Mr. Keith R. and Mrs. Janet L. Dehnert P’19
Ms. Kirsten M. Dehnert ’07
Mr. John H. DeHoff and Ms. Lucy Horton
Mr. Jeffrey A. and Mrs. Melisa A. Dehon
Max Henry Dehon
Ms. Shannon A. DeHont ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. DeHope ’74
Dr. Danielle M. DeHoratius ’96
Mr. Dan Grove Deibler ’66 and Ms. Catherine E. Johnson
Ms. Stephanie N. Deigan ’90
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Leigh H. Deignan
Ms. Margaret Sophia Deignan ’19
Mr. Joseph and Ms. Mary M. Deignan
Dr. Michael J. and Mrs. Katharine Deignan P’19
Mr. Jacob D. ’12 and Mrs. Melissa Foley ’12 Dein
Mr. Richard A. and Mrs. Diane Dein P’12
Mr. Constantine S. Deir ’14
Mr. Lee K. and Mrs. Elizabeth Deiseroth P’12
Mr. David A. and Mrs. Eve E. Deitch P’13
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Deitch ’85
Mrs. Joan Stephenson Deitch
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Deitch
Ms. Leah K. Deitch ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Deitchman
Mr. James E., Jr. ’92 and Mrs. Jennifer White ’82 Deiter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Deitrick Jr. ’87
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Kelly Deitz
Dr. Andrew J. and Mrs. Patricia G. DeJoseph P’13
Ms. Lisa M. DeJoseph ’13
Mr. Andrew J. Del Col
Mr. John V. and Mrs. Kathleen Del Col P’15
Ms. Lavonne A. Del Col
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Leslie A. Del Col
Ms. Margaret R. Del Col ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Del Col
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Del Col
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Del Gatto
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro ’82
Mr. Nicholas J. Del Pizzo III ’90
Mr. Charles and Mrs. K. Mavourneen Del Priore P’20
Dulcie Anne Del Priore ’20
Mr. Kyle A. ’05 and Ms. Alexandra P. ’05 DeLabar
Mr. Francis T. and Mrs. Christine M. Delahanty P’19
Ms. Theresa Nicole Delahanty ’19
Mr. Stephen F. Delahunty ’87
Mrs. Jennifer B. DeLalio ’98
Ms. Adrianna W. Delamater ’02
Ms. Kirkland Graham DeLaney ’82
Mr. Robert C . Delaney ’12
Mr. Robert V. Delaney and Ms. Pamela J. Craig P’12
Ms. Shannon J. Delaney ’15
Mr. Kevin C. Delano ’17
Mr. Richard L. and Mrs. Linda R. Delano P’17
Mr. Gregory E. deLaski ’14
Mrs. Linda Grebe DeLaurentis ’81
Delaware & Lehigh National
Ms. Tess J. Delbyck ’12
Mr. Charles M. Delehey ’85
Mr. Craig D. DeLeo ’96
Dr. David B. DeLeo ’66
Mr. John A. Delfausse ’69
Mr. Julian N. Delgado ’15
Mr. Brady C. D’Elia ’94
Ms. Denila Deliallisi ’09
Mr. B. Spencer Delin ’66
Mr. Ian C. Dell ’10
Ms. Francine K. Della Badia ’91
Mrs. Janet M. Dell’Alba W’38
Ms. Danielle A. Dellinger ’11
Mrs. Emily Gillespie Dellinger ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Todd S. Dellinger P’11
Mrs. Jessie Dello Russo ’14
Ms. Danyelle Dell’Olio ’11
Mr. Vito P. and Mrs. Camille Dell’Olio P’11
Mr. Kenneth D. Dellovade ’16
Mr. Kenneth T. and Mrs. Joyce L. Dellovade P’16
Mrs. Patti Dellovade
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. DeLong
Mr. Nathan A. DeLong ’04
Jennifer DeLongis ’20
Ms. Laura R. DeLongis
Mr. Mark S. and Mrs. Christine R. DeLongis P’20
Mr. Paul J. DeLongis
Mrs. Rosemarie DeLongis
Mr. Joseph A. Delorie ’69
Dr. Amanda E. DeLoureiro ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Delsener P’14
Ms. Kathleen S. Delsener ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Delsing
Delta Kappa Epsilon Alumni
Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
Delta Upsilon Fraternity
Mr. Daniel G. DeLuca ’13
Ms. Emily S. DeLuca ’11
Mr. Paul J. DeLuca ’83
Mr. Marco DeLuise ’86
Mr. Frank DelVecchio
Mr. Peter G. Demakos ’74
Ms. Jennifer C. DeMarco ’86
Mr. Richard C. DeMarco ’89
Mr. Vincent R. DeMarco ’17
Mr. Craig S. ’93 and Ms. Christine Sieling ’94 Demareski
Ms. Kristine M. Demareski ’89
Mr. Roger A. Demareski and Ms. Kristine V. Ryan P’23
Mr. David G. DeMaria ’81
Ms. Margaret DeMaria
Dr. Peter A. DeMaria Jr. ’80
Dr. John W., Jr. and Mrs. Alexandra P. DeMarino P’20
Kathleen DeMarino ’20
Mr. and Mrs. John A. DeMario
Samantha DeMarse ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. DeMartino, Jr.
Timothy E., Esq. ’88 and Mrs. Karin A. DeMasi
Mr. Steven A. DeMatteo
Mr. Brian ’94 and Mrs. Lynna Demay
Mr. Peter J. Dembergh ’69
Ms. Olivia C. Dembiec ’18
Mr. Daniel R. and Mrs. Ana E.DeMeo P’15
Ms. Holly Marcin Demeritt ’91
Mr. Peter E. Demers ’85
Mr. John and Mrs. Irene P. Demezzo
Ms. Stacey Weiss DeMichele ’87
Ms. Selin Demirler ’16
Ms. Alexandra S. deMoncada ’15
Mr. Richard S. and Mrs. Laura deMoncada P’15
Ms. Bernadette P. Dempsey
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Carol A. Dempsey
Mr. Corey M. Dempsey ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Dempsey
Mr. Jonathan T. Dempsey ’15
Ms. Michele Dempsey Cunningham ’94
Dr. Thomas A. Dempsey ’87
Mr. Matthew R. Dempsky ’10
Mr. John A. Dempwolf Jr. ’56
Mr. Bradford H. Demsky ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory DeNardo
Ms. Camille DeNardo
Mr. Louis Denardo
Dr. Leonard A. DenBleyker and Dr. Janice L. Prontnicki P’20
Margaret DenBleyker ’20
Mr. Preston A. Denby ’65
Mr. Thomas and Ms. Abbie Holcomb Deneen
Mr. David Denenberg ’63
Ms. Susan Denenholz ’74
Mrs. Alexandra R. DeNero ’08
Ms. Austin R. Denesuk ’14
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Pamela R. Sarkisian Denesuk P’14
Ms. Jena Newman Dengrove ’04
Mr. William S. Denham ’65
Ms. Carolyn Rodichok Denier ’02
Ms. Susan B. Denious
Mr. Thomas J. Denitzio Jr. ’72
Ms. Annmarie Dennehy ’09
Mr. Edward K. Dennehy and Ms. Anna M. Scaglione-Dennehy P’19
Ms. Francine Louise Dennehy ’19
Ms. Ruth R. Dennehy ’12
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Mafalda Rita Dennett
Mr. Thomas L. Denney ’48
Mr. Richard J. and Mrs. Judith A. Denning
Ms. Molly Phelan Dennis ’01
Mr. Scott W. Dennis ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Dennis P’07
Mr. Gregory T. ’93 and Mrs. Kim Gronquist ’94 Dennison
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Joy F. Denomme
Mrs. Bernadette Kearney Denson ’86
Mr. Bruce D. Dent ’62*
Emily M. Dentinger ’20
Mr. Frederick J. Denton ’10
Ms. Wendy Denton
Mr. David R. Denzler ’61
Mr. Premraj S. Deoraj ’15
Mr. Christopher D. and Mrs. Laura L. Deorocki P’18
Mr. Matthew L. Deorocki ’18
Mr. Evan C. ’84 and Mrs. Joan Deoul
Mr. Vincent R. DePalma ’79
Ms. Katherine L. DePaolis ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Peter De Paolis ’71 P’18
Mr. Michael DePaolo Jr. ’18
Dr. Michael S., Sr. and Mrs. Jody A.DePaolo P’18
Mr. Vincent A. DePasquale ’10
Mr. Ryan R. Depathy ’08
Ms. Denise Marra DePekary ’90
Mr. John M. and Mrs. Mary B. Depenbrock P’13
Ms. Julie M. Depenbrock ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. DePetris
Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Depew ’79
Ms. Joelle L. DePietro
Mr. Matthew P. and Mrs. Mary J. DePietro P’16
Mr. Robert M. DePietro ’16
Dr. ad Mrs. Peter Deplas
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeRaffele
Mr. Stefano A. Derasmo ’04
Mr. Raymond J. DeRaymond
Mrs. Sara Stollar Deren ’97
Mr. Richard N. DeRenzis
Ms. Robyn F. DeRespinis ’03
Christopher C. Derivaux M.D. ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Dermott Jr.
Mr. Daniel P. DeRoner ’71
Mr. John and Mrs. Anne DeRosa
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Derosa P’12
Mr. Nicholas A. DeRosa ’12
Mr. Timothy J. Derosier ’03
Mrs. Kathryn Derr
Ms. Marianne T. Derr
Mr. Samuel W. Derrick ’10
Ms. Carly D’Errico
Ms. Christine L. Derse ’78
Mr. Steven W. and Mrs. Karen A.DeSalva P’11
Mr. Carmine, Jr. ’85 and Mrs. Michelle R. DeSantis
Dr. Joseph A. DeSanto ’89
Ms. Kirsten DeSanto
Mr. Gordon DesBrisay
Mr. Carl W. Desch Jr. ’71
Mr. Daniel M. DeSena ’14
Mr. Keith V. and Mrs. Teresa DeSena P’14
Mr. Peter A. deSherbinin ’72*
Mr. Louis W. Desi Jr. ’75
Ms. Jonna N. DeSimone ’99
Mr. Patrick Desimone
Mr. Timothy J. Desko
Mr. Peter F. and Ms. Amy Blumenthal ’77 Desmond P’06’10
Mr. and Mrs. Colm A. Desmond
Mr. Karl C. Desmond ’10
Ms. Kate Desmond
Ms. Lynne P. Desmond ’06
Mr. Marc E. Desmond ’10
Mr. John J. ’86 and Ms. Joette Marks ’86 Desposito
Mr. Guy D. Dess
Mr. Yishak Abraham Desta ’19
Mr. Carmine DeStefano and Ms. Laurie H. Adler P’15
Ms. Daniela S. DeStefano ’15
Mr. Joseph William DeStefano ’19
Mr. Kenneth J. and Mrs. Carol A. DeStefano P’19
Ms. Suzanne Shirey Detar ’88
Ms. Christine M. Detjen ’85
Mr. Edward M. Detmer ’08
Mr. John P. Detmer ’14
Ms. Katherine E. Detterline ’98
Dr. Robert E. Detweiler ’61
Ms. Maya E. Detwiller ’18
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Caitlin E. Detzel
Ms. Barbara J. Deuber
Ms. Amanda M. Deusenbery ’01
Ms. Jessica C. Deutsch ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Deutsch II P’15
Lois Deutsch Estate
Ms. Laura A. Devan ’90
Ms. Mary M. Devane ’88
Ms. Elizabeth N. Devaney ’11
Mr. Robert deVente ’67
Mr. Jonathan W. Dever ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Dever P’13
Ms. Noreen Dever
Ms. Jane Devereaux Luscombe ’90
Ms. Sarah J. Devery ’15
Ms. Alyssa Sherry Devin ’19
Mr. Anthony and Ms. Patricia DeVincenzo
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Devine
Mr. Edward F. Devine Jr.
Mr. James R. DeVita ’71
Ms. Lauren A. DeVita ’06
Mr. Salvatore and Mrs. Carol Ann DeVito
Mr. Kevin L. DeVito ’04
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Lucy F. DeVito
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. DeVito
Abigail Grace Devlin ’22
Ms. Catherine A. Devlin ’04
Mr. Gerard M. Devlin ’72
Mr. Jack R. and Mrs. Christina D. Devlin P’22
Mr. Jason R. Devlin ’15
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Devlin ’56 P’81’82’85 GP’12’14
Mr. John G. ’81 and Mrs. Margarette Hickey ’82 Devlin P’12’14
Ms. Megan D. Devlin ’12
Mr. Robert D. and Mrs. Sandra Devlin P’15
Mr. David J. DeVries ’66
Mr. Roelof H. ’81 and Mrs. Leslie McMackin ’83 deVries
Mr. Mark W. Dewalt ’79
Mr. Harold Dewaltoff Jr. ’68
Mr. Theodore A. DeWeese ’15
Dr. Theodore L. and Mrs. Bonny S. DeWeese P’15
Mr. John M. and Mrs. Dorothy Ives ’85 Dewey
Ms. Kyla M. Dewey ’18
Mr. Thomas L. and Mrs. Maureen E. Dewey P’18
Ms. Dorothy C. DeWitt
Ms. Ivy L. Dewitt ’14
Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation
Mrs. Charlotte T. DeYesso ’90
Mr. Eddie and Mrs. Misty Deyo
D’Huy Engineering Inc.
Ms. Katarina M. Di Lillo ’18
Mr. William and Mrs. Lucille Di Maio
Mr. Paul J. and Mrs. Theresa Di Maio P’20
Samantha Di Maio ’20
Mr. Michael J. Di Paola ’08
Mr.* and Mrs. Paul F. Di Paola
Mr. Jeffrey M. Di Stasi ’99
Mr. Jeffrey R. Diacik ’83
Mr. Ousmane Diagne ’98
Mr. Christopher C. and Mrs. Mary B. Diamantides P’20
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Alice B. Diamond
Mr. Christopher M. Diamond ’11
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Diamond
Mr. Joseph I. Diamond Jr. ’51*
Mr. Robert S. Diamond ’73
Mr. Robert C. Diamond P’11
Mr. Thomas D. Diamond ’50*
Dianne A. Whitfield-Locke, DDS, PC
Ms. Lysa A. Diarra ’18
Mr. Eduardo F. Diaz ’10 and Mrs. Ines Amenabar Cordon ’11
Ms. Jaclyn R. Diaz ’15
Mr. Nathan M. Diaz ’15
Dr. Nicholas A. Diaz ’09
Dr. Victor Diaz-Gonzalez ’86 and Dr. Aixa M. Rodriguez-Mariani
Ms. Ayari L. Diaz-Kelly ’16
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Dibbell ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. DiBiase ’83
Mr. Daniel M. DiCarlo III ’93
Mr. Frank and Ms. Maria DiCicco
Ryan Dickens ’21
Mr. John D. Dickenson ’96
Mr. James W. ’85 and Mrs. Mandy Shane ’84 Dicker ’84 P’18’22
Mr. Matthew S. Dicker ’18
Mr. William B. Dickerson ’52*
Mr. William Woodward Dickerson ’65
Mr. George H. Dickert ’51
Mr. Warren Dickert Jr.
Mr. Ronnie A. and Mrs. Ruth D. Dickey P’18
Mr. Russell R. ’74 and Mrs. Lora Jo Dickhart
Mr. Gregory H. Dickinson ’14
Mrs. Regan S. Dickinson ’98
Mr. Andrew Miles Dickson
Mr. Ian R. Dickson ’16
Dr.* and Mrs. James F. Dickson Jr. ’60
Mr. Stuart G. Dickson ’97
Ms. Deanna M. DiCroce ’13
Ms. Susan Y. DiCroce P’13
Ms. Jennifer Lawlor Diczok ’96
Mr. Jeffrey F. and Mrs. Jennifer L. Didio P’18
Ms. Jenna R. Didio ’18
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Anne C. DiDomenico
Ms. Anne DiDonnerico
Ms. Louisa D. Dieck ’82
Mr. Barret C. Diefenderfer ’02
Mr. Mark L. Diefenderfer ’80
Mr. Richard H. Diego ’17
Mr. Richard A. and Mrs. Diana Maria Diego P’17
Mr. Christopher K. ’01 and Ms. Sara Viehman ’01 Diehl
Dr. Daniel L. Diehl ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Diehm Jr.
Dr. Robert G. Diener ’53
Mr. Gerald A. Dienst ’61
Ms. Lindsey J. Dier ’14
Mr. Brian R. Dierze ’16
Ms. Nicole Dieterich ’13
Ms. Gwyn Edwards Dieterle ’84
Ms. Helen Dieterly
Ms. Kathryn I. Dietrich ’08
Mr. Frank E. Dietrick ’50*
Mr. Alvin W. ’73 and Ms. Linda Cubberly ’74 Dietz
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Dietz ’73 P’06
Mr. David W. Dietz ’61 and Ms. Jane A. Kendall
Mr. David F. Dietz
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Dietz
Mr. Gregory J. Dietz ’13
Mr. Jacob W. Dietz ’16
Mr. James E. Dietz ’02
Mr. William N. ’06 and Mrs. Kristan Lucas ’06 Dietz
Mr. Michael W. Dietzsch ’92
Mr. Andrew J. DiFazio ’02
Ms. Danielle T. DiFede ’10
Ms. Sharon DiFelice ’84
Mr. Samuel B. Diffendall ’16
Mrs. Sarah M. DiGiacomo ’92
Mr. Thomas A. DiGiovanni ’96 and Ms. Amy P. Ahart ’97
Dr. Michael T. DiGirolamo ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. DiGirolamo
Mrs. Lauren Adinolfi DiGovanni ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. DiGuglielmo P’21
Digz 4 Dignity Inc.
Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Lisa M. DiLemme P’21
Mr. Daniel T. and Mrs. Sharon R. Dileo P’14
Ms. Danielle T. Dileo ’14
Mr. Frank D. DiLeo ’75
Mr. Mike DiLeo
Mr. Gregory R. Dill ’92
Mr. Maynard R. Dill ’55
Ms. Jane A. Dille
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Rosemarie Dille
Ms. Alice Dillon
Mr. James E. ’75 and Dr. Robin Sleigh ’77 Dillon
Mrs. Jill D. Dillon W’51 P’91
Mrs. Sandra Grant Dillon ’84
Mr. Edward Powers and Mrs. Bridget Dillon-Powers
Mr. Simon M. Dilmanian ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Dilworth ’59
Mr. Mark J. DiMaggio ’86
Mr. William and Mrs. Carol A. DiMaio
Mr. Mark A. DiMaio ’84
Adrianna Joyce DiMarco ’20
Mr. Anthony C. ’98 and Mrs. Brooke Mayer ’00 DiMarco
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Joyce DiMarco P’20
Mr. and Mrs. Frank DiMartino
Mr. David DiMatteo
Mr. Steven A. ’02 and Ms. Anne Neumesiter ’03 DiMauro
Ms. Anna Bevilacqua Dime ’86
Mr. Luigi and Mrs. Susan Dimeglio
Mr. John DiMemmo ’56
Ms. Melissa A. DiMemmo ’92
Mr. Ronald C. Diment ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. DiMento
Mr. Anthony Dimick
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Patricia L. Dimick
Mr. Paul S. ’05 and Ms. Trisha Slemmer ’04 Dimick
Mrs. Courtney Miller Dimiero ’99
Mr. Ivan D. Dimitrov ’10
Mr. Phillip T. Dimitrov ’04
Mr. Gary B. Dimmick ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Dimmick ’71 P’08
Mr. Peter H. ’08 and Mrs. Jessica Haase ’07 Dimmick
Mrs. Silvia Veltcheva Dimov ’03
Mr. Russell P. ’07 and Mrs. Meghan Morel ’07 Dinardi
Ms. Margaret Dineen ’82
Ms. Julia A. Dinella ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Dinella ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Roger P. Dinella P’84
Ms. Zhukan Ding ’11
Mr. Michael R. and Mrs. Nancy E. Dingelstedt P’22
Mr. Ronald F. Dinger Sr. ’57*
Mr. Thomas E. Dinger ’76
Ms. Alana F. Dingman ’13
Mr. Brian M. and Mrs. Catherine W. Dingman P’13
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Pamela L. DiNicola
Mr. Nicholas J. DiNino ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Dobromir Dinkov
Mr. Robert B. Dinnerman ’63
Dinsmore Capital Management Co
Aziz Idris Diomande ’22
Mr. Norman Richard Dion ’56*
Mr. John P. ’88 and Mrs. Debra N. ’88 Dionis
Mr. Chris A. Dionisio ’10
Mr. Seth Diorio
Ms. Terri Ann Diorio ’76
Ms. Jacquelyn DiOttavio
Mr. Mark Joseph DiPaola Jr. ’19
Mr. Mark J., Sr. and Mrs. Lynn S. DiPaola P’19
Rev. Joseph F. ’83 and Mrs. Susan M. ’83 DiPaolo
Mr. Thomas A. DiPaolo ’86
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Catherine E. DiPasquale
Mr. Peter and Ms. Karen E. Dipersia
Mr. Scott A. DiPette ’10
Mr. Carl J. DiPiazza ’81
Ms. Kathleen DiPietro
Mr. Michael D. DiPietro ’12
Mr. Marc L. Dipipi ’77
Mr. Alexander D. Dippel ’96
Ms. Marie Janton DiPrinzio
Ms. Candace N. Dipsey ’13
Ms. Casey R. Dipsey ’13
Mrs. Mary Swick DiRenna ’09
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Susan A. Diruggiero
Ms. Elizabeth R. DiSabatino ’16
Mr. Thomas P. and Mrs. Sara Jean DiSabatino P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. DiSalvo ’72
Mr. Joseph M. and Mrs. Lisa M.* DiSalvo P’14
Mrs. Lisa M. DiSalvo*
Ms. Daniela M. DiSandro ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. DiSanti
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Geraldine A. DiSantis
Ms. Geraldine A. DiSantis
Ms. Alison R. Disbrow ’08
Mr. Stephen J. Discepola ’07
Mr. Alexander H. Diss ’10
Mr. Gaylor E. Dissinger ’68*
Mr. Randy DiTata
Mr. Dennis Arnold and Ms. Donna R. Ditchik-Arnold
Mr. William H. Ditenhafer Jr. ’62
Ms. Katherine M. Powell Dithmer ’03
DiTomasso Excavating, LTD.
Ms. Judy Dittmann P’15
Maura Filomena Diventura ’21
Mr. Mauro and Mrs. Donna M. DiVentura P’21
Mr. Charles A. Divine Jr. ’54
Mr. Bruce A. Dixon ’87
Ms. Courtney E. Dixon ’08
Dr. Deborah E. Dixon ’79
Mr. Demetrius S. Dixon ’15
Mr. Dwight H. Dixon
Mr. Frederick E. Dixon
Ms. Kitsy M. Dixon
Mr. Maxwell T. Dixon ’16
Mr. Nathan J. Dixon ’11
Mr. Nathan R. and Mrs. Patricia M. Dixon P’19
Mr. Thomas A. Dixon and Ms. Ann L. Hamilton-Dixon P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Lee Dixon P’16
Mr. Troy Thomas Dixon ’19
Mr. William W. Dixon ’17
Ms. Edythe M. Dixson
Mr. Brett J. Djaha ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Djaha
Mr. Erkin A. and Mrs. Fatme M. Djindjieva P’13
Mr. Mahmoud E. Djindjiev ’13
Ms. Chinh H. Do ’10
Dr. Nhat-Khai N. Do ’98
The Do Gooders
Ms. Oanh P. Doan ’18
Mr. Roland Doan Jr. ’50 P’81
Dr. Dean I. Dobbin ’65
Mr. Barry C. ’00 and Ms. Lindsay Brown ’01 Dobil
Mr. Robert T. Doble Sr. ’69
Mr. Paul D. Dobrowsky Jr. ’13
Mr. Paul D. Dobrowsky and Ms. Elizabeth M. Donnelly P’13
Ms. Brittany Elizabeth Dobson ’19
Mr. Christopher M. Dobson ’94
Mr. Sean P. Dobson ’14
Mr. Troy and Mrs. Debbie Dobson P’19
Mr. Eric S. Docknevich ’13
Mr. Allen I. Dodd ’74
Dr. Gerald D. Dodd Jr. ’45*
Mr. Mark A. Dodd II ’16
Mr. Mark A. and Mrs. Rebecca A. Dodd P’16
Mr. Ross N. Dodd ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Dodds P’15
Mr. Ryan M. Dodds ’15
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dodds Jr. ’74
Mr. Charles Dodge Jr. ’95
Mr. Hayden L. Dodge ’19
Dr. John R. and Mrs. Leslie B. Dodge P’19
Mr. Joshua A. Dodick-Sperber ’15
Ms. Betty A. Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Dodson
Ms. Larissa Dodson-Bush ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph O. Doederlein ’55
Ms. Mary Lou Dohaney
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dohaney
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Brenda Doherty
Mr. Edward D. Doherty ’57
Ms. Hannah Katherine Doherty ’19
Mr. James Kyle Doherty ’19
Ms. Lorraine A. Hale and Mr. John H. Doherty P’19
Ms. Mary C. Doherty
Mr. Patrick O. Doherty ’04 and Ms. Kristen F. Cahill ’04
Mr.* and Mrs. Paul S. Doherty ’39
Mr. Paul S. Doherty III ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Doherty Jr.
Mr. Robert H. ’82 and Mrs. Laura Gay ’82 Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Dojan ’51
Mr. James and Mrs. Amy Nobles Dolan
Mrs. Coreen C. Dolan ’95
Mr. James A. Dolan ’64*
Ms. Marie D. Whelan Dolan ’82
Mr. Patrick E. ’93 and Mrs. Kimberly Massih ’93 Dolan
Mr. Werner Hildebrand and Ms. Shannon K. Dolan
Ms. Amanda S. Dolber ’12
Mr. Robert M. Dolber and Mrs. Francine Mintzer-Dolber P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dole III
Mr. Walter Doleschal ’62
Ms. Jeanette Stoffers Dolfi ’99
Mr. Michael V. D’Olio ’14
Mr. Michael A. and Mrs. Maryann E. D’Olio P’14
Ms. Jamie L. Dollinger ’91
Mr. John B. Dolph ’51
Mr. Kenneth S. Dolph ’48
Mr. Thomas J. Dolphin ’79
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Louise M. Dolson
Domani Grill Inc DBA Bensi Hillsdale
Ms. Claire Luthin Domark ’92
Mr. Michael P. Dombo ’94
Ms. Tracy White Domico ’84
Ms. Michelle Domingo
Mr. David A. Dominguez ’09
Mr. Dennis A. and Mrs. Nancy Dominguez P’11
Mr. Michael A. Dominguez ’07
Mr. Philip A. Dominguez ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dominick
Mr. Jerome Dominus ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Dommerich
Dr. Christopher M. Domush ’91
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Domush ’63 P’91
Don Juan Mex Grill
Mr. Allen W. Donahower ’55
Mr. Bill Donahue
Mr. Michael J. Donahue ’85
Dr. Patricia A. Donahue and Mr. Michael E. Garst
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Patricia Y. Donahue
Donald & Elizabeth Cooke Foundation
Donald C. Thiel Jr. D.M.D. P.A.
Donald J. Baker, M.D., L.L.C.
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Donaldson ’70
Mr. Rasheim J. Donaldson ’06
Mr. Mark and Ms. Sarah Donaldson
Richard Kennerley Donati ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Donato P’16’18’22
Mr. Christopher J. Donato Jr. ’18
Ms. Daria N. Donato ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Donato
Mr. Anthony J., III and Mrs. Diane Donatoni P’14
Mr. Tom Donatucci
Ms. Sharon L. Donegan ’81
Ms. Audrey J. Donellan
Mr. Christopher W. Doney ’07
Ms. Cara M. Donleavy ’12
Ms. Jenna M. Donleavy ’14
Mr. John J. ’78 and Mrs. Mary Ella Donleavy P’12’14
Mr. Thomas E. and Ms. Cynthia Stephens ’75 Donley P’05
Mr. Barry and Mrs. Lori Ann Donmoyer
Ms. Mary O’Dowd Donnellan ’83
Mr. Adam J. Donnelly ’05
Mr. C. Michael Donnelly Jr. ’72
Mr. Daniel J. Donnelly ’85
Mr. James J. Donnelly ’83
Ms. Louise Donnelly
Mr. Michael T. Donnelly ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Donnelly P’18
Patrick L. Donnelly, Esq. ’84
Mr. Peter H. Donnelly ’74
Mr. Robert C. Donnelly Jr. ’56
Mrs. Suzan M. Donnelly
Mr. Christopher T. Donofrio ’10
Dr. David S. Donofrio ’63
Ms. Michelle M. Donofrio ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Donofrio ’71 P’97 ’99 ’08
Mr. Michael A. and Mrs. Beverly H. D’Onofrio P’22
Nicholas John D’Onofrio ’22
Mrs. Abigail R. Donohoe ’04
Miss Kerry N. Donohue ’14
Mrs. Kristen Kenney Donohue ’90
Ms. Mary Smedley Donohue ’89
Ms. Meghan Elizabeth Donohue ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Donohue, Jr. P’19
Mr. Morgan W. Donohue ’14
Ms. Patricia A. Donohue ’89
Mr. Patrick S. Donohue ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Donohue P’08
Dr. Thomas J. and Mrs. Susan W. Donohue P’16
Ms. Valerie Caryn Donohue
Mr. Scott Bluekens and Ms. Annabelle Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Donovan
Mrs. Carol A. Donovan
Mr. Edward J. Donovan III ’64
Mr. John T. Donovan ’89
Mr. Matthew J. ’90 and Ms. Christina Conti ’90 Donovan
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Nancy R. Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph E. Donovan
Mr. William J. Donovan ’66
Dr. Peter J. Donovick ’61
Mr. Brandon J. Doodian ’15
Mr. Andras T. Doolittle ’17
Ms. Cheryl Ann Doolittle P’17
Dr. David B. Doolittle ’73
Mr. William H. Doonan and Ms. Julie P. Johnson P’20
Mr. Thomas A. Dooner ’87
Mr. Abdul Q. Dopson ’14
Mr. Dana A. Doran ’96
Mr. Kyle J. Doran ’08
Ms. Lisa M. Doran
Dr. Stephen E. D’Orazio ’84
Mr. Benjamin E. ’07 and Mrs. Kaydence Cowley ’07 Doremus
Dr. Mark L. Graham, II and Laneta J. Dorflinger, Ph.D. ’75 Hon.D.’17
Mr. Martin S. Dorfman ’44*
Dr. William N. Dorfman ’64
Mrs. Lillian D. Dorian P’79*
Mr. Andrew P. Dorman
Mr. Michael Levy and Ms. Christine A. Dorman
Mrs. Marylou B. Dorman W’61
Dr. Michael A. Dorman ’83
Mr. Robert A. Dorn
Ms. Stacey E. Dorn ’12
Ryan Joseph Dorneo ’22
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Stacy Dorner P’15
Mr. Shane T. Dorner ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Dorney
Mr. Thomas B. Dorney ’10
Ms. Jaclyn M. Dornfeld ’14
Mr. Jay Stuart and Mrs. Susan Dornfeld P’14
Ms. Julianna M. Dorozynsky ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Dorph P’19
Mr. Stephen E. ’00 and Mrs. Sherry Dorsch
Mr. James E. Dorsey ’13
Dr. John F. Dorsey and Dr. Mary A. Ingram P’13
Ms. Kristen E. Dorsey ’07
Mrs. Melanie Norman Dorsey ’94
Ms. Stephanie N. Dorsey-Boatman ’04
Mr. Grant H. Dorwart ’63
Mr. Jason G. Dorwart ’95
Mr. Robert E. Dostert ’92
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Anne B. Doty
Mr.* and Mrs. Charles R. Doty Jr. ’57
Mr. Kevin N. Doty ’13
Mrs. Roberta L. Doty W’57
Mr. Jared T. Doucette ’06
Mr. Peter D. and Mrs. Valerie T. Doucette P’20
Mr. Carlton F. Dougherty ’51*
Ms. Diane-Denise Dougherty ’02
Mr. Michael T. Dougherty ’51
Robin Dougherty
Ms. Taylor B. Dougherty ’13
Mr. Thomas R. Dougherty ’65
Mr. Thomas G. Dougherty ’90
Mr. Thomas S. Dougherty ’91
Mr. James P. Doughty ’90
Mr. Brian J. and Mrs. Nancy K. Douglas P’15
Dr. George H. Douglas ’56
Ms. Karen Holzman Douglas ’86
Mr. William and Ms. Lisa L. Douglas
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Mariam A. Douglas
Ms. Rachel K. Douglas ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Douglas Jr.
Dr. Alexander B. Douglass ’69
Mr. Alexander B. Douglass Jr. ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Douglass III ’63 P’87’90
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Douglass IV ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Douglass P’15
Mr. David W. Douie ’78
Mr. John and Mrs. Dina Doulaveris
Mr. William H. Douthart Jr. ’50*
Mr. Richard T. Doverspike ’84
Mr. Conor J. Dow
Ms. Lauren A. Dow
Dr. David A. Doward ’91
Mr. Frank J. and Mrs. Cindra M. Dowd P’22
Mr. Jack Dowd
Riley Ann Dowd ’22
Mr. Earl L. and Mrs. Angela L. Dowell P’22
Mr. Frank P. Dowling ’53
Ms. Jill Gary Downard ’83
Mr. John A. Downes Jr. ’58
Ms. Laura Bostrom Downes ’82
Mr. David C. Downey
Mr. James E. and Mrs. Tina L. Downey P’12
Ms. Melissa A. Downey ’12
Mr. Michael T. ’84 and Ms. Olivia Costa ’84 Downey
Mr. Daniel Downing
Mr. Derek J. Downing ’04
Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Downing ’51
Brendan William Doyle ’20
Mr. Herbert J. Doyle and Ms. Delia L. Arellano-Doyle P’20
Mr. John P. M. Doyle ’10
Mr. John R. Doyle
Ms. Julie H. Doyle ’13
Mr. Kevin J. ’97 and Ms. Jennifer M. ’97 Doyle
Mr. Kevin B. Doyle ’06
Ms. Monica Sullivan Doyle ’81
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Doyle
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Sharon A. Doyle
Mr. Terrence Doyle ’78
Mr. William C. and Mrs. Nancy Doyle P’20
The Hon. Peter E. Doyne ’73
Ms. Jillian A. Dozier ’13
Mr. John R. Dozsa ’63 P’03
Mr. John M. Drabic Jr. ’83
Mr. Benjamin C. Drabinski ’12
Mr. Philip F. Drach
Ms. Sharon Dragan ’83
Ms. Jacqueline M. Drago ’18
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Danielle Dragone P’21
Mr. Timothy J. ’08 and Mrs. Jennifer K. ’08 Dragone
Mrs. Adel Lomibao Drake ’08
Mr. Benjamin M. Drake ’14
Ms. Donna Lucas Drake ’86
Ms. Elise F. Drake `74
Dr. George H. Drake Jr. ’53
Ms. Katherine A. Dranoff ’09
Ms. Christine C. Draper ’18
Mr. Thomas E. and Mrs. Kelly Z. Draper P’18
Noah Emory Drauschak
Mr. Benjamin H. Draves ’17
Mr. David L. ’07 and Mrs. Laura Shelman ’08 Drechsel
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Drechsel, Sr. P’07
Mr. Terrell and Ms. Kathleen R. Dreger
Ms. Anne C. Drehkoff ’06
Ms. Ana M. Drehwing ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Karl F. Drehwing P’10’13
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Dreibelbis P’09
Ms. Julie L. Drendall ’00
Dylan Lee Drescher ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Dresner
Ms. Ataliah Penina Dressler ’19
Mr. Douglas Dressler
Ms. Jennifer Dressler P’19
Mrs. Maria Caggiano Dressler ’05
Mr. Steven Dressler P’19
Mr. Robert L. Drew ’84
Mr. Reynold M. Drews ’69
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Drexler
The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Fdn
Mr. Barrie Drezner
Ms. Beth Drezner
Ms. Solange Bethart Drigant ’08
Mr. Conner D. Drigotas ’13
Mr. Frank M. and Mrs. Vickie A. Drigotas P’13
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Rosalie Drilling
Mr. David F. Drinkhouse ’52
Mr. W. Bruce Drinkhouse ’50*
Capt. Ian C. ’07 and Mrs. Emily Allen ’06 Driscoll
Ms. Judith B. Driscoll
Mr. David C. Driskell
Mr. Michael H. and Mrs. Amanda H. ’86 Drobac
Kye Drobac
Mr. Richard M. ’86 and Mrs. Lisa Drobner
Dr. William E. Drobnes ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Drosdick ’55
Mr. Austin S. Drucker ’17
Mr. D. Robert Drucker Jr. ’92
Mr. Joseph P. Drucker ’77 and Ms. Kathleen Stoddart-Drucker
Dr. Lauren Finder Drucker ’08
Ms. Mary K. Drucker ’12
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Drucker P’17
Mrs. Barbara A. Druckman W’63
Dr. Charles A. Druckman ’03
Dr. Stephen M. Druckman ’63*
Ms. Samantha R. Druks ’14
Mr. Edward J. Drumm ’78
Mr. Richard T. Drummey ’58*
Mr. Robert E. Drury Jr. ’68
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Dryer ’85
Mr. Melroy S. D’souza ’13
Ms. Yihang Du ’16
Mr. Frank K. Dubar ’54
Mrs. Holly A. Dubbs ’05
Mr. George J. Dubell ’50*
Mr. Stirling R. duBell ’12
Mr. William H. and Mrs. Margaret C. duBell P’12
Ms. Lauren B. Dubinsky ’15
Dr. Markus C. and Mrs. Almut D. Dubischar P’22
Mrs. Kelly M. Dubois ’03
Mr. David A. Dubow ’73
Mr. Thomas R. Dubreuil
Mr. Henry A. Dubroff ’72
Ms. Daniela G. Duca ’09
Mr. Jan Duchoslav ’09
Mr. Jeffrey T. Duck ’12
Mr. Thomas R. and Mrs. Marjorie T. Duck P’12
Mr. Jermaine B. Ducree ’94
Mr. Marc L. and Mrs. Maureen L. Ducret P’21
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Duda Jr.
Rev. Michael J. Duda ’73
Mr. Brian J. Duddy and Ms. Diana Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Dudeck Jr.
Dr. Gary Dudek and Dr. Leslie Algase
Mrs. Martina H. Dudgeon W’27
Mr. F. Allen Dudley ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Duenner
Mr. Douglas C. Duer ’93
Mr. Louis J. Duesing Jr. ’69
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Kimberly A. Duffy
Mrs. Marjorie E. Duffy ’08
Dr. Peter L. Duffy ’76
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Suzanne Duffy
Mr. Bryan F. Dufner ’80
Mr. Edward B. Dufton ’69
Ms. Bani Dugal-Gujral
Ms. Erin S. Duggan ’13
Ms. Janemarie Duh
Dr. Jozsef S. and Dr. Olga Anna Duhl
Dr. Christina Morley Dujnic ’06
Mr. Brian R. Duke ’16
Mr. Morton M. Dukehart ’69
Mr. Lee M. Dula ’01
Mr. Michael Dulac ’63
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Sherry L. Dumais P’13
Mr. Jonathan K. Dumais ’13
Mr. Alan Dumas
Mr. Allan M. Dumas III ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Dumas
Mr. Rafael Fonseca-Benabe and Mrs. Leslie Dumas-Fonseca
Mr. Miles Dumont
Mr. Roland M. Dumont ’48*
The Hon. W. Hunt Dumont ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Dunbar P’10
Mr. Kevin M. Dunbar ’10
Mr. William H. Dunbar ’54*
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Duncan ’80
Dr. James Scott Duncan ’73
Mr. Kenneth S. Duncan ’91
Dr. Melinda Duncan ’87
Mr. Michael S. Duncan ’15
Mr. Timothy P. Duncan ’12
Mr. Sinan Dundar ’15
Ms. Helen V. Dungan
Ms. Leah P. Dungo ’13
Samuel Christian Dunkum
Mr. William C. and Mrs. Sammie A. Dunkum
Ms. Anne L. Dunlap
Mr. Brendan D. Dunlap ’16
Mr. James R. and Mrs. Rebecca A. Dunlap P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dunlap
Mr. Thomas M. Dunlap ’94
Mr. William M. Dunlap ’66
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Dunlavey
Mr. Kyle P. Dunlavey ’10
Mr. Thomas J. Dunleavy ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Dunleavy P’13
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Catherine Dunn P’21
Mr. Colin Dunn
Mr. Gary C. ’88 and Ms. Jennifer Gardner ’88 Dunn
Mr. Jason E. Dunn ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny C.M. Dunn
Mr. Kerry and Mrs. Lori L. Dunn P’17
Ms. Lisa Kendall Dunn ’01
Mrs. Meredith Stedman Dunn ’98
Michael William Dunn ’20
Mr. Richard J. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Dunn
Dr. Ward J. Dunnican ’95*
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dunphy
Mr. Eugenie E. Dunphy
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Dunphy
Ms. Sheila Glynn Dunphy ’90
Ms. Susan Falco Dunphy ’98
Mr. Walter Dunsby
Mr. Jake S. Dunsmore ’15
Mr. Frank L. Dunst ’68
Mr. Michael J. DuPaul
Mr. William E. Dupree III ’80
Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Dupuis ’60
Mr. Ryan J. ’16 and Mrs. Kimberly Goddard ’16 Dupuis
Ms. Amy L. Durcan ’13
Ms. Stacy L. Durcan P’13
Nyla Durdin ’20
Mr.Roger and Ms. Fabienne Dure
Mr. Robert L. Durgan ’64
Mr. Richard T., Jr. ’84 and Ms. Carolyn Hutton ’85 Durgin
Mrs. Barbara Durham
Mr. Richard B. Durham ’11
Mr. Richard M. and Mrs. Joanne Durham P’11
Mr. William H. Durham Jr. ’66
Mr. Randall B. DuRie ’93
Ms. Kathleen Y. Durkan ’14
Mr. Timothy J. and Mrs. Mary Elizabeth M. Durkin P’22
Ms. Virginia K. Durkin ’18
Mr. Allen E. Durling ’60
Ms. Marshell Durnin
Mr. Nathaniel A. Durning ’06
Trey A. Durrah ’20
Ms. Merrilee H. Durrwachter ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. D’Urso
Mr. Ralph K. Durstein III ’74
Mr. Richard C. Durstein ’50
Mr. Christopher M. Duru ’10
Mr. and Mrs. D. Darby Duryea ’72
Ms. Karin Battaglin Dusenbury ’88
Mr. Edward M. ’07 and Ms. Lindsay Bryant ’07 Dutch
Mr. William Russell Dutcher ’68
Ms. Kelly L. Hinkel ’09
Cole Armand Dutton ’22
Mrs. Gina Dutton P’22
Ms. Florence Duvall
Mr. and Mrs. J. Duvall
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Duvall V ’78
Mr. Philip ’81 and Ms. Susan Bollman ’81 Duvall P’12
Mr. Scot A. Duvall ’87
Mr. Gregory J. Duverge ’18
Mr. Juan A. and Mrs. Felicia Duverge P’18
Mr. Anthony F. DuVernois ’09
Mr. Leo P. Dvorak
Ms. Rebecca N. Dvorak ’18
Mr. John ’92 and Mrs. Melissa LaBov ’93 Dweck
Ms. Pearl Dweck
Mr. Stanley T. Dworak ’96
Mrs. Gwendolyn Turner Dwyer ’12
Ms. Nancy L. Dwyer ’03
Mr. William F. Dwyre Jr. ’86
Ms. Nancy Dy
Mr. Hewitt and Mrs. Susan M. Dyall
Mr. James W. Dye Jr. ’57*
Mr. Bradbury Dyer, III ’64
Mr. Bradley P. Dyer ’99
Mr. David P. Dyer ’84
Mr. Neal E. Dyer Jr. ’60*
Mr. Robert C. Dyer ’15
Mrs. Sheila W. Dyer W’60
Ms. Tiffany-Lee C. Dyer ’06
Mr. John A. Dykes ’02
Mr. Daniel J. Dymecki ’16
Mr. Kenneth A. Dynan ’64
Mr. Daniel Dzhurayev ’17
Mr. Steven A. and Mrs. Kristin N. Dzurik
E.J. Grassmann Trust
Ms. Ciera D. Eaddy ’14
Eagle Rock Distributing Company
Mr. Daniel K. Eagleson ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Eagleson P’99
Mr. J. Jeffrey Eakin ’68
Mr. J. Whitney Eakin ’92
Mr. George E. Ealer ’62*
Ms. Misty M. Earisman ’18
Mr. Gregory A. Earle Jr. ’11
Mr. Gregory A. and Mrs. Beverly L. Earle P’11
Keith Anthony Earle Jr. ’20
Dr. Keith A. Earle, Sr. and Dr. Angela R. Hughes-Earle P’20
Mr. Ronald B. Earle
Ms. Catherine V. Earley ’88
Mr. Douglas K. Easterly ’84
Mr. Thomas A. and Mrs. Lisa C. Eastman P’19
Mr. Trent H Eastman ’19
Mr. Richard S. Easton ’60
Mr. Robert W. ’84 and Ms. Amy Merritt ’86 Easton
Easton Cardiovascular Associates, P.C.
Easton Hospital
Easton Rotary Service Foundation
Mr. Benjamin G. Eaton Jr. ’12
Ms. Julia A. Eaton ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Eaton
Ms. Pat Eaton
Ms. Sandra Eaton P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Eatroff ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Eavenson Jr.
Mr. Ryan D. Eavenson ’10
Mr. Glenn C. Ebel ’74
Ms. Danielle Ebenstein ’13
Ms. Joan Eberhard ’75
Mr. Warren Y. Eberlein ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Eberly ’78
Mr. James A. Eberly ’60
Mr. Ralph W. Eberly Jr. ’67
Mr. Frederick P. Ebner ’64*
Mr. Jeffrey E. and Mrs. Vicki O’Connor ’82 Ebner P’21
Ms. Ellen L. Eby P’16
Dr. Angelita A. Ecarma
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Eccher ’65
Mr. Stephen R. Eccles ’87
Mr. Thomas S. Eccles ’51*
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Echan
Ms. Michelle E. Echenique Michel ’14
William Fuller Echeverria ’22
Mr. Michael P. Eck Jr. ’11
Mr. David J. Eckelmann ’13
Mr. George Eckelmann and Ms. Jane F. Engel P’13
Mr. Donald J. Eckenfelder ’62
Mr. Edward G. Ecker ’57
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Felice Ecker
Ms. Ellen M. Eckert ’86
Dr. James J. Eckert ’82
Ms. Lynne M. Eckert
Ms. Patricia M. Eckhardt-Shrope
Mr. Blaine D. and Mrs. Susan M. Eckhart P’21
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Economos P’18
Mr. Theo A. Economos ’18
Economy Restaurant & Bar Supply Co., Inc.
Ms. Audra Eddy
Ms. Avery N. Eddy ’11
Ms. Rethna Eddy ’12
Mr. George F. Edelman ’59
Dr. David R. and Mrs. Susan R. Edelson
Ms. Alexandra F. Edelstein ’10
Mrs. Cathryn Edelstein
Mr. Gary R. Edelstein
Ms. Nancy Eden
Mr. John D. Edgcomb ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Edmondson
Mr. Lloyd S. Edraney ’61
Mr. Thomas L. Edsall ’86 and Ms. Karen J. Detling ’87
Mr. Daniel V. Edson ’68
Ms. Aimee M. Edwards ’15
Mr. Alexander N. Edwards Jr. ’70
Dr. David J. Edwards ’66
Mr. J. Reed Edwards ’09
Mr. James R. Edwards ’62
Mr. Jay Bruce and Mrs. Brenda Edwards P’15
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Edwards
Mr. John T. Edwards ’07
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan P. Edwards
Ms. Loring Chichester Edwards ’90
Mr. Mark R. Edwards ’74
Mrs. Megan Conover Edwards ’97
Col. Robert H. Edwards ’60
Ms. Sara O. Edwards
Edwin M. Lavino Trust
Mr. P. Kirk Effinger ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Egan
Ms. Arlana F. Egan ’11
Ms. Carliss Renald Egan
Ms. Christie D. Egan ’08
Ms. Eileen E. Egan ’92
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Jenny Egan P’11
Ms. Jacqueline E. Egan ’09
James Drury Egan IV ’20
Ms. Janice A. Egan P’20
Ms. Jocelyn A. Egan P’17
Joseph Quentin Egan ’20
Mr. M. David Egan ’62
Mr. Paul B. Egan ’79
Mr. Ryan J. Egan ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Egan
Mrs. Wendy Furrer Egan ’94
Sean Timothy Egger
Ms. Jessica K. Eggers ’17
Mr. Robert B. Eggers ’66*
Mr. Scott A. and Mrs. Robin K. Eggers P’17
Mr. Gregory D. Eggert ’79
Mr. Everett and Mrs. Wynn Egginton
Mr. Michael L. Egleston ’92
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Marion Egliskis
Ms. Alexandra J. Eglow ’17
Dr. Richard L. and Mrs. Mary T. Eglow P’17
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Egolf
Dr. Adekemi O. Egunsola ’09
Ms. Adesewa K. Egunsola ’16
Ms. Adetutu T. Egunsola ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Egunsola P’09’11’16
Mr. Karl D. ’87 and Mrs. Virginia C. ’85 Ehemann
Dr. David M. and Mrs. Mary C. Eherts P’14
Mr. Kevin T. Eherts ’14
Ms. Melissa J. Ehmann ’95
Mr. Donald De Wolfe Ehre ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Ehrenberg
Mr. Stephen P. Ehret ’54*
Mr. Christopher J. Ehrhardt ’18
Mr. Philip Ehrhardt ’65
Dr.* and Mrs. Alvin N. Ehrlich ’56 P’88
Mr. Andrew R. Ehrlich ’12
Mr. Brian E. Ehrlich ’18
Dr. James B. Ehrlich ’76 and Ms. Janet L. Cagen
Dr.* and Mrs. Jerome A. Ehrlich ’43 P’72’76 GP’11’12
Ms. Julie E. Ehrlich ’11
Mrs. Karen B. and Mr. Howard J. Ehrlich P’18
Mr. Matthew Ehrlich
Dr. Mitchell W. Ehrlich ’78
Mr. William Otto Ehrlich ’74
Mr. John T. ’78 and Ms. Tamara Prause ’80 Eicher
Ms. Amy Fletcher Eichhorst ’88
Mr. Andrew A. Eickemeyer ’17
Mr. John H. and Mrs. Penny E. Eickemeyer P’17
Dr. Alec S. Eidelman ’13
Dr. Angela L. Eifert ’96
Helen P. Eiffe
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Eighmy
Mr. Frederick L. Eilts ’79
Mr. Thomas J. Einbecker ’49*
Dr. Kenneth H. Einhorn ’78
Dr. Gilles O. Einstein ’72
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Eisel III
Dr. Edward H. Eisele, III ’63 and Mrs. Lucille D. Coons
Mr. Eric W. Eisen ’75
Howard J. Eisen, M.D.
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Katherine Eisenberg
Mr. Harvey H. Eisenhard Jr. ’51*
Mr. Jim and Mrs. Pamela S. Eisenhour
Dr. Susan A. Eisenman ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Josef Eisinger
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan M. Eisler P’19
Dr. Neil A. Eisler ’74
Mr. William Matthew Eisler ’19
EisnerAmper LLP
Mr. Dudley G. Eisser ’79
Mr. Jason A. Eiswerth ’92
Mr. Stephen Y. Ekema-Agbaw ’07
Rasna Z. Ekra ’20
Mr. Claes L. Eksell ’87
Mr. Karim D. El Hajoui ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Sion Elalouf
Mr. Jonathan D. Elam ’03
Ms. Kaitlin J. Elander ’15
Mr. and Mrs. R. Craig Elander P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Elbert ’55 P’87
Mr. John P. Elberti ’55
Mr. Phillip A. Elbertson ’72
Mrs. Catherine Carson Eldridge ’01
Mr. James A. Eldridge ’58
Mr. William T. Eldridge ’56
Mr. Ryan Christian Elefante ’19
Ms. Deborah Loch Eley ’88
Mr. Michael A. Elgarten ’86
Mr. J. Douglas Elgin ’73
Mrs. Elmer J. Elias W’56
Mrs. Marie G. Elias W’43*
Ms. Rachel C. Elias ’17
Mr. Schawki Y. Milan and Mrs. Mouna Elias-Milan ’80
Mr. Les Smith and Mrs. Deborah Elias-Smith
Ezekiel F. Elin ’20
Ms. Kirsten Elin P’20
Ms. Lauren E. Elkin ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Elkinson
Mr. Lawrence D. Ellenberg ’96
Mr. Michael A. Ellicott ’68
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Vivian C. Ellicott
Ms. Alexandra B. Elling ’16
Mr. and Mrs. George Elling
Dr. Edious K. Elliot ’06 and Ms. Ashley L. Parks-Elliott ’06
Armen S. Elliott
Mr. Charles W. Elliott ’75
Ms. Diane Vollweiler Elliott ’74
Mr. Henry H. Elliott Jr. ’51*
Ms. Jessica A. Elliott ’09
Mr. Michael W. and Mrs. Janet Elliott P’15
Mr. Robert M. Elliott ’11
Mr. Timothy M. Elliott ’15
Ms. Ashley R. Ellis ’16
Mr. Brandon L. ’12 and Mrs. LA A. ’12 Ellis
Mr. Brewster M. Ellis ’70
Mrs. Calvert N. Ellis*
Dr. and Mrs. David Ellis
Mr. David J. Ellis ’12
Mr. Desmond O. and Mrs. Winifred J. Ellis P’11
Mr. Donald A. Ellis ’11
Elizabeth H. Ellis
Mr. Gary S. Ellis ’66
Mr. Gregory G. Ellis ’90
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ellis P’07
Mr. Jonathan S. ’98 and Ms. Melissa Carnahan ’98 Ellis
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Mr. Michael S. Ellis ’14
Mr. Otis B. Ellis ’89
Mr. Robert H. D. Ellis ’54*
Mr. Robert A. and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Ellis P’20
Mr. Roger M. ’07 and Mrs. Rosemary Frias ’08 Ellis
Mrs. Sabrina Ashby Ellis P’12
Ms. Stephanie M. Ellis ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Ellis P’19
Mr. Bruce R. Ellisen and Ms. Luzmila Asqui Cachicatari P’16
Dr.* and Mrs. Norig Ellison ’57
Katherine Elizabeth Ellmaker ’22
Mr. Charles Ellman ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ellman
Mr. William and Mrs. Shirley E. Ellsworth
Mr. Benjamin H. Ellwood ’05
Mr. Robert and Ms. Ada-Louise Elmer
Ms. Helen Elmer
Ms. Katheryn M. Elmer ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Elmer P’11
Ms. Margit Elo ’84
Mr. David L. Elovich ’79
Mr. Rammy A. Elrafei ’16
Mr. Theodore E. Elsasser ’62
Mr. Michael G. Elser ’85
Ms. Nicole M. Elstein ’12
Mr. Robert Elwell ’75
Mrs. Marlene Ely W’76
Mr. Timothy Ely
Mr.* and Mrs. E. Guy Elzey Jr. ’49 P’80’83
Mr. E. Elzey III ’80
Dr. Michael J. Elzinga ’07 and Ms. Bonnie K. Hoy ’07
Mr. Thomas D. Emanski ’05
Mr. Mayer Emanuel ’59
Emanuel Travel Service
Ms. Lia S. Embil ’17
Ava Marie Embry ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Embry P’21
Mr. David C. Emerson ’93
Dr. Kelly A. Emerson ’91
Ms. Margaret E. Emerson ’79
Emerson Charitable Trust
Ms. Allison L. Emery ’96
Ms. Jennifer L. Emery ’92
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kathryn L. Emery
Ms. Lea A. Emery P’17
Mr. Tucker D. Emery ’17
Mr. Walter C. Emery ’68
Mr. Joseph F. Emig ’59
Dr. Joe N. Emily ’76
Mr. Benjamin T. Emm ’10
Emma Willard School
Ms. Allison Emmerich
Mr. John Emmerich
Mr. Donald Emond
Mr. Thomas M. Emory Jr. ’62
Mr. John M. Emptage ’64
Ms. Chelsea Emrick
Ashley Ender ’20
Dr. and Mrs. Peter T. Ender P’20
Mr. and Mrs. William Ender
Endowed Alumni Funds
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Endy
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Enea Jr. P’03’06
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Enea III
Dr. Pasqual J. Enea ’54
Ms. Hristiana E. Eneva ’10
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Barbara Eng
Mr. David and Ms. Elana Eng
Mr. Gregory C. Eng ’87
Mr. Michael A. Eng and Ms. Stephanie G. Samuels P’21
Ms. Nicole J. Eng ’19
Mr. Thomas E. Eng
Mr. David S. and Mrs. Ann S. Engberg P’15
Ms. Katherine E. Engberg ’15
Mrs. Betty Engel
Mrs. Jane D. Engel P’74*
Ms. Mary Edwards Engel ’99
Mr. Richard F. Engel ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Engel ’74 P’10
Mr. William R. Engel ’10
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Engelland ’68 P’97
Mr. Justin J. ’97 and Mrs. Shannon Leib ’99 Engelland
Mr. Jordan Engelman ’59
Mr. Donald G. Engesser ’51*
Mr. Robert D. Engiles ’72
Dr. James M. England ’64
Mr. David A. Engle ’66
Ms. Julika Englert ’88
Dr. Jack E. English ’67
Mr. Jephord A. English ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. English
Mr. Trevor H. English ’01
Ms. Elizabeth H. Engoren ’12
George Andrew Enman ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Enman ’84
Ms. Carly H. Ennis ’12
Mr. Craig J. and Mrs. Renee M. Ennis P’12
Dr. David and Mrs. Laurie M. Ennis P’12
Mr. G. Bradford Ennis
Mr. L. Casey Ennis ’11
Mr. Lawrence K. and Mrs. Sandra M. Ennis P’11
Mrs. Stephanie Krisowaty Ennis ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Pinckney C. Enniss
Ms. Kimberly A. Enoch ’04
Mr. Mark and Dr. Annmarie Pallone ’82 Enos P’15
Mr. Christian D. Enos ’15
Mr. William and Ms. Patricia M. Enright
Ms. Luisa A. Enriquez ’86
Mr. Keith W. Enscoe ’73
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Jean L. Ensor P’16
Mr. James S. Ensor ’16
Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
Ms. Karalyn F. Enz ’13
Mr. Eliot Ephraim P’22
Dr. Gayle R. Ephraim ’86
Dr. Charles E. Epifanio ’66
Ms. Mary L. Episcopo ’12
Dr.* and Mrs. David A. Eppard ’60
Dr. Philip B. Eppard ’67
Mrs. Jennifer Z. Eppensteiner ’06
Ms. Sara K. Epperlein ’94
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Eppinger ’79
Mr. Edward Epple Jr. P’12
Mr. Jon A. ’85 Mrs. Abby Burkholder ’84 Epstein P’14
Dr. Joseph I. Epstein ’40*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Epstein ’65
Leah Epstein ’20
Ms. Lori A. Epstein
Mr. Raymond D. Epstein ’09
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Rebecca Watt Epstein
Mr. Seymour G. Epstein ’55*
Mr. James W. Erario ’16
Mr. Wayne B. Erb ’56
Mr. Joseph T. ’86 and Dr. Irene V. ’86 Erckert
Mr. Thomas Ercolano III ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ercolano Jr.
Dr. Gregory E. and Mrs. Judith M. Erdman P’17
Ms. Mary Kate Erdman
Ms. Olivia C. Erdman ’17
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Erdman
Ms. Barbara B. Erdogan
Mr. Fred E. Erhardt ’51
Dr. Amelia A. Erickson ’76
Ms. Ann B. Erickson ’74
Mr. Christopher C. Erickson ’02
Rev. John D. Erickson ’51*
Mrs. Lorraine S. Erickson W’51
Dr. Stanley A. and Mrs. Olga Erickson P’17
Marat Erikov ’21
Eric Kyle Erkis
Mr. Philip B. Erlanger
Mr. Brian J. Ernenwein ’13
Mr. John P. and Mrs. Nancy L. Ernenwein P’13
Dr. Stephanie M. Ernestus ’09
Mr. Arthur P. Ernst Jr. ’09
Mr. John M. Ernst ’57
Mrs. Karen Griffin ’87 and Mr. Charles A. Ernst IV P’21
Mr. Nicholas C. Ernst ’98
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert Ernst Jr. ’48
Mr. William H. Ernst ’74
Ernst & Young LLP
Mr. Daniel A. Errigo ’02
Mr. Bryan J. Ertz ’11
Mr. David B. Ertz and Mrs. Carol Ryan-Ertz P’11
Ms. Alexandra S. Erwin ’12
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Jill M. Erwin
Mr. Paul C. Erwin and Mrs. Patricia S. Prentis-Erwin P’12
Ms. Susi Erwin
Judge Gerald C. Escala ’57
Mr. Alfredo E. and Mrs. Catherine Escalona P’17L04105094
Mr. Nicholas A. Escalona ’14
Ms. Elena M. Esch ’18
Mr. Scott J. Esckilsen ’14
Mr. Erik D. and Dr. Laura L. Eselius P’22
Mr.* and Mrs. Peter Esherick ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Eshleman
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Eshleman ’59
Ms. Joyce A. Eskwitt
Mr. Drew Esocoff
Mr. Richard Esopi ’99
Mr. Luis M. Espinal Castillo ’17
Mr. Eulogio and Mrs. Lilia Espiritu
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Esposito
Mr. Justin F. Esposito ’07
Ms. Maria E. Esposito
Mrs. Patricia Goetz Esposito ’08
Mr. Christopher J. Esse ’81
Mr. Isaac N. Esseku ’05
Mr. Jonathan M. Esser ’09
Mr. Owen R. Esterly ’86
Mr. Thomas Estes II ’81
Ms. Emily R. Esteve ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Esteve
Mr. Brook B. ’11 and Mrs. Hannah Smock ’11 Estifanos
Mr.* and Mrs. Donald V. Estler ’51*
Mr. Michael M. and Mrs. Stefania C. Estock P’22
Mrs. Bonnie L. Ethun
Ms. Lori R. Ettinger ’15
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Etzbach ’94
Mr. Charles J. and Mrs. Cynthia P. Euler P’17
Mr. Gabriel S. Eusebio Jr. ’11
Ms. Dominique L. Eustace ’10
Julia Rose Eustace ’22
Mr. and Mrs. James Evangelou
Ms. Emily C. Evanko ’16
Mr. M. William Evanko ’60
Mr. Warren J. and Mrs. Jennifer C. Evanko P’20
Ms. Dana L. Evano ’94
Mr. Angus Kain Evans ’19
Ms. Anne M. Evans
Mr. Austin Mitchell Evans ’19
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Carolyn Elliott Evans
Mr. Charles T. Evans and Ms. Cynthia Cook
Mr. Clayton B. Evans ’89
Mr. David M. and Mrs. Susan Evans P’17
Ms. Deanna J. Evans ’13
Ms. Erin Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Evans ’57
Mr. Gordon R. Evans ’64
Mr. J. Keith Evans ’02
Mr. James E. and Mrs. Melinda M. Evans P’17
Ms. Joan Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Evans Jr. ’68
Dr. Joseph B. Evans Jr. ’83
Mrs. Kathryn Evans W’39*
Mr. Keith O. Evans ’76
Ms. Kimberly A. Evans ’18
Mrs. Leigh Ann A. Evans ’89
Mr. James and Mrs. Linda C. Evans
Ms. Margaret G. Evans ’17
Mr. Matthew N. Evans ’14
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Michele L. Evans
Mr. Paul R. and Mrs. Angela A. Evans P’13
Mr. Peter R. Evans ’60
Mr. Peter Stuart and Mrs. Pamela J.K. Evans P’14
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Evans ’78
Mr. Ryan T. Evans ’05
Ms. Sade S. Evans ’17
Ms. Samantha E. Evans ’17
Mr. Thomas B. Evans Jr.
Mrs. Virginia Bitzer Evans ’75
Mr. William J. Evans Jr. ’77
Ms. Elizabeth J. Evashwick ’15
Mr. William T. and Mrs. Ellen D. Evashwick P’15
Ms. Brooke E. Eveler
Ms. Kelley Reilly Evens ’86
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Valerie A. Ever
Mr. Daniel T. Everett ’80
Mr. Dwight E. Everett ’66
Mr. Matthew J. ’98 and Mrs. Rachel Dresher ’00 Everhart
Mr. Melvin R. Everingham ’52*
Mr. Todd M. Everson ’98 and Ms. Holly L. Dowden ’98
Mr. David and Mrs. Elinor Everts
Mr. Joel Every ’56
Elise M. Evinski ’20
Mr. Michael P. ’86 and Ms. Carol Gill ’86 Evinski
Ms. Carolyn Ryder Evje ’00
Mr. Ivan P. Evtimov ’17
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Ewald P’17
Mr. Harold K. Ewald III ’69
Mr. Robert G. Ewald ’17
Mr. Jason C. Ewer ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Ewing, Sr. P’18
Mr. Gerritt L. Ewing Jr. ’74
Ms. Kaitlynn Ewing ’18
Mrs. Mary C. Ewing W’35*
Ms. Emily E. Exton ’09
Mr. Mark Eyerly
Mr. Jeffrey D. Eyestone ’86
Ms. Erica Bowser Eynon ’96
F&G Insurance Agency LLC
F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Richard W. Faas*
Kathy H. Faben
Miss Laura M. Fabian ’08
Ms. Natalie N. Fabian ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Faccenda P’21
Tyler J. Faccenda ’21
Mr. Gerald L. Facciani ’68
Ms. Kayani J. Facey ’14
Mr. Harry Factor
Ms. Tracy Haas Factor ’95
Mr. Alvin and Ms. Diana M. Fadden
Mrs. Elizabeth Huston Fadem ’76
Dr. Gregg R. Fader ’83
Ms. Nada Fadl ’18
Mr. Alvin A. and Mrs. Monica H. Faett P’17
Mr. Andrew A. Faett ’17
Mr. Andrew J. Fagal ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F. Fagal Jr.
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Barbara A. Fagan
Dr. David S. and Mrs. Julie M. Fagan P’20
Mr. John T. Fagan ’59
Mr. Neil and Mrs. Madeleine Weiss Fagan
Mr. Peter J. Fagan ’69
Adetutu Omotomirera Fagbenle
Mr. Edwin J. Fager Jr. ’81
Mr. Paul R. Faglione Jr. ’13
Mr. Mark R. and Mrs. Elizabeth Fahan P’14
Mr. Ryan C. Faherty ’97
Mr. David and Ms. Cynthia Fahey
Mr. James B. and Mrs. Leslie A. Fahey P’14
Ms. Maeve A. Fahey ’14
Mr. Matthew B. Fahey ’85
Mr. Michael B. Fahrney ’78
Ms. Jillian M. Fahy ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Faight
Mr. and Mrs. Scott V. Fainor P’20
Ms. Fayola Imani Fair ’19
Mr. William and Mrs. Judith Fair
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Alice E. Fairfield
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Barbara Fairfield
Mr. Steven F. Fairlie ’91
Ms. Susan E. Fairty-Steinthal ’80 & Mr. Martin B. Steinthal, III
Mr. Igor R. Faiz ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Faiz
Mrs. Caroline F. Fajolle ’98
Mr. Lansing Fake ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Falcinelli
Mr. Alex Falcone
Mr. Benjamin R. Falcone ’16
Mr. John A. Falcone ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Falcone
Ms. Maria I. Falconi ’92
Dr. Robert P. Falconiero ’80
Mr. Douglas L. Falk ’74
Mr. Harvey A. Falk III ’78
Mr. Joshua P. Falk ’18
Ms. Katherine Hahn Falk ’74
Mr. Richard S. and Mrs. Marci E. Falk P’18
Mr. James A. Falkner
Mr. Jerry J. Fall ’75
Mr. Charles E., Jr. ’73 and Ms. Elizabeth Stellar ’75 Fallon
Mr. Francis P. Fallon ’80
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Fallon P’21
Mr. Joseph P. Fallon ’10
Mr. Peter E. Fallon ’55
Mr. Andrew F. Fallone ’09
Mr. Robert J. Fallone ’04 and Ms. Amy E. Polizzano ’08
Ms. Kara L. Falvey ’13
Mr. Michael P. and Mrs. Diane F. Falvey P’13
Mr. Jason Falzon ’95
Mr. Robert J. Familetti Jr. ’90
Ms. Mengjie Fan ’18
Ms. Linlin Fang P’22
Mr. Brian J. and Mrs. Julie E. Fanning P’21
Mr. Thomas F. Fannon Jr. ’78
Mr. Christopher A. Faraci
Mr. John B. and Mrs. Barbara A. Faraci P’19
Mr. Jonathan Faraci ’19
Ms. Theresa M. Faragalli ’11
Mr. Barry J. and Ms. Allison G. Farber P’14
Ms. Hallie S. Farber ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour B. Farber
Mr. Samuel Farber-Kaiser ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fardshisheh
Ms. Munira Fareed ’93
Mr. David B. Farer ’75
Ms. Paula Farese
Mr. Robert M. Fargnoli ’12
Mr. Matthew A. Fargo ’84
Mr. Alexander S. Farina ’15
Dr. and Mrs. Gino A. Farina P’15
Mr. Ronald R. Farina
William B. Farinon ’39 Estate
Mr. John C. Farkas ’03
Mr. Russell P. Farkouh ’66
Ms. Eileen Nelson Farley ’81
Ms. Hilary N. Farley ’11
Mr. Timothy R. Farmer ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Farmer
Ms. Kristen E. Farmer-Vonderheid ’93
Dr. Gabriella Engelhart Farnham ’05
Mr. Adam K. Faroni ’04
Mrs. Verna E. Farr ’80
Mr. Livingston Farrand II ’57
Mr. Jonathan D. Farrar ’07
Mr. Spencer T. Farrar ’91
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Catherine M. Farrell
Mr. David C. Farrell
Mr. Greg Farrell
Mr. James T. Farrell ’41*
Dr. Jay P. Farrell ’67
Mr. Kevin P. Farrell ’08
Ms. Lauren A. Farrell
P. J. Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Farrell P’15
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Shaness Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Farrell
Ms. Denise I. Farrington ’82
Mr. Michael P. Farrington ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Farrington
Ms. Aileen McNamara Farris ’90
Ms. Amy H. Farris ’88
Mr. Anthony J. ’00 and Ms. Jill Licari ’00 Fasano
Mr. John A. Fasano ’12
Mr. Kevin J. Fasano ’15
Mr. Charles H. Fash ’78
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fasoli ’69
Ms. Mallory Fass ’17
Ms. Carolyn A. Fast ’10
Mr. Donald A. Fast ’76
Mr. Jonathan N. Fast ’92
Mr.* and Mrs. Kenneth H. Fast ’51 P’92’94
Mr. Lawrence Roger Fast ’73
Ms. Madelaine M. Fast ’94
Mrs. Sheldon H. Fast W’45
Mr. Thomas M. ’79 and Ms. Mindy Nadel ’82 Fast
Ms. Ann Pisetzner Fatsi ’88
Mr. Rocco S. Fatuova ’88
Dr. Glenn B. Fatzinger ’57
Mr. Robert T. Faulds ’68*
Mr. Daniel A. Faulkenberry ’12
Ms. Amanda Carey Faulkner ’03
Mr. George R. Faulkner ’69
Mrs. Karen Demeo Faulkner ’87
Mr. Sean M. ’96 and Mrs. Kimberly W. ’09 Faulkner
Mr. Anthony M. Faunes ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Burt C. Faure P’09
Ms. Valerie S. Faure ’09
Mr. Delbert C. Fausey Jr. ’59
Mr. Kenneth J. Faust ’69
Ms. L’Eunice B. Faust ’17
Mr. Richard A. Faust Jr. ’58
Ms. Sarah F. Faust ’14
Mr. Steven M. and Mrs. Mary Beth Faust P’14
Mr. William C. ’02 and Ms. Lara Hershock ’02 Faust
Mr. Johnathan P. Favini ’14
Mr. Clair M. Fawcett
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Fay P’16
Ms. Caroline A. Fay ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fay
Ms. Robyn F. Fay-Tringali P’13
Ms. Kari A. Fazio
Mr. Frank A., III ’01 and Ms. Nancy Nejman ’00 Fazzinga
Ms. Courtney L. Feairheller ’12
Mr. Nolan P. Fearon ’18
Mr.* and Mrs. Edwin H. Feather Jr. ’59
Mr. Jeffrey P. ’65 and Mrs. G. Kathryn Feather
Mr. Scott J. Featherman ’01
Ms. Lauren E. Featherston ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Featherston
Mr.* and Mrs. Donald P. Featherstone ’57
Ms. Janine R. Fechter ’06
Mr. John F. Fedak IV ’13
Mr. John F. and Mrs. Theresa Fedak P’13
Dr. Catherine A. Fedako ’83
Ms. Mindy Seiden Fedele ’77
Mrs. Kristen Gibbons Feden ’04
Mrs. Jill Ritch
Dr. Simon M. Feder ’51*
Mr. Todd Andrew ’99 and Ms. Jillian Trubenbach ’99 Feder
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Lynn D. Federbush P’12
Ms. Jamie A. Federbush ’12
Mrs. Carolyn Waite Federici ’06
Ms. Elizabeth A. Federici ’86
Paul Louis Federinko
Mr. Steven M. and Dr. Susan P. Federinko
Mr. Roman Fedorak ’61*
Mr. Mark J. ’91 and Mrs. Michele D. Fedorov
Mr. Michael W. Fedoryshyn ’73
Mr. C. Edward Fee III ’64*
Ms. Melinda S. Fee
Mr. Jeffrey G. ’81 and Ms. Ashley Aymonier ’82 Feehan
Mr. Thomas J. Feehan Jr. ’79 and Ms. Cecilia J. Brickerd
Ms. Megan E. Feeney ’12
Ms. Suzanne B. Feeney
Mr. William M. Feeney and Ms. Janet Ives P’12
Mr. Charles R. Fegley ’64
Ms. Judy A. Fegley
Mr. William J. Fegley ’69*
Mr. Robert A Fehn ’09 and Dr. Kira M. Moore ’09
Mr. Jeremy T. Fehrs ’06 and Ms. Lindsay A. McCarthy ’06
Ms. Carrie Endick Feig ’96
Carolyn Anne Feigeles ’22
Mr. Steven R. and Mrs. Joyce M. Feigeles P’22
Mrs. Theresa R. Feighan
Mr. Michael D. Feigin ’51
Jacklyn Collins Fein ’21
Mr. Leo J. Fein
Mr. Mickey D. and Mrs. Courtney C. Fein P’21
Ms. Rae Ann Lessard Fein ’89
Mr. Gerald A. Feinberg ’72
Mr. Jeffrey P. and Mrs. Heather Feinberg P’14
Mr. Joshua P. Feinberg ’14
Mr. Benjamin S. Feinswog ’63
Mr. Mark D. and Mrs. Katherine S. Feiro P’12
Ms. Susan C. Feiro
Mr. Andrew S. Feld ’79 and Ms. Carolyn Griffith
Mr. Benjamin Feld
Mr. Mitchell R. Feld ’05
Mr. Alan M. Feldbaum and Ms. Carol G. Hebb P’11
Mr. Samuel W. Feldbaum ’11
Mr. Andrew M. Feldman ’11
Dr. Ira M. Feldman ’62
Mr. Jody T. Feldman ’02
Judith Feldman MD
Mr. Richard M. Feldman and Ms. Ruth Jacobe
Mr. Steven L. Feldman ’76
Dr. and Mrs. Sunny G. Feldman
Ms. Sylvia L. Feldman ’86
Mr. William D. Feldman ’18
Ms. Andrea Vittoria Felice ’19
Mr. Robert N. and Mrs. Patricia L. Felice P’19
Mr. Charles J. Felix ’08
Mr. Christopher Felix ’18
Dr. Vivienne R. Felix ’03
Ms. Meghan H. Fell ’03
Ms. Hillary E. Feller ’10
Mr. Robert K. Fellows ’40*
Mr. Robert A. Fellows ’65
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Felman
Mr. Robert Felsenheld Jr. ’58*
Mr. Barry M. Felzenberg ’79 and Ms. Carol R. Nelson-Felzenberg ’82
Mr. Paul J. and Mrs. Karen C. Fenaroli P’22
Dr. Allen R. Fenderson ’71
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Fendrick
Ms. Erin Fenerty
Mr. James M. Fenerty
Mr. Jiahong Wen and Ms. Zhixi Feng P’20
Mr. Michael J. Feniger ’09
Ms. Marianne Fenigstein-Sigg
Mrs. Jennifer Conway Fenn ’03
Ms. Paige Gordon Fenn ’19
Mr. W. Bruce Fenn and Ms. Linda M. Gordon P’19
Ms. Grace M. Fennell ’11
Mr. William Fennell Jr. ’70
Dr. W. Stephen Fensch ’71
Mr. David F. Fenske ’80
Mr. Matthew S. Fenster ’11
Mr. Richard M. Fenster*
Mrs. Susan Fenster P’11
Mr. Ignacio Fente ’96
Mrs. Meghan Rowe Feola ’01
Mr. Andrew Nadel and Mrs. Wendy Ferber
Mr. Joseph Ferdinand ’73
Ms. Nahin Ferdousi ’19
Mr. Stephen M. Ference Jr. ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ference
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Ferenchak
Mr. Nicholas N. Ferenchak ’10
Mrs. Rebecca Shaplin Ferenchick ’93
Mr. Andrew F. Ferenschak ’65
Ms. Alyssa M. Catalano ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Blair D. Ferguson
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Denise F. Ferguson P’12
Mr. Christopher Brian Ferguson
Mr. Geoffrey I. Ferguson ’12
Mr. Jeffrey W. Ferguson ’70
Mr. Keith E. Ferguson ’98
Ms. Kimberly B. Ferguson ’08
Mr. Robert A. Ferguson ’32*
Mr. and Mrs. A. Carter Fergusson
Mr. Kevin W. and Mrs. Xin-yi W. Fergusson P’21
Mr.* and Mrs. Joseph F. Fernandes Jr. ’56
Ms. Michelle Fernandes
Mr. Robert M. and Mrs. Gina M. Fernandes P’22
Scott Robert Fernandes ’22
Mr. Antonio F. ’81 and Mrs. Susan DePhilips ’83 Fernandez
Mr. Charles M. Fernandez ’93
Mr. David M. Fernandez and Ms. Elizabeth W. Lawson P’15
Mr. Douglas M. Fernandez ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Fernandez
Ms. Marisa B. Fernandez ’12
Mr. Ralph A. Fernandez ’81
Mr. Manuel Fernandez-Bared ’83
Mr. Gabriel C. Fernandez-Obregon ’03
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Fernbacher
Mr. Paul L. Ferraiolo ’80
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ferrante ’54
Mr. John and Mrs. Karen J. Ferrante
Dr. Robyn Donnenberg Ferrante ’92
Mr. Peter J. Ferrara Jr. ’12
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert J. Ferrara ’64
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Susan Ferrara
Dr. Dana V. Ferraris ’94
Dr. Victor ’64 and Dr. Suellen Ferraris P’94
Ms. Marisa K. Ferraro ’16
Mr. Fernando L. Ferre ’89
Mr. Paul J. Ferreira ’84
Mr. Guilherme Ferreira de Avila ’16
Mrs. Alison Major Ferrell ’83
Ms. Paige Catherine Ferrell ’19
Mr. Bruce S. Ferretti ’87 and Mrs. Susan Ferretti
Mr. Daniel A. Ferretti ’15
Ms. Rachel E. Ferretti ’09
Mr. Mike Kinstel and Mrs. Therese Ferretti
Mr. Todd C. ’97 and Ms. Jennifer Padgett ’99 Ferrie
Ms. Katie R. Ferrone ’02
Mr. Holden J. Ferry ’11
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ferry III P’11
Ms. Danialie Fertile ’16
Mr. Randy Fessler
Mr. Matthew P. Festa ’17
Mr. Mark Gewan and Mrs. Kimberley A. Festa-Gelnaw
Mr. Larry S. Fetherman ’59
Major Kristin Fetherston-Arney ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Fethlan
Mr. Robert Fethlan
Ms. Alexandra L. Fetter ’16
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Fetter ’55 P’84’87 GP’16
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Fetter ’69
Mr.* and Mrs. Donald Fetterman
Mrs. Jane Fetterman
Ms. Anne D. Fetters ’81
Charles D. Fetz
Mr. Dana R. Fetz and Ms. Toni Ramos
Mr. David C. Fetzer ’69
Mr. Hart N. Feuer ’05
Ms. Sara Struble Feuker ’97
Mr. James F. Feutz and Ms. Jane Richardson P’14
Ms. Suzanne L. Feutz ’14
Mr. John A. Fey ’75
Mrs. Kelly M. Fezza ’96
Mr. Mario D. and Mrs. Nancy A. Fiacco P’14
Ms. Janet Priebe Fiandola ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fic
Dr. Carlena Cochi Ficano ’89
Mr. Henry A., Jr. ’04 and Ms. Sheila Dias ’03 Fichtner
Ms. Judith Fickensberger
Ms. Tracy A. Fickes
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Fiddler ’63
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fidelity Investments
Mr. James L. Fidler ’69
Dr. Robert K. Fidler ’50*
Ms. Emily Chaya Fidlow ’19
Ms. Cara Fidnarick
Mr. Paul C. Fiedler ’66
Mr. Robert A. Fiedler ’51*
Ms. Tracy Fiedler-Santoro ’91
Mr. Barry H. Field ’76*
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Field
Mr. George A. and Mrs. Rochelle B. Fieldcamp
Mr. Bruce E. and Mrs. Suzanne Fields P’18
Ms. Candace Y. Fields ’17
Ms. Jessica S. Fields ’18
Ms. Marilyn Fields
Mr. Salvatore L. Fier ’89
Mr. Benjamin Fierro III ’76
Mr. Arthur L. Fiest ’65*
Mr. Vladimir and Mrs. Hancy F. Fievre P’19
Mr. David M. Figley ’51
Mr. William K. Figley ’51*
Mr. William K. Figley III ’71
Ms. Aidelynn Figueroa ’16
Mr. Carter E. ’02 and Mrs. Sarah Silver ’02 Figueroa
Mr. Jose R. Figueroa and Ms. Enitza Ortiz P’16
Ms. Shayne L. Figueroa ’99
Ms. Patricia M. Figueroa-Cruz ’09
Charles J. Filardi Jr., Esq. ’78
Ms. Dana L. Filchner
Ms. Brooke F. Filewich ’07
Ms. Nicole J. Filingeri ’01
Ms. Daniela Filip ’15
Claire Michele Filipek
Mr. Alexander D. Filipiak ’11
Mr. George P. and Mrs. Margaret P. Filipiak P’11
Mr. Van J. Filipos
Mr. George B. Fillmore III ’67
Ms. Sarah A. Filone ’08
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Lorraine Finazzo
Mrs. Julia B. Finch ’07
Mr. Douglas C. ’86 and Ms. Tracy Krauser ’88 Fincher
Dr. A. Donald Finck ’68
Ms. Caroline S. Finden ’12
Ms. Lara E. Findley ’18
Mr. William M. Findley ’68
Mrs. Julia D. Fine ’05
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Fine ’79
Mrs. Stacey Ehrlich Fine ’05
Mr. Jeffrey E. Finegan Jr. ’17
Mr. Jeffrey E., Sr. and Mrs. Kimberly A. Finegan P’17
Ms. Hannah A. Finegold ’11
Ms. Alyssa M. Finelli ’15
Mr. Michael S. Finelli ’82
Ms. Elizabeth J. Fineman ’03
Mr. Richard S. Finer ’50*
Mr. Mark and Ms. Cindy A. Finestone
Dr. H. Ellis, III and Mrs. Phyllis T. Finger
Ms. Giulia Fini
Mr. Robert Fini
Mr. Anthony V. ’10 and Mrs. Christina L. ’12 Finizio
Mr. Blake D. Fink ’13
Mr. Dean J. and Mrs. Anita L. Fink P’13
Mr. Eric S. Fink ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Fink
Mr. Laurence Fink
Mr. Louis L. Fink ’57
Mr. Max A. Fink ’16
Mr. Michael D. Fink
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Fink
Ms. Erica L. Finkelstein ’09
Dr. Marc E. Finkelstein ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Finkelstein
Mr. Fred C. Finken Jr. ’50*
Ms. Katherine Finlay ’11
Mr. Matthew W. and Mrs. Teresa W. Finlay P’22
Mr. Peter Finlay P’11
Ms. Sandra Cookenbach Finlayson ’79
Mr. Scott G. ’82 and Ms. Laurie Graham ’82 Finley
Mr. Sean M. Finley ’14
Ms. Alison M. Finn ’12
Ms. Gretchen G. Finn
Mr. James P. Finn ’94
Mr. Kevin Finn
Ms. Kirsten W. Finn
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Wendy Finn P’12
Mr. Daniel W. ’04 and Mrs. Erin M. ’04 Finnegan
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Finnegan
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Martha D. Finnegan
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Kathy Finnegan P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Terence R. Finnegan
Mr. James F. and Mrs. Beatrice Finnen
Ms. Kathy Jill Finneran ’79
Ms. Lynn Hall Finnerty ’80
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Lois J. Finnestad
Mr. Lloyd Steffen and Ms. Emmajane S. Finney
Mr. Kenneth T. Finney Jr. ’49*
Mr. M. Parker Finney III ’82
Mr. Salvatore B. Fiordelisi ’88
Mr. Michael T. and Ms. Eileen Hamill ’76 Fiore
Mr. Gregory F. Fiore ’73
Mr. William J. Fiore
Mrs. Theresa Archer Fiorelli P’13
Mr. Robert J. Fioretti ’05
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Mary Grace Fiorilla
Mr. Carl J. Fiorini II ’12
Mr. Carl J. and Mrs. Donna M. Fiorini P’12
Ms. Isabella Leigh Fiorita ’19
Mr. Thomas Fiorita and Ms. Erica Ventley P’19
Ms. Gabriela A. Firak ’11
Mr. Marek and Mrs. Marta Firak P’11
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Lauren A. Firestone
Ms. Leah M. Firestone ’16
Ms. Rita L. Firestone
Ms. Suzanne R. Firner ’04
Ms. Jenna L. Firshein ’08
Mrs. Clara S. Firth W’60
Mr. Douglas Firth ’84 and Mrs. Trisha J. Firth
Ms. Lauren E. Firth ’12
Mr. and Mrs. David Fisahn
Dr. Jerome Fischbein
Corey B. Fischer
Ms. Dana Roscioli Fischer ’85
Mr. Frederick H. Fischer ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A. Fischer
Mr. James W. ’02 and Mrs. Maria Kinzel ’04 Fischer
Mr. John W. Fischer ’70
Mr. John A. Fischer ’89 and Ms. Alison M. Ziegler ’87
Dr. Klaus G. Fischer ’66*
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Phyllis S. Fischer
Ms. Rachel T. Fischer ’07
Mr. William Kemm Fischer ’50*
Mr. Paul R. Fischetti ’04
Mr. Howard M. Fish ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Fish Jr.
Alla Fishbein
Mr. Eitan H. Fishbein ’08
Mrs. Estelle A. Fishbein W’53
Mr. Harry S. Fishbein ’12
Dr. Joel S. Fishbein ’78
Mr. Matthew E. Fishbein and Ms. Gail F. Stone P’12
Dr. Rand H. Fishbein ’79
Dr.* and Mrs. Ronald H. Fishbein ’53 P’79’83 GP’08’13
Samuel Fishbein ’21
Mr. Lewis David Fishberg ’60*
Mr. Mitchell L. Fishberg ’90
Mrs. Betsy Floman Fishbone ’91
Mrs. Vivian Fishbone
Mr. Richard N. Fishbough ’50*
Mr. Adrian Fisher
Ms. Amy Friedland Fisher ’90
Mr. Archibald R., II ’06 and Dr. Jisun Kim ’09 Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Fisher
Mr. Brad Fisher
Mr. Bradley Ray Fisher
Mr. Brent Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Fisher ’60
Mr. Charles F. and Mrs. Christine Fisher P’15
Ms. Clara L. Fisher ’10
Ms. Elizabeth J. Fisher
Dr. Evan D. and Mrs. Alexis Z. Fisher
Ms. F. Patricia Fisher P’14
Gale Ms. Fisher
Mr. Harrison Fisher*
Mrs. Heather McCormick Fisher ’00
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Fisher ’77 P’07’10’11
Mr. James R. Fisher ’10
Mr. John W. Fisher ’70
Dr. John P. Fisher ’78
Ms. Katie Fisher
Dr. Keith L. Fisher ’78
Mr. Kurt Fisher
Mr. Kyle A. Fisher ’15
Ms. Lorre-Ann R. Fisher ’12
Col. Marc W. Fisher Jr. ’78
Ms. Margaret Widmayer Fisher ’75
Ms. Margaret G. Fisher ’11
Ms. Mariann Fisher
Mr. Mason Lee Fisher ’57*
Ms. Nina L. Fisher ’14
Ms. Patricia M. Fisher
Mr. Richard M. Fisher
Mr. Robert A. Fisher ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Fisher
Mr. Seth A. ’96 and Mrs. Keri Lynn ’98 Fisher
Mrs. Shelley Dreibelbis Fisher ’09
Mr. Steven Fisher and Ms. Karen Meier
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Susan M. Fisher
Mr. Thomas H. Fisher ’86
Troy David Fisher ’22
Mr. Zachary Fisher
Ms. Meredith A. Fishman ’09
Mr. Harry J. Fisler ’48*
Mr. J. Douglas Fisler ’57
Dr. Mark R. Fiss ’94
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fistner, Jr. ’00
Mr. Daniel and Ms. Karen E. Fitch
Ms. Ramona V. Fittipaldi ’11
Ms. Katherine Dodds Fitton ’80
Mrs. Patricia Ballman Fitton ’84
Mr. Robert S. Fitton ’69
Mr. Bernard J. Fitzgerald Jr. ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Fitzgerald P’15
Mr. Brian Joseph Fitzgerald ’19
Ms. Bridget K. Fitzgerald ’14
Mr. Daniel P. Fitzgerald ’03
Dr. David B. FitzGerald ’76 and Ms. Coleen J. O’Brien
Ms. Erin P. FitzGerald ’18
Mr. John L. Fitzgerald Jr. ’50
Mr. John Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fitzgerald
Mrs. Karin Savitsky FitzGerald ’98
Ms. Karly M. FitzGerald ’14
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kate Thom Fitzgerald
Ms. Kelly R. Fitzgerald ’07
Dr. Mark J. and Mrs. Patrice P. FitzGerald P’18
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Mary Beth Fitzgerald
Ms. Maureen Fitzgerald
Ms. Melissa Valk Fitzgerald ’89
Mr. Michael T. FitzGerald and Ms. Judith Roberts
Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald
Mr. Richard E. Fitzgerald ’57
Mr. Stephen C. Fitzgerald ’16
Mr. Alan FitzGibbon ’53
Dr. Joseph Fitzgibbon Jr. ’78
Ms. Maureen M. Fitzgibbon
Ms. Melissa Fitzgibbon
Sean Patrick FitzGibbon ’22
Mr. Thomas M., Sr. and Mrs. Marjorie E. FitzGibbon P’22
Ms. Jeannine Langbein Fitzmaurice ’96
Ms. Alyson W. Fitzpatrick ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Brian I. FitzPatrick P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Fitzpatrick
Mr. Henry FitzPatrick Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Fitzpatrick
Mr. Kevin D. Fitzpatrick ’05
Mr. Robert C. ’12 and Mrs. Lauren Curley ’12 FitzPatrick
Mr. Russell W. Fitzpatrick ’12
Mr. Ryan M. ’97 and Mrs. Kathryn P. ’98 Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Sandra W. Fitzpatrick P’12
Dr. and Mrs. W. David Fitzpatrick
Ms. Elliot A. Fitzsimmons ’13
Mr. Michael J. and Dr. Amy S. Fitzsimmons P’13
Matthew Ryan Fiume ’22
Mr. Andrew S. Fixler ’14
Mr. David N. Fixler and Ms. Phyllis L. Halpern P’14
Mr. Eric M. Fizur ’06
Ms. Audrey L. Flack
Ms. Susan H. Flagg ’73
Mr. Daniel T. Flaherty ’08
Ms. Emma K. Flaherty ’12
Mr. James P. and Mrs. Doreen A. Flaherty P’12
Ms. Jamie L. Flaherty ’12
Mr. Robert C. and Mrs. Tammy E. Flaherty P’11
Mr. Ryan C. Flaherty ’11
Mr. Sean Flaherty
Ms. Terry J. Flamm ’98
Ms. Anne E. Flanagan ’13
Ms. Audrey M. Flanagan
Ms. Caitlin Flanagan
Mr. Charles A. Flanagan ’53
Mr. Daniel Flanagan
Dr. Dia Bennett Flanagan ’92
Mr. Robert and Ms. Elaine Flanagan
Mrs. Lisa Anderson Flanagan ’81
Ms. Nancy R. Flanagan ’14
Mr. Sean P. Flanagan ’17
Mr. Thomas E. ’80 and Ms. Adrienne Byrnes ’83 Flanagan
Ms. Zoe Flanagan
Mr. Bentley D. Flanary
Mr. Arthur A. Flanders Jr. ’57
Mrs. Kathryn Morrison Flanders ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Flanigan P’14
Mr. James D., Jr. ’81 and Ms. Bernadette Maher ’81 Flanigan
Mr. Jordan W. Flannery ’17
Mr. Joseph F. Flannery ’98
Mr. Alan L. Flannigan ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Flanzbaum ’58
Mr. Roger W. Flartey ’60
Ms. Kenya S. Flash ’03
Ms. Findlay W. Flasinski ’15
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Sherrerd Flasinski P’15
Mr. John H. Flathmann Jr. ’40*
Mr. Richard W. Flatow ’63
Mr. Gary M. and Dr. Marta P. Flaum
Mrs. Constance S. Flaum ’40*
Mr. Tim Flavelle
Esther Flavien ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart V. Flavin
Ms. Allison T. Flechsig ’18
Mr. Drew E. and Mrs. Susan E. Flechsig P’18
Mrs. Cyrus S. Fleck W’52
Ms. Meredith J. Fleck
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Carolyn R. Fleder
Ms. Allison E. Fleischer ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Fleischer
Mr. Gavin M. Fleischman ’99 and Ms. Molly E. Michel ’98
Ms. Kim M. Fleischmann ’82
Ms. Cecelia A. Fleischner ’80
Dr. Gerald M. Fleischner ’59
Mr. Cary B. Fleisher ’79
Mr. Jonathan Fleisig
Mr. Charles B. Fleming Jr. ’59
Fleming Foundation
Mr. John B. Flemming Jr. ’73
Dr. Karl W. Flessa ’68 and Ms. Mari Jensen
Mr. Alfred E. Fletcher ’53
Mr. Bruce F. Fletcher ’66
Dr. Frank W. Fletcher ’59
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Lori B. Fletcher
Mr. Michael T. and Mrs. Susan Fletcher P’15
Mr. Patrick J. Fletcher ’82
Ms. Rachel C. Fletcher ’15
Mr. Stephen A. Fletcher ’92
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Suzanne B. Fletcher
Flexible Flyers Investment Club
Mr. Jeremy S. and Ms. Ashley M. ’03 Flick
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Flickinger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Flickinger ’62
Ms. Catherine Flinn
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Flis ’68
Dr. Marc A. Flitter ’65
Ms. Molly M. Flloyd
Ms. Susan E. Floberg ’05
Mr. John M. Flocks ’66
Ms. Alexandra P. Floe ’18
Mr. Alexander F. Floeck ’12
Mrs. Brenda L. Floeck P’12
Mr. Brendan C. Flood ’13
Ms. Caitlin M. Flood ’12
Mr. Christopher C. ’94 and Ms. Ninamarie Campo ’93 Flood
Mr. Edward A. Flood Jr. ’50*
Mr. John J. Flood Jr. ’80
Dr. Kevin M. ’85 and Mrs. Sharon K. Flood
Mr. Thomas F. Flood IV ’82
Ms. Janice Tucker Florence ’76
Mr. William J. Florence, Jr. ’56
Mr. Fredy A. Flores Jr. ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Floriani
Ms. Marisa C. Floriani ’07
Ms. Lynn Florio
Ms. Alexis M. Flowers ’12
Mr. James A. Flowers `69
Ms. Laura A. Flowers ’10
Ms. Elizabeth Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Floyd Jr. P’14
Mr. Franklin B. Floyd III ’11
Mr. John H. Floyd ’14
Ms. Abigail E. Floyd-Jones ’14
Mr. John, Jr. ’85 and Mrs. Jan Galliker ’86 Floyd-Jones P’21
John Galliker Floyd-Jones ’21
Ms. Laura Floyd-Jones ’13
Mr. James and Mrs. Kristina L. Flurry
Mr. Calvin K. Flury Jr. ’66
Mr. Anthony P. and Dr. Maryirene I. Flynn P’17
Ms. Brittany M. Flynn ’15
Ms. Caitlin M. Flynn ’08 and Ms. Molly L. Lieber ’09
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Flynn
Ms. Kelly A. Flynn ’17
Ms. Lauren E. Flynn ’11
Mr. Lawrence L. ’76 and Mrs. Dorothy Flynn
Mr. Lawrence L. Flynn ’15
Mr. Michael K. and Mrs. Monique A. Flynn P’17
Dr. Monica Alana Flynn ’87
Ms. Stephanie McCarter Flynn ’03
Ms. Susan Rossnagel Flynn ’79
Mr. Ryan D. Flynne ’16
Mr. Morris J. Fodeman ’94
Ms. Denise M. Foerst P’12
Mr. Nicholas C. Foerst ’12
Mr. Thomas L. and Mrs. Louise M. Foerster P’17
Mrs. Kerry Cordova Fogarazzo ’03
Mr. Kerry M. and Mrs. Linda R. Fogarty P’18
Mr. Michael K. Fogarty ’18
Mr. R. Sanford Fogelson ’41*
Mr. F. Dallas Fogg ’56
Mr. Fred W. Fogg ’87
Mr. Brian M. Fogler ’17
Mr. Stephen M. and Mrs. Marsha Fogler P’17
Mr. Bruce P. Fogwell Jr. ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Foight
Mrs. Susan I. Foight ’88
Mr. Robin G. Foldesy ’72
Mr. Brian P., Sr. and Mrs. Vicki A. Foley P’19
Mr. Jerome P. Foley ’64
Mr. Jonathan J. Foley ’10
Dr. Karin E. Foley ’77
Ms. Kristen Foley
Mr. Kyle G. Foley ’99
Mr. Michael J. Foley ’07
Ms. Michelle Christine Foley ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Foley ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Foley
Mr. Robert W. and Dr. Marie C. Foley P’12
Mr. Thomas R. Foley ’70
Mr. Brian R. and Mrs. Cheryl A. Folk P’13
Ms. Rebecca A. Folk ’13
Mr. Spencer Folk ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Don Follett
Mr. Michael L. Follett ’11
Mr. Robert A. Follett ’09
Mr. Ronald L. and Mrs. Deborah Follett P’11
Mr. Ward A. Follette ’86
Mr. Neal A. Follman ’07
Mr. Adam L. ’03 and Ms. Diana Griggs ’03 Foltz
Mr. David B. Foltz
Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Foltz
Mrs. Nancy B. Foltz
Mr. Robert W. Foltz
Ms. Leslie Fonseca
Ms. Kimberly Dinnocenti Font ’81
Mr. Michael E. Font ’82
Ms. Danielle C. Fontaine ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Fontaine P’14
Ms. Mariah J. Fontanez-Lutsky ’17
Ms. Jaclyn G. Fonteyne ’13
Mr. Luke Gavrilovic Fonteyne ’19
Mr. Paul R. Fonteyne and Ms. Nathalie F. Gavrilovic P’13 ’19
Mr. Andrew E. Forbes ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Forbes ’59
Mr. Larry A. Gage and Dr. Karen J. Forbes
Ms. Nicola A. Forbes ’16
Ms. Shirley Sun Forbes P’16
Mr. William F. ’96 and Mrs. Alison May ’98 Forbes
Mr. Michael S. Force ’63
Mr. Gary J. Ford ’59
Ms. Imani B. Ford ’18
Ms. Jane M. Beckwith ’09
Ms. Kerry K. Ford ’93
Ms. Margaret E. Ford ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ford
Dr. Kenneth C. Fordham Jr. ’77
Mr. David W. Fore ’82
Rev. William ’58 and Mrs. Elaine Foreman
Mr. Daniel L. Foresman
Ms. Kelly Hawk Forest ’90
Mr. Robert J. Foresti ’87
Ms. Beth Voglesong Forman ’00
Dr. Leslie M. Forman ’68
Mr. Paul C. Forman ’56
Mr. Seth Forman
Ms. Karen Forman-Fugate
Mr. Arthur L. Forrest ’59
Mr.* and Mrs. E. Arnold Forrest Jr. ’55
Mr. Glen J. Forrest ’86
Mr. Glenn E. Forrest ’77
Ms. Lyndsay C. Forrest ’10
Mrs. Valerye T. Forrest W’55
Forrest Glenn LLC
Mr. Christopher T. Forrester ’16
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Forrester P’17
Mr. Ryan S. Forrester ’17
Mr. John C. Forrey ’83
Mr. Robert C. Forrey ’86
Ms. Jennifer M. Forsberg ’05
Ms. Jessica M. Forse ’99
Ms. Sarah L. Forsette ’15
Mr. Douglas C. Forsman ’72
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Patricia L. Forsman
Mr. Mark Forst
Ms. Alix K. Forstenzer
Mr. Felix Forster ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Forstner
Mr. Jeremy T. Forsyth ’14
Mr. John E. Forsyth and Ms. Linnet R. Tse P’13
Mr. William H. Fort ’66*
Mr. Robert A. Forte and Mrs.* Susan M. Forte
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Patricia A. Fortebuono
Ms. Emma D. Fortier ’18
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Aileen Marie Fortna
Dr. Anjali D. Fortna ’14
Mr. Gregory S. and Mrs. Usha A. Fortna P’14
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Janet E. Fortna
Mr. Eric and Ms. Kristine Fortuna
Mr. James R. Fortune Jr.
Mr. Matthew C. Forys ’89
Dr. Stephanie M. Fosbenner ’10
Dr. Debra V. Foschi P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse E. Fosselman ’60
Mrs. Maureen E. Fossum P’20
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Fost ’58
Mr. Andrew S. Foster and Ms. Caroline Riepenhoff
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Denise Z. Foster
Mr. G. David Foster ’65
Mr. John E. Foster and Ms. Kathleen Campbell
Ms. Kimberly Day Foster ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Foster
Mr. Wayne R. Foster ’69
Mr. William S. Foster ’59
Mr. Olli K. Fosu ’17
Ms. Fairouz E. Foty ’11
Mr. George L. Fouke ’55
Mr. Jedd K. and Mrs. Mary Anne Foulk P’21
Mr. Scott C. and Mrs. Tammy M. Foulk P’20
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Patricia N. Foulke
Mr. Robert S. Fow ’50*
Mr. Andrew Fowler
Mrs. Beth L. Fowler
Mr. F. Lybrand Fowler III ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Fowler
Mr. John C. Fowler ’73
Ms. Mary E. Fowler
Mr. Nathaniel E. Fowler ’16
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Mary M. Fowler P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Fowler
Mr. Peter Fowler
Mr. Richard C. Fowler ’81
Ms. Samira C. Fowler ’07
Mrs. Barbara E. Fox
Mr. Craig H. Fox ’84
Mr.* and Mrs. David I. Fox ’53 P’85
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Fox
Mr. Derek J. Fox
Mr. Douglas R. Fox ’05 and Mrs. Jennifer L. Rute ’05
Mr. Howard Fox
Mr. James G. Fox Jr. ’00
Mr. Steven and Ms. Jessica ONeill Fox
Mr. John R. Fox ’50
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Katherine M. Fox
Dr. Kristin Morris Fox ’88
Mr.* and Mrs. Leon H. Fox Jr. ’53 P’84 GP’12
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Fox
Mr. Michael C. Fox ’99
Mr. Philip J. Fox ’63*
Mr. Richard E. and Mrs. Cindy B. Fox P’14
Ms. Stacy Gorneau Fox ’78
Ms. Susan L. Fox ’88
Mr. Matthew S. Foy ’12
Mr. Michael T. and Mrs. Wendy Foye P’12
Mr. Shane D. Foye ’12
Mr. Joseph Foytho
Ms. Kathy E. Foytho
Mr. Michael A. ’96 and Dr. Deepa Patel ’97 Frabizzio
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fragapane
Mr. Daniel A. and Mrs. Claire K. Frahm P’18
Mr. James M. Frahm ’18
Mr. Jeffrey M. Fraites ’11
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Frake
Fran Gollow Big Guy Services
Mr. Edward W. France ’48
Mr. Edward France
Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. Francis
Mr. Eric S. Francis
Mr. John J. Francis ’85
Mr. Bradley C. Franco ’90
Dr. Robert S. Franco ’75
Ms. Gina M. Francolla ’91
Mr. Gabriel and Mrs. Mary Frangione
Ms. Beth D. Frank P’15
Ms. Cynthia Gayler Frank ’82
Mr. Donald Frank ’66
Mr. G. Haven Frank ’67
Ms. Hannah M. Frank ’12
Mr. Jordan E. Frank ’15
Mr. Howard and Dr. Mary E. ’79 Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Frank
Mr. William Frank ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Frankel ’58
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Beth Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Franklin
Mr. Lance Franklin
Mr. Leslie D. Franklin ’57*
Mr. Malcolm G. Franklin ’69
Ms. Jennifer L. Frank-Reynolds ’94
Mr. Frederick B. Franks III ’61
Mr. Timothy U. Franks ’67
Franks Auto Repair
Mr. Harold W. Frantz Jr. ’51
Mr. Matthew James Frantz
Dr. Frank A. Franz ’59
Mr. Neil and Mrs. Ann T. Franzese
Dr. and Mrs. John N. Franzese P’14’18
Mr. Neil C. Franzese ’14
Mr. Nicholas J. Franzese ’18
Mr. Kurt W. Franzinger ’36*
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Franzoni
Mr. George M. Frasca ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Frascarelli P’15
Mr. Kyle M. Frascarelli ’15
Mr. Colin G. Fraser ’10
Mr. David W. Fraser ’69
Mr. Dorothy P. Fraser
Mr. Finn and Mrs. Meghan C. Fraser
Mr. Chandler M. Fraser-Pauls ’15
Frates Foundation Inc.
Ms. Allison L. Frattaroli ’18
Mr. Jonathan A. and Mrs. Jennifer L. Frattaroli P’18
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Patricia A. Fraver
Mr. John M., Sr. and Mrs. Kathleen D. Fray P’22
Ms. B. Kathryn Frazier
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Frazier P’14
Mr. John B. Frazier ’16
Ms. Louise Frazier
Mr. Martin B. Frederick ’62
Mr. Ralph C. Frederick Jr. ’51
Mr. Raymond H. Frederick ’50
Mr. Howard F. Fredericks Jr. ’56*
Ms. Leanne G. Fredericks ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fredericks
Dr. Charles G. Frederickson ’60
Mr. Donald C. Frederickson ’66
Mr. Jay Edward Fredlund ’79
Ms. Elizabeth C. Freebairn ’88
Mr. Jay W. Freeborne
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Freeborne
Rev. Henry G. Brinton and Dr. Nancy Freeborne-Brinton ’83 P’14
Freeburn & Hamilton, P.C.
Henry Burke Freed
Mr. Larry E. Freed ’62
Judge Robert A. Freedberg ’66
Mr. Aaron S. Freedman ’15
Dr. Jaryd T. ’08 and Mrs. Lindsay G. ’08 Freedman
Mr. Jay S. Freedman `04
Freedom Bank
Mr. Benjamin D. Freeland ’16
Ms. Brya S. Freeland ’15
Mr. John R. ’81 and Mrs. Karen D. Freeland P’21
Mr. Paul W. K. Freeland ’65
Mr. and Mrs. R. Gregory Freeland P’15
Taylor Drew Freeland ’21
Ms. Beth Freeman
Major General Carl H. Freeman ’69
Mr. Charles E. Freeman Jr. ’65
Mr. Glenn A. and Mrs. Barbara L. Freeman P’13
Mr.* and Mrs. Harold R. Freeman ’43
Ms. Irene A. Freeman ’85
Ms. Jacqueline Harris Freeman ’96
Mrs. Lisa Pfeiffer Freeman ’91
Mr. Louis M. Freeman ’69
Mr. Shamus Freeman
Ms Sherryta Freeman
Mr. Walter P. Frees ’61
Mr. William P. Freese II ’56*
Freiberger Farms
Dr. Martin L. Freifeld ’69
Dr. John S. and Mrs. Susan Z. Freiheiter P’23
Mr. Samuel A. Freiheiter ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Freimark ’58 P’90
Mr. Dan R. Fremont ’86
Ms. Desiree French P’15
Mr. Walter G. French ’59 P’83’85*
Ms. Jane Husk French ’87
Ms. Janet Fiedler French ’86
Ms. Louise French
Mr. Robert J. ’83 and Ms. Sandra McGall ’84 French
Mrs. Suzanne Hocker French ’89
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Tracy French
Mr. Walter G. French ’59 P’83’85
Mr. William G. French, Jr. ’66
Mrs. Jayne E. Frenchko W’43
Mr. John G. Freney ’56*
Dr. Richard ’75 and Dr. Nancy Harrison ’75 Freundlich
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Catherine Frey
Ms. Jessica E. Frey ’12
Dr. Jodie A. Frey
Mr. and Mrs. John Frey
Ms. Megan Haughey Frey ’04
Mr. Robert M. and Mrs. Sara L. Frey P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon E. Frias
Ms. Kristina L. Friberg ’89
Mr.* and Mrs. Patrick A. Fricchione ’52 P’95
Dr. Bernard and Ms. Grace J. Fried
Ms. Helen Fried
Ms. Sarah J. Fried ’09
Mr. Steven A. Fried ’58
Ms. Sylvia Fried
Dr. Richard E. Friedenheim ’84
Mr. William Friedgen ’52
Dr. Carl K. Friedland ’35*
Mr. Alan Friedman ’68
Mr. Bruce J. Friedman and Ms. Patricia O’Donohue
Dr. Cynthia Rubin Friedman ’87
Mr. David R. Friedman and Mrs. Lisa Schneider-Friedman
Mr. Drew L. Friedman ’16
Dr. Eby G. Friedman ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Friedman
Mr. Elliott M. Friedman ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Friedman
Dr. Frederick, Jr. and Dr. Lynn S. Friedman P’14
Mr. Ira A. Friedman
Mr. J. Lawrence Friedman ’72
Mrs. Jessica April Friedman ’05
Mr. John G. and Mrs. Michele Friedman P’11
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Karen F. Friedman
Ms. Kathryn E. Friedman ’11
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Lisa Friedman
Mr. Mark B. Friedman ’83
Mr. Melvin H. Friedman ’43*
Dr. Paul D. ’92 and Mrs. Mara W. ’94 Friedman
Ms. Rachel M. Friedman ’09
Mr. Ronald D. ’90 and Ms. Kristine Williams ’90 Friedman
Rabbi Ronne Friedman ’69
Mr. Samuel C. Friedman ’11
Mr. Samuel Troth Friedman ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Friedman P’19
Dr. Steven J. Friedman ’64
Mr. Steven E. Friedman ’76
Ms. Vicki Epstein Friedman ’85
Mr. David G. Ingber and Mr. Lori J. Friedman-Ingber ’84 P’21
Mr. Stephen M. ’88 and Mrs. Jill Friedrich
Mr. Andrew E. and Mrs. Staci L. Friedwald
Daniel Tucker Friedwald
Ms. Susan Cresci Frieling ’99
Mrs. Amanda Friel-Marriner ’00
Ms. Mary Sleight Friend `75
Ms. Raquel M. Frier ’18
Mr. Thomas J. and Mrs. Margaret M. Friese P’14
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Friesell IV ’66
Mr. Richard Friesenhahn ’77
Mr. Philip and Ms. Lyndsey Brown Frigm
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Frisch
Mr. Joseph Frisch*
Mr. Scott A. Frisch ’86
Mr. Peter S. Frischmann ’74
Mr. Dace Friss
Ms. Kimberly N. Fritchman
Mrs. Nicole S. Frith P’22
Mr. Joseph E. Fritsch III
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fritz Jr. ’57
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Fritz
Mr. Kyle J. Fritz ’10
Mr. Louis R. and Mrs. Ann V. Fritz
Mr. Michael A. Fritz ’79
Mr. Richard C. Fritz ’60*
Mr. William H. Fritz ’52
Mr. Zachary E. Fritz ’11
Mr. Eric F. and Mrs. Robin D. Frizzell P’12
Ms. Margaret K. Frodell ’15
Mr. Stephen J. and Mrs. Patricia C. Frodell P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Frohlich
Ms. Sarah Frohnapel
Mr. Edward and Ms. Lorraine T. Frohnapfel
Ms. Sarah A. Frohnapfel ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Frohnapfel P’13
Mr. and Mrs. Rob J. Frohwein P’19
Mr. Robert J. Froio Jr. ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Froio, Sr. P’11
Mr. Grant B. Fromer ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Jay G. Fromer
Ms. Kathleen Fromholz
Ms. Leigh Berardelli Frosch ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Frost
Mrs. Madeline P. Frost
Ms. Margaret Downs Frost ’80
Andrew Michael Frucht
Dr. Michael M. and Mrs. Lisa M. Frucht P’20
Mr. Leonard J. Fruci Jr. ’79
Mr.* and Mrs. Donald C. Frueh ’70 P’04
Dr. Neil S. Fruman ’73
Ms. Adrienne Nagy Frumberg ’05
Mr. Andre nd Mrs. Robin Fruneaux P’14
Mr. Tyler F. Fruneaux ’14
Mr. Robert W. Frutchey ’61
Mr. Jeffrey Fry ’81
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Fry ’82 Hon.D.’08
Ms. Donna Sands Fryd ’75
Mr. Lowell T. Frye and Ms. Elizabeth Deis
Ms. Sarah B. Fryefield ’16
Mr. William T. Fryer III ’55
Mr. David S. ’85 and Mrs. Christina R. Fryman
Ms. Lillian Fryman
Ms. Liza J. Fryman ’16
Mr. F. Mark Fucci ’73
Mr.and Mrs. Frederick J. Fucci
Ms. Laura N. Fucci P’15
Mr. Paul J. Fucci ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fucci
Ms. Era Fuchik ’06
Mrs. Portia Pollock Fudala ’98
Mrs. Susan M. Fudala ’93
Mr. Patrick L. Fuge and Ms. Mary Lee Giambruno-Fuge P’21
Ms. Kurumi Fukushima ’12
Ms. Rosanna C. Fulchiero ’12
Mr. Andrew L. Fullen ’11
Mr. Laurence E. and Ms. Kathleen Laigaie Fullen P’11
Mr. Donald L. Fuller ’62
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Fuller
Ms. Lynnette Fuller
Ms. Margery D. Fuller
Mr. Michael J. Fuller ’10
Mr. Richard L. and Ms. Ruth V. Fuller P’13
Mr. Thomas L. Fuller ’16
Ms. Brynn Fuller-Becker ’19
Mr. Ryan M. Fullerton ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Fullerton ’87
Ms. Megan J. Fulmer ’09
Mr. Paul D. Fulmer ’91
Mr. John and Mrs. Donna C. Fulton
Mr. Mark D. Fulton ’78
Mr. Mark A. ’83 and Ms. Leslie Koska ’83 Fundakowski
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Funfgeld
Ms. Lisa A. Fung-Kee-Fung ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Paul Funk
Ms. Erika Funke ’74
Ms. Kristin Funston
Dr. Anthony B. Furey ’83
Mr. Jeffrey G. Furey ’78
Mr. Charles L. and Mrs. Amy S. Furlong P’20
Ms. Elizabeth Lee Furlong
Mr. John S. Furlong ’05
Mr. Ira and Ms. Carole I. Furman
Dr. Robert H. Furman ’90
Mrs. Sandra S. Furnbach
Mrs. Sandra Furnbach Clavijo ’03
Ms. Aliza G. Furneaux ’17
Mr. Lewis C. and Mrs. Margaret M. Furneaux P’17
Mr. Ralph J. Furness ’52
Prof. Ingrid M. Furniss
Mr. George Arrowsmith Furst ’65
Ms. Jessica Araujo Furtado ’19
Ms. Amanda Furtado Sampaio ’16
Mr. David S. Furth ’85
Mr. Edward A. Fusakio ’63
Dr. Virginia Fusaro-Kaufer ’76
Mr. Stephen ’77 and Ms. Nancy Egan ’76 Fuschetti
Mr. James A. Fusco ’79
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Laurie Gallup Fusco
Mr. George Fusiak
Mrs. Kimberly Bassi Futch ’01
Mr. David Futterman and Ms. Marnie Stetson P’20
Mr. Robert T. Fyfe ’86
Mr. David M. Fytelson ’74
Mr. Robert J. Fyvie Jr. ’56*
Mr. Henry A. Gabathuler ’03
Mr. Aaron S. Gabay ’18
Mr. Eugene A. and Mrs. Joyce S. Gabay P’23
Mr. William P. Gaberlavage ’90
Ms. Sara Anderson Gable ’87
Ms. Kelly A. Gabos ’01
Mr. Stephen T. ’07 and Mrs. Danielle Weaver ’07 Gabriel
Ms. Suzanne M. Gabrielle ’06
Mrs. Kirsten Welsch Gabrielli ’93
Ms. Joan Gabriello
Mr. John P. Gabriello
Mr. Guy George, III ’77 and Ms. Allison Gary ’80 Gabrielson
Ms. Susan J. Gabrielson
Ms. Susie Gabrielson
Ms. Charlotte E Gacek ’19
Mr. Francis Gacek
Mr. John and Mrs. Jennifer Gadbois
Mr. Michael D. Gadigian ’13
Mr. Robert and Ms. Doreen Gadigian P’13
Mr. Richard Keefe and Ms. Caren Gadigian-Keefe
Mr. Michael W. Gadomski ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gadomski
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gadomski
Dr. Stephen P. Gadomski Jr. ’11
Dr. Stephen P. Gadomski and Dr. Diane Gillum P’11
Mr. Peter Gadwa
Ms. Jillian M. Gaeta ’07
Ms. Justine M. Gaeta ’92
Mr. Peter W. and Mrs. Laurie S. Gaeta P’19
Mr. Thomas M. Gaffey Jr.
Mr. Michael M. Gaffin
Mr. James and Mrs. Denise J. Gaffney
Mr. Ian M. Gaffney ’17
Mr. John B. Gaffney ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gaffney
Ms. Meredith N. Gaffney ’05
Mr. Francis J. Gafford Esq. ’31*
Mr. Jeremy W. Gagas ’15
Mr. Lorenzo G. and Mrs. Nathalie G. Gaggini P’21
Mr. Gabriel T. Gagliano ’93
Mr. Gregory D. Gagliano ’85
Ms. Lisa Gagliano
Ms. Lydia Gagliano
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Magda Gagliano
Mr. Michael F. Gagliardi ’81 and Ms. Dorothy J. Ownes ’81
Mr. Parker A. Gaglione ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Gagnon P’96
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Michelle J. Gahan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Gahan
Mr. Robert S. Gahn Jr. ’16
Mr. Robert S. and Mrs. Julianna I. Gahn P’16
Mr. John E. Gailer Jr. ’60
Dr. Barry M. Gaines `67
Ms. Easton R. Gaines ’15
Mr. Rupesh Gajurel ’09
Mr. Adam C. ’96 and Ms. Jennifer Gardiner ’95 Galaburda
Ms. Nicole E. Galano ’16
Ms. Teresita D. Galarce Crain ’18
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Galassi
Ms. Kristin M. Galati ’08
Mr. Richard C. Galbally ’76
Mrs. Julie Harms Galbraith ’04
Mrs. Almarita Q. Galeone
Dr. Allison C. Galer ’00
Ms. Stephanie M. Galer ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Galgano P’14
Ms. Daiga M. Galins ’85
Ms. Melissa M. Galione ’16
Mr. Michael T. Galione ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Galione P’14
Mr. John R. Galla ’15
Dr. Jan D. and Mrs. Theresa ’83 Galla P’15
Mr. Douglas A. ’90 and Ms. Monica Pelosi ’91 Gallacher
Ms. Ann Gallagher ’81
Mr. Brian P. Gallagher ’77
Mr. Colin J. Gallagher ’17
Mr. D. Patrick Gallagher III ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Gallagher Jr.
Mr. Daniel M. Gallagher ’16
Mr. Daniel J. and Mrs. Claudia B. Gallagher P’16
Mr. Douglas T. Gallagher ’12
Mr.* and Mrs. Hugh P. Gallagher ’57
Mr. Hugh H. Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. James Gallagher ’49*
Mr. John J. Gallagher ’96
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Kimberly R. Gallagher
Ms. Laura K. Gallagher ’09
Mr. Robert and Ms. Lauren F. Gallagher
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Louise Knetzger Gallagher
Mr. Marc J. Gallagher ’93 and Ms. Stephanie A. Hayes ’94
Ms. Maryann P. Gallagher
Ms. Meghan L. Gallagher
Mr. Michael J. Gallagher Jr.
Ms. Nancy Bennett Gallagher ’84
Ms. Rachel J. Gallagher ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Gallagher
Ms. Shannon Gallagher P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Gallagher P’12
Ms. Susan Pappas Gallagher ’91
Mr. Joseph W. Gallaher III ’79
Mr. Eric R. Gallant ’15
Mr. Ernest G. ’79 and Mrs. Elizabeth Dennis ’79 Gallant
Ms. Blair E. Gallante ’15
Gabrielle Nicole Galletta ’21
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Rachel F. Galli
Mr. Louis G. Galliker
Mr. Brian J. Gallis ’97
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Gallis
Mr. Alan Gallo
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Christine E. Gallo
Mr. Christopher J. Gallo ’18
Mr. Christopher J. and Mrs. Anna-Lisa Gallo
Dr. Gregory ’83 and Mrs. Diane T. Gallo P’14
Ms. Renee E. Gallo ’14
Mr. Thomas G. Gallo ’75
Mr. Thomas A. Gallo ’09
Mr. Richard A. Gallos Jr. ’92
Mr. C. Douglas Galloway P’14
Mr. Kevin L. Galloway ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher BJ Gallup
Prof. and Mrs. Howard F. Gallup
Mr. Paul Martin Gally ’63
Ms. Diana Galperin ’08
Ms. Ellen Galperin ’15
Mr. Michael G. Galperin ’16
Mr. Henry F. Galpin Jr. ’69
Dr. John W. Galson Jr. ’66
Mr. Gordon R. Galtere ’57
Paul J. Galuszka Esq. ’73*
Mrs. Claudia M. Galvin P’14
Ms. Daphne Ann Galvin ’84
Ms. Molly B. Galvin ’14
Mr. Paul J. Galvin ’91
Mr. Joseph E. Galyean Jr. ’04
Mr. Carl M. Gambello ’94
Dr. Edward N. and Mrs. Jenifer C. Gamber
Mr. Scott H. ’75 and Mrs. Jane H. Gamber
Dr. Giacomo Gambino and Dr. Hannah Stewart-Gambino P’14
Ms. Madeline P. Gambino ’14
Mr.* and Mrs. Harry T. Gamble
Ms. Tracy Horowitz Gamble ’91
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Lisa D. Gamblin
Mr. Kyle S. Gambone ’10
Ms. Dana E. Gambro ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Gambro P’07
Ms. Mackenzie K Gammons ’18
Mr. Kevin J. Ganascioli ’07
Mr. Daniel Edward Gannon ’73
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Eileen Gannon
Ms. Erin Mellay Gannon ’97
Mr. Martin and Ms. Jeanette Gannon
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Joan C. Gannon
Mr. Lawrence J. Gannon ’68 P’01
Mr. Michael T. and Mrs. Annette M. Gannon P’16
Mr. Robert C. Gannon ’86
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Teresa Gannon
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Gano III ’57
Mr. Stuart I. Gansell ’71
Ms. Daryl Beth Ganss ’80
Mr. Craig S. Ganter ’14
Ms. Kaleigh T. Ganter ’16
Mr. Thomas J. Ganter ’08 and Ms. Jessica A. Ferrara ’08
Mr. Thomas J., Sr. and Mrs. Theresa Ganter P’16
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Constance L. Ganther
Mr. Sidney R. Gantt ’03
Dr. Madeleine E. Gantz ’10
Mr. Harold J. Ganz ’65
Dr. Hal B. and Mrs. Robin S. Ganzman P’18
Ms. Anni Gao ’15
Ms. Hanlu Gao ’18
Mr. James L. Garard Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Garavente
Robbie Edward Garavente ’20
Mr. William J. Garavente P’20
Mr. and Mrs. Gerlad Garbacz
Mr. Gregory A. ’89 and Ms. Lauren Krause ’90 Garbacz
Ms. Kristin M. Garbarini ’16
Mr. T. and Mrs. Jennifer R. Garbarino
Mr. H. Hunter Garbee ’56
Dr. Victor Garber ’57 and Ms. Joan B. Renner
Dr. Gary Garbus ’80
Mr. John and Ms. Joann Garbutt
Mr. Jacob A. Garcia ’05
Mr. John W. ’85 and Ms. Britta Kopp ’84 Garcia
Dr. Margaret E. Garcia ’07
Mr. Andres Garcia Motta ’05
Ms. Maria Reye Garcia-Pel
Dr. Carl W. Gardiner Jr. ’64*
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Gardiner Jr. ’68 P’95
Mrs. Laura Hylwa Gardiner ’76
Sophia Veronique Gardinier
Mr. Benjamin C. Gardner ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford A. Gardner ’72
Mr. Phil and Mrs. Cheryl Gardner
Mr. Daniel Thompson Gardner ’19
Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. John Gardner
Mr. Jonathan S. and Mrs. Lori W. Gardner P’20
Ms. Kimberly C. Gardner ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Gardner
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Peggy B. Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gardner
Ms. Susan L. Gardner
Ms. Isabella Guadalupe Garduno
Mr. Matthew Gardzina
Ms. Ashley M. Gareau ’09
Mr. Christian S. Garelli ’09
Mr. Ronald A. Garfunkel ’63 and Ms. Sandra Breakstone
Dr. Teevrat Garg ’10
Ms. Kristin M. Garganio ’11
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Ann Gargano
Mr. Peter J. Gargiulo ’81
Mrs. Emily G. Garibaldi ’07
Mr. John J. Garland III ’85
Ms. Naomi H. Garlick ’15
Ms. Natasha J. Garlick ’18
Mr. Philip J. and Mrs. Jayne E. Garlick P’18
Mr. Michael W. Garlock ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Garm
Mr. Jason C. Garman ’10
Ms. Meredith Faye Garmisa ’01
Mr. Case G. Garner ’13
Mr. Corey G. ’02 and Ms. Megan Dunsmore ’01 Garner
Ms. Emily A. Garner ’09
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Garner
Mr. Michael V. and Dr. Lynne Garner P’13
Mr. Albert C. Garnett ’51*
Ms. Olivia L. H. Garnett ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Garnett ’56
Ms. Patricia A. Garno
Ms. Angela DiChiara Garofalo ’82
Ms. Marie A. Garofalo ’10
Mr. Russell S. Garofalo
Mr. Gary W. Garrabrant and Dr. Eve A. Riskin P’19
Mr. J. David Garrabrant ’60
Mr. Noah R. Garrabrant ’19
Mr. Thomas A. Garrabrant ’74
Dr. Lloyd R. Garren ’67
Mr. Arthur S. Garrett III ’87
Mr. James F. and Mrs. Patricia A. Garrett P’17
Mr. John M. Garrett and Mrs. Honor Jones-Garrett
Ms. Linda Holland Garrett ’86
Mr. Timothy J. Garrett ’17
Kathryn G. Garrisi
Mr. Ralph B. Garrison ’80
Mr. Leo and Mrs. Kathleen K. Garrity
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Garson P’15
Ms. Susan Dunn Garson ’00
Mr. William D. Garson ’15
Mr. G. Taylor ’02 and Mrs. Melissa E. ’01 Gartland
Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Gartland
Ms. Mary A. Gartland
Ms. Joanne Gartner
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Patricia Gartner
Mr. James F. Garton ’06
Ms. Susan C. Garven ’80
Mr. Timothy S. Garvey and Ms. Kristen M. Dibert P’19
Mr. Robert A. Garwood ’64
Dr. Paul A. Gary ’62
Mr. Thomas S. Gary ’42*
Ms. Robyn L. Gary-Rodrigues ’94
Mr. Lawrence M. Gasda ’73
Mr. Robert G. Gaskill ’79
Ms. Carol Gasko ’79
Mr. Henry Gasparian ’47*
Mr. J. John Gasparre ’55
Mr. Andrew J. Gasper ’94
Mr. Stephen Gasper
Mr. James R. Gasperini ’70
Mr. Steven H. Gassaway ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Gasser
Mr. John S. Gassner ’88
Mr. George Gastaldo
Mr. John E. Gatehouse ’83
Ms. Heather L. Gates ’16
Mr. Nicholas S. Gates ’17
Mr. S. Scott Gates ’91
Mr. Walter S. Gates Jr. ’65*
Mr. Geoffrey and Ms. Wende Gates
Mrs. Camille P. Gatgens W’60
Mr. W. Raymond Gatgens ’60*
Ms. Lydiah G. Gathara
Dr. Charles J. Gatt Jr. ’85
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Jennifer L. Gattari
Ms. Alexa A. Gatti ’16
Mr. John and Mrs. Ann Gatti
Ms. Janice E. Gatti
Mrs. Leslie Habas Gatti ’95
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Karen M. Gatti P’16
Mr. William J. Gatti Jr.
Mr. William J. Gatti Sr.
Mr. William Gatti
Mrs. Melissa Grandis Gatto ’04
Mr. Richard W. Gauck ’60
Mr. George and Mrs. Patricia H. Gaughan
Dr. Trent Gaugler
Ms. Gail J. Gaul
Ms. Kati Gaulkin ’86
Ms. Cynthia Jones Gaultney ’78
Mr. Rodney W. Gaumer ’71
Ms. Kimberly Gauntner
Mr. Thomas Gauntner ’04
Mr. Douglas Gause
Mr. Eugene H. Gauss ’57
Mr. Norman F. Gauss ’61
Ms. Susan Gauss
Mrs. Kimberly Pierce Gavenman ’89
Ms. Sarah Gavlick
Mr. David Gaw
Ms. Laura Parzynski Gawley ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gawrylik
Mr. Michael E. Gay
Mr. Richard A. Gay ’54*
Mr. William and Mrs. Tara Kilduff Gaydar
Ms. Whitney Byam Gaydos ’96
Mr. Michael Gaykowski P’12
General Thomas L. Gaylord ’84
Ms. Anastasia V. Gayol Cintron ’17
Mr. Joseph C. ’86 and Mrs. Carolyn Baffa ’84 Gaziano
Mr. Timothy J. Gaziano ’15
Mr. John C. Gearhart ’68
Mr. Scott E. Gearhart ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Geary
Mr. Carl B. Gebhard ’66
Mr. Fritz C. Gebhard ’71
Ms. Amy N. Gebhardt ’14
Mr. Douglas Gebhardt
Mr. Frank L. Gebhardt ’54
Ms. Jennifer Gebhardt
Ms. Lisa Gebhardt
Mr. Mark L. and Mrs. Kim Gebhardt P’14
Betsenat Getachew Gebrewold ’20
Ms. Viktorija Gecyte ’08
Mr. John L. Geddes ’66
Mr. David W. Geddis ’75
Ms. Janicelee P. Gee
Mr. Doron A. Geer ’16
Mr. Marc H. and Mrs. Alana Geer P’16
Mr. Robert E. Geer ’56
Mr. Brian P. and Mrs. Diane E. Geesey P’13
Mr. Ronald E. Geesey ’61 P’87
Mrs. Deborah Mohr Geffken ’75
Mr. Frederick P. Gehle ’55
Mr James and Mrs. Kelly H. Gehman
Mr. Philip A. Gehman ’56
Mr. Norbert Gehr
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Gehret ’55 P’01
Mrs. Charis Y. Gehret-Fischette ’01
Mr. George F. Gehrig ’81 and Ms. Sally K. Shelton
Mr. Frederick J. and Mrs. Carla M. Geiersbach P’21
Mr. George W. Geiger ’55*
Mr. Gerard J. Geiger ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Geiger ’63
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jay Geiger ’62
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Theresa M. Geiger
Mr. William and Mrs. Allison Geis
Ms. Carol Geisenheimer
Courtney Anne Geisenheimer ’20
Mr. Jerold David Geisenheimer
Mr. Herbert C. Geiss ’64
Dr. Harry L. Geissinger ’41*
Mr. Edward G. Geist ’67
Mr. Clement E. Geitner ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Geivett
Dr. Kathy A. Gelato ’01
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Gelber
Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Leslie Gelbman P’13
Mr. Scott J. Gelbman ’13
Dr. Jennifer B. Gelbstein ’92
Ms. Ellen M. Cassebaum Geldbaugh ’82
Ms. M. Linda Geldmacher ’77
Ms. Victoria Gelfeld
Dr. David S. and Dr. Ellen M. Geller P’19
Ms. Sarah I. Geller ’17
Ms. Mara Gold Gellman ’85
Mr. Lawrence and Ms. Diane Gelok
Geltrude & Company
Mr. Alex E. and Mrs. Christine D. Gemici P’21
Jacqueline Ceylan Gemici ’21
Mr. Eugene B. Gendel*
Mr. Joseph F. Genduso ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Geneczko ’74
Ms. Denise Genello
General Mills, Inc.
Ms. Liusha Geng ’13
Ms. Erica M. Gennaro ’14
Ms. Lynn A. Gennaro ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Gennet
Mr. John M. Genova ’76
Ms. Laura A. Genovese P’15
Mr. Vincent J. Gentilcore ’67
Mr. John C. Gentile ’12
Dr. John C. and Mrs. Charlene A. Gentile P’12
Mr. Michael P. Gentile ’03
Mr. Augustine J. Gentilucci ’81
Mr. Joseph A. Gentilucci ’53
Ms. Maura B. Gentner ’15
Mr. Tommy C. and Mrs. Mary B. Gentner P’15
Mr. Carson M. ’13 and Mrs. Lela Swartz ’14 Gentry
Mr. Robert A. and Ms. Toni Gentry P’13
Mr. Stephen B. Genzer ’73
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Kristin Halley Geoly
Ms. Andrea L. George ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Armond R. George P’19
Mr. Arthur Melville George Jr. ’47*
Mr. David A. George ’19
Mr. Jason S. George ’09
Dr. Lauren A. George ’08
Mr. Daneil and Mrs. Patricia C. George
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Rita Lee George
Mr. Robert E. George II ’14
Ms. Samantha K. George ’12
Mr. Anthony, Jr. and Mrs. Sandi L. George
Mr. and Mrs. W. Paul George
Mr. William S. ’74 and Mrs. Louise T. George
George I. Alden Trust
Mr. Steven G. Georgeou ’68
Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust
Ms. Plamena V. Georgieva ’13
Ms. Anna L. Georgiou ’80
Mr. Peter M. ’81 and Mrs. Laurie Stull ’81 Geosits
Mr. David L. Geraghty ’09
Ms. Kaitlin M. Geraghty ’16
Mr. Mark and Ms. Nancy Geraghty
Geraldine R. Dodge Fdn.
Mr. Michael M. Gerardi ’88
Matthew Ryan Gerber ’20
Mrs. Debra N. Gerhard ’89
Mr. Mark A. Gerhard ’68
Mr. Timothy E. Gerhart ’80
Jacob A. Gerlach Estate
Mr. James N. Gerlacki ’96
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Germain ’71 P’04
Mr. Paul B. Germain ’04
Mr. Charles and Ms. Donna J. German
Mr. G. Burton German Jr. ’49*
Mr. Barry Germanoski
Dr. Brian Germanoski
Dr. Dru and Mrs. Leann S. Germanoski P’12
Mr. Tyler Germanoski ’12
Mr. Dennis E. Germaske ’93
Mr. David E. and Mrs. Nancy L. Gernert
Mr. Donald G. Gernert ’74
Mr. Michael S. Gero ’87
Ms. Gail A. Gerono
Mr. Douglas J. Gerowski ’11
Mr. Douglas A. and Mrs. Michele Gerowski P’11
Mr. Harold J. Gerr ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Gerrity
Mr. Sean P. ’90 and Mrs. Megan Scott ’09 Gerrity
Gerry’s Pizzeria
Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Robin Gershon-Halpern
Ms. Marisa P. Gershwin
Mr. and Mrs. Zelman M. Gershwin ’69
Mr. Noel W. Gerson ’82
Ms. Hallie N. Gersten ’18
Mr. Richard D. and Mrs. Laurie S. Gersten P’18
Ms. Lindsey K. Getches ’11
Mr. Myles S. Getlan ’92
Mr. Argiri and Mrs. Kathleen Getsos
Dr. Robert T.T. ’94 and Ms. Kimberly Horai ’95 Gettens
Ms. Jaime L. Getto ’13
Mr. Mason Getto P’13
Ms. Silva Getto P’13
Mr. Alexander T. Getty ’64*
Mr. Michael M. Getz ’84
Mr. Richard R. Getz ’51
Ms. Alisha Shivali Ghai ’20
Mr. Prabodh K. and Mrs. Anuradha C. Ghai P’20
Mr. Vinay K. Ghai ’17
Mr. Tarik K. Ghanim ’03
Mr. Seifollah Ghasemi Hon.D.’17
Mr. Anurag Ghose ’17
Mr. Prasanto K. and Mrs. Sushmita Ghose P’17
Ms. Iris J. Ghosh ’17
Mr. Saroj and Mrs. Ethel R. Ghosh P’17
Mr. Soumyajeet Ghosh ’10
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Denise Giacco P’18
Mr. Michael M. Giacco ’18
Mr. Joseph T. Giaimo
Ms. Theresa D. Giamanco ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Giambalvo P’18
Ms. Nicole A. Giambalvo ’19
Ms. Christina M. Giambrone ’10
Dr. Frank P. and Mrs. Lynn S. Giammattei P’13
Mr. William F. Giammattei ’13
Mr. Joseph Giancristofaro ’83
Ms. Nancy Giang ’11
Ms. Brianne N. Giangiobbe ’16
Mr. Joseph A. and Mrs. Joann Giangiobbe P’16
Ms. Lisa A. Giannandrea ’13
Mr. Craig T. Giannantonio ’94
Mr. Raffael Giannantonio
Mr. Carmen and Mrs. Carole Giannascoli
Mr. Frank R. Giannelli III ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Giannelli Jr.
Mr. Mark A., Sr. and Mrs. Nancy L. Giannini P’13
Mr. Victor C. Giannini ’13
Mr. Kenneth L. Gibb ’81
Gibb Foundation
Allison Elizabeth Gibbons ’21
Mr. Casey C. Gibbons ’17
Mr. Edward M., Jr. ’88 and Ms. Kimberly Checkur ’88 Gibbons P’17
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Collette Gibbons P’22
Mr. Ian and Ms. Elaine Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Gibbons P’21
Ms. Jane K. Gibbons ’18
Mr. Joseph W. Gibbons
Ms. Lauren E. Gibbons ’15
Mr. Mark P. Gibbons ’83
Mr. Matthew A. Gibbons ’09
Ms. Roberts Mitchell Gibbons
Mr. Thomas M. Gibbons ’87
Lindie Louise Gibbs ’22
Mr. Max R. and Mrs. Laura A. Gibbs P’22
Ms. Tracy Haines Gibley ’84
Mr. James and Mrs. Geraldine A. Gibney
Mrs. Patricia Green Gibney ’84
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Gibson ’64
Mr. Gordon S. Gibson ’59
James William Robb Gibson ’20
Mrs. Lindsay Napier Gibson ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Gibson
Mr.* and Mrs. Daniel W. Gichner ’52
Ms. Lisa A. Gichner
Mrs. Sonia A. Gichner W’52
Mr. George P. Gick ’60
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Gicking ’60
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert K. Gicking ’52
Ms. Jennifer Reeves Gidaro ’88
Mr. Robert W. Giedlin ’59*
Ms. Jody Harrison Giedraitis ’91
Mr. Donald B. Giegerich ’73
Mr. Levi M. Giese ’13
Mr. Brian W. Gifford ’68
Mrs. Jennifer Reif Gifford ’96
Ms. Kathryn E. Gifford ’05
Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Mary Ann Giffuni
Mr. Joseph Giglia
Mr. Russell D. Giglio ’03
Col. John D. Gignac USMC (Ret.) ’80
Mr. Nestor A. and Mrs. Brandi C. Gil
Mr. James G. and Mrs. Kathleen W. Gilbert P’22
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gilbert Jr. ’55
Mr. John J. Gilbert ’75
Mr. John G. Gilbert ’90
Ms. Lauren K. Gilbert ’05
Mr. Michael A. ’90 and Ms. Lori Pisano ’92 Gilbert
Mr. Richard S. Gilbert ’62
Mr. Ryan Gilbert
Mr. Evan S. Gilbertson ’08
Mr. Peter A. Gilbertson ’86
Mr. Peter Nelson Gilbreth ’70
Mr. Thomas G. ’00 and Mrs. Amy Strunk ’00 Gildea
Mr. Richard H. Gilden ’68
Ms. Deborah Maurer Gildersleeve ’75
Mr. Gary N. Gildersleeve ’75
Dr. Peter G. Gildner ’09
Mr. Jerome Edward Giles ’66*
Ms. Kelly E. Giles ’10
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Marilyn S. Giles
Mr. Michael W. Giles ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Giles
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Giles Jr. ’64
Mr. and Mrs. William Giles
Giles Vaughan DBA Black Lab Landscaping
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gilfillan
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Gilg
Ms. Jenna L. Gilgore ’14
Mr. David M. ’80 and Mrs. Erica G. Gilhooley
Ms. Jenifer E. Martin Gilio
Ms. Debra M. Gilkerson ’06
Mr. Adam E. Gill ’14
Mr. Damian M. Gill ’05
Mr. Douglas R. and Mrs. Carol J. Gill P’14
Ms. Elizabeth M. Gill ’16
Mrs. Kathleen Morley Gill ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Gill Jr. ’61
Mr. Matthew Gill ’15
Mr. Richard W. Gill ’78
Mr. William L. Gill ’53
Mr. and Mrs. William Gill
Mr. Thomas S. Gillan ’89
Mr. James M. Gilland ’37*
Mr. Christopher M. Gillen ’89
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Gilles
Mr. Edward T. Gillespie ’54
Ms. Janet A. Gillespie ’14
Dr. Michael J. Gillespie ’95
Mr. William A. Gillespie ’87
Mr. Morris H. Gillet ’63*
Ms. Elizabeth Gillette
Mrs. Gina Gillies
Ms. Nicola J. Gillies ’96
Mr. and Mrs. William Gillies Jr. ’78
Mr. and Mrs. T. Brendan Gilligan ’90
Ms. Tammy Gilliland
Mr. Joseph J. Gillings Jr. ’63
Ms. Taylor Robinson Gillis ’06
Megan Elizabeth Gillman ’22
Mr. Clark Dubois Gilman ’62*
Mr. Gregg and Mrs. Deborah A. Gilman
Ms. Heather Iacurci Gilman ’95
Ms. Christina Taylor Gilmore ’01
Mr. Justin S. Gilmore ’18
Mr. Ross A. Gilmour
Mr. Walter Blood Gilmour Sr. ’39*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gilpin ’65 P’95
Mr. Richard, Jr. ’95 and and Mrs. Lisa Martinez ’96 Gilpin
Ms. Cynthia M. Gilroy
Mr. Timothy A. Gilroy ’82
Mr. John T. Gimpel ’90
Ms. Gwendolyn Freed Ginez ’83
Mr. Jeffrey E. ’97 and Mrs. Jennifer Lynne ’99 Gingerich
Mr. Brian M. and Mrs. Nancy A. Gingras
Mrs. Darrah Grubb Gingrich ’93
Mrs. Marie L. Gingrich
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ginsberg
Ms. Emily S. Ginsberg ’03
Dr. Gregory G. Ginsberg ’82
Ms. Jennifer R. Ginsberg
Mr. Joshua Ginsberg
Mr. Mark E. Ginsberg and Mrs. R. Darby Curtis P’20
Ms. Sarah Tiffin Gioffre ’89
Ms. Lauren A. Giordani ’06
Dr. and Mrs. Carl P. Giordano P’19
Mr. Christopher E. Giordano ’08
Ms. Deborah M. Giordano ’84
Ms. Jaclyn A. Giordano ’15
Mrs. Lauren Durell Giordano ’05
Ms. Patricia A. Giordano
Ms. Ariana N. Giorgi ’13
Mr. Eric T. Giovannetti ’15
Mr. Glen T. and Mrs. Lisa J. Giovannetti P’15
Mr. Anthony D. Giralo ’11 and Ms. Melissa B. Drennan ’12
Mr. Anthony G. and Mrs. Kimberly H. Giralo P’11
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Susan Girardeau
Mr. and Mrs. Florestano Girardi P’17
Ms. Monica A. Girardi ’14
Dr. Susan E. Girard-Irwin ’80
Mr. John Michael Girdley ’97
Mr. Nirav Giri ’13
Ms. Thora C. Girke*
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Christine A. Giroux
Ms. Sharon L. Gish
Ms. Erin H. Githens ’06
Mrs. Sarah Githens
Mr. Jeffrey S. and Mrs. Carolyn Gitlin P’21
Mr. Marc A. Gittleman ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Gittleman
Mr. Anthony Angelo Giudice Jr. ’19
Dr. James C. Giudice ’63
Ms. Linda F. Giudice
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Giudice
Mrs. Amy Wallen Giuliani ’91
Ms. Diana E. Giulietti ’13
Mr. David Paul Giusti ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Given ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Gjeldum
Mr. Fred L. Glaize III
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sonia Glanville
Ms. Danielle S. Glanzberg ’07
Mr. James D. ’83 and Mrs. Deirdre M. Glascott
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Glascott ’79 P’10’12’15
Ms. Jillian T. Glascott ’10
Mrs. Joan Glascott
Ms. Kendall R. Glascott ’15
Mr. Robert C. Glascott ’12
Mr. Donald C. Glaser ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Glaser
Mr. Jesse Rickey Glaser ’19
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Robin Glaser P’19
Mr. Robert E. Glaser
Ms. Nicole Glaser-George ’99
Dr. Brent D. Glass ’69 Hon.D.’03
Mr Andrew and Mrs. Eleanor S. Glass
Ms. Janice Eileen Glass ’00
Mr. David G. ’06 and Mrs. Andrea Weiss ’06 Glasser
Mr. Robert J. Glasser and Ms. Tracy T. Grady
Ms. Cathy Canter Glassman ’74
Dr. Lawrence S. Glassman ’75
Dr. Martin J. Glassman ’79
Mr. Russell Glassman
Mr. William M. and Mrs. Simona Glaus
Dr. Peter C. Glaws ’77
Ms. Esta M. Glazer-Semmel ’74
Mr. David A. Gleason ’83
Ms. Constance A.R. Gleeson ’85
Mr. Steven B. and Mrs. Deborah F. Gleich P’17
Mr. Leonard C. and Mrs. Joanne R. Glenn P’15
Mr. Robert L. Glenn III ’11
Mr. Robert L., Jr. and Mrs. Sherita Glenn P’11
Mr. William Edward Glenney ’56
Mr. Brian K. Glennon ’78
Ms. Carol Ann Glick
Mr. Christopher J. Glick ’10
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Glick
Mr. Jonathan P. Glick ’05
Dr. Michael J. Glick ’67
Ms. Susan R. Glick P’13
Mr. Daniel Glickenhaus ’78
Mr. Adam H. Glickman ’04 and Ms. Emily P. Murphy ’03
Mr. Scott A. Glicksman ’13
Mr. Matthew E. ’95 and Mrs. Lucinda Brolin ’96 Glinn
Global Charitable Fund
Mr. Peter R. Glock ’86
Ms. Diane Glogovcsan
Mr. Anthony J. Glory
Mr. David J. Glotfelty ’07
Mr. Darius V. Glover ’14
Ms. Enid Glover and Ms. Cynthia Veilleux
Mr. Eric L. Glover ’16
Joan Glover
Mr. Lamont H. Glover
Mark Alan Glover ’20
Mr. Paul F. Glover III ’64
Mr. Ronald A. Glover
Mr. William L. and Mrs. Jayne Glover P’16
Mrs. Carly R. Glover-Saviano ’02
Ms. Emma M. Glubiak ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Gluck
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall J. Gluck ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gluckman
Mr. George J. Glueck ’70
Mr. Michael W. Glynn ’81
Mrs. Judith Glynn-Mastronardy ’82
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Susan E. Gnall
Mr. Alan M. Gnessin and Mrs. Andrea Thomas Merrick
Mr. Yehou M. Gnopo ’15
Mrs. Catherine D. Go
Dr.* and Mrs. William J. Goade Jr. ’42
Mr. Abraham M. Goch ’10
Mr. Philip H. Gocke, Jr. ’73
Mr. Galen C. Godbey
Mr. William W. Goddard ’89
Ms. Addie K. Godfrey ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Godfrey P’13
Mrs. Catherine Eoff Godfrey ’09
Mr. Gilbert J. Godfrey ’74
Ms. Leslie Godfrey
Ms. Whitney Baugher Godfrey ’97
Mr. William C. Godfrey ’77
Ms. Leah C. Godin ’14
Ms. Nadine Godin-Nassaney
Ms. MaryBeth Godlewski
Dr. Terry F. Godlove ’50*
Mr. Michael W. Godown ’78
Mr. Jorge D. Godoy ’15
Mr. Brandt L. Godshalk
Mr. Gregory S. and Mrs. Debbie Godshall P’12
Mr. Matthew W. Godshall ’01
Ms. Riley E. Godshall ’19
Mr. Joseph R. Godwin Jr. ’81
Ms. Susan Palena Godwin ’86
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary D. Goebel
Mr. Gregory K. Goebert ’01
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Goehring ’53
Mr. Carl E. Goelz ’72
Mr. John F. Goemaat ’64
Dr. Douglas J. Goepfert ’77
Mr. Gregory J. Goepfert ’82
Ms. Amy Goerss Noe ’91
Mr. George J. Goettelmann Jr. ’95
D. R. Goettler
Mr. Allen J. Goetz ’84
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Goetz ’44 P’75
Ms. Lisa K. Goetz ’75
Mr. Elton S. Goff ’59
Mr. J. Barry Goff ’64*
Mr. James K. ’99 and Mrs. Ashlie Edelstein ’98 Goff
Mr. Matthew A. ’02 and Mrs. Abigail Santoro ’02 Goff
Mrs. Kristen A. Goggin ’98
Mr. E. Lawrence Gogolin Jr. ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Goidel
Mrs. Sarah H. Golaszewski ’83
Mr. Thomas F. Golaszewski ’12
Mrs. Rebecca Breese Golay ’04
Mr. Andrew B. Golbert ’65
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Ann L. Gold
Dr. Arthur J. and Dr. Marion M. Gold P’13
Mr. Brandon S. Gold ’10
Mr. David P. Gold ’77
Mr. David F. Gold ’11
Mr. Donald L. Gold ’53*
Dr. Harvey R. Gold ’56
Mr. James A. Gold
Dr. Marla Gold and Ms. Debra Brady P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Morrie G. Gold
Dr. Rosemary Olivo Gold ’77
Mr. Scott D. Gold ’87
Mr. Zachary S. Gold ’13
Ms. Amanda N. Goldberg ’07
Mr. Andrew S. Goldberg ’15
Ms. Bonnie Zalkin Goldberg ’84
Mr. Bryan P. and Mrs. Allison I. Goldberg
Dr.. Daniel L. Goldberg ’09
Mr. Daniel I. and Mrs. Joanne P. Goldberg P’21
Mr. David M. Goldberg
Dr. Donald M. Goldberg ’77
Ms. Emily E. Goldberg ’05
Mr. Evan M. Goldberg ’12
Mr. Harold Goldberg ’56*
Mrs. Ina Goldberg P’12
Ms. Jacqueline Solomon Goldberg ’98
Mr. Jordan A. Goldberg
Dr. Laura A. Goldberg ’12
Ms. Leah S. Goldberg ’11
Mr. Leonard L. and Mrs. Caryl T. Goldberg P’12
Mr. Mark L. Goldberg ’93
Mr. Mickey S. Goldberg ’91
Ms. Shelia Goldberg
Ms. Stacey J. Goldberg ’12
Dr. Steven M. Goldberg ’75
Dr. Michael Gold-Biss ’84
Mr. Ira and Ms. Betty Goldblatt
Mr. Michael S. Goldblatt ’17
Mr. Adam J. Golden ’96
Mr. Charles E. Golden ’68
Mr. Christopher J. Golden ’67
Mrs. Eugenia A. Norman Golden W’34
Mr. George E. Golden ’58
Mr. Steven Watkins and Ms. Jennifer L. Golden
Mrs. Karen Sullivan Golden ’02
Ms. Kathryn E. Golden
Mr. Harry and Mrs. M. Jeannette Golden
Mr. Michael D. Golden
Mr. Paul J. Golden ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thomas Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Golden
Rabbi Steven H. Golden ’86
Ms. Elaine Greenberg Goldenberg
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Paige Goldfarb P’16
Mr. Jason A. Goldfarb ’14
Mr. Lee M. Goldfarb ’05
Mr. Randall J. Goldfarb ’16
Dr. Philip M. Goldfeder ’93
Ms. Eileen S. Goldgeier
Ms. Myra S. Goldgeier
Mr. Joseph C. Golding ’10
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Michelle E. Goldish
Mr. Harris L. Goldman ’95
Mr. Jack M. Goldman ’62*
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Goldman
Mr. Michael E. Goldman ’16
Mr. Victor B. Goldman ’96
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Mr. Arthur H. Goldsmith ’71
Mr. Barrett N. Goldsmith ’06
Dr. Jay P. Goldsmith ’63
Mrs. Katharine J. Goldsmith ’07
Mr. Robert M. Goldsmith ’68
Ms. Stephanie Resnick Goldsmith ’01
Dr. Andrew M. and Mrs. Judith S. Goldstein P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goldstein
Dr. Benjamin D. Goldstein ’07
Mr. Brandon S. Goldstein ’15
Mr. Charles D. Goldstein ’81
Dr.* and Mrs. David A. Goldstein ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Goldstein P’09
Ms. Hannah M. Goldstein ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Goldstein
Ms. Heather L. Goldstein ’09
Ms. Ilana Meira Goldstein ’19
Mr. Ira Goldstein and Ms. Trina A. Czwartacky-Goldstein P’17
Mr. Irving J. Goldstein ’76
Dr. Jeffrey E. Goldstein
Ms. Jennie L. Goldstein ’10
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Kimberly Goldstein
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard I. Goldstein ’63
Mr. Matthew D. Goldstein ’11
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Michelle Goldstein P’15
Mr. Michael Goldstein
Mr. Michael J. Goldstein
Neil V. Goldstein Esq. ’62
Mr. Noah C. Goldstein ’04
Dr. Philip D. Goldstein ’70
Mr. Richard S. and Mrs. Sandra L. Goldstein P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Goldstein ’80
Mr. Samuel Goldstein ’63
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Wendi H. Goldstein P’14
Mr. William A. Goldstein and Mrs. Rita A. Polukord P’11
Mr. George Goldstone
Mr. Mark L. Goldstone ’81 and Ms.* Mindy A. Lieberman ’81
Mr. Willialm and Mrs. Beth S. Goldsworthy P’17
Addison B. Goldwait ’20
Mr. Patrick A. and Mrs. Kelly A. Goldwait P’20
Dr. Joel and Dr. Marlene R. Goldwein P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Goldzweig
Mr. Peter Goldzweig
Mr. Andrew M. and Ms. Amy A. Gole P’14
Mr. Jason Gole
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gole
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Stacy Gole
Mr. Alec J. Golini ’14
Mr. James J. and Mrs. Cindy L. Golini P’14
Mr. Matthew M. Golitko `97
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gollow
Mr. David S. Golman and Ms. E. Denise Brown P’13
Mr. Matthew R. Golman ’13
Mr. Barry P. and Mrs. Shari S. Golob P’18
Mr. Joshua S. Golob ’18
Go-Logo Solutions LLC
Mr. Brian and Ms. Elizabeth A. ’04 Goltz
Mr. Benjamin S. Golub
Dr. Robert J. Golub and Dr. Dianne J. Defusco P’19
Dr. Farai C. Gombedza ’11
Mr. Robert S. Gombos ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Gombosi
Diego B. Gomera-Tavarez ’20
Christopher N. Gomez ’20
Mr. James A Gomez and Mrs. Barbara L. Burton
Mr. Luis R. Gomez ’17
Mr. Melchor Gomez and Ms. Rebeca Pedraza P’14
Ms. Valerie H. Gomez ’08
Ryan Goncalves ’20
Ms. Molly A. Gondolf ’14
Mr. Robert E. Gondolf and Ms. Susan M. Franklin P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Gonick P’20
Mr. Christopher J. Gonnella ’99
Mr. John A. and Mrs. Theresa A. Gonnella P’13
Ms. Rachel A. Gonnella ’13
Mr. Tye J. Gonser ’02
Ms. Judith M. Gonshor ’74
Dr. Richard R. ’89 and Ms. Jacqueline Aloisi ’91 Gontarek
Mr. Andrew L. Gonzalez ’17
Mr. Carlos M. and Mrs. Silvia A. Gonzalez P’17
Mr. and Mrs. David Gonzalez
Mr. Edgar G. Gonzalez ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Gonzalez
Ms. Lindsay A. Gonzalez ’09
Ms. Mildred Gonzalez ’11
Nicolas A. Gonzalez
Mr. Nicolas A. Gonzalez ’10
Ms. Zinzi A. Gonzalez ’11
Dr. Bruce D. and Mrs. Carol Gooberman P’13
Dr. Evan R. Gooberman ’13
Mr. Alan C. Good ’55
Mr. Alan C. Good Jr. ’78
Mr. Robert S. Good P’22
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Susan E. Good
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
Hannah Jean Goodacre ’21
Mr. Robert A. Goodfellow ’51
Mr. William H. Goodhart ’72
Mrs. Michele Stratton Gooding ’83
Mr. Bennett J. ’79 and Mrs. Margaret E. Goodman
Ms. Betsy Frank Goodman ’85
Mrs. Cara Belardi Goodman ’02
Dr. David A. and Mrs. Rosemary Goodman P’11
Ms. Jessica Pearl Goodman ’19
Ms. Karina S. Goodman ’15
Ms. Megan O. Goodman ’14
Mr. William S. and Mrs. Erica B. Goodman P’19
Mrs. Ariane Goodman-Belkadi ’89
Ms. Paris Goodnight
Mr. Austin Goodrich
Mr. John H. ’83 and Ms. Michelle Hall ’84 Goodrich
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Goodwill
Dr. Joseph E. Goodwill ’04 and Dr. Wystan Carswell ’10
Casey Ariel Goodwin ’21
Mr. David G. Goodwin Jr. ’10 and Ms. Katherine G. Holmes ’10
Ella Claire Griffin Goodwin ’21
Dr. James E. Goodwin ’72
Ms. Joan Austin Goodwin
Mr. Matthew T. and Ms. Kirsti Wells ’96 Goodwin
Ms. Meghan B. Goodwin ’06
Mr. Salvatore R. and Dr. Jane A. Goodwin P’21
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Goodwin ’68
Mr. Thomas W. Goodwin ’75
Mr. Richard B. Goodwyn Jr. ’86
Dr. and Mrs. Neil Goodzeit
Mr. Michael Gooen
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Kathleen E. Gooley
Mr. Ravi M. ’91 and Mrs. S. Olivia ’91 Gooneratne
Mr. Alan S. Goore ’59
Mr. Sriram Gopalakrishnan ’10
Ms. Suzanne H. Gorab
Ms. Devon B. Gorbey ’15
Mr. Frank J. and Mrs. Ellen Gorbey P’15
Ms. Jennifer R. Gorchow ’07
Ms. Ashley B. Gordon ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gordon
Dr. and Mrs. Brian M. Gordon P’19
Ms. Caitlin A. Gordon ’12
Mr. David and Mrs. Kristine Gordon P’14
Mr. Denis F. Gordon ’61
Mr. Donald R. Gordon ’76
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Donna L. Gordon
Mr. Fred D. Gordon ’69
Dr. Gary P. Gordon and Dr. Elizabeth W. McMahon
Ms. Ida Gordon
Mr. James B. Gordon ’66
Mr. Jason S. Gordon ’09
Mr. Jeffrey B. Gordon ’84
Dr. Jeffrey M. and Mrs. Gloria Gordon P’11
Joseph Francis Gordon Jr. ’20
Mr. Joseph F., Sr. and Mrs. Laura Gordon P’20
Mrs. Laura Bochner Gordon ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Gordon
Dr. Melissa B. Gordon ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Milt Gordon
Ms. Natasha A. Gordon ’13
Mr. Oliver B. Gordon Jr. ’60
Richard E. Gordon, Esq. ’70
Mr. Robert P. Gordon ’09
Mr. Roger B. Gordon ’55 P’83*
Mr. Scott E. Gordon ’83
Mr. Scott W. Gordon ’12
Ms. Shariyah T. Gordon ’14
Ms. Stacy I Gordon ’19
Mr. Thomas B. Gordon ’84
Mr. William W. Gordon ’17
Mr. Marvin B. and Mrs. Cynthia K. Gordy P’21
Ms. Ashley H. Goreshnik ’17
Mr. Vlad Goreshnik and Ms. Regina Krasovsky P’17
Mr. Alexander Gorloff ’18
Dr. Victor Gorloff P’18
Ms. Julie C. Gorman
Mr. Michael J. Gorman Jr. ’77
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Jill E. Gorman P’18
Mr. Patrick J. Gorman III ’87
Mrs. Rebecca Atkins Gorman ’00
Mr. Sean M. Gorman ’18
Ms. Michelle A. Gormley P’22
Ms. Bryn R. Gornick ’16
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Gornick P’16
Ms. Sasha Miriam Gorski ’19
Ms. Patricia F. Gorsky
The Charles M. Gorsuch Trust
Ms. Monica H. Gort-Jakubowski P’17
Ms. Lara L. Gorton ’90
Ms. Dawn Marie Gorynski
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gorzsas
Mr. Paul J. Gorzsas ’77
Dr. Rachel E. Goshgarian
Capt. J. Phillip Goshow USNR ’69
Ms. Martha Goskowski
Mr. C. Thomas Goslau ’89
Mr. William F. Goslau ’65
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Leslie Gosnell P’18
Ms. Natalie A. Gosnell ’18
Ms. Caroline O. Goss ’13
Mr. Connor K. Goss ’18
Dr. Paul E. and Mrs. Susan M. Goss P’13
Ms. Joan A. Gossett ’77
Mr. John T. Gossick ’18
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Gothard
Mr. Steven E. Gotlieb ’91
Mr. Philip G. Gott ’70
Mr. Robert H. Gottheiner ’60
Mr. and Mrs Stuart Gottlieb
Mr. Seth S. Gottlund ’14
Ms. Diane Gaglia Gottschalk ’84
Ms. Frances Gottschalk
Dr. Daniel L. Gottsegen ’65
Mr. Peter C. Gottwik ’65
Mr. Carl Gotzmer Jr. ’63
Mr. Paul Goudy
Mr. A. Deane Gough Jr. ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Gough
Mr. Sean P. Gough ’09
Mr. John and Mrs. Carol W. Gould
Ms. Emma K. Gould ’06
Dr. John H., Jr. and Dr. Sharon W. Gould P’22
Mary Day Gould ’22
Ms. Caroline Patterson Goulden ’83*
Mr. Michael Gouldin
Ms. Lisa C. Goulding ’16
Mr. Stephen P. Goulet ’93
Mr. Ray T. Goulstone ’65*
Dr. Robert Fine Goulstone ’62
Eric Charles Gourdon ’20
Mr. Pierre C. and Mrs. Claudia S. Gourdon P’20
Mr. Sriram Gopalakrishnan ’10
Ms. Julie Hodges Gouveia ’88
Mr. Brendan S. Gover ’14
Ms. Chelsea M. Gover
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Gover P’14
Ms. Patricia M. Gover
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Gover
Ms. Silvana T. Gover
Dr. Satish Govindaraj ’91
Mr. David and Mrs. Pnina Michelle Govrin
Ms. Carol A. Gowan ’84
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Dolores V. Gowdy
Mr. Richard B. and Mrs. Joanne M. Gowdy P’11
Ms. Jenna M. Gowell ’16
Mr. Scott T. and Mrs. Kimberly Gowell P’16
Mr. Andrew M. Goyer ’85
Mrs. Laura Bochner Gordon ’10
Mr. Milton and Mrs. Miriam S. Grabow
Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Carol A. Grabowski
Mr. Christopher R. Grabowski ’05
Mr. Eugene C. Grabowski
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Grabowski
Ms. Jessica B. Grabowski ’12
Mr. John C. and Mrs. Patricia J. Grabowski P’12
Mr. Jon R. ’02 and Dr. Liza Zitelli ’02 Grabowski
Ms. Mary L. Grabowski
Graboyes Commercial Window Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Grace
Mr. James N. Grace II ’54
Mr. James N. Grace III ’86
Mr. Matthew D. Grace ’90
The Graduates
Ms. Emily B. Grady ’17
Mr. Ryan G. Grady ’97
Ms. Emily Archer Graetzer ’02
LTC (Ret.) Ronald O. Graf ’61
Ms. Caron P. Graff ’83
Mr. Cris R. Graffa and Ms. Barbara Searles
Ms. Beate Graham
Mr. Bruce S. Graham ’73
Mr. Bruce A. Graham ’86
Ms. Diana Graham
Ms. Ellen M. Graham ’18
Dr. J. Dale Graham ’53
Mr. Kellen H. Graham ’04
Mr. Michael Graham
Mr. Nicholas D. Graham ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Graham ’56
Mrs. Richard N. Graham W’51
Dr. and Mrs.* Robert H. Graham ’58
Mr. Stephen M. ’89 and Ms. Cynthia Newsome ’89 Graham
Mrs. Missy Gralish P’16
Mr. Ryan C. Gralish ’16
Mr. Jonathan S. Gralnick ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Gramigna, Jr. P’13
Ms. Kathryn M. Gramigna ’13
Ms. Nicole Gramigna ’09
Mr. and Mrs. John Gramins
Ms. Elisa J. Grammer ’73
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Grammer
Mr. Nicholas R. Grams ’19
Mr. Michael J., Jr. and Mrs. Katherine P. Granbois P’19
Mr. Theodore Michael Granbois ’19
Mr. Matthew H. Grandis ’01
Mr. Matthew K. Grandon ’12
Mr. Raymond C. and Mrs. Nancy Grandon P’12
Mr. Robert D., Jr. ’82 and Ms. Jocelyn Connell ’84 Graney
Mr. Michael J. Granieri Jr. ’17
Mr. Christopher Granjean ’19
Mr. Eugene B. Grant
Mr. Kenneth M. Grant
Ms. Lisa M. Grant ’87
Mr. Matthew E. Grant ’15
Mr.* and Mrs. Richard H. Grant ’41 GP’90’91
Dr. Catherine Barthelmes Granzow ’86
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Geraldine Grasso
Ms. Michelle P. Grasso ’98
Mr. Robert C. Grasso ’69
Mr. Roy Conklin and Mrs. Angela Grasso-Conklin
Ms. Rhea Kocik Grate ’88
Ms. Mariela Gratero ’15
Mr. Eric F. Gratz ’11
Roberta B. Grauert W’37 Estate
Mr. Timothy G. Graupe
Mrs. Anne Hetrick Gravenstede ’86
Mr. Andrew D. Graves ’18
Mrs. Mary E. Graves ’02
General Alfred M., Jr. USMC (Ret.) ’50 and Mrs. Jan Gray
Ms. Ashley E. Gray ’09
Ms. Beverly A. Gray
Mr. Brian D. ’97 and Mrs. Stacey Quinn ’98 Gray
Mrs. Catherine E. Gray W’23*
Mr. David A. Gray ’59
Mr. Gary A. Gray Jr. ’72
Mr. Glen C., Jr. ’80 and Mrs. Ellen Senkowski ’80 Gray
Mr. Jason S. Gray ’23*
Mr. Jason S. Gray Jr.
Mr. John and Mrs. Jean Jianos Gray
Mr. Jonathan M. Gray ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gray
Dr. Kareema Levetter Gray ’94
Ms. Kyara M. Gray ’11
Ms. Margaret P. Gray ’90
Mr. Michael J. Gourley ’10
Mr. Neil H. Gray ’74
Ms. Paula Gray
Mr. Peter C. Gray ’05
Mr. Thomas A. Gray ’70*
Dr. Wayne D. Gray ’72
Ms. Jennifer L. Grab ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Graybill
Ms. Jennifer S. Graye ’05
Ian Anderson Grayson ’22
Mr. Ian G. and Mrs. Aurelia P. Grayson P’22
Mr. Peter G. Grayson ’77
Mr. Brendan R. Grayson-Wallace ’14
Mr. Roy W. Grayson-Wallace P’14
Ms. Jan Grayson Grayzel ’78
Mrs. Catherine C. Graziani ’03
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Shirley Graziani
Ms. Katie L. Graziano ’15
Ms. Kristen I. Greaney ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Greaney
Mr. Edward W. Greason ’81
Dr. Edward Dale Greaves ’53*
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Greaves
Mr. William P. Greaves ’59
Mr. Peter H. Greaves-Tunnell ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Greco
Mr. Tony and Mrs. Julie Palumbo Greco P’18
Mr. Leo J. Greco Jr. ’85
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Greco ’84
Mr. Horst G. Greczmiel ’74 and Ms. Marie F. Fernandez-Greczmiel
Ms. Bridget O. Greeley ’12
Mrs. Lee Jenkins Greeley ’82 P’09
Mr. Robert P., Jr. and Mrs. Mary Greeley P’12
Dr. Arthur G. Green III ’70
Ms. Autumn M. Green ’13
Mrs. Barbara Williams Green ’84
Mr. Brady L. and Mrs. Natalie D. Green P’18
Mr. Brett M. Green ’04
Mr. David M. Green ’85 P’14
Mr. Donald R. Green `54
Mr. E. Hart Green III ’54
Mr. Gregory and Ms. Elise Hillman Green
Ms. Emily M. Green ’04
Ms. Fumiko Suesawa Green ’84
Mr. Gary Brian Green P’12
Mr.* and Mrs. H. Kermit Green ’56 P’85’92 GP’14
Hannah N. Green ’20
Mr. Ira H. Green ’56*
Mr. John G. Green II ’79
Mr. Jonathan D. Green ’68 P’95
Mr. Joseph P. Green ’49*
Mrs. Josephine Kurtz Green ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua A. Green ’92
Mr. Matthew H. Green ’12
Dr. Michael D. and Mrs. Laura M. Green P’20
Mr. Raymond F. Green ’72
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Sally A. Green
Mr. Stephen H. Green ’64
Mr. Stephen Green
Mr. Zachary J. Green ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Greenawalt
Dr. Nancy Jo Greenawalt
Mr. David R. Greenbaum ’60
Mr. Steven E. Greenbaum ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Greenbaum ’64
Dr. Alex M. Greenberg `80
Ms. Elizabeth A. Graybill ’10
Mr. Andrew E. Greenberg
Ms. Beth E. Greenberg
Mr. David L. Greenberg ’06
Mrs. Ida S. Greenberg ’88
Mr. Jacob A. Greenberg ’11
Mr. Jeffrey M. Greenberg
Mr. John S. ’89 and Ms. Carolyn Wylde ’91 Greenberg
Mr. Marc Greenberg
Dr. Mitchell S. Greenberg ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Saul Greenberg
Dr. Scott A. Greenberg ’78
Mr. and Mrs. I. Michael Greenberger ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brian Greenblatt
Mr. Adam J. Greene ’05
Mr. Arnold M. Greene P’05
Mr. Brian R. Greene ’02
Ms. Dani Shotel Greene ’98
Mr. Dennis I. Greene ’65
Mr. James and Ms. Mary Ellen Greene
Mr. Max J. Greene ’12
Mr. Michael E. and Mrs. Peggy J. Greene P’13
Mr. Paul S. Greene ’84 and Rev. Beth M. Illingworth ’84
Mr. Steven T. Greene ’70
Mr. W. Andrew ’91 and Mrs. Susan Farrell ’92 Greene
Mr. William B. Greene ’13
Ms. Lauren T. Greenfeld ’14
Mr. Adin Greenfield ’17
Mr. and Mrs. David Greenfield
Mr. Gary Alan Greenfield ’71
Mr. Jesse G. Greenfield ’16
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Lorelei G. Greenfield P’16
Dr. Jonathan S. and Mrs. Georgette V. Greenfield P’17
Mr. Michael A. Greenfield ’05
Mr. Nicholas P. Greenfield Sr. ’86
Ms. Hannah J. Greenhall ’18
James Harrison Greenhill ’21
Dr. Daniel J. Greenholz ’55
Mr. John and Ms. Marcia M. Greening
Mr. Adam D. Greenlaw ’10
Mr.and Mrs. Douglass C. Greenlaw
Mrs. Amanda Saber Greenberg ’10
Mr. Samuel P. Greenough ’03
Mr. William E. Greenough Jr. ’63
Mr. Peter K. Greenslade ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Greenstein
Mr. Adam N. Greenwald ’08 and Ms. Shari R. Leventhal ’06
Mr. Benjamin I. Greenwald ’12
Mr. Joshua M. Greenwald ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Greenwald ’63
Mr. Robert M. and Mrs. Sandra B. Greenwald P’12
Mr. Robert M. Greenwald
Mr. William S. E. Greenwald ’61
Mr. A Wilt Greenwood
Ms. Ellen Balmas Greer ’90
Ms. Susan Gregge
Dr. Richard J. Gregor ’86
Ms. Marilyn C. Gregorak
Mr. John W. Gregorek ’99
Mr. Pericles Gregoriou ’87
Mr. Robert P. Gregory `78
Gregory J Menlo MD PC
Mr. William C. Greiner IV ’97
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Lynn M. Greis P’18
Mr. William H. Greis ’18
Mr. Joseph J. Grella Jr. ’72
Mr. Marc P. Grelsamer ’16
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Grelsamer P’16
Mr. Stephen H. Grenhart ’72
Mr. Andrew J. Grenier ’92
Ms. Patricia Grennon
Mr. Karl J. and Mrs. Theresa M. Grentz
Ms. Susan McComas Gresavage ’82
Mr. Edward J. Gresens ’73
Mr. Geoffrey F. Gresh ’02
Dr. Sean Gresh
Mr. Paul S. Greshin ’18
Dr. Thomas J. ’99 and Ms. Colleen Gleeson ’00 Greshock
Mr. M. Gregory S. Grewal ’16
Mr. Adam M. ’14 and Mrs. Amanda Scherb ’14 Grey
Mr. Harold Hall Grey and Ms. Catherine A. McCormick P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Grey
Mr. Michael Thomas Gribble ’99
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Lou Gridley
James Campbell Grieb
Mrs. Lynn C. Grieb
Mr. Robert F. Grieb ’68
Mr. Douglas M. and Mrs. Sandra A. Griebel P’23
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Grieco
Mr. Donald S. and Mrs. Lynn-Ann Gries
Jacob Edward Gries
Mr. David A. and Ms. Deborah Griesbach P’13
Ms. Hannah H. Griesbach ’13
Mr. Henry L. Griesbach III
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Griesbach
Mr. Robert W. Griesemer ’68
Mr. Logan Scott Grieser ’19
Ms. Nancy Grieser
Mr. S. Scott and Mrs. Sherry A. Grieser P’19
Mr. David R. Griffenhagen ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Griffin P’11
Ms. Christina L. Griffin ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Don Griffin
Ms. Marilyn Pope Griffin ’74
Mrs. Marilyn Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Griffin
Dr. Patricia M. Griffin P’12
Mr. W. Bradney Griffin
Mr. William R. Griffin Jr. ’73
Mr. Howard D. and Mrs. Debbie Griffis
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Griffith ’64 Hon.D.’01
Mr. Gary R. and Mrs. Sharon A. Griffith P’13
Mr. John J. ’09 and Mrs. Kimberly Sorace ’11 Griffith
Mr. Joseph W. Griffith ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Griffith
Ms. Phoebe J. Griffith ’82
Ms. Sam S. Griffith ’13
Mr. Andrew P. and Ms. Tara Lee Griffiths
Mr. Darren L. and Mrs. Amy L. Griffiths P’14
Mr. Peter B. ’80 and Mrs. Sandra Smith ’83 Griffiths
Ms. Rachel E. Griffiths ’14
Robert A. Griffiths Esq. ’75
Mr. Steven E. Griffiths ’09
Antonia Grifo Esq.
Mrs. Eleanor L. Grifo W’43
Mrs. Richard D. Grifo W’40*
The Hon. and Mrs. Richard D. Grifo ’40*
Mr. Daniel W. Griggs ’71
Mr. Dominic M. and Mrs. Rita M. Grillo
Mr. John L. Grillo ’85
Mr. Vincent A. Grillo
Mr. and Mrs. George Grills
Mr. George L. Grim ’68
Dr. James S. Grim ’60
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Grim
Dr. Mark H. ’74 and Mrs. Licia A. Grim
Mr. Robert P. Grim ’66
Mr. Sean T. Grim ’14
Mr. Michael J. Grimaldi ’12
Ms. Angela Grimes ’80
Mr. John D. Grimes ’76
Joseph P., Esq. ’74 and and Mrs. Sharon C. Grimes
Ms. Michele B. Grimes ’74
Dr. Russell N. Grimes ’57
Mr. William and Mrs. Susan W. Grimes
Col. Russell L. Grimley ’84
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Almogene L. Grimm
Ms. Marie Bilotti Grimm ’82
Mr. Mary S. Grimm
Mr. W. Thomas Grimm ’61
Mrs. Kathy Grinaway P’11
Mr. Patrick B. Grinaway ’11
Ms. Amanda K. Grisanti ’19
Mr. Vito F. and Ms. Irene M. Grisanti P’19
Mr.* and Mrs. Leonard W. Grish ’53
Mr. Paul M. Griswold ’73
Mr. Paul J. Griswold Jr. ’03
Mr. Thomas H. Griswold
Mr. Bernard B. Grobart
Ms. Vivian G. Groccia
Mr. Nicholas M. Groch ’01
Mr. James Grodon Jr. ’94
Dr. John T. Groel ’48
Mr. Gilbert Jay Groendyke ’68
Mrs. Amanda D. Groenendaal ’89
Mrs. Elizete Perez Groenendaal ’83
Mr. and Mrs. E. Terry Groff ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Groff ’68 P’90
Mr. Timothy R. Groff ’90
Mr. Owen L. Grogan ’14
Mr. Rob and Mrs. Erica N. Grohman
Mr. Brian and Ms. Christine Grohs
Dr. Albert H. Grollman ’52
Dr. David B. Groman ’75
Mr. Michael J. Groman ’86
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Groner
Mr. Timothy J. ’92 and Mrs. Margaret V. ’94 Groninger
Mr. C. Robert Gronquist ’60
Mr. John G. ’87 and Mrs. Donna D. ’88 Groskoph
Ms. Amy R. Gross
Mr. Clyde S. Gross ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Gross P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Gross P’14
Mr. Jeffrey W. Gross ’06
Mr. Joel A. Gross ’05
Mr. John H. Gross ’51
Mr. Jonathan F. Gross ’05
Mr. Matthew Gross
Mr. Peter J. Gross ’14
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Sonia R. Gross
Mr. Steven I. Gross ’01
Mr. Terry L. Gross ’91
Mr. Zachary R. Gross ’15
Lisa Kristin Grosser
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Ellen L. Grossman
Mr. Joel B. Grossman ’74
Mr. Joshua B. Grossman ’07
Dr. Lawrence B. ’87 and Mrs. Elisabeth Grossman P’21
Ms. Louisa Bahto Grossman ’86
Mr. Matthew R. Grossman ’05
Noah Matthew Grossman ’21
Ms. Renee Hersh Grossman ’00
Mr.* and Mrs. Richard A. Grossman ’64 P’97
Dr. Robert A. Grossman ’63
Ms. Sofie A. Grossman ’10
Mr. Donald R. Grossmann ’74
Mr. Anson R. Grover ’50*
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Eileen Ann Grover
Ms. Hannah L. Grover ’13
Mr. John C. and Mrs. Teresa L. Grover P’21
Paige Emily Grover ’21
Ms. Anne V. Groves ’13
Mr. Bruce D. Groves ’75
Mr. Carl S. Groves ’83
Ms. Emily W. Groves ’05
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Groves ’53
Dr. Robert H. Groves ’52*
Dr. Warren O. Groves ’48
Ms. Melissa A. Grozinski-Wolff ’98
Mr. Mark F. Grubb ’64
Mr. Robert W. Grubb ’75
Mrs. Carol L. Grube
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Grube ’57
Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Grube ’72
Ms. Judith Fay Gruber
Mr. Jon D. Gruden II ’16
Ms. Myrna H. Gruenberg
Mr. Peter S. ’85 and Ms. Karen Siegel ’85 Gruenberg
Sharon Tchon Gruet ’81
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Barbara H. Grufferman
Mr. Gregory D. and Mrs. Kathleen C. Grundhoffer P’22
Joseph Donald Grundhoffer ’22
Mr. Joseph W. and Mrs. Regina Grundy P’15
Mr. Patrick J. Grundy ’15
Ms. Natalie L. Grune ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Grune, Sr. P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gruner
Mr. Michael L. Gruner ’10
Claire Marie Grunewald ’20
Dr. Donald Grunewald and Ms. Barbara Frees P’11
Ms. Susan C. Grunewald ’11
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Barbara N. Gruninger
Ms. Anna C. Gruver ’11
Mrs. Lilian Czechel Gruver ’83
Ms. Emilie C. Grybos ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Grygotis
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Grzymski
Ms. Alyssa M. Gsell
Mr. Harry W. Gsell Jr. ’55*
Ms. Maryanne Gsell ’89
Mr. Matthew J. Guadagno ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guadagno ’75 P’05
Mr. Daniel D. Guadalupe ’16
Mr. C. Michael Gualtieri ’01 and Ms. Alison L. Fisher ’01
Mr. Elbio P. and Mrs. Carola Guarch P’15
Ms. Julia L. Guarch ’15
Mr. Paul G. ’08 and Mrs. Jennifer C. ’09 Guarino
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick F. Guarna P’19
Ms. Olivia Nohealani Guarna ’19
Mrs. Jaime Schwartz Gubbins ’02
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Miriam Guberek
Mr. Othman Guennoun ’17
Mr. Bernhard D. Guenther ’60
Ms. Kayla Lyn Guerin ’19
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Guerin P’19
Mr. Ferddy Guerra and Ms. Antonia E. Salazar P’21
Ms. Stephanie F. Guerrera ’87
Mr. Robert Guerrero
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Guest ’59
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Guevremont
Mr. Myles D. ’09 and Mrs. Nicole Bibeau ’09 Guevremont
Mr. Joseph A. Guffanti ’64
Guggenheim Structured Real Estate Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gugliuzza
Mr. James D. Guiducci ’49
Mr. Peter S. Guiler ’75
Ms. Aidan M. Guilfoyle ’15
Mr. Frank M. and Mrs. Suzanne M. Guilfoyle P’15
Mr. William J. Guillaume and Mrs. Patricia E. Kush-Guillaume P’13
Mrs. Kaye Powell Guille ’02
Mr. Dallis J. Guillemin ’16
Mr. Hugo Guinness
Mr. Amar ’09 and Mrs. Amanda Andersen ’09 Gujral
Mr. John and Mrs. Donna J. Gula
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gula P’14
Ms. Kelsey A. Gula ’14
Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Mrs. Debra E. Gulick ’85
Mr. Gary J. Gulka ’78
Mr. Edward F. Gumbart ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Lothar D. Gumberich
Ms. Michelle Reigle Gumiran ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Gummeson ’80
Mr. Rajinda P. Gunasekera ’15
Mr. Asela J. Gunawardana ’95 and Ms. Lauren Elizabeth Maxey
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Gail M. Gunberg
Mr. Alexander K. Gunby-Merriman ’16
Mr. Jeffrey I. Gundersen ’68
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Lisa M. Gundersen
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Gunn P’21
Ms. Jamie Gunther ’19
Mr. Robert M. ’89 and Mrs. Jennifer Pinola ’91 Gunzenhauser
Ms. Li Guo ’15
Ms. Xinyi Guo ’17
Mr. Stanley A. Guogas Jr. ’72
Mr. Abhishek Gupta ’13
Mr. Anand Gupta ’96
Mr. Anindya P. Gupta ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Gupta ’87
Mr. Rishi Gupta ’15
Mr. Tushar V. Gupta ’11
Mr. Emanuel K. Gurara ’13
Ms. Lisa Bernstein Gurevich ’91
Mr. Joshua Gurman
Mr. Mark S. Gurman
Mr. Ronald M. and Mrs. Nancy B. Gurman
Dr. Robert S. Gurmankin ’80
Mr. Robert J. Gurniak ’78
Mr. Robert Guroff and Dr. Susan Wenze
Mr. Gustav Gurska Jr. ’45*
Mr. Edward and Ms. Linda A. Gurski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Gursky ’62
Mr. Nicholas C. Gurzynski ’16
Mr. Richard Gurzynski ’63
Mr. Walter B. Gurzynski ’87
Mr. David H. and Mrs. Coleen Gussaroff P’13
Mr. Derek Gussaroff ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Joel K. Gustafson ’60
Mr. Ronald H. Gustafson ’58
Mrs. Ryan Gildea Guthrie ’00
Mr. Carlos A. Gutierrez ’10
Ms. Margaret Anderson Gutierrez ’81
Mr. Amauri Francisco Gutierrez Coto
Ms. Kimberly M. Gutjahr ’16
Ms. Marianne Sciabica Gutknecht ’82
Mr. Samuel N. Gutner ’05
Mr. Ian J. Gutterman ’95
Mr. Brian J. Guttman ’85
Mr. Brian P. Guzas ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Guzikowski
Ms. Kathleen Silbaugh Guzzetti ’87
H. N. Olewiler, M.D.
H. T. Sales Co., Inc.
Mr. Keith W. Haag ’82
Mr. Justin M. Haar ’11
Dr. Robert D. Haar P’11
Mr. Keith R. and Mrs. Lisa L. Haarmann P’19
Dr. Michael R. Haas ’74
Mr. David and Ms. Esther Haase P’17
Mr. Harold W. Haase Jr. ’63
Mr. Jacob N. Haase ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haaz
Mr. Brian L. Habas ’98
Mr. Stephen J. Habash and Ms. Jean Luczkowski
Mr. Craig B. Haber P’12
Ms. Leslie B. Haber P’12
Mr. Richard W. Haber ’65
Mr. Steven L. Haber ’74
Mr. Eric M. Haberland ’11
Mr. Robin Neil Haberle
Mrs. Gael S. Habernickel
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Habig
Mr. C. Frederick Hachmeister ’55*
Mr. Paul D. Hackenbrack ’81
Dr. Charles J. Hacker ’68
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Ilene J. Hacker
Ms. Allison Stagaard Hackett ’00
Ms. Janine Hackett ’95 and Ms. Robin Bergen
Mr. Jay W. Hackett ’49*
Ms. Katherine B. Hackett
Miss Marion C. Hackett
Mr. Paul C., III ’86 and Ms. Catherine S. ’87 Hackett P’18
Mr. Paul C. Hackett ’18
Ms. Penelope Bassett Hackett
Stewart Andre Hackleman ’20
Ms. Sarah Lengel Hackman ’83
Mr. Allen S. ’78 and Mrs. Janet M. Haddad
Mr. James M. Haddad and Ms. Shereen Beydoun P’15
Mr. Matthew J. Haddad ’05
Mr. Saleem J. Haddad ’15
Mr. William N. Haddad Sr. and Ms. Deirdre K. Dunn-Haddad P’22
Mr. Harry H. Haddon III ’77
Robert Haderer
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Kristina Hadinger
Mr. David E. and Mrs. Lauren Hadley P’16
Mr. Gregory J. Hadley ’13
Mr. Jeffrey C. and Mrs. Susan M. Hadley P’13
Mr. Michael W. Hadley ’10
Ms. Olivia J. Hadley ’16
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Romana O. Hadzewycz P’13
Mr. Paul A. Hadzewycz ’13
Mr. Gerard A. Haefeli ’45*
Mrs. Kristin E. Haendler ’08
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Haering ’59
Mr. Lawrence J. Haertel ’73
Ms. Beryl Haeseker
Mr. Bradford G. Hafer ’87
Dr. Jack M. Hafer ’52
Mr. Joseph P. Hafer ’63
Mr. Andrew R. Haff ’15
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Catharine T. Haff
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Haff
Mr. Peter B. and Mrs. Lyndia Haff P’15
Mr. Bernard Haftel
Mr. Ivan Haftkowycz ’56*
Mr. Hubert W. Hagadorn ’59
Mr. David G. Hagan Jr. ’87
Mrs. Jill C. Hagan ’04
Ms. Kaitlyn A. Hagarty ’14
Mr. Charles T. Hage ’56
Ms. Ellen Cochran Hage ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Hage P’21
Dr. Alexander Hageboutros and Dr. Ghada Haddad P’13
Ms. Karine Hageboutros ’13
Mr. and Mrs. John Hageman
Mr. and Mrs. Hans William Hagen ’60
Mr. Christopher S. ’97 and Ms. Laura Hoxie ’98 Hagenbuch
Mrs. Lauri-Lei Hagerman ’90
Mr. Harry R., Jr. and Mrs. Johanna M. Hagey
Ms. Nicole Harris Hagg ’94
Mr. Matthew J. Haggerty ’02
Mr. Wayne H. Hagman ’77
Mr. John H. ’74 and Mrs. Annemarie M. ’74 Hague
Mr. Stephen W. Hague ’71
Mr. Donald C. Hagy ’69
Mr. Andrew C. Hahn ’98
Mr. Andrew J. Hahn ’94
Mr. David B. and Mrs. Donna L. Hahn P’17
Mr. Eugene Hahn and Mrs. Myriam Sousa-Hahn P’15
Mr. George M. Hahn ’78
Mrs. Heather L. Hahn ’03
Mr. Jeffrey N. Hahn ’78*
Mr. Kenneth S. Hahn ’92
Mr. Thomas C. Hahn ’96
Mr. William F. and Mrs.* Helen M. Hahn
Mr. Matthew W. and Mrs. Erika U. Hahne P’17
Ms. Meryl V. Hahne ’17
Hahnemann University Hospitals
Mr. Robert L. Haigh ’60
Mr. Christopher K. Haight ’09
Ms. Maureen E. Hailey ’77
Mr. Samuel A. Haimann
Mr. Bruce E. ’73 and Mrs. Patricia M. ’75 Haines
Mr. Christopher Haines
Mr. George H., IV ’92 and Ms. Jillian Richardson ’93 Haines
Mr. Martin L. Haines III ’68
Ms. Nikelia E. Haines ’15
Mrs. Ruth A. Haines W’54
Mr. Samuel A. Haines ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford M. Hait ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund A. Hajim
Mr. Elias G. Hajjar ’12
Mr. Hanna G. and Mrs. Cynthia Hajjar P’12
Mr. Thomas P. Hajny ’77
Ms. Wendy Massard Hakken ’87
Mr. Nicholas A. Halaby ’89
Mr. George Halak ’61
Mr. Bill and Ms. Angela Halamandaris P’20
John William Halamandaris ’20
Ms. Deborah Bing Halberg ’81
Roberta Haldaman
Mr. John C. Halderman ’73
Mr. Bruce Haldors
Mr.* Jonathan and Mrs. Phyllic C. Hale
Mr. Craig Haley
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Nancy R. Haley
Dr. Richard M. Halford ’63
Ms. Joan S. Haling ’16
Dr. Alicia V. Hall ’92
Mr. David and Mrs. Ann L. Hall
Mr. Anson L. and Mrs. Diane A. Hall P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley C. Hall
Mr. Brandon J. Hall ’06
Mr. Brandon T. Hall ’14
Mr. Brian A. Hall ’11
Mr. Charles A. Hall
Mr. Eben V. Hall ’93
Ms. Elizabeth R. Hall ’10
Ms. Erin K. Hall ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Hall
Dr. Jeffrey J. and Dr. Angela L. Hall P’17
Mrs. Jill Carey Hall ’09
Ms. Jillian L. Hall ’17
Ms. Joan C. Hall
Mr. John R. Hall
Mr. Jonathan D. Hall
Ms. Julia Marie Hall ’19
Mr. Malcolm Hall Jr. ’79
Mr. Mark A. Hall ’11
Mr. Martin J. Hall ’74
Mr. Matthew F. Hall ’10
Mr. Sheynor A. Hall ’09
Mr. Thomas A., Jr. ’04 and Dr. Miriam H. ’04 Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hall, Jr. P’19
Mr. Philip F. Hallahan Jr
Mr. Roger E. Halle ’76
Mr. Lewis E. Halley*
Dr. Daniel T., Jr. ’01 and Ms. Lindsey Gilday ’00 Hallinan
Hallmark Global Services Inc.
Mr. Andrew J. Halloran ’16
Ms. Harper Halloran
Mr. Hunter Halloran
Dr. John I. and Dr. Carol A. Halloran P’16
Mrs. Riley Jacoby Halloran ’09
Mr. Sean T. ’09 and Mrs. Vanessa D. ’08 Halloran
Ms. Nancy Gifford Hallowell ’82
Mr. Joseph A. Halm ’85*
Mr. Jules F. Halm ’53
Ms. Joyce B. Halmers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Halperin ’60
Mr. Morris A. Halpern ’62
Ms. Danielle Anastasio Halpin ’96
Mr. Donald A. Halpin Jr. ’75
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Pamela Halpin P’21
Ms. Alicia Z. Halpin Ortiz ’16
Mr. Robert A. Halsey ’56
Mr. Jeffrey E. Halstead ’94
Mr. Earl Halt
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Halteman Jr. ’59
Mr. J. Michael Hambor ’72
Mr. Michael E. Hamburger ’06
Mr. Stephen G. Hamer ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Hamerslag
Mr. Joseph T. Hamill ’03
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert T. Hamill ’70
Mrs. Emily Katz Hamilton ’06
Mrs. Heather Hackman Hamilton ’94
Mr. Thomas and Ms. Karen Hamilton
Mr. Robert W. Hamilton ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hamilton
Dr. Robert P. Hamlen ’51
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Juanita J. Hamlin
Raymond L. Hamlin Esq. and Ms. Zoraya Lee-Hamlin
Rev. and Mrs. Robert C. Hamlyn ’50
Malik Dashawn Hamm ’22
Mr. William F. Hamm ’60
Ms. Kristin B. Hamman ’07
Mr. John P. Hammarskjold ’94
Mr. Fredrick A. Hammel ’95
Mr. David Hammer ’92
Mrs. Karen Aronowitz Hammer ’79
Ms. Laura N. Hammer ’12
Mr. Paul C. Hammer Jr. ’12
Mr. Mark L. Hammerstone ’58
Ms. Jessica K. Hammett ’03
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Hammond
Mr.* and Mrs. John P. Hammond ’68
Ms. Karen R. Hammond
Mr. Michael S. Hammond ’71
Mr. and Mrs Richard H. Hammond Jr. ’60 P’92
Mr. Barry Hampe
Mr. Thomas C. Hampsey
Col. Emery W. Hampton ’56
Taron Wesley Hampton ’21
Ms. Julia Fleener Hamrick ’81
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Sarah B. Hamrick
Mr. Amos D. Han ’14
Mr. Gun Jae and Mrs. Mi Y. Han P’14
Mr. James Martin Hancik ’99 and Mrs. Alicia M. Hancik
Mr. Joseph D. Hancock
Mr. Joseph E. Hanczor and Ms. Colleen T. Joyce P’16
Mr. Sean J. Hanczor ’16
Mr. F. Robert Hand ’56
Ms. Nora J. Hand ’17
Mr. Steven R. Hand ’78
Dr. Robert W. Handler ’69
Ms. Sally M. Handlon
Mr. James G. ’75 and Ms. Nancy McCurdy ’76 Handzo
Mr. Michael J. Handzo ’11
Dr. Elwood G. Haney ’49*
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Haney Jr. P’12
Mr. David F. Hanke ’16
Ms. Leigh F. Hanke
Mr. Randall Hanke
Mr. Robert C. Hanle ’71
Mr. Christopher H. ’84 and Mrs. Tracey Gibbons ’86 Hanley
Mr. Terrance and Mrs. Rhonda M. Hanley
Dr. Catherine A. Hanlon ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Hanlon P’18
Mrs. Emily Boyd Hanlon ’95
Ms. Karin Herrmann Hanlon ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Z. Hanlon
Mr. Robert K. Hann ’67
Mr. Gregory D. Hanna
Mr. Ryan M. Hanna ’09
Mr. Stephen A. ’94 and Ms. Kimberley Chalker ’94 Hanna
Mr. Christopher M. Hannan ’03
Mr. and Mrs. James Hannan
Dr. J. Howard Hannemann ’56*
Mrs. Beverly Hannett-Price
Ms. Elizabeth J. Hannigan ’14
Mr. John P. Hannigan P’21
Ms. Katherine B. Hannigan ’18
Mr. Mark A. and Mrs. Carol B. Hannigan P’18
Mr. Peter W. and Mrs. Brenda C. Hanschen
Mr. and Mrs. Allen N. Hansen Jr. ’75
Dr. Arthur S. Hansen ’62
Mr. David M. ’80 and Mrs. Regina Z. ’80 Hansen
Mr. Glenn W. and Mrs. Lisa G. Hansen P’11
Ms. Leonore J. Hansen
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Ann-Louise Hansen P’15
Mr. Richard D. Hansen III ’10
Mr. Richard Harold, Jr. and Mrs. Anilza Hansen P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Hansen ’65
Mr. Ryan J. Hansen ’11
Mr. Sameer W. ’03 and Mrs. Kelly Egan ’03 Hansen
Mr. Sean M. Hansen ’00
Mrs. Shannon Brennan Hansen ’95
Ms. Merinda Hansen-Kemp ’18
Ms. Briana Rinchiuso Hanson ’03
Cpt. Dane M. Hanson ’07
Mr. Don B. Hanson Sr.
Erica Nicole Hanson ’22
Mr. H. Bruce Hanson ’92
Mr. Daniel T. and Mrs. Heidi L. ’91 Hanson
Mr. Howard W. Hanson III ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Hanson ’61
Mr. Robert J. Hanson ’73
Mr.* and Mrs. Walter E. Hanson ’49 Hon.D. ’77 P’78
Mr. Abdul and Mrs. Shahida Haq P’13
Dr. Edward M. Haraburda ’86
Ms. Julie M. Haracz ’14
Mr. Stephen M. and Mrs. Linda Haracz P’14
Mr. Matthew B. Harakal ’05
Dr. Michael Harakas ’07
Mrs. Christina L. Haralampoudis ’85
Mr. James E. Harari ’86
Ms. Ashley N. Harbin ’08
Mr. Nathan C. Harbur ’74
Mr. Kyle Hard
Mr. R. William Hard ’71
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Stephanie A. Hard
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Harden
Ms. Jessica Solloway Harden ’09
Mr. Tyler W. Harden ’08
Ms. Cynthia L. Hardenbergh ’91*
Mr. Dennis P. and Ms. Sharon L. Hardick
Mr. Kevin P. Hardiman ’74
Mr. David W. Hardin ’11
Mr. Edward J. Hardin
Ms. Katherine M. Hardin ’08
Dr. J. W. Richard Harding III ’59*
Ms. Jennifer Harding Riddle ’96
Phillip S. Harding II ’20
Mr. William A. Harding ’58*
Mrs. Amy V. Hardis ’85
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hardman
Mrs. Elisabeth Wilson Hardon ’88
Dr. David E. Hardt ’72
Mr. Robert M. Hardwick ’91
Ms. Emma Z Hardy ’18
Mr. Melvin and Ms. Juanita Boyd Hardy
Mr. Mitchell R. Hardy and Ms. Susan W. Bailey P’14
Mr. Nicholas H. Hardy and Ms. Marta Cabrera P’18
Mr. William J. Hardy ’56
Mr. William J. Hardy III ’85
Dr. James F. Hare ’67
Mr. Max S. Hare ’17
Ms. Devin Colleen Tietz ’01
Mr. Eric S. Harfst ’58*
Ms. Meghan J. Hargrave ’07
Mr. Ronald A. Hargreaves ’61*
Dr. Nicholas J. Hargus ’04
Mr. Darryl T. and Mrs. Pamela Hargwood P’14
Mr. Derrick M. Hargwood ’14
Mrs. Muriel Hargwood
Ms. Joanne W. Haring ’97
Mr. Donald L. Harjes ’68
Ms. Melissa Mazer Harjes ’07
Mr. Thomas R. Harju ’07 and Ms. Lindsay M. Dennis ’07
Mrs. Leslie Gaberman Harkavy ’81
Mrs. Erika S. Harkins ’12
Mr. Herbert P. Harkins Jr. ’64
Ms. Kimberly M. Harkins ’12
Mrs. Michelle Hunter Harle ’07
Harley Rendezvous Classic Inc.
Mr. James H. Harlow ’60
Mr. D. Kirk ’77 and Ms. Sandra B. Harman
Ms. Becky Asikainen Harmon ’95
Ms. Caroline E Harmon ’19
Elizabeth H. Harmon ’21
Mr. James J. Harmon ’77
Ms. Kristen Harmon
Mr. Paul A. ’00 and Ms. Samantha Bell ’01 Harmon
Mr. Robert E. Harmon P’21
Mr. Robert Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. David Harms
Mr. John A. Harms II ’09
Mr. Ross M. Harms ’99
Mrs. Sally Harms
Mr. John and Mrs. Nancy M. Harner
Mr. Brendan P. Harney ’15
Mr. Andrew W. ’93 and Ms. Rebecca Bown ’92 Harobin
Mr. John A. Harobin ’61*
Mr. Robert J. Harold ’70
Harold Kauffman Plumbing & Heating
Mr. David D. Harper ’87
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Harper P’22
Mr. Javon D. Harper ’11
Mr. Joseph W. ’73 and Ms. Carol Pescatore ’75 Harpster
Mr. Norman R. Harpster ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Harpster Jr. ’73
Ms. Susan W. Harrell
Ms. Alene M. Harrington
Mr. J. and Ms. Barbara Harrington
Mr. Jeffrey J. Harrington ’09
Dr. John R. Harrington ’69
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Harrington
Mr. Michael J. ’81 and Ms. Wendy Burd ’82 Harrington
Ms. Rachel H. Harrington ’18
Mr. Scott M. and Mrs. Caren R. Harrington P’18
Mr. Stephen M. ’90 and Mrs. Christine M. ’89 Harrington
Mr. Stephen J. and Mrs. Ann B. Harrington P’22
Mr. Steven L. Harrington ’10
Mr. William H. Harrington ’70
Ms. Cheryl Perless Harris ’88
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Harris
Ms. Dejana Harris ’16
Mr. Donald E. ’74 and Mrs. Lou Ann Harris
Mr. Douglas M. Harris ’53
Mr. Edward Harris
Ms. Elizabeth A. Harris ’04
Elizabeth Jane Harris
Mr. Elliott Harris III ’67*
Gordon J. Harris, Ph.D. ’86
Mr. H. Harris
Mr. Hugh W. and Mrs. Anita Harris P’12
Mr. Hugh S. Harris ’12
Mr. Jordan and Mrs. Jaclyn Green Harris
Ms. Jean-Evangeline M. Harris ’92
Mr. Jeffrey M. Harris P’14
Ms. Joanna E. Harris ’17
Mr. John D. Harris, Jr. and Ms. Yulanda McCarty-Harris P’19
Mr. Jonathon Myles Harris ’19
Ms. Julia M. Harris ’13
Ms. Kelley A. Harris ’14
Dr. Kevin R. Harris ’70*
Ms. Lauryn H. Harris ’14
Mrs. Lenore Harris GP’04’10*
Ms. Leslie D. Harris
Mr. Thomas and Ms. Mary R. Harris
Ms. Patricia T. Harris
Mr. Robert C. Harris ’58
Mr. Ronald H. ’79 and Ms. Kathryn Toub ’79 Harris P’14’14
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Harris ’95
Mr. Steven P. and Mrs. Shelley W. Harris
Mr. Steven R. and Mrs. Alison K. Harris P’21
Ms. Susan Krieger Harris ’76
Mr. Gregory G. Harrison ’66
Mr. H. Eugene Harrison ’54
Mrs. Hildegard Harrison W’31*
Mr. Mark S. Harrison ’72
Ms. Nicole K. Harrison ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Harrison ’64
Mr. Randy P. and Mrs. Sharon K. Harrison P’16
Dr. Richard W. Harrison ’56
Mr. Matthew B. Harriss ’01
Mr. June G. Harry
Mrs. Rosemary S. Harry P’19
Mr. Frederick W. Harsen ’31*
Mr. Douglas E., II and Mrs. Jennifer B. Hart P’16
Ms. Johanna Swift Hart ’89
Ms. Madeleine E. Hart ’16
Ms. Paige A. Hart ’16
Mr. Paul K. Hart ’59
Ms. Tracy Hart Orszag ’77
Ms. Wendy Miller Hart ’81
Mr. William M. and Mrs. Eileen M. Hart P’16
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kristy L. Harteveldt
Colin Patrick Hartey ’21
Mr. James P. and Mrs. Monica L. Hartey P’21
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Harting, Jr.
Ms. Janet M. Hartkopf
Ms. Christine N. Hartl ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hartl ’49
Ms. Sage F. Hartlaub ’16
Mr. Steven G. Hartlaub and Mrs. Dawn Frigge-Hartlaub P’16
Grant Bissey Hartman ’21
Mr. James R. Hartman ’67*
Mr. Michael S. Hartman and Ms. Donna M. Bissey P’21
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hartman
Mr. Richard M. Hartman ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Sharon L. Hartman
Mrs. Jennifer L. Hartmann ’06
Mr. Kenneth R. Hartmann ’72
Mr. Kurt Hartmann ’90
Mr. L. John Hartmann and Ms. Helen Ivey-Hartmann
Mr. Robert H. Hartmann ’59
Ms. Lauren P. Hartnett ’13
Ms. Tina Polhemus Hartnett ’92
Mr. William F. and Mrs. Deborah I. Hartnett P’13
Ms. Haley Sarsfield Harton ’02
Mr. Hendrik J., III ’89 and Mrs. Susan Smith ’90 Hartong
Mr. R. James Hart-Predmore ’10
Mr. Michael Hartranft
Dr.* and Mrs. James E. Hartsel ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Hartstein ’91
Mr. Richard A. Hartung ’76
Mrs. Barbara B. Hartwell
Mr. Jacob D. Hartwig ’13
Mr. Roy C. and Mrs. Gina M. Hartwig P’13
Mr. Christopher P. ’98 and Ms. Danielle Brogan ’98 Hartz
Mr. Alan L. and Mrs. Debbie M. Hartzell
Mr. Terry A. Hartzell ’94
Ms. Bonnie E. Harvey ’13
Mr. Brett M. ’04 and Mrs. Kristine Ruch ’07 Harvey
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Harvey P’04
Mr. David E. Harvey ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Harvey
Mr. James S. and Mrs. Kimberly H. Harvey P’13
Mr. William J. Harvey Jr. ’53
Mr. Wade E. Harwick ’85
Mr. Sanford E. Harwood
Mr. Sanford E. Harwood
Mr. Nafis Hasan ’11
Mr. David C. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hasbrouck P’14
Ms. Madeleine J. Hasbrouck ’14
Ms. Diana Hasegan-Dan ’10
Mr. M. Tahsin Hashem ’07
Mr. Paul B. and Mrs. Celeste K. Haskel P’20
Tessema Anyika Haskins ’22
Dr. John H. Hasnas ’74
Ms. Tasnia Hassan ’18
Mr. Safraz A. Hassen ’11
Mr. Edward J. Hassick Jr. ’90
Mr. Joseph and Ms. Gina M. Hassick
Mr. Christopher A. Hassler ’12
Mr. Mark A. and Mrs. Holly L. Hassler P’12
Mr. John F. and Mrs. Mary E. Hasson P’14
Dylan James Hastings ’21
Mr. Robert P. Hatalovsky Jr. ’92
Ms. Charlotte S. Hatch ’14
Mr. John G. Hatch
Mr. Timothy A. Hatch ’10
Ms. Tracy S. Hatch P’14
Mr. William H. Hatch P’14
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hatfield ’67
Mr. Jesse M. Hatgis ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Hatgis
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hathaway
Mr. Philip C. Hathaway ’13
Mrs. Ripley G. Hathaway P’20
Ms. Stephanie Licht Hatherley ’96
Mr. Kenneth M. Hatt
Dr. Paul A. and Dr. Elizabeth J. Hattis P’13
Dana Hattlin
Antonia Eleni Hatzipetros ’21
Ms. Diana Hasegan-Dan ’10
Mr. Eugene I. Haubenstock ’38*
Mr. Mark S. Haubenstock ’74
Mr. Martin L. Haubenstock ’50*
Mr. Seth J. Haubenstock ’83
Mr. Eric T. Hauck ’02 and Dr. Jessica R. Molek ’03
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Suzanne Haugh
Mr. Robert Reager and Mrs. Patricia E. Haughey
Ms. Virginia M. Haughey ’86
Mr. David G. and Mrs. Anne L. Hauke P’16
Mr. Peter W. Hauke ’16
Mrs. Christine S. Haunss ’04
Mr. William A. Haupt ’76
Mr. Benjamin C. Hauptfuhrer ’07
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Hauptman ’74
Mr. Bruce E. Haurie ’74
Mr. Keith A. Haurie ’77
Ms. Barbara Anne Hauser*
Mr. Richard G. Hauser ’64*
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Daun Paris Hauspurg
Ms. Amanda E. Hauze ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Havekotte
Jennifer F. Havens M.D.
Ms. Sarah Havens
Ms. Julie A. Haveri
Ms. Mary E. Haverstock
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Haveson ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Havey ’58
Mr. Paul E. Haviland Sr. ’77
Ms. Carrie B. Havranek O’Keefe
Mrs. Lynne H. Hawes P’11
Ms. Olivia O. Hawes ’11
Ms. Debbie Hawk
Mr. Joseph H. Hawk ’83
Mr. Noah C. Hawk ’99
Ms. Allison D. Hawkey ’11
Mr. Donald W. Hawkey ’74
Mr. Robert E. Hawkey
Ms. Keeley Hoffman Hawkins ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Hawkins P’08
Mr. Scott L. Hawkins ’08
Mr. William N. Hawley ’50*
Mr. John and Ms. Margaret L. Hawn
Mr. Stephen J. and Mrs. Julie Friedman Hawriluk P’13
Mr. Stanley F. Hawrylo ’72
Ms. Barbara Haws ’84
Mr. Anthony L. Hawthorne ’04
Mr. David and Mrs. Cheryl N. Hawthorne
Mr. Robert W. Hay III ’81
Ms. Alix H. Hayashida ’10
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Hayashida
Mr. Gary A. Hayden ’75
Mr. George and Mrs. Perry C. Hayden
Ms. Alison E. Kelley ’04
Mr. Timothy and Ms. Bernadette M. Hayes
Mrs. Cristin McGuinn Hayes ’05
Mr. Donovan J. Hayes ’12
Mr. Gregory T. Hayes ’00
Mr. Jay V. and Mrs. Suzanne W. Hayes P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Jaye B. Hayes
Ms. Jazmin P. Hayes ’16
Ms. Jennifer M. Hayes ’08
Mr. Kenneth W. and Mrs. Mary C. Hayes P’12
Mr. Lacy Hayes, Jr. ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hayes
Mr. Thomas M. Hayes ’08
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hayes ’71 P’97’00
Ms. Sara R. Hayet ’18
Ms. Andrea N. Hayford ’15
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Ann E. Haymaker
Mr. Joseph M. Haymaker ’09
Mr. David and Mrs. Angela K. Haynes
Mr. Terrence Haynes
Mr. Abram P. Hays Jr. ’52
Mr. Daniel K. Hays ’57*
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Laurie R. Hays
Mr. William and Mrs. Marianne F. Hays
Rev. Richard Secrest Hays ’73
Mr. S. Robert Hays ’59
Ms. Shannon McGurk Hays ’90
Mr. Thomas C. Hays ’56
Ms. Nancy J. Haystrand ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Hayward
Mr. John E. ’90 and Mrs. Eileen MacDonald ’90 Hazard
Ms. Lauren A. Hazard ’18
Mr. William B. ’93 and Mrs. Kirsten Ricketts ’91 Hazard
Nicholas Anthony Hazel ’22
Ms. Sarah M. Hazel ’05
Mr. Ronald Lewis Hazelton ’65
Ms. Katie A. Hazelwood P’22
Mr. Richard and Ms. Kathy Hazen
Ms. Carol Payne Hazlett ’87
Mr. Ronald W. and Mrs. Rebecca Hazlett P’12
Ms. Stephanie A. Hazlett ’12
Mr. Hua He ’13
Mr. Yaozhong He and Ms. Hongying Yan P’20
Ms. Amy B. Head ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson B. Head
Mr. Matthew D. Headington ’90
Mr. and Mrs. W. Daniel Headington ’64 P’90
Ms. Doris H. Healey
Mr. Brendan and Mrs. Susan Frazier Healey
Mrs. Amy Giacobone Healy ’04
Ms. Erin Patricia Healy
Ms. Tamara P. Healy
Mr. Joseph M. Heaney III ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Heaney
Ms. Kristin E. Heaney ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Heaney ’86 P’14
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Heather L. Heard
Mr. Thomas P. Heard ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Hearn
Ms. Theresa N. Hearn ’07
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Deborah Hearon
The Hearst Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Michele Heater
Ms. Elizabeth Heath
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery M. Heath
Mr. James W. Heatherington ’65
Dr. Jerome F. and Mrs. Helen R. Heavey
Mrs. Anne McCliment Heavilon ’92
Mr. Michael A. Heberling ’80
Mrs. Helen H. Heberton W’52
Mr. William B. Heberton ’52*
Mr. Vaughn W. Hebron ’13
Mr. Brendan M. Heck ’07
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Sharon M. Heck
Ms. Kathy Heckert
Mr. M. Kenneth Heckman Jr. ’54
Mr. Rodman R. Heckman III ’66
Mr. William R. Hedden Jr. ’67
Mr. William R. Hedden III ’01
Mr. Randall Scott Hedges
Mr. David Hedison
Mr. Peter C. Hedley ’01
Ms. Asha I. Hedrington ’16
Mr. Cory J. Heffelfinger ’15
Dr. James M. Heffernan ’65
Ms. Jennifer Van Bramer Heffernan ’93
Ms. MacKenzie A. Heffernan ’15
Mr. Robert B. Heffernan ’83
Mr. William ’80 and Mrs. Theresa Heffernan P’12
Mr. William C. Heffernan ’12
Mr. William A. Hefler III ’72
Ms. Jane T. Hegarty P’15
Mr. George D. Hegeman ’33*
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Lucille C. Hehir
Mr. Kyle M. Heidenberger ’08
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Sara Heidmann
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Heilbron
Mrs. Edna Heilman
Mr. Thomas R. Heilman Jr. ’76
Mr. Joseph C. Heilshorn ’99
Adriana Lynn Heimbauer ’21
Mr. Joseph P. and Mrs. Jennifer L. Heimbauer P’21
Ms. Beverly F. Heimberg ’82
Mrs. Erin K. Hein ’00
Ms. Kimberly Hart Hein ’90
Ms. Lois Nelson Hein
Ms. Kristina Hannabach Heine ’82
Mr. Micah W. Heineck ’09
Mr. Tobias M. ’06 and Mrs. JoAnna Vetreno ’06 Heineck
Mr. Connor J. Heinlein ’15
Mr. Robert W. and Mrs. Mary Anne Fennell Heino P’21
Mrs. Norma E. Heinold W’53
Mr. Robert Heinold ’53*
Mr. and Mrs. F. Matthew Heinrich
Mr. Kurt M. Heinrich
Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Leah H. Heinrich
Mr. F. Glenn Heins ’57
Mrs. Alma H. Heintze W’51
Mr. Leonard R. Heintze ’51*
Ms. Cheryl Mascitelli Heintzelman ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Heintzelman
Ms. Martha Heinze ’86 and Mr. Paul W. Hansen
Mr. Richard Rehn Heisel ’61*
Mr. Frederick Heiser
Mr. Scott A. Heiser ’00
Mr. Hewitt Heiserman Jr.
Ms. Amelia C Heisler ’19
Dr. Faye Jones Heisler ’79
Mr. Gregory M. Heisler ’15
Mr. Hobart D. Heisler Jr. ’51
Mr. John D. Heisler ’50
Mr. Matthew M. and Mrs. Alison F. Heisler P’19
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Karen Heisler P’15
Ms. Rachael Heisler
Mr. Thomas H. Heist III ’61 and Ms. Karen S. Gartland-Heist P’94 ’00
Ms. Olivia B. Heitz ’18
Mr. Richard A. Heitzenrater ’93
Mr. Benjamin S Helbein ’16
Mr. Michael B. and Mrs. Jaimee N. Helbein P’16
Mr. Brad J. Helcoski ’99
Mr. Alfred J. Held Jr. ’50
Mr. Wayne H. Heldt
Mr. Harry E. Heleotis ’82
Mr. Ian and Mrs. Astrid H. Helfant
Dr. Murray Helfant
Kyra Marie Helfrich ’20
Mr. Mark E. and Mrs. Alexandra M. Helfrich P’20
Mr. Bradley B. Helland ’10
Mr. Alex D. Heller ’09
Ms. Debra Heller ’76
Mr. Henry C. Heller ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Howard N. Heller ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Heller
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Heller P’09
Dr. Mark J. and Mrs. Alina Heller P’11
Ms. Melissa R. Heller ’11
Mr. Richard J. Heller ’49*
Mr. Richard J. Heller Jr. ’78
Meaghan Dolores Hellmers ’22
Ms. Allison E. Hellreich ’09
Dr. Jay E. ’79 and Ms. Catherine DeLacey ’82 Hellreich
Mr. Dean T. Helm Jr. ’78
Dr. Jeffrey D. and Ms. Barbara Helm
Mr. Toussaint K. Helm ’17
Mr. Robert W. Helman ’50*
Mr. Leo A. ’87 and Ms Stacey Guckes ’87 Helmers
Ms. Jennifer Helmick
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Rosemarie C. Helminiak
Dr. Marie E. Helmold
Mr. James A. ’06 and Mrs. Christina Enea ’06 Helms
Ms. Janet L. Helms ’78
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Patricia A. Helthall
Ms. Suzanne Boutillier Helwig ’74
Mr. Theodore S. and Mrs. Laura Helwig P’15
Mr. Zachary A. Helwig ’15
Dr. Rebecca L. Hembarsky ’10
Mr. Guy T. Hembling ’72
Mr. Frederick Rosse Hemeon ’52
Ms. Beverly S. Heminway
Ms. Katherine K. Heminway P’13
Mr. George R. Hemmeter ’44*
Mr. J. Alexander Hemphill ’71
Mr. J. Tripp Hemphill ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hemphill
Mr. Emile J. and Mrs. Jennifer Henault P’14
Ms. Gabrielle K. Henault ’14
Mr. and Mrs. John Bixler Hench ’65
Ms. Robyn L. Henderek ’15
Ms. Amy Gagnon Hendershot ’96
Mr. Lawrence R. Hendershot ’52
Mr. Austin W. and Ms. Danielle Henderson P’12
Mr. Cory P. Henderson ’13
Ms. Frances E. Henderson
Mr. Frank D. Henderson ’73
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Henderson
Dr. Kaytlin M. Henry ’07
Mr. Kyvory A. Henderson ’12
Mr. Nicholas T. Henderson ’12
Mr. Peter A. Henderson ’83
Ms. Sarah A. Henderson ’16
Mr. Sean M. and Mrs. Kim M. Henderson P’16
Dr. Thomas C. Henderson and Ms. Theresa Trubiano P’12
Mrs. Virginia S. Henderson W’37*
Mr. Alexander J. Hendin ’12
Mr. David Hendin and Ms. Genevieve Luciano P’12
Ms. Beth A. Hendler ’06
Mr. William R. Hendra ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Hendrickson ’51
Ms. Barbara T. Hendrickson
Dr. Brett B. and Rev. Alexandra M. Hendrickson
Mr. Bryan C. Hendrickson ’10*
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Hendrickson
Mr. Howard D. Hendrickson ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Hendrickson P’16
Mr. Brian D. Hendrix ’86 and Ms. Jacqueline D. Parkes P’21
Creighton Kenneth Hendrix ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hendrixson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Hendrixson
Ms. Judy L. Hendrixson P’19
Ms. Sarah C. Hendrixson
Mrs. Suzanne J. Hendrixson
Mr. Andrew J. Hendry ’18
Mrs. Susan Heinsohn Hendry ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Henn
Mr. Owen D. Henn ’10
Mr. James W. Hennessey ’71
Mr. Shawn D. Hennessey ’87
Mr. Bradley F. Hennessy ’11
Mr. Thomas F. Hennessy III ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hennessy
Mr. William Munroe Hennessy ’19
Mr. Eric H. Henney ’11
Dr. Herbert R. and Mrs. Diane L. Henney P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Hennick
Mr. Werner Hennig ’49*
Ms. Shana M. Hennigan ’01
Mr. Kyle E. ’09 and Mrs. Kelly Ann ’09 Henning
Mr. Augustus H. Henninger ’12
Mr. James W. and Mrs. Lisa Henninger P’12
Mr. Peter J. Henrici ’84
Ms. Amaya G. Henry ’07
Ms. Carol P. Henry ’81
Mr. Christian J. ’02 and Ms. Sarah Harma ’02 Henry
Mr. Donald E. Henry ’79
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Henry
Ms. Mary Joanne Henry
Mr. Peter C. Henry ’52
Mr. Robert R. Henry
Mr. Richard T. and Mrs. Elizabeth L. Henshaw P’21
Ms. Bridget K. Hentz ’12
Mr. Otto J. and Mrs. Bethel V. Hentz P’12
Mr. Michael T. Henzl ’74
Mr. Mircea F. Hepes ’07
Ms. Kerry N. Hepp P’13
Mr. Nicholas A. Hepp ’13
Dr. Walter R. Hepp P’13
Mrs. Angela Wnek Heppard ’13
Mr. Robert S. Heppe Jr. ’70
Ms. Karen Dolphin Heppler ’89
Ms. Jessica Fennell Heranic ’06
Johanna Leigh Herb ’21
Mr. Gus Herbert*
Mr. Howard D. Herbert III ’72
Mr. John H. Herbruck ’53
Ms. Carolyn Blanchard Herbst ’81
Mr. Eric J. Herbst ’18
Mr. Robert S. and Mrs. Judith M. Herbst P’18
George A. Herbster Esq. ’60 and Mrs. Barbara E. Conrad Herbster
Mr. Timothy E. Herburger ’97
Ms. Catherine J. Herchenroder ’06
Mr. Benjamin H. Herchenroether ’12
Dr. Jacek Maria Herchold ’73
Mr. Robert T. Herdegen III
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Herdemian
Mr. Lee and Mrs. Lianne Herdle
Mr. and Mrs. Clemens B. Hergenhan ’68
Ms. Kimberly Moore Herget ’05
Mr. Scott Heric
Ms. Amy E. Herman ’88
Ms. Caitlyn M. Herman ’04
Mr. David B. Herman ’88
Ms. Jane E. Herman ’85
Ms. Jeri Silberman Herman ’89
Ms. Kate M. Herman ’13
Mr. Kent H. Herman ’71
Mr. Leonard A. Herman `66
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell S. Herman ’76
Ms. Rachel A. Herman ’13
Mr. Robert C. Herman ’52*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Herman
Ms. Ruth Herman
Ms. Christine Lee Hermann
Mr. Todd and Dr. Cynthia W. Hermann
Mr. Frank V. Hermann ’59
Mr. Adam Hernandez
Ms. Ana C. Hernandez
Brian Alejandro Hernandez
Ms. Erika Hernandez ’17
Dr. Eugenio J. and Mrs. Maria Elena Hernandez P’15
Mr. Gabriel Hernandez ’15
Mr. Juan C. Hernandez ’13
Mr. Roberto D. Hernandez and Mrs. Kian Hampton-Hernandez P’21
Mr. Joseph L. Herndon ’95
Ms. Rachel E. Heron ’09
Mr. Alexander F. ’01 and Mrs. Amanda C. ’03 Herr
Mr. Brian M. Herr
Ms. Diane A. Herr
Mr. Gregory M. Herr ’97
Mr. John and Ms. Karen L. Herr
Mr. Benjamin J. Herrera ’96
Mr. Mark E. Herrera ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Herrick
Mr. Robert Herrick ’76
Mr. Todd E. ’09 and Mrs. Jacquelyn M. ’09 Herrick
Mr. Peter M. Herries ’80
Dr. John C. Herrman ’49*
Mr. Arthur L. Herrmann ’56
Mr. Richard A. and Mrs. Susan L. Herschlag
Mr. Gary W. Herschman ’86
Mr. D. Richard Hersh ’60
Mr. Daniel A. Hersh ’67*
Mr. Raymond T. Hersh ’58
Mr. Robert K. Hersh ’73
Mr. Edward J. and Mrs. Alison R. Hershewe P’21
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Hershner
Mr. Adolf and Ms. Patricia U. Herst
Mr. Andrew L. Herster Jr. ’40*
Mr. James J. ’02 and Mrs. Carrie Frazier ’05 Hertan
Ms. Beverly Fazio Herter ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Herting
Mr. Brendt and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hertneck Stier
Mr. Charles F. Hertrick ’69
Mr. Gregg Licht and Ms. Rachel Hertz
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Marilyn J. Hertzberg
Mr. Richard L. Hertzberg ’85
Mr. Brian C. Hertzog ’06
Ms. Charlotte E. Herzan ’12
Mr. John F.A. Herzan and Ms. Lauren E. Brown P’12
Mr. James M. Herzig ’66
Mr. William A. Herzig ’63
Ms. Sharon Grossman Herzog ’97
Mr. Brian E. and Mrs. Diane E. Heslin P’12
Ms. Rebecca H. Heslin ’12
Mr. and Mrs. J. Erich Hespenheide
Mr. Alex R. Hess ’07
Mr. Alex F. Hess ’16
Mr. Brian J. ’04 and Mrs. Kathleen Devlin ’03 Hess
Bryan Richard Hess ’21
Mr. Christopher M. Hess ’80
Ms. Estelle O. Hess
Mrs. Marsha J. Hess
Mr. Peter J. Hess Jr. ’91
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Suzy Hess P’21
Mr. Robert P. Hess ’55*
Mr. Robert J. Hess ’89
Cooper M. Hesse ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Parry L Hesselman
Mr. Andrew B. Hester ’78
Mrs. Leon B. Hester
Mr. Dallas Hetherington ’84
Thomas G. Hetherington Esq. ’65
Ms. Victoria O. Hetherington ’18
Mr. Robert L. Hettich Jr. ’55*
Ms. Lisa C. Hetzell
Mr. Robert A. Heubner ’64
Ms. Laura E. Heumann ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Heumann ’75 P’09
Mr. Benjamin M. Hewes ’09
Capt. Paul E. Hewitt ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Hewitt ’61
Ms. Amy Marin Hewlett ’19
Mr. Duane C. and Mrs. Sharon W. Hewlett P’19
Mr. Graham R. Heydt ’12
Mr. Robert G. and Mrs. Christine J. Heydt P’12
Dr. Bonnie L. Heyer ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander T. Heyesey
Mr. Brian A. ’03 and Mrs. Leanne Martin ’03 Heyesey
Ms. Rachel K. Heyler ’11
Mr. Randall A. and Mrs. Kelly S. Heyler P’11
Mr. Norman S. Heyman ’53
Dr. Robert A. Heyman ’54
Mr. Roger P. Heyman ’66
Mr. Eric W. Heymann ’14
Ms. Theresa Heymann
Mr. Michael J. Hezel ’14
Mr. Zdenek D. Hezky Jr. ’97
Ms. Ellen Hezlep
Mr. Richard A. Hezlep
Mr. Robert J. Hezlep
HH Ventures LLC
Ms. Erica J. Hiar ’08
Hiawatha’s Martial Arts, Inc.
Ms. Jaclyn K. Hibbs
Allegra Johnson Hickey ’20
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hickey
Mr. Keegan J. Hickey ’17
Ms. Lizabeth Rust Hickey ’82
Mr. Michael P. Hickey and Ms. Mary Beth Duffin-Hickey P’17
Mr. William J. and Mrs. Barbara F. Hickey P’20
Mrs. Kathleen Hickey-Bendziewicz
Mr. John M. Hickman ’60
Mr. Dennis Lloyd Hiebert ’61
Ms. Jennipher S. Hiester ’13
Mr. Walter W. Hiester ’58
Mr. Jasper S. Higa ’17
Mr. Kevin T. and Mrs. Ka Ching L. Higa P’21
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Higbee P’10
Mr. Robert H. Higbee ’10
Mr. Corey F. Higgins ’99
Mr. James B. Higgins ’08
Mr. John J. and Mrs. Suzanne L. Higgins P’15
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Higgins
Ms. Kelly A. Higgins ’10
Ms. Mary J. Higgins ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Higgins
Ms. Ruth A. Higgins
Mrs. Susan Garille Higgins ’96
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Theresa A. Higgins
Ms. Karen Higgins-Carter ’92
Dr. Henry N. Higgs ’87
High Road to Hope Enterprises, LLC
Mr. Paul F. Highberger ’58
The Highlands Sports Club
Mr. Aaron J. Hilber ’07
Mr. James A. Hilbert ’11
Mr. Ross J. and Mrs. Marian Hilbert P’11
Dr. Bridget E. Hilbig ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hilbig
Mr. David A. Hilborn ’67
Mr. Richard M. Hildreth ’70
Mr. David R. ’94 and Ms. Heather Martis ’95 Hilfiker
Mr. Gary J. Hilkert ’69
Ms. Allyson C. Hill ’15
Mr. Brian R. Hill ’88
Mr. David W. Hill ’90
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Hill W’51
Mr. Gordon W. ’93 and Ms. Lisa Carlson ’93 Hill
Mr. Howard C. Hill ’34*
Jamie Hill ’20
Mr. William and Mrs. Jean L. Hill
Mr. Jeffrey W. and Mrs. Tracey S. Hill P’20
Mr. Jerome E. Hill ’10
Ms. Jessie B. Hill
Mr. Kasheem R. Hill ’14
Katherine Elizabeth Hill ’20
Mr. Lewis O. Hill ’53*
Ms. Madison Lee Hill
Mr. J. and Ms. Marianne L. Hill
Mr. Mark A. Hill
Ms. Maureen McManus Hill ’87
Ms. Meredith Davis Hill ’00
Mr. R. and Mrs. Mildred M. Hill
Mr. Stephen Hill Jr. ’76
Mr. Walton F. Hill ’71
Mr. William and Ms. Wendy S. Hill
Hillel Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
Dr. John J. Hiller Jr. ’61*
Mrs. Mary Jane Hiller W’61
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hiller
Ms. Renae Hillestad
Mr. John and Mrs. Diane Hillhouse
Mr. Jamaal T. Hilliard ’07
Mr. John T. Hillman ’17
Mr. John M. and Mrs. Lynn E. Hillman P’17
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hillman
Ms. Michelle E. Hillman ’18
Mr. Scott R. and Mrs. Aline I. Hillman P’18
Ms. Stephanie Tucker Hillman ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hillman
Mr. Brett M. Hills ’94
Mr. Mark S. and Mrs. Brandy N. Hills P’15
Mr. Parker A. Hills ’15
Mrs. Kimberly Pollard Hillyer ’03
Mr. Lawrence T. and Ms. Joan Dowgin ’82 Hilovsky
Ms. Kelly M. Hilovsky ’10
Mrs. Mary B. Hiltabidle W’51
Mrs. Meghan Jackson Hiltner ’05
Ms. Lillian H. Himebaugh ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle B. Himebaugh, III P’18
Mr. John T. Himelrick ’17
Mr. John D. and Mrs. Judith L. Himelrick P’17
Mr. Eric Himler
Mr. David B. Himmelreich ’76
Ms. Laura E. Himmelreich ’17
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Tracy Himmelwright P’14
Mr. Eric A. ’14 and Ms. Rebecca R. ’14 Himmelwright
Mr. Mark E. and Mrs. Colleen S.H. Himmelwright P’14
Mr. Ryan C. Himmelwright ’14
Mr. Robert T. Hinaman ’67
Mr. Robert B. Hinchen ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Hinchen P’18
Mr. William M. and Mrs. Maureen J. Hinchey P’22
Mr. Roger Lyn Hinckley ’77
Mr. Clark Hindelang
Mr. H. Joel M. Hindelang ’12
Mr. Joseph J. Hindelang and Dr. Margot Putukian P’12
Ms. Alison L. Hindenlang ’03
Mrs. Constance Fletcher Hindle ’78
Mr. Justin A. Hinds
Mr. Christopher W. ’00 and Mrs. Marissa Kimmel ’00 Hine
Ms. Olivia Marie Hineman ’19
Mr. R. Evans Hineman ’56
Mr. Douglas T. ’94 and Mrs Karyn Barnes ’96 Hines
Mr. John C. and Mrs. Kathryn P. Hiney P’22
Mr. Ben Hinge
Ms. Amy L. Hinkel ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hinkel
Ms. Lauren A. Hinkel ’14
Mr. Michael R. Hinkle ’73
Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Hinnenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hinnenthal
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hinnes ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hino
Mr. Seth W. Hinrichs ’15
Mr. Tyler Hinrichs
Ms. Deborah Borthwick Hinson ’88
Mr. Edward G. Hinte ’73
Mr. Richard C. Hinterleiter ’51*
Robert W. Hinton Ph.D. ’59*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hintz
Mr. Gregory A. Hintz ’10
Hintz Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Socrates A. Hiotakis ’57
Mr. Thomas H. and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Hipp P’22
Mr. Christopher J. Hipple ’12
Mr. Naoki Hiramatsu ’92
Hal M. Hirsch D.M.D., F.A.G.D.
Mr. Paul H. Hirsch ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hirsch
Mr. David A. Hirsh `97
Mr. Richard B. Hirsh ’80
Mr. Lewis S., III ’88 and Mrs. Lynn Pettersson ’85 Hirt
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Hirx
Mr. Peter P. Hiscano ’81
Mr. James A. Hiscock ’98
Mr. David S. Hissey
Mr. Christopher B. Hitchcock ’75
Mr. Joshua W. Hitchings ’14
Mr. Jeffrey W. Hitt ’74
Mrs. Lori F. Hixon
Loren N. Hjelle
Mr. Steven M. ’88 and Mrs. April S. ’89 Hladczuk
Mr. Peter Hlavaty ’97
Dr. and Mrs. Ignatius Hneleski Jr. P’88 ’92
Mr. Robert J. Hneleski ’92
Mr. Andrew S. Ho ’13
Fen I. Ho
Mr. Jonathan R. Ho ’14
Mr. Long L. Ho ’10
Mr. Ly Ho
Dr. Patrick Ho ’59
Mr. Brent J. Hoagland ’12
Mr. Kien T. Hoang ’15
Ms. Patricia A. Hoath
Mr. John H. Hobart Jr. ’81
Mr. William F. Hobart ’85
Mr. L. Timothy Hobaugh ’66*
Mr. Edward P. Hobbie ’93
Mr. Gavin D. Hobbs ’12
Mr. William D. and Mrs. Regina F. Hobbs P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Hobby ’61 P’03’05
Mr. Maury and Mrs. Joyce B. Hoberman
Mr. Matthew J. Hoberman ’93
Mr. Gordon M. Hochberg ’73
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hochfelder
Mr. Bruce D. ’71 and Ms. Judith C. ’73 Hochman
Dr. Richard M. Hochman ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Hochman ’55
Ms. Eddalee Rose Hochwalt Naumann ’19
Mr. Charles T. Hock ’56
Mr. Robert G. and Mrs. Lori Hock P’11
Mr. James Lytton Hockenberry ’74
Mr. Patrick R. and Ms. Allison Hockenberry
Mr.* and Mrs. Frank L. Hocker ’59
Mr. Harold W. Hocking ’81
Ms. Abby Stamelman Hocky ’78
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Traci G. Hodes P’17
Ms. Katherine Hedden Hodes ’02
Ms. Shoshana E. Hodes ’17
Mr. Daniel J. Hodge ’94
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hodge P’15
Mrs. Janna K. Hodge ’94
Ms. Kameisha J. Hodge ’12
Mr. Stephen H. Hodge ’15
Mr. William and Mrs. Theresa L. Hodge
Col. David G. Hodgens Jr. ’52*
Mrs. Nancy W. Hodgens W’52
Mr. Stephen D. and Mrs. Annette M. Hodgens P’14
Susan Schwalenberg Hodges Esq. ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Hans H. Hoeflein
Mr. Manfred and Mrs. Roberta Hoefling
Mr. Christopher J. Hoeflinger ’17
Mr. John R. and Mrs. Cheryl A. Hoeflinger P’17
Mr. Dietrich Hoefner ’10
Ms. Morgan R. Hoeft ’18
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Hoelter
Ms. Nancy A. Hoerner
Mr. and Mrs. David Hoeschele
Mr. Greg A. ’09 and Mrs. Brittany Hitz ’09 Hoeschele
Ms. Lee Hoeting ’73
Mr. Dan Hoey
Dr. Susan Ferry Hoey ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Hof
Mr. Bryson B. Hoff ’52
Mr. Frederick D. Hoff Sr. ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Hoff Jr. ’86
Mrs. Jamie Dublirer Hoff ’88
Mr. Charles R. Hoffman ’50*
Ms. Diana Jones Hoffman ’84
Mr. Christopher and Ms. Elaine L. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin G. Hoffman
Ms. Janice E. Hoffman
Mr. Jeffrey I. Hoffman P’15
Mr. John B. Hoffman
John Michael Hoffman
Mr. Johnathon J. Hoffman ’16
Ms. Judith D. Hoffman P’15
Mr. John and Mrs. Karen Hoffman
Ms. Lisa L. Hoffman ’12
Mr. Nicholas D. Hoffman ’18
Mrs. Rita J. Hoffman
Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Sylvia L. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hoffman ’00
Mrs. Toni S. Hoffman
Mr. William R. Hoffman ’77
Mr. William H. Hoffman Jr. ’10
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Kelly Hoffmann P’19
Mr. P. Frank Hoffmann ’70
Mr. Joseph B. Hoffmeier Jr.
Jacob Thomas Hoffner ’20
Mrs. Alice N. Hofmann P’84
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hofmann
Mr. William H. Hofmann ’01
Ms. Ailish J. Hogan ’16
Mr. Brian Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hogan ’74
Daniel James Hogan ’20
Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Hogan
The Hon. James C. Hogan ’55
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hogan
Mr. John P. Hogan
Mr. Joseph C. Hogan III ’89
Ms. Kelly E. Hogan ’18
Mr. Kevin M. ’84 and Ms. Jeanette Gombosi ’84 Hogan
Ms. Nancy J. Hogan
Ms. Shawn M. Hogan ’17
Mr. Thomas Hogan
Mr. Timothy J. Hogan ’88
Mr. Warren R. Hogan ’59
Mr. Charles M. Hogate III ’72
Mr. A. Wesley Hoge
Prof. David L. and Mrs. Anne M. Hogenboom
Mr. Mark D. ’87 and Ms. Maryann Lukowski ’85 Hogenboom
Mr. John M. Hoggard ’88
Mr. Michael P. Hohenadel ’08
Eugene C. Hohenstein Estate
Charles David Hohl ’22
Ms. Susan Kent Hojnacki ’84
Mr. Matthew B. Hokanson ’05
Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Hoke II
Mr. Jonathan D. Hoke ’10
Ms. Juliana M. Hoke ’16
Mr. Thomas C. Hoke P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hokin
Ms. Kristen J. Holahan ’06
Mrs. Shauna Kaufman Holahan ’87
Dr. Elena J. Holak
Ms. Sophia Holak
Mr. Guy M. and Mrs. Karyn L. Holappa P’19
Mr. Keaton G. Holappa ’16
Mrs. Jo-Ellen Paradise Holbrook ’95
Matthew E. Holbrook
Mr. Glenn K. and Mrs. Lynn Holck P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Holck
Ms. Lauren A. Holck ’11
Mr. * and Mrs. James Holcombe ’37
Mrs. Laura Di Geronimo Holden ’89
Madeleine Claire Holden ’21
Mr. Thomas C. Holden ’94
Mr. William L. and Mrs. Melanie C. Holden P’19
Ms. Carrie C. Holder ’84
Mr. Artie and Mrs. Delores A. Holdren
Mr. Charles F. and Mrs. Meleisa L. Holek P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Heraclio M. Holguin, Jr. P’05
Marissa Leigh Holl
Mr. Christopher B. ’96 and Ms. Deborah Nolan ’95 Holland
Mr. Christopher B. ’04 and Mrs. Monica Holland
Dr.* and Mrs. Harold M. Holland ’43
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Laura B. Holland
Ms. Nia Symone Holland ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holland Jr. ’81
Mr. Adam Hollander
Ms. Alyssa C. Hollander ’14
Dr. Arnold I. Hollander ’58*
Ms. Laura Hollander
Ms. Rachel L. Hollander ’11
Ms. Ivanna Vladkova Hollar ’96
Mr. Richard W. Hollar P’22
Dr. and Mrs. George J. Hollenberg
Mrs. Delores R. Holler W’60
Mr. William J. Holler Jr. ’92
Mrs. Deborah E. Holley ’74
Mrs. Janice Holliday
Dr. Joshua K. ’09 and Mrs. Melissa A. ’09 Hollinger
Ms. Chrystal S. Hollingsworth ’01
Ms. Katherine D. Hollister P’20
Mr. David E. Hollod ’82
Ms. Kiyah J. Holloman ’15
Mr. Edward S. Hollshwandner ’76
Mr. James D. Hollyday ’72
Rev. and Mrs. Charles F. Holm
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Holm
Ms. Alisa M. Holman
Mr. Guy W. Holman ’84
Mr. William B. Holmberg ’69
Mr. John N. Holme ’62
Mr. Andrew E. Holmes ’12
Ms. Barbara J. Holmes
Mrs. Elizabeth Geesey Holmes ’87
Ms. Helen Holmes
Ms. Kristyn L. Holmes ’08
Mr. M. Jeffery Holmes ’53*
Mr. Ralph F. Holmes ’80
Ms. Samantha C. Holmes ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley T. Holmes
Mr. Peter T. ’87 and Ms. Pamela Gaary ’88 Holran
Mr. George A. Holt ’75
Mr. Lawrence B. Holten III ’11
Mrs. Mary E. Holten P’11
Prof. Curlee and Mrs. Glee Holton
Dr. Kimberly D. Holton ’10
Mr. Austin T. ’06 and Mrs. Alexandra Kenney ’06 Holtsclaw
Mr. Albert T. Holtz ’62
Mrs. Anne London Holtz ’86
Mrs. Jodi Weiner Holtzman ’88
Mr. Mark D. Holtzman ’80
Ms. Cylinda M. Holum
Mr. Andrew R. Holveck
Holy Family Church
Mr. Brian E. Holz ’01
Mr. Stephen A. Holzer ’09
Mr. George and Mrs. Helen E. Holzhauer
Ms. Julianna Elizabeth Holzmann ’19
Ms. Emily C. Homan ’15
Mr. Eric J. and Mrs. Nancy Homan P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Homick
Mr. David J. ’04 and Ms. Michelle Ferguson ’04 Homsher
Dr. Melissa P. Homsher ’14
Mr. Charles J. Honara ’74
Mr. Glen A. Honcharik ’78
Ayako Honda
Mr. Jason M. ’81 and Ms. Sandra Metzger ’82 Honeyman
Mr. Spencer M. Honeyman ’12
Mr. Ming Hong ’11
Mr. Michael D. Honker ’62
Ms Tara L. Hons
Mr. James L. Hontz ’70
Mr. Matthew R. Hontz ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Hontz
Ms. Claire E. Hoober ’17
Ms. Eilis R. Hood ’06
Dr. Lyal V. S. Hood ’64
Ms. Maia Hood ’17
Mrs. Nicole Dailey Hood ’08
Mr. A. Edward Hook
Ms. Rachel M. Hook ’11
Mr. George G. Hoolahan ’51*
Dr. Fred B. Hooper ’64
LTC James P. ’92 and Mrs. Dyan Argento ’05 Hooper
Ms. Lorna B. Hoopes-Hardt
Ms. Shahla N. Hooshmand ’82
Mr. Jonathan S. and Mrs. Andrea T. Hoot P’16
Mr. Justin T. Hoot ’16
Ms. Barbara Hoover
Ms. Mary S. Hoover
Mr. Robert A. Hoover ’56
Mrs. Sarah Kolba Hoover ’10
Mr. Alexander R. Hope ’16
Mr. Daniel J. Hope ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Hope III ’71
Ms. Nicole L. Hope ’12
Mr. Richard F. Hope and Ms. Virginia Lawrence-Hope
Mr. Bradley J. Hopek ’13
Mr. Frank Hopf Jr. ’69
Ms. Allison K. Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Hopkins
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Jamie K. Hopkins
Mr. John J. Hopkins Jr. ’82
Mr. Peter L. Hopkins P’21
Hopmeier Evans Gage Agency Inc.
Mr. Christopher R. ’97 and Mrs. Kristin A. ’97 Hoppe
Mr. Mark A. Hopper
Mr. Adam R. Hoppes ’17
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Colleen Horan
Mr. David B. and Mrs. Janet I. Horan P’18
Ms. Emma N. Horan ’18
Mr. Thomas John Hordendorf ’62*
Mr. Samuel J. Hordeski ’15
Mr. Alfred R. Horlbeck ’57
Mr. and Dr. David C. Horn
Mr. Jack C. Horn ’47
Mr. Justin M. Horn ’15
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Karen A. Horn
Ms. Karolyn S. Horn ’10
Ms. Barbara M. Hornberger
Mr. James W. Hornberger ’70
Rev. Douglas A. Horne ’83
Mr. Martin J. Horne ’87
Mr. Peter N. Horne ’75
Mr. Timothy B. Horne ’77
Mr. Matthew A. Hornfeck ’00
Dr. William A. and Mrs. Shirley A. Hornfeck
Mr. Christopher J. Horning ’13
Ms. Lori Thielens Horning ’82
Dr. and Mrs. Spencer Hornstein
Mr. Brent B. Horowitz ’14
Ms. Danielle B. Horowitz ’08
Mr. Fletcher T. Horowitz ’16
Mr. Matthew N. Horowitz ’09
Ms. Nina M. Horowitz ’11
Mr. Stan G. Horowitz ’93
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Terry Horowitz
Mr. Sean M. and Ms. Deborah A. ’91 Horrigan
Mr. Eugene M. Horrigan ’69
Mr. Douglas F. Horst ’56*
Ms. Patricia Buck Horter ’79
Mr. Andrew N. Horton `08
Mr. James and Mrs. Kimberly A. Horton
Mr. Richard R., Jr. and Ms. Patricia Horton P’08
Ms. Sherri L. Horton Plummer P’15
Mr. Barry Horvath
Ms. Jessica B Horvath ’15
Mrs. Patricia Ela Horvath ’95
Mr. Robert F. Horvath
Ms. Dorothy Horwitz
Ms. Miu A. Hosannah ’16
Ms. Ashley E. Hosbach ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hosbach IV ’84 P’15
Mr. Donald W. Hosier ’64
Mr. Robert A. Hosier
Mr. Thomas W. Hosking ’59
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Hossenlopp ’65 P’92
Mr. and Mrs. John J. A. Hossenlopp ’61 P’92
Mr. John J. A. Hossenlopp III ’92
Ms. Christina N. Hoste ’12
Mr. Gregory J. and Mrs. Tammy D. Hoste P’12
Mr. Isaac Hostetter
Mr. Jackson Hostetter
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H.C. Hotchkiss
Mr. Stuart E. Hotchkiss ’51*
Ms. Arda M. Hotz ’08
Ms. Jennifer Hou
Mr. H. Roger Houck ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Houck
Mr. and Mrs. Linda Houck
Mr. Robert V. and Mrs. Sharon Q. Houck P’17
Mrs. Sarah Nathani Houck ’06
Mr. Trevor R. Houck ’17
Mr. Robert A. Hough ’81
Ms. Amy Houghton ’90
Mr. James Houldin and Ms. Pamelia Hayes-Houldin
Mr. Joseph J. Houldin III ’12
Mr. Peter R. Houldin
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Houldin P’15
Mr. Spencer M. ’91 and Mrs. Carol A. Houldin
Mr. and Mrs.* William M. Houldin Jr. ’58 P’91
Mr. William M. Houldin III ’15
Ms. Kristina M. Hourican ’18
Mr. Thomas P. and Mrs. Donna M. Hourican P’18
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hourigan ’75
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hourihan ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Alan House
Ms. Maureen Jackson House ’06
Mr. Robert S., Jr. ’90 and Mrs. Lisa Sieling ’89 House
Mr. Paul D. ’91 and Ms. Sarah Readinger ’89 Householder
Mrs. Eve Eberz Houseknecht ’83
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Lorraine W. Houseman
Mr. Adam D. Houser ’11
Mr. Douglas W. and Mrs. Barbara S. Houser P’11
Ms. Grace C. Housman ’18
Ms. Anne M. Houston
Ms. Gail W. Houston
Mr. Jack T. Houston ’18
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Houston P’14
Mr. Ross E. Houston ’14
Mr.* and Mrs. Lawrence O. Houstoun Jr. ’52
Mr. Victor J. Houtz
Mr. and Mrs. F. Jeffrey Hovis
Dr. and Mrs. Guy L. Hovis
Mr. Mark Howansky
Dr. Arthur Howard ’63
Ms. Briana M. Howard ’14
Mrs. Brooke Bailey Howard ’09
Dr. Christopher D. Howard and Ms. Dorothy K. Holmes P’20
Mr. Douglas R. and Mrs. Pamela Howard P’14
Ms. Janet S. Howard
Ms. Janice M. Howard
Mr. Jeremiah J. Howard III ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Howard P’09
Mr. John C. Howard ’71*
Julia Holmes Howard ’20
Ms. Laurie Howard
Ms. Leslie Ann Howard ’76
Mr. Paul L. Howard Jr. ’56
Mr. Rawle G. Howard ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Howard ’61
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Mr. Richard F. Howden Jr. ’84
Mr. Edward K. Howe
Ms. Leigh Ann Howe ’19
Mr. Raymond L. Howe ’54*
Mr. Robert J. Howe ’14
Mr. C. David Howell and Ms. Reta Wells-Howell
Mr. Chauncey D. Howell Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Howell
Ms. Laura Howell ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Lembhard Howell ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Howes
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Howes
Mr. Zachary B. ’10 and Mrs. Natalie Bowden ’10 Howes
Mr. John R. Howland ’69
Mr. Kenneth Howland
Mr. Stephen R. and Mrs. Pamela J. Howland P’11
Ms. Samantha L. Howley ’10
Ms. Mailinda Hoxha ’19
Mr. Patrick J. Hoyer
Mr. Charles Hoyt ’18
Ms. Virginia A. Hoyt ’16
Dr. William H. and Dr. Gail A. Hoyt P’16
Ms. Loretta J. Hrabal
Ty Richard Hranicka ’22
Ms. Lindsey Hresko
Ms. Heather L. Hromoho ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Hromyak
Mr. Michael W. Hromyak ’71
Mr. Ian Samual Smith Hroncich ’19
Mr. Andrew Hruska
Mr. Naing M. Htet ’14
Mr. Brian C. Hu ’10
Ms. Jiani Hu ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Hu P’10
Dr. James Z. Hua ’93
Ms. Ada Huang ’13
Ms. Francine Huang
Dr. Guojie Huang and Mrs. Bilan Li P’12
Mr. Haixin Huang and Ms. Ping Yan P’20
Ms. Lai-Juan Huang ’07
Ms. Qiao Rong Huang ’11
Rong Huang
Ms. Tian Huang ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hubbard
Mr. Joshua Z Hubbard ’19
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Debra Hubbard P’19
Ms. Lauren E. Hubbard ’03
Mr. Robert U. Hubbard ’50
Ms. Marina M. Hubenova ’12
Tyler Hubeny ’20
Mr. Andrew M. ’99 and Ms. Karen Blumenthal ’99 Huber
Ms. Bernice Huber
Mr. Brian Huber
Mr. Harold E. Huber ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Huber ’68 P’03
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Huber
Ms. Margot H. Huber ’03
Mr. Raymond R. Huber Jr. ’51*
Mr. Jacob R. Hubertus ’19
Mr. Gerard and Mrs. Jacqueline C. Hubertus
Mr. James G. and Mrs. Michelle L. ’90 Hubertus
Mr. William H. ’91 and Ms. Amy Tomlinson ’91 Hubertus
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Evelyn H. Huberty
Mr. Timur A. Hubey ’11
Mr. David C. Hubinger ’53
Mr. Michael S. Hubner ’93
Ms. Nancy Kohlmeyer Huchla ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Hudacek
Mr. William D. ’10 and Mrs. Lauren M. ’10 Hudacek
Mr. Michael S. and Mrs. Jane E. Hudak P’19
Mrs. Sarah Segal Hudak ’05
Mr. William S. Hudders
Ms. Roxann Romano Huddle ’76
Ms. Kimberly K. Huddleston ’01
Mr. William B. Huddleston ’09
Mr. George C. Hudock ’64
Ms. Kathy A. Hudson
Mr. Michael W. Hudson P’22
Mr. Scott E. and Mrs. Lisa Marie Hudson P’16
Sophia Cosette Hudson ’22
Ms. Theresa L. Hudson P’22
Mr. Tyler E. Hudson ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hueglin
Mrs. Jennifer Lilore Huesman ’91
Ms. Mary E. Cassells Huestis ’99
Dr. Cara M. Hueston ’07
Mr. Oscar A. Huettner ’77
Ms. Dorothy S. Huff
Ms. Nicole M. Huff ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Huffenus ’86
Ms. Haley A. Huffines ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Huffines P’12
Mr. John and Ms. Lorraine N. Hufnagle
Mr.* and Mrs.* Charles E. Hugel ’51 H’02 P’83 GP’06
Mr. Christian C. Hugel ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Hugel
Ms. Alison B. Huggins ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Huggins
Mr. Joseph J. and Mrs. Kimberly A. Hughart P’17
Mr. Michael L. Hughart ’17
Mr. Alexander S. Hughes III ’62*
Mr. William and Mrs. Amanda Hughes
Ms. Audrey E. Hughes ’14
Mr. Barry L. Hughes ’72*
Mr. Bryant Hughes ’12
Mr. C. Mackey Hughes II ’77
Mr. Dana T. Hughes ’49
Mr. Daniel T. Hughes ’73*
Mr. Daniel J. ’00 and Ms. Melissa Smith ’00 Hughes
David R. Hughes, Esq. ’69 and Ms. Elizabeth Sheley
Mr. Derek M. Hughes ’88
Ms. Ellen L. Hughes ’13
Mrs. Frances M. Hughes*
Ms. Gayle Githens Hughes ’82
Ms. Heather M. Hughes ’15
Mr. Ivan J. Hughes ’52
Mr. James C. Hughes ’05
Mrs. Jean R. Hughes W’51*
Rev. John G. Hughes II ’73
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Hughes Jr.
Ms. Julie Urban Hughes ’90
Ms. Karen L. Hughes ’95
Ms. Kate O. Hughes ’15
Mr. Kevin J. Hughes ’84
Ms. Lauren M. Hughes ’17
Michael T. Hughes ’22
Mr. Patrick J. Hughes ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Hughes P’15
Mr. Peter Buermann Hughes ’67*
Mr. Richard M. Hughes III ’83
Mr. Robert J. ’84 and Mrs. Elizabeth Kahatt ’84 Hughes
Mr. Robert G. Hughes ’89
Mr. Robert Hughes
Mr. Ryan F. Hughes ’13
Mr. Thomas E. Hughes III ’09
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hughes Jr. P’09
Mr. William Morris Hughes ’66*
Mr. William G. Hughes ’88
Mr. William J. and Mrs. Kathleen J. Hughes P’21
Ms. Jill Edwards Hughey ’89
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Helen M. Hughson
Mr. William W. Hughsted ’73
Mrs. Carla C. Hugo P’22
Mr. Christopher J. ’80 and Ms. Linda Cooper ’80 Hugues
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Roseann Hugyak
Elmer E. Huhn ’24 Estate
Mr. John A. Huke ’43
Mr. Jake G. Hulbert ’14
Ms. Patricia Boyle Hulbert ’83
Mr. Stephen F. Huling ’69
Mr. Douglas J. Hull ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Hull
Daniel Michael Hullihan ’21
Mr. John P. and Mrs. Kelly D. Hullihan P’21
Ms. Barbara Hulnick
Ms. Paige E. Hulsizer ’08
Mr. Robert M. Hum ’10
Mr. Christopher T. Hummel ’94
Elise Giovanna Hummel ’22
Mr. Hans C. Hummel ’91
Jeffrey Yoon Hummel ’21
Mr. Robert J. Hummel ’06
Dr. Scott R. and Mrs. Lisa M. Hummel P’21
Ms. Charlene Hummell
Ms. Donna Grisoglio Hummell ’78
Mr. Robert Hummer ’66
Mr. James Hummerstone ’86
Ramandeep Singh Hundal
Ms. Caryn Donohue Huneke ’06
Dr.* Harvey Hunerberg ’48 and Catherine Hunerberg, Ph.D
Mr. George A. Hunger Jr. ’68
Ms. Alexandra P. Hunsberger ’14
Mr. Lester and Mrs. Joyce Hunsberger
Ms. Tammy Lynn Hunsberger P’14
Mr. Todd L. Hunsberger and Ms. Kathleen Clancy
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Christine Hunsicker P’18
Mr. Josh Vollmer and Ms. Casey L. Hunsicker
Ms. Cody B Hunsicker ’18
Ms. Kelsey N. Hunsicker
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Marisa Hunsicker
Mr. Mark Hunsicker
Ms. Christina L. Hunt ’11
Mr. Frederick F. Hunt ’56
Mr. Henry C. Hunt III ’77
Mr. Joseph M. Hunt ’55
Ms. Krista Hunt
Ms. Lauren J. Hunt ’17
Mr.* and Mrs. Marshal Hunt Jr. ’44
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hunt
Mrs. Ray C. Hunt W’53
Mr. Roger C. Hunt ’61
Mr. William M. Hunt ’54*
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Hunter
Ms. Brittany M. Hunter ’09
Mrs. Catherine L. Hunter ’02
Mr. Chad M. Hunter ’07
Mr. J. Bradford Hunter ’70 and Ms. Susan J. Swett ’72
Mr. James R. Hunter ’56
Ms. Kristine S. Hunter
Mr. Mark A. and Mrs. Violet E. Hunter P’15
Ms. Stephanie J. Hunter ’15
Mr. John and Mrs. Stephanie Hunter
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Huntington
Mr. Robert H. Huntington III ’84
Huntington & Franklin PC
Mr. Lewis M. Hunt-Irving III ’11
Mr. Glenn T. Hunzinger ’96
Mr. Carl Huppert ’85
Ms. Shehtaz Huq ’14
Ms. Grace Hurd
Colin Hurlbrink ’22
Mr. James B. and Mrs. Yolanda Hurlbrink P’22
Mr. J. Stevens Hurlbut III ’79
Mr. Brian L. and Mrs. Mary E. Hurley P’17
Dr. Laura Pearson Hurley ’92
Mr. Michael J. Hurley
Ms. Shannon B. Hurley ’17
Ms. Alison Paul Hurlock ’87
Mr. John Devers Hursh
Mr. James F. Hurst ’60
Mr. Bryan R. Hurtado ’08
Mr. Peter L. Hurwitch ’69
Mr. William Hurwitch ’71
Dewanna Nell Huschka
Mr. Elbert P. Huselton ’41*
Ms. Lexi B. Husid ’05
Karim S. Hussamy
Mr. Abdulrahman I. Hussein ’10
Ms. Zainab A. Hussein ’18
Ms. Monika Jaensson Hussell ’90
Mr. Elbert E. Husted III*
Mrs. Kathryn Ring Huster ’09
Dr. E. Lee Huston ’62
Mr. David H. Hutchens and Ms. Elizabeth E. Katz P’15
Mr. Dennis R. Hutchins ’89
Mr. Daniel and Ms. Hildegard C. Hutchins
Ms. Kristen J. Hutchins
Mr. Frank G. Hutchinson ’66
Dr. George F. Hutchinson Jr. ’53
Ms. Joyce Lind Hutchinson
Kevin Joseph Hutchinson II ’20
Mr. Peter B. `90 and Mrs. Maryann L. Hutchinson P’21 ’23
Mr. Christopher R. Hutchison ’91
Dr. David E. Hutchison ’58
Mr. Felix G. Hutchison ’12
Mr. Gary S. and Mrs. Johannah J. Hutchison P’12
Mr. Malcolm C. Hutchison Jr. ’46
Mr. Ralph M. Hutchison ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart N. Hutchison III ’65 P’91’93
Mrs. Carol Reed Hutnek ’83
Mr. James M. Hutnik ’78
Ms. Linda M. Hutnik
Mr. William J. and Mrs. Ruth J. Hutnik
Mr. Stephen J. Hutnik ’70
Ms. Kathy-Ann R. Hutson ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Huttner P’13
Mr. Seth L. ’99 and Ms. Anna Cole ’99 Huttner
Dr. Lauren M. Huyett ’11
Mr. William R. and Mrs. Carol Huyett P’11
Mr. Andrew D. Hwa ’12
Mr. David J. and Mrs. Suzanne M. Hwa P’12
Kae Jung Hwang
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Hyatt P’17
Mr. Jake M. Hyatt ’14
Mr. John H. Hyatt ’17
Mr. Benjamin W. Hyde ’08
Mr. C. Zack Hyde ’08
Ms. Karen Tramm Hyde ’83
Mr. Matthew S. and Mrs. Charity B. Hyde
Mr. Matthew S. Hyde ’18
Mr. Robert, Jr. ’78 and Ms. Anne Angleton ’81 Hyde
Mr. Robert W. Hyde III ’09
Ms. Ibtihal Hyder ’10
Mr. John F. Hyfantis ’60
Dr. Timothy R. ’88 and Mrs. Lisa N. Hylan
Mr. Bruce T. Hyland ’64
Mr. Barry S. Hyman
Mr. Richard M. Hyman ’72
Mr. Steven J. ’62 and Mrs. Miriam O. Hyman
Dr. Michael T. Hymanson ’82
Mr. Brendan E. and Mrs. Audrey Hynes P’17
Ms. Brenna A. Hynes ’17
Mr. Edward J.P. Hynes
Ms. Kaitlyn E. Hynes ’18
Mr. Frank E. Hyson IV ’81
Ms. Heike K. Hyson P’15
Mr. Nicholas M. Hyson ’15
Mr. Alexander M. Hytha ’15
Sam Sheetz Iacavazzi ’22
Mr. Matthew J. Iassogna ’14
Ms. Natalia Ibanez ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ibarguen
Mr. Bryant C. Ibekwe ’01
Mrs. Sandra M. Iberg ’05
IBM Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Machmud Ibrahim
Mr. Adam T. Iglehart ’16
Mr. Jaime Iglehart
Mr. Thomas W. Iglehart and Dr. Mary J. Scheimann P’15
Dr. Noriko Iikuni ’93
Ikaria Inc
Ms. Alexa T. Ikeler ’13
Dr. Berkin Ilbeyi ’12
Mr. Ugur and Ms. Gul Ilbeyi P’12
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Beverley J. Ilchert
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Ill ’65 P’02
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Illari
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Illari
Mr. John F. Illenberger ’53*
Dr. Marvin Lee Illingsworth ’72*
Illinois State University Foundation
Mr. Francis A. Illuzzi ’18
Mr. Alexander B. Imel ’12
Mr. Bruce E. and Mrs. Helen L. Imel P’12
Dr. George R. Imel ’70
Mr. Joseph M. Imhof ’88
Ms. Lori K. Imhof
Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Imler
Mr. Andrew A. Impagliazzo ’07
Mr. Andrew C. and Mrs. Jeanette M. Impagliazzo P’13
Ms. Ariel A. Impagliazzo ’13
Mr. Michael and Ms. Phyllis T. Imparo
Mr. Anthony Imperato
Mrs. Lynn R. Imperato ’90
Dr. Paul S. Imperia ’79
Maya Athena Schnupp Imperial ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Inama
Christopher D. Incarvito Ph.D. ’97
Mr. George R. Ince Jr. ’65
Mr. Joaquin E. Indacochea Beltran ’11
Mr. Andrew L. and Dr. Cheryl Indeck P’15
Ms. Rebecca M. Indeck ’15
Ms. Tricia A. Indoe ’06
Ms. Anna B. Ingato
Mr. Steven E. and Mrs. Kim Ingber P’11
Mrs. Paige O. Ingelsby ’01
Mr. and Dr. John D. Ingersoll
Mr. Jon E. Ingersoll ’73
Ms. Lauren E. Ingersoll ’10
Dr. Herbert J. ’82 and Ms. Elizabeth Moore ’80 Ingraham
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Paula S. Ingraham P’19
Ms. Kristen Mary Ingraham ’19
Dr. Mathew D. Ingraham ’06
Ms. Alexandra F. Ingram ’18
Catherine MacKinnon Ingram
Mr. DaMarcus A. Ingram ’15
Mr. James C. Ingram ’71 and Contance M. Pechura, Ph.D.
Ms. Mary Ingram
Mr. Joseph A. Ingrao ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ingrao P’16
Mr. Richard L. Inhoffer ’63
Ms. Carol F. Inman
Mr. Stewart A. Inman ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Inman
Mr. Samuel R. Innes ’04
Ms. Dena D. Inqui ’13
Mr. and Mrs.* Joseph L. Inqui P’13
Mr. F. Paul Inscho ’55
Insurance Solutions & Services Inc
Integra Business Center, Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth Iobst
Dr. Philip M. Iorio ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Iovine
Ms. Kimberly Wecht Iovino ’91
Ms. Lisa Ippoliti
Mr. John F. and Mrs. Natasha W. Ippolito P’22
Maxwell Hardy Ippolito ’22
Mr. Michael V. Ippolito Jr. ’85
Mr. Michael G. Ippolito ’17
Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Linda J. Iraggi
Mr. Thomas A. Iraggi
Mr. Kevin A. Iraheta ’15
Mr. John B. Ireland ’65
Mr. John and Mrs. Victoria Ireland
Mr. and Mrs. John Irish
Dr. Harold P. ’91 and Mrs. Cynthia L. ’91 Ironson
Mr. Timothy R. Irvin ’86
Ms. Jaculin D. Irvine
Mr. Marcellus M. Irving ’14
Ms. Charlotte Irwin
Dr. George M. Irwin Jr. ’59
Mr. Harry F. Irwin Jr. ’62
Ms. Susan Engelhardt Irwin ’76
Mr. Thomas J. Irwin ’87
Ms. Carolyn E. Isaac ’12
Mr. Eldad Philip Isaac
Mr. Sherwin Jeffrey Issac P’12
Mr. James W. Isaacson
Mr. Mark J. Isaacson
Ms. Amy Moskowitz Isacoff ’85
Ms. Caitlyn E. Ische ’12
Mr. William P. and Mrs. Sandra J. Ische P’12
Mr. Robert H. Isham ’70
Dr. Jennifer C. Isher-Witt ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Isherwood
Ms. Hana L. Isihara ’17
Dr. Hikaru Isihara and Ms. Jane W. Shanny P’17
Mr. William C. Isley III ’10
Mr. Jethro Israel ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Italiani
Mr. and Mrs. Hanan H. Itescu
Ms. Naomi-Beth Itescu ’10
ITS Innovative Trade Solutions Inc
Ivan G Proano MD PLLC
Ms. Petya N. Ivanova ’99
Mr. John L. Ivarone ’60*
Ms. Esther Iverem P’15
Ms. Bridget Solimeno Ivers ’97
Mr. Mark and Mrs. June Iverson
Mr.* and Mrs. C. Blair Ives Jr. ’57 P’85
Mr. Robert P. Ives ’61
Mr. Scott S. Ives ’85
Mr. Sterling H. Ivison III ’77
Ms. Chioma J. Iwuoha ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley Iwuoha
Mr. Richard D. Izard Jr. and Ms. Helen Angelina
Ms. Carol R. Izer
Ms. Osasumwen N. Izevbigie ’09
Dr. Peter M. Izmirly ’93
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Estelle Izuno
J.W. Kille Associates
Mr. Steven Allen Jaasund ’70
Mrs. Lori Magistro Jabara ’90
Ms. Judith A. Jablonski
Ms. Alexandrea M. Jacinto ’16
Ms. Sandra A. Jacinto ’11
Jack Delashmet & Associates LLC.
Mr. Thomas J. Jackman Jr. ’82
Ms. Avery J Jackson ’14
Mr. Carl E. and Mrs. Sharon A. Jackson P’16
Ms. Carol Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. David O. Jackson
Mr. Dennis E. Jackson ’93
Mr. Derek C. Jackson ’97
Mr. Douglas S. Jackson ’83
Mrs. Elizabeth Rufe Jackson W’56
Mr. Ernest R. Jackson ’63
Dr. James E. and Dr. Evelyn Parker ’74 Jackson
Mr. Gregory S. Jackson
Mr. James R. Jackson ’43*
Mr. Jeffrey A. Jackson ’64
Mrs. Kelly McAllister Jackson ’00
Mr. Kevin E. Jackson ’16
Ms. Leonie E. Jackson ’88
Ms. Linda Trownsell Jackson ’77
Mrs. Mary Ellen Jackson
Mr. Matthew S. and Mrs. Denise P. Jackson P’16
Mr. Michael King Jackson ’70
Mr. Richard L. Jackson ’05
Mrs. Shirley Jackson W’23*
Ms. Tina M. Jackson ’13
Mr. Treyvon W. Jackson ’10
Ms. Valerie P. Jackson ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jackson P’14
Mr. William B. Jackson Jr. ’50*
Reverend Robert A. ’74 and Ms. Deirdre B. ’74 Jacob
Ainsley Louise Jacobs ’21
Ms. Andrea C. Jacobs ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Blair M. Jacobs P’21
Mr. David A. Jacobs ’68
Mr. David B. Jacobs and Mrs. Louise V. Akillian P’17
Mr. Eliot Jacobs
Mrs. W. Robert Jacobs W’50
Mr. Laurence J. Jacobs ’79 and Ms. Kim Anne Smith ’79
Mr. Lawrence F. ’76 and Ms. Carole Lowenstein ’77 Jacobs
Mr. Peter E. and Mrs. Carol R. Jacobs P’16
Mr. Raymond J. and Mrs. Terry E Jacobs P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Jacobs Jr.
Mr. Robert E. Jacobs ’68
Mr. Robert Jacobs
Ms. Shelley R. Jacobs ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Jacobson
Jack Ostrow Jacobson
Ms. Jacqueline M. Jacobson ’17
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Jacobson P’17
Ms. Katherine T. Jacobson ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jacobson
Mrs. Sharon L. Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Jacoby ’81
Mr. Raymond B. Jacoby ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. C. Jacoby ’80
Mr.* and Mrs. Roger B. Jacoby ’57
Mr. Walter I. Jacoby ’52*
Mr. Michael Jacome
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Jacoubs
Mr. Christopher F. Jacovino ’13
Mrs. Selma Jacowitz
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Jacques ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jacquet
Mr. Bruce E. Jaden
Ms. Melanie Armstrong Jaenicke ’94
Ms. Arlene K. Jaffe
Mr. Daniel A. Jaffe ’12
Mr. David Bruce Jaffe ’63
Dr. Donald R. and Dr. Diana Galer Jaffe P’12
Ms. Fern Jaffe
Mr. Jonathan A. Jaffe ’07
Ms. Laurie Anne Jaffe
Dr. Leslie R. Jaffe and Ms. Liliana Klass-Jaffe
Mr. Marc Jaffe
Mr. Richard S. ’78 and Ms. Geraldine C. ’78 Jaffe
Ms. Gail Dietrich Jagels ’77
Ms. Ekaterina A. Jager ’06
Mr. Robert T. Jager ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Jaggard
Mr. Jake Jahimiak
Dr. Matthias J. Jahl ’86
Dr. Diane K. Jakacki ’86
Ms. Tamar Jakeli ’17
Ms. Ariel M. Jakubowski ’17
Ms. Cheryll Y. James P’15
Mr. Darren H. James ’02
Mr. David C. James ’07
Mrs. Debra Z. James W’69
Mr. Draeland R. James ’17
Mr. Jeffrey S. ’90 and Mrs. Susan K. James
Ms. Lisa Carmen James
Dr.* Laylin K. and Mrs. Mary Lou S. James P’90
Mr. Nathan G. James ’08 and Ms. Trista M. Burke ’07
Mr. Phillip A. James ’82
Mr. Ross Charles James
Mr. Tyrone C. and Mrs. Cassaundra D. James P’17
James H. Everest Family Trust
Mr. Andrew S. Jameson ’09
Mrs. Catherine M. Jamieson ’89
Ms. Charlotte R. Jamieson ’18
Mr. John W. Jamieson ’18
Mr. John R. and Mrs. Gina S. Jamieson P’18
Mrs. Kimberly B. Jamieson ’98
Mr. Paul Carroll Jamieson ’57*
Mrs. Rose J. Jamieson W’57
Victoria Jamieson
Mr. George and Mrs. Virginia M. Jamieson
Mr. Paul T. Jamison ’84
Mr. Benjamin D Janacek ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Janacek P’18
John Hunter Janacek
Mr. Timothy J. and Mrs. Rebecca A. Janacek
Mrs. Suzanne M. Janczewski ’09
Mr. Leslie J. Jandoli
Ms. Teresa J. Janeck
Mr. Theodore R. ’74 and Ms. Jane Leader ’75 Janeczek
Ms. Lindsay R. Janel
Mr. Scott Janelli
Mr. Jaeyoung Jang ’04
Mr. Mark G. and Mrs. Karen Janiec P’15
Mr. Stephen P. Janiec ’15
Ms. Emily K. Janis
Ms. Kotryna Jankunaite ’17
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Nadia M. Jannetta
Dr. Rebecca Price Janney ’80
Mr. William J. Janos ’39*
Drew M. Jansen ’20
Mr. Michael B. and Mrs. Theresa D. Jansen P’20
Mr. Scott H. Jansen ’84
Ms. Elizabeth C. Janssen ’87
Ms. Therese Janssen
Mr. William J. Janssen ’89
Dr. and Mrs. William E. D. Jantzen Jr. ’75
Mr. D. Lee Janvrin `70
Ms. Mairead Janzer ’19
Jaqua Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Jaquith
Dr. Herman H. and Mrs. Ann L. Jarboe P’16
Mr. John H. Jarboe ’16
Dr. George H. Jarden Jr. ’58
Dr. Daniel A. ’07 and Mrs. Lauren Timpson ’08 Jarem
Mr. Alexander W. Jarin ’15
Mr. Juan A. Jarrett ’81
Lukas M. Jarrett ’20
Mr. Mark E. and Mrs. Mary A. Jarrett P’20
Ms. Natalie Jarrett
Mrs. Zakia Dilday Jarrett ’02
Dr. Jamie A. Jarusiewicz ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Jarvis
Ms. Kristin A. Jasinski ’15
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jamie Jasinski P’15
Mr. Joseph J., Jr. ’86 and Ms. Laura Fyfe ’85 Jaskot
Mr. William A. Jauregui ’12
Justin Kyle Jaworski ’21
Dr. Eric C. Jaxheimer ’73
Ms. Jasmine V. Jay ’14
Dr. Mevan M. Jayasinghe ’08
Mr. Jonathan R. Jaye ’10
Jayne Keller, DMD
Mr. Benjamin E. Jeannot ’15
Mrs. Jo L. Jeannot P’15
Ms. Cecilie Heidenreich Jedlicka ’95
Ms. Kitty Jedra
Ms. Amanda S. Jeffers ’15
Mrs. Helen Bitsy Jeffers
Mr. John D. Jeffers and Ms. Mary Edrich
Mr. Mark J. and Ms. Sarah Sheeleigh ’83 Jeffers P’15
Mr. Robert J. Jeffery ’56*
Mr. Drew R. Jeffrey ’14
Mr. Jackson K. Jeffrey ’16
Dr. Leonard Jeffries Jr. ’59
Mr. Ralph E. Jemison ’60
Dr. William D. Jemison ’85 and Ms. Elisabeth A. Chapman ’82
Mr. Craig Stuart Jencks ’71
Mr. Blake K. Jenkins ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Jenkins
Mr. George M. ’74 and Mrs. JoAnn Jenkins
Mr. Jon Mark Jenkins ’78
Mr. Jonathan P. Jenkins ’10
Mr. Justin T. Jenkins ’91
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Jenkins
Mr. Marc F. Jenkins ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Jenkins P’07
Mr. Richard G. and Mrs. Jacqueline D. Jenkins P’22
Dr. Timothy A. Jenkins ’99
Mr. William K. and Mrs. Bonnie B. Jenkins P’18
Ms. Danielle P. Jenkins-Lewis ’10
Ms. Denise Buerrosse Jenner ’98
Dr. Gavin D. Jenney ’59
Mr. John and Mrs. Kathleen M. Jenney
Mr. Robert Jenney
Mr. Brian P. Jennings ’06
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Cynthia Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Dave A. Jennings P’16
Mr. David R. Jennings ’16
Ms. Elizabeth G. Jennings ’84
Ms. Erin E. Jennings
Mrs. Joan Bishop Jennings ’84
Ms. Marlene C. Jennings
Ms. Michelle S. Jennings ’17
Ms. Marcy Jenny
Mr. David B. Jensen ’82
Mr. Edward E. Jensen ’62
Ms. Hannah M. Jensen ’11
Mr. Kort A. Jensen ’61
Mr. Richard T. Jensen ’71
Mr. Yoon and Mrs. Annie S. Jeon P’11
Jephson Educational Trusts
Ms. Sari Clawans Jepsen ’99
Mrs. Dorothy Jeremiah W’63
Ms. Taisha Jerez ’11
Dr. Ashley A. Jermusyk ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jermusyk
Mr. Stephen M. ’97 and Mrs. Kristen Lapple ’98 Jervis
Mr.* and Mrs.* Edward A. Jesser Jr. ’39 P’68 GP’07
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Jesser III ’68 P’07
Ms. Anjali Jesseramsing
Mr. Salvatore J. Jesuele ’66
The Jewelers Workbench
Jewish Community Federation
Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley
Mr. Edward M. Jezorwski ’98
Mr. Xue Ji ’08
Ms. Linyi Jia ’14
Mr. Shuyu Jia ’18
Ms. Blossom J. Jiang ’19
Ms. Scarlett B. Jimenez ’15
Ms. Paola D. Jimenez Vergara ’15
Ms. Iris B. Jimenez-Roman
Mr. Alberto Jimeno ’97
Ms. Melissa Jin ’16
Mr. Taha M. Jiwaji ’08
JLJ IV Enterprises Inc
Mr. Steven J. Jo
Mr. Michael R. ’87 and Ms. Pamela Schiels ’87 Jocsak
Joel H Ziev Law Offices
Ms. Kathryn A. Johann ’02
Mrs. Allison K. Johansen ’98
Ms. Kirsten Peterson Johansen
Mr. Muriel Coletta and Mr. Lillian T. Johansen
Mr. Lennart Gustav Johansson ’59*
Mr. Stefan H. Johansson ’15
Mr. and Mrs. A. Stephen John
John A Penney Co Inc
John Byrne Memorial Fund
John C Ludlum & Mildred W Ludlum Charitable Foundation
John G Kyles Inc
John Odell Land Investment
John T. Gallaher Trust
John T. Groel Trust
Mr. Timothy C. Johns ’13
John’s Island Club
Mr. and Mrs. A. Robert Johnson
Mr. Allan W. Johnson Jr. ’59
Mr. Andrew N. ’76 and Mrs. Melanie Fausak ’77 Johnson
Mr. Andrew S. Johnson ’91
Mr. Anthony L. Johnson Jr. ’13
Mr. Mark and Ms. Barbara C. Johnson
Mr. Walter and Ms. Barbara J. Johnson
Mr. Benjamin B. Johnson ’89
Ms. Betty Wold Johnson
Mr. Charles L. Johnson III ’70
Mr. James W. Donaghy and Cheryl L. Johnson, Esq. ’83 P’04
Mr. Christopher B. Johnson ’90
Mr. Christopher R. Johnson ’93
Mr. Christopher N. Johnson ’95 and Dr. Julie B. Halvorsen ’95
Mr. Craig R. ’81 and Ms. Susan Gottmann ’81 Johnson
Mr. Daniel E. Johnson Sr. ’65
Mrs. Dara K. Johnson ’97
Mr. Darrell E. Johnson ’71
Dr. David R. Johnson
Mr. David B. ’83 and Ms. Beverly Lavin ’84 Johnson
Mr. David D. and Mrs. Monica N. Johnson P’19
Mr. David J. and Mrs. Wendy N. Johnson P’19
Rev. Dr. Dennis A. Johnson ’74
Rev. Donald B. Johnson ’67
Mr. Edward T. Johnson ’56
Mrs. Elizabeth Meyers Johnson ’87
Mr. Thomas Crain and Ms. Elizabeth P. Johnson
Mrs. Faith S. Johnson ’85
Mr. Floyd C. Johnson ’49
Mr. Frank B. Johnson ’97
Mr. Garry M. and Mrs. Lidia C. Johnson P’12
Mr. and Mrs. H. Emil Johnson
Ms. Jacqueline S. Johnson ’15
Mr. James R. Johnson ’88
Ms. Jeanine L. Johnson ’81
Mr. Edward and Ms. Joanne R. Johnson
Justin Thomas Johnson ’20
Justin Peter Johnson ’22
Mrs. Karen N. Johnson
Ms. Karen E. Johnson ’10
Mrs. Katherine G. Johnson ’85
Mr. Kirt E. W. Johnson Jr. ’67
Mrs. Kristen Allen Johnson ’89
Mr. Kyle Michael Johnson ’19
Ms. Lauren Nye Johnson ’19
Ms. Lillian E. Johnson ’18
Mrs. Lorna L. Johnson W’35
Mr. Lowell H. Johnson ’63
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Marie G. Johnson
Mr. Martin H. and Mrs. Laura Johnson P’12
Mr. Matthew P. Johnson ’84
Ms. Melanie K. Johnson
Mr. Philip D. and Mrs. Stephanie M. Johnson P’18
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert Graham Johnson ’55 P’93
Mr. Robert K. Johnson ’60
Mr. Robert M. Johnson ’65
Reverend* and Mrs. Ronald W. Johnson ’59
Mr. Ronald Arvid Johnson ’64
Mr. Ronnie J. Johnson ’71
Mr. Russell B. Johnson ’58
Sarah M. Johnson ’21
Mr. Scott E. Johnson ’78
Mr. Stanley L. Johnson ’73
Mr and Mrs. Stephen Johnson III
Mr. Steven K. Johnson ’84
Ms. Supremeian Johnson
Ms. Susan P. Johnson
Mr. Thomas W. Johnson ’93 and Ms. Christina M. Loccke ’96
Mr. Thomas P. Johnson ’12
Mr. Torian N. Johnson Jr. ’07
Johnson, Kendall & Johnson, Inc.
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Adalgisa Johnston
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Barbara D. Johnston
Mr. Brian H. and Mrs. Sharon G. Johnston P’21
Mr. C. Walton ’90 and Ms. Nancy Rohrbach ’90 Johnston
Ms. Caroline A. Johnston ’13
Mr. Christoffer S. ’08 and Mrs. Sarah Kolb ’07 Johnston
Mr. Christopher A. Johnston ’99
Ms. Deborah Stanek Johnston ’91
Mr. Donald R. Johnston Jr. ’65
Mr. Douglas E. Johnston ’73
Mr. H. Scott Johnston ’67
Ms. J. Lindsay Johnston ’74
Mr. Kevin A. ’96 and Ms. Heather Candela ’95 Johnston
Mr. Matthew M. ’03 and Ms. Katrina Folwell ’04 Johnston
Mrs. Nancy A. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Johnston
Mr. Robert W. B. Johnston ’42*
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley G. Johnston, Jr.
Mr. William D. Johnston ’58
Mr. William R. Johnston ’81
Mr. William Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Johnstone Jr.
Mr. Thomas E. Johnstone
Mr. Nathan Jolly ’05
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Jonas
Jonathan R. Gellert D.D.S.
Rosa Jonckheer
Mr. Adam M. Jones ’09
Mrs. Adriane E. Jones ’10
Ms. Allie Jones ’18
Ms. Amanda K. Jones ’11
Mr. Antony C. Jones and Ms. Joan Hargaden-Jones P’18
Ms. Aubrey A. Jones ’16
Mr. Benjamin M. Jones ’07
Ms. Carli B. Jones ’17
Carly Jane Jones ’21
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Catherine A. Jones
Mr. Chad Emanuel Jones ’19
Ms. Christine M. Jones ’07
Mr. Christopher Jones ’77 and Ms. Karen D. Quint
Mr. Christopher M. Jones ’13
Mr. Christopher J. Jones
Mr. Christopher S. and Mrs. Lisa Jones P’16
Mr. Connor Joseph Jones ’19
Mr. William and Ms. Cynthia A. Jones
Mr. David C. Jones ’57
Mr. David M. Jones ’71
Mr. David M. Jones ’16
Ms. Deborah Jones
Ms. Diana R. Jones P’17
Mr. Douglas J. ’84 and Ms. Jane Zaleski ’83 Jones P’13
Mr. Douglas R. Jones ’84
Mr. Douglas T. and Ms. Sharon Jones
Mr. Edson S. Jones ’89
Mrs. Elizabeth Tengdin Jones ’82
Mr. Erik M. Jones ’15
Mr. Eugene D. Jones
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Gail Nesbitt Jones
Mr. Gavin P. Jones ’14
Mr. H. Lee, Jr. and Mrs. Mary Beth Jones P’19
Lt. Col. (USA Ret) Harry M. ’66 and Mrs. Gloria Hodges Jones
Mr. Howard T. and Mrs. Nancy R. Jones P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh H. Jones Jr. ’52 P’78
Mr. Jason M. Jones ’10
Mr. Jeffrey P. Jones ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Jones
Ms. Joan E. Jones
Mr. Joseph A., Jr. and Mrs. Tracy L. Jones
Mr. Joshua N. Jones ’10
Ms. Katelyn E. Jones ’16
Mr. Keith T. and Mrs. Cynthia P. Jones P’13
Ms. Kristen N. Jones ’10
Ms. Lauren E. Jones ’09
Ms. Lauren P. Jones
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Louise F. Jones
Dr. Mark T. Jones ’77
Ms. Martha E. Jones ’90
Ms. Megan E. Jones ’10
Ms. Melinda Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Jones
Dr. Monica P. Jones P’16
Mr. Morton F. Jones III ’67
Ms. Nancy A. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Noah D. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Jones P’98
Mr. Richard D. Jones ’56
Mr. Richard D. and Mrs. Leslie M. Jones P’17
Mr. Robert E. and Mrs. Mary Jones
Mr. Robert E. Jones ’42*
Mr. Robert M. Jones ’58*
Dr. Robert E. Jones ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Jones
Mr. Ronald F. Jones and Mrs. Suzanne Lussier-Jones
Ms. Rowan E. Jones ’13
Ms. Sherri I. Jones
Mr. Steven T. Jones ’10
Ms. Suzanne Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chalmers Jones ’63
Mr. Timothy H. Jones ’04
Ms. Tina Jones
Mr. Tyler A. Jones ’07 and Ms. Lisa A. Rogosa ’08
Mr. Tymir E. Jones ’18
Mr. Walker S. Jones ’17
Dr. William R. and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Jones
Mr. Woodrow T. Jones ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow D. Jones
Mr. Zachary W. Jones ’13
Hwanhee Mary Joo
Oscar Jopp ’22
Ms. Victoria Jopp P’22
Mr. Alfred C. Jordan ’69
Mr. Brian Jordan ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Jordan
Mr. Edward P. and Mrs. Wendy Jordan P’13
Ms. Frances A. Jordan
Mr. John W. Jordan
Ms. Kathleen E. Jordan ’13
Ms. Laura C. Jordan ’98
Major Jordan ’21
Mr. Randall C. Jordan ’15
Mr. Ronald L. and Mrs. Robyn M. Jordan P’21
Ms. Samantha A. Jordan ’13
Termaine Julian Jordan ’20
Mr. William J. and Mrs. Linda M. Jordan P’11
Ms. Carole Jorgensen
Mr. Gerald L. and Mrs. Anne B. Jorgensen
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Joyce M. Jose P’11
Mr. Christopher Jose ’11
Ms. Barbara Joseph
Mr. Eric J. Joseph ’17
Mr. Kevin C. Joseph ’93
Mr. William and Mrs. Laura I. Joseph
Mr. Louis S. Joseph ’96
Mr. Manuel Joseph
Mr. Michael ’88 and Ms. Christine Alfieri ’88 Joseph
Mr. Paul C. Joseph ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Joseph P’17
Joseph A. Natoli Constr.
Joseph M Troupe Jr MST/CPA PC
Dr. and Mrs. Maulik S. Joshi ’90
Namrata Dipak Joshi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Joslin
Dr. Kenneth N. Josovitz ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Josselyn
Mr. Marshall C. Jost ’56
Ms. Angela J. Jostes
Dr. Ismail I. and Mrs. Amy L. Jouny P’15
Mr. Matthew A. Jouny ’15
Ms. Kimberlee Hovis Joy ’94
Ms. Nicole E. Joy ’04
Ms. Caroline M. Joyce ’14
JS Miller Appraisal Associates LLC
Mr. Evan D. Ju ’14
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ju P’14
Dr. Ashley L. Juavinett ’11
Mrs. Ashley Wilson Judge ’08
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Jody K. Judge
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Juelke
Julabo USA, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Julia Jr. ’72
Mr. Bradley D. Julian ’10
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs.* Rebecca Julian P’11
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs.* Rebecca Julian P’11
Mr. G. Matthew ’01 and Ms. Amy Dorfman ’01 Julin
June G. Harry Rev Trust
Mr. Frank Y. and Mrs. Karen Y. Jung P’11
Junior Women’s Club of Raleigh
Mr. Michael L. Junk ’95
Mr. Christopher M. Jupitz ’08
Ms. Cecilia R. Jurata
Mrs. Bozena A. Jurewicz P’15
Ms. Olivia I. Jurewicz ’15
Mr. James Jurgensen II ’97 and Mrs. Sarah Jurgensen
Ms. Melissa Kennedy Jurick ’93
Ms. Carrie Dickison Jurus ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Jusino
Mr. William F. Just ’59
Ms. Elizabeth P. Justison ’98
Mr. Michael W. Kaba ’86
Ms. Anne Harbison Kabay ’75
Ms. Shireen Kaboli ’15
Mr. Jeremy S. Kacuba ’00
Mr. Mark R. ’83 and Dr. Mary Bowker ’83 Kaczinski
Mr. Charles and Ms. Jodi L. Kaczmarczyk
Ms. Sofia M. Kaczor
Mr. Nitesh N. Kadakia ’99
Ms. Lisa Kadin ’84 and Mr. William Spiegel
Ms. Rhoda Kadin
Mr. Michael J. ’76 and Ms. Louise Weikel ’77 Kadjeski
Ms. Megan E. Kaesshaefer ’08
Mr. Craig S. and Mrs. Linda J. Kafafian P’13
Mr. David E. Kafafian ’13
Mr. Alan S. Kafka ’64*
Ms. Christine E. Kafka ’90
Reid Coleman Kagan ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Monty Kahan
Mrs. Megan M. Kahanowitz ’03
Mr. Robert E. Kahle
Mr. Thomas Kahler and Ms. Theresa C. Wallace P’17
Mr. Bruce E. Kahn ’56
Mr. Bryan N. Kahn ’07
Dr. Harold Kahn ’85
Dr. Joseph H. ’74 and Dr. Nancy Hochberg ’75 Kahn P’07
Mr. Milton and Mrs. Karen Miller Kahn
Dr. Marc L. Kahn ’78
Mr. Mark L. Kahn ’83
Mr. Seth L. Kahn ’06
Ms. Elizabeth Esse Kahrs ’85
Mr. Andrew P. Kail ’91 and Mrs. Heidi Kurlander-Kail ’91
Mr. Dennis J. Kain ’73
Mr. Peter J. Kain ’41*
Ms. Karen M. Kainer ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Kaisand ’91
Mr. Frederick J. Kaiser Jr. ’55 P’89
Mr. Gavin L. Kaiser ’09
Mr. Edward P. and Mrs. Carol Kavjian ’75 Kaiserian
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard E. Kaiven
Mr. Scott W. Kajmo ’14
Mr. Bertan Kalatchi P’11
Ms. Jesse R. Kalatchi ’11
Mrs. Barbara B. Kalavik ’79
Mrs. Karen K. Kalayjian ’99
Mrs. Stacy Schlomann Kale ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Mazin A. Kalian P’13
Mr. Terrin M. Kalian ’13
Ms. Noelle Makowski Kalin ’78
Mr. G. Steven ’87 and Mrs.* Sally Elbert ’87 Kalin
Ms. Kristen Kalinowski ’08
Mr. Allan S. Kalish ’49
Mr. and Mrs. George Kallenbach
Mr. Roger A. Kallenberg ’66*
Ms. Linda Barth Kallmyer ’86
Ms. Connie Kallos
Dr. Paul Kalman and Mrs. Betty Balsam-Kalman P’11
Dr. Ross A. Kalman ’10
Mr. Oren A. Kalmus ’08
Mr. Nicholas C. Kalra ’13
Mr. Samuel Z. Kalra ’16
Mr. Navdeep S. Kalsi ’01
Dr. Marvin R. Kalt ’67
Mr. Eric T. ’85 and Mrs. Sarah L. Kambour P’21
Mr. Joshua V. ’10 and Mrs. Anna DePetris ’10 Kambour
Mr. Andrew P. Kamilaris ’14
Ms. Erica B. Kamin ’11
Harold, P.E. ’78 and Kathleen, P.E. ’78 Kamine P’04’07’11
Mr. Justin B. Kamine ’11
Mr. Matthew E. Kamine ’07
Miss Michelle H. Kamine ’04
Mr. James S. Kaminek ’14
Ms. Rachel M. Kamins
Ms. Ashley J. Kaminski ’13
Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Kaminski ’66
Ms. Evonne D. Kaminski
Mr. Frank J., III and Mrs. Lynne M. Kaminski P’19
Mr. Frank Kaminski Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kaminski
Ms. Grazia Maria Kaminstein
Ms. Erina Kamiya ’18
Ms. Erin J. Kamlet ’09
Mr. Robert F., III ’93 and Dr. Chantel D. ’93 Kamm
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kammer
Ms. Victoria A. Kammer ’09
Mr. James H., CFA ’85 and Ms. Stacy Landis Kammert
Mr. Joseph C. Kamnik Jr. ’80
Ms. Natalie G. Kamphaus ’05
Mrs. Laura Crocket Kanai ’76
Mr. Murale Kanapathipillai ’94
Mr. John and Mrs. Ilze B. Kancans
Mrs. Cynthia W. Kane ’92
Mr. John and Mrs. Heidi B. Kane
Ms. Janet Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Kane
Ms. Kristin Kane
Mr. Lee E. Kane ’56
Mr. William and Mrs. Linda O. Kane
Mallory M. Kane ’20
Mr. Matthew I. Kane ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Kane
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Myra M. Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Kane
Mr. Martin R. Kanengiser ’76
Ms. Jennifer S. Kang ’11
Mr. Timothy J. Kangos ’11
Mr. Philip James Kann
Ms. Kelley Dodds Kanoff ’08
Mrs. Joann S. Kansier ’73
Mrs. Cynthia Davis Kanter ’87
Ms. Samantha L. Kanter ’15
Mr. Eric B. Kantor ’87
Mr. Geoffrey S. Kany ’86
Mr. Edward J. and Mrs. Dawn V. Kanzler P’14
Ms. Kimberly E. Kanzler ’12
Mr. Arif Kapasi
Mr. Shelvean Kapita ’10
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Amy Kaplan
Ms. Anne L. Kaplan ’15
Mr. Daniel S. and Ms. Barbara Lan ’80 Kaplan P’10
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Betsy G. Kaplan
Mr. David B. Kaplan ’83
Mr. David and Mrs. Naomi Kaplan P’21
Eva Brody Kaplan ’21
Mr. George M. Kaplan ’73
Mr. Jordan B. Kaplan ’10
Ms. Julie Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Kaplan P’19
Mr. Kenneth J. Kaplan ’68
Ms. Laura E. Kaplan ’11
Mr. Leith W. Kaplan ’91
Mr. Leonard I. and Dr. Nancy S. Kaplan P’18
Mr. Marvin Kaplan
Mr. Michael F. Kaplan ’18
Mr. Mitchell S. Kaplan and Ms. Rhona L. Malton P’12
Nicole J. Kaplan ’20
Ms. Sarajane Kaplan ’12
Mr. Steven L. ’79 and Ms. Laurie Seigel ’79 Kaplan
Mr. Todd P. Kaplan P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kaplowitz P’14
Mr. Bruce A. Kapner and Ms. Miriam A. Kranton P’15
Mr. Samuel L. Kapner ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Kapp
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kapsa
Mr. Nicholas P. ’83 and Ms. Mary Condon ’84 Kapur
Mrs. Janelle Amidon Kapusta ’04
Mr. Theodore M. Kapusta ’03
Mr. Yalin Karadogan ’97
Mr. Kristian Mitkov Karadzhov ’19
Mr. George and Ms. Lisa A. Karam
Ms. Briette V. Karanfilian ’14
Mr. Alex L. ’04 and Ms. Leslie Maral Karapetian
Mr. Edmund S. Karasiewicz ’11
Mr. Edmund and Mrs. Kim Karasiewicz P’11
Ms. Joanna Karasoulas ’05
Ms. Margarita Karasoulas ’08
Mr. James W. Karcher ’55
Mr. Richard W. Karcher ’50*
Mrs. Liliana R. Kareem P’18
Dr. Alfred J. Karetsky ’58*
Mr. Jeffrey R. Kari ’10
Mr. Stavros K. Kariofillis ’17
Mr. Damian W. Karjane ’91
Dr. Abbe Karmen P’22
Mr. Bruno and Mrs. Astrid O. Karnas
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Karp P’15
Mr. Eli D. Karp ’15
Mr. Jay S. and Mrs. Denise S. Karp P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Karp
Ms. Patricia Stare Karper ’84
Ms. Kasey A. Karr ’10
Mr. Steven J. and Mrs. Cynthia J. Karr P’11
Mr. William S. Karr ’11 and Ms. Christine L. Reynolds ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Karsay
Mr. Aleksey Karulin ’10
Mr. Jay D. Kasakove ’17
Mr. Kevin M. Kasarjian ’97
Dr. Morteza Kashef ’68
Dr. Dennis M. Kashurba ’71
Mr. Andrew J. R. Kasman ’06
Mr. Ara Raffy Kasparian ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kasper ’72
Mr. Michael S. Kass and Mrs. Nimi Bhaya-Kass P’14
Mr. Jonathan M. Kaplowitz ’14 and Dr. Stephanie L. Kass ’14
Mr. Harry Kassel
Mrs. Myrna Kasser
Ms. Darlene Kassir
Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Kastenbaum ’77
Dr.* Bruce D. ’80 and Mrs. Janice L. ’80 Kastner
Col. Thomas M., Ph.D and Mrs. Pamela G. Kastner P’13
Ms. Elizabeth M. Kasumi ’18
Dr. William T. and Mrs. Carmela Kasumi P’18
Dr. Lee M. Kaswiner ’73
Mr. Richard D. Katcher ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Katherine
Mr. David A. Katko ’84
Ms. Irina S. Kats P’19
Ms. Ourania Katsapis
Mr. Chris G. Katsifis
Mr. Andrew B. Katz ’86* and Ms. Debra E. Blum ’86
Mr. Andrew D. Katz ’06
Mr. Charles W. Katz ’89
Dr. David M. Katz ’76
Mr. Dennis G. Katz ’67
Ms. Elizabeth R. Katz ’10
Mr. Gerald B. Katz ’63
Mr. Jared C. Katz ’12
Ms. Jodi Morgen Katz ’97
Dr. Kenneth H. Katz ’68
Mr. Larry Katz
Mrs. Linda Deutscher Katz ’81
Mr. Matthew A. Katz ’17
Mr. Menachem Katz ’10
Dr. Michael A. Katz ’73
Mrs. Rachel F. Katz ’10
Mr. Richard A. Katz ’46*
Richard T. Katz M.D.
Mr. Robert B. Katz ’48
Mr. Robert S. Katz ’90
Mr. Seth P. Katz ’13
Ms. Sherry Katz
Ms. Jennifer M. Katzenstein ’03
Mr. Aaron D. Kaufer ’11
Cpt. Adam J., USA (Ret.) ’06 and Mrs. Anneliza Carmalt ’06 Kaufer
Ms. Elissa Ebeling Kaufer ’02
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Ann L. Kauffman
Mr. Harold G. Kauffman
Ms. Jill T Kauffman
Ms. Jordana H. Kauffman ’11
Mr. Matthew S. Kauffman ’09
Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Nancy E. Kauffman
Mr. Philip S. and Mrs. Beth L. Kauffman P’11
Mr.* and Mrs. Richard L. Kauffman ’61 P’82 GP’09
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert R. Kauffman ’62
Adam S. Kaufman, D.M.D. ’85 and Rebecca Jill Woodward, D.M.D.
Mr. Ari B. Kaufman ’16
Benjamin Wallace Kaufman
Mrs. Christine Hanson Kaufman ’72
Dr. I. Charles Kaufman ’39*
Mr. Michael R. Kaufman ’85 and Ms. Catherine Quinlan ’85
Mr. Steven B. and Mrs. Rosalind B. Kaufman P’16
Brian Harry Kaufmann ’21
Mr. Daniel R. Kaufmann ’19
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Lori Kaufmann P’21
Mr. Monroe and Ms. Judith E. Kaufmann
Mrs. Whitney Cooper Kaufmann ’03
Mr.* and Mrs. Marvin Kaulkin ’54
Mr. Keith W. and Mrs. Mary Myers Kauppila
Mr. Steven P. ’93 and Mrs. Diana D. ’93 Kauppinen
Ms. Erin Kavanagh ’13
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Gretchen B. Kavanagh
Mrs. Karen C. ’89 and Mr. Edward H. Kavanagh P’21
Ms. Mary Kavanagh
Mr. and Mrs. Virginia M. Kavanagh
Mr. Gerard Kavanaugh ’76
Ms. Megan E. Kaveney ’15
Mrs. Susan O’Connell Kay ’06
Mr. James A. Kaye ’73
Mr. Joel M Kaye ’11
Mr. Robert A. Kaye ’66
Mr. Simon Kaye
Mrs. Lauren E. Kays ’04
Mr. Nicholas C. Kazanas ’62
Ms. Diana M. Kazazis
Mr. Bryan J. Kazimierowski ’07 and Dr. Kali R. George ’07
Ms. Sandy Kazinski ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Kazmar ’55
Mr. John W. and Mrs. Martina C. Keane P’22
Ms. Caroline M. Kearney ’16
Mr. James Kearney
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kearney
Mr. Keith W. Kearney P’17
Mr. Liam R. Kearney ’17
Ms. Margaret Kearney
Mr. Mel Kearney
Mr. Patrick J. Kearney ’89
Mr. and Mrs. John Kearns
Mr. Sean A. Kearns ’92
Mr. Donald B. Keat II ’60
Dr. Jeffrey M. and Mrs. Colette Keating P’17
Mr. Mark A. Keating ’74
Mr. Michael V. Keating ’17
Mr. Raymond and Ms. Rosemary Keating
Rear Admiral Edgar S. Keats
Mrs. Charissa Gallagher Keavey ’88
Ms. Nancy M. Keber
Mr. Andrew T. Keck ’16
Dr. C. William Keck ’61
Mr. James C. Kedersha ’81
Mr. Harry V., III ’83 and Mrs. Carol Ashton ’82 Keefe P’12
Mr. Matthew K. Keefe
Mr. Kenneth W. and Mrs. Kathleen Keehn P’12
Mr. Matthew R. Keehn ’12
Mr. Allen T., Jr. and Mrs. Day G. Keel P’18
Mr. Mason G. Keel ’18
Mr. D. Michael Keelan ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Keele
Ms. Jacquelyn Fitzgerald Keelen ’05
Mr. Gavin T. Keeler and Ms. Diana L. DeBartlo P’21
Mr. Matthew R. Keeler ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Keeler P’14
Mr. Daniel Keeley
Mr. Thomas W. Keeley ’07
Ms. Erin A. Keen ’16
Mr. H. Barry Keen ’44*
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Lisa M. Keen P’16
Mr. Stephen A. Keen ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Keen
Mrs. Barbara Nastro Keenan ’96
Mr. Dale D. Keenan ’72
Ms. Flannery H. Keenan ’18
Mr. George L. Keenan Jr. and Ms. Beth Tully
Ms. Haley E. Keenan ’14
Ms. Jennifer H. Keenan ’84
Ms. Joan M. Keenan
Mr. Patrick J. Keenan ’92
Mr. Paul F. Keenan and Ms. Lisa A. Riley P’14
Mr. Terence Keenan and Ms. Kristan M. Higgins P’18
Mr. Erakles Andreadis and Ms. Karen Keenan-Andreadis
Mr. Brian Kirkpatrick and Ms. Kimberly A. Keenan-Kirkpatrick
Mr. Spencer J. Keene ’14
Mr. Steven M. and Mrs. Dolores A. Keene P’14
Mrs. Carmella P. Keener ’85
Ms. Marybeth E. Keener ’81
Ms. Rochelle A. Keesler
Mr. Alan L. Kegg ’68
Mr. William R. Kegley ’62*
Kathryn E. Kehne
Mr. John E. Kehoe ’70
Mr. Mark R. Kehoe and Ms. Carolyn Grasso
Mr. Raymond E. Kehrer Jr. ’56
Matthew Giovanni Kehrl ’22
Ms. Caroline Keigher
Mrs. Carmen B. Keihner W1914*
Ms. Elizabeth Plotkin Keil ’01
Mr. Donald G. Kein ’59 P’94
Mr. Edward C. ’94 and Mrs. Amber Gerry ’96 Kein
Ms. Christa H. Keister
Mr. Allan B. Keith ’69
Ms. Emily Keith
Mr. Jonathan E. Keith ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Keith P’15
Mr. Wyatt A. Keith ’15
Dr. Lisa Goldberg Keithley ’89
Kekst and Company Incorporated
Mr. Christopher J. Kelbaugh ’15
Mr. Raymond O. Kelchner Jr. ’74
Ms. Joanne Kelhart
Mr. Michael W. and Mrs. Leslie P. Kell P’20
Ms. Caitlyn M. Kelleher ’03
Ms. Ellis E. Kelleher ’08
Grace Kelleher
Mr. Kevin P. and Mrs. Susan E. Kelleher P’13
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kelleher, Jr. ’73
Dr. John J. Kelleman Jr. ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Keller ’80
Mr. Brian Andrew Keller ’16*
Mr. Charles E. Keller ’75
Mr. Charles E. Keller IV ’82
Mr. David L. Keller and Mrs. Ilse M. Lopez-Trigo P’16
Mr. James Keller ’94
Mr. John H. Keller ’56*
Mr. John F. Keller ’91
Ms. Kassidy L. Keller ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Keller P’16
Mr. Nicholas W. Keller ’09
Patricia Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keller
Mr. Walter J. Keller, Jr. and Dr. Claudia E. Merkel-Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Keller
Ms. Emily M. Keller-Coffey ’19
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Nancy M. Keller-Coffey P’19
Ms. Alexandra Asia Kelley ’19
Mr. Bruce L. Kelley ’71
Ms. Colleen E. Kelley ’11
Dr. David E. and Mrs. Carol A. Kelley P’14
Ms. Eleanor M. Dunham Kelley ’94
Mr. Graham T. Kelley ’15
Mr. James M. and Mrs. Sally E. Kelley P’11
Mr. James T. and Mrs. Margaret G. Kelley P’15
Mr. John J. and Mrs. Jennifer L. Kelley P’19
Miss Kathryn M. Kelley ’06
Mr. Nathaniel M. Kelley ’12
Mr. Patrick D. Kelley ’09
Mr. Patrick M. Kelley ’09
Mr. Robert J. Kelley ’78
Mr. Robert B. and Mrs. Deborah Ann Warhola Kelley P’12
Dr. Stephen J. Kelley ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kellman
Ms. Dana Michele Kellogg
Ms. Molly E. Kellogg ’14
Ms. Noel J. Kellogg ’11
Mr. Peter ’85 and Ms. Mary Blest ’85 Kellogg
Mr. William E. Kellow ’66
Dr. David E. Kellstein ’79
Ms. Anya A. Kelly ’16
Mr. Brian A. and Mrs. Patricia E. Kelly P’14
Mr. Charles Everett Kelly ’19
Mr. Christopher S. Kelly ’13
Mr. David A. Kelly ’62
Dr. David J. Kelly ’94
Mr. Drew C. Kelly ’10
Mr. Eugene R. Kelly
Ms. Frances Hayes Kelly ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Kelly
Mr. James P. Kelly ’89
Ms. Jenna N. Kelly ’07
Ms. Joann M. Kelly
Mr. John B. Kelly ’87
Mr. John F. and Mrs. Kathleen T. Kelly P’12
Mr. John W. Kelly and Mrs. Doris Diaz-Kelly P’16
Ms. Karen Ziegler Kelly ’84
Ms. Karen E. Kelly
Ms. Karey Nixon Kelly ’97
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Karyn Kelly
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Katherine Kelly
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Bridget Kelly P’19
Ms. Kristin M. Kelly ’03
Ms. Lauren K. Kelly ’12
Mr. Robert Mrs. Margaret Curtin Kelly
Dr. Mark F. and Mrs. Joyce A. Kelly P’15
Mrs. Mary Ann Kelly
Mr. Matthew J. Kelly ’09
Ms. Maura C. Kelly ’08
Dr. Michael A. and Mrs. Carolyn A. Kelly P’15
Mr. Michael A. Kelly ’15
Mr. Patrick L. Kelly ’88
Ms. Rachel C. Kelly ’15
Mr.* and Mrs. Richard V. Kelly ’59
Mr. Richard A. Kelly ’79
Mr. Robert T. and Mrs. Nancy V. Kelly P’13
Mr. Robert Kelly
Ms. Sarah A. Kelly ’14
Scott Hamilton Kelly ’20
Mr. Sean M. ’87 and Mrs. Susan Seedor ’85 Kelly
Mrs. Suzanne Sarbello Kelly ’93
Mr. Timothy R. and Mrs. Jean S. Kelly P’22
Ms. Tracey A. Kelly ’11
Mr. Eugene B. Kelsey ’79
Mr.* and Mrs. John L. Kelsey GP’16
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Kelsey ’64 P’90
Mrs. Erin Reynolds Kelsh ’03
Mr. Ryan P. Kemble ’86
Mr. Brad A. Kemmerer ’76
Mr. Matthew P. Kemmerer ’06
Mr. Ralph and Ms. Donna Kemp P’18
Mr. Christian T. Kemper ’81
Mr. Robert M. and Mrs. Nancy Kempner P’11
Mr. Tyler M. Kempner ’11 and Ms. Christine A. Hilcken ’11
Mr. William W. Kemps Jr.
Mr. S. Luke and Mrs. Susan R. Kempski P’16
Mr. Robert S. Kempton ’63
Mr. Evan N. Kenagy ’16
Mrs. Elizabeth Price Kenan
Mr. Thomas S. Kenan
Ms. Hagar M. Kenawy ’17
Mr. Edward Kendall
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Kendall
Ms. Jayne B. Kendall
Mr. Daniel A. and Mrs. Diane L. Kendra P’14
Mr. David G. Kenepp ’72
Mr. Wah Loon Keng ’16
Ms. Karlee A. Kenison
Mr. Leon S. Kenison
Ms. Sara Taylor Kenna ’04
Mr. Robert and Ms. Alison Kennedy
Mr. Andrew W. Kennedy ’97
Mr. Andrew W. Kennedy ’89 and Dr. Jacqueline M. Olich ’92
Ms. Anna C. Kennedy ’18
Mr. Austin A. Kennedy ’10
Mr. Michael and Mrs. C. Annetta Kennedy
Ms. Caitlin D. Kennedy ’11
Mr. Charles R. Kennedy ’15
Mr. Connor J. Kennedy ’15
Mr. David A. Kennedy ’78
Mr. David B. ’83 and Mrs. Pam R. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald O. Kennedy ’50 P’78
Mr. Gary M. Kennedy ’14
Mr. Gregg L. and Mrs. Susan R. Kennedy P’11
Mr. Harold E. Kennedy ’70
Mr. Herbert Kennedy III ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh R. Kennedy, Jr. P’18
Mr. James M. Kennedy ’11
Mr. Joseph R. Kennedy
Dr. Karen E. M. Kennedy ’08
Ms. Kathleen Garvey Kennedy ’77
Mr. John and Mrs. Kathleen Kennedy
Mr. Kevin S. Kennedy ’96
Mr. Lawrence H. and Mrs. Melissa L. Kennedy P’19
Mr. Francis and Mrs. Marie T. Kennedy
Mr. Mark E. and Mrs. Wendy B. Kennedy P’12
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Maryanne B. Kennedy
Mr. Nick D. and Mrs. Julie B. Kennedy P’20
Mr. Patrick G. Kennedy ’02
Mr. Roderick E. and Mrs. Graceann Kennedy P’15
Ms. Rose T. Kennedy ’10
Ms. Rosewyn Kennedy
Ross Patrick Kennedy ’22
Mr. Thomas V. Kennedy ’04
Mr. W. Craig Kennedy ’41*
Mr. W. Duncan Kennedy
Mr. William J. Kennedy ’59
Ms. Delores Kennerly
Kenneth I Gross & Associates
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Dana R. Kenney
Mr. James J. Kenney ’18
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Kenney P’18
Philip Peter Kenney
Mr. Louis William Kenngott Jr. 1923*
Mr. Brendan J. ’99 and Ms. Michelle LaBuz ’99 Kenning
Mr. David J. Kenny ’76
Mr. Kerry B. Kenny ’07
Mr. Michael Kenny
Mr. Christopher Jacobson and Mrs. Davina L. Kent
Ms. Elizabeth Kent
Mr. Michael C. Kent ’07
Mr. John R. Kenyon
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Rebecca Kenyon
Ms. Dorothy M. Keogh
Mr. Ezra Z. Keough ’17
Dr. William L. Keough ’90
Mr. Michael J. Kephart ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Keppley
Dr. Bahram Keramati ’70
Mr. James E. Kerge ’63
Ms. Kathryn E. Kerge ’94
James Tanner Kern
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Kern P’19
The Robert D and Patricia E Kern Family Foundation Inc
Ms. Emily S. Kernan
Ms. Lorie Kerneckel
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Ann Kerneckel
Prof. Edward J., Jr. and Mrs. Debra Frutiger Kerns
Ms. Donna P. Kerr
Mr. G. Allen Kerr ’49*
Ms. Kendall A. Kerr ’17
Ms. Laura H. Kerr ’06
Ms. Melissa C. Kerr
Ms. Pamela Kerr
Mr. Douglas C. Kerridge ’89
Ms. Jeanne Wertz Kerridge
Mr. David T. Kerrigan ’95
Mr. Christopher J. Kersten
Ms. Erin A. Kersten ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Kersten
Ms. Patricia P. Kersten
Mr. Richard J. Kersten
Mr. William T. and Mrs. Jeanette H. Kersten P’22
Mr. Daniel F. Kervick ’15
Ms. Alyssa Rebecca Kesack ’19
Dr. Craig D. and Dr. Andrea F. Kesack P’19
Ms. Jennifer H. Kesilman ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kesilman P’10
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Kessel P’14
Mr. Gregory A. Kessel ’14
Dr. Erica J. Kesselman ’92
Mr. Alan M. Kessler ’51
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kessler
Ms. Anna L. Kessler ’14
Ms. Jillian G. Kessler ’10
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kessler
Ms. Laura D. Kessler ’09
Ms. Margie Kessler
Mr. Michael K. Kessler ’78
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kessler ’60 P’91
Mr. Thomas E. Kessler ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kesten
Mr. Keith J. ’09 and Mrs. Sarah Smith ’07 Kesten
Mr. Donald J. Kester
Ms. Linda Kester
Mr. Michael S. Keszler ’76
Mr. Steven E. Ketch ’97
Rev. Dr.* and Mrs. Donald H. Ketcham ’64
Mr. Carlton L. Ketchen ’86
Mr. Jeffrey M. ’75 and Mrs. Jean Boddorff ’76 Ketchum
Mr. Eric J. Keto ’03
Mr. Donald J. Keuch Jr. ’54
Ms. Dalita L. Keumurian ’88
Mr. Kenneth D. and Ms. Tanya Kewley
Mr. Eric Key
Ms. Heather E. Keyser ’18
Mr. Robert W. Keyser ’77
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Keyser ’56
Keystone Consulting & Associates LLC
Keystone Nazareth Charitable Foundation
Mr. Adam ’98 and Ms. Marisa D. ’98 Khachaturian
Mr. Mohsen Khademi and Mrs. Marzieh Maghaddam
Shayan Khademi
Mr. Nadim H. and Mrs. Heidemarie B. Khalek P’22
Simone Khalifa ’20
Mr. Sherief Khalil
Mr. Hasan K. Khan ’08
Dr. Hassaan F. Khan ’13
Ms. Ilvira Mardanova Khan ’09
Mr. Shahreyar H. Khan `96
Mr. Usman S. Khan ’05
Mr. Aaditya Khanal ’12
Ms. Lia T. Khatchadourian ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel S. Khatchadourian P’14
Mr. Aly Kheraj ’03
Mr. Vichhay Khiev ’12
Mr. Yoek-Nam Khor ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Khoury
Mr. Dieu Khuong-Huu
Ms. Kwanho Claudia Ki ’19
Mr. Chris R. and Mrs. Debra L. Kiah P’22
Evan Christopher Kiah ’22
Mr. Jason B. Kidd ’96
Ms. Mary M. Kidd
Ms. Patrice A. Kidd
Ms. Margaret Kiddek
Ms. Catherine A. Kidder ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Kidder P’18
Mr. Justin T. Kidwell ’00 and Ms. Sarah A. Lowery ’02
Mr. David W. Kiefer ’95
Dr. Tanya Brubaker Kiefer ’94
Mr. Kevin A. Kieff
Mr. W. Eric Kiehnle ’84
Evan Peter Kieltyka ’21
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Marion Kieltyka P’21
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Rose Kieltyka
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Kienz ’75
Mr. Rand E. Kienzle
Col. and Mrs. Robert Kienzle
Mr. John G. Kiernan ’84
Mr. Francis and Mrs. Linda M. Kiers
Ms. Jennifer Kiesendahl
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Roseann Kieser
Mr. Gordon S. ’84 and Ms. Lael Conlon ’86 Kiesling P’19
Mr. Daniel R. ’02 and Ms. Kelly Kiessling
Mr. William D. Kievit ’79
Ms. Mary H. Kiewicz P’11
Mr. William P. Kiewicz-Schlansker ’11
Mr. Edward C. and Mrs. Rosemary T. Kihm P’11
Ms. Jennifer N. Kihm ’11
Dr. Jacqueline Y. Kikuchi ’11
Ms. Erin M. Kilcullen
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Virginia M. Kilduff
Mr. Jerome E. Kiley ’93
Mr. Joseph F. Kiley Jr. ’55*
Mr. Jason M. Kilgore
Dr. Irwin D. Elstein and Dr. Daphna Kilion ’83 P’12
Dr. John, Jr. and Ms. Camille Frondorf ’89 Kille
Ms. Amy Lennon Killeen ’92
Ms. Patricia Killeen
Ms. Melanie A. Killen
Ms. Andrea Nicole Killian ’19
Mr. James G. Killian III ’84
Mr. Kennth C. and Mrs. Jennifer K. Killian P’19
Mr. William G. Killinger ’50*
Ms. Christine Killough
Ms Ashley D. Killpack
Mr. John MacDonald and Mrs. Myrna E. Kilmain-MacDonald
Dr. Brian D. Kilmartin Jr. ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kilmartin Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Kilmurray ’75
Mr. Christopher Y. Kim ’18
Ms. Emily Y. Kim ’18
Dr. Eugene D. Kim and Dr. Gisele M. Lafond P’18
Mr. Hongsuk Kim ’13
Mr. Mark S. Kim ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Ok Bae Kim
Dr. Sang Bae Kim P’15
Mr. Se Hyung Kim ’13
Mr. Simon Kim
Mr. Stuart K. Kim ’88
Ms. Susanna Kim ’15
Mr. Michael B. ’02 and Mrs. Sarah Stanlick ’04 Kimball
Dr. Chawne M. Kimber
Ms. Kathryn R. Kimber P’20
Mr. Michael A. ’93 and Ms. Lisa Moskow ’96 Kimelman
Mr. Jordan L. and Mrs. Barbara Brooks ’78 Kimmel
Mr. Todd and Ms. Brenda Kimmel
Mr. Daniel J. Kimmel ’16
Dr. Eric A. Kimmel ’67
Mr. G. Lucas ’03 and Mrs. Jodi Spector ’03 Kimmel
Mr. Ronald and Ms. Kathryn I. Kimmel
Ms. Tiffany A. Kimmel ’13
Ms. Vicki M. Kimmel P’13
Ms. Emily S. Kimmelman ’12
Mr. Simon and Mrs. Lisa L. Kimmelman P’12
Ms. Ashley Lee Kinard ’19
Mr. Gregory H. Kinard ’82
The Reverend* and Mrs. John D. Kinard ’52 P’82’91
Ms. Kerri Goddard Kinch ’92
Mr. Albert J. Kind ’82
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Emma Kinev
Mr. Andrew T. King ’11
Ms. Betsy A. King ’78
Mrs. Christina R. King ’03
Mr. Christopher ’78 and Ms. Nancy Dilg ’78 King
Mr. and Mrs. Craig F. King P’17
Mr. Daniel J. King ’94 and Ms. Lindsay C. Minkus
Mr. David L. and Mrs. Susan L. King P’22
Mr. Dion R. King II ’15
Hon. Donald E. King ’56*
Emily O. King ’20
Mr. Frank J. King and Ms. Kathryn V. Morrill
Mr. Hugh L. King ’06
Mr. Ian D. King ’97
Mr. James E. King ’09
Ms. Judy J. King
Mr. Donald and Ms. June M. King
Ms. Kaelin A. King ’17
Ms. Kathryn L King ’16
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Kim King
Mr. Loren E., Jr. and Mrs. Lynn D. ’75 King
Ms. Mary Ann King
Mr. Michael D. King ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. King
Mr. Peter G. and Mrs. Carol A. King P’16
Mr. Reuben B. and Mrs. Sandra L. King P’12
Mr. Richard King
Mr. Robert P. King ’17
Mr. Robert King
Mr. Ryan J. King ’12
Ms. Victoria J. King ’09
William Loren King ’20
The Honorable and Mrs. John F. Kingfield ’59 P’91
Ms. Katy A. Kingsbury ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kingsbury III
Ms. Gail Kingsley
Mr. William J. Kingston III ’10 and Ms. Christy M. Fic ’10
Ms. Tiye A. Kinlow ’10
Ms. Heather Kinner
Ms. Annelise Kinney ’19
Mr. Greg S. and Mrs. Joan Kinney P’20
Mr. Joseph A., III and Mrs. Susan P. Kinney P’19
Ms. Kidane A. Kinney ’15
Mr. John and Mrs. Marla M. Kinney
Mr. Paul J. Kinney and Ms. Andrea C. Temple P’15
Regan Terese Kinney ’20
Mrs. Adria L. Kinnier ’97
Mr. James J. and Mrs. Tina E. Kinsella P’17
Ms. Kaitlin M. Kinsella ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kintzer ’69 P’03
Mr. Geoffrey M. Kintzer ’03
Mr. John A. Kintzer `99
Ms. Megan L. Kintzer ’01
Ms. Michelle A. Kinzie ’08
Mr. Jonathan I. Kipnes ’06
Mr. Allan P. Kirby Jr. ’53 P’76 GP’19
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Barbara Kirby
Hon. Edmond M. Kirby ’58
Ms. Elizabeth M. Kirby ’13
Mr.* and Mrs.* F. M. Kirby ’42 Hon.D.’84 P’80’81’84 PIL’87 GP’13’19
Mr. Fred M. Kirby III ’80
Ms. Geneva Cusack Kirby
Ms. Jane Julia Kirby ’19
Mr. Jefferson W. ’84 and Mrs. Karen McCabe ’87 Kirby P’19’22
Mr. and Mrs. S. Dillard Kirby ’81 P’13
Samuel Spotswood Kirby ’22
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kirby ’59
Mr. Roy H. Kirch III ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Lorence T. Kircher
Mr. Thomas E. Kircher ’84
Mr.* W. Thomas, Jr. ’93 and Mrs. Staci D. Kirchhoff
Mr. Matthew Kirchner
Mr. Robert A. Kiriloff ’69
Mr. Dean W. Kiriluk ’96
Ms. Marina Kiriyeva ’99
Mr. William and Mrs. Grace D. Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson S. Kirkendall
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Carol W. Kirkman
Mr. Colton T. Kirkpatrick ’15
Mr. Richard Kirkpatrick
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Vangi Kay Kirkpatrick
Ryan Lenihan Kirkwood ’22
Mr. Emmanuel S. Kirunda ’04
Ms. Francesca M. Kirwan ’09
Mr. Christopher A. Kisch ’11
Mr. Steven G. and Dr. Agnes M. Kisch P’11
Mr. Michael D. and Mrs. Helene Kiser
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Kiser ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kiser
Ms. Mara C. Kish ’13
Ms. Mara C. Kish
Ms. Patricia E. Kish
Mr. William D. Kish
Mrs. Alisson Browne Kiss ’06
Mr. Kirk Kissack ’71
Mr. Bradley W. Kissell ’16
Mr. Colin Kissell
Krista Marie Kissell ’21
Mr. Aristos Y. ’94 and Dr. Ludmila Janecka ’95 Kissi
Mr. and Mrs. Herman C. Kissiah
Dr. James G., III ’64 and The Rev. Dr. Patricia M.B. Kitchen
Mr. Thomas W. Kite ’07
The Hon. Donald Kitson ’58
Mr. Robert D. Kivort ’89
Kiwanis Foundation of Easton Inc.
Ms. Lynne M. Kizis ’84
Ms. Lisa A. Kiziuk ’89
Mrs. Lucy Kiziuk
Mr. Heyn V. K. F. Kjerulf ’67
Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee Klaer ’55
Mrs. Cara M. Klansek ’07
Ms. Camila H. Klatsky ’16
Mr. Victor F. Klatt IV ’16
Mr. Victor F., III and Mrs. Renee M. Klatt P’16
Mr. Richard P. Klau ’93
Mr. David T. Klaus ’99
Mr. and Mrs. George Klaus Jr.
Mr. Barry Kleban
Mrs. Madeline S. Klebanov ’08
Ms. Collyer E. Klee ’02
Mr. John J. and Ms. Jacquelyn Bishop Klee
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Lisa A. Klee
Mrs. Kathleen Duffy Kleeblatt ’02
Edward William Kleeman III
Mr. Edward W. Kleeman, Jr. and Ms. Nancy S. Kury P’17
Mr. Howard M. Kleet ’61
Mr. David M. Klega ’67
Mr. John A. Kleiber
Ms. Laura E. Kleiber ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kleiber P’14
Mrs. Virginia A. Kleiber
Mr. David C. Klein and Ms. Susan J. Oldenburg P’11
Mr. Edward M. and Mrs. Joni Klein P’14
Dr. and Mrs. Eric S. Klein
Ms. Hannah J. Klein ’11
Ms. Jennifer L. Klein ’98
Mr. Jeremy J. Klein ’14
Ms. Michele Hamlen Klein ’93
Mr. Philip J. Klein
Mr. Terel L. Klein ’05
Mr. Thomas H. Klein ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Kleinbach
Mr. Kristian S. Kleinbach ’05 and Mrs. Kristen L. Balsamo-Kleinbach ’05
Mr. Bruce E. Kleinert ’71
Mr. John H. Kleinert ’18
Mr. Robert P. ’82 and Ms. Barbara W. ’84 Kleinert
Mr. Thomas J. Kleinert ’86
Mr. Richard P. Kleinknecht ’60
Mr. Barry F. Kleinle ’61
Ms. Elisabeth Mann Kleinmann ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Kleinsorgen ’90
Dr. Frank K. and Dr. Angela S. Klemens P’12
Mr. Michael P. Klemens ’12
Mr. Kenneth R. Klemmer ’45
Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Melissa Hall Klepacki
Mr. Matthew P. Klepinger ’18
Ms. Christine Puz Klerer ’84
Ms. Francesca P. Klerer ’18
Ms. Barbara A. Klessig
Ms. Kara T. Kletkewicz ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Klied
Mr. Kenneth E. Kligge ’00
Mr. Bryan H. Kligman ’08
Mr. Brian Gerald Klimek ’99
Mr. James M. and Mrs. Patricia M. Klimek P’15
Mr. Brian James Kline
Mr. Charles L. Kline ’59
Mr. Christopher B. and Mrs. Lauren Kline P’19
Ms. Dawn Kline
Ms. Emma M. Kline ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kline
Mr. John P. Kline ’73
Mr. Jonathan F. ’02 and Mrs. Sarah L. ’03 Kline
Mr. Karl H. and Ms. Marcia Kline
Mr. Karl H. Kline ’70
Dr. Michael B. Kline ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Kline ’61
Mr. Richard Kline ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Kline
Ms. Sandra M. Kline
Mr. Thomas E. Kline ’60*
Mr. Ralph S. Klinepeter Jr. ’76
Mr. Adam H. Kline-Schoder ’15
Mr. Matthew M. Klinewski ’18
Mr. Michael C. and Mrs. Joyce M. Klinewski P’18
Mr. Bernard G. Kling ’91
Mr. John A. Kling ’17
Mr. Neill C. ’85 and Mrs. Leigh Kling
Mrs. Stacey Rassas Klinge ’93
Mr. Karl E. Klinger ’85
Mrs. Mary R. Klinger W’51
Mr. Richard E. Klinger ’51*
Mr. Mitchell Klingher ’79
Mr. David C. Klink ’70
Mr. Larry C. Klink and Ms. April Filer
Mr. Jason Klitenic
Mr. John J. Klitsch III ’02
Ms. Deborah A. Kloeblen ’07
Mr. Andrew J. Kloehn ’18
Mr. John A. ’82 and Ms. Jane Altman ’81 Klopp
Mr. Leidy E. Klotz ’00 and Ms. Monica A. Patterson ’03
Ms. Olya Khomenko Klueppel ’97
Mr. Eric D. ’85 and Mrs. Tracy Wright ’88 Klugerman
Dr. David M. Klugman ’80
Ms. Judith E. Klugman ’88
Mr. Rudolph K. Kluiber
Mr. Kurt Klunder Jr. ’57
Mr. Alex Peter Kmetz ’19
Mr. Peter J. and Mrs. Wendy D. Kmetz P’19
KMP Realty Holdings II LCC
Mr. Arthur G., Jr. ’76 and Mrs. Rosemary Carp ’78 Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Knapp ’57
Ms. Katharine Schmidt Knappenberger ’97
Ms. Sarah J. Knaus ’08
Mr. John P. Knauss ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Knecht ’84
Mr. Lewis B. Knecht ’80
Mr. Bradley M. Knepper ’08
Dr. Arthur D. and Ms. Linda Kney
Mrs. Mia Sabatine Knicely ’02
Mr. Robert Greenwell, III and Mrs. Amanda Alpert ’99 Knight
Mr. Charles Herbert Knight ’66
Mr. Eric P. Knight ’96
Mr. Jason ’93 and Ms. Jennifer Box ’95 Knight
Mr. Kevin A. Knight ’94
Ms. Kristin Dahl Knight ’85
Mr. R. Eric Knight ’89
Mr. Roger A. and Mrs. Evelyn H. Knight P’17
Mrs. S. Beth Knight ’81
Mr. Stephen A. Knight ’17
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Tanya S. Knight
Ms. Heather J. Knipper ’11
Ms. Alexandra K. Knobel ’14
Mr. J. Wallace Knobel ’59
Mr. John R. Knobel and Ms. M. Colette Cooke P’14
Ms. Ann Kochan Knocke ’88
Ms. Patricia P. Knoll
Ms. Debra Knop
Mr. Jacob B. Knopping ’16
Mr. Jeffrey J. Knopping and Ms. Joanne Jensen P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Knoster
Mrs. Adrianne Pasquarelli Knott ’03
Ms. Annie Knowles
Ms. Curlis C. Knowles P’12
Mr. Donald P. Knowles Jr. ’54
Mr. Frederick C. Knowles and Ms. Dorothea Vilardo P’21
Julia Vilardo Knowles ’21
Mr. William Frank Knowles ’74
Mr. Carl C. Knowles-Buchanan ’12
Mr. Gavin D. Knox II ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Knox ’51
Mr.* and Mrs. Lauritz K. Knudsen ’60 P’86
Mr. Peter K. Knudsen ’62
Mr. Robert C. Knyrim Jr. ’73
Dr. Christine Yang Ko ’93
Ms. Eunae Ko ’13
Mrs. Margaret Condon Koar ’09
Mr. Philip Kobcsenski
Ms. Ashley C. Koble ’11
Ms. Roxanna E. Kobziar ’08
Mr. Andrei S. Koch ’13
Mr. Andrew R. Koch ’12
Mr. Chris J. ’08 and Mr. Norma J. Koch
Mr. David H. Koch ’60*
Mr. Donald L. Koch ’70
Mr. Donald R. ’92 and Mrs. Donna Koch
Mr. Harry S. Koch III ’56*
Mrs. Jane Newman Koch
Mr. John P. Koch ’97
Ms. Kaitlyn M. Koch ’15
Ms. Karen D. Koch ’82
Mr. Michael B. Koch ’05
Ms. Molly Brown Koch
Ms. Theresa B. Koch
Ms. Lori Kochanski
Mr. Philip J. Kochman ’79
Mr. Thomas E. Kocis ’88
Ms. Vicki M. Kocis
Mr. Walter J. Kocubinski ’73
Mr. Roy M. Kodani ’61
Mr. Daniel S. Kodroff ’17
Mr. Jeffrey L. and Mrs. Cathy A. Kodroff P’17
Mr. Joseph F. Koegler ’54
Mr. Andrew T. Koehler ’16
Ms. Jessica Koehler
Mrs. Kathleen Ragold Koehler ’84
Mr. Raymond F. Koehn ’52*
Mrs. Dana P. Koelbel ’01
Mr. Erin E. Koen ’05
Ms. Emily G. Koenig ’18
Mr. Robert J. Koenig
Mr. Patrick Koeppen ’01
Mr. David Koerber ’15
Ms. Susan A. Joyce Koester ’90
Mr. Paul O. ’58 and Dr. Helen Koether
Ms. Karen Koffler
Mr. James L. Kohl ’97
Mr. Henry Kohlenberger Jr. ’51
Ms. Brooke A. Kohler ’13
Ms. Helen G. Kohler
Mr. Gerald and Ms. Irene Kohler
Mr. Jay A. Kohler ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff A. Kohler P’13
Mr. Richard J. Kohler ’59
Mr. Richard J. Kohler Jr. ’84
Mr. David G. Kohls ’79
Mr. Peter F. Kohlsaat Jr. ’87
Lt. Col. Frank J. Kohout ’81
Mr. Dwayne D. Kohr and Ms. Kathy L. Leo P’13
Ms. Eve S. Kohut ’89
Ms. Claire A. Kojaian ’17
Dr. and Mrs. Chris Kojanis
Mr. Lee C. Kojanis DDS ’09
Ms. Maryann M. Kokus ’12
Mr. Laurence M. Kolanko ’82
Mr. Phillip J. Kolarczyk Jr. ’03
Dr. and Mrs. Gary F. Kolarik ’69
Mr. Christopher Kolasa
Mr. Matthew Kolasa
Ms. Ann Heller Kolb
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kolb P’02
Ms. Lisa Biedrzycki Kolb W’02
Mr. Norman F. Kolb
Mr. W. Roy Kolb ’61
Dr. and Mrs. Dean P. Kolba
Mr. John A. Kolba ’06
Dr. Mark P. Kolba ’03
Mr. Ryan Kirkendall and Mrs. Kirsten A. Kolb-Kirkendall
Mr. Jack B. Kolbrener ’56
Mr. Robert A. ’93 and Ms. Lisa Chaffee ’95 Kole
Mr. Kenneth A. ’01 and Mrs. Alyssa Markert ’00 Kolesar
Ms. Diana N. Kolfenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Gus P. Kolias
Mr. George K., II ’91 and Mrs. Karen P. Kollitides
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Kolody
Mr. John and Mrs. Lisa D. Kolonich
Mr. Marek M. Koltun ’10 and Mrs. Flavia C. Benedek-Koltun ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kolyer
Dr. Michael J. and Mrs. Jill M. Komar P’13
Mr. Paul Komar ’60
Mr. Scott F. Kominkiewicz Jr. ’12
Mr. Samuel L. Komrower ’17
Mr. Stuart ’81 and Mrs. Hillary Komrower
Mr. James S. and Mrs. Becky L. Komsa P’18
Ms. Kelly T. Komsa ’18
Mr. Thomas C. Kondash ’11
Mr. Christopher J. Konen Jr. ’11
Mr. Christopher J. and Mrs. Robin B. Konen P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Konen
Mr. Adam W. Kong ’18
Mr. Tianmin Kong ’18
Mr. Tomoo Konishi
Mr. Alex D. Konop ’99
Mr. Jeffrey A. Konrad ’88
Mr. Mikhail Bergelson and Ms. Olga Konstantinovskaya
Mr. James T. Kontje ’58
Mr. Stephen H. Konya ’96
Mr. J. Scott Konzelmann ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Koo ’55
Mr. Keith R. Kooker ’90
Mr. Frank R. Koons Jr. ’57 and Mrs. Ellen Maffey-Koons
Mr. William Koontz
Dr. Nicholas G. Koopman ’60
Ms. Stacey Trezza Koopman ’94
Mr. Matthew P. Koos ’13
Mr. Peter P. Koos and Mrs. Lauren M. Furst P’13
Dr. Michele Hammond Kopach ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Kopach Jr.
Mr. Jonathan M. Kopcsik ’92 and Ms. Paige W. Macfarlan ’90
Dr. Karolyn C. Kopcza ’07
Mr. Martin E. Kopec ’13
Mr. Andrew W. Kopelman ’06
Dr. Pamela A. Kopen ’74
Mr. Aleksander M. Kopera ’13
Mr. Stephen and Ms. Christine C. Kopera
Ms. Denel E. Kopf ’04
Mr. Rodger C. Kopf ’65
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Linda Kopff
Mr. Thomas Kopff
Mr. Kevin S. Koplin ’91
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Koplin ’64 P’91
Mrs. Ashley E. Kopp ’08
Ms. Jamie P. Kopsachilis ’86
Mr. Frank J. Kopyt ’90
Mr. Robert J. Korbobo ’51
Dr. C. William Korbonits Jr. ’69
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Mary C. Kordas
Jeffrey Carl Kordenbrock Jr. ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Kordenbrock P’21
Ms. Jacqueline O. Korey ’15
Mr. William S. ’87 and Mrs. Deanna B. ’87 Korhammer
Mr. Douglas C. Korn ’96
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Sari Gottlieb Kornfield P’14
Mr. Lewis J. Korngut ’82
Dr. John A. Koropchak ’76
Mr. Brian E. Kortz ’99
Ms. D. Joan Korus
Mr. Jacob Harrison Korus ’19
Mr. Ronald W. ’80 and Ms. Ann Hughes ’80 Korzun
Ms. Barbara Kosa
Ms. Noelle N. Kosarek ’16
Ms. Lily Fardshisheh Kosegarten ’03
Dr. and Mrs. Mark I. Koshar ’70
Mr. Gregory S. Koskinas ’00
Mr. Gary E. and Mrs. Ruta Aponavicius ’78 Koslov
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. Kosmahl
Ms. Justine C. Kosmoski ’02
Ms. Susan Hordyke Kosonocky ’87
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Kososky
Mr. Kristi Kostallari ’11
Ms. Rachna Kota ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kotarra Jr.
Mr. Kyle B. ’09 and Mrs. Kristie Cavanagh ’11 Kotch
Mr. David C. Kotler ’94
Ms. Andrea J. Kotrosits ’03
Mr. Jason Kotsko
Mr. Andrew F. Kotsopey ’10
Dr. and Mrs. Omelan Kotsopey
Ms. Wendy A. Kouba
Ms. Yvonne Koulouthros ’93
Dr. Michael A. Koumaras ’03
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Erika L. Koundry
Dr. Danielle R. Koupf ’08
Mr. Leonard Koury ’80
Mr. Scott S. Kovacs ’17
Mr. Joshua Koval ’19
Mr. Peter N. Koval ’16*
Mr. Andrew J. Kovalchick ’87
Dr. William Kovalczyk ’78
Ms. Karen A. Kovalski ’89
Ms. Mildred E. Kovar
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Paula J. Kovar
Mr. Thomas M. Kovar ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kovner
Mr. Jeffrey T. Kovner ’66
Mr. Michael A. Kovner ’62
Mr. Philip and Ms. Patricia L. Kowalczyk
Dr. and Mrs. Alex T. Kowalenko
Dr. Jeffrey M. Warshauer and Dr. Karen F. Kowalenko ’85 P’15
Mr. Michael A. Kowaleski ’14
Mr. Bill Kowalski and Mrs. Agnes M. Cahill P’14
Ms. Hannah M. Kowalski ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Kowgios P’85
Dr. Nicholas Kowgios ’85
Ms. Taylor L Kowgios ’19
Mr. James Kozaruk and Mr. James Vasiloff
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Kozibroda
Mr. Michael Koziol
Mr. Kevin N. and Mrs. Sarah H. ’91 Kozlowski
Dr. Thomas L. Kozo ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Kozol
KPMG Foundation
Dr. Richard Krablin ’66
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lisa Krackow P’20
Mrs. Marie-Christine Kraffe de Laubarede
Mr. Brett J. Kraft ’08
Ms. Madeline E. Kraft ’18
Mr. Paul V. ’89 and Mrs. Sally Wengert ’89 Kraft
Mr. John G. Krah ’75
Dr. Robert Kraham ’58
Dr. Jonathan and Mrs. Patrice Kraidin P’21
Mr. Gordon D. Krajeski ’74
Mr. Gary M. Kralik ’67*
Mr. Jay H. Krall ’74
Dr. Jerrold A. Kram ’66
Dr. Clifford R. Kramer and Ms. Michele A. Chesson P’14
Mr. Daniel R. Kramer ’11
Dr. and Mrs. Eric D. Kramer ’88
Mr. Garret M. and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Kramer P’16
Rabbi Ilyse S. Kramer ’84
Mr. Jackson P. Kramer ’16
Ms. Margaret K. Kramer ’14
Mr. Matthew R. Kramer ’14
Dr. Robert A. Kramer ’59*
Mr. Robert S. and Mrs. Kathryn J. Kramer P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Kramer ’70
Kranos Corporation
Ms. Wendy Kranson
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kranton
Mr. Steven Valji and Mrs. Wendy Krantz
Mr. William Henry Krantz ’42*
Dr. Joseph D. and Mrs. Sandra L. Krantzler P’20
Mr. and Mrs. Christ G. Kraras
Mr. Dean and Mrs. Jennifer L. Kraras
John Kenneth Krase ’21
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Krase P’21
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Krase
Mr. Victor M. Krasij ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Krasner
Mr. Robert P., Jr. ’87 and Ms. Diana Mas ’86 Krass
Ms. Marilyn J. Krassin
Mr. Noah R. Krassin ’17
Mr. Ronald M. Krassin P’17
Ms. Koren Miller Kratchman ’94
Mr. Adam S. Kratochwill ’61*
Mr. and Mrs. Alan A. Kratzer
Ms. Bethann Kratzer
Mr. Jonathan T. Kratzer ’09 and Ms. Elizabeth A. Wehler ’09
Mr. Lee and Ms. Janet I. Kraus
Ms. Melinda Kwasnik Kraus ’78
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Diane Kraus P’15
Mr. Ryan M. Kraus ’15
Mr. Russell and Ms. Marcia Thomas Krause
Dr. Jack J. Kraushaar ’45
Mr. and Ms. Karin Krauszer
Ms. Eileen Crocker Kraut ’87
Ms. Meredith M. Krauter ’08
Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Barbara A. Kravis
Dr. Neil A. Kravitz ’76
Ms. Susan S. Krawczyk
Mr. Erik J. Krawiec ’08
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Marsha E. Krawitz
Ms. Laureen M. Krawse ’02
Mr. Richard L. Kraybill ’67
Ms. Jennifer W. Kreatsoulas ’00
Ms. Alicia M. Krebs ’08
Mr. Ryan R. Krechel ’19
Mr. Steven S. and Mrs. Kelli A. Krechel P’19
Mr. Richard K. Kreh ’70
Mr. Jeffrey H. Kreider ’83
Mr. Jared S. Kreiger ’09
Ms. Kathryn Ehling Kreis ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Marcelo Kreisel
Ms. Sara E. Kreisel ’07 and Ms. Alisa Lando ’10
Ms. Gretchen R. Kreitz
The Hon. Ira E. Kreizman ’63
Joel N. Kreizman Esq. ’67
Dr. Kent G. Krejci ’93
Ms. Amy Krempasky
Ms. JoAnn Olson Krenitsky ’91
Dr. S. Alexanndra Kreps P’14
Mr. J. Alex Kresge ’66
Mr. Melvin and Ms. Loraine M. Kresge
Mr. Stewart F. Kresge ’63
Mr. Thomas W. Kresge ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kresko
Dr. Michael S. Kresloff ’91
Mr. Donald G. Kress ’58 and Ms.* Daphne L. Woods
Rev. Raymond P. Kress ’58*
Dr. Bruce R. Kressel ’69
Mr. Durwood R. Kressler ’51*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kretzmer
Brett Joseph Kreyer ’20
Mr. Eric Andrew Krieg ’80
Ms. Stacey E. Krieg ’82
Dr. Susan L. Krieg ’84
Mr. Gregory Z. Krieger ’12
Mr. Gregory X. and Mrs. Marie Krieger P’12
Ms. Janis E. Krieger ’77
Mr. Joshua H. Krieger ’08 and Ms. Katherine M. Sobotka ’08
Mr. Alex Kriegsman ’94
Mrs. Shauna M. Kring ’88
Ms. Julia M. Kripas ’15
Mr. Vijay Krishnan ’07
Mr. David W. Krisovitch ’86
Mr. John R. Krissinger ’82
Mr. Andrew J. Kristof ’14
Mrs. Megan Gagliardi Kristof ’08
Mr. Timothy J. and Mrs. Kimberly S. Kristof P’14
Mr. Andrew J. Kristofick ’17
Mr. John and Mrs. Marie Kristofick
Ms. Laura B. Kristovensky ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Kristovensky
Mr. Paul R. ’05 and Mrs. Jennifer Stewart ’05 Kritzler
Dr. James F. and Mrs. Donna L. Krivoski
Ms. Jill Krivoski
Mr. Paul A. and Mrs. Ingrid A. Krizan P’18
Mr. Andrew A. Kroessler ’76
Dr. Leroy C. Kroll ’69
Mr. Phillip S. Krombolz ’84
Mr. Daniel J. Krommenhoek Jr. ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Sean D. Kron ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kronenberg ’63
Dr. Brian G. Kronenthal ’07
Dr. David Kronenthal and Dr. Patti Garbeil P’07
Ms. Melissa L. Krop ’10
Mr. Richard I. Kropp ’63
Ms. Allison R. Krouner ’10
Mr. and Ms. Martin H. Krouner
Mrs. Melissa Kastner Krublit ’11
Mr. Jeremiah A. and Mrs. Danielle G. Kruczek P’19
Mr. Joshua Michael Kruczek ’19
Mr. Derrick Krueger
Mr. Donald J. Krueger ’04
Mr. Kevin M. Krueger ’01
Ms. Krista Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Krug
Mr. Kenneth F. Kruger III ’06
Mr. Richard W. Krguer ’56*
Ms. Joanne Maier Krumel ’79
Ms. Marjorie F. Krumholz
Mr. Frederick V. Krumm ’74
Ms. Monika O. Krumova ’13
Mr. Stephen Krupkin
Dr. David M. Kruse ’91
Mr. Duncan A. Kruse and Ms. Alison Melick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kruvant ’64
Mrs. Coleen Connelly Kryst ’96
Dr. Robert Krywicki ’80 and Dr. Ruth Duffy
Dr. and Mrs. William Krywicki ’72
Mr. and Mrs. John Krzyston
Mr. Daniel R. Kuberka ’03
Mr. Michael A. Kuberka ’02
Ms. Marit Lee Kucera
Ms. Joan M. Kucewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Kuciemba
Ms. Hannah M Kucine ’16
Mr. John P. Kucinski ’70
Mr. Kenneth F. and Mrs. Kathleen G. Kucowski P’21
Natalie Marie Kucowski ’21
Mr. Daniel A. Kucz ’07
Mr. Craig A. Kudcey ’73
Mr. Scot D. Kudcey ’81
Mr. Armin U. Kuder ’56
Dr. Lia J. Kudless-Campbell ’90
Dr. Steven A. Kuehl ’79
Mr. Christopher S. Kuehn ’09
Mr. Steven G. and Mrs. Mary A. Kuehn
Mr. Hugo Verdegaal and Ms. Nancy J. Kuenstner ’75 P’09
Mr. Robert C. Kuenstner ’50
Mr. James D. Kugel ’13
Mr. Adin T. Kugelmass ’16
Dr. Steven D. Kugelmass P’16
Mr. Adam C. and Mrs. Jane Kugler P’12
Ms. Cody H. Kugler ’12
Mr. David S. Kuhl and Ms. Emily L. Miller P’19
Ms. Lauren C. Kuhl ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Kuhl III
Ms. Cynthia Fox Kuhn ’78
Mr. Richard E. Kuhn ’44*
Mr. William L. Kuhn ’67
Mrs. William M. Kuhn W’38
Ms. Deborah A. Kuhn-Dames ’91
Ms. Natalie L. Kuhnert ’05
Mr. Peter C. ’13 and Mrs. Christine M. ’12 Kuhns
Thomas O., Esq. ’77 and Dr. Amy Beth Zuege Kuhns P’13’18
Mr. Robert J. and Mrs. Susanne Kuipers
Mr. Michael F. Kukawa ’83
Mr. Kenneth M. Kukovich ’68
Mrs. Marjorie Thompson Kulaitis W’41*
Mr. Bruce A. and Mrs. Lisa M. Kulback P’16
Ms. Jenna M. Kulback ’16
Ms. Angelina L. Kulbick ’02
Ms. Brittany L. Kulcsar ’15
Mr. Joshua Gaffney and Ms. Jaime Michelle Kulick
Dr. John M. Kulicki ’65
Mr. Lawrence R. ’81 and Mrs. Leslie W. Kulig
Ms. Rebecca J. Kulik ’05
Ms. Maureen Forrester Kulinski ’83
Mr. Robert J. Kulish ’06
Mr. Robert L. Kuljian ’56
Ms. Violet G. Kull
Ms. Virginia Kull
Greta Kullby ’21
Mr. Kirk and Mrs. Karen Ann Kullby
Mr. Kevin S. ’84 and Mrs. Susie Kullby P’21
Mr. Roy S. Kullby
Ms. Jean Kulp
Mr. Matthew R. ’02 and Mrs. Christina Kulp
Mr. David W. ’88 and Mrs. Karin Pizzo ’88 Kulsar
Ms. Paula J. Kumpf ’84
Mr. Richard M. Kuna ’68
Ms. Kenda C. Kuncaitis ’05
Konrad J. A., Ph.D. ’60* and Mrs. Rosalie A. Kundig
Ms. Stefanie Kunka ’94
Ms. Adrienne C. Kunkel ’16
Mr. Lee B. Kunkle ’85
Mr. Richard Laine Kunkle ’53*
Ms. Ashley M. Kunow ’15
Mr. John A. and Mrs. Emily S. ’95 Kunschner
Ms. Jane T. Kuntz ’15
Ms. Jody Guokas Kuntz ’88
Mr. Michael P. Kunz ’89
Mr. Irvin A. Kunzman Jr. ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kuperavage Jr.
Mr. Robert and Ms. Dorothy L. Kuperavage
Mrs. Florence Kuperavage
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kuperavage
Mr. David and Ms. Jacqueline A. Kuperavage
Mr. Vincent A. Kuperavage Jr. ’11
Mr. Vincent A. and Mrs. Karen A. Kuperavage P’11
Mrs. Beth S. Kupfer
Mr. Stewart N. Kupfer ’02
Ms. Nancy W. Kuphal*
Mr. Frederick S. and Mrs. Patricia J. Kurdziel P’20
Mrs. Genevieve S. Kurdziel
Tracy Malia Kurdziel ’20
Mr. Charles P. Kurowsky ’75
Mr. Martin J. Kurtyka ’69
Ms. Christine Ellef Kurtz ’89
Mr. William M. Kurtz ’58
Mr. Brandon R. Kurtzman ’07
Mr. Jason N. Kuruzovich ’96
Mrs. Alexia Glock Kurz ’88
Mr. Jonathan L. Kurz ’05
Mr. Robert K. ’78 and Mrs. Carol Way ’78 Kurz
Mr. Steven Kurz ’76
Ms. Joanne M. Kurzanski
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert E. Kusch ’48 P’85
Ms. Jessica C. Kuser ’13
Ms. Skye C. Kuseryk ’13
Mr. Benjamin A. Kushner ’12
Dr. Ronald S. ’77 and Dr. Elaine F. Kushner P’12
Mr. Scott H. and Mrs. Susan Kushner P’20
Ms. Stacey B. Kushner ’11
Mr. William J. ’90 and Mrs. Catherine A. Kushner P’21
Ms. Amanda R. Kusnierz ’15
Burke Meglio Kusnierz
Dr. James L. and Mrs. Lou Ann Kusnierz P’21
Mr. Andreas T. Kustas ’11
Mr. John and Mrs. Dorothy E. Kustas P’11
Ms. Lynn Kutch
Ms. Danielle M. Kutcher ’12
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Debra Kutcher P’12
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Jeanney M. Kutner
Carly Susan Kutschke
Ms. Diana L. Kuttner ’17
Mr. Matthew W. Kuttner ’15
Mr. Robert D. Kuttner ’87
Mr. George A. Kuttruff ’73
Mr. Bruce R. Kutz ’60
Mr. David S. Kutz ’83
Ms. Rachel D. Kutz ’14
Mr. Theodore T. and Mrs. Leah Kutz P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Marc R. Kutzin
Mr. Joseph Kutzman Jr
The Hon. Dennis Kux ’52
Ms. Hilda Kwa ’89
Mr. Joshua H. Kwak ’18
Ms. Alexandria G. Kwapinski ’18
Mr. Robert P. Kwapinski
Mr. Joseph H. Kwasizur ’14
Mr. Steven G. ’80 and Ms. Joyce Arnot ’80 Kwasney
Ms. Nadine A. Kwiatkowski ’03
Mr. Carl W. Kyer Jr. and Ms. Deborah Kemp-Kyer
Ms. Jaclyn R. Kyre ’11
Mr. Scott G. Kyreakakis ’87
Ms. Tanya Ruiz La Force ’92
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Petra La Monica
Ms. Cheryl B. La Motta
Mrs. Kimberly S. La Spada ’04
Ms. Caitlyn E. La Tronica ’13
Mr. Peter R. and Mrs. Kathleen F. La Tronica P’13
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. La Vigna ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Laabs
Dr. Kevin Stewart LaBar ’90
Mr. Karl K. LaBarr Jr. ’50*
Mr. Floyd LaBarre Jr. ’40*
Mrs. Joanne L. LaBarre W’58
Ms. Lydia B. Labat
Mr. Philip J. LaBella
Mr. and Mrs. Lester I. LaBov ’69 P’93
Dr. and Mrs. John N. Labows Jr. ’63
Mr. Jose and Mrs. Nelly M. Labrada
Mr. Stephen T. and Mrs. Leslie H. LaBriola
Ms. Therese Labriola
Mr. Andrei Labudev ’18
Mr. Serge Labudev and Mrs. Nataliya Zaika P’18
Mr. Eugene J. LaBuz ’07
Mr. and Mrs. James P. LaBuz
Mr. James LaBuz ’04
Dr. Collin J. LaCasse ’06
Mr. Jerome J. Lacey Jr.
Ms. Gabriela S. Lachapel ’12
Mr. James and Ms. Janet R. Laciano
Mr. Evan W. Lackland ’18
Ms. Alaina D. Lackman ’09
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Lackman
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Helene Lacoff P’11
Mr. Lance J. Lacoff ’02
Mr. Gregory J. LaConte ’03
The Hon. and Mrs. Thomas J. LaConte ’70 P’00’03
Ms. Andrea B. LaConte Magno ’00
Ms. Joann D. Lacroce
Ms. Kimberly LaCroce
Mr. Saverio Lacroce P’86’88
Mrs. Corinne Lacy
Mr. William C. and Mrs. Kristina G. Lacy P’21
Mr. Daniel A. Ladd ’13
Ms. Katrina M. Ladd ’11
Mrs. Margaret Hayes Ladd ’97
Mr. John M. Ladden ’65
Mr. Ronald S. and Mrs. Betsy Ladell P’14
Ms. Samantha C. Ladell ’14
Ms. Michelle E. Ellis ’07
Ms. Caroline G. Ladlow ’16
Mr. Charles E. and Mrs. Carol C. Ladlow P’16
Mr. David C. And Mrs. Jennifer V. ’93 LaFalce
Lafayette Alumni Chapter of South Jersey
Lafayette Alumni of the Lehigh Valley
Lafayette Ambassador Bank
Lafayette College Cappella Group
Lafayette Inn
Ms. Jennifer Baliotti LaForce ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. LaFrance P’21
Ms. Dawn O’Shea LaFrance ’97
Emma Nelson LaFrance ’21
Ms. Gabriella A. Lagana ’17
Ms. Susan Kaiser Lagasse ’89
Mr. Michael LaGattuta ’79
Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Irene Lagler
Mr. Paul A. ’83 and Ms. Kathleen Sands ’85 Lagnese
Mr. John F. and Mrs. Kathleen M. LaGreca P’20
Timothy David LaGreca ’20
Dr. Mayank Lahiri ’05
Ms. Kristen M. Lahoda ’08
Mr. Dennis H. Lahr
Mr. James Mordy and Mrs. Rhonda Lahue-Mordy
Mr. Andrew S. Lai ’11
Mr. Channi Lai P’11
Mr. Dennis J. Laich ’71
Mr. Brandon R. Laing ’13
Mr. Anthony M. Laino Jr. ’89
Mr. Charles W. Laird ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Laird ’49
Dr. Scott P. ’81 and Ms. Anne Woodward ’82 Laird
Mr. Leopold Laitem and Ms. Garbrielle M. Lerminiaux
Dr. Farah L. Laiwalla ’03
Mrs. Marta Murczek Lajmi ’06
Mr. Mo and Mrs. Karen Lajterman
Mrs. Becka Dresner Lake ’98
Mr. Christopher A. Lake ’13
Mr. Pablo J. and Mrs. Eileen T. Lake P’13
Ms. Tammi Elizabeth Lake
Lakeland Cardiology Center, PA
Lakewood Capital LLC
Ms. Jessica P. Lakis ’11
Mr. Richard A. and Mrs. Suzanne Lakis P’11
Ms. Kelly A. Lallis ’15
Mr. Henry Lam ’14
Mr. Justin C. Lam ’12
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Amy W. Lamarche
Dr. John B. Lamb ’75
John Robert Lamb ’20
Mrs. Ruth Woolf Lamb W’51*
Dr. Walter J. Lamb and Dr. Margarete B. Lamb-Faffelberger
Ms. Carmen M. Lambarri ’12
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Susan E. Lambe
Mr. Richard B. Lambeck ’63
Mr. Dennis K. ’73 and Mrs. Robin Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Eli David Lambert ’50 P’83
Mr. Eli D. Lambert III ’83
Mr. John Andrews and Mrs. Elizabeth K. Lambert
Dr. H. Ross ’73 and Ms. Diane Jerome ’73 Lambert
Ms. Jillian H. Lambert ’07
Mrs. Karen S. Lambert ’93
Mr. Michael L. Lambert
Mr. Russell D. Lambert ’17
Dr. Victor S. Lamberto ’61
Mr. Brett A. Lambie ’09
Mr. Ross N. Lambie ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lambrecht ’65*
Mr. Joseph B. Lambroza ’14
Mr. Sam Lambroza and Ms. Marybeth Burke P’14
Ms. Karen Mackie Lammers ’82
Dr. Stephen E. and Mrs. Noel Lammers
Mr. Brian D. Lamon ’00
Mr. D. Paul Lamont ’59
Ms. Marissa A. LaMorte ’00
Ms. Carolyn M. LaMountain
Mr. John G. Lampert ’62
Mr. Aaron M. Lampley ’10
Mr. Russell A. Lampman ’50*
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lampron
Dr. E. Gary ’76 and Mrs. Mary Lamsback P’13
Ms. Katherine M. Lamsback ’13
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Cathy M. Lanahan
Rev. Frederick W. Lanan ’51*
Mr. Colin P. ’09 and Dr. Megan C. ’09 Lancaster
Mr. Drew W. Lancaster ’10
Mr. John K. Lancaster and Mrs. Gail Walker
Mrs. Richard V. Lancaster Jr. W’41
Mr. James W. Lance ’74
Ms. Helene M. Land
Mr. and Mrs. Seth R. Landau ’87
Mr. Zachary K. Landau ’18
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lorraine Coyle Landells
Ms. Rian Q. Landers ’03
Ms. Taryn Landers ’05
Mr. Benjamin W. and Mrs. Lisa D. Landis
Mr. David E. Landis ’62
Mr. David R. Landis Sr. ’62
Mr. Edwin C. Landis Jr. ’56 GP’13
Mr. Glenn K. Landis ’44*
Mr. Gregory Landis and Ms. Ann Logerfo
Dr. John W. Landis ’39 Hon.D. ’60*
Mr. Nathan S. Landis ’06
Mr. Richard B. Landis ’43*
Mr. Todd C. Landis ’01
Mrs. Christine G. Landis Kondash P’11
Landman Corsi Ballaine & Ford PC
Ms. Barbara A. Landmann
Mr. Herbert M. Landmann
Ms. Courtney M. Landolfe ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Landolfe P’14
Mr. Andrew R. Landolfi ’16
Mr. Ralph M. Landolfi P’16
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Susan Landolphi
Mr. Charles O. Landon ’06
Mr. Michael Houldin and Mrs. Deborah A. Landregan
Mr. David and Mrs. Mary B. Landry P’21
Dr. Donald W. ’75 and Dr. Maureen Landry
Mr. Edward C. Landry ’87
Michael Barton Landry ’21
Mr. Richard and Ms. Robin Ruderman ’77 Landsberger
Mr. Zachary D. Landtroop ’15
Mr. R. Joseph Landy ’76
Dr. Robert J. Landy ’66
Mr. Charles E. Lane III ’61
Mr. David Lane
Mr. Donald E. Lane Jr. ’70
Mr. Emerson F. Lane Jr. ’77
Mr. Gerald S. Lane ’81
Mr. Joseph M. Lane ’73 and Ms. Linda N. Arra ’74
Ms. Kathryn A. Lane
Mr. Loser J. Lane ’83
Mr. Michael J. Lane
Mr. S. Weston Lane ’05 and Ms. Katelyn B. Connell ’04
Mr. William L. Lane III ’01
Mr. Conrad C. and Mrs. Cynthia K. Lang P’13
Mr. Cyril S. Lang ’49
Mr. John L. Lang Jr. ’16
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lang P’16
Ms. Lauren M. Lang ’17
Mr. Paul G. and Mrs. Linda H. Lang P’17
Mr. Ross H. Lang ’07
Mr. Matthew M. Langa ’91
Ms. Diane Watson Langan ’83
Ms. Marylou Langan
Ms. Nancy R. Langan
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Inc.
Mr. William A. Lange Jr. ’67
Mr. John and Ms. Gwyneth L. Langeler
Dr. Karen F. Langeman P’20
Mr. Shawn K. and Ms. Celeste Langen
Mr. William E. and Mrs. Susan Langford P’11
Mr. Malcolm and Mrs. Alice R. Langley
Mr. Ari P. Langman ’14
Mr. Robert Y. Langner ’58
Mr. Richard E. Langsam ’72
Ms. Tobie L. Langsam ’07
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Nancy A. Langton P’15
Ms. Haley C. Langton ’15
Mr. Peter L. Langway ’92
Mr. Richard M. Langway ’61
Ms. Reeve W Lanigan ’19
Mr. Paul L. Lanna ’99
Mr. Mayo W. Lanning ’41*
Brian Peter Lannino ’20
Ms. Holly L. Lantos
Mr. C., Jr. and Mrs. Carol J. Lantz
Ms. Kelsey L. Lantz ’13
Mr. Christopher M. Lanza ’98
Mr. Andrew J. Lanzaro ’14
Mr. James A. and Mrs. Kathy L. Lanzaro P’14
Mr. Richard J. Lanzilotti II ’16
Mr. Richard J. and Mrs. Tanya L. Lanzilotti P’16
Mr. Joseph E. Lanzot ’07
Mr. John S. Lapides and Ms. Melanie A. Ginter P’20
Mr. Mitchell A. and Mrs. Heidi S. Lapides P’16
Mr. Nicolas A. LaPierre ’96
Mr. Christopher J. ’89 and Mrs. Elisa LaPietra
Mr. Andrew S. Lapkin ’88
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Pearl A. LaPlaca
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Laplante
Mr. William M. and Mrs. Margot M.R. LaPoint P’21
Mr. Keith P. Lapointe ’97
Mr. E. LaPorte
Mr. Gregory K. ’06 and Mrs. Megan Conway ’06 Lapp
Ms. Randi Rosen Lapp ’95
Mr. Michael T. and Mrs. Beth L. Lappen P’14
Mr. Zachary S. Lappen ’14
Mr. and Mrs. David Lapreziosa
Mr. Xavier E. Laracuente ’18
Mr. David A. Larkin ’86
Dr. James M. Larkin ’65
Mrs. Michelle Devine Larkin ’08
Mr. Patrick W. Larkin ’14
Ms. Tara Hallberg Larkin ’97
Mr. Robert W. Larmour ’63
Mr. John and Mrs. Melissa Larned
Mr. Henry A. Larner ’67
Mr. Michael E. ’96 and Ms. Jennifer Pendergrass ’96 Larner
Mr. George A. Laros Jr. ’62
Mr. John A. and Mrs. Hellana T. LaRosa P’15
Ms. Rebecca A. Larosa ’15
Mr. William E. LaRosa ’16
Mr. William L. Larrabee ’61
Mr. Jesse C. Larrimer ’72
Mr. Daniel J. and Mrs. Jo-Ann Larsen P’22
Mrs. Denzel L. Larsen
Ms. Kaylan Riley Larsen
Ms. Kiera Larsen
Ms. Mackenzie M. Larsen ’14
Ms. Rhonda L. Larsen P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Rick K. Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Larsen
Ms. Ruth L. Larsen ’88
Timothy James Larsen ’22
Mr. Brett C. Larson ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Dayl Larson
Ms. Gretchen Larson
Ms. Karen Siegel Larson ’90
Mr. Keith D. Larson ’93
Kristian Riley Larson ’21
Mr. Kristian E. and Mrs. Jenifer T. Larson P’21
Mr. Morgan F. Larson Jr. ’56
Mr. Morgan F. Larson III ’87
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Nancy L. Larson
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Larson
Ms. Peggy Larson
Mr. Scott Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Larson
Ms. E. Lara Lash ’13
Mr. Skyler C. Lash ’15
Mr. Terry R. Lash and Ms. Elizabeth M. Vogt P’13
Ms. Alison K. Lasher ’04
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Caryl A. Lashley
Mr. Richard C. Laskey ’68
Mr. Sam and Mrs. Sonia L. Laskin
Ms. Madeline F. Laskoski ’13
Mr. Harvey L. Lasky ’65
Mr. E. Donald Lass ’60
Mr. James A. Lassen ’79
Ms. Gabrielle R. Lassinger ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Ray S. Lassinger P’18
Mrs. Natasha Strother Lassiter ’96
Ms. Shanequa M. Lassiter ’14
Mr. Alexander M. Lassman ’06
Mr. David M. ’88 and Dr. Lorraine Riggers ’91 Lassman
Ms. Allison G. Lassoe
Ms. Melissa S. Last ’17
Mr. David and Ms. Alison Laszcz
Mr. Stephen J. Latanision ’89
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. LaTempa
Mr. Christopher R. LaTempa ’10
Mr. Daniel C. LaTerra ’04
Mr. Francis A. and Mrs. Barbara Laterza
Mr. Scott A. Latham ’10
Mr. Arthur E., III ’01 and Dr. Elizabeth Westgate ’01 Lathers
Ms. Carissa P. Latona ’09
Mr. Rosario Latona*
Mr. James J. and Mrs. Karen M. Latorre P’18
Mr. Michael J. Latorre ’18
Mr. John F. Lattanzi ’58
Mr. Paul S. Lattanzio
Mrs. Linda Means Lattif P’11
Ms. Melissa S. Lattif ’11
Ms. Carol and Mr. Kevin Latzanich P’21
Ms. Lisa M. Lau ’92
Mr. Homer D. Laube ’47
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Pamela J. Laudadio
Mr. John A. Laudenberger ’36*
Dr. John A. Laudenberger ’68
Mr. John M. Lauder ’55
Mr. William H. Lauder ’54
Ms. Ann C. Lauer ’14
Dr. David M. Lauer ’75
Dr. Arlene Lauf ’78
Mr. Mark R. and Mrs. Marina Laufer P’20
Mr. David W. Laughlin
Ledlie Laughlin
Ms. Nancy Smolenski Laughlin ’82
Ms. Lauren-Nicole Laurenceau ’18
Ms. Catherine E. Laurent ’91
Ms. Paulette Pera Laurenzi ’89
Ms. Nicole K. Lauricella ’18
Mr. James R. ’83 and Ms. Laura Cauz ’84 Laurita
Mr. David B. ’11 and Mrs. Angela C. ’11 Lauritano
Mr. Herbert and Ms. Ruth Barbara Lauritzen
Mr. Bryan R. Laut
Mr. Robert J. Laut
Mr. Colin H. ’98 and Dr. Laura Heberlig ’98 Lautz
Ms. Laurie Haag Lavalla ’83
Mr. Spencer E. LaValle ’17
Ms. Polly Pearse Lavalley ’89
Mr. Brendan Lavelle
Ms. Colleen A. Lavelle ’18
Ms. Sally B. Lavelle
Mr. Brian E. Laverty ’07
Mr. Christopher S. Lavery ’13
Ms. Megan E. Lavery ’06
Mr. Robert F. and Mrs. Lori J. Lavery P’13
Mr. Hubert C. Lavie ’17
Mrs. Lori Anderson Lavigne ’06
Ms. Liz J. Lavin
Ms. Sondra M. Lavin ’05
Mr. Isaac S. Lavine ’14
Dr. Michael L. and Mrs. Louise B. Lavine P’14
Mr. David F. Lavipour ’66
Mr. Edward C. Lavish III ’88
Ms. Cynthia A. Laviska
Mr. Neal J. Lavon and Ms. Carol G. Hightower
Mr. Scott J. Lavon ’10
Mr. Ian P. ’06 and Mrs. Kristin ’09 Law
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan N. Law
Mr. Richard M. Law ’52*
Dr. Susan F. Law ’88
Law Journal Television Eagle Vision Inc
Law Office of Carl J. DiPiazza, LLC
Law Offices of Martin D. Eagan LLC
Law Offices Stein & Supsie
Ms. Devin M. Lawler ’17
Ms. Gates E. Lawler ’17
Ms. Glynnis A. Lawler ’17
Mrs. Lois M. Lawler
Mr. Michael J. Lawler ’72
Mr. Stephen M. and Mrs. Jeanne M. Lawler P’17
Dr. James G. Lawless ’64
Mr. J. Ryan Lawlis ’06
Mr. Ted and Mrs. Judith Lawlor
Mr. Martin J. ’05 and Mrs. Jennifer White ’04 Lawlor
Mr. Peter V. Lawlor ’80
Ms. Arisa T. Lawrence ’15
Mr. Edward R. Lawrence Jr. ’64
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Lawrence P’15
Mr. David and Ms. Marjorie Lawrence
Mr. Richard M. Lawrence ’77
Mr. Everett C. Laws III ’75
Ms. Marissa L. Laws ’18
Mr. Steven A. and Mrs. Mary Ellen Laws P’18
Mr. Adrian M. Lawson ’08
Dr. Brendan M. Lawson ’11
Mr. Charles Judson Lawson III ’67
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lawson
Mr. Robert A. Lawson ’59*
Mr. Thomas H. Lawson ’82
Ms. Constance G. Lawton
Mrs. Elaine F. Lawton
Mr. Keegan N. Lawton ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn P. Lawton P’15
Lawton Insurance Agency Inc
Mr. Peter C. and Mrs. Monica M. Lawyer P’16
Mr. Ryan P. Lawyer ’16
Ms. Mandy Weil Lax ’01
Ms. Kathryn C. Lay ’17
Mr. Lester J. and Dr. Ethna D. Lay P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Layloff
Dr. Frederic Gilman Layman ’50*
Mr. Brian J. Layng ’65
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Layng ’75 P’05
Mr. Gary R. Layton ’65
Mr. Mark N. Layton ’11
Dr. Mary F. Lazar ’79
Dr. John Lazarchick ’64
Ms. Alexis Beveridge Lazda ’09
Dr. Edward S. and Mrs. Amy Lazer P’15
Mr. Jake M. Lazer ’15
Ms. Kelsey Lazio ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Lazio P’15
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Anita O. Lazor P’15
Mr. Timothy M. Lazor ’15
Mr. John M. Lazorchak Jr. ’92
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Lynn K. Lazos
Laz’s College Hill Tavern LLC
Ms. Alexandra M. Lazzara ’14
Mr. Frank A. and Mrs. Annamarie Lazzara P’14
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Leah Lazzaro
Ms. Ly N. Le ’09
Mr. Devon H. Leach ’18
Mr. David C. Leacy ’98
Mr. Charles C. Leader Jr. ’55*
Mr. Harry K. Leader ’55
Mr. Norman R. Leader ’61
Mr. Craig H. Leake ’67
Mr. Dean Leake
Mr. Fred Leake
Ms. Amanda R. Leaman ’15
Mr. Brian T. Leap ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Lear P’06
Mr. Howard M. Learned ’63
Mr. Andrew G. ’88 and Mrs. Clare F. ’90 Leary
Mr. Michael B. Leary ’98
Mr. Michael W. Leary ’99 and Dr. Amy B. Cerato ’99
Mr. Harold W. Leas ’64*
Mr. Kevin J. Leasure ’07
Ms. Patricia Huckins Leathrum ’87
Mr. Daniel T. Leav ’89
Mr. Peter Leav
Mrs. Eleanore S. Leavitt W’40
Mr. Alexander C. Leavy ’15
Mr. Charles J. and Mrs. Anne Leavy P’14
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jane Lebbin
Lebbin Family Trust
Mr. Frank J. Leber ’64
Mr. Theodore W. Lebo
Mr. Evan E. Lebovitz ’09
Dr. and Mrs. Lowell H. Lebovitz
Mr. Andrew S. ’76 and Mrs. Leslie H. Lebow P’16
Mr. Matthew A. Lebow ’16
Ms. Sadie A. Lebow ’17
Mrs. Nicole Barbero Lebrun ’09
Ms. Elizabeth R. LeBuffe
Ms. Margaux E. LeBuffe ’12
Mr. Vincent J. and Mrs. Karen M. LeBuffe P’12
Mr. Mark S. Lechmanik ’82
Mr. Robert S. Leciston ’63
Mr. Daniel Stewart Leckie ’19
Mr. Todd S. and Mrs. Shirley H. Leckie P’19
Dr. William W. LeConey ’55
Mr. James A. ’87 and Ms. Annette Schweidt ’87 Ledder
Dr. Robert Howard Leder ’53*
Ms. Anne M. Lederer
Mr. Brett M. Lederer ’15
Ms. Eve N. Lederman ’14
Mr. Frederick LeDonne ’59
Mrs. Angela F. Lee ’88
Ms. Brittany E. Lee ’17
Dr. Caroline W. Lee
Ms. Carrie J. Lee ’89
Mr. Chang Lee ’94
Mr. Douglas B. and Mrs. Marianne K. Lee P’22
Mrs. Ellen Rogers Lee ’03
Dr. Faye Lee P’10
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Tamara L. Lee P’19
Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Lee
Hannah H. Lee ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Lee ’51
Mr. Hosu and Mrs. Jeong N. Lee P’13
Mr. and Mrs. Incheol Lee
Dr. Jeen H. Lee ’82
Ms. Jessica B. Lee ’13
Mr. Joseph T.W. and Mrs. Marie L. Lee P’13
Ms. Karen Lee
Rev. Kyung Sam Lee P’12
Ms. Libby Lee ’94
Mr. Lindsay C. Lee ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Lee
Dr. Meredith S. Lee ’98
Mrs. Mia Lorenzetti Lee ’02
Mr. Michael A. Lee ’16
Ms. Nicole M. Lee ’15
Mr. Richard A. Lee ’62
Mr. Richard Lee ’05
Mr. Richard V. and Mrs. Rita Lee P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lee
Mr. Sang Woo Lee ’13
Mrs. Susan Sheehan Lee ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Lee ’69 P’89
Mr. Warrick E. Lee III ’89
Mr. William P. Lee ’59
Lee Supply Co. Inc.
Ms. Marian E. Leech ’17
Ms. Heidi K. Leeds P’16
Mr. Mark P. Leeds P’16
Mr. Mitchell L. Leeds ’16
Mr. Joshua M. Leen ’99
Mr. Donald W. Lees ’55
Dr. Joseph K. Lees ’60
Ms. Lisa LeFante ’86
Mr. Michael V. LeFante ’06
Mr. Robert A. Lefelar ’62 and Ms. Marilyn Maurer
Dr. Joel A. Lefever ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lefever ’82
Mr. Michael O. Leff ’15
Dr. Peter Leff P’16
Dr. Richard L. and Mrs. Sara N. Leff P’15
Mr. Zachary F. Leff ’16
Mr. Peter S. Leffler ’94
Mr. John M. ’01 and Ms. Shauna Pedowitz ’03 Leffler
Ms. Faith Steinman Lefkort ’84
Mr. Andrew P. Lefkowitz ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Rich N. Lefler P’21
Troy W. Lefler ’21
Mr. Bruce J. Legan ’80
Ms. Becky LeGette
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Maureen Young Leggett
Mr. Patrick A. Leggieri ’18
Mr. Mark T. Leggiero ’10
Mr. Robert A., Jr. and Mrs. Joanne M. Leggio
Mr. Noah S. Legner ’17
Ms. Jennifer M. Legnini ’06
Ms. Bonnie Legro
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffey W. Legro
Mr. Richard S. Legro
Dr. Robert G. Leh ’52*
Lehigh Country Club
Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges
Lehigh Valley Community Foundation
Lehigh Valley Hospital
Lehigh Valley Section American Society of Civil Engineers
Lehigh Valley Section-SAE
Mr. David M. Lehman ’90
Mr. David E. Lehman ’12
Ms. Kelly Moser Lehman ’96
Ms. Michele Gallagher Lehman ’86
Mr. Eric Schutzer and Ms. Stephanie Lehman
Mr. Frank R. Lehmann ’63
Mrs. Laura Fredley Lehmann ’06*
Mr. Richard J. Lehmann ’88
Mr. Kirk R. Lehmer ’76
Ms. Sonja A. Lehner ’10
Mrs. Barbara L. Lehr W’50
Mr. Peter A. Lehr ’62 and Ms. Billie Ann Lehr-O’Hern
Dr. Jerrold C. Lehrman ’62
Mr. John M. Leible ’79
Mr. Dieter Mrs. Ingrid R. Leibold
Mr. Paul A. ’91 and Mrs. Stacey Miller ’92 Leibowitz
Ms. Annika M. Leiby ’18
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Leiby ’81
Mr. Robert K. Leidy ’76 and Ms. Faye Baker
Dr. Nicholas D. Leigh ’10
Mr. Steven R. Leigh and Ms. Jill Bullington
Mr. Jesse and Mrs. Maureen Gore Leighton
Ms. Nancy Kellman Leighton ’89
Mr. Robert I. Leighton ’75
Mr. Lance A. Leimberg ’04
Dr. L. Carl Leinbach ’62
Ms. Leah I. Leinbach ’08
Mr. Richard A. Leinberry ’61
Dr. Bruce K. Leinweber ’55
Mr. Ronald G. Leir ’70
Dr. Elliott G. Leisawitz ’69
Mr. Mark C. Leise ’87
Mr. Edward L. and Mrs. Marcia Leister P’15
Ms. Rachel C. Leister ’15
Mr. Thomas C. Leister ’67
Mr. Zachary M. Leisure ’13
Mr. Anthony J. Leitner
Mr. Gerald F. Leitz ’79
Mr. Michael K. Lelko
Mr. Anthony R. Lelli ’61
Ms. Jessica Lelli
Ms. Kathleen J. Lema
Mr. Dale LeMasters
Mr. Anthony C. and Ms. Diane Steyer ’80 Lembke P’17
Dr. Nancy R. Lembo ’88
Dr. Marc S. Lemchen ’66
Mr. Richard Dale Lemen ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Lemenager
Mr. Adam B. Lemisch ’88
Mr. Charles A. Lemken ’06
Mr. Michael P. Lemken ’09
Ms. Muriel Lemle
Ms. Becca Lemon
Mr. G. Timothy Lenahan
Ms. Shannon P. Lenahan ’15
Mr. Sigmund and Mrs. Audrey C. Lenchner
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Mary L. Lengel
The Medical Practices of Lenholt and Schollberg PL
Mr. Ronald B. Lennen Sr. ’57*
Mr. Lawrence L. Lennon ’71
Ms. Marie V. Lennon
Mr. Patrick J. Lennon ’03 and Mrs. Wynne C. Campbell ’05
Mr. Robert J. Lennon ’11
Mr. Robert A. and Mrs. Rosanne Lennon P’11
Ms. Traci E. Lennon ’82
Lenore R. Bland & Sydney F. Bland Charitable Foundation Inc.
Mr. Connor J. Lenox ’16
Mr. Colin M Lenskold ’18
Mr. Jon M. and Mrs. Lisa M. Lenskold P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lenskold
Mr. Robert W. Lentz ’55
Ms. Susan V. Lenz
Ms. Jessica L. Lenza ’05
Mr. Joseph J. Leo P’13
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Sheri Leo
Ms. Anissa N. Leon ’03
Mr. Arthur J. and Mrs. Sheila M. Leonard P’17
Mr. Christopher W. Leonard ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Leonard ’82
Ms. Katherine M. Leonard ’12
Ms. Laurel Clemens Leonard ’99
Mr. William J. Leonard ’82
Mr. William J. Leonard Jr. ’14
Mrs. Elizabeth Leveen Leonardi ’98
Ms. Amanda M. Leone ’10
Mr. and Mrs. John Leone P’10
Mr. Michael J. Leone ’79*
Mr. Todd V. Leone Jr. ’13
Ms. Peri B. Leong ’18
Ms. Alice Leonhardt
Dr. Joseph V. Leoni ’65
Reanna Elisabeth Leoni
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Leoni P’18
Mr. Christopher T. and Mrs. Kamra M. Leontas P’22
Lauren Danielle Leontas ’22
Ms. Sarah Marsh Leopold ’97
Mr. Matthew S. LePage ’02
Mr. James V. Lepre ’05
Mr. Kevin J. Leprohon ’77
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Rose LeProtto
Mr. Thomas LeProtto
Mr. William and Ms. Susan Torell Lerch
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Lerchen III
Mr. William L. Lermond ’57
Mr. James H. Lerner and Ms. Patricia Rocha P’15
Mr. Matthew T. Lerner ’15
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Nina F. Lerner
Mr. Thomas H. Lerner ’90
Mr. Robert J. Les and Mrs. Pamela A. Farley P’18
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Sally C. LeSage
Mr. and Mr. William LeSage
Ms. Donna M. Lesch
Ms. Elizabeth A. Lesch ’15
Mr. Ferdinand Alfred Lesch ’50
Ms. Julie Kennedy Lesch
Ms. Patricia Lesch
Ms. Catherine Mary Leschin ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd M. Leeschuk
Dr. Ronald E. Lesher ’64
Mr. Ronald E. Lesher Jr. ’90
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Lesiuk
Mr. Anthony Leska
Mr. Glenn E. Lesko ’90
Mr. Gordon A. Leslie ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Leslie
Mr. Joshua B. and Mrs. Jennifer S. Lesnick P’21
Mr. Adam Lessen ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Lou E. Lessen
Ms. Jan Kintner Lesser ’80
Mr. Leonard N. Lesser ’64*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Lesser P’03
Mr. David H. Lessig ’64
Ms. Annette G. Lester
Ms. Susan A. Lester
Mr. Michael W. Lestingi ’04
Mr. Louis and Ms. Frances B. Leta
Mr. Louis P. Leta III
Mrs. Sally M. Letchworth Bub
Mr. Gordon E. Letizia ’64
Ms. Danielle M. Leto ’14
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Christina Leto P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Leto P’13
Ms. Kathryn J. Leto ’13
Mr. Jeffrey B. Letoski ’08
Mr. Timothy P. and Mrs. Michelle S. Letter P’16
Mr. Richard N. Lettieri ’69
Ms. Andrea L. Leuenberger ’06
Mr. Andrew W. Leuschner ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Leuschner Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Leuschner Sr.
Mr. Brian LeVay
Mr. James M. ’98 and Mrs. Maureen M. ’98 Levelis
Mr. Maurice F. Levenbron ’36
Ms. Joanne S. Levengood ’85
Mr. Aaron E. Levenson ’15
Mr. Alan Levenson
Dr. and Mrs. Bartram H. Levenson ’54
Mr. Lloyd D. Levenson ’68
Ms. Sarah R. Levenson ’16
Dr. Donald A. Leventhal ’54*
Jennifer Weiss Leventhal Ph.D. ’93
Mr. John and Mrs. Susan Z. Lever
Mr. James and Ms. Wilma J. Leveson
James A. Levey M.D. ’87
Mr. Michael S. Levey ’02
Mr. James D. Levi ’59
Ms. Lauren C. Levi ’13
Mr. Frederick R. Levick ’70
Mr. Adam Levin ’88
Mr. Gary Levin
Mr. Jeffrey S. Levin `75
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Levin
Mr. Alan B. Levine ’76
Ms. Amanda M. Levine ’12
Mrs. Andrea Dobkin Levine ’78*
Ms. Caryn Levine
Mr. Curt A. Levine ’85
Mrs. Dana Morris Levine ’00
Mr. David M. Levine ’92
Gabriel J. Levine
Mr. Gary S. and Mrs. Karen W. Levine
Dr. Jack M. Levine ’66
Mrs. Jennifer Chambers Levine ’09
Mr. Kenneth J. and Mrs. Jodi M. Levine P’16
Mr. Marc D. Levine ’90
Dr. Marc L. Levine and Ms. Fran Melton-Levine P’12
Mr. Peter D. Levine ’16
Ms. Rachel M. Levine ’18
Mr. Stuart Levine
Mr. David L. Levinson ’65
Mr. Harlan S. Levinson ’83
Ms. Jennifer A. Levinson ’99
Mr. Jonathan A. Levinson ’88
Ms. Laura S. Levinson
Mr. Michael A. Levinson ’66
Dr. Ernest C. Levister Jr. ’58
Ms. Elizabeth P. Levitan ’17
Mr. Jeff L. Levitan and Ms. Carol M. Boyle P’17
Mrs. Emily Zettler Levitt ’11
Mr. Marc J. Levitt ’91
Mr. Ronald S. Levitt ’65
Mr. Adam S. ’95 and Mrs. Monica Morgan ’93 Levy
Mr. Andrew R. ’09 and Mrs. Victoria M. ’09 Levy
Ms. Anna E Levy ’19
Mr. Leroy and Mrs. Arleen Levy
Mr. Joseph Hollander and Ms. Barbara Levy ’77 P’11’14
Mrs. Chelsea Rhadigan Levy ’07
Ms. Elinor Levy
Ms. Heather D. Levy P’15
Mrs. Irene Levy
Mr. Jacob A. Levy ’19
Mr. James M. Levy ’87
Mr. and Mrs. John Levy
Mr. Jonathan D. Levy `98
Mr. Joshua E. Levy ’96
Mr. Lance B. Levy ’90
Ms. Marilyn Levy
Mrs. Meaghan Malone Levy ’09
Mr. Melvyn G. Levy Jr. ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Levy P’19
Ms. Morgan Sydney Levy ’19
Mr. Paul R. Levy ’68
Mr. Phillip M. Levy ’85
Mr. Robert Levy
Mr. Roger P. ’77 and Ms. Paula Leib ’77 Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Levy
Levy & Rappel
Henry B. Lewand ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Lewand
Ms. Regina M. Lewand
Mr. Michael J. Lewandos ’05
Mr. Ellis and Mrs. Grace E. Lewellen
Mrs. Melanie Seiden Lewin ’96
Dr. Howard E. LeWine ’70
Ms. Abigail E. Lewis ’98
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Alice M. Lewis
Mr. Allen R. Lewis ’57
Ms. Allison Lewis
Mr. Andrew L. Lewis IV ’79
Mr. Arthur E. Lewis ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Lewis
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Bonnie L. Lewis
Mr. Bradley R. ’87 and Ms. Kristen Gay ’86 Lewis
Ms. Carol Miller Lewis ’87
Mr. Corey J. Lewis ’09
Mr. David A. Lewis ’86
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Lewis P’17
Mr. and Mrs. David Lewis
Mr. Douglas R. and Mrs. Justina R. Lewis P’19
Mr. Earl R. Lewis IV ’91
Mr. Edwin L. Lewis III ’67
Mrs. Emily Kissel Lewis ’88
Ms. Geraldine M. Lewis
Ms. Gerri Thau Lewis ’80
Mr. J. Steven Lewis ’75
Mr. James W. Lewis ’70
Mr. Kevin R. Lewis ’17
Ms. Kristen Wood Lewis ’93
Mr. Larry Lewis
Mr. Michael D. Lewis Jr. ’12 and Ms. Rachel Ingber ’11
Mr. Michael D. and Mrs. Cindy Lewis P’12
Mr. Michael Warren Lewis ’19
Ms. Olivia C. Lewis ’14
Mr. Paul Lewis ’52*
Mr. Rand S. Lewis ’17
Mr. Robert E. Lewis ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Lewis ’71 P’17 ’19 ’23
Ms. Sara Jane Lewis
Mr. Scot P. Lewis ’89
Mr. Thomas J. Lewis ’15
Michael H., M.D. ’70 and Lynne Rubin, Esq. LeWitt P’13
Ms. Rachel B. LeWitt ’13
Mr. William C. Lewittes `99
Ms. Jessica A. Lewy ’17
Ms. Karen Wiedersum Ley ’83
Mr. Christopher F. Leydon ’71
Mr. David T. Leyrer ’89 and Ms. Alicia Tranen
Ms. Randi Leyton ’87
Mr. Mauricio Leyva ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lezette
Mr. Andreas Lezis ’12
Ms. Suzanne L. Lezis P’12
Mr. Nicholas G. Lezynski
Mr. Minyan Li ’13
Ms. Nan Li ’12
Ms. Yang Li ’13
Mr. Duheng Liang ’15
Ms. Xiaowen Liao ’13
Ms. Carolyn Libby
Mr. Matthew R. Libera ’81
Ms. Maria V. Liberti ’13
Liberty Hose Company No. 2 Inc.
Mr. George J. Libricz Jr. ’90
Mr. Joseph A. ’99 and Mrs. Melissa Wright ’99 Librizzi
Ms. Ashley R. Lichatin ’09
Ms. Elizabeth Blair Licht ’00
Mr. Arnold L. Lichten ’71
Mr. Jason M. Lichtenstein ’91
Ms. Joan B. Lichtenwalner ’97 P’10
Dr. Allan S. Lichtman ’63
Mr. J. Stoner Lichty Jr. ’66
Mr. Matthew J. Lick ’10
Mr. Robert V. and Mrs. Mary M. Lickfeld P’19
Mr. Weston J Lickfeld ’19
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Liddle P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lieb P’93
Mrs. Christina A. Liebel ’03
Ms. Felicia Bruder Lieberman ’77
Mr. Marvin S. Lieberman ’55
Mr. Mark L. Goldstone ’81 and Ms.* Mindy A. Lieberman ’81
Mr. Richard M. Lieberman ’52*
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Lieberman
Mr. Neil A. Lieberthal ’72
Ms. Judith E. Liebeskind
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Abbe Liebman
Ms. Elaine Liebman
Mr. George J. and Mrs. Carolyn Liebman P’14
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Liedl ’78 P’02
Jacob Patrick Liedtka ’20
Mr. James Lieu ’57
Mr. Kyle S. Lievre ’17
Dr. Chun Wai Liew
Mr. Lawrence Atlee Light ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Light
Ms. Laquan T. Lightfoot ’11
Mr. Robert C. Lignore ’73
Ms. Claudine D. Lilien ’90
Dr. Elizabeth J. Lilley ’06
Dr. Timothy H. Lillie ’71
Mr. James P. ’98 and Ms. Joanne Klimas ’01 Lilliendahl
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lillis P’18
Ms. Margaret C Lillis ’18
Ms. Hayne Lim ’15
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Mary Lim P’15
Caroline Sarah Elizabeth Limanek
Dr. James and Mrs. JoAnne Limanek
Mr. Robert L., Jr. ’82 and Mrs. Nancy Ellis ’78 Limbeck
Mr. Michael Limberg
Tupper Clark Limbert
Mr. Nicholas P. Limburg ’15
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Susan E. Limeberry
Mr. George L. Liming ’73
Mr. Stephen T. and Mrs. Tracy T. Limpe P’22
Mr. Aung N. Lin ’10
Mr. Khine Lin ’11
Mr. Kyaw Zayar Z. Lin ’18
Lin-Lin Yang Lin and Jer-Shang Lin
Ms. Dina R. Linarducci ’94
Ms. Emily N. Lindahl ’17
Ms. Kathryn Lindahl
Mr. Kenneth F. Lindahl and Ms. Maureen T. Liccione P’17
Mr. Lennart ’93 and Ms. Leslie Magnuson ’95 Lindahl
Mr. Michael S. Lindauer ’93
Ms. Brianna E. Linde ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Linde P’13
Mrs. Diane Pisseri Lindemann ’00
Mr. Howard C. Lindemann ’32*
Rabbi Steven C. Lindemann ’70
Mrs. Anne Lacroce Linden ’88*
Ms. Jessica A. Linder ’05
Ms. Kristen J. Linderoth ’11
Mr. Raymond and Ms. Joanne M. Linderoth P’11
Ms. Victoria C. Lindgren P’22
Mr. Kurt N. Lindland and Ms. Laura Mudd
Nicholas Lindner
Mr. Nicholas R. Lindner ’17
Dr. Charles W. Lindsay ’79
Mr. David A. Lindsay ’88
Ms. Malika M. Lindsay ’94
Mr. Charles E. Lindstrom ’73
Mr. Robert O. Lindstrom ’52
Mr. Kevin Ling ’12
Mr. Jeffrey T. Lininger ’07
Ms. MaryAnne Link ’80
Mr. Otto A. Link IV
Mr. P. Allen Link ’68
Mr. R. Patrick Link ’99
Dr. Philip B. Linker ’64
Mr. Daniel R. Linkinhoker ’18
Ms. Ellen Asanoff Linsen ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Linsenberg
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Elaine Linsenbigler
Mrs. Alison M. Lintal ’07
Mr.* and Mrs. Richard C. Linthicum ’66
Mr. William Lintner III ’77
Ms. Jamie Hirsch Linton ’87
Mr. Jamie J. Linton and Mrs. Nichelle Praman-Linton P’16
Ms. Cameron O. Linville ’13
Ms. Deborah B. Linville
Dr. Judson ’79 and Mrs. Cynthia Oaks ’80 Linville P’13’18
Ms. Madison Cole Linville
Ms. Rose M. Linville
Ms. Sarah L. Linville ’18
Mr. Campbell B. Lipe ’16
Mr. Jeffrey H. and Mrs. Carla B. Lipe P’16
Mr. Kenneth J. Liples ’69
Mr. Cole B. Lipman ’16
Mr. Gregory R. Lippert ’08
Dr. Craig A. Lippincott ’67
Mr. Milton Lippincott Jr.
Ms. Catherine Moran Lippman ’91
Mr. Mark J. Lippman
Mr. George S. Lippstone ’69
Mr. Harry T. and Mrs. Catherine R. Lipschultz P’12
Mr. James S. Lipscomb ’72
Dr. Michael A. Lipsitt ’72
Mr.* and Mrs. D. Herbert Lipson ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Lipson
Ms. Barbara Felter Liptak ’79
Ms. Katherine L. Liptak ’09
Ms. Alicia R. Lipton ’11
Mr. Douglas S. Lipton and Ms. Lucia M. Smith P’17
Mr. Stephen J. Lipton ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Lipton
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Liquori
Mr. Edwin Liriano ’14
Mr. Rafael and Mrs. Olga Liriano P’14
Ms. Lisa Lisanti ’82
Mr. Daniel D. Liseno ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lisi
Mr. Marc V. Lisi ’08
Ms. Debra J. Liss
Mr. Gregory J. and Mrs. Denise L. Liss P’13
Ms. Kelly J. Liss ’13
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Shirley Liss
Mr. George C. Lissenden Jr. ’58*
Ms. Elizabeth R. Litchfield ’05
Mr. Steven, III ’81 and Mrs. Marcia N. ’83 Literati
Mr. Robert J. Litter ’77
Mrs. Dawne Martin Litterst ’82
Mr. Aaron R. Little ’16
Mr. David W. Little ’55
Mr. David M. Little ’86 and Ms. SallyAnn Moscatiello ’86
Hope Chen Little ’22
Ms. Jasmine S. Little ’11
Ms. Jill Browne Little ’82
Dr. Neal E. Little ’71
Mr. Stewart Q. and Ms. Susan Oaks ’78 Little P’13
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Littleford
Mr. Scott S. ’84 and Mrs. Linda T. Littlejohn
Mr. John A. Littleton ’65
Mr. David M. Littlewood ’93
Mr. David B. Littman ’70
Mr. Alan H. Litwin ’79
Mr. John P. Litz ’69
Fang Jung Liu and Chuan Liu
Ms. Jane Liu ’13
Jeremy K. Liu
Ms. Jingchen Liu ’18
Mr. Xuan Liu ’12
Mr. Anthony ’98 and Mrs. Julie Gips ’98 Liuzzo
Ms. Megan M. Livak ’09
Mr. John V. Livanos ’10
Ms. Nicole F. Livanos ’13
Mr. Kevin M. ’81 and Ms. Kathleen Murray ’83 Livesey
LTC (Ret.) James R. Livingood ’62
Mr. Robert and Ms. Lynn M. Livingston
Livingworks Ventures Inc
Dr. Douglas S. Livornese ’86
Ms. Kathleen M. Livornese ’14
Dr. Lawrence Livornese Jr. and Dr. Marilyn V. Howarth P’14
Mr. Craig R. Livoti ’04
Mrs. AnnMarie Lizmi P’15
Ms. Lee Friend Lizotte ’00
Mr. Joseph T. Lizzi ’71
Mr. Bryan C. Lloyd ’96
Mr. Charles T. ’87 and Ms. Jayne O’Brien ’87 Lloyd
Dr. Emily K. Lloyd ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Lloyd
Mr. John W., Jr. and Mrs. Beth A. Lloyd P’16
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Julie N. Lloyd
Mr. Keith D. Lloyd ’88
Dr.* and Mrs. Thomas C. Lloyd Jr. ’51
Mr. Thomas L. Lloyd III ’64
Ms. Veronica M. Lloyd ’16
Mr. Robert C. Lo Giudice ’13
Mr. Raymond C. Lobach ’62
Mr. Joao and Mrs. Marlene M. Lobato
Mr. Ronald P., Jr. and Ms. Kathleen M. Lobb
Mr. Gabriel M. ’00 and Ms. Laura Talbot ’00 Lobel
Ms. Allison LoBello ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Frank LoBello P’10
Dr. Gianna M. Locascio ’00
Ms. Sarah Locascio
Mr. Richard E. Loccke ’93
Mr. R. Walter Locher ’50*
Mr. Thomas J. Lochner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Lockard
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Patricia H. Lockard
Mr. Paul C. Locke ’65
Mr. Steven S. ’86 and Ms. Suzanne Halm ’87 Locke
Mr. Eric J. Lockenvitz ’14
Mr. Stephen Lockett ’10
Mr. and Mrs. William Lockett Jr. ’48
Lockheed Martin Employees’ Political Action Committee
Mr. Bruce V. Locklin ’59
Dr. Mary Jo M. Lodge
Mr. Clay J. Lodovice ’97
Mr. Edward C. Loeffler Sr. ’57
Ms. Morgan B. Loeffler ’14
Dr. Robert E. Loewenstein ’92
Mr. Schuyler J. Lofberg ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lofstead III ’90
Ms. Jordana M. Loft ’12
Dr. Lloyd M. and Mrs. Diane V. Loft P’12
Mr. Douglas P. Loftus
Mr. John J. Loftus ’16
Mr. John B. and Mrs. Julie A. Loftus P’18
Ms. Meaghan G. Loftus ’08
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Loftus ’66
Mr. George F. Logan and Mrs. Brecia Kralovic-Logan P’13
Mr. Harold J. and Mrs. Etienne Logan P’14
Ms. Liliana S. Logan ’18
Mr. Michael M. Logan ’14
Mr. Michael D. and Mrs. June Tiers Logan P’16
Mr. Randall R. Logan ’14
Mr. Patrick and Dr. Regina Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Logan Jr. ’50
Ms. Tatiana N. Logan ’13
Ms. Virginia A. Logan ’81 P’14
Ms. Elaine M. Logg
Mr. Michael L. Logothetis ’94
Mr. John and Mrs. Kimberly S. Logsdon
Ms. Jo H. Loh ’95 and Mr. Randall J. Eike
Mr. James E. Lohr ’90
Mr. Eric J. Lohse ’85
Mrs. Adele C. Loigu
Mr. Kevin G. Lokay ’78
Ms. Catherine M. Lomanto ’15
Mr. Salvatore C. Lomanto ’83
Dr. Amalie Lomartire ’05
Dr. Kenneth M. Lomax ’69*
Mrs. Nancy B. Lomax W’69
Mr. G. and Ms. Abby J. Lombardi
Dr. Barbara J. Lombardo ’83
Mr. Craig Lombardo ’17
Mr. Jeffrey C. Lombardo ’11
Ms. Judith M. Lombardo
Ms. Lori M. Lombardo ’16
Marissa Lombardo
Mr. Salvator and Mrs. Laureen Lombardo P’17
Mr. Thomas M. ’12 and Mrs. Catherine S. ’12 Lombardo
Mr. Robert S. Lombino Jr. ’14
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Lomet ’61
Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo Lomibao
Dante Vittorio Lonardo
Mr. Roberto L. and Mrs. Tammy K. Lonardo
Mr. Brian N. London ’02
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Carolann London
Mr. Eric London
Ms. Jessica M. London ’13
Dr. Mosi F. London ’10
Dr. Richard and Dr. Jayne L. London P’13
Mr. Robert A. London ’63
Mr. Kenneth L. ’89 and Mrs. Jane England ’87 Londoner
Mr. Nathaniel J. Lonergan ’04
Mr. Andrew C. Long ’88
Mr. Andrew C. Long ’03
Ms. Barbara A. Long
Mr. D. John, Jr. ’92 and Mrs. Lauren B. ’92 Long
Ms. Diana M. Long P’22
Mr. and Mrs. George Long
Mr. Gilbert M. Long ’70
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Long
Mr. Jeffrey B. Long ’99
Mr. Jeffrey S. and Mrs. Katharine A. Long P’21
Mr. Joseph F. Long ’64
Kevin Jay Long ’21
Mr. Ronald W. and Ms. Patsyann Long
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Long
Mr. Michael J. Longabardi
Ms. Joanne H. Longenecker
Ms. Lauren H. Longenecker ’10
Buffie M. Longmire-Avital Ph.D. ’02
Mr. Jason N. ’00 and Mrs. Adrienne T. ’00 Longo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Longo
Mr. Robert J. Longo ’63
Mr. and Dr. Robert J. Longo Jr. ’88 P’21 ’22
Mr. Nigel and Mrs. Cille Koch Longshaw
Dr. Kathryn M. Longshore ’07
Mr. Gerald Longstreth
Mr. Richard J., Jr. ’88 and Ms. Susan Butler ’91 Look
Mr. Alfred F. Loomis P’21
Mr. Thomas M. and Mrs. Tina M. Loose P’21
Mrs. Vanessa E. Lopera-Madrid ’08
Ms. Anny R. Lopez ’10
Ms. Annycardeli Lopez ’14
Ms. Connie A. Lopez
Mr. Djahma Lopez
Mr. Herbert Lopez
Ms. Isabel M. Lopez ’15
Mr. Santiago and Mrs. Veneranda Lopez P’14
Mr. Thomas G. and Mrs. Stacey Lopez P’15
Ms. Emily V. LoPiccolo ’18
Ms. Gianna Lopreato ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lopreato
Mr. Daniel P. Lopresti and Ms. Debbie Wesselman
Mr. Peter J. ’91 and Ms. Kathleen Walsh ’90 Lops
Ms. Lisa A. Loray ’04
Mr. Bradlee G. Lord
Mr. Graham F. Lord PE ’62
Mrs. Patricia Lord
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lord
Mr. Stanley M. Lord ’85
Mr. Donald P. Lordan ’65
Mr. Anthony P. Lorence ’13
Mr. Paul J. and Mrs. Clare M. Lorence P’13
Ms. Nina A. Lorentzen ’11
Mr. W. Kent and Mrs. Abby J. Lorenz
Mr. Stephen R. and Ms. Patricia M. Lorenz
Ms. Sally A. Lorenzen P’18
Ms. Elizabeth A. Loretz ’02
Mr. Dennis Loria ’78
Mr. James Loring
Mr. John Loring
Mr. Henry W. Lorish ’61*
Mr. Paul F. LoSacco ’80
Mr. John P., Jr. and Mrs. Joyce H. Losee
Mr. Andrew F. Losito ’17
Mr. Daniel J. and Mrs. Virginia B. Losito P’17
Mr. Charles E. Loskant ’98
Ms. Jennifer M. Lota ’07
Mr. Frederic C. Lott ’06
Mr. James C. Lott ’89
Ms. Pam S. Lott
Mr. Walter A. Lott ’64
Mr. Gilbert Lotti
Mr. Mark D. Lotz ’83
Mr. Robert C. Lotz ’58
Mr. Michael D. Louderback ’03
Ms. Ihssane Loudiyi ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Loughlin ’53 P’83
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Loughlin ’83
Mr. Brian Bytof and Ms. Amy Loughney
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Eleanor Loughney
Ms. Kelly A. Loughney ’14
Mr. Kevin J. and Mrs. Deborah A. Loughney P’14
Mr. Robert and Ms. Patricia A. Loughney
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Loughney
Mr. Bill G. and Dr. Penelope T. Louis P’16
Mr. Mark A. Louis ’16
Mr. Anthony Loupos Jr. ’61*
Mr. Cedric-James ’06 and Mrs. Kristen Rabuck ’06 Lourie
Ms. Lisa D. Lovallo ’07
Mr. Barry Love ’51
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Joann M. Love
Ms. Mary G. Love
Mr. William J. Love ’77
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Nancy Lovecchio
Ms. Corinne Loveland ’03
Mr. George R. Loveland ’66*
Mr. Robert J. Lovelett ’11
Mr. Steven S. and Mrs. Carole M. Lovelett P’11
Ms. Margaret Liebers Lovelette ’82
Mr. Charles C. Lovell ’99
Ms. Carly P. Loveman ’17
Ms. Marin Loveman
Mrs. Sally Lou Oaks Loveman ’84
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Julie A. Loven
Ms. Rachel V. Loven ’14
Ms. Rebecca E. Loven P’14
Mr. Lochard and Mrs. Justine K. Lovenstein
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Cara P. Lovering
Ms. Janka Lovering ’13
Mr. Judson G. and Mrs. Susanne Lovering P’13
Mr. John R. Lovett
Mr. William C. Lovett ’96
Mr. Neil R. Lovrich ’02
Mr. Mark S. Low ’79
Mr. Jason A. Lowcher ’10
Mr. Barry W. Lowe ’67*
Mr. Carlos V. Lowe II ’10
Mr. David L. Lowe ’62
Mr. Edward P. and Mrs. Susan H. Lowe P’21
Mr. Laurence L. Lowe ’32*
Mr. William C. Lowe ’62*
Mr. Daniel Lowell ’72
Mr. Geoffrey C. ’89 and Mrs. Ann Reed ’96 Lowell
Ms. Caitlin M. Lowery ’10
Mr. D. Scott and Mrs. Robin M. Lowery P’16
Mr. Robert D. Lowery ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Lowinger P’12
Mr. Stephen M. Lowinger ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lowman
Mr. Anthony P. Loyacona ’15
Bruce R. Lozito Esq. ’72
Mr. Hao Lu ’16
Mr. Ji Jonathan Li and Dr. Qin Lu
Ms. Emily G. Lubas ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass S. Lubbers
Mr. Marcus P. Lubin ’78
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Sondra J. Lublin
Mr. Michael Lubrano
Ms. Stephanie A. Lubrano
Mr. Eric J. Luby ’14
Mr. Troy and Mrs. Christine M. Lucabaugh
Mr. Jay R. Lucas ’82
Mr. Jeremy L. Lucas ’03
Mr. John M. Lucas III ’07
Mr. Justin P. Lucas ’10
Mr. Timothy S. Lucas ’83
Ms. Samantha J. Lucas-Walley ’05
Mr. Gerard A. and Mrs. Ann Marie Lucciola P’18
Mr. Maxwell B. Luce ’11
The Henry Luce Foundation Inc
Mr. Frank A. and Mrs. Patricia L. Lucia P’16
Ms. Kristin A. Luciano ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Luciano
Mr. Daniel Luck ’85
Mr. Andrew M. Luckett ’14
Mrs. Samantha P. Lucky ’11
Mr. Adam J. Lucosky ’13
Ms. Elizabeth M. Lucy ’15
Mr. William A. and Ms. Liza ’74 Lucy P’15
Ms. Nancy Lucy
Ms. Janice Hotra Luddy ’75
Mr. John T. Ludington ’17
The Hon. Thomas L. and Mrs. Katrina K. Ludington P’16
Mr. W. Gary Ludlow ’61*
Mr. Victor J. Ludlum ’67
Mr. Brian Michael Ludrof
Mr. Eric D. ’93 and Mrs. Amy H. ’93 Ludwig
Mr. David C. Luessenhop ’49 P’81
Mr. Michael Luethke ’18
Mr. Darrell J. LuffBorough ’93
Lt. Col. Peter B. Lugar ’92
Mr. Austin R. Luginbuhl ’15
Mr. Keven Lugo ’16
Ms. Rose Lugowe
Mr. Kory C. and Mrs. Amy L. Luginbuhl P’15
Christian Heyler Luhnow ’20
Mr. Christopher G. Luick ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Luick
Mr. Brian D. and Mrs. Tara L. Luing P’20
Mr. Joseph W. Luke ’99
Mr. Marc Stout and Mrs. Mary Luken-Stout
Mr. Maurice S. Luker III
Mr. Marko A. Lukin ’04
Mrs. Amanda L. Lukof ’08
Mr. Matt R. Lukof ’05
Madeline Elise Luksha ’21
Mr. Gregory J. ’05 and Ms. Allison Owen ’07 Lullo
Ms. Beatrice Jade Lum ’19
Mrs. Lisa A. Lumia ’84
Mrs. Susan P. Lumping ’05
Mr. Christopher R. Luna ’14
Mr. Douglas W. Lunau ’08
Lundbeck Research USA Inc
Mr. Theodore E. Lundberg ’62
Mr. Mark E. Lunden ’95
Mr. Robert G. Lundergan ’64
Mrs. Laura Corby Lundgren ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Lundquist ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Lundy ’62 P’88
Mr. James E. Lundy ’77
Ms. Laurie Lundy ’88
Jessica Luo ’20
Ms. Julia Luongo
Ms. Victoria A. Luongo ’15
Mr. Daniel J. Lupia ’16
Mr. Arnaldo and Mrs. Natalie Lupia
Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Lupini
Ms. Nicolette Lupo ’18
Mr. Vincent, Jr. and Mrs. Genevieve Lupo Jr. P’18
Mr. Matthew Lupsha
Rabbi Brian L. Lurie ’64
Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Lusch ’57 P’80
Mrs. Marjorie Lusch-Duvall ’80
Mr. Paul A. Luscombe ’60*
Ms. Cristina F. Lussi P’18
Mr. Jacob R. Luster ’18
Ms. Elizabeth A. Lutes ’10
Mr. Brian C. Luther ’18
Mrs. Karen G. Luther P’16
Mr. Patrick J. Luther ’16
Mr. Daniel J. ’97 and Mrs. Cindy Fischer ’96 Luthern
Ms. Ashley E. Lutz ’17
Ms. Jennifer F. Lutz ’07
Ms. Kaitlyn R. Lutz ’18
Mr. Michael C. Lutz ’03
Mr. Thomas J. Lutz ’16
Mr. Thomas G. and Mrs. Jeannie Lutz P’18
Mr.* and Mrs. Walter S. Lutz Jr. ’62
Ms. Emma L. Luu Van Lang ’16
Mr. Kevin A. Lux
Luxembourg Ministry of Culture
Mr. Ethan R. Luxemburg ’18
Dr. Maury R. and Mrs. Susan C. Luxemburg P’18
Mr. Gregory J. Ly ’16
Mr. Paul E. Lycos ’04
Mr. and Mrs. F. Clark Lydic Jr. ’69
Mr. Jack Matthias Lydon ’19
Mr. James M. and Mrs. Vicki L. Lydon P’19
Ms. Kathleen Lydon
Ms. Mary Ellen Lydon
Mr. Matthias A. Lydon
Mr. Tom Lydon
Mr. and Mrs. Ted A. Lyle
Mr. G. Robert Lyles III ’86
Mr. Francis P. Lynah III
Mr. Daniel Adams and Mrs. Cynthia P. Lynch
Ms. Elizabeth King Lynch ’04
Ms. Emily N. Lynch ’18
Mr. Ford R. Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard R. Lynch
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Helen Lynch
Mr. John B. Lynch Jr. ’82
Ms. Jordan A. Lynch ’13
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Karen M. Lynch
Mr. Gerard and Mrs. Karol R. Lynch
Ms. Kathleen Cush Lynch ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard T. Lynch Jr. ’63
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Patricia Lynch
Mr. William and Mrs. Mary G. Lynch
Mr. Robert M. Lynch Jr. ’09
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Lynch
Ms. Suzanne M. Lynch ’08
Mr. Thomas J. and Mrs. Catherine D. Lynch
Mr. William H. Lynch ’80
Mr. Michael J. Lyness ’73
Mr. Michael J. Lyness ’08
Mr. David A. Lynn ’98
Ms. Melissa M. Lynskey ’17
Ms. Kristen A. Lyon ’07
Ms. Margaret Cunningham Lyon ’94
Dr. Thomas F. Lyon ’77
Mr. George P. ’04 and Ms. Colleen Fitzpatrick ’04 Lyons
Mr. Jeffrey W. and Mrs. Cynthia Lyons P’11
Ms. Kimberly Stokes Lyons
Mr.* and Mrs.* Louis J. Lyons ’58
Ms. Marla Kolarik Lyons ’96
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Janet M. Lyons P’22
Mr. Robert J. Lyons Jr. ’73
Mr. William J. Lyons
Mr. Richard I. Lyster ’13
Mr. Alvin P. Lyte ’03
Mr. D. Scott Lyttle ’10
Mr. David A. Lyttle ’65
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lyttle ’62
Mr. Jeffrey B. ’93 and Mrs. Marie Spencer ’95 Lyttle
Mr. Daniel P. Ma ’16
Ms. Haiwen Ma ’90
Ms. Wenjing Ma ’18
Ms. Xiao Yue Ma P’14
Mr. Xingjian Ma ’14
Ms. Xinyi Ma ’13
Mr. Ryan E. Maake ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maatta ’68
Mr. Thomas M. and Mrs. Joanna Maatta
Mr. Bryan W. Mabe ’06
Mr. Robert A. Maber ’16
Mr. Douglas A. Mabon ’64
Mr. Joseph W. Macaione
Mr. Jonathan M. Macasevich
Connor Robert Macaulay
Mr. Robert C. and Mrs. Deborah Macaulay
Mr. Daniel A. Maccabee ’14
Ms. Kristen MacCartney ’81
Mr. Stephen R. MacCorkle ’81
Ms. Andrea J MacCullough ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. MacDonald ’61 P’90
Ms. Elisabeth Hughes MacDonald ’81
Gillian Ann MacDonald ’22
Dean Gregory V. and Mrs. Victoria A. MacDonald P’22
Ms. Jane Lee MacDonald ’91
Mrs. Joyce MacDonald W’60
Mr. William MacDonald ’60*
Mrs. Paige F. Macdonald-Matthes ’89
Ms. Susan MacDonnell
Mr. Nathan L. Mace ’17
Dr. Ilene Rabin Macedo ’82
Mr. James S. and Dr. Christine M.MacElroy P’21
Mr. Douglas, Jr. and Mrs. Beverly A. Macewan
Ms. Susan Helliwell MacFaddin ’83
Dr. Sherburne M. MacFarlan ’52
Mrs. Kirsten Blakeman MacFarland ’98
Mr. Thomas H. MacGregor ’54
Mr. Jonathan L. ’88 and Ms. Jamie Mayer ’89 Mach
Mr. Bruce M. Machado ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Machalick P’13
Dr. Maria L. Machalick ’13
Mr. Raymond M. Macharia ’15
Ms. Ashley N. Machen ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Machen
Mr. Jim D. Machen
Mr. Michael A. Machen
Mr. Roy K. and Mrs. Joanne Machen P’15
Dr. Stephen M. Machen ’70
Mr. Mark G. ’98 and Mrs. Kristen Johnson ’96 Machiedo
Mr. Mark H. Machina ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Machlin
Mr. William R. MacHose
Mrs. Elmer L. Macht Jr. W’42*
Mrs. Johanna Turley Macinnes ’03
Ms. Cynthia B. Macioch P’12
Mrs. Denise Zevas MacIvor ’81
Mr. Anthony R. Mack ’57
Mr. Benjamin J. ’02 and Mrs. Jeni Cook Mack
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Mack ’04
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Harriett K. Mack
Mr. John Wilbur Mack ’39*
Ms. Mary M. Mack
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mack ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Mack
Ms. Aleni M. MacKarey ’16
Dr. Bruce G. MacKenzie ’51*
Mr. Leo A. Mackenzie ’18
Ms. Marybeth Sara MacKenzie ’84
Ms. Carrie Anne Mackey ’00
Mr.* and Mrs. E. Scudder Mackey ’42
Ms. Erin Fitzpatrick Mackey ’02
Ms. Jill Taylor Mackey ’88
Mr. Mark S. ’92 and Dr. Amy McNeal ’92 Mackey
Ms. Linnel C. Macklin ’15
Mr. John and Mrs. Adrienne G. MacLean
Mr. Malcom F., IV and Ms. Mimi Moriarty ’93 MacLean
Mr. Kyle J. MacLelland ’11
Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce MacLelland P’11
Dr. Janet MacLeod
Dr. Megan Bruther Macmillan ’97
Ms. Jennifer Kaas Macmurray ’96
Mr. Bruce R. and Mrs. Beverly MacNeill P’16
Ms. Heather J. MacNeill ’16
Ms. Lauren Macon
Ms. Martha B. Macon
Mr. Hamish P. MacPhail ’13
Mr. Hugh B. MacPhail and Ms. Kimberly A. Siebert P’13
Mr. Robert W. MacPherson Jr.
Ms. Genevieve P. Macrae ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Macrae P’16
Ms. Jacqueline B. Macri ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Macri ’78 P’06’09
Stephen J., Esq. ’82 and Mrs. Theresa A. Macri
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Mactas P’17
Mr. Eric S. and Mrs. Judith A. Macurdy P’11
Mr. Stephen T. Macurdy ’11
Mr. and Mrs. John J. MacVeigh III ’50
Mr. Eric and Ms. Dana N. Macy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Madafferi
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Madara ’50
Mrs. Melissa Stevens Madara ’02
Ms. Carolyn M. Madaras ’12
Dr. John S. and Mrs. Barbara S. Madaras P’12
Mr. Frank J. Maddalena
Judge John Thomas Madden ’54*
Ms. Mary P. Madden ’16
Mrs. Melissa McCarthy Madden ’92
Mr. Ronald C. and Mrs. Melanie A. Madden
Ms. Nancy Maddocks
Mr. Joseph J. ’76 and Mrs. Jaye Maddon
Ms. Annalese F. Maddox ’07
Ms. Meghan Schuster Madeira ’98
Mrs. Carol Madeiros P’21
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Iris V. Madera P’15
Mr. Joshua D. Madera ’15
Mr. R. James ’04 and Mrs. Abby Weichert ’05 Madigan
Ms. Cassidy M. Madison ’16
Mr. Gary M. and Mrs. Wendy Madison P’16
Madison Junior Lacrosse Club, Inc.
Ms. Paula Goldberg Madoff ’89
Mr. Thomas A. Madru ’66
Mr. Aldo A. and Dr. Silvia M. Magadan P’17
Ms. Amanda M. Magadan ’17
Mr. Christopher J. and Mrs. Patches S. Magarro P’21
Mr. Arthur J. and Mrs. Leslie S. Magee P’19
Mr. Christopher J. Magee ’06 and Ms. Emily H. Becher ’06
Ms. Emily O. Magee ’10
Mrs. Helen S. Magee P’68 GP’10*
Ms. Kayla Ann Magee ’19
Mr. Ralph K. Magee ’49
Mr. W. Robert Magee Sr. ’47*
Mr. W. Robert, Jr. ’85 and Mrs. Paula Wong Magee
Mrs. Kimberly Garwood Mages ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Maggin ’65 P’02
Mr. Daniel M. ’02 and Ms. Wendy Maggin
Ms. Lara I. Maggin ’13
Mr. Richard E. and Mrs. Anna L. Maggin
Mr. Wayne L. and Mrs. Suzanne Gould ’78 Maggin P’13
Mr. James M. and Mrs. Maria C. Maggio P’15
Ms. Laurie Typermass Maggio ’89
Mr. Stephen J. Maggio ’15
Mr. Donald G. Magill III ’75
Mr. John A. Magill
Rev. Frederick A. Magley ’46
Dr. Robert C. Magley ’51
Dr. Anthony H. Maglione ’75
Mrs. Denise D. Maglione
Mr. Timothy J. Magalione ’05
Ms. Alyson Young Magliozzi ’97
Ms. Julie L. Magnano ’98
Mr.* and Mrs. Lawrence C. Magnant Jr. ’71
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Carolyn Magnifico
Ms. Christine Scangarella Magnone ’80
Dr. Robert C. Magor ’57
Mr. Devin J. MaGrann ’08
Mrs. Theresa K. MaGrann
Mr. Leo K. ’80 and Ms. Laura Massey ’81 Magrath
Mr. Matthew M. Magrini ’09
Mr. Stuart Magruder
Ms. Whitney Magruder
Mrs. Cynthia C. Maguire ’82
Ms. Diana Maguire
Mr. James D. Maguire II ’14
Mr. James D. and Mrs. Beth S. Maguire P’14
Mr. Michael C. ’95 and Dr. Courtney Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Maguire P’14
Mr. John and Mrs. Tina L. Magura
Mr. Hugh M. Mahaffy ’44*
Mr. Joseph P. Mahal
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Mahale
Ms. Xin W. Mahaney-Walter ’08
Dr. Rijan Maharjan ’14
Mr. Christopher Maher and Ms. Maria Andreacchi-Maher P’17
Ms. Deirdre M. Maher ’08
Mr. John A. Maher ’81
Mr. Matthew M. Maher ’16
Richard J. Maher ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Mahler
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Mahlstedt
Ms. Suzanne F. Maholias
Ms. Amy J. Mahon ’00
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Mahon
Ms. Kaela A. Mahon ’09
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary C. Mahon
Mr. William K. Mahon
Mr. Sean and Mrs. Alice R. Mahoney
Ms. Christiane Mahoney
Mr. Gerard J. Mahoney ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Mahoney, Jr. P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Mahoney
Mrs. Linda T. Mahoney ’82
Mr. John P. ’90 and Ms. Stephanie Cook ’90 Mahoney
Mr. Whelan J. ’94 and Ms. Kristin McGinn ’95 Mahoney
Mr. Robert S. ’83 and Ms. Victoria Minturn ’83 Mahr
Mr. James F. Maiella ’65
Mr. James F. Maiella Jr. ’88
Ms. Amy Spanbauer Maier ’98
Ms. Hadleigh R. Maier ’16
Dr. James and Mrs. Christine F. Maier P’16
Mr. Lawrence J. Maier III ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Gustav W. Maikish
Main Street Music LTD
Main Street Submarines Inc
Mainstreet Brass Quintet
Nicholas Louis Maiorano ’22
Mr. Matthew B. Maiorino ’04
Ms. Isabella V. Maita ’17
Mr. Salvatore and Mrs. Maria N. Maita P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Maiwald ’70
Ms. Emily D. Maj ’18
Mr. Nicolas and Mrs. Ronda Marie Majeran
Mr. John and Ms. Kathi Majernik
Mr. John R. Majka ’85
Mr. Richard ’71 and Mrs. Jeannette Majka P’85 ’87
Ms. Lindsay F. Majno ’10
Mr. John Majowka P’13
Dr. Amith K. Majumdar ’95
Mr. Justin S. Makar
Mr. William Joseph Makoski Jr. ’80
Ms. Nancy Makowski
Andreas P. Makris ’22
Ms. Nicole L. Maksymiw ’18
Dr. June Slotter Malachosky ’74
Mrs. Katherine S. Malagiere ’05
Dr. Jay M. ’76 and Ms. Andrea Cohen ’78 Malamut
Mr. Scott F. Malaquias ’89
Mr. Alexander W. Malarchuk and Ms. Anna Fitzpatrick
Mr. Keith E. Malcolm ’71
Mrs. Maribel H. Maldonado ’85
Mr. Edward B. Maleh ’73
Mr. Matthew Dougherty and Mrs. Salmah Malek-Dougherty
Mr. Michael Malekoff ’75
Mr. Matthew J. Maley Jr. ’16
Mr. Matthew J. and Mrs. Donna S. Maley P’16
Ms. Marissa A. Malfettone ’10
Mr. Joseph and Ms. Sandra Malham
Ms. Melissa M. Malhame ’89
Ms. Antoaneta H. Malhasyan ’10
Ms. Bonnie Malhotra ’15
Mr. Kanwal K. Malhotra`49*
Mr. Surendra Malhotra
Mr. and Mrs. Vijay Malhotra
Mr. Vinod and Mrs. Rosario A. Malhotra P’15
Dr. Lawrence L. and Dr. Maryann L. Malinconico
Ms. Stephanie Dinan Maliniak ’78
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Molly S. Malinowski
Mr. Richard A. Malinowski ’63
Mr. Stephen Malkin
Ms. Samriddhi Malla ’10
Mr. Joseph M. Mallak Jr. ’18
Ann Mallavarapu ’20
Mr. James F. Mallay ’59 and Ms. Nancy J. Zacha
Mr. Robert F. Malley ’84
Ms. Karin W. Mallory ’88
Ms. Alison R. Malloy ’10
Mr. James J. Malloy ’61
Mr. Matthew R Malloy ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Malloy
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Malloy
Mr. Stephen F. ’06 and Mrs. Michaela M. ’08 Malloy
Mr. Eugene Malmquist ’82
Mr. Robert M. Malnati ’89
Mr. Brendan T. Malone ’15
Ms. Charla M. Malone ’97
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Malone
Mr. Lawrence J. ’76 and Mrs. Janis Whitten ’76 Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Malone
Mr. Michael D. Malone
Ms. Sarah E. Malone ’15
Ms. Sophia E. Malone ’12
Mr. James M. ’12 and Mrs. Lauren Berry ’14 Maloney
Mr. Michael A. Maloney ’09
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Ruth E. Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Maltz P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Maltz
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sylvia Maltz
Mr. William M. Maltz ’17
Mr. Scott R. Malyk ’98
Mrs. Tracy Kirsch Malz ’02
Mr. Stanley J. and Mrs. Denise Maminski P’12
Mr. Wayne Maminski ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Justin E. Mamis
Miss Iris H. Man ’10
Mr. Ariel and Mrs. Ilene Manacher P’14
Ms. Julia P. Manacher ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Manago
Mr. Thomas A. Manahan ’69
Mr. Michael Manchester
Mr. David D. Mancinelli
Mr. Anthony J. and Mrs. Tina B. Mancini P’22
Ms. Elizabeth A. Mancuso ’11
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Janet L. Manczak
Mr. Bartholomew J. Mandaglio ’69
Ms. Lauren M. Mandaglio ’03
Mr. Michael Mandarino
Mr. Cliff and Mrs. Caryn L. Mandel P’21
Ms. Karen L. Mandel ’05
Mr. Mitchel Mandel ’18
Mr. Howard Arnold Mandelbaum ’63
Ms. Chelsea L. Mandell ’12
Mrs. Joanna Giddon Mandell ’90
Ms. Jennifer J. Mandelson ’97
Ms. Nicole K. Manderson ’18
Mr. Brent S. Mandia ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Mandia ’92 Hon.D.’14
The 2014 Mandigo Family Trust
Mr. Gregory J. Mandile ’11
Mr. Carlo D. Mandrone ’70
Ms. Jacqueline C. Maneri
Mrs. Dorothy Manetta
Mr. Frank J., Jr. and Mrs. Angela L. Manetta P’22
Lily K. Manetta ’22
Ms. Sarina Manetta
Mr. John and Mrs. Sheryl Manfreda P’21
Mr. Terrence J. Mangan
Ms. Margaret Mangano
Dr. James T., Jr. ’03 and Mrs. Julie S. ’03 Mangarillo
Mr. Andrew E Mange ’19
Mr. John P. Mange Jr.
Dr. Kevin C. and Mrs. Renee S. Mange P’19
Mr. William A. Mangels ’61
Dr. Jules N. Manger ’71*
Mr. John B. Manges ’75
Mr. John J. Mangini Jr. ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mangino
Mr. Gregg Mangione ’90
Mr. Inder and Mrs. Neeta Manglani P’13
Ms. Monica I. Manglani ’13
Mr. Anthony V. Mangovski ’10
Audrey Lynn Mangum ’21
Mr. David E. Mangum and Mrs. Melissa K. Webb-Mangum P’21
Ms. Merredith Mangum
Mr. Lee E. Manifold ’61
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Ellen Marie Manion
Mr. Kyle R. Manjuck ’07
Mr. James W. Manley
Dr. Barton J. Mann*
Ms. Carol E. Mann ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Darwin A. Mann
Mr. Jacob R. Mann ’14
Mr. Jeffrey S. Mann ’89
Dr. Laura M. Mann P’14
Ms. Tina Mann
Mr. Warren C. Mann ’56
Mr. and Mrs. John Manna
Mr. Phillip J. Manna ’15
Mr. Robert H. Mannal ’65
Mr. William and Mrs. Karen O. Manners
Mr. Ronald T. Manney ’05
Ms. Alicia C. Manning ’13
Mr. Christopher P. and Mrs. Suzanne C. Manning P’13
Mr. Frank R. Manning ’91
Ms. Jeanne Walsh Manning ’85
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Manning
Mr. Mark Hughson and Ms. Susan Manning-Hughson
Ms. Carmel M. Mannion
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Mannion
Mrs. Katherine D. Mannion ’05
Dr. James W. Manns ’66
Ms. Elena C. Manoli ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Manoli
Mrs. Dina Uliana Manoway ’83
Mr. Brian D. ’91 and Mrs. Ebru Misirli Mansfield
Mr. Jason J. Mansilla ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Barbara John E. Manske
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Betsy Mansueto P’12
Ms. Marisa J. Mansueto ’12
Ms. Katerina R. Mantell ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Mantell
Mr.* and Mrs. Spencer A. Manthorpe ’58
Mr. Robert D. Mantz ’58
Mr.* and Mrs. Richard W. Manuel ’51
Mr. Walter M. Manuel ’66
Mr. Wilburn G. Manuel ’65
Gaetana M. Manuele
Ms. Elizabeth A. Manus ’15
Mr. Roger E. Manzano ’06
Mr. Gerardo Manzi
Ms. Jet Manzi ’17
Mr. Vito and Mrs. Lynn Manzi P’17
Manzi Pino & Company PC
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Patricia A. Manziano
Dr. Peiyuan Mao ’11
Ms. Joanne L. Mapoma
Mr. John E. and Mrs. Joan Elizabeth Mara P’11
Mr. Peter T. Mara ’11
Ms. Meghan C. Mara Ryan ’05
Ms. Jill Maraist
Ms. Ruth P. Maraist
Mrs. Cornelia B. Marakovits ’88
Ms. Alexa M. Maramba ’13
Mr. Daniel R. Marantz ’54
Mr. Jason R. Marason ’94
Mrs. Kathleen E. Marbach ’06
Mr. William R. and Mrs. Priscilla J. Marbaker P’19
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Marbaker
Mr. Joseph T. Marcantognini ’56
Mr. Michael A. Marcantonio ’09
Mrs. Viviana Marcatili-Keir ’76
Mrs. Kelly Cook Marcavage ’82
Mr. Jonathan J. Marcek ’11
Mr. Francis J. and Mrs. Debbie Marcelis P’19
Mr. Edward K. ’90 and Mrs. Veronica Gilmartin March
Mr. Gordon M. and Mrs. Marybeth Marchand
Mr. Emmanuel R. and Mrs. Shirley A. Marchena P’15
Ms. Grace E. Marchena ’15
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Margaret T. Marchesani
Ms. Kate A. Marchese ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Marchese
Mr. Matthew S Marchese ’19
Mr. Raffaele A. and Mrs. Amy L. Marchese P’19
Mr. John and Ms. Donna M. Marchetta
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Marchetta
Mr. Michael A. Marchetta ’17
Ms. Rosaria Marchetta P’17
Mrs. Thomasina Marchetta
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Marchiano
Dr. Alan M. ’00 and Ms. Marian Dorr ’00 Marchiori
Ms. Dominique T. Marcial ’16
Ms. Margaret K. Marcin
Dr. Corry L. Marcincin ’06
Mr. Frank B. Marcon ’50
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Ruth H. Marcon
Mr. Paul R. ’87 and Mrs. Mary Ziegler ’87 Marcotullio
Dr. Michelle Beloff Marcovici ’92
Dr. Elliot G. Marcus ’61*
Mr. Fredric L. and Mrs. Deborah A. Marcus P’13
Mr. James T. Marcus ’50*
Mr. Jon P. Marcus ’70*
Mr. Justin J. Marcus ’13
Lawrence I. Marcus M.D. ’58
Mr. Robert S. Marcus ’62
Dr. Robert J. Marcus ’89
Mr. Michael Margello ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Margolies ’74
Ms. Elizabeth M. Margolis ’09
Mr. Jonah M. Margulis ’01
Mrs. Gladys Walker Marhefka W’24*
Ms. Michelle S. Mariconda ’12
Mr. William and Mrs. Maria C. Mariencheck
Mr. David M. Marieni ’77
Dr. Ioana A. Marin ’11
Mr. Michael D. Marin ’09
Ms. Elaine Callahan Marinaccio ’82
Mr. Anthony J. and Mrs. Lynn K. Marinaro P’14
Ms. Joan Marinaro
Mr. Alex and Mrs. Leslie Marinaro
Mr. Peter A. Marinaro ’75
Mr. Gary R. and Mrs. Karen Marinelli P’17
Ms. Kristyn C. Marinelli ’17
Mr. Matthew L. ’86 and Ms. Laurie King ’90 Marinelli
Ms. Gina L. Marini ’17
Mr. Stephen Marinko ’85
Mr. David Meehan and Ms. Beverly A. Marino
Mr. Daniel J Marino ’19
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Helen P. Marino
Mr. James M. and Mrs. Carol Marino P’19
Ms. Kimberly Iden Marino ’93
Mr. Lawrence Marino
Mrs. Margaret A. Marion ’95
Mr. David J. Marione ’82
Mr.* and Mrs. Andrew Peery Mark ’72 P’09
Mr. Christian A. Mark ’09
Mr. James P. ’00 and Mrs. Lisa Shanahan ’00 Mark
Dr. Robert E. Markarian ’35*
Mr. Donald L. Markey ’61
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Markey
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Doreen Markferding
Mr. Patrick Markham
Mr. Alvan Markle IV ’65
Mr. Christopher P. Markley ’81
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson G. Markley ’62
Mr. Thomas J. and Mrs. Anita F. Marko P’14
Mr. Dennis Markos
Mr. Richard E. Markovich ’75
Dr. Henry Markovits and Dr. Joyce F. Benenson P’20
Mr. David A. Markowitz ’93
Mr. Benjamin A. Marks ’17
Dr. Dalton S. Marks ’61*
Mr. Frederic R. Marks Sr. ’68*
Mr. Jack W. ’92 and Ms. Meredith Renk ’92 Marks
Mr. Kevin A. ’89 and Mrs. Leslie Dymond Marks
Mrs. Louise C. Marks W’61
Mrs. Rosemarie A. Marks W’68
Ms. Camille Inez Marks Georgaros ’99
Mrs. Jadine Marks-Finch ’90
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Claire J. Marlar
Mr. Seth M. Marlatt ’98 and Ms. Megan O’Neill ’96
Mr. Kenneth R. Marlin and Ms. Allison Johnson P’16
Mr. Matthew A. Marlin ’16
Mrs. Bernice e. Marlo W’29*
Marlo Living Trust
Ms. Lillian B. Marlow
Ms. Karen S. Marmaras
Mr. Dimitar M. Marmarov ’07
Mr. Jon-Paul H. ’02 and Mrs. Deborah Katchen ’03 Marnien
Mr. William L. Marohn
Ms. Chelsea R. Marone ’13
Ms. Margaret Marone
Mr. Michael J. Marone
Mr. Robert J. and Mrs. Caroline Marone P’13
Mr. Stephen G. and Mrs. Jeanne M. Maroney P’19
Ms. Karen Tuomi Marosi ’94
Jacob Michael Marotti ’20
Mr. and Mrs. John Marotti P’20
Mrs. Katelyn O’Connell Marquart ’15
Ms. Heather Chalfant Marquis ’96
Marquis Players
Mr. Wayne D. Marquoit ’68
Andrew Robert Marra ’19
Mr. Gerald J. and Mrs. Irene S. Marra P’19
Mr. Leon D. and Mrs. Kerry Marrano P’15
Mr. Richard P. Marrano ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marrella
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Marrella
Ms. Elizabeth T. Marren
Ms. Harriet Barriga Marritz ’74
Mr. Alberto and Mrs. Rosa M. Marsal
Ms. Kathleen M. Marschall P’13
Ms. Meghan Harrington Marschall ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Ray T. Marschall
Mr. Thomas I. Marschik ’71
Mr. Tommaso R. Marsella ’06
Mr. Alan D. Marsh ’67
Mr. Erik J. Marsh ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery R. Marsh P’95
Mr. Matthew G. ’03 and Mrs. Kristin M. ’03 Marsh
Marsh & McLennan Agency
Mr. Jason E. Marshalek ’13
Mr. Brad A. Marshall ’16
Ms. Cary S. Marshall ’09
Mr. Christopher M. Marshall ’70
Mrs. Elizabeth Koskinen Marshall ’04
Mr. Eric C. Marshall ’10
Mr. Gary A. Marshall ’67
Mrs. Janet M. Marshall
Mr. Jeff Marshall
Mr. John S. Marshall ’88
Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall
Mr. John D. Marshall ’14
Ms. Kirsten I. Marshall ’13
Ms. Mary Marshall
Mr. Michael R. Marshall ’92
Mr. Shawn and Mrs. Phyllis Marshall-Moriarty P’16
Mr. Gabriel B. and Ms. Michelle Calvo ’01 Marshank
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Marshman ’62
Dr. Carmen J. Marsit `00
Mr. Derek J. Marston ’03
Ms. Alisa Bonasoni Martel ’82
Mr. Stephan J. Martel ’13
Mr. David B. Martens ’86
Mr. J. Bradford Martens ’91
Mr. John H. Martens ’63
John Michael Marti
Mr. John L. and Mrs. Dana H. Marti
Mr. Adam W. Martin ’41*
Ms. Anne Pomeroy Martin
Mr. Anthony Peter Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur I. Martin
Mr. Brian Martin
Mr. Charles A. Martin ’62
Mr. Curtis C. Martin ’66
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Elizabeth K. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. George Keith Martin ’68
Dr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Martin ’66
Mr. James B. Martin ’67
Mr. James I. Martin ’73
Mr. James and Mrs. Elizabeth Martin P’11
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Martin
Mr. Jeffrey K. Martin ’78
Dr. Jessica L. Martin ’04
Mr. John G. and Mrs. Rosanne Martin P’12
Mr. John R. Martin
Mr. Jon J. Martin ’11
Mr. Joseph P. ’06 and Mrs. Helen Duffy ’06 Martin
Ms. Julie J. Martin ’87
Ms. Kamaka R. Martin ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Martin
Mr. Graham and Ms. Lois C. Martin
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Laura J. Martin P’12
Mr. Nigel J. Martin ’10
Mr. Patrick Martin
Mr. Peter S. and Mrs. Deirdre W. Martin P’19
Ms. Rachel M. Martin ’14
Mr. Richard W. Martin ’09
Mr. Robert A. Martin Jr. ’93
Mr. Samuel W. Martin ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Martin ’67
Mr. Selden K. and Mrs. Ellen S. Martin
Ms. Tania Nemeth Martin ’89
TayJon Jaleel Martin ’22
Thomas Patrick Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Wade R. Martin P’14
Mr. Walter H. Martin ’12
Ms. Wendy J. Martin ’02
Martin M Sacks & Associates
Ms. Margaret C Martindale ’19
Mr. Timothy I. and Mrs. Maureen H. Martindale P’19
Mr. and Mrs. John Martin-Eatinger
Mr. Kyle S. Martinelli
Mr. Brandon J. Martinez ’16
Ms. Cherie Cooke Martinez ’84
Ms. Christa A. Martinez ’13
Mr. Christopher D. Martinez ’14
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Bonnie S. Martinez P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Gammy Martinez
Mr. Giovanni A. Martinez ’06
Mrs. Jessica Coakley Martinez ’03
Mr. Daniel F. Martini ’07
Mr. Gary F. Martini ’69
Ms. Rebecca L. Martini ’12
Mr. Jeffrey J. and Mrs. Michelle M. Martinides P’18
Ms. Kathryn L. Martinides ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Martinko Sr.
Mr. Jeremy R. Martin-Mills ’15
Ms. Meagan A. Martino ’07
Olivia J. Martino ’21
Dr. Gabriela J. Martins ’03
Ms. Maria Martins
Ms. Barbara Dawson Martinson ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Martocci ’56
Mr. Eric Martocci ’17
Dr. Laura A. Martocci ’84
Ms. Gabrielle Martone ’19
Ms. Marissa A. Martorella ’11
Mr. John F. ’86 and Ms. Sarah Bubb ’86 Martucci
Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Martyr
Ms. Amanda E. Martz ’07
Ms. Christiana Marullo ’10
Mr. Donald E. Marusiak ’78
Ms. Daphne Marvel
Mr. James D. and Mrs. Christine Marver P’11
Marvil Funeral Home LTD
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Marvin ’69 P’04
Mr. Ernest W. Marvin and Ms. Kristine F. Kenison P’11
Mr. Ulf Marxen ’88
Mary B. Reczek Revocable Trust
Mary Elizabeth Skillman Trust
Mary Lou Corcoran
Maryann Gapsis Stampin’ Up
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton H. Maryott
Mr. Douglas C. Maryott ’07
Mrs. Michelle S. Maryott ’92
Mrs. Donna Antonicelli Marzo ’83
Ms. Christina M. Marzocca ’15
Mr. Gary D. and Mrs. Donna Marzocca P’15
Ms. Lauren M. Marzocca ’12
Ms. Lauren E. Marzolf ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Marzuoli
Ms. Lisa R. Mascali ’10
Mr. Frank E. and Mrs. Holly K. Maschio P’17
Mr. Jonathan E. Maschio ’17
Ms. Nicole M. Maselli ’14
Mr. Alexander ’81 and Ms. Catherine Thomas ’82 Masetti
Ms. Tamara Day Masiado ’91
Dr. Michael B. Maskin ’69
Mr. Dean W. Masland ’59
Ms. Sarah E. Masland-Fatherree ’07
Ms. Alaina D. Masler ’09
Gary William Masline Esq. ’69
Dr. Nicholas A. Masluk ’06
Mr. Brian K. ’08 and Mrs. Sarah Maxwell ’09 Mason
Mr. E. Robert Mason Jr. ’43*
Dr. James F. Mason III ’69
Ms. Jamie A. Mason
Ms. Julia C. Mason ’13
Mr. Lee Mason and Ms. Lisa A. Doutt
Ms. Lisa LeMoult Mason ’92
Ms. Stephanie C. Mason ’10
Mr. Thomas W. and Mrs. Amanda S. Mason P’13
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mason
Mass Mutual
Mr. Daniel R. Massa `08
Mr. Jeff A. and Mrs. Karen L. Massa P’13
Ms. Jennifer A. Massa ’15
Mr. Michael S. Massa ’13
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Massa P’08
Mrs. Valerie K. Massard ’87
Dr. David B. Massey ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight B. Massey
Mr. Marshall N. Massey ’08
Mr. Kirk T. Massie ’15
Mr. Matthew H. and Mrs. AnnMarie Massie P’15
Mr. George A. Massih ’83
Mr. Leo M. Massimino ’17
Ms. Diane Mast
Mr. Jared M. Mast ’04
Mr. Nathaniel C. ’07 and Ms. Miranda Dolan ’07 Mast
Mr. Steven R. Mast ’03
Ms. Emilee J. Masters ’15
Mr. Richard G. Masters ’56
Ms. Dorothy Growney Masterson ’90
Ms. Jill E. Masterton ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Masterton
Dr. Meghan B. Mastro ’03
Mr. Michael L. Mastria ’16
Mr. Secondo Mastrobattista
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Suzanne L. Mastronardo P’15
Ms. Kristen N. Masullo
Ms. Elizabeth M. Matakitis ’02
Ms. Barbara A. Matase ’84
Ms. Robyn A. Matchett ’09
Ms. Emma K. Matecki ’16
Mr. Michael C. and Mrs. Patricia A. Matecki P’16
Mr. Didier A. Matel ’85
Ms. Branka Matevich
Mathematical Association of America
Ms. Sony S. Mathew ’17
Ms. Megan E. Mathews
Ms. Stephanie L. Mathews P’22
Mrs. Alison Streim Mathias ’02
Ms. Cathy Murasko Matko ’89
Mr. David J. Matlow ’97
Mr. Andrew A. Matos ’04
Ms. Cindy Matos Beltre ’18
Ms. Lauren R. Matrale ’17
Mr. Matthew J. Matsinko ’96
Mr. Tadashi C. Matsumoto ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mattei
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Louise M. Matteoni
Mr. Walter A. Mattheiss Jr. ’55
Ms. Haley Ruth Matthes ’19
Ms. Allison M. Matthews ’15
Mr. Donald N. Matthews ’53
Mr. James and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Matthews
Gale F. Matthews Esq. ’77
Ms. Jean Rhodes Matthews
Dr. Julie-Anne Walsh Matthews ’89
Mr. Mark and Ms. Kimberly A. Matthews
Mr. Luke B. Matthews ’07
Mr. James and Mrs. Micki Matthews Matthews
Mr. Victor B. Matthews ’80
Mr. Wilson H. Matthias Jr. ’51
Mrs. Mary Seaman Matthiessen ’87
Mr. James I. Mattikow ’86
Ms. Wanda J. Mattis ’97
Mr.* and Mrs. Franklin S. Mattison ’56
Dr. Richard E. Mattison ’68
Mr. Cory J. Mattocks ’10
Mr. Fadomba M. Matturi ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Matturri Jr. P’16
Mr. Christopher N. Matturri ’16
Ms. Lauren C. Matturri ’14
Ms. Adeline Matusky
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Denise Matusky
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Matusky P’13
Ms. Megan M. Matusky ’13
Mr. Frederick C. Matz ’67
Mr. Gordon J. Mau ’68
Dr. Brittany N. Maugeri ’10
Dr. Michael E. and Dr. Cheryl Marcus ’91 Mauney
Mr. Ko K. Maung ’07
Mr. Andrew D. Maurer ’02
Mr. Andrew G. Maurer ’10
Mr. Bradley A. ’07 and Ms. Laura Ellman ’08 Maurer
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Maurer
Dr. Kirk J. Maurer ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle A. Maurer
Mrs. Lauren E. Maurer ’05
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Tara L. Maurer
Mr. Glen M. and Mrs. Patricia M. Mauriello P’19
Haley Elizabeth Mauriello
Mr. Mark J. Maves and Ms. Lou Soller P’19
Ms. Morgan Alexandra Maves ’19
Max Kade Foundation Inc.
Ms. Joan B. Maxes
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Maxon P’13
Dr. Victoria A. Maxon ’13
Alison Toner Maxwell ’22
Ms. Mancy Ann Maxwell ’81
Ms. Ariane D. May ’89
Ms. Barbara Gubner May ’03
Ms. Dionne J. May ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. May
Mr. Jack B. May Jr. ’61
Ms. Laura M. May ’78
Ms. Lisa Bryson May ’97
Mr. Richard D. May ’41*
Dr. Ronald C. May ’58
Elizabeth Danuta Mayer ’22
Dr. Gerhard E. and Ms. Margaret C. Mayer P’20
Mr. John A. Mayer Jr.
Dr. Oscar H. Mayer P’22
Mr. Richard D. Mayer ’73
Mr. Richard Mayer ’73
Ms. Sherri E. Mayer ’75
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Theresa A. Mayer
Ms. Sara L. Mayes
Mr. Kyle L. Mayfield ’17
Mrs. Kristin B. Mayhew ’92
Mr. Daniel D. Maynard ’87
Dr. Melissa Landon Maynard ’01
Mr. Toby A. Maynard ’12
Maynard’s College Hill Tavern
Ms. Tara C. Mayo ’10
Mr. Siegfried and Mrs. Patricia J. Mayr
Mr. L.G. and Mrs. Cres D. Mayuga
Madeleine L. Mayuga
Ms. Malahat Mazaher ’16
Ms. Erika J. Mazer ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mazer ’72 P’07
Mr. Stephen P. Mazich ’15
Mr. Stephen A. and Mrs. Barbara A. Mazich P’15
Mr. William S. Mazor ’92
Mr. Joyotu Mazumder ’14
Dr. Kristen L. Mazur ’08
Mr. Neil A. Mazur ’83
Mr. Patrick J. Mazur ’91
Mr. Zachary J. Mazur ’15
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Catherine A. Mazza
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lillian E. Mazza
Mr. and Mrs. Perry F. Mazza
Mrs. Molly N. Mazzaferro ’06
Mrs. Becky Dreibelbis Mazzei ’02
Ms. Linda Spelman Mazziotto ’90
Mr. Frank Mazzola and Ms. Cynthia Peterson
Ms. Carey Lee Mazzoni ’00
Ms. Karen H. Mazzucco
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mc Cann
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Anne E. Mc Mahon
Ms. Kathryn Gasorek McAdams ’82
Dr. David J. McAdoo ’63
Mr. Michael J. McAfee ’78
Mr. Alfred R. McAllister ’98
Mr. Keith McAllister
Ms. Tara E. McAllister ’09
Mr. Harrison McAlpine Jr.
Ms. Jordan May McAndrew ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McAndrew
Mr. Kevin S. McAndrew ’15
Mr. Martin J. McAndrew and Dr. Susan Varevice-McAndrew P’22
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kimberly T. McAndrew P’19
Molly Susan McAndrew ’22
Mr. Timothy B. ’81 and Mrs. Connie A. McAndrew
Mr. William F. McAndrew ’58
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Stephanie McAneney
Mrs. Meghan L. McArdle ’04
Mr. Thomas J. McArthur ’93
Mr. Bryan D. McAtee ’11 and Ms. Jennifer E. R. Bell ’11
Mr. Charles McAtee and Mrs. Tamra Howard-McAtee
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard C. McAuley
Mr. Matthew P. McAuliffe ’18
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Michele C. McAuliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. McAuliffe P’18
Mr. James W. and Mrs. Karen R. McAvoy P’18
Mr. Scott R. McAvoy ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. McAvoy IV
Ms. Allison J. McBrearty ’18
Mr. Brian E. and Mrs. Suzanne M. McBride P’22
Ms. Catherine A. Hobby McBride’05
Mr. Clyde M. McBride ’49
Ms. Yolanda McBride ’94
Ms. Carlianne McCabe ’16
Ms. Mary C. McCabe ’16
Ms. Maureen T. McCabe ’96
Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Mary Theresa McCabe P’16
Mr. Robert E. McCabe
Mr. Jeffrey K. McCafferty ’89
Mrs. Coleen Brennan McCaffery ’84
Ms. Noreen H. McCaffrey ’85
Mr. John L. McCain Jr. ’64
Mr. Philip H. McCallum
Ms. Diane F. McCammon ’92
Mr. David K. McCann ’89
Mr. James J. and Mrs. Nancy McCann P’12
Mr. John C. McCann ’55
Mr. and Mrs. John J. McCann
Mr. Joseph H. McCann III ’75 and Mrs. Jane L. Olenchuk
Mr. Matthew B. McCann ’17
Ms. Meredith A. McCann ’12
Mr. W. Scott McCann Jr. ’58*
Ms. Ellen McCann-McNally
Ms. Kate E. McCarrick ’12
Mr. Thomas E. and Mrs. Diane L.McCarrick P’12
Mr. William J. and Mrs. Diane K. McCarrick
Ms. Linda Checchio McCarron ’86
Mr. Robert M. McCarron ’58
Ms. Anne E. McCarron-Applin ’85
Mr. and Mrs. James K. McCartan
Mr. William M. ’82 and Ms. Kathleen Berejka ’83 McCartan
Mr.* and Mrs. William J. McCarter ’51
Mr. Timothy and Ms. Alice McCarthy
Ms. Amanda McCarthy
Ms. Ana Duarte McCarthy ’81
Mrs. Ann McCarthy
Ms. Christine N. McCarthy ’16
Mr. and Mrs. David G. McCarthy P’18
Ms. Elizabeth Clarke McCarthy ’90
Mrs. Elizabeth Matthews McCarthy ’02
Ms. Gina Lukaszewicz McCarthy ’96
Mr. James McCarthy GP’18
Mr. and Mrs. James A. McCarthy
Mr. John D. McCarthy
Ms. Keara F. McCarthy ’10
Mr. Kevin M. McCarthy ’78
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Lisa M. McCarthy
Ms. Margaret McCarthy P’12
Ms. Mary T. McCarthy ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. McCarthy
Ms. Molly McCarthy
Ms. Nancy S. McCarthy ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McCarthy P’10
Mr. Richard J. McCarthy Jr ’07
Ms. Roni Lynn McCarthy
Mr. Thomas McCarthy
Mr. William F. McCarthy ’18
Dr. John T. McCartney*
Mr. John N. McCartney III ’96
Mr. Kevin P. McCartney ’86
Ms. Stephanie N. McCartney ’17
Mr. Charles I. McCarty
Dr. Kevin McCarty
Mr. Kevin D. McCarville ’12
Mr. Timothy nd Mrs. Catherine A. McCarville P’12
Mr. James D. McCaughey ’65
Mr. Ryan N. McCaughey ’06
Ms. Caroline S. McCauley ’17
Mr. Christopher F. McCauley ’95
Ms. Debra Blackburn McCauley
Ms. Jean Toce McCauley ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. McCauley
Mr. Jake S. McCausland ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. McCausland ’91 P’18
Mr. K. Craig McChesney ’86
Mr. Larry D. and Mrs. Lorraine E. McClain P’12
Mr. Steven D. McClain ’12
Mr. M. and Mrs. Martha H. McClatchey
Mr. Andrew J. McClay ’51
Ms. Jean Muchmore McCleary
Reverend* John McCleary Jr. ’52 and Mrs. Lila McCleary
Mr. Lee W. McClellan ’79*
Mr. Peter R. ’94 and Mrs. Lisa D. ’94 McClellan
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. McClelland
Ms. Heather M. McClelland ’02
Mr. Arthur M. McClement ’77
Mr. Daniel F. McClendon ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. McClintock ’71
Ms. Amanda Bochner McCloskey ’05
Mr. Daniel P. and Mrs. Christine M. McCloskey
Mr. Brandon T. McCloud ’05
Mr. Robert C. McClure ’74
Mr. and Mrs. William E. McClure Jr. ’63
Dr. Donald McCluskey ’36*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. McCluskey ’74
Ms. Jannine M. McColgan ’94
Casey James McCollum ’22
Ms. Shirley W. McCollum
Rev. Guy E. ’72 and Mrs. Marian Lee Barclay McCombs
Mr. Glen G. McConky ’70 and Ms. Christine E. Haile
Mrs. Page P. McConnel ’99
Mr. Christopher W. McConnell ’09
Mr. Matthew G. ’87 and Mrs. Susan Mousseau ’88 McConnell
Ms. Sarah P. McConnell ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. McConnell P’09
Ms. Virginia E. McConnell
Mrs. Barbara A. McCooe
Mr. John J. and Mrs. Rosemary McCooe P’17
Mr.* and Mrs. John J. McCooe
Mr. Michael J. McCooey ’57
Mr. James P. McCool ’15
Mr. James P. and Mrs. Diana McCool P’15
Ms. Bonnie J. McCorkindale ’81
Mr. Douglas S. McCorkle ’78
Ms. Hope A. McCorkle ’98
Mr. John McCorkle
Ms. Alyson Vassel McCormack ’92
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. McCormack
Mr. Michael A. McCormack ’87
Mr. Michael P. McCormack ’17
Dr. Edward D. McCormick `71
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. McCormick
Mrs. Kathleen R. McCormick
Mr. Michael and Ms. Mary C. McCormick
Dr. Paul J. McCormick ’57
Mr. Ryan D. McCormick ’14
Mr. Stephen J. McCormick ’12
Mr. Timothy M. ’96 and Ms. Rebecca Fowler ’96 McCormick
Ms. Dorothy Booth McCoun ’85
Mr. Mark E. ’81 and Mrs. Marion Philpot ’81 McCourt
Dr. Britney J. McCoy ’05
Mr. Christopher T. ’88 and Mrs. Christine Borrazzo ’86 McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. McCoy P’21
Mrs. Kathleen M. McCoy ’00
Mr. Lyle E. McCoy Jr. ’78
Ms. Marisa Rosania McCoy ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Terence P. McCoy Jr.
Mr. Dennis R. McCracken ’69
Ms. Sally Scheuermann McCraven ’85
Mr. Scott S. McCray ’97
Mr. George F. McCrea III ’52
Mr. Michael P. McCrea ’00
Mr. Eugene McCreary ’54
Dr. Dale McCreedy ’78
Mr. William McCrossan
Mr. Joseph C. McCrossen Jr. ’95 and Ms. Kristine A. Zeigler ’96
Austin Bradford McCrum
Ms. Barbara McCue
Ms. Chelsea K. McCue ’09
Mr. Eric D. ’97 and Ms. Courtney Knarr ’99 McCue
Mr. Frank and Ms. Nancy N. McCue
Ms. Whitney Laird McCullam ’07
Dr. Mary Kate McCullen ’00
Mrs. Elizabeth C. McCulloch ’06
Mr. J. Michael H. McCulloch ’12
Mr. Robert, III and Mrs. Deborah McCulloch P’12
Ms. Alexandra A. McCullough ’16
Ms. Amy McCullough
Mr. Colin F. McCullough ’11
Dr. David H. McCullough P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. McCullough
Mr. Matthew McCullough
Ms. Nancy H. McCullough
Mr. Richard B. and Mrs. Shirley McCullough P’11
Mr. Walter J. McCullough Jr. ’63
Mr. D. Christian ’89 and Mrs. Kirsten C. McCumber
Mr. Dudley P. McCurdy ’51*
Mr. Harry P. McCurdy Jr. ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. McCurdy ’82
Dr. Richard R.P. ’98 and Ms. Rachel Spahn ’99 McCurdy
Ms. Casey E. McCusker ’16
Mrs. Ashley Brown McCutcheon ’04
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. McCutcheon P’09
Mr. Ian M. ’09 and Mrs. Cara A. ’10 McCutcheon
Mr. Thomas K. McCutcheon ’15
Mr. William T. McCutcheon Jr.
Mr. Andre J. McDaniel ’76
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Karen A. McDaniel
Aidan Bernard McDermott ’20
Mr. Bartley E. McDermott ’80
Ms. Brooke S. McDermott
Mr. Bruce L. ’86 and Mrs. Sally Schwartz ’86 McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. G. Bruce McDermott ’69 P’03
Cdr. James J. McDevitt USN (Ret.) ’63
Ms. Marybeth C. McDevitt ’80
Mr. William E. and Mrs. Theresa A. McDonagh P’13
Mr. Brian P. McDonald ’10
Mr. Brian J. and Mrs. Iris S. McDonald P’14
Ms. Coleen S. McDonald ’18
Mr. Daniel E. McDonald ’10
Daniel Patrick McDonald ’20
Dr. Edward R. and Mrs. Hanna M.McDonald P’21
Ms. Elzbieta McDonald
Mr. Frank J. McDonald Jr. ’46*
Mr. Gordon S. ’95 and Ms. Alison Sipe ’95 McDonald
Mr. James S. McDonald ’76
Mr. Hubert and Dr. Joyce McDonald
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Kathleen E. McDonald
Kathryn Mills McDonald ’20
Luke H. Mcdonald
Mr. Nathan J. McDonald ’14
Mr. Robert J., Jr. and Mrs. MaryEllen McDonald P’20
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. McDonald ’64
Mr. William A. and Mrs. Carin M. McDonald P’18
Madeline C. McDonald Estate
Ms. Barbara McDonnell
Ms. Ellen Keogh McDonnell ’19
Mr. George A. McDonnell ’53*
Ms. Alexandra L. McDonough ’14
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Anne H. McDonough
Ms. Barbara A. McDonough ’00
Ms. Brittany E. McDonough ’18
Ms. Carolyn R. McDonough ’18
Dr. Colin J. McDonough ’05
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Joan S. McDonough
Mr. Joseph McDonough ’39*
Ms. Katherine L. McDonough ’08
Dr. and Mrs. Mark W. McDonough P’18
Mr. Michael C. McDonough ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McDonough P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. McDonough
Mr. and Mrs. Edward McDougal
Mr. John and Mrs. Sally Houston McDougall
Dr. Ashley P. McDowell ’05
Mr. Fred W. McDowell ’61
Mr. Randal James McDowell ’70
Ms. Alicia M. McElhone ’12
Mr. Scott F. and Mrs. Janice McElhone P’12
Mr. Edmund G. McElroy Jr. ’64
John J McElroy
Ms. Lisa Reynolds McElroy ’87
Mr. Neil J. McElroy and Ms. Marilyn Kann
McElroy Deutsch Mulvaney & Carpenter
Ms. Caitlin E. McEwan ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McEwan
Dr. Robert A. ’05 and Mrs. Amanda Driscoll ’06 McEwen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. McEwen
Mr. Edward J. and Ms. Dana L. McFadden
Mr. Douglas A. McFadden
Ms. Katherine S. McFadden ’10
Ms. Kathleen G. McFadden ’16
Mr. Michael W. ’04 and Mrs. Shannon Sullivan ’04 McFadden
Mr. Michael P. and Ms. Christina A. McFadden P’16
Mr. Paul J. McFadden ’13
Mr. John and Mrs. Sandra Lee McFadden
Ms. Tracy S. McFarlan ’13
Dr. Alan W. McFarland ’72
Ms. Cathy Stoops McFarland
Mrs. Erica Caplan McFarland ’00
Mrs. George C. McFarland*
Mr. Joseph W. McFarland Jr. ’85
Mrs. Margaret S. McFarland ’84
Tanner Joseph McFarland ’21
Mr. Anthony T. and Mrs. Tracy R. McFarlane P’19
Ms. Jamie D. McFarlane ’07
Mr. Maxwell Tyler McFarlane ’19
Mr. Stephen R. ’06 and Ms. Naa L. Quarcoo ’04 McFarlane
Mr. Tyler R. McFarlane ’12
Mr. John McFeeley III ’60*
Ms. Laurie Hoonhout McFeeley ’80
Ms. Dana Gould McFerran ’96
Ms. Amye Paige McGaheran
Mr. and Mrs. John McGarrity
Mr. Michael D. McGarrity ’02
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mary C. McGarry
Ms. Megan Tully McGarvey ’88
Dr. Sharon M. McGavick
Mr. Lee J. McGeady ’76
Dr. Leon J. McGeady*
Mr. Martin N. McGeary Jr. ’60
Ms. Caitlin McGee ’05
Mr. Connor M. McGee ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. McGee
Gerard M. McGeehan Ph.D. ’80 and Ms. Judy P. Ways
Mr. Richard C. McGeehan Jr.
Ms. Leslie J. McGeorge ’77
Mr. John J. ’87 and Mrs. Katherine K. ’89 McGettigan
Mr. and Mrs. David M. McGhee
Ms. Brigid C. McGill ’17
Mr. Joseph M. and Mrs. Maryellen McGill P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas McGinley P’19
Mr. Patrick McGinley ’19
Mr. Howard A. McGinn
Mr. Arthur J. and Mrs. Monica McGinnis P’15
Mrs. Kristen Ruckno McGinnis ’08
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Patricia K. McGinnis
Dr. Ryan S. ’09 and Mrs. Ellen Waxler ’09 McGinnis
Ms. Taylor A. McGinnis ’15
Mrs. Jennie Mitman McGirr ’88
Mr. and Mrs. John E. McGlade
Ms. Linda Romano McGloin ’86
Ms. Maria McGloin
Ms. Frances C. McGlone
Mr. Carl T. McGloughlin ’97 and Ms. Julie DeMotte ’96
Mr. Daniel J. McGlynn ’75
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Elizabeth M. McGlynn
Hannah Molly McGlynn ’22
Kelsie Marie McGlynn ’21
Mr. Raymond J., III and Mrs. Susan Miller ’81 McGlynn P’21
Mr. Andrew J. and Mrs. Katherine S. McGonigle P’15
Ms. Emily I. McGonigle ’15
Mrs. Barbara A. McGorry
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. McGorry P’12
Ms. Sarah J. McGorry ’12
Mr. Kevin F. McGough ’11
Mr. Michael F. and Mrs. Janice McGough P’11
Mr. James and Mrs. Beth Ann McGovern
Ms. Colleen M. McGovern ’18
Mr. Eric M. McGovern ’10
Mr. Evan M. McGovern ’12
Mr. Francis J., Jr. and Mrs. Maureen P. McGovern P’18
Mr. James McGovern ’64
Mrs. Janet Wild McGovern ’84
Ms. Stephanie Tolischus McGovern ’96
Mr. Kevin and Ms. Tracy G. McGovern
Mr. Terence and Mrs. Catherine McGowan
Ms. Colleen C. McGowan ’12
Mr. Gerard J. McGowan Jr. ’75
Mr. John W. McGowan III ’73
Mr. John J. McGowan ’87
Mr. Joseph A. McGowan ’01
Mr. Matthew V. McGowan ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. McGowan P’12
Mr. Christopher J. McGrail ’90
Ms. Kelly K. McGrail ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McGrail ’55 P’89
Mr. Matthew F. McGranaghan ’10
Ms. Amy Blase McGrath ’89
Mr. Brian T. McGrath ’72 and Dr. Carmen Paradis
Mr. Brian T. McGrath ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. McGrath
Mr. John J., Sr. and Mrs. Eleanor E. McGrath P’12
Ms. Kelly A. McGrath ’10
Dr. Kevin M. McGrath ’88
Mr. Peter J. McGrath ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGrath
Mr. Sean P. McGrath ’12
Mrs. Marjorie D. McGraw W’51*
Mr. Michael G. McGraw ’78
Mr. Robert D. McGray ’72
Mr. Michael A. McGrew ’63
Mr. David N. McGriff ’18
Mr. Sammie L. and Dr. Mary C. McGriff P’18
Mr. Kevin T. McGuigan ’13
Mr. James and Mrs. Theresa A. McGuigan
Mr. Christopher M. McGuinn ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. McGuinn Jr. P’05
Mr. John J. McGuinness
Mr. Michael McGuinness and Ms. Carol Labue P’14
Ms. Morgan L. McGuinness ’14
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Aileen M. McGuire
Mr. Brian Michael McGuire
Mr. Daniel J. and Mrs. Melissa McGuire P’15
Mr. Declan F. McGuire ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. McGuire
Mr. James B. and Ms. Hillary Spiro ’77 McGuire
Mr. James E. McGuire ’70
Mr. John P. McGuire
Ms. Katherine T. McGuire ’15
Ms. Maryanne McGuire
Mr. Matthew J. McGuire P’17
Mr. Norbert E. McGuire Jr*
Mr. Patrick S. McGuire ’08
Mr. Seamas L. ’10 and Mrs. Hilary Carroll ’10 McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance G. McGuire
Dr. Warren A. McGuire ’69
McGuire Woods
Ms. Erin McGuirk
Ms. Donna McGuirt
Ms. Meagan Michala McGurl ’19
Mr. Michael J. McGurl and Mrs. Judy E. Fagely P’19
Ms. Lauren E. McHale ’02
Ms. Andrea McHayle
Ms. Amy Koons McHugh ’82
Mr. Edward C. McHugh ’03
Ms. Erin E. McHugh ’15
Mr. and Mrs. John J. McHugh
Mr. Kevin A. McHugh ’15
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Carol S. McHugh P’15
Mr. Randall S. McHugh ’85 and Mrs. Jo McHugh
Ms. Kristin T. McIlvaine ’85
Mrs. Barbara McInerney
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. McInerney
Dr. John J. and Mrs. Elizabeth O. McInnis
Mrs. Ami Johnston McIntosh ’93
Daniel E., Esq. ’78 and Mrs. Cynthia A. McIntyre
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Debra J. McIntyre
Ms. Erin L. McIntyre ’12
Francis D. McIntyre Family
Ms. Jeanne M. McIntyre ’90
Ms. Marla Jo McIver
Ms. Rebecca C. McIver ’15
Mr. Russell S. and Mrs. Patty H. McIver P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Eric V. McKan
Ms. Alexandra K. McKay ’17
Mr. Patrick J. McKay
Mrs. Alexandra Monet McKee ’11
Mr. Casey C. McKeen ’04
Ms. Carol A. McKeever ’00
Mr. Bailey R. McKenna ’18
Mr. Christopher K. McKenna ’12
Mr. Corey M. McKenna ’16
Mr. and Mrs. John P. McKenna
Mr. Keith J. and Mrs. Christine M. McKenna P’18
Ms. Kelly A. McKenna ’09
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Paulette McKenna
Mr. Walter E. and Mrs. Barbara S. McKenna P’12
Ms. Jenna M. Nelson ’09
Mr. Matthew S. McKenzie ’14
Mr. Robert S. and Mrs. Diane McKenzie P’14
Mr. Brian J. McKeon
Ms. Elizabeth A. McKeon ’03
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jeannette M. McKeon
Ms. Merry Jennings McKeon
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Monique L. McKeon
McKeon Agency
Ms. Laura C. McKeown ’17
Mr. Robert L. McKeown ’81
Mr. Scott W. McKeown ’81
Mr. Stephen A. and Mrs. Beth G.McKeown P’17
Mr. Bryan E. ’97 and Dr. Erica Steinhouse ’97 McKernan
Mr. Kevin D. McKernan ’98
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Pamela T. McKernan
Dr. Patrick C. McKillion ’83
Mr. N. Scott McKinnon ’79
Mr. Neil H. McKinnon ’53*
Mr. Matthew T. and Mrs. Kaitlyn Marie McKittrick
Mr. Robert H. McKittrick ’17
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Kate H McKnelly
Mr. John F., Jr. and Mrs. Katrina N. McKnight
Ms. Lucy I. McKnight ’16
Portia J. Mckoy ’22
Mr. Neil and Ms. Evelyn P. McLagan
Mrs. Carolyn Van de Wetering McLain ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. McLaughlin P’14
Mr. Douglass P. ’84 and Mrs. MaryEllen D. ’86 McLaughlin
Mr. Gerald F. McLaughlin ’89*
Mr. and Mrs. James H. McLaughlin ’76
Mr. Jeffrey D. McLaughlin ’14
Mr. Thomas G., Sr. and Mrs. Marylyn Buser ’85 McLaughlin
Ms. Maureen Kelly McLaughlin ’84
Mr. Mark and Ms. Nancy B. McLaughlin
Mr. Sean P. McLaughlin ’18
Dr. Brian J. McLean ’67
Mr. Christopher O. ’97 and Ms. Joanna Crosta ’97 McLean
Mr. and Mrs. Edward McLean ’55
Mr. and Mrs. John A. McLean
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. McLean ’64
Mr. Robert H. McLean ’04
Mr. Robert T. McLean ’05
Ms. Lauren Wasserman McLeod ’84
Mr. Hugh and Mrs. Marthe Ihde McLinden
Ms. Gabrielle H McLish ’18
Mr. Edward F. McLoughlin ’93
Dr. Paul J. McLoughlin II
Mr. William M. McLure ’64
Mr. Adam M. McMahon ’11
Mr. Brien J. and Mrs. Amy L. McMahon P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. McMahon P’17
Mr. Connor B. McMahon ’16
Ms. Courtney Burke McMahon ’97
Dr. Jennifer M. McMahon ’87
Ms. Joan E. McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McMahon Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. McMahon
Ms. Nancy McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McMahon P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. McMahon Jr.
Susan McMahon DMD
Ms. Ann McManamon ’79
Mr. Brian P. and Mrs. Kerry McManus P’21
Katherine Elizabeth McManus ’21
Ms. Laura McManus
Mrs. Sandra Doyle McManus ’01
Mr. Jonathan E. McMeen ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McMichael
Ms. Marla Kay McMillan ’78
Mrs. Michele Kaplan McMillan ’97
Mr. J. Vernon McMiname
Mr. Brian P. ’79 and Ms. Kathy Hume ’81 McMullan
Mr. Richard E. McMullen Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. McMullin
Mr. Matthew R. McMurray ’16
Mrs. Michele C. McMurray P’16
Mrs. Nancy Ray McMurray ’81
Ms. Barbara McNally
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. McNally ’65
Mr. Garrett A. McNally ’15
Ms. Jenna E. McNally ’09
Mr. John M. McNally ’89
Mr. Brendan T. McNamara ’18
Ms. Christiane C. McNamara ’81
Mr. Connor P. McNamara ’13
Mr. Dylan C. McNamara ’11
Ms. Erin M McNamara ’19
Mr. Francis J. and Mrs. Maryann B. McNamara P’13
Ms. Mary Jo McNamara
Ms. Maura F. McNamara ’17
Dr. Richard C. McNamara ’88
Mr. Thomas P. and Mrs. Catherine McNamara P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. McNamara P’18
Mr. Todd H. McNamara ’98
Mr. George C. and Mrs. Kathleen L. McNamee
Hannah Rowen McNamee
Mr. Mark McNaught ’85
Mr. David B. McNaughton ’76
Mr. George G. McNeely ’39*
Mr. Collin F. McNeil ’73 and Ms. Nia Judson
Mr. Christopher Q. McNeill ’12
Mr. Daniel T. and Mrs. Barbara M. McNeill P’12
Mr. Ryan J. McNeill ’12
Dr. Julie E. McNeish ’09
Ms. Judith A. McNiece
Dr. Marianne M. McNiel ’80
Mr. Christopher N. McNulty ’12
Mr. Joseph P., Jr. ’81 and Ms. Despina Karabots ’81 McNulty
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. McNulty P’11
Ms. Kara E. McNulty ’14
Ms. Kelly A. McNulty ’11
Mrs. Paula Gaber McNulty ’73
Mr. John and Ms. Suzanne A. McNulty
Dr. Gail M. McNutt P’15
Mr. Laurence L. McNutt and Ms. Sarah Hogan-McNutt
Mr. Mitchell E. McNutt ’15
Dr. Richard K. McNutt P’15
Ms. Sarah M. McNutt
Mr. John C. McPartland ’77
Dr. Harold L. McPheeters ’44
Mr. Benjamin L. McPherson ’11
Mr. Kevin W. and Mrs. Margaret M. McPherson P’11
Dr. Bruce C. McQuarrie ’51
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Donna M. McQuillen P’12
Mr. Ryan J. McQuillen ’12
Mr. Samuel Andrew McQuillen ’19
Ms. Amy Smith McQuiston ’89
Mr. Raymer and Mrs. Lisa McQuiston
Sgt. Jessica M. McRorie ’00
Dr. Joseph T. McRuiz ’06
Mr. Michael J. McSally ’73
Mr. John and Ms. Carol M. McShane
Mr. Donald C. McShane ’97
Maureen W. McShane ’20
Mr. Paul J. McShane P’20
Mr. John A. McSherry Jr. ’69
Mr. Sean T. McSherry ’17
Ms. Colleen McSparron P’18
Ms. Stephanie Pollock McSwain ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McTear
Mr. Lawrence McTiernan ’87
Mr. David S. and Mrs. Theresa McTighe P’14
Ms. Meegan E. McVay ’95
Mr. David K. McVeigh ’89
Mr. Dennis A. and Mrs. Patricia S. McVeigh P’13
Mr. Ryan W. McVeigh ’13
Mr. Stefan J. ’08 and Mrs. Amanda Parker ’09 McVeigh
Dr. Tammy Jenkes McVeigh ’92
Ms. Catherine E. McVey ’09
Mr. Gene and Mrs. Jennifer Leigh McVey
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. McVey
Ms. Adamantia Simeonidis McWalters ’87
Ms. Jessica M. McWalters ’09
Mrs. Danielle D. McWilliams ’04
Mr. Gary McWilliams
Mr. I. Scott McWilliams ’98
Ms. Linda Meacci
Mr. and Mrs. Dana G. Mead Jr. ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Eric N. Mead P’15
Ms. Kelsey N. Mead ’15
Ms. Elise V. Meade ’15
Dr. Neil A. Meade ’67
Mr. Steven M. ’92 and Ms. Leesa Fuhrman ’94 Meade
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Meadowcroft ’55
Mrs. Nancy P. Meadows
Mr. Mark Meagher
Ms. Marielle E. Meaney ’17
Mr. Maximilian A. Meanwell ’18
Mearhoff Insurance Agency Inc
Mr. Christopher Mears ’00
Alfred Meau ’20
Dr. James R. and Mrs. Merrie L. Mebust P’12
Mr. Michael C. Mecca ’90
Mr. George J. Mechalakos ’47*
Dr. James G. ’86 and Mrs. Martha Mechalakos
Mr. Zain K. Mecklai ’99
Dr. David C. Meckler ’82
Mr. William J. ’97 and Mrs. Sarah Wynton ’97 Mecouch
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Medd, Jr. P’18
Ms. Taylor M. Medd ’18
Mr. Gary J. Meddaugh ’66
Mr. James H. Medes Jr. ’79
Mr. Aaron K. Medford ’11
Ms. Eileen M. Mediavillo
Mr. Alexander J. Mednick ’11
Ms. Erin E. Mee ’12
Mr. James M. Mee and Mrs. Marian Mcquire-Mee P’12
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Linda C. Mee
Mr. Daniel and Ms. Teresa J. Mee
Mrs. Catherine M. Meehan
Mr. James D. Meehan ’99
Mr. James P. ’07 and Ms. Elizabeth Brady ’07 Meehan
Mr. Kristofer C. Meehan ’15
Dr. Robert G. Meeker ’50*
Mr. John P. Meeks ’65
Mr. Benjamin A. Meer ’14
Mr. Jonathan D. and Mrs. Elyse S. Meer P’14
Mr. Richard H. Meer ’63
Ms. Melissa Titus Meeschaert ’97
Ms. Sultana H. Megalos ’11
Kyle Robert Megathlin
Mr. Alan Megna
Mr. John and Mrs. Lizanne G. Megrue
Mrs. Marilyn A. Mehas W’75
Mr.* Steven D. ’75 and Mrs. Marilyn A. Mehas
Ms. Linda Mehlbach
Ms. Jennifer C. Mehr ’99
Mr. Robert O. ’86 and Ms. Leslie Karmin ’87 Mehrez
Mr. Aditya Mehta ’18
Ms. Nalishha Mehta ’98
Mr. Sukritin Mehta ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Meier ’60
Mr. Haywood Schmidt and Ms. Carol Meier
Mr. George T. ’74 and Ms. Carol Winkler ’75 Meier
Dr. John E. Meier and Ms. Trisha A. Thorme
Mr. John C. Meier ’74
Mr. John P. and Mrs. Agnes Meier P’14
Mr. Stephen J. Meier ’14
Mr. William U. Meier III ’72
Mr. Bradford L. Meigs ’71
Mr. Albert E. Meihofer ’59
Mr. Robert J., Jr. ’82 and Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan ’83 Meindl
Ms. Alexandra L. Meis ’08
Ms. Stephanie Napolitano Mejia ’04
Mr. Abdelrahman Mekhimar
Mr. James J. Melachrinos ’07
Mr. Lazarus J. Melan
Ms. Dana Louise Melby ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Melby P’19
Mr. Thomas S. Melchers ’52
Mrs. Kelly Melear-Hough ’88
Ms. Eleana M. Melega
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Theresa Melega
Ms. Faye Athena Melekos ’19
Mr. Jason Elliot T. Melendez ’15
Maria Jimenez Melendez Esq. ’87
Mr. Martin Melendro ’11
Mr. Luke R. Meleney ’12
Mr. Christopher M. Melgar ’16
Dr. Michael J. and Dr. Christine A. Melgar P’16
Ms. Katherine T. Melhado ’08
Mr. Maynard J. Melhem
Ms. Toni Lynn Melhem
Ms. Alison C. Melis ’15
Mr. Christopher D. Melka ’18
Mr. Bruce W. Mellen ’70
Mr. Howard G. Mellen ’50*
Mr. Howard B. Mellen ’74
Mr. Richard E. Mellin ’67
Mr. Randy L. Mellinger ’88
Mr. Scott H. Mellon ’12
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Ms. Lynn T. Mellott
Mr. Malcolm T. Mellott ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Melnic
Dr. Steven D. Melnic ’09
Ms. Deborah Lewis Meloni ’80
Ms. Bridgette A. Meloro ’15
Ms. Valerie A. Melson ’17
Mrs. Claudia Melton
Mr. Carl J. and Mrs. Lorraine Melvin P’12
Mr. Richard G. Menaker and Ms. Faith Ritchie
Mr. Alexander D. Menard ’93
Ms. Jenna A. Menard ’03
Mr. Sean G. Menarguez ’17
Ms. Kara S. Mendelsohn ’97
Mr. Angel L. Mendez ’82
Mr. Aurelio J. and Mrs. Benita Mendoza P’16
Ms. Michelle I. Mendoza ’11
Mr. Karl Menear III ’00
Ms. Xiaoyan Meng ’18
Clare Drew Mengel ’21
Mr. Elmer L. Menges Jr. ’58
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Menges ’77 P’08
Ms. Lauren E. Menges ’08
Mrs. Margaret G. Menges
Mr. William C. Menges Jr. ’73
Gregory J. Menio M.D.
Mr. George R. Menkart ’50
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Lori L. Menken
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Menkin
Ms. Mira Menon
Mr. Carlton J. Mentzer ’78
Mr. Edward W. Mentzer ’55
Mr. Shane D. Mentzer
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney C. Mentzer
Mr. Christian J Menza ’19
Mr. Shafquat ’91 and Dr. Sharmin Islam ’92 Meraj
Ms. Kristie B. Mercadante ’15
Ms. Damaris L. Mercado P’21
Mr. Steven L. Mercado ’16
Ms. Angelina Mercedes ’16
Merchants Bank, N.A.
Merck Foundation
Mr. William D. Mercorella ’14
Mrs. Marie Saunders Mercready ’83
Dr. Andrew Mercurio ’55
Dana Mercurio
Mr. Christopher H. Meredith ’02
Mr.* and Mrs. G. Nelson Mergott Jr. ’53
Ms. Charlotte J. Meringoff ’14
Mr. Stephen J. Meringoff P’14
Mr. Rajhan Meriwether ’18
Dr. Jessica V. Merkel-Keller ’04
Mrs. Kathleen Merklinger
Mr. Norman J. Merksamer*
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Merle ’81 P’19
Mr. Zachary James Robert Merle ’19
Mr. Alfred J. and Ms. Barbara R. Merlie
Mr. and Mrs. Marc M. Merlin ’86
Mr. George A. Merlo ’60
Mr. Theodore C. Merlo Jr. ’81
Mr. Michael A. Merola ’92
Mr. Robert C. Merrell ’58*
Mr. Jim N. Merriam ’76*
Ms. Angela Klinger Merrick ’01
Ms. Jolyn J. Merrifield
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Erica T. Merrill
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Merriss Jr. ’70
Merritt Environmental Consulting
Dr. Avi C. Mersky ’13
Mr. Matthew H. Mersky ’10
Mr. Michael J. and Dr. Karen Mersky P’10
Dr. Ronald L. and Mrs. Rachel B. Mersky P’13
Ms. Christina B. Mertz ’94
Ms. Hekene J. Mery
Mr. Jeffrey A. and Mrs. Alanna R. Meshberg P’16
Mr. Michael B. Meshberg ’16
Meshkov & Breslin LLC Attorneys at Law
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Diane B. Mesirow
Dr. Seth W. Meskin ’96
Mrs. Cassandra J. Mesko
Mr. Craig R. Mesler ’69
Mr. Carmen Messano ’74
Ms. Carolyn M. Messer ’16
Mr. Michael G. and Mrs. Betty A. Messer P’16
Dr. Robert C. Messey ’79
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Messick ’68
Ms. Brianna A. Messina ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Messina
Mr. John B. J. Messina ’59
Mr. Michael A. and Mrs. Arlene Messina P’17
Ms. Sara Messina
Mr. Jonathan Messinger
Mr. Paul A. and Mrs. Blake Messman P’21
Mr. H. Lee Messner Jr. ’49*
Mr. and Mrs. Forbes M. Meston ’50
Mr. Donald W. and Mrs. Susan S. Metcalf P’12
Ms. Katherine E. Metcalf ’12
Ms. Kayla E. Metelenis ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Metelenis P’15
Metfab Metals LLC
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Metropolis
Mr. J. Thomas Mettling Jr. ’92
Mr. Karl and Ms. Diane L. Metz
Mr. Douglas M. Metz ’79
Mr. Jeffrey D. Metz
Mr. Kenneth B. Metz ’76
Mr.* and Mrs. Morris D. Metz ’50 P’79
Mr. Carl R. Metzgar ’59
Mr.* and Mrs. William R. Metzgar ’57
Mr. Barry Metzger
Mr. Charles A. Metzger Sr. ’68
Ms. Jennifer M. Metzger ’00
Ms. Jennifer P. Metzger ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Metzger
Ms. Rebecca L. Metzger
Ms. Suzanne B. Metzger ’03
Dr. Aimee H. Meyer ’92
Ms. Alli M. Meyer ’10
Blake J. Meyer ’20
Ms. Carrie Luyster Meyer ’90
Mr. Charles A. Meyer ’63
Mr. Donald R. Meyer ’73*
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Meyer
Mr. James P. and Mrs. Carmela M. Meyer
Mr. Timothy and Ms. Melissa M. Meyer
Ms. Melody L. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. H. Wayne Meyer
Mr. Robert J. Meyer
Mrs. Sandra D. Meyer ’83
Ms. Shirley Salemy Meyer ’87
Mr. William L. Meyer ’67
Mr. Brian S. Meyers ’01
Mr.* and Mrs. E. Michael Meyers ’66
Mr. Thomas H. and Mrs. Cathleen S. Meyers
Mr. Jeffrey Meyerson
Ms. Samantha S. Meyerson ’15
Mr. William A. Mezey ’18
Mr. William L. Mezey and Ms. Catherine M. Love P’18
Mr. Matthew J. Mezger ’13
Ms. Susan Dickerson Mezger ’82
Mrs. Florence E. Miazga
Mr. Anthony M. Miceli ’94
Mr. Thomas E. Miceli ’73
Mr. Robert J. Micera ’84
Ms. Chelsea L. Michael ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Chester P. Michael Jr.
Dr. Clifford C. Michaels ’02
Mr. John and Mrs. Concetta T. Michaels P’18
Ms. Laurie Garfinkel Michaels ’79
Mrs. Stacie Truesdell Michaels ’02
Mr. Kenneth and Ms. Tiffany A. Michaels
Ms. Jean Michalak
Ms. Breanne Michalek ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Michaud Jr. ’68
Mr. Jeffrey L. Michel ’11
Mr. and Mrs. L. Mark Michel ’59
Mr. Scott D. and Mrs. Ann A. Michel P’11
Mrs. Susan D. Michel
Mr. Timothy M. Michel ’70
Mr. Todd W. Michel ’98
Ms. Michele L. Michelet ’78
Mr. Douglas J. Michell ’09
Ms. Susan C. Michels
Mr. Bruce E. Michelsen ’75
Mr. Bradley M. and Mrs. Susan Michelson P’17
Mr. Jeffrey B. Michelson ’17
Mr. Graham E. ’93 and Mrs. Jane Curry ’96 Michener
Ms. Mary Titus Michener
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Michler
Mr. Jacob B Mickey ’18
Ms. Amy C. Mickiewicz ’10
Mr. Jason C. Mickno ’99
Mr. Robert T. Mickschutz
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
Mr. David and Mrs. Lucy S. Middlecamp
Middlesex County Dental Society
Ms. Susan M. Middleswarth ’83
Hon. Jack B. Middleton ’50
Prof. Robert M. Middleton and Dr. Isabelle Genest P’13
Mr. Ryan G. Middleton ’13
Mr. Jay A. Miers ’55
Mr. Charles W. Miersch ’68 and Ms. Jill Auston Pranger
Ms. Catherine A. Miervaldis ’07
Ms. Shqiponja Miftari ’17
Dr. John J. and Mrs. Leslie A. Miglietta P’12
Mr. Thomas C. Miglietta ’12
Mr. Mark W. Migliore ’87
Ms. Jennifer A. Mignella ’16
Ms. Dolores C. Mignogna
Mr. David R. Korus and Mrs. Barbara A. Mignogna-Korus ’79 P’19
Mr. Joseph Mignon ’85
Ms. Kristen A. Mignon ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Mignon ’89
Mr. Joseph M. Mihalik ’94
Mr. Francis R. Mihalovic Jr. ’71
Mr. Richard K. Mika ’72
Mr. David and Mrs. Patrice G. Mikec
Ms. Camil N. Mikiej ’18
Ms. Meghan O. Miklavic ’12
Ms. Andrea M. Mikol ’13
Mr. Jeffrey C. and Mrs. Donna L. Mikol P’13
Mrs. Natalie M. Mikolajczyk ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Mikovic P’18
Ms. Sara E. Mikovic ’18
Mr. Edward T. Mikulicz III ’87
Ms. Vanessa M. Milan ’16
Maj. Gen. J. Michael Milano ’79
Ms. Monica A. Milanovich ’10
Milberg Factors, Inc.
Mr. Michael S. Milberger ’02
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Mary M. Milbert
Milbert Company
Mr. Thomas V. and Mrs. Robyn G. Milbury
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Mildrum ’53
Dr. James W. Mileham ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Miles Sr.
Mr. Brian J. Miles ’84
Dr. Christopher E. Miles ’13
Mr. Randy L. and Mrs. Wendy S. Miles P’13
Dr. William H. Miles and Ms. Patricia M. Smiley
Rev. Kenneth E. Milhous ’57
Dr. Raymond L. Milhous ’57
Mr. Mitchell J. Milias
Mr. Raymond B. Milici ’43*
Mr. Matt D. Milks ’00
The Mill Series at Lafayette College
Ms. Katherine Larkin Millar ’18
Mr. Scott M. and Mrs. Susan M. Millar P’18
Ms. Emma-Anne Millard ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Millard ’53
Mr. Michael Millard
Mr. Richard C.F. Millard ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Millen P’16
Ms. Hannah E. Millen ’16
Ms. Adele B. Miller
Mr. Allen J. Miller Jr.’11 and Ms. Jaclyn D. Freeman ’13
Mr. Anthony A. Miller ’89
Ms. Antoinette M. Miller
Dr. Bruce Allan Miller ’63
Dr. Bruce Arnold Miller ’64
Mr. Bruce P. Miller ’65
Dr. Bruce D. Miller ’68
Mr. Bruce S. Miller ’77
Ms. Catherine A. Miller ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller ’65
Mr. Charles A. Miller ’94
Ms. Christina Mangione Miller ’97
Mr. Christopher J. Miller ’17
Mr. Daniel D. Miller ’51
Mr. Daniel L. Miller ’76
Mr. Daniel N. Miller ’03
Mr. Daniel T. Miller ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Miller P’20
Mr. David H. Miller ’51*
Mr. David O. Miller ’55
Mr. David S. Miller ’09
Mr. David R. Miller ’12
Mr. David J. Miller ’16
Mr. David F. and Mrs. Carol L. Miller P’16
Mr. David F. Miller III
Ms. Deborah Ann Miller
Dr. Donald L. and Mrs. Rose M. Miller
Mr. Donald P. Miller ’63
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Dorothy K. Miller
Dr. Douglas T. Miller ’77
Mr. Douglas Miller
Mr. Edwin G. Miller ’50*
Ms. Elizabeth R. Miller ’15
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Ella Warren Miller
Ms. Elyse M. Miller ’14
Ms. Erin O’Connell Miller ’98
Ethan Kyle Miller ’21
Ms. Eva C. Miller ’08
Mr. Gary R. Miller ’68
Rev. Gary R. and Mrs. Marilyn Miller
Mr. Gerald M. Miller ’67
Ms. Hollis K. Miller ’15
Ms. Holly Corradini Miller ’93
Dr. Howard F. Miller Jr. ’64
Ian Jorge Miller ’20
Mr. Jackson Timothy Miller ’19
Mr. James W. Miller ’99
Mr. James K. Miller ’60
Ms. Jane Holman Miller ’83
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Julia Miller P’11
Ms. Jayne C. Miller ’10
Ms. Jeannine L. Miller ’91
Mr. Jeremy P. ’91 and Mrs. Suzanne D. ’92 Miller
Mr. John A. Miller ’60
Mr. John F. Miller ’65
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Miller Jr.
Mr. Jordan C. Miller ’84*
Dr. Joshua I. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua W. Miller
Ms. Judith Heller Miller P’13
Mrs. Karen J. Miller P’13
Mr. Bruce R. Posten and Ms. Karen L. Miller
Mr. Kenneth Miller ’80
Mr. Kevin J. Miller ’90
Mr. Kevin F. Miller ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Miller
Mr. Kurt ’79 and Mrs. Elizabeth T. Miller
Mr. Kyle L. Miller P’22
Mr.* and Mrs. Leon A. Miller ’54 GP’11’12
Ms. Lisa E. Miller
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Lisa Miller
Mr. Robert and Dr. Lisa Ann B. Miller
Ms. Lynn C. Miller
Mr.* and Mrs. Leon A. Miller ’54 GP’11’12
Ms. Marie E. Miller
Ms. Marjorie Christian Miller ’82
Mr. Mark H. and Mrs. Joan B. Miller P’16
Ms. Marsha Miller
Ms. MaryAnn L. Miller
Mr. Matthew J. Miller
Ms. Megan J. Miller ’02
Mr. Michael Miller ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Miller
Mr. Michael J. Miller ’10
Mr. Michael T. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Michele Kaczmarczyk Miller
Ms. Morgan N. Miller ’16
Ms. Pnina Miller
Mr. Quincy L. Miller ’97
Ms. Rebecca V. Miller ’15
Ms. Rebecca M. Miller ’16
Dr. Richard A. Miller ’51
Mr. Richard A. Miller ’63
The Hon. Robert S. Miller ’55
Dr. Robert D. Miller ’63
Dr. Robert L. Miller Jr. ’83
Mr. Robert B. Miller Jr. ’92
Mr. Ronald S. Miller ’78
Mr. Ronald H. Miller ’87
Mr. Roy W. Miller ’68
Dr. Ruth Douglas Miller ’84
Ms. Shirley M. Miller
Mr.* and Mrs. Stephen G. Miller ’62
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Susan S. Miller
Ms. Suzanne G. Miller ’88
Ms. Taylor V. Miller ’13
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Kristine O’Brien Miller P’11
Mrs. Victoria R. Miller
Dr. Vivian I. Miller ’87
Mrs. Wendy V. Miller ’85
Mr. William G. Miller ’54
Mr. William D. Miller ’55
Mr. William J. Miller III
Miller Flooring Company Inc.
Ms. Samantha L. Miller-Brown ’18
Nina Constance Milligan ’20
Mr. Peter J. Milligan ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Glen S. Milliman P’15
Ms. Jennifer S. Milliman ’16
Mr. John D. Millinghausen ’04
Mr. Lawrence B. Millner ’48*
Mrs. Miriam B. Millner W’48
C.J. and L.R. Mills
Mr. Daniel D. Mills ’15
Mr. Donald R. Mills ’52
Mr. Donald S. Mills ’66*
Ms. Gail Skudera Mills
Hayley Lynn Mills
Ms. Jacqueline S. Mills
Mr. Jason T. Mills ’09
Mr. John W. and Mrs. Robin D. Mills
Ms. Kelly C. Milnes ’07
Mr. Charles and Mrs. France Milone P’12
Ms. Gina F. Milone ’12
Milo’s Place Inc.
Mrs. Judith A. Milositz ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Milovcich
Ms. Chelsea D. Milowski ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Milowski
Ms. Nicole Feinsinger Milstead ’91
Dr. Bernard Allen Milstein ’63
Mr. Bay W. Miltenberger
Mr. Gregory A. Milton ’99
Mr. Kevin Francis Milton ’19
Lt. Col. Theodore R. Milton Jr. ’71
Mr. Thomas Milton
Mr. Christopher P. Mimnaugh
Mr. Colin C. Mimnaugh
Dr. Lara Diamond Minahan ’92
Ms. Gabrielle D. Minassian ’17
Mr. Serge G. Minassian ’84
Ms. Anna K. Minckler ’13
Mr. Maxwell J. Minckler ’10
Mr. Michael S. and Mrs. Peggy G. Minckler P’13
Ms. Jody Stern Minde ’78
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mindick ’70
Mr. Michael A. Mindock III ’84*
Ms. Maribeth Trojan Minella ’95
Ms. Thea Minello
Mr. S. Thomas Mineo ’44
Mr. Jeffrey R. Miner and Ms. Virginia Cabrera-Miner P’18
Mr. Jeffrey A. and Mrs. Danuta Miner P’22
Mr. Joel L. Miner ’06
Mr. Joshua L. Miner IV ’73
Natasha Eva Miner ’22
Mr. Anthony Minerva ’94
Mr. Benjamin E. Minerva ’18
Mr. Franklin Minerva and Ms. Lisa Danzig P’18
Ms. Jennifer M. Minervini ’15
Dylan R. Minghini ’22
Mr. Jason T. and Mrs. Cherie M. Minghini P’22
Mr. Calvin W. Mingione ’14
Dr. Christina M. Mingora ’11
Mr. Thomas E. and Mrs. Marie Mingora P’11
Dr. Alexandra M. Minieri ’07
Mr. L. Steven Minkel ’63
Ms. Jennifer A. Minnick ’17
Mr. Andres ’87 and Mrs. Paola Minondo P’21
Minor Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Minotti Sr.
Mr. Francis John Minotto ’71 and Mrs. Kathryn Boyer-Minotto
Mr. John and Mrs. Josephine Minturn
Mr. Irvin M. and Mrs. Corinne Mintz P’11
Mr. Jared P. Mintz ’11
Mr. Scott Mintz
Mr. James S. Mintzer Jr. ’08
Ms. Karen Leo Mintzer ’90
Mr. Michael J. Miorin ’16
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Sandra A. Miorin P’16
Ms. Jennifer Smith Mirabile ’89
Mr. Andrew J. Mirabito ’72
Mr. Colin S. Miranda ’18
Ms. Danielle M. Miranda ’12
Mr. Jeffrey E. Miranda ’18
Dr. Joseph D. Miranda ’83 and Mrs. Stacey Gianos-Miranda ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Mircovich
Ms. Stefanie M. Mircovich ’10
Mrs. Laura Knights Mirenda ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dale Mirkin
Ms. Kari D. Mirkin ’06
Ms. Erin C. Mirocha ’05
Mr. Kyle and Mrs. Rose M. Mirth
Ms. Catharine K. Mischler ’13
Mr. Mark T. and Mrs. Suzanne K. Mischler P’13
Ms. Meredith H. Kirsch ’01
Mr. Robert and Ms. Frances Misener
Ms. Stephanie J. Mishik ’07
Dr. Solomon Miskin ’68
Mr. Kristopher H. Miszler ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Mitcham Jr. ’58 P’98
Ms. Abigail C. Mitchell ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Mitchell P’13
Mr. Allen L. Mitchell ’90
Mr. Andrew C. Mitchell ’01
Mr. Brandon L. Mitchell ’08
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward S. Mitchell ’65
Ms. Caitlin J. Mitchell ’13
Mr. Colton A. Mitchell ’16
Mr. David K. Mitchell ’05
Mr. David L. Mitchell and Dr. Erin M. Fly-Mitchell P’16
Rev. Donald L. Mitchell ’56
Dr. Emma Laird Mitchell ’10
Eric Alton Mitchell Jr. ’20
Mr. George A. Mitchell, III ’75
Mr. James S. Mitchell
Mr. Jeffrey Mitchell ’81
Col. (Ret.) John S. Mitchell Jr. ’56
Ms. Karen Kuhn Mitchell ’84
Mr. Kent T. Mitchell ’57*
Mr. Larry H. Mitchell ’71
Mr. Matthew J. ’06 and Mrs. Emily Langsam ’06 Mitchell
Dr. Peter P. Mitchell ’72*
Mr. Robert J. Mitchell ’49
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mitchell P’13
Ms. Sarah G. Mitchell ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Mitchell, Jr. ’66
Mr. Elliott J. Mitchell-Colgan ’12
Mr. Douglas F. Mitiguy ’17
Ms. Lauren Mitinas-Kelly ’01
Mr. Andrew R. Mitofsky ’08
Mr. Eric S. Mitofsky
Ms. Maria M. Mitova ’09
Ms. Jelena Mitrovic
Mr. Matthew R. Mitterhoff ’17
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Amy C. Mitz
Mr. Charles R. Mixer
Mr. Dennis J. Mizack ’80
Ms. Virginia Bavaria Mizack ’75
Mr. Paul W. Mizak ’01
Ms. Jocelyn Mizero ’18
Ms. Sally A. Mjolsness
Mr. Armen A. Mkhitarian ’16
Mr. Charles A. and Mrs. Diana D. Mkhitarian P’20
Mobile Giving Foundation
Ms. Amy Scott Mobley ’01
Mrs. Laura Flatt Mobley ’93
Ms. Elizabeth B. Mochel ’80
Mr. Allen G. Mock ’44*
Mr. Paul R. Mocko ’71
Ms. Dania P. Moctezuma ’17
Mr. David and Mrs. Donna Modafferi
Mr. Alan I. Model ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Berton Model ’64 P’90
Mr. Kyle V. ’08 and Dr. Amanda Erin ’07 Modes
Mr. John P. and Mrs. Sharon Modesto P’14
Lucy Brynn Moeller ’21
Mr. Timothy A. ’88 and Ms. Rachel Nelson ’88 Moeller P’21
Mr. Charles and Ms. Barbara J. Moen
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gordon Moffatt ’52
Col. Mark G. Moffatt (RET) ’84
Mr. John D. Moffitt ’14
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Denise D. Mogel
Mr. Bradford K. Moger ’80
Isabelle Marie Moger ’22
Mr. Matthew T. and Dr. Florian B. Moger P’22
Mr. Eric and Ms. Jamie Mohamad
Mr. Taaha M. Mohamedali ’11
Mr. Amit B. Mohindra ’88
Mr. Thomas E. ’84 and Mrs. Barbara North ’84 Mohler
Dr. John D. Mohline ’00
Ms. Cara Strunk Mohlmann ’97
Mr. and Mrs. H. Craig Mohr
Ms. Kelcie E. Mohr ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Mohr Jr. ’82 P’11
Mr. Mark E. Mohrman
Ms. Kahmia R. Moise ’14
Mr. Andrew B. Moisey ’68
Mr. F. Corbin Moister Jr. ’74
Mojo 516
Mr. Timothy M. Mojonnier ’71
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Susan Moki P’16
Mr. Gary M. Molchan ’70
Dr. Janice Gall Moldashel ’78
Ms. Marcia A. Molettieri ’14
Mr. Steven M. Molinaro
Mrs. Jenny M. Molinelli ’05
Mr. Robert J. Mollenhauer ’73
Mr. Richard J. Moller Jr. ’83
Mrs. Gail E. Molloy ’93
Mr. John W. Molloy Jr. ’88
Ms. Erin Molta
Alexander Javier Molto ’22
Ms. Jacquelynn A. Molzon ’08
Dr. Casian J. Monaco ’07
Ms. Jeannette Monaco ’77
Mr. Brian J. Monaghan ’77
Ms. Diane Kunzig Monaghan ’87
Mr. Douglas J. Monaghan ’73
Mr. James P. and Mrs. Kathy A. Monahan P’15
Mr. Ryan F. Monahan ’15
Mr. Richard H. ’81 and Ms. Susan Potter ’82 Mond
Mr. and Mrs. Maurizio Mondello
Dr. Ross T. Mondshine ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Mone
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Karen M. Moneta P’12
Mr. Nicholas J. Moneta ’12
Camryn Reilly Monfort ’21
Ms. Kelsey Monfort
Mr. Jason P. Monico ’02
Ms. Jessica P. Monico ’08
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Martha H. Monico
Dr. Raymond P. Monico ’74
Mr. Christopher R. Monihan ’05 and Mrs. Andrea C. Patterson ’07
Mr. Anthony P. and Mrs. Deborah K. Monko P’18
Mr. Tyler D. Monko ’18
Mr. Matthew S. Monn ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Monroe Jr.
Mr. Philippe A. Monrougie ’83
Mr. Paul R. Monsees ’78
Mr. Peter C. Monson ’77
Mr. Doak Walter Montag ’73
Ms. Janelle M. Montagne ’09
Mr. Charles J. Montague Jr. ’50*
Mrs. Nancy R. Montague ’85
Mr. Robert D. Montecallo ’11
Mr. John R. Monteleone ’87
Mr. Michael A. Monteleone ’87
Ms. Gabriella J. Montes ’17
Mr. Juan Carlos and Mrs. Lisa G. Montes P’17
Ms. Franca Montevago
Ryan Matthew Monteyne ’20
Ms. Kristen Boyle Montez ’02
Mr. and Mrs. James Montgomery Jr. ’62
Mr. James and Mrs. Johanne M. Montgomery
Montgomery Family Chiropratic
Ms. Kathy Montoro
Mr. Jason P. Montoya ’10
Mr. Ricky P. Montoya
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Monush
Mr. Eric O. Moody ’73
Mr. Erik V. ’94 and Mrs. Sharon D. Moody
Mr. Peter Moody ’65
Mr. Peter D. Moody ’12
Mr. Andrew W. and Mrs. Rebecca Murr ’78 Moody P’12
Ms. Rebecca S. Moody
The Moody’s Foundation
Ms. Kimberly R. Moogalian ’10
Ms. Kathryn A. Moon
Dr. Mary M. Moon ’79
Ms. Alison C. Mooney ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Mooney
Mr. David F. Mooney ’96
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mooney Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Mooney
Mrs. Morgan Albus Mooney ’03
Mr. Sean T. and Mrs. Christine Mooney P’17
Mr. Kenneth E. Moor ’63
Mr. M. Edward Mooradian ’45*
Mr. and Mrs. R. Mihran Mooradian ’56
Mr. Andrew A. Moore ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Moore
Mr. Anthony P. Moore ’76
Mr. C. Douglas Moore Jr. ’53
Camille Lynne Moore ’21
Mr. Charles E. Moore ’53
Ms. Cheryl Wait Moore ’82
Ms. Christine D. Moore ’08
Mr. Daniel E. Moore ’75
Ms. Danielle M. Moore ’16
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Deborah B. Moore
Ms. Elizabeth A. Moore
Ms. Emily Jude Moore ’19
Mr. Folger J. and Mrs. LaToya R. Moore P’15
Mr. Frederick H. Moore ’64
Mr. Frederick D. ’78 and Ms. Lisa Schilke ’79 Moore
Mr. Frederick C., Jr. and Mrs. Sally Moore P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. H. David Moore Jr. ’53 P’75
Mr. Ian R. Moore
Isaiah James Moore ’22
Mr. Jacob W. Moore ’09
Mr. James D. Moore Jr. ’14
Mr. James H. Moore ’13
Dr. James D. and Mrs. Amy S. Moore P’14
Mr. Jeffrey A. and Mrs. Lucy S. Moore P’12
Mr. Jeffrey E. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Moore
Mr. Joseph M. Moore ’10
Mrs. Katherine C. Moore
Ms. Kimberly L. Moore ’04
Lt. Col. LeAnne E. Moore ’90
Ms. Mackenzie Moore ’11
Mr. Michael J. Moore
Mr. Milton D. Moore Jr. ’43*
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Patricia J. Moore
Ms. Quinlan M. Moore ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Moore P’21
Mr. Richard A. Moore ’69
Mr. Robert Moore ’55 P’86’89
Mr. Robert W. Moore ’66
Mr. Robert M. Moore ’86
Mr. Ryan J. Moore ’18
Samuel Russell Moore ’20
Mr. Stephen S. ’89 and Mrs. Jennifer Wright ’89 Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore
Thomas C. Moore ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Moore P’20
Mr. Wayne M. Moore and Ms. Janet M. Widmer P’13
Mr. E. Alan Moorhouse ’57
Mr. John S. Moors ’13
Dr. William R. Moors and Dr. Theresa A. Schlager P’13
Mr. MacKenzie G. Mor ’09
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Mor
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Marlene Morabito
Ms. Diane Morain P’02’06
Ms. Malinda Morain ’02
Dr. Braulio A. Morales ’60
Mr. Justin J. Morales ’18
Ms. Senobia Morales P’18
Mr. Victor A. Morales ’07
Mr. Matthew R. Moralle
Mr. Michael J. Moralle ’16
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Kathleen Moralle P’16
Mr. Andrew F. and Mrs. Geraldine S. Moran P’18
Mr. Christopher Moran ’18
Mr. Daniel J. Moran ’11
Ms. Danielle J. Moran ’15
Ms. Joan M. Moran
Dr. John T. Moran ’74
Julia Rose Moran ’22
Dr. Lynn N. Moran ’99
Mr. Mark A. Moran
Ms. Melissa Moran
Mr. Michael W. and Mrs. Suzanne R. Moran P’23
Ms. Shannon M. Moran ’14
Mr. Robert Moravek
Ms. Valeria Moravek
Ms. Cynthia Morawski
Mr. Roy and Mrs. Kathleen Morchian
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Morel Jr. ’79 P’18
Mr. Stewart E. Morel Jr. ’13
Ms. Lucile B. Smith ’03
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Ann Morelli
Ms. Jean M. Morelli
Mrs. Jennifer Smith Morelli ’00
Mr. Michael F. ’01 and Ms. Jill Benveniste ’01 Morelli
Ms. Mary Lou Moretti P’12
Mr. Ross A. Moretti ’12
Dr. Allen F. Morey ’83
Mrs. Jessica Lupo Morey ’02
Mr. Michael and Ms. Carol C. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Morgan
Mr. Eston and Mrs. Clara S. Morgan
Mr. Edward M. Morgan III ’63
Rev. Dr. George P. Morgan ’43*
Mr. George O. Morgan Jr. ’72
Mr. Howard C. Morgan ’57
Mr. Ian M. Morgan ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Morgan P’16
Mr. & Mrs. John Morgan
Mr. Jonathan A. Morgan ’13
Mrs. Kay B. Morgan W’58
Mrs. Kelsey Sanders Morgan ’11
Ms. Leslie P. Morgan ’83
Mr. Michael Anthony Morgan
Mr. Michael S. Morgan ’16
Richard H. Morgan M.D. ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Rory Morgan
Ms. Samantha M. Morgan ’12
Mrs. Suzanne Bernstein Morgan W’59
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Morgan ’53 P’83 GP’17
Theodore Justice Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Morganelli Sr.
Mr. Lawrence R. and Mrs. Jessica H. Morgenthal P’20
Ms. Diane Morgenthaler ’76
Mr. Dante M. Morgnanesi ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Morhart III ’64
Michael Moriarty ’21
Dr. and Mrs. Robert V. J. Moriarty
Mr. Thomas M. Moriarty ’85 and Ms. Diane Reese
Ms. Madelyn Morici
Ms. Meghan Tavani Morici ’06
Ms. Natalie Morici
Ms. Ashley E. Morin ’09
Ms. Courtney A. Morin ’10
Mr. Michael F. ’98 and Mrs. Kerry Collins ’98 Morin
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Morley
Mr. Napoleon A. Morneau Jr. ’50*
Ms. Elizabeth M. Moroney ’14
Mr. Michael A. ’83 and Mrs. Barbara K. Moroney
Ms. Sonya White ’98 and Mr. Joseph A. Moroney
Mr. Paul Moros
Mr. Andrew T. Morra ’17
Ms. Anita M. Morra
Mr. Thomas R. and Mrs. Pamela Morra P’17
Mr. Matthew C. Morraye
Mr. Jere C. Morrel ’92
Dr. Alvin R. Morris ’57
Mr. Andrew B. Morris ’12
Mr. Carroll L. Morris
Mr. David H. and Mrs. Caryn S. Morris P’15
Mr. Derek K. Morris ’13
Mr. Dustin K. Morris ’17
Mr. Herbert A. Morris Jr. ’57*
Mrs. Inez Morris
Mr. Jake R. ’84 and Ms. Nancy Horton ’84 Morris
Ms. Jessica R. Morris ’18
Mr. John J. Morris ’49*
Mr. John A. Morris ’57
Mr. John R. and Mrs. Nancy Morris P’12
Mr. Junior Morris and Mrs. Sandra A. Mitchell-Morris P’12
Dr. Justin V. Morris ’00
Mr. Donald and Ms. Kathryn O. Morris
Mr. Matthew D. Morris ’15
Dr. Michael J. ’96 and Mrs. Alexandra Urban ’96 Morris
Mr. Michael R. Morris ’11*
Mr. Robert L. Morris ’86
Mr. Robert P. Morris ’11
Mr. Thomas V. Morris III ’00
Mr. Blake and Mrs. Betty T. Morrison
Ms. Christina R. Morrison ’05
Mr. Terence and Mrs. Helen C. Morrison
Hugh M., Esq. ’60 and Mrs. Mary Morrison
Mr. James N. Morrison ’70
Mr. James O. Morrison ’90
Mrs. Jodi Bruder Morrison ’00
Ms. Kristen Leander Morrison ’89
Ms. Sara E. Morrison ’11
Mr. Stephen R. ’89 and Mrs. Carolyn O. ’89 Morrison
Mrs. Susan Spencer Morrison ’88
Colin A. Morrissey ’20
Mr. David Morrissey ’76
Mr. Gavin M. ’96 and Mrs. Nicole Magnant ’98 Morrissey
Mr. Joseph T. ’87 and Mrs. Daria Link ’86 Morrissey
Ms. Julia Q. Morrissey ’13
Mr. Michael J. Morrissey and Ms. Wendy L. Boudreau P’20
Mr. James M. Morrisson ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Emilio J. Morrone P’14
Ms. Gina M. Morrone ’14
Dr. Louis J. Morrone ’69
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Deborah Morrone-Colella
Mr. Bruce R. Morrow ’74
Mr. DeAndre R. Morrow ’10
Mrs. Mary Helen Blaicher Morrow*
Mr. Robert B. Morrow Jr.
Mr. David R., Jr. and Mrs. Susan Foster ’98 Morse
Mr. Everett F. Morse ’42*
Mr. and Mrs. H. Burton Morse
Mr. Hartwell P. Morse
Mr. Ian J. Morse ’17
Mr. Kenneth V. Morse ’14
Mr. David H. and Mrs. Kimberly Miller ’88 Morse
Ms. Nancy G. Morse
Ms. Patricia A. Morse
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Morse P’14
Mr. Scott D. Morse and Mrs. Anne K. Bennett-Morse
Mr. Sean A. Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Morse
Ms. Janet Flanagan Morseburger ’76
Ms. Alexandra N. Mortati ’15
Mr. Frederick C. Mortati ’88
Mr. Eric D. Mortensen ’12
Mr. James E. and Mrs. Laurie Mortensen P’12
Mortgage Connect, LP
Mrs. Mara B. Mortman ’88
Mr. Scott and Ms. Amy E. Morton
Mr. Emanuel K. Morton ’83
Ms. Lauren A. Morton
Mr. Julius F. Morvay ’88
Mr. Paul Mory III ’65
Mr. Jason J. Morytko ’08
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Pati Moscato P’14
Mr. Lawrence F. Moscato
Ms. Victoria A. Moscato ’14
Ms. Mollie E. Moschberger ’04
Ms. Olivia K. Moschberger ’02
Mr. Paul A. Moschella ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Moschella P’17
Ms. Rocine A. Moschella ’17
Mr. David P. Mosconi and Ms. Teresa D. Maniscalco P’13
Mr. Dayne P. Mosconi ’13
Ms. Camila T. Moscoso ’16
Ms. Molly H. Moseley
Ms. Alison Moser
Ms. Christine Moser
Mr. Gordon H. Moser ’71
Mr. John Moser ’81
Mr. Percival B. Moser III ’68
Mr. Robert Moser ’67
Mr. William J. Moser ’73
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Barbara W. Moses P’17
Ms. Jaclyn E. Moses ’17
Ms. Khadeja A. Moses ’17
Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Linda C. Moses
Mr. Michael D. Moses II ’11
Mr. Mark A. and Mrs. Krista M. Moshier P’20
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Mary E. Moshier
Wesley Crawford Moshier ’20
Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Moskow ’59 Hon.D.’07 P’96
Mr. Michael G. Moskow ’81
Mrs. Cynthia Palmer Moskowitz ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Moskowitz
Dr. Saul Moskowitz ’56
Mr. Christopher J. Mosley ’13
Ms. Laura J. Mosley P’13
Mr. Michael Mosley P’13
Mr. and Mrs. William Mosley
Ms. Alyssa Orseck Moss ’90
Mr. Ed and Mrs. Eileen Moss P’09
Ms. Pamela Simpson Moss ’83
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert E. Moss ’57
Ms. Stephanie A. Moss ’05
Mrs. Susan Soskis Moss ’92
Mr. Benjamin D. Mosser II ’50*
Dr. Brian J. Mossop ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Mostek
Mr. Douglas C. Mosteller ’92
Mr. Brian G. Mota ’95
Mr. Andrew T. Mott ’89
Mr. David H. and Mrs. Pamela M. Motto P’21
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mottola ’72 P’09
Mr. Kevin N. Mottus ’88
Mr. John D. Motzel
Mr. Michael L. Mouber ’69
Mrs. Pamela S. Mougeotte
Ms. Elizabeth Moult
Mr. John C. and Mrs. Kathleen M. Moult P’16
Mr. John J. Moult
Ms. Sarah R. Moult ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Moulton
Mr. R. Allen Moulton Jr. ’60
Ms. Sara Moulton
Mr. Alan F. Mount ’84
Ms. Carol Mount
Ms. Rachel L. Mount ’13
Mr. Chad Mountain
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Mountain
Ms. Kaleigh C. Mountain ’06
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Mouron
Mr. Paul J. Mourt ’85
Mr. Nickolas C. ’04 and Ms. Devan Theiler ’04 Mourtos
Dr. Michael N. Moustakakis and Dr. Emily A. Daponte P’20
Ms. Chanel A. Mowatt ’17
Mr. James D. Mower Jr. ’12
Mr. James D. and Mrs. Bernadette Mower P’12
Ms. Elizabeth A. Mowins ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton E. Mowrer
Mrs. Katrin P. Mowrey ’05
Mrs. Holly Godonis Moxhay ’94
Mr. Richard T. Moxley III ’95
Mr. Andrew T. Moyer ’05
Mr. Brian D. Moyer ’93
Mr. James M. Moyer ’71
Ms. Jean N. Moyer ’00
Mr. John B. Moyer
Mr. Kenneth T. Moyer Jr.
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Laurie Loewenstein Moyer
Dr. and Mrs. Ray A. Moyer ’63
Mr. Richard P. Moyer ’70
Mr. Ronald E. Moyer ’71
Ms. Sharon L. Moyer
Dr. Thomas F. Moyer ’60
Ms. Diahann C. Moyler P’14
Mr. Kevin White and Mrs. Susan B. Moynihan-White
Ms. Marlana J. Moysak ’17
Mr. Thomas J. and Dr. Jane F. Moysak P’20
Mr. Christian A. Moyse ’18
Mr. William and Mrs. Judith A. Moyse
Mr. Stanley E. and Mrs. Nadine M. Moyse P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Mozer
Mr. Matthew R. Mozer ’09
Anne Marie Mozrall ’20
Dr. Christopher J. and Dr. Jacqueline R. Mozrall P’20
Kathryn Anne Mozzochi ’20
Mr. Michael J. Mozzochi Jr. ’56
Mr. George G. and Mrs. Leslie A. Mrazek P’18
Mr. Matthew G. Mrazek ’18
Mt Parnell Fisheries Inc
M-Tech Software
Ms. Sarah J. Mucci ’11
Ms. Maryjean Spatt Mucciarone ’84
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Mucha
Dr. Nganga P. Muchiri ’09
Mrs. Lauren Lacoff Muchnik ’11
Mr. Joash R. Mudalige ’10
Mr. Thomas G. Mudge ’66
Ms. Sarah E. Mudrick ’18
Ms. Anita Muduli ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Muehlbauer
Mr. Charles F. Mueller ’52
Mr. Charles G. and Mrs. Tracye Chin Mueller P’19
Mrs. Dorothy E. Mueller W’57
Garrison Hunton Mueller ’21
Jack Thomas Mueller ’21
Mr. Richard E. Mueller ’69
Mr. Thomas P. Mueller P’20
Mrs. Tracy A. Mueller ’98
Mr. Frederick Von S. Muench `59
Mr. James and Mrs. Shelah R. Mueth
Mr. Michael H. Muffley ’03
Ms. Joanne W. Muglia
Richard Z. Freemann, Jr. Esq. and Leslie F. Muhlfelder, Esq. ’81
Mrs. Stephanie Kramer Muhs ’09
Ms. Elizabeth A. Mui
Rev. Dr. James W. Muir ’50*
Mr. and Mrs. John Muir
Ms. Sarah Infante Muir ’91
Mr. Donald W. Muirhead Jr. ’82
Mr. Apratim Mukherjee ’14
Mr. Rufaro G. Mukogo ’07
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mulcahy, II ’87
Mr. Brian Muldoon ’69
Ms. Claire Fettig Muldoon ’94
Mrs. Diane Muldowney P’08
Ms. Meghan C. Muldowney ’08
Ms. Emily R. Mulford ’15
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Mulford ’80
Dr. Gregory J. ’81 and Ms. Amy Bloom ’81 Mulford
Ms. Rebecca C. Mulford ’12
Ms. Sarah M. Mulford ’10
Ms. Laura A. Mulgrew and Ms. LoveAnn K. Mulgrew P’22
Mrs. Erica L. Mulherin ’06
Mr. William Mulherin
Mr. Daniel D. ’93 and Ms. Kristin Hopkins ’94 Mulholland
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Mulholland
Mr. Mark ’81 and Mrs. Ann Mulholland P’10
Mr. Ryan E. Mulholland ’06
Mrs. Caroline L. Mullaney ’08
Mr. Charles W. Mullaney ’18
Mr. Thomas P. Mullaney
Mae Olivia Mullany ’21
Mr. Peter Mullany and Ms. Anna C. Riehl P’21
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Mullarkey P’17
Mr. Jamie L. ’04 and Ms. Elida Terry ’02 Mullarkey
Mr. Michael J. Mullarkey ’96
Mr. Andrew E. ’94 and Ms. Antonia DiOttavio ’96 Mullen
Ms. Lara Culley Mullen ’89
Mr. Carl J. Muller ’43*
Dr. Carolyn Muller ’84
Ms. Claudia Bierschwale Muller ’86
Mr. David G. and Mrs. Diana B. Muller P’18
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Muller
Mr. John Muller
Ms. Julia C. Muller ’18
Mr. Mitchell Muller
Mr. Nickolas Muller Jr. ’59
Mr. Richard F. Muller Sr. ’58*
Mr. Alexander W. Mulligan ’79 and Dr. Kathleen A. O’Leary ’80
Ms. Ann Mulligan
Mrs. Ellen D. Mulligan W’52
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Mulligan
Mrs. Joanne Mulligan
Mr. Mark T. Mulligan ’16
Mr. Michael J. Mulligan ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mulligan
Mr. Robert A. and Mrs. Christina W. Mulligan P’16
Mr. Terrance S. Mulligan ’79 and Ms. Peggy A. Alaimo-Mulligan ’80
Mr. Timothy J. and Mrs. Doreen M. Mulligan P’16
Ms. Victoria M. Mulligan ’16
Mr. John H. Mullin ’66
Mr. Richard J. Mullin ’14
Mr. Richard K. Mullin and Ms. Mary Henry
Mr. David D. Mullins ’71
Ms. Marissa A. Mullins ’04
Col. Steven J. Mullins ’79
Ms. Katherine A. Blair ’04
Mr. Robert J. Mulroy and Ms. Michele E. Wiles P’17
Ms. Margaret Harjes Mulry ’98
Ms. Julia L. Mulvihill ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Mumford ’78
Ms. Ann C. Mummert
Mr. Mark A. Mummert ’09
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Kathy Mummolo
Mr. John K. Mumo ’08
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Deborah Mundorff
Mr. Harold E. Mundy Jr. ’62
Ms. Tafadzwa Munezvenyu ’11
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Carol A. Mungovan
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mungovan
Mr. Liam D. Mungovan ’18
Mr. Robert M. and Mrs. Gina M. Mungovan P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mungovan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Mungovan
Munich Re America
Ms. Myra Muniz
Mr. Keith R. and Mrs. Cheryl A. Munkel P’13
Ms. Lyndsey A. Munkel ’13
Ms. Mary Munkelt
Ms. Nadine Cannici Munko
Mr. David C. and Mrs. Jennifer R. Munn P’20
Mr. Robin W. Munn ’74
Mr. Andrew J Munoz
Mr. Andy E. Munoz ’15
Mr. Cesar A. Munoz ’11
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Kimmarie Munoz
Alexandra Munro ’20
Mr. Thomas J. and Mrs. Cynthia M. Munro P’20
Mr. T. Joel Munson Jr. ’11
Mr. Thomas J. Munson ’13
Rev. Timothy J. and Mrs. Leslie Munson P’13
Ms. Kathleen Wyckoff Munster ’01
Mr. Frederick F. Muntz ’75
Mr. James W. Muntz ’73
Mr and Mrs. Lewis Manning Muntzing
Ms. Stephanie Munzi
Mr. Mark P. Murawski ’93
Mr. P. and Mrs. Mary Jezek Murawski
Mr. Bruce K. Murchison ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Piotr Murczek
Mr. David M., Jr. and Mrs. Christine E. Murdoch P’20
Mr. Daniel R. Murdock ’96
Mr. George W. Murdock ’59
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Murdock III ’62
Mr. Richard W. Murgas ’51*
Mr. William J. Murgas ’53
Mr. John P. Murillo ’05
Mr. Francis and Mrs. Ann M. Murphy
Arthur F. Murphy Ph.D. ’43*
Ms. Brenna Murphy ’14
Mr. Brian and Mrs. June Murphy P’12
Mr. Brian P. Murphy and Ms. Susan A. Glover P’15
Mr. and Mrs. C. Lawrence Murphy ’58 P’92
Ms. Caitlin Murphy
Ms. Cara M. Murphy ’11
Mrs. Carey Knox Murphy ’97
Mrs. Christine P. Murphy ’88
Mr. Christopher B. Murphy ’12
Ms. Claire R. Murphy ’15
Clennie Hughes Murphy IV ’21
Ms. Colleen Murphy P’18
Ms. Dana M. Murphy ’80
Mr. Daniel P. Murphy ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Murphy
Mr. Dennis J. Murphy
Mr. Dermot M. Murphy ’79 P’12
Dylan James Murphy
Mr. Francis W. Murphy ’59
Mr. Frank E. Murphy
Mr. J. Devin Murphy ’04
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Murphy ’56 P’96
Dr. James J. Murphy ’61
Mr. James E. Murphy ’10 and Ms. Alissa I. Turpin ’10
Mr. James Davidson and Ms. Joann Murphy
Ms. Joanne C. Murphy
Mr. John J. Murphy ’41*
Mr. John J. Murphy Jr. ’52
Ms. Joy A. Murphy ’87
Ms. Kara A.T. Murphy ’92
Ms. Katherine E. Murphy ’12
Mr. M. and Mrs. Kathleen A. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth William Murphy
Mr. Kevin J. and Mrs. Tonya N. Murphy P’22
Ms. Laurie A. Murphy
Mrs. Linda E. Murphy P’13
Mrs. Lynne Brazill Murphy ’82
Ms. Marilyn L. Murphy P’12
Mr. Timothy and Dr. Maryann M Murphy
Mr. Matthew B. ’02 and Mrs. Angela Marucci ’03 Murphy
Ms. Meave Murphy ’08
Ms. Meg Murphy
Ms. Meghan Edwards Murphy ’06
Mr. Michael J. Murphy ’85
Mr. Michael R. Murphy ’13
Ms. Nanci J. Murphy ’93
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Nancy Murphy
Ms. Pamela S. Murphy
Mrs. Patricia Devlin Murphy ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Murphy
Mr. Robert A. Murphy ’59
Mr. Ryan G. Murphy ’13
Ryan Eamon Murphy ’22
Mr. Sean W. Murphy ’11
Mr. Sean P. Murphy II ’16
Mr. Sean P. and Mrs. Mary Kay Murphy P’16
Mr. Stephen V. and Mrs. Anita Depaola Murphy P’11
Mr. Taj P. Murphy Sr. ’06
Mr. Timothy I. Murphy ’91
Mr. Timothy L. and Mrs. Margaret M. Murphy P’14
Mr. William F. and Mrs. Laura R. Murphy P’11
Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy P’12
Mr. William V. Murphy ’16
Mr. Andrew D. Murr and Ms. Amy R. Forbes P’17
Mr. Calvin F. Murr ’17
Ms. Allison E. Murray ’07
Mrs. Chelsea Lajterman Murray ’10
Ms. Cynthia Lee Murray ’00
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Murray P’17
Mr. Donald T. Murray ’74
Dr. Eileen C. Murray ’93
Ms. Erin C. Murray ’09
Erin Murray
Mr. Erin R. Murray ’12
Ms. Erin Marie Murray ’19
Mr. Ian C. Murray ’97 and Dr. Jamie R. Murray
Mr. James B. Murray ’91
Ms. Janet E. Murray ’80
Mr. John ’84 and Mrs. Kathryn Murray
Mr. John P. Murray
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Lynne A. Murray
Ms. Madison L. Murray ’16
Mr. Peter W. Murray ’96
Mr. Philip J. Murray
Ms. Rebecca Murray ’15
Mr. Richard T. and Mrs. Sharon A. Murray P’12
Mr. Rick D. and Mrs. Delise T. Murray P’16
Mr. Robert G. Murray ’02
Mr. Roger Murray Jr. ’53*
Mr.* and Mrs. Stuart A. Murray ’57
Mr. Austin M. Murtagh ’18
Mr. Michael P. and Mrs. Liane R. Murtagh P’18
Ms. Makena Murugu ’18
Mr. Victor M. Muschell ’62
Ms. Arlene P. Muschlitz ’83
Mr. Jeffrey M. and Mrs. Kalee M. Muschlitz P’13
Ms. Julissa M. Muschlitz ’13
Mr. Matthew D. Musci
Mr. Alvin I. and Mrs. Linda L. Mushlin
Ms. Ellen Hughes Mushlitz ’85
Mr. David F. Musi ’80
Dr. Hyman B. Muss ’64 and Ms. Loretta A. Lassam
Mrs. Rebecca A. Musselman ’11
Ms. Amy L. Mussen ’00
Mr. Alexander J. Musso ’13
Dr. and Mrs. Emilio S. Musso P’13
Mr. Matthew S. Musso ’15
Sonia N. Musso ’20
Mr. Todd M. and Mrs. Navkiran D. Musso P’20
Mr. Francis L. Mustaro ’72 and Mrs. Kathryn Radcliffe
Mr. Eric Mehler and Ms. Regina H. Muster
Mr. Nathaniel J. Musters ’16
Mr. Frank Schwarzer and Ms. Cindy H. Muth
Mr. Robert J. Muth ’54
Bora Mutis ’21
Ms. Carolyn Mutis
Mr. Jeffrey Mutis
Mrs. Nicole d’Auteuil Mutnick ’95
Ms. Lisa A. Mutton
Mr. Ronald J. Myer ’85
Mr.* and Mrs.* Charles L. Myers ’56
Mr. Charles E. Myers Jr. ’49*
Mr. David J. Myers ’90
Mr. David B. Myers ’07
Mrs. Elizabeth Corke Myers W’50
Mr. George C. Myers Jr. ’79
Mr. James Lee Myers ’73 and Rev. Dr. Judith E. Thomson ’73
Mr. Justin Myers ’19
Ms. Karen J. Myers ’80
Mr. Keith W. Myers ’91
Mr. Kevin J. Myers ’15
Mr. Patrick J. Myers
Mr. Paul Eugene Myers ’48*
Mr. Perry N. M. ’98 and Mrs. Megan M. ’97 Myers
Mr. Peter J. Myers ’61
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Myers
Mr. Steven M. Myers ’74
Mr.* Tyler L. ’03 and Mrs. Shane S. Myers
Wilbur A. Myers Estate 1921
Mr. Myo Myint ’60
Mr. Thomas J. Myler
Mr. Jeffrey R. Mylet ’09
Mr. Vince Myne
Mr. John J. and Mrs. Erin Quinn Myron P’14
Ms. Megan P. Myron ’14
Mr. Theodore Naccarella Jr. ’84
Ms. Katherine M. Nacci ’10
Dr. and Mrs. Peter L. Nacci
Mr. Connor Nace ’18
Mr. Dustin M. Nace ’03
Mr. Joseph A. and Ms. Penny J. Nace
Mr. David and Mrs. Sherry A. Nace
Mr. Robert Nachtsheim
Ms. Ayesha K. Nadarajah ’14
Mr. Daniel P. Nadel ’87
Ms. Laura Nadel ’89
Mr. Elizabeth Nader
Mr. Ryan Nadire ’19
Ms. Zoe E. Nagasing ’16
Mr. Andrew R. Nagel
The Rev. Dr. Douglas E. Nagel ’76
Mr. David L. ’85 and Ms. Jill Holmes ’84 Nagle
Mr. Marcel P. Naguiat ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Victor S. Naguiat
Ms. Alexandra B. Nagurney ’16
Mrs. Irene Mary Nagurney
Dr. Ladimer S. ’72 and Dr. Anna Bobiak Nagurney
Mr. George F. Nagy ’72
Ms. Ilona M. Nagy ’93
Ms. Lucy Kuria Naim ’99
Ms. Barbara J. Naimoli ’09
Mr. Alexander M. Naito ’08
Dr. Tavit O. Najarian
Mr. Andrew W. Nakajima ’14
Mr. John C. Nalevanko ’95
Mr. William and Mrs. Lucy Nally
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nalven P’88
Mr. Joel Krasnow and Dr. Lisa M. Nalven
Mrs. Jongmin Nam
Mr. Joseph Nam ’09
Mr. James D. Nameny and Ms. Lavonne E. Blucher-Nameny
Mr. Thomas F. Names ’74
NANBPW Clubs Inc
Mr. Saahil Nandrajog ’15
Mr. Timothy J. Nanni Jr. ’96
Ms. Haley D. Naphor ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Naples
Ms. Elizabeth Dore Napoli ’90
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Theresa R. Napoliello P’12
Mr. Cane A. Napolitano ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Napolitano P’10
Mr. Robert C. ’12 and Mrs. Meredith R. ’13 Napor
Mr. Robert J. and Mrs. Mary Beth Napor P’12
Mr. Michael A. Nappa ’08
Ms. Elise Nappi ’87
Mr. Bruce E. and Mrs. Sally B. Naramore P’12
Ms. Sarah E. Naramore ’12
Mr. David E. Narbeth ’00
Mr. John A. Nard Jr. ’77
Ms. Amanda E. Nardo ’08
Mr. Daniel S. Nardo ’07
Mr. Evan W. Nardone ’10
Mr. Nicholas A. Nardone ’12
Mr. Nicholas M., Jr. and Mrs. Kathleen L. Nardone P’12
Mr. John M. Nardozzi ’79
Mr. Joseph K. Narkevic ’06
Ms. Vanida Narrainen ’09
Mr. Joshua A. Narva ’96
Mr. Ronald G. and Mrs. Donna K. Nasch
Mr.* and Mrs. John W. Nase P’07
Mr. Ryan A. Nase ’07
Mrs. Tina M. Nase
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Allison J. Nash
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Janis C. Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Nash P’12
Mr. Robert M. Nash ’88
Mr. Zachary B. Nash ’12
Ms. Carla Nashold
Mr. John A. Naso ’12
Mr. Richard C. and Mrs. Theresa A. Naso P’12
Mr. and Mrs. David Nason
Mrs. Tina Dastalfo Nastase ’84
Mr. Steven P. Nastro ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nastro P’09
Mr. David A. and Mrs. Joellen Natale P’16
Ms. Mara E. Natale ’16
Dr. Chip and Mrs. Sidney L. Nataro
Ms. Natalie L. Nater ’14
Reingard R. Nathanson
Mrs. Ann Marie Aitken Naticchia ’95
Ms. Caroline Stewart Nation
National Heritage Foundation
National Invitational 175 LLC
National Penn Bancshares Inc.
Mr. John J. Natisin Jr. ’96
Mr.* and Mrs. John J. Natisin Sr. ’58
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jennifer A. Natoli
John Paul Natoli ’21
Mr. John Natoli
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Natoli Jr.
Mr. Joseph Natoli
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Denise L. Natoli P’20
Nature’s Equity LLC
Mr. Christopher W. Naughton Esq. ’77
Mr. Patrick L. Naugle ’70
Mr. Nicholas J. Navara ’13
Mr. Robert F. Navarro ’19
Mr. Richard Joseph Nawalinski ’77
Ms. Julianne Nawoczenski
Ms. Caroline C. Nawrocki ’18
Mr. Edward R. Nawrocki and Ms. Deirdre Crandall P’18
Mr. John P. ’04 and Ms. Lauren Freese ’04 Nawrocki
Dr. Ahsan I. Nawroj ’12
Mr. Joseph D. Naylor ’70
Ms. Patricia L. Naylor ’78
NE Pennsylvania Section American Society Highway Engineers
Dr. Jonathan P. Neal ’88
Mr. Thomas G. Neale ’92
Mr. Justin Nealis
Mr. Michael P. Neary ’02
Mr. Thomas P. Neats ’69
Dr. Peter E. Nebolsine ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Neborak ’79
Dr. and Mrs.* Joseph E. Nechasek ’62
Mr. Peter G. Neczesny ’86
Mr. Alexander R. Neeb ’15
Mr. Leonard S. Needle ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Neeld ’54
Mr. Donald K. Neely ’91
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Neely
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Neely
Mr. Robert U. Neese
Michael John Neeson ’21
Mr. Carl Neff
Mr. Chad A. Neff ’74
Mr. John R. Neff ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Neff
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Neff ’59 P’01
Mr. Ira Allen Negin ’75
Mr. David P. Negri ’76
Mr. David P. Nehf ’69
Ms. Marcella Marie M. Nehrbass ’09
Ms. Silvia Neiberg
Mr. James Neidig
Dr. Gary L. Neifeld ’76
Ms. Carrie Baker Neigel ’02
Mrs. Carol Neighbour W’60
Mr. Edward H. Neighbour II ’60*
Mr. Charles Neil
Mr. William R. Neil ’72
Ms. Donna M. Neiley ’84
Mrs. Sheena Travaglini Neill ’05
Ms. Joelle A. Neilson ’12
Ms. Jean Christoff Neitzke ’74
Ms. Katherine L. Nellis ’15
Mr. Charles L. and Mrs. Linda M. Nelsen P’16
Mr. Christopher W. Nelsen ’16
Mr. Paul D. Nelsen ’69
Mrs. Alicia M. Nelson ’99
Rev. Arthur W. Nelson ’52
Mr. Bradford C. and Mrs. Christine A. Nelson P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Nelson
Ms. Celeste Campbell Nelson ’89
Mr. Harold and Ms. Claire B. Nelson
Dr. David J. Nelson ’06
Ms. Elizabeth A. Nelson ’96
Ms. Elizabeth M. Nelson ’16
Mr. Eric W. and Mrs. Jean M. Nelson P’16
Mr. Jack Christopher Nelson ’19
Dr. James C. Nelson III ’70*
Mr. Jeffrey A. Nelson ’89
Mr. John K. Nelson ’76
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Nelson P’18
Mr. Joshua B. Nelson ’96
Ms. Katherine K. Nelson ’15
Ms. Mary H. Nelson
Ms. Monica M. Nelson ’14
Ms. Paige J. Nelson ’12
Mr. Patrick D. Nelson ’18
Mr. Paul E. Nelson ’61
Dr. Peter D. Nelson ’78
Mr. Philip T. ’10 and Ms. Jessalyn Rolwood ’10 Nelson
Ms. Rebecca J. Nelson ’93
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Rita G. Nelson
Mr. Robert E. Nelson ’84
Mr. Roger P. Nelson ’57
Dr. Roy L. Nelson ’63
Mr. Scott P. and Mrs. Grace C. Nelson P’12
Mr. Thomas F. Nelson Jr. ’87
Mr. Zechariah Lee Nelson ’19
Ms. Courtney R. Nemec ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Nemec ’73 P’02
Mr. Richard L. Nemec ’56
Ms. Zoe M. Nemerever ’13
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Barbara J. Nemes
Mr. C. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Nemeth
Mr. Thomas A. Nemeth
Mr. David B. Nemetz ’88
Ms. Gail Ferguson Nemsick ’86
Ms. Jillian J. Nentwig ’11
Mr. Joseph B. and Mrs. Maureen Nentwig P’11
Ms. Maureen Nephew
Mr. William C. Neppel ’52*
Ms. Lindsay Chilton Suthard ’99
Mrs. Shari Kahan Nerreau ’83
Dr. Steven M. and Ms. Elaine M. Nesbit P’17
Ms. Shannon Neschke ’12
Mr. Adam G. Ness ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Ness P’17
Mr. Brian J. and Mrs. Tracy S. Ness P’22
Ryan Smith Ness ’22
Ms. Sayedatun Nessa ’12
Lt. Col. Michael R. Nester ’91
Ms. Colleen S. Netherby ’11
Mr. Wayne F. and Mrs. Mary Eileen Netherby P’11
Ms. Katherine L. Netinho ’03
Mrs. Pamela Netinho
Ms. Karen S. Nettler ’74
Ms. Greta S. Nettleton
Network for Good
Mr. Theodore W. Neubert ’65*
Mr. Christopher B. Neuffer ’88
Ms. Catherine C. Neumann ’12
Mr. Mark A. ’85 and and Ms. Clare Kaiser ’83 Neumann
Mr. Richard W. Neumann ’73
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Neumeister
Mr. Bernard T. Neuner III and Dr. Kelly A. Shea P’20
Mr. Donn Neurman
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Neusidl
Ms. Kristina J. Neuwirth ’10
Mr. Jonathan Nevarez
Ms. Natalia Nevarez ’17
Mrs. Alain J. Neves W’51
Dr. Constance Killian Neves ’77
Nevil Memorial Church of St. George
Mr. James J. Neville Jr. ’57*
Mr. John, Jr. and Mrs. Laura W. Neville
Mrs. Caitlin Fahey Nevin ’10
Mr. John S. Nevin ’57*
David Hay Nevins ’20
Ms. Theresa Hu Nevling ’84
New England Foundation For The Arts, Inc.
Mr. Evan J. Newbold ’15
Dr. Ronald C. and Mrs. Tamara H. Newbold P’15
Mr. Dana T. Newcomb ’02
Ms. Robyn Newell
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Mary Beth Newkumet
Mr. William R. Newlin II ’96
Mr. Bradley S. Newman ’78
Mr. Darryl J. Newman ’92
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Newman
Mr. David P. Newman ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Newman
Jake Hunter Newman
Mr. Ted and Mrs. Joyce Newman
Dr. Keith M. Newman
Mr. Kenneth C. Newman ’72
Ms. Lillian J. Newman ’11
Dr. Lisa G. Newman
Mr. Nathaniel M. Newman ’09
Mr. Peter H. Newman ’73
Mr. Richard D. Newman ’73
Mr. Robert J. Newman ’53*
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Newman
Mr. David and Mrs. Susan B. Newman
Mr. Martin A. Newmark ’61
Mr. Kenneth J. and Mrs. Susan L. Newquist
Mr. Michael Newsome ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Newton
Ms. Elizabeth A. Newton
Ms. Maire M. Newton ’10
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Myra M. Newton
Dr. and Mrs. Roger S. Newton ’72
Mr. Scott W. Newton ’94
Newtown Dentistry for Kids, P.C.
Ms. Eva K. Neykova ’10
Mr. Douglas B. Ng ’89
Mr. Phillip S. ’88 and Ms. Lorrie Jezierski ’91 Ng
Ms. Helen Mee Lan Ngai
Ms. Stacy W. Nganga ’16
Mr. Maxim A. Ngolla ’15
Ms. Ramona E. Ngolla P’15
Mr. Gustave A. Nguenjio Njapon ’18
Ms. Anh D. Nguyen ’15
Mr. Bach The Nguyen ’17
Mr. Ductri H. Nguyen ’02
Ms. Ha T. Nguyen ’13
Ms. Huong T. Nguyen ’15
Ms. Kaitlin A Nguyen ’19
Mrs. Kelly B. Nguyen ’06
Mrs. Lan-Anh Nguyen P’12
Mr. Lenny X. Nguyen ’13
Mr. Linh M. Nguyen ’14
Mr. Long B. Nguyen ’15
Mr. Luan X. and Mrs. Linh M. Nguyen P’13
Ms. Mai Q. Nguyen ’15
Mr. Matt Nguyen ’14
Mr. Minh Anh Nguyen and Ms. Thuy-Nga T. Le P’15
Mr. Phil P. Nguyen ’14
Ms. Phuong Anh H. Nguyen ’12
Ms. Tuyet T. Nguyen ’10
Mr. Christopher W. Nial ’10
Mr. Harrison Nicastro ’14
Mr. Kenneth J. Nicastro and Ms. Robin D. Adelstein P’14
Mr. Richard D. Nice ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred K. Nicholas Jr. ’50
Mr. Christopher A. and Mrs. Lynn A. Nicholas P’19
Mr. Daniel A. ’18 and Mrs. Katie L. ’11 Nicholas
Ms. Elizabeth L. Nicholas ’78
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kimberly C. Nicholas
Mrs. Laura Roth Nicholas ’95
Mr. Lyman F. Nicholas ’48*
Mrs. Nancy D. Nicholas ’76
Ms. Paige Laurel Nicholas ’19
Ms. Stacey E. Nicholas
Mr. David and Mrs. Susan Young Nicholas
Mr. Todd A. Nicholas ’08 and Ms. Kathryn E. Hueglin ’09
Mr. Christopher D. Nichols and Mrs. Beth McSherry-Nichols P’16
Mr. Jeffrey A. Nichols ’69
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Joan E. Nichols
Ms. Lynn H. Nichols
Dr. Robert C. Nichols ’63
Ms. Samantha A. Nichols ’16
Mr. Theodore B. Nichols ’70
Ms. Emily Nicholson ’16
Mr. John J. and Mrs. Diane A. Nicholson P’16
Mr. Walter E. and Mrs. Susan A. Nicholson
Mr. Travis L. Nicholson ’16
Mr.* William Henry ’44 and Mrs.* Marie E. Nickel
Ms. Rebecca A. Nickerson ’08
Mrs. Ryann K. Nickerson ’04
Ms. Stephanie N. Nickerson ’17
Mr. Alex S. Nickles ’16
Dr. Steven L. and Mrs. Debra A. Nickles P’16
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Nicklin ’64
Mr. Garret D. Nicodemus ’04
Mr. Keith R. Nicola ’86
Mr. John and Mrs. Anna M. Nicosia
Mr. John and Mrs. Stephanie Nicosia
Mr. Keith Nicusanti
Erik Edward Niechwiadowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan L. Niederauer P’08
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Marilyn Niederer
Nancy Niedermeyer
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Juliann M. Nielsen
Mr. Kai A. Nielsen ’11 and Ms. Amanda A. Evans ’13
Mr. Anthony and Ms. Laura B. Nielsen
Mr. Travis L. Nielsen ’08
Mr. William J. Nielsen ’64
Mr. Jay E. Nielson ’94
Mr. Kenneth A. and Mrs. Cheryl A. Niemi P’13
Mr. Samuel G. Nienstedt ’18
Mr. Allan J. Nies ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nieskens P’07
Ms. Kimberly M. Nieskens ’07
Mr. Gerrit Nieuwenhuizen ’99
Mr. Richard A. ’01 and Mrs. Jeanne R. ’99 Niewoehner
Mr.* and Mrs. Donald J. Nikles ’60
Ms. Kokarley Nikoi ’19
Mr. Lazar L. Nikolic ’03 and Ms. Stephanie M. Giordano ’05
Ms. Judith Rosenthal Niles ’77
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kathleen E. Nilles
Mr. Paul and Ms. Mary K. Nilsen
Mr. Michael L. Nilson ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Noel W. Nilson ’57
Mr. Scott L. Nilson ’92
Dr. Kellyann Niotis ’12
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Niquette
Mrs. Lola Nisenbaum
Mr. Timothy J. Nish ’06
Mr. Mark Nissley
Ms. Rose Nissley
Ms. Ellen T. Nita ’88
Mrs. Patricia L. Nitchkey
Mr.* and Mrs. William Nitchkey
Mr. Benjamin J. Nitkin ’15
Ms. Shannon R. Nitroy ’14
Mr. Charles A. Nittrouer Jr. ’72
Mrs. Diane Nittrouer W’50
Mr. Genghis Niver
Mr. William and Mrs. Carol A. Nixon
Ms. Caroline E. Nixon ’16
Mr. Christopher K. Nixon ’04
Mr. Keith A. and Mrs. Susan B. Nixon P’16
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Sherry Nixon
Mr. William Garrison Nixon III ’51*
Ms. Kimberly Niyogi
Mr. Daniel A. Nobile ’72
Mr. George P. Noble III ’60
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Noble
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Tsana W. Nobles P’18
Ms. Morgan M. Nobles ’18
Mr. and Mrs. William Nobles
Mr.* and Mrs. Donald U. Noblett
Mrs. Vivian B. Noblett
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert J. Nobmann ’57
Mrs. Jocelin Price Nocentino ’97
Mrs. Laura Jordan Nockett ’11
Ms. Carol P. Noe
Ms. Emily L. Noel ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg A. Noel P’13
Ms. Jennifer Hansen Noel ’00
Mr. Ricardo P. Nogueira ’92
Mr. Christopher W., Sr. ’86 and Ms. Catherine Hayes ’86 Nolan
Mr. Christopher K. Nolan ’91
Ms. Dianne M. Nolan
Mr. James P. Nolan ’74
Mr. James F. Nolan
Ms. Kathleen O. Nolan ’17
Ms. Margaret Nolan
Mrs. Theresa A. Nolan ’97
Ms. Alice Curtis Noland ’83
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nolf ’64
Mr. C. Jeremy Noll ’07
Mr. Christopher J. Noll ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Noll ’68
Ms. Shannon L. Noll ’13
Ms. Natalie A. Nollan ’17
Ms. Shannon Kleinbach Nolthenius ’09
Mr. Atsunobu and Mrs. Keiko Nomura P’22
Mr. Charles R. Nony ’51
Mrs. Melissa H. Noon ’98
Mr. D. Michael and Mrs. Lori A.M. Noonan P’17
Ms. Danielle L. Noonan ’15
Ms. Margaret R. Noonan ’17
Mrs. Kristi Sorrell Noone ’90
Dr. Janet Norcross ’84
Mr. and Mrs. E. Wayne Nordberg ’60
Mr. Robert V. Noreika ’67
Mr. Thomas W. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Noreika P’22
Ms. Karen S. Norelli ’96
Mr. Morris L. Noretsky ’70
Norfolk Southern Charity Trust Account PAC
Mr. Frank L. Norman ’66*
Ms. Linda M. Norman P’21
Mr. Stephen K. Norman ’76
Ms. Eugenia Norman-Golden
Mr. Thomas W. Normoyle ’80 and Ms. Patricia A. Mattimore ’82
Mr. Dwight F. Norrgard Jr. ’16
Lt. Col. John W. North ’88
Mr. Louis A. North ’51*
Mr. Paul D. North Jr. ’75
North Jersey Landcare Services
Northampton County Bar Association
Mr. William and Mrs. JoAnn Northgrave P’14
Cole Robert Northrup ’21
Mr. David R. Norton ’04
Mr. Harry D., Jr. ’74 and Ms. Teresa Persing ’75 Norton
Mr. Jonathan and Ms. Lynn Norton
Mrs. Thomas W. Norton W’59
Mr. Paul D., Sr. and Mrs. Kimberly L. Norton P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Norwood
Mr. Edward M. Nosenzo ’94
Ms. Elida T. Nosenzo ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Noss
Mr. David Nostrant
Ms. Cynthia Notaroberto
Ms. Catherine D. Noti
Mr.* and Mrs. Anthony F. Noto ’41
Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Noto ’72
Ms. Jill Geene Notte ’83
Mr. Erwin W. Notter ’59
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert H. Nourse P’92 GP’07
Mr. Jonathan M. Novaco ’93
Mr. Stanley F. Novaco ’61
Novartis Charitable Giving Campaign
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Novello
Alan M. Novich, DDS, JD ’66
Mr. Andrew D. Novick ’89
Ms. Emma Grace Novick ’19
Ms. Matty Novick ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Novick P’19
Ms. Haleigh T. Novick-Eckhardt ’10
Ms. Amy Jerrow Novosel ’96*
Mr. Mark A. Novotnak ’80
Ms. Lauren M. Novotny ’11
Dr. Donald Stuart Novy ’72
Mr. Andrew L. ’95 and Ms. Jennifer Emmitt ’95 Nowack
Mr. Dennis C. Nowack ’67
Mr. Richard J. Nowell ’71
Ms. Rita A. Nowicki
Mr. Sean M. Nowlan ’07
Mr. Elwood R. Noxon ’63
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Noxon ’94
Dr. Ariela Noy P’16
Mr. Dylan S. Noyes ’03
Mr. Clive Ntuli ’09
Mr. Marc A. Nudelberg
Mr. Geoffery A. Nudge ’16
Dr. Leroy D. Nunery, II ’77
Mr. Joseph and Ms. Mary Ellen C. Nunes
Ms. Avery Schuyler Nunn ’19
Ms. Jennifer C. Nunn ’10
Mr. Richard H. Nunn ’78
Mr. Steven E. and Mrs. Schuyler W. Nunn P’19
Mr. Trevor D. Nunn ’96
The Nurture Nature Foundation
Ms. Sarah J. Nusbaum ’13
Mr. Adam W. Nussbaum ’17
Ms. Jeannette Nussbaum
Mr. Joshua M. Nussbaum
Mr. Kenneth I. Nussbaum and Mrs. Irene H. Rosen-Nussbaum P’17
Ms. Samantha A. Nussbaum ’13
Ms. Vivian Nussbaum
Charles Andrew Nutaitis ’20
Mr. Bradley D. Nutter ’96
Chidiebere Paul Nwankpa ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Nyce ’61
Ms. Lena I. Nyffenegger
Mr. Andrew G. Nygren ’89
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carol Nykodym
Ms. Mary C. Nypaver
Mr. Kyaw Nyunt and Ms. Khin Shwe P’18
Ms. Allison J. Oakes ’92
Dr. Christine I. Oaklander
Mr. David L. Oakley ’67
Dr.* and Mrs. Wilbur W. Oaks ’51 Hon.D.’11 P’78’80’84 GP’13’13’17
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Larissa S. Obadia
Mrs. Alyssa M. Obando ’11
Mr. David J. Oberholzer ’68
Mr.* and Mrs. David O. Oberkircher ’79
Margaret Parry Oberkircher
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Obermann ’61
Ms. Kathleen D. Obermayer ’10
Ms. Jodie W. Obernesser ’89
Mr. Girard F., III ’75 and Ms. Patricia Clough ’75 Oberrender
Ms. Margaret A. Oberrender ’07
Mr. Peter G. Oberrender ’15
Mr. Tirimba T. Obonyo ’09
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Ellen O’Boyle
Mr. Andrew J. O’Brien ’13
Mr. Bradley M. O’Brien ’14
Ms. Caitlin L. O’Brien ’09
Ms. Casey L. O’Brien ’16
Mr. Edward A. O’Brien IV ’16
Mrs. Elizabeth B. O’Brien ’86
Mr. Evan D. O’Brien ’07
Ms. Jana M. O’Brien Trevino ’92
Mr. John B. O’Brien Jr. ’63
Mr. John H. O’Brien Jr. ’15
Mrs. Kate Schwartz O’Brien ’95
Ms. Kelly L. O’Brien ’18
Mr. Kevin P. O’Brien ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Brien
Mr. James and Ms. Kirsten E. O’Brien
Ms. Lisa Cardali O’Brien ’89
Mr. David and Ms. R. Ellen O’Brien
Mr. Sean P. ’93 and Ms. Janet Acculto ’94 O’Brien
Dr. Susan Marie O’Brien ’79
Mr. and Mrs. William E. O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. William T. O’Brien
Mrs. Emily Francis O’Brion ’03
Mrs. Suzanne D. Obuchowski ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Ochman, Sr. ’55 P’76
Mr. Joseph M. Ochman Jr. ’76
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Suzanne M. Ochsner
Mr. Daniel J. and Mrs. Andrea Revy O’Connell P’12
Ms. Morgan S. O’Connell ’18
Mr. Timothy D. and Mrs. Christine O’Connell P’15
Mr. and Mrs. William P. O’Connell
Dr. Abby R. O’Connor ’03
Ms. Andrea D. O’Connor
Ms. Barbara O’Connor
Ms. Catherine L. O’Connor ’02
Dr. Charis Kozic O’Connor ’96
Ethan Paul O’Connor ’22
Maurin R. O’Connor
Ms. Megan C. O’Connor ’92
Mr. Michael P. ’04 and Mrs. Emily James ’05 O’Connor
Mr. Thomas E. O’Connor Jr. ’82
Mr. Thomas D. O’Connor ’93
Mr. William J. O’Connor ’14
Ms. Jennifer N Oddo ’16
Mr. Patrick J. O’Dell ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Dell
Mr. Dale G. Odenwelder ’73
Rev. Dr. John Mark Odenwelder ’38*
Mr. George E. Odigwe ’18
Mr. Woodward T. Odiorne ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Odjakjian ’76
Ms. Emily J. Odle ’12
Ms. Allison K. O’Donnell ’15
Ms. Beatrice O’Donnell
Mr. Christian S. O’Donnell ’14
Connor O’Donnell ’22
Mr. Daniel P. O’Donnell ’06
Ms. Deborah Zulick O’Donnell ’95
Ms. Donna Sheerin O’Donnell ’86
Dr. Jane O’Donnell
Ms. Laura J. O’Donnell
Ms. Lisa M. O’Donnell ’12
Monica Mary O’Donnell ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Ray O’Donnell
Mr. Ryan O’Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Sean W. O’Donnell P’14
Mrs. Heather Lees O’Donovan ’93
Mr. Ayodeji S. Odusami ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Witherbee O’Dwyer ’60
Mr.* and Mrs.* Walter Oechsle ’57
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Priscilla R. Oehl
Mrs. Jacquelyn Goodwin Oehlers ’06
Mr. and Mrs. R. James Oehlert ’61
Mr. Nicholas Oei
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Oeler
Mr. Robert H. Oetjen ’65
Mr. Peter Oetker ’86
Ms. Bonnie F. Offit
Prof. Arnold A. Offner and Mrs. Ellen S. Offner
Mr. David C. Ogden ’66
Dr. Gary B. Ogden and Ms. Cataherine Padberg
Matthew Blake Ogden
Mr. Keith A. Oglesby ’92
Mr. Michael S. and Mrs. Eileen O’Gorman P’17
Ryan Michael O’Gorman ’21
Ms. Shannon C. O’Gorman ’17
Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick O’Grady
Mr. William and Mrs. Betty R. Ogren
Ms. Laura S. Oh ’17
Mrs. Michele Sutton O’Halloran ’86
Mr. Francis B. and Mrs. Nancy C. O’Hanlon P’16
Mr. Timothy O’Hanlon ’16
Ms. Venita G. O’Hanlon ’16
Mr. Kei-Ichi Ohara ’67
Mr. Charles B., III ’75 and Ms. Cheryl McCullough ’77 O’Hara
Ms. Heather O’Hara
Ms. Karen Sullivan O’Hara ’92
Ms. Mary Ellen O’Hara
Ms. Megan E. Werner O’Hara ’08
Ms. Jamie L. O’Hare ’16
Mr. Michael S. and Mrs. Susan K. O’Hare P’16
Mr. Michael D. and Mrs. Sybil T. O’Hare P’19
Mr. Josh T. O’Harra ’97
Mr. Paul B. O’Hea ’66
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Maura O’Hearn P’20
Mr. Timothy P. and Mrs. Ann W. O’Heney P’16
Mr. Daniel, Jr. and Mrs. Debra S. O’Hern
Mr. John F. O’Hern ’88
Ms. Roberta J. Ohl P’14
Mr. Dirk and Mrs. Kathryn P. Ohley
Ms. Megan L. Ohlmacher ’12
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Ohlmacher P’12
Mr. H. Lee Ohlman ’60*
Mrs. Herbert F. Ohmeis W’28*
Ms. Steffanie N. Ohms ’09
Mr.* Donald C. and Mrs. Elizabeth Ohnegian ’60 P’90’94
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Ohnegian ’94
Mr. Jason H. ’92 and Mrs. Holly Epstein ’92 Ojalvo
Mr. Kerem Ok ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. O’Kane ’67
Mr. John L. O’Keefe ’96
Mr. Lawrence J. O’Keefe ’70
Ms. Maire Carolyn O’Keefe ’19
Mr. Kevin O’Keeffe
Ms. Mary F. O’Keeffe
Mr. Ugochukwu D. Okeibunor ’18
Ms. Katherine B. Okon ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Okon
Mr. R. Thomas Okonak ’70
Mr. Volkan Oktem ’04
Oldcastle Architectural Inc
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Oldendorp ’07
Mr. Claude and Mrs. Marlene P. Oldt
Mr. Stephen A. Olean Jr. ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. O’Lear
Cdr. Joseph L. O’Leary ’70
Joseph R. O’Leary ’20
Dr. Robert W. and Mrs. Angela O’Leary P’20
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O’Leary
Mr. John A. Olek Jr. ’66
Mr. David L. Olesen ’76
Ms. Anne Olesky
Mr. Benjamin P. Olesky ’14
Ms. Eva W. Olesky
Mr. Jonathan D. and Mrs. Susan Wolf Olesky P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Walter Olesky
Mr. Conrad M. Olie ’74
Olio2go LLC
Mr. Michael A. and Mrs. Neda Z. Olivares P’13
Mr. and Mrs. Delroy N. Oliver
Mr. Douglas J. Oliver ’75
Ms. Emily E. Oliver ’17
Mr. James P. and Mrs. M. Patricia Oliver
Dr. Joseph B. Oliver ’06
Ms. Kathy S. Oliver P’15
Mr. Lawrence K. and Mrs. Amy E. Oliver P’17
Mr. Ross C. Oliver ’80
Ms. Sandra Oliver
Mr. W. Thomas Oliver ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Oliveri P’17
Ms. Ruth Ann Oliveri
Mr. Scott A. Oliveri ’17
Mr. Joseph T. and Mrs. Jennifer A. Olivett P’20
Vincenzo Joseph Olivett ’20
Mr. Daniel M. Olivi ’08
Ms. Barbara F. Olivier ’16
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Olivo Jr. ’84
Ms. Christine M. Ollmann ’14
Mrs. Catherine Clifford Ollwerther ’07
Ms. Carolyn E. O’Loughlin ’14
Mr. Keith M. ’93 and Ms. Lisa Perecca ’93 O’Loughlin
Mr. Matthew D. O’Loughlin ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. O’Loughlin P’14
Mr. Erik L. ’83 and Ms. Jane Rehm ’85 Olsen
Ms. Marilyn L. Olsen
Drs. Gary Olson and Dr. Wilma Olson
James C., Esq. ’76 and Mrs. Sharon Olson
Mr. Arthur T. Olsson ’50
Mr. Richard Olstein
Mrs. June M. Olszewski W’48
Ms. Tara A. Feehan O’Mahony ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Jason O’Malley P’21
Mr. Joseph F. O’Malley
Ms. Julia Farrington O’Malley ’19
Mr. Kyle J. O’Malley ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. O’Malley
Sean Jason O’Malley ’21
Mr. Lawrence A. Omansky
Ms. Nicolena C. Omansky
Mr. Charles T. O’Mara ’08
Mr. William E. Omorogieva ’15
Ms. Jill A. Omura P’14
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Aracelis On P’22
Mr. Oleg Onatzevitch and Ms. Theresa Ryan P’18
Mr. Paul and Ms. Maria Onderdonk
Ms. Danielle M. Ondic ’99
Ondra-Huyett Construction Services LLC
Ms. Katharine M. O’Neall ’12
Ms. Bonnie Woods O’Neil ’85
Mrs. Elizabeth G. O’Neil GP’06
Ms. Frances O’Neil
Mr. and Mrs. James J. O’Neil
Mr. John F. and Mrs. Geraldine T. O’Neil P’12
Ms. Katherine E. O’Neil ’12
Mr. Paul O’Neil
Mr. Ryan P. ’12 and Mrs. Mary Cunning ’12 O’Neil
Mr. Kyle Johnson and Ms. Tamara O’Neil
Mr. and Mrs. William F. O’Neil P’06
Mr. Bryan ONeill
Mr. Brian D. O’Neill ’16
Mrs. Cara Deluca O’Neill ’93
Mr. Conor M. O’Neill ’11 and Dr. Brooke A. Ziegelbaum ’11
Mr. David C. ’05 and Mrs. Susan Bowers ’05 O’Neill
Mrs. Ivy Rufe O’Neill ’84
Mr. and Mrs. James Francis O’Neill
Mr. Jeffrey K. O’Neill ’00
Mr. Brian and Ms. Jennifer C. O’Neill
Mr. John F. O’Neill ’78
Ms. Madeleine H. O’Neill ’13
Dr. Michael C. O’Neill
Mr. Michael S. and Mrs. Margaret T. O’Neill P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Noel D. O’Neill P’16’21
Mr. Patrick E. O’Neill ’07
Mr. Patrick T. and Mrs. Maria D. O’Neill P’13
Mr. Scott E. O’Neill ’92
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Sherri O’Neill
Ms. Tara M. O’Neill ’04
Ms. Susan E. O’Neill-Giuliano ’88
Mr. Oleksiy V. Onishchenko ’12
Mr. John D. Onnembo Jr. ’81
Mr. John S. and Mrs. Rose B. Onorati P’17
Mr. James R. Onorevole ’17
Mr. Richard M. and Mrs. Marie C. Onorevole P’17
Mr. Edward J. Opatkiewicz ’82
Dr. Brett ’92 and Ms. Cheryl Arndt ’92 Opell
Mr. Alan Operman
Mrs. Ami Davey Opisso ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Oplinger ’79 P’13
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Oppenheim Jr.
Mr. Andrew D. Oppenheimer ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Oppenheimer P’09
Ms. Simone A. Oppenheimer ’89
Mr. Joseph C. Opsatnick ’07
Mr. John and Mrs. Karen J. Oravitz
Mr. and Mrs. Luca Orazietta
Mr. and Mrs. Fabio Orazietti P’16
Ms. Franca Orazietti
Mr. Robert J. Orazietti ’16
Mr. Isaac Orbe
Mr. Wayne E. and Mrs. Lore A. Orchowski
Dr. Kenneth W. Ordene ’73
Mr. Edgar O’Rear
Mr. Thomas A. Orecchio ’90
Mr. Brendan A. ’06 and Mrs. Lauren B. ’08 O’Regan
Mr. Brian J. ’90 and Mrs. Christine O’Reilly
Ms. Mary L. O’Reilly
Mr. Thomas J. O’Reilly ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Jere G. Oren ’50
Mr. Rod and Mrs. Karen N. Oren
Jacob C. Orender
Mr. MG and Mrs. Donna Orender
Original Giovannis
Mr. Sebastian E. Orillac ’13
Ms. Monique Oriol
Mr. James M. Oriola
Dr. Palmer Orlandi Jr. ’81
Ms. Jenna I. Orlando ’17
Ms. Patricia I. Orlando
Jeffrey Orleans
Mr. Stephen C. ’04 and Mrs. Jennie O’Brien ’06 Orloff
Ms. Rebecca L. Orloski ’96
Mr. Thomas W. ’07 and Mrs. Amanda R. ’09 Ormandy
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Donna Oropall
Ms. Mary G. O’Rourke ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Rourke
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Orphanos
Mr. John C. Orrico ’78
Mr. Allen R. Orsi ’00
Mr. John T. Ort ’70
Mr. Joseph F. Ort ’06
Mr. Louis F. Ortenzio ’06
Mr. Andrew R. Ortiz ’18
Mr. Andrew J. Ortiz and Ms. Patricia J. Healy P’18
Ms. Gloria M. Ortiz P’13
Mr. Orlando Ortiz
Mr. Karl and Mrs. Anne R. Ortner
Mr. Trevor A. Ortolano ’07
Mr. Connor J. Ortolf ’14
Mr. Erik J. and Mrs. Christine Ortolf P’14
Mrs. Krista Laubach Ortwein ’05
Mr. Nicholas R. Orzol ’13
Mr. Roman W. Osadca ’72
Ms. Janet S. Osborn P’15
Ms. Sadie Wetherbee Osborn ’02
Ms. Sandra G. Osborn
Mr. Timothy F. Osborn ’82 and Ms. Sallie W. Howell ’80
Ms. Jane Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Osborne ’50
Mr. Robert T. Osborne ’57*
Ms. Jennifer Durkin Oschell ’96
Ms. Alexis A. Osei ’16
Mr. Kwadwo Osei-akoto ’84
Mr. Randall Oser ’93
Mr. William K. Osgood ’71
Mr. and Mrs. George T. O’Shaughnessy Jr. ’77 P’10’13
Mr. George T. O’Shaughnessy III ’13
Ms. Kaitlin M. O’Shaughnessy ’10
Mr. Kenneth P. O’Shea ’86 and Ms. Linda Giesecke ’86
Mr. William J., Jr. ’88 and Mrs. Kiku Teramoto ’88 O’Shea
Mr. Greg A. Oshins ’00
Mr. Charles C. Oshinski ’58
Mr. Edward J. Oshinskie ’83
Mr. Joshua A. Oshinsky ’00
Mrs. Noelle Fankhauser Osiecki ’02
Ms. Martha A. Osier ’06
Mr. Richard G. Osifchin ’86
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Osipow ’54
Mr. Robert E. ’00 and Mrs. Kristin Martin ’00 Osipower
Mr.* and Mrs. John Oskam ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph J. Oskutis
Ms. Morgan Q. Oskutis ’13
Blake Robert Oslan ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Reed S. Oslan P’20
Mr. David A. Osleger ’78
Mr. David Osorio
Mr. A. George, III ’84 and Ms. Barbara Schnepf ’85 Ossman
Mr. Andrew P. and Mrs. Julie A. Ossolinski P’17
Mr. Ethan P. Ossolinski ’17
Mr. Ryan S. Osterweil ’08
Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Virginia K. Ostrander
Mr. Howard Schlossberg and Mrs. Michelle L. Ostrelich
Mr. Leonard J. Ostroff ’89
Mr. Claudio A. and Mrs. Jana Ostrovsky P’11
Mr. Tyler J. Ostrovsky ’11
Mr. Brian and Ms. Eva Olesky Ostrowsky
Mr. Alexander L. Osuchowski ’13
Mrs. Brittany Waldron O’Sullivan ’08
Ms. Ciara M. O’Sullivan ’12
Mr. James F. O’Sullivan ’77
Ms. Jan Klocke O’Sullivan ’77
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Mary J. O’Sullivan
Ms. Meghan E. O’Sullivan ’14
Mr. Ryan M. O’Sullivan ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. O’Sullivan
Ms. Anuoluwatomiwa O. Osunkoya ’11
Mr. Kevin G. Oswalt ’10
Mrs. Nancy E. Oswalt
Dr. Chrispin O. Otondi ’13
Mr. and Mrs. John J. O’Toole P’14
Mr. Sean P. O’Toole ’14
Mr. David Ott
Mr. Harold Newman Ott ’39*
The Hon. Stanley R. Ott ’71
Mr. Timothy R. Ott ’86
Mr. Eric Ottaway and Mrs. Lisa Orloff-Ottaway P’16
Mr. Kailan A. Ottaway ’16
Mr. David and Mrs. Marina S. Ottaway
Ms. Harriet E. Ottewill-Soulsby ’17
Mr. Christopher J. and Mrs. Janet Fallon Ottinger P’17
Mr. John Ottinger ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Otto
Ms. Mari Otto ’17
Mr. Stephen P. Otway ’70
Ms. Marcy H. Ouslander ’78*
Ms. Catherine Diane Outlaw ’04
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Teresa Ovental P’12
Ms. Alexa Jane Overeem ’19
Mr. Michael S. and Mrs. Meri F. Overeem P’19
Ms. Reagan Overeem
Dr. Miles H. Overholt III ’70
Overtime Sports LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Karnig Ovian
Mr. J. Patrick Ovington ’82 and Mrs. Catherine A. Edwards ’79
Mr. Allan B. Owen ’67*
Mrs. Amy Solomito Owen ’09
Mr. Colby S. Owen ’18
Mr. Collin H. Owen ’16
Mr. Donald B. Owen ’63
Mrs. Grace B. Owen W’39
Mrs. Patricia A. Owen W’67
Dr. Alfonzo B., III ’75 and Mrs. Kim Wilson ’77 Owens
Ms. Amy Gabriele Owens ’98
Mr. Arthur M. Owens ’02
Mr. John and Mrs. Dorothy A. Owens
Mr. Ian P. Owens ’11
Mr. Patrick J. and Mrs. Lynn M. Owens P’11
Mr. Richard T. Owens
Ms. Kaitlin L. Ownes ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Keith B. Oxenreider ’93
Mr. Geoffrey A. Oxholm ’04
William J. Oxley ’38 Estate
Ms. Oluwadamilare T. Oyefeso ’15
Mr. Steven Oylarov ’16
Mr. Michael L. Ozalas ’71
Ms. Corinne A. Ozanne
P&T II Contracting Corp
PA Academy of Science
PA Gamma Association of SAE
Mr. Dariusz and Mrs. Dorota Pabijan P’13
Brooke A. Paccione ’21
Mr. Christian A. Pace
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Pacenta
Mr. Paul Pachuta
Ms. Mikayla S. Pacilio ’18
Mr. Robert L. Packett ’72
Mr. Nathaniel B. Padia ’12
Mr. Jesse J. ’08 and Mrs. Stephanie Marcon ’06 Padilla
Mr. Thomas D. ’78 and Ms. Susan Heyser ’78 Padilla
Mr. George T. Padula, Jr. and Mrs. Marjorie L. Harriman P’19
Mrs. Kay L. Padula
Ms. Roseann Giordano Padula ’76
Ms. Diane Pagan
Ms. Kacie J. Paganelli ’18
Mr. James J. and Mrs. Mary K. Pagano P’12
Mr. Jeremy M. Pagano ’13
Mr. Justin K. Pagano ’12
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Kathleen L. Pagano
Ms. Kristen Dennison Pagano ’91
Mr. Matthew J. Pagano ’09
Ms. Vanessa Elizabeth Pagano ’19
Mr. David P. Page ’81
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Page
Mr. Roger H. Page ’73
Mr. Thomas C. Page ’79
Ms. Andrea M. Pagello
Mr. Keith A. Pagello ’10
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carol Paglione
Mr. Sanjay Pahlajani
Ms. Sidney H. Pahmer ’15
Mr. Christopher T. ’97 and Ms. Molly Livingston ’98 Paiement
Dr. Cynthia Y. Paige ’83
Ms. Ilani Paige-Waldon ’12
Ms. Denise Natali Paine ’87
Ms. Dorothy Paino
Mr. James I. Painter ’59*
Rev. Randall R. Painter ’51
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Painter
Ms. Rachel B. Paisner ’17
Dr. Raphael S. and Mrs. Marcia W. Paisner P’17
Dr. Gerald L. Paist ’61
Mr. Joseph S.I. Pak ’94
Ms. Soo Mee Pak
Sun Yong Pak M.D. and Soo Pak
Mr. Douglas M. Palais ’75
Mr. Raymond R. Palanca ’77
Mr. Francis and Ms. Maureen A. Palazzo
Ms. Devon M. Palermo ’14
Ms. Elaine Townshend Paley ’79
Mr. John D. and Mrs. Heather Palframan P’11
Dr. Mark C. Palframan ’11
Mr. George Pali ’41*
Mr. Latham G. Pali ’98
Mr. Robert G. Pali ’67 P’98
Mr. Christopher C. Palliser ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Palliser P’10
Mrs. Hanna Culton Pallitto ’10
Mr. Daniel J. Pallotta ’16
Ms. Donna Jean Pallotta
Mr. Frank T. Pallotta and Ms. Patricia L. Moore P’16
Mr. John J. Pallotta III ’84
Ms. Alexandra Pallottie ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Palm
Liv Ethun Palma ’21
Mr. Eugene M. Palmasano
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Palmasano
Mr. A. and Ms. Anna Maria Palmer
Ms. Colleen Kozak Palmer ’99
Mr. William and Mrs. Diane G. Palmer
Mr. Donald P. Palmer ’64
Mrs. Genevieve M. Palmer ’99
Mr. Jack R. Palmer Jr. ’64*
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Palmer ’43
Mr. Kyle R. Palmer ’06
Mr. Lucius N. Palmer and Ms. Sloane Lederer P’17
Ms. Natalie B. Palmer ’17
Mr. Sutherland Palmer 1919*
Ms. Suzanne Palmer ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Palmer ’64
Mr. Thomas H. Palmer ’06
Mr. William A. Palmer ’53
Dr. David L. Palmquist
Mr. Richard T. Palo*
Mr. Todd A. ’05 and Mrs. Samantha Freeman ’04 Palo
Mildred R. Palomares
Mr. Nicholas M. Palotta
Mr. Aaron D. Paltiel
Ms. Laurie E. Palumbo ’80
Mr. Matthew R. Palumbo ’18
Mr. Richard J. Palumbo P’18
Mr. Dengzhao Pan ’09
Mr. Christopher Albert Panaguiton ’19
Mr. Doychin S. Panayotov ’10
Mr. Michael H. Pancione ’05
Dr. Carmela R. Pane ’78
Dr. and Mrs. Antonio C. Panebianco
Mr. Thomas N. Panepinto ’72
Ms. Susan Stabler Paneyko
Mr. Jason C. Pang ’10
Ms. Samantha M. Pang ’15
Mr. Manuel F. and Ms. Gloria Pangaio
Panhellenic Council of Lafayette College
Ms. Martha L. Paniagua-Rodriguez P’13
Prof. George E. Panichas and Ms. Michiko Okaya
Ms. Carren M. Panico ’88
Dr. Frederick G. Panico Jr. ’73
Ms. Katherine H. Pannell ’88
Mr. Joseph C. Pannullo ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Panny
Mr. Mark J. Panny ’10
Ms. Maryann V. Panny
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Panowitz
Ms. Kathryn E. Panto ’12
Mr. Matthew J. and Ms. Danielle Panto
Mr. Rojhae A. Panton ’18
Ms. Carla Panzitta Santoro ’84
Mr. John M. ’92 and Ms. Nicole Paolino
Ms. Jacqueline A. Wendt Paolone ’95
Mr. Peter V. Paone Jr. ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Paone Sr.
Mr. Konstantinos D. Papadogiannis ’13
Ms. Allyson P. Papageorge ’14
Ms. Jamie M. Papageorgiou ’06
Ms. Kathleen Papageorgiou
Ms. Georgia P. Papagianis ’15
Mrs. Helen Papagianis P’15
Mr. Vasilios and Mrs. Maria Papagianis
Ms. Antoinette Papandrea
Mrs. Benedette Fleres Papandrea ’79
Mr. George T. and Mrs. Faith A. Papatsos P’11
Ms. Stephanie J. Papatsos ’11
Mr. Jacob A. Papay Jr. ’82
Mr. Tyler J. Papaz ’05
Mr. Christopher J. Papazoglou ’97
Mr. Peter Papazoglou ’86
Mr. Mark B. Pape ’74
Mr. Daniel I. and Mrs. Beth B. Papermaster P’16
Mr. Nathan A. Papermaster ’16
Ms. Kristen M. Pappacena ’10
Mr. John T. Pappajohn ’85
Mr. Louis W. Papsdorf ’18
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Karen Papsin
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Papuga
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Paquet
Andres Ezequiel Parada ’20
Ms. Marisa Y. Paradiso ’80
Paragon Advisors LLC
Mr. Stephen Parahus ’84
Dr. Nripesh Parajuli ’12
Par-Del Employees FCU
Ms. Dana M. Pardini ’12
Ms. Heidi M. Parenti
Mr. Phillip B Parham Jr. ’18
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Carol O. Parillo
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Parillo
Ms. Nicole A. Parillo ’06
Dr. Michael D. Paris ’63
Dr. Philip M. Paris ’58
Ms. Aliza R. Parisella ’18
Ms. Andrea M. Parish ’15
Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Debra J. Parisi
Mr. Gary Parisi
Mr. William and Mrs. Lillian S. Parisi
Mr. William A. and Mrs. Marie J. Parisi P’12
Christian J. Park ’22
Mr. Justin K. Park ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Park
Mr. Robert S. Park ’66
Sarah H. Park ’19
Mr. Zong K. and Mrs. Myung S. Park
Mr. Abram C. Parker ’50
Mr. Charles W. Parker Jr. ’49*
Mr. Charles A. Parker ’90
Mr. Christopher A. Parker ’10
Mr. Christopher J. Parker ’13
Dr. Craig T. Parker ’86
Mr. and Mrs.* Gayle Parker ’56 P’86
Mr. Graham Parker
Mr. J. Gary Parker ’70
Mr. James F. Parker
Mr. Jeffrey D. ’85 and Ms. Sharon Lukenda ’86 Parker
Mr. John A. Parker ’62
Mr. McNeil and Ms. Christine Parker
Mr. Mitch Parker
Ms. Nancy E. Parker ’09
Mr. Nathan H. ’08 and Mrs. Martha Petre ’08 Parker
Mr. Thomas B. Parker ’92
Mr. William J. Parker IV ’11
Lt. Col. and Mrs. William J. Parker III P’11
Mr. William J. Parkes III ’81
Mr. Scott P. Parkhurst ’82
Mr. Leonard P. Parkin and Ms. Patricia Sickler
Ms. Elizabeth A. Parks ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Gibb D. Parks Sr.
Gibb David Parks Jr.
Mr. John C. Parks ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Parks ’58
Mr. Joseph E. Parnell II ’52
Mr. William Scott ’89 and Ms. Michelle Noll ’90 Parnell
Mr. Benjamin R. Paro ’12
Ms. Laura Seymour Paro ’01
Ms. Judy B. Parr P’16
Mr. and Mrs. George Parrish Sr.
Mr. Jacob R. Parrish ’17
Mrs. Kathleen A. Parrish P’20
Mr. Matthew C. Parrott ’03
Jack A., DPT, MSA ’85 and Mrs. Karen Dey ’88 Parry
Mr. James A. ’08 and Mrs. Deborah L. ’07 Parsekian
Ms. Ashley G. Parsons ’07
Mr. Marvin and Ms. Iola M. Parsons
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Parsons ’60
Ms. Jordan A. Parsons ’13
Mr. Marselis C. Parsons III ’66*
Ms. Rachel G. Parsons
Mr. Robert B., Jr. ’85 and Ms. Susan Lane ’85 Parsons P’15
Mr. Thomas E. Parsons ’15
Dr. Timothy V. Parsons ’91
Ms. Victoria A. Parsons ’15
Mr. William H. Parsons ’52
Parthenon Inc. T/A Campus Pizza
Mr.* Theodore V. Partlow ’60 and Dr. Michelle Partlow
Ms. Amy Manuel Partridge ’96
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Margaret M. Partridge
Mr. Alex P. Parzych ’11
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Karen J. Parzych P’11
Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Pascal
Ms. Jane M. Pascale
Mr. William H. Pasch ’57
Dr. Mark A. ’74 and Dr.* Annette G. ’74 Pashayan
Dr. Mark A. Pashayan ’74
Mr. Francis E. Pasinski and Mrs. Karin L. O’Malley P’21
Mr.* and Mrs. James S. Pasman Jr. ’52
Dr. Kimberly A. Pasquale ’06
Ms. Chantal C. Pasquarello ’02
Mr. Nicholas J. ’99 and Mrs. Jamie C. ’98 Pasquenza
Dr. Anthony J. and Mrs. Nuala A. Passannante P’17
Mr. Christopher A. Passannante ’17
Ms. Pamela S. Passman ’83
Ms. Carolyn A. Pasternak ’08
Dr. Irwin M. Pasternak ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Pastina
Dr.* and Mrs. Robert A. Pastor ’69
Mr. Bruce B. Pastorini ’75
Ms. Samantha C. Pastron ’18
Pat Andrew Pagnotta, DC, PC
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Antoinette Patafio
Ms. Tiffany Patafio ’10
Mr. Frank A. Patane ’07
Mr. F. David Patch ’57
Mrs. Manon Skrzypecki Patel ’04
Mr. Milan J. Patel ’12
Mr. Robert E. Paterson ’45
The Paterson Health and Wellness Center
Joseph Patlovich, M.D. ’57*
Mr. Gary A. Paton ’63
Patricia A. Ludwig, D.M.D.
Patriot Lacrosse, Inc.
Mr. Martin E. ’91 and Ms. Kathleen Sipe ’91 Patt
Mr. Christopher T. Patterson ’98
Mr. David H. Patterson ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Patterson ’67
Mrs. Elizabeth Bauer Patterson ’85
Mr. Frederick W. Patterson ’56
Ms. Gayley A. Patterson
Mr. James A. Patterson ’79
Mr. James D. Patterson ’15
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Jennifer J. Patterson
Mr. John E. Patterson ’86
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Joyce E. Patterson
Ms. Lisa Lacroce Patterson ’86
Mr. Larry and Ms. Lucy Patterson
Ms. Nina E. Patterson ’15
Mr. Quentin L. Patterson ’57
Mr. Stephen Patterson
Mr. William and Mrs. Claire A. Pattie
Mr.* and Mrs. George E. Patton Jr. ’53
Dr. Matthew H. Patton ’02
Mr.* and Mrs. William L. Patton ’62
Dr. Siobhan S. Pattwell ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Paul
Mr. Gerald and Ms. Barbara Y. Paul
Ms. Carolyn A. Paul ’09
Mr. James H. Paul
Mr. Jason A. Paul ’03
Ms. Patricia Paul
Mr. Richard S. Paul ’55
Ms. Shawna Hooper Paul ’94
Mr. Stephen L. Paul ’81
Mr. William E., Jr. ’93 and Mrs. Holly Helgerson ’94 Paul
Paul Ferraioli, DMD, PA
Mr. Christopher D. Pauley Jr. ’17
Mr. and Mrs. William Paulik Sr.
Pauline Laubach Scholarship Trust
Ms. Wanda M. Pauling
Mr. Scott B. Paulis ’17
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Paulish P’05
Mr. Nicholas D. Paulish ’05
Mr. Carl L. Paulnack ’65
Mr. Matthew R. Pauls and Ms. Mary G. Fraser P’15
Mr. Andrew J. Pava ’07
Pav-Lak Industries Inc
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Susan S. Pavlick
Ms. Reine M. Pavlik ’15
Ms. Sarah P. Pavlini ’16
Ms. Carlene A. Pavlos ’86
Mr. Bruce E. Pavlovsky ’74*
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis S. Pawlak
Ms. Gladys Moniba Payne ’97
Mr. H. Scott Payne ’61
Mr. Ryan M. Payne ’12
Capt. Samuel W. Payne ’59
Stephanie Nicole Payne
Timothy Emmanuel Payne ’22
Mr. William T. Payne Jr. ’50
William T. Payne III ’80
Mrs. Doreen H. Paynton W’52 P’86 GP’04
Mr. Richard D. Paynton Jr. ’86
Mr. William C. Paynton ’46
Ms. Jessica L. Pe ’17
Ms. Alexandra Peabody
Ms. Corinne W. Peabody ’17
Mr. Douglas D. and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Peabody P’17
Ms. Madeleine E. Peabody ’15
Dr. G. Earl Peace Jr. ’66*
Mr. Brian C. Peacock ’12
Mr. Ricky Peacock ’18
Dr. Kimberly S. Peairs ’88
Mr. William and Mrs. Sarah L. Pearce
Mr. Stephen L. Pearce ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Pearn Jr.
Dr. Deborah C. Pearsall ’85
Ms. Winifred T. Pearsall
Ms. Barbara Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pearson
Rev. Helen R. Pearson
Nicholas Jordan Pearson ’20
Mr. Raymond T. Pearson Jr. ’58
Mr. Raymond E. Pearson ’63
Ms. Stacey-Ann Y. Pearson ’15
Mr. Tabor D. Pearson ’09
Mr. Matthew P. Pease ’73
Mr. Alexander M. Peck ’91
Mr. Christopher M. Peck ’86
Dr. James J. Peck
Mr. Joel A. Peck ’60*
Ms. Lia G. Peck ’17
Dr. Michael J. Peck and Ms. Jo Brecher P’17
Mr. Roger A. Peck ’69
Mr. Gary M. Peckerman ’66
Mr. Sean E. Peckham ’13
Mr. Ted C. and Mrs. Kate P. Peckham P’13
Mr. Eric Peckins ’78
Ms. Erin Grath Pedalino ’98
Ms. Amy B. Peden ’96
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Pedersen
Mr. P. Neal Pedersen ’73
Mr. William N. Pedersen ’64
Dr. Walter J. Pedowitz ’65
Mr. Melchor Pedraza ’14
Ms. Eileen S. Peduto
Ms. Erica Peek
Dr. Philip S. Peek ’88 and Dr. Elaine J. Bruckner ’88
Ms. Katherine L. Peer
Zoe Alexandra Peerman ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Peete
Mr. Kelsey A. Pegden ’07
Dr. Peter Pegolo ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Pehrson
Mr. Pierre H. Pelanne ’61
Dr. Ilan Peleg
Mr. John D. Pelham ’12
Ms. Lisa B. Pelikan ’18
Ms. Michelle M. Pelizoto ’86
Daniel M. Pell Esq. ’71
Mr. Richard M. Pell ’61
Mr. Christopher G. Pelland ’15
Dr. David S. and Mrs. Patsy G. Pelland P’15
Mr. Daniel J. Pellarin ’51*
Mrs. Phyllis G. Pellarin W’51
Miss Anna Avery Pellecchia ’13
Mr. John Pellecchia ’80 P’13’15
Mr. John M. Pellecchia Jr. ’15
Ms. Nancy J. Pellegrini ’94
Mr. Thomas Pellegrino
Mr. James and Mrs. Deborah F. Pellen P’17
Mr. Robert S. Pellen ’65
Mrs. Helen Pellet W’48
Ms. Katherine A. Pelletier ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Pelletier
Mr. Mark W. Pelley ’73
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Judy A. Pelouze
Mr. Stuart Flavin and Ms. Dawn Pelton
Mr. Tyler L. ’09 and Mrs. Christie Atkinson ’09 Pelton
Ms. Danielle E. Pena ’15
Ms. Luz Pena
Ms. Rachel N. Pena ’14
Mr. Forrest W. and Mrs. Brenda Pender P’12
Mr. Matthew W. Pender ’12
Ms. Siobhan M. Pendergast ’89
Mr. Kevin J. Penderghest ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Penderghest
Mr. David and Mrs. Elizabeth Piper Pendery
Ms. Elizabeth Morgan Pendleton ’88
Ms. Sarah W. Penfield ’93
Mr. Kent W. Penhallurick ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Penland
Ms. Lee M. Penn ’08
Mr. John Stephens Penna ’74
Mr. David C. Pennella ’02
Ms. Catherine Penney
Mr. Jeffrey J. Penneys ’67
Ms. Barbara W. Pennington ’10
Mr. Douglas H. Pennington ’93
Mr. and Mrs. J. Peil Pennington, Jr. P’06’10
Joshua Spencer Pennington ’21
Ms. Lara B. Pennington ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Pennington ’55
Mr. Theodore D. Pennington ’59*
Mr. Sebastian Pennise ’56*
Mr. Matthew E. ’07 and Mrs. Kyle Hoover ’07 Pennisi
Mr. Raymond P. Pennoyer ’54
Pennsylvania Power & Light Company
Pennsylvania Presenters
Pennsylvania School Boards Association Inc
Ms. Barbara H. Pennypacker
Mr. Gregory Penske
Mr. Craig A. Penterson ’74
Ms. Jill A. Penza ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peoples P’08
Ms. Sharon Suominen Pepe ’82
Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Perry Pepper
Mr. Russell Peppet
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Peragine ’49 P’84
Ms. Jiselle E. Peralta ’13
Mr. Joseph A. Peralta ’09 and Dr. Thao M. Nguyen-Peralta ’07
Ms. Cristina J. Perdoni ’99
Mr. Geraldo Pereira Neto ’15
Mrs. Daysi C. Pereira-Sorto ’05
Dr. Steven H. Perelmuter ’85
Mr. Hugh Perez and Mrs. Christine Compton-Perez
Ms. Jean M. Perez
Dr. Matthew K. Perez ’94
Sumaira Tiffany Perez ’21
Mr. Torin Perez ’09
Mrs. Pamela Perez-McCall ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Perfetti
Ms. Abigail E. Perham ’17
Mr. Philip S. and Mrs. Lydia G. Perham P’17
Mr. Thomas J. Perini ’11
Mr. James J. Perito ’78
Dr. Barbara Quintal Perkins ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Perkins
Mr. Joe and Ms. Patricia Perkins
Dr. Eric S. Perlman ’81
Dr. Jon A. Perlman ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Burt Perlmutter
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Perlow P’17
Mr. David R. Perlow ’17
Dr. Joseph F. Perno ’92
Ms. Adriana Elizabeth Pero ’19
Ms. Mary Pero
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Pero P’19
Mr. Frank and Ms. Eileen M. Perpiglia
Mr. Nicholas V. Perretti ’07
Mr. Fortunato and Mrs. Mary L. Perri
Prof. David L. Martin and Prof. Catherine R. Perricone
Ms. Anne E. Perrige ’76
Mr. Edward P. Perrin ’94
Bennett R. Perrine ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Perrine ’55
Mr. Hank Perrine ’58
Ms. Kaitlin E. Perrine ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Perrine, Jr. P’20
Mr. Ethan J. Perro ’12
Mr. Richard M. and Mrs. Marcia Perro P’12
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Kelly M. Perron P’19
Ms. Justine Sarah Perrotti ’19
Mr. Richard F. Perrotty ’48*
Mr. Scott G. Perrucci ’95
Mr. Brian W. ’91 and Mrs. Deborah Anne ’90 Perry
Mr. Jeffrey R. and Mrs. Barbara B. Perry P’13
Mrs. Kara McCarthy Perry ’92
Mr. Marcus O’Neil Perry
Mr. Ross W. Perry ’13
Mr. Alexander W. Persak ’14
Dr. Gregory C. and Mrs. Maureen E. Persak P’14
Ms. Melissa I. Persaud ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Persico
Ms. Ilene Leopold Persoff ’75
Mr. Benjamin N. Persofsky ’01
Mr. Joseph Michael Person ’72
Personal Pet Care Plus
Mr. Mihail Pertsew P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Reno J. Pesaresi
Mrs. Carolyn A. Pescatore
Mr.* Frank T. and Mrs. Carolyn A. Pescatore
Mr. David Pesce ’86
Mr. Stephen Pesce
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Pesky ’56 P’87’90
Mr. Gregory S. ’90 and Mrs. Naomi S. Pesky
Mr. James and Mrs. Pamela A. Peslis P’19
Mr. Michael Pessina ’76
Mrs. Corey Kosydar Peters ’08
Mr. David B. Peters ’60
Mr. David W. Peters ’73
Mr. Donald K Peters ’16
Dr. Ernest L. Peters ’56
Mr. Maitland F. and Mrs. Karen B. Peters P’21
Mr. Matthew A. Peters ’19
Mr. Oliver H. Peters ’50
Olympia Aurora Peters ’21
Mr. Dennis J. Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Petersen
Mr. Gregg and Ms. Jill M. Petersen
Mr.* and Mrs. Kenneth J. Petersen P’10
Ms. Laura K. Petersen
Ms. Stephanie M. Petersen ’14
Mr. Andrew J. Peterson
Ms. Anna K. Peterson ’15
Ms. Audrey C. Peterson ’16
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Betty L. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Brett A. Peterson ’81
Mr. C. DeWitt Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Peterson ’76
Mr. Chadwick A. Peterson ’17
Mr. Edward S. Peterson Jr. ’62
Mr. Mark B. Peterson ’82
Mr. Marlin J. Peterson ’86 and Ms. Susan C. Kowalenko ’86
Mr. Robert A. Peterson Jr. ’96
Ms. Sara E. Peterson ’10
Mrs. Abbey Clifford Petitt ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Petitt P’19
Mr. Kyle Justice Petitt ’19
Ms. Sandra Goldman Petitt ’05
Mr. Robert A. Petitti ’69
Mr. Vincent J. Petitto ’89
Mr. Youlian A. Petkov ’01
Mr. Michael N. and Mrs. Jodi R. Petkovich P’12
Mr. P. Nicholas ’12 and Mrs. Andrea Duvall ’12 Petkovich
Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Petraglia
Mrs. Catherine P. Petraiuolo
Mr. Russell A. Petranto ’63
Ms. Eva Carr Petrecca ’97
Ms. Kimberly A. Petrelis ’09
Mr. Scott A. and Mrs. Ellen M. Petri
Mr. John S. Petrides ’89
Alexander Dominic Petrie ’21
Mr. John G. Petrie and Dr. Lillian M. Tidler P’21
Mrs. Shirley A. Petrie
Mr. Joseph A. Petrillo ’99
Mr. Michael J. Petrocelli ’15
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Susan N. Petrocelli
Mr. Stephen M. Petrock ’11
Mr. Andrew E. Petrone ’94
Mrs. Beverly Schultz Petrone ’83
Ms. Ellen Agoratus Petrosino ’86
Mr. Alexander K. Petroulias ’11
Mr. John K. and Mrs. Elizabeth Petroulias P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Petruzzellis ’71
Ms. Anita G. Pettibone
Mr. Justin C. Pettigrew ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Pettingill P’14
Ms. Nicole A. Pettingill ’14
Ms. Jill Chisesi Pettit ’01
Ms. Kelly M. Pettit ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Pettit ’95
Mr. Richard C. Petura Jr. ’69
Mr. and Mrs. J. Newton Pew Jr. ’55
Mr. Christopher J. Peyman ’05
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Peyman ’77 P’05
Mrs. Cathy L. Peyser P’10
Mr. Leland A. Peyser P’10
Ms. Sydney L. Peyser ’10
Ms. Elizabeth Peyton
Mr. Mathew D. Pezon ’10
Dr. Jeffrey O. Pfaffmann
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Pfau ‘P14
Mr. Charles V. Pfautz Jr. ’59
Mr. Michael G. Pfeffer ’01
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Pamela K. Pfeffer
Pfeiffer & Bruno PC
Mr. Robert A. Pfenning
Mr. William E. Pfister ’51*
Mr. Franklyn Pflueger
Ms. Angela V. Pflug ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Pflug
Mr. William and Mrs. Jane E. Pfost
Mr. Thomas C. Pfrommer ’66
Mr. Binh G. Pham ’13
Mr. Tong T. Pham ’13
Mr. John G. Pharo ’84
Dr. Carol E. Phelan ’87
Mr. Jeremiah F. Phelan ’89
Mr. Peter W. Phelan ’18
Mr. Thomas D. ’06 and Mrs. Tara Walsh ’06 Phelan
Mr. Kendall O. Phells ’78
Mr. Edwin J. Phelps Jr. ’56
Mr. Justin Phelps
Mrs. Mary Lovatt Phelps ’00
Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
Phi Kappa Tau
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin C. Phifer Jr. ’72
Mr. Robert C. Phifer ’83
Mr. Kenneth E. Philhower `77
Mr. Carl A. Philipp ’57
Mr. Roland S. and Mrs. Pamela L. Philipp P’12
Dr. (Col. Ret.) Ronald E. Philipp ’54
Mr. Samuel S. Philipp ’12
Mr. Patrick Philippi
Mr. Harrison E. Philipps ’16
Mr. Michael E. and Mrs. Shari A. Philipps P’16
Mr. David K. Philips ’04
Shawn D. Philipsen
Aviva Z. Philipson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Philipson
Ms. Lori Philipson P’21
Mr. Adam E. Phillips ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Alan F. Phillips ’61
Mr. Andrew N. Phillips ’05
Mr. Benjamin F. Phillips ’56*
Caroline Elisabeth Phillips ’21
Ms. Charlotte V. Phillips ’15
Dr. Christopher N. and Mrs. Emily L. Phillips
Dr. Edward Martin Phillips ’58*
Mr. Charles M. and Ms. Elisabeth Hughes ’85 Phillips P’21
Ms. Elizabeth C. Phillips
Ms. Gwendolyn McGann Phillips
Mr. James R. ’81 and Mrs. Pamela Andress ’81 Phillips
Ms. Katherine Phillips
Ms. Kathleen R. Phillips
Mr. Kyle M. Phillips ’17
Mr. Michael A. Phillips ’11
Mr. Peter R. Phillips ’13 and Ms. Heather V. Keefe ’12
Mr. Richard B. Phillips ’61*
Mr. Robert C. and Mrs. Jennifer Phillips P’13
Mr. Roger D. Phillips
Mr. Stephen D. ’00 and Ms. Olivia Walton ’01 Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Philpot P’11
Mr. Spencer C. Philpot ’11
Mr. Charles H. Phippen ’96 and Dr. Jeanine K. Andreassi ’96
Phoenix Systems Integrator, Inc.
Mr. S. David Phraner ’61
Ms. Tiffany Phuong ’16
Physio Logic Physical Therapy, PC
Dr.* and Mrs. David A. Piacente ’69
Ms. Lillian E Pianin ’19
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Carolyn L. Pianin P’19
Mr. Andrew G. Pianko ’11
Emma A. Piascik ’21
Ms. Patricia Piatt ’83 P’16
Fr. Richard J. Piatt ’91
Mr. Wilson T. Piatt Jr. ’58
Mr. Julio A. Piazza and Dr. Cheryl Kienzle P’12
Ms. Katherine M. Piazza ’13
Ms. Mary Piazza
Mr. Matthew K. Piazza ’12
Mr. Samuel D. Piazza ’72
Mr. Michael J. Pica IV ’10
Ms. Dyana L. Picache ’12
Mr. Gregory Picarelli
Mr. Dante A. Piccolo ’17
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Delite Piccolo
Ms. Kimberly C. Piccone ’90
Mr. Nolan A. Pick ’07
Mr. J. Thomas Pickel ’52*
Dr. and Mrs. N. Earle Pickens ’65
Mr. Mark L. Pickering ’85
Mr. William D. Pickering ’61
Ms. Margaret C. Pickett
Mr. Walter R. Pickwell Jr. ’59
Ms. Donna Picone
Ms. Kathryn Picone
Ms. Victoria A. Picone ’05
Audrey F. Picut ’20
Mr. Russell C. and Mrs. Tracy R. Picut P’22
Mr. J. Scott ’75 and Mrs. Gillian M. Pidcock P’09
Miss Rachel M. Pidcock ’09
Mr. Adam J. ’09 and Mrs. Hannah Fink ’09 Pie
Mrs. Susan S. Pie P’15
Mr. William J. Pie ’15
Mr. Mark E. Piech ’74
Mr. Duane Piechocki and Ms. Linda Brunner
Ms. Pamela Pieper
Ms. Adrienne M. Pierce ’86
Ms. Alexandra R. Pierce ’10
Dr. Alfred S. Pierce ’68
Mrs. Betty L. Pierce P’68’81*
Mr. Bradford C. Pierce ’66
Dr. Courtney Ryan Pierce ’91
Ms. Elizabeth M. Pierce ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Pierce ’82
Mr. Gregory G. Pierce ’07
Ms. Ilona Pierce
Ms. Jennifer Cascardi Pierce ’98
Mrs. Jody Kennedy Pierce ’93
Mr. John H. ’81 and Ms. Carolyn Slingland ’81 Pierce
Ms. Julia S. Pierce
Ms. Kate B. Pierce ’09
Mr. Leo W. and Mrs. Eve Bullitt Pierce P’09’10
Ms. Michele Pierce
Mr. John and Ms. Pamela H. Pierce
Pauline Davis Pierce Estate
Mr. Adam B. Piergallini ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Piergallini ’68
Mr. Nkrumah K. Pierre ’06
Ms. Janelle M. Pierson ’12
Mr. Richard E. and Mrs. Maria L. Pierson P’12
Ms. Tanya L. Pierson P’21
Ms. Kerri A. Holick ’01
Mr. Jared R. ’12 and Mrs. Emily Landau ’13 Piette
Ms. Sandra M. Piette P’12
Ms. Christine M. Pigott ’16
Mr. Matthew R. Pigott ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pih ’64
Mr. Yannis J. and Mrs. Denise A. Pihas P’20
Mr. Nathaniel L. Pihl ’94
Mr. William and Mrs. Betsy C. Pike
Mrs. Maryann Pike
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Pike ’58
Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Mr. Richard J. Pilch ’62
Ms. Francesca M. Pileggi ’10
Mrs. Rebecca Wall Pilot ’93
Mr. Sanford and Mrs. Bunnie R. Piltch
Mr. Victor J. Pimentel ’03
Ms. Tinabeth Pina ’93
Mr. David H. Pine ’84
Mrs. Louise Moore Pine*
Dr. Angel R. Pineda ’95
Ms. Gabriella R. Pineda P’11
Mr. John R. Pineda ’96
Ms. Elizabeth A. Pinelli ’11
Ms. Hanna L. Pingry ’10
Mr. James R. Pingry and Mrs. Pamela A. Kavanaugh
Mr. Ryder W. Pingry ’07
Mr. Rogerio and Mrs. Ana Pinheiro
Mr. Antonio and Mrs. Leah Pinho
Mr. Brian R. Pinkard ’15
Mr. Michael W. Pinkard ’14
Mr. Brian Casey Pinke ’19
Ms. Rebecca M. Pinkerton
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Theresa Pinkerton
Ms. Charnelle Y. Pinkett ’13
Ms. Michelle Y. Pinkett P’13
Mr. Richard Pino
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Pinou
Mr. Morgan J. Pinter ’12*
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Pinto
Mr. Stephen J. Pinto ’89
Ms. Jane Pipa ’13
Ms. Andrea M. Piper ’94
Mr. Brian A. Piper ’08
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Piper
Dr. John F. Piper Jr. ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Piperata
Ms. Ann G. Pippitt
Ms. Zara S. Piracha ’11
Mr. Floyd N. and Mrs. Laura A. Pircio P’16
Mr. Tyler J. Pircio ’16
Mr. Peter A. Piro ’64
Mrs. Lisa Sandone Pirollo ’89
Dr. Christopher D. and Mrs. Christina J. Piros P’16
Mr. Daniel S. Piros ’16
Mr. Anthony B. and Mrs. Susan P. Pirruccello-McClellan P’17
Mr. Connor J. Pirruccello-McClellan ’17
Mr. B. Michael Pisani Sr. ’65
Mr. Craig J. Pisani ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Pisano
Ms. Gioia M. Pisano ’90
The Honorable Joel A. ’71 and Mrs. Elizabeth Pisano
Ms. Katherine Kelsey Pisano ’97
Mr.* and Mrs. Joseph B. Pisarra ’58
Mr. Adrian J. Pisarri ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Pisarri
Mr. Charles Pisauro and Mrs. Carol A. Murphy P’16
Ms. Lauren H. Pisauro ’16
Mr. Matthew R. Pisciotta ’09
Ms. Danielle R. Pisczak ’14
Ms. Amanda Pisetzner ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Pisetzner P’10
Mr. Richard J. Pistolas ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Piszar
Ms. Abigail R. Pitarresi ’18
Mr. John A. and Mrs. Jeannine M. Pitarresi P’18
Mr. Daniel J. ’92 and Dr. Christine O’Hea ’92 Pitluk
Ms. Wilma B. Pitman
Pitney Bowes
Mr. Robert L. Pitofsky ’50
Mr. Umberto J. Pitoni ’49*
Ms. Cindy Lao Pitonzo ’95
Ms. Gail Pittenger ’75
Ms. Elizabeth A. Pittoni ’98
Mr. Howard T. Pitts
The Pittsburgh Foundation
Pittsford Federal Credit Union
Mr. Robert H. Pityo ’51
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pitz
Ms. Mary K. Pitz ’08
Mr. Justin T. Pivec ’98
Ms. Dana Lenore Pivnichny
Ms. Joanne Fricchione Pivovarnik ’95
Mr. Derek A. ’04 and Mrs. Melissa M. ’03 Pizarro
Mr. Michael J. Pizarro ’08
Mr. Jed A. Plafker ’92
Mr. Mark H. Plager ’87
Mr. Robert G. Plangemann ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Jules L. Plangere III ’66
Ms. Sara E. Plasencia ’16
Mr. David B. and Dr. Susan R. Plass P’19
Ms. Patricia A. Plate ’90
Dr. and Mrs. Edward V. Platia ’72
Ms. Olivia A. Platia ’14
Mr. David E. Platt ’07
Mr. Franklin J. Platt ’64
Mr. Gary R. ’70 and Mrs. Leslie Domb Platt P’98’00
Dr. Howard A. Platt ’57
Mr. Mark D. Platt ’98
Mr. Michael J. ’08 and Ms. Joanna M. ’08 Platt
Mr. Philip L. Platt ’57
Mrs. Abby Adlerman Platter ’82
Mr. Lawrence Platter ’66
Mr. Donald W. Platts ’73
Play For Your Cause
Mr. and Mrs. Gary K. Plefka
Mr. Gregory K. Plefka ’08 and Ms. Mallory P. Lampron ’09
Mr. Jerome Pleiss
Mr. Leo M. Plenski III ’09
Major David P. Pletcher ’78
Mr. Matthew R. Plishka ’15
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Plisky
Plisky Plisky & Co LLC
Mr. Matthew D. Plitt ’18
Mrs. Angela S. Plocinik ’98
Mr. Michael D., Jr. ’93 and Ms. Melissa Kambach ’92 Plone
Mr. Scott P. Ploshay ’78
Mr. Bradley A. Plotner ’99*
Mr. Francis and Mrs. Priscilla A. Plucinsky
Ms. Elizabeth B. Plum
Mr. John P. Plumb ’17
Mr. Robert G. Plumb and Ms. Virginia S. Morris P’17
Mr. Mark C. Plumby ’08
Mr. William F. Plume ’38*
Mr. Charles J. Plumeri ’76
Mr. John A. Plumeri Jr. ’78
Ms. Patricia A. Plumeri ’11
Mr. Julian K. Plummer ’15
Mr. Lawrence Plummer ’55 and Ms. Prudence Churchill
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Plunkett
Mr. Matthew D. Plunkett ’99
Mr. Stephen M. Plunkett
Mr. Michael G. Pocceschi ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pocceschi
Ms. Ellen N. Pocius
Ms. Victoria Pocius ’11
Mr. Prashant Poddar ’04
Mr. Lance D. Podell ’86
Mr. Matthew Podwoski ’94 and Ms. Aran P. Roche ’95
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Catherine M. Poetzsch P’16
Mr. John X. ’16 and Mrs. Kendall Weedling ’16 Poetzsch
Mr. Richards D. Poey ’59
Mrs. Lauren B. Pogany ’00
Mr. John D. Pogorelec Jr. ’91
Ms. Kristen A. Pogozelski ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Pogranicy
Mr. Robert L. Pogyor Jr. ’91
Mr. Charles Pohl
Mr. Hughie Pohl
Mr. Edward F. and Dr. Joanne C. ’86 Pohl P’21
Margaret Anne Pohl ’21
Mr. Craig J. Pohlmann ’96
Ms. Anna Beth Pohoryles ’19
Mr. Robert A. Pointon ’54
Ms. Marianne Johnston Poisel ’85
Ms. Lindi Pojar
Malori Pojar ’20
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Patressa Pojar P’20
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Stacey M. Pojar
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Pojar
Ms. Regina Pokoluk
Mr. Patrick D. Poladian
Ms. Jenny L. Polak ’09
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Polak
Ms. Victoria A. Polak ’16
Mr. Andy Polanco ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Polansky P’15
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Elsa P. Polansky
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Jill S. Polansky
Mr. Steven D. Polansky ’15
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Lynne Polcari P’14
Ms. Madeleine J. Polcari ’14
Mr. Justin W. Poley ’95
Mr. Kenneth S. Poli ’02
Mr. Alexander F. Policastro ’11
Mr. Kyle E. Polinski Frost ’18
Ms. Jessica L. Poliseo ’13
Mr. Peter M. Politi ’78
Mr. Barthlemus J. Polizzotti ’53
Mr. Paul J. Polk ’18
Mr. Thomas A. Polk and Ms. Elizabeth W. Jordan P’18
Mr. Brandon J. Pollack ’16
Mr. William and Mrs. Dorothy E. Pollack
Dr. Glenn L. and Mrs. Barbara S. Pollack P’11
Mr. Jason M. Pollack
Ms. Julie H. Pollack ’11
Ms. Nancy Sattler Pollack ’92
Mr. Bernard E. Pollak ’68
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Beth Pollak
Mr. James H. and Mrs. Robin Pollard P’11
Mr. Ozell Howard and Mrs. Janis L. Pollard
Ms. Jennifer L. Pollard ’08
Ms. Joyce H. Pollard
Mr. R. W. Pollard
Ms. Samantha L. Pollard ’11
Ms. Megan R. Pollastro ’17
Mr. Robert G. Pollastro ’16
Mr. Robert M. and Mrs. Beth Ann Pollastro P’17
Mr. Richard C. Polley ’07
Mr. Christopher C. ’94 and Ms. Jennifer Harrison ’94 Pollina
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Pollish P’17
Mr. Jim and Ms. Alison A. Pollitt
Mrs. Ana M. Matta Pollock
Mr. Bowden E. Pollock ’18
Mr. David F. Pollock ’76
Mr. Robert E. Pollock ’61
Mr. Ronald H. Pollock Jr. ’85
Ms. Jennifer Goykhman Polovetsky ’97
Mr. Timothy W. Polson ’10
Mr. Thomas D. Polton and Ms. Ruth L. Simon P’19
Ms. Michelle Frances Polton-Simon ’19
Dr. Michael A. Pomerantz ’82
Ms. Melissa Pomeroy ’94
Mr. Michael C. and Mrs. Marybeth Pomeroy P’14
Mr. William J. Pomeroy ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Pommer
Mr. Roger L. Pommerenke ’68
Ms. Karen A. Pompanella ’88
Mr. Sidney S. Pomper ’70
Dr. Elizabeth L. Ponder ’04
Mr. Alexander W. Pong ’13
Mrs. Jody L. Poniatowski
Ms. Caroline L. Ponsi ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Ponsi P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Romulo C. Pontual P’09
Mr. Vitor T. Pontual ’08
Mr. Danton A. Ponzol ’14
Mr. Richard W. Poole ’57
Mrs. Marian Poole-Sortore W’59
Mr. James H. Pooley ’70 and Ms. Laura-Jean Anderson
Mr. Mateen Poonawala ’07
Mrs. Lindsay Laird Pope ’98
Mrs. Miriam R. Pope P’74
Mr. Richard S. Poplaski ’90
Ms. Nevena Popovic ’14
Mr. Kenneth A. Poppe ’62
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Porges P’11
Dr. Theodore R. Poritz ’63
Mr. Samuel D. Poritzky ’17
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Porosoff
Mr. Stephen C. Porosoff ’01
Dr. Jason L. and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Port P’18
Mr. Jeremy D. Port ’18
Ms. Anna L. Porter ’16
Ms. Brandi N. Porter ’13
Mr. Christopher T. Porter ’10
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Porter
Dr. Joshua R. Porter ’06
Mrs. Kendal L. Porter ’98
Mr. Ryan J. Porter ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell I. Porter
Ms. Michele Portera P’20
Mr. John A. Portnoy ’76
Ms. Katherine L. Portnoy ’09
Mr. Mark H. Portnoy ’72
Dr. Rayna Portnoy ’86
Ms. Doreen M. Porto
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Ports
Mr. Aloysius G. Posillico ’15
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Laura J. Posillico P’15
Mr. Wayne J. Positan
Brandon Thomas Posivak ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Avrom Posner
Dr. Nora W. Posner ’09
Dr. Eugene R. Posnock ’69
Mr. Juan C. Posso Escobar ’15
Mr. Anthony D. Post ’14
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Post
Ms. Dolores Post
Mr. Robert W. Postma ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Poswistilo
Mr. Stephen T. Potako ’77
Dr. Douglas J. Potoczak and Dr. Karen M. Milhalik-Potoczak P’16
Ms. Samantha E. Potoczak ’16
Mr. Gordon A. Pott ’50*
Mr. Jared A. Potteiger ’02
Mr. Carl Potter Jr. ’50*
Ms. Chloe P. Potter ’17
Mr. Donald B. Potter ’74
Ms. Laura Graceffa Potter ’98
Mr. Matthew J. Potter ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Potter
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Potter ’54 P’86 GP’04
Dr. William S. and Dr. Hollis J. Potter P’17
Mr. Bruce B. and Mrs. Tiffany Potts
Mr. Ian M. Potts ’10
Louis W. Potts Ph.D. ’66
Miss Cynthia Potts-Jones ’77
Mr. Harvey Pough
Mr. Andrew J. Poulson ’10
Mr. Stephen J. Pouy ’75
Mr. Jarrod J. Poveromo ’03
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Poveromo
Mr. Jerry Hiram Powe Jr. ’19
Mr. Jerry H., Sr. and Mrs. Tracy T. Powe P’19
Ms. Brittany C. Powell ’15
Mrs. Carrie K. Powell ’92
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Powell Jr. ’72
Mr. Lewis N. Powell ’60
Mr. Mark L. Powell ’14
Mr. Tyrone and Mrs. Rebecca E. Powell
Ms. Serena J. Powell ’17
Mr. Adrian and Mrs. Susan M. Powell
Mr. Timothy D. Powell ’84
Wilson B. Powell ’32 Estate
Mr. Richard D. ’74 and Mrs. Sharon Power
Mr. William M.E., III and Dr. Linda Graziano ’79 Powers
Ms. Mary Louise Powers ’91
Ms. Maura McNamara Powers ’83
Ms. Amy Jack Powless ’85
Mr. Kenneth A. Powley Jr. ’83*
Mr. Paul D. ’96 and Ms. Heather Burns ’94 Pozniak
Mr. Marximiliano Pozo ’10
Mr. Carl G. and Mrs. Sara L. Pozzi P’15
Mr. Patrick J. Pozzi ’15
Ms. Margaret Lafean Prados ’84
Adley K. Prager
Mr. Bart and Mrs. Ellen M. Prager P’12
Ms. Candice T. Prager ’12
Ronnie S. Prager
Mr. Alan S. Pralgever ’73
Ms. Jennifer J. Pralgever ’10
Ms. Samantha S. Praman-Linton ’16
Mr. Brian E. Prantil ’95
Ms. Jessica L. Prati ’15
Mr. Joseph L. Prati ’13
Major Cleveland Pratt Jr. ’59*
Mrs. Eupha Pratt P’68*
Mr. Zachary H. Pratt ’04
Praxis Consulting Group, Inc.
William Ronald Prebola III ’22
Precision Machine Tool Solutions
Mr. Dean F. and Mrs. Christine M. Pregel P’18
Mr. Christopher M. Pregler ’12
Mr. Michael T. and Mrs. Ingrid E. Pregler P’12
Mr. Harry W. Preis ’49*
Mr. Adam B. Preller ’08
Premier Food & Beverage LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Preminger ’71
Ms. Vanissa Prempeh ’17
Ms. Barbara Bennett Prescott ’75
Mr. Calvin T. Prescott ’17
Ms. Madeline T. Press ’14
Mr. Cory L. Pressl ’17
Mr. Daniel Pressl
Mr. Michael Pressl
Mr. Richard A. and Mrs. Theresa M. Pressl P’18
Mr. Tyler S. Pressl ’18
Mr. Michael L. Pressman ’91
Dr. Saul M. Pressner ’75
Mr. Anthony F. Presto ’57
Ms. Gillian M. Presto ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Presto P’18
Mr. Dominic Preston
Mr. J. Michael Preston ’09
Ms. Jenna Bratz Preston ’06
Mrs. Kathryn Gemmell Preston ’81
Mr. Robert L. Preston ’76
Ms. Wendy L. Preston
Mr. William M. Prettyman Jr. ’71
Mr. Louis Prevost ’71
Mr. Matthew A. Prevost ’03
Mr. Benjamin D. Prevoznak ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Prevoznak
Kippy Prevoznak
Mr. Stephen ’78 and Ms. Susan Doan ’78 Prevoznak
Ms. Amanda Jervis Preyer ’99
Mr. Joseph J. Priapi ’54
Dr. Rado and Mrs. Mary Lou Pribic
Ms. Abbott Olivia Price ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Price
Ms. Crystal Price Matthews ’87
Mr. David Price and Ms. Mary E. Davison-Price P’19
Faith Elizabeth Price ’20
Ms. Grace A. Price
Dr. Jay R. Price ’63
Mr. John C. Price ’69*
Kelly Jean Price ’20
Mr. Kenneth W. Price ’95
Ms. Kristin Turchi Price ’89
Dr. Lewis C. Price ’71
Mr. Mark L. Price ’08
Ms. Patricia A. Price ’75
Mr. Randolph S. and Mrs. Bonnie S. Price P’13
Mrs. Roxy Price
Ms. Samantha J. Price ’13
Mr. Seth J. Price ’09
Mrs. Sharon L. Price ’83
Mr. W. Kenneth Price ’63
Mr. William J. Price Jr. ’52*
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Price ’60
Ms. Melissa Walter Prieto ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Tulio R. Prieto
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Prill ’70
Mr. Jack Prill ’19
Mr. Timothy M. Prime ’71
Mr. Joshua D. Prince ’17
Ms. Lillian Prince P’12
Ms. Louise Miller Prince ’77
Mr. Steven J. Prince ’64
Mr. William W. Prince ’65
Princeton Area Community Foundation
Ms. Alena A. Principato ’15
Mrs. Grace M. Principato W’56
Erlyn Prins
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin M. Printz
Mr. John D. Priola ’82
Mr. Robert J. Priolo ’77
Ms. Lynn Prior
Mr. Michael E. Prisco ’14
Dr. Charles H. Pritchard ’74
Ms. Laura M. Pritchard ’10
Mr. Luke P. Pritchett ’01
Mr. Jakub Pritz ’05
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Paula J. Privitera
Pro Style Sports
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Andrea Anders Probert
Dr. John R. Probert ’37*
Mr. Thomas I. Probert ’70
Mr. James N. ’96 and Mrs. Kara H. Proctor
Mr. James H. Proferes ’88
Ms. Justine D. Profeta ’96
Profitness Physical Therapy PC
Mr. E. R. Kurtz Prohl Jr. ’89
Ms. Mary Prokapus-Bonner ’86
Mrs. Marcy Pronsky
Mr. Kieran N. Proper ’16
Ms. Danielle E. Propert ’05
Ms. Janice P. Propst
Ms. Kristen E. Propst ’14
Mr. Michael J., P.E. ’76 and Mrs. Nancy J. Propst
Mr. Nicholas Proscia
Prospect Hill Fdn., Inc.
Mr. Jeffrey Prosser
Prosthodontic Associates PA
Mr. Adelbert F. Protin and Ms. Susan Shefchik-Protin P’13
Mr. Zachariah A. Protin ’13
Mr. Michael and Ms. Charlene M. Prounis
Ms. Kate Faia Prout ’99
Mr. David M. Prouty and Ms. Olive C. Crone
Mrs. Ebru Ulucakli Provost ’94
Mr. John Provost
Mr. Devin E. Prowell ’10
Dr. Jules D. Prown ’51
Mr. Peter Danforth Prudden ’42*
Mr. Robert M. Pruden ’78
Mr. Michael S. Prudenti
Prudential Financial Inc.
Mr. Christopher R. Prudhomme ’10
Mr.* and Mrs. James Prudhomme P’10
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Pruitt
Mr. Matthew E. and Mrs. Michele Pruitt P’12
Mr. Shane M. Pruitt ’12
Ms. Simone N. Pruitt ’12
Mr. and Mrs. L. Budd Prus ’76
Mr. Alvin S. Prusoff and Dr. Deborah A. DeRose P’12
Mr. Douglas W. Prusoff ’12
Mr. Joseph P. Pruszynski ’62
Mr. Charles F. Prutzman Jr. ’11
Mr. Harry W. Pryde Jr. ’69
Mr. Jonathan S. Pryer ’94
Ms. Kathryn E. Pryor
Mr. Stephen D. ’71 and Mrs. Kathleen Wheeler ’74 Pryor
Ms. Mallie Prytherch
Mr. Thomas A. Przelomiec ’80
Mr. Thomas H. Przybylowski ’14
PSE&G Power of Giving Campaign
Mr. Anthony T. Psomas ’74
Ms. Anna M. Ptasinski ’18
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ptasinski P’18
Mr. Joseph J. Ptasinski ’15
Mr. William E. Publicover ’34*
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Graham Publow ’58
Mr. Daniel J. Pucci ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Pucci
Mr. George and Mrs. Maria J. Puccio
Mr. Philip A. Pucillo ’92
Mr. Asa U. Puckette ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Puckette IV ’59 P’84’93
Mr. Elliott Puckette
Mr. John Benson and Ms. Emily Puckette
Mr. Miller S. and Mrs. Pamela D. Puckette P’13
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Puckette
Mr. Stephen and Ms. Upshur Smith Puckette
Mr. Stephen M. Puckowitz
Mr. James D. Pudleiner ’76
Mr. Juan C. Puerta ’12
Mrs. Lindsay Shulman Pugh ’05
Mrs. Bonnie R. Pugliese W’56
Mr. Michael J. Pugliese ’56*
Mr. Ralph E. and Mrs. Josephine A. Pugnet P’18
Ms. Lauren E. Puhala ’13
Matthew Christopher Pulcini ’22
Mr. Robert S. Pulcipher ’58
Ms. Julianna Elizabeth Puleo ’19
Mr. Peter J., Jr. and Mrs. Lisa S. Puleo P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Pulkkinen
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Pullen ’60
Mr. Charles A. Pulliam ’00
Mr. Dallas L. Pulliam ’98
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Francine J. Pullman
Mr. John E. Pulsifer ’96
Mr. Todd Pulvino
Dr. Jorge G. Punchin ’70
Mr. Jose F. Punchin ’99
Mr. Brian Pungitore P’19
Mr. Leonard P. Punia
Mr. Stanley R. Purcell Jr. ’66
Mr. Gary Purdom
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Purdon ’56 P’83
Mr. Jeffrey R. Purdon ’83
Ms. Dana R. Purdy ’13
Ms. Elisabeth Vittoria Purdy ’89
Mr. Herbert W. Purdy III ’59
Mr. Jack T. Purdy ’18
Ms. Kaitlin R. Purdy ’12
Ms. Jasmine Puri ’18
Dr. Michelle Papka Puri ’90
Ms. Jill Howe Purisky ’87
Ms. Brittany A. Purr ’08
Mr. Bradley C. ’95 and Mrs. Gretchen E. ’95 Pursel
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Cynthia A. Pursel
Mr. James H. Pursell ’57
Mr. Robert S. Pursell ’85
Mr. James E. Purviance ’63
Mr. Karl W. Pusch ’67
Mr. Francis J. Puskas II ’92
Mr. James D. Pustejovsky and Ms. Cathie A. Marqusee P’12
Mr. Zachary A. Pustejovsky ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Martins R. Putenis P’16
Ms. Zinta T. Putenis ’16
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Puth P’16
Ms. Kira C. Puth ’16
Ms. Anne L. Putnam
Mr. Neil E. and Mrs. Shirley M. Putnam
Mrs. Lauren Duffy Putney ’07
Dr. Kelly Sousa Puzzi ’90
Ms. Aliene Pylant
Ms. Barbara J. Pyle P’12
Mr. D. Scott Pyle ’76
Ms. Emily R. Pyle ’12
Mr. Matias A. Pyle ’18
Austin Pyne ’21
Mr. David H. ’93 and Mrs. Kristin L. Pyne P’21
Mr. Jiawei Qian ’18
Dr. Jinjin Qian ’08
Mr. Shanjun Qiao ’13
Mr. Boyang Qin ’13
Mr. Robert T. Quackenboss Jr. ’87
Mr. Ricardo A. Quan ’11
Ms. Ying Quan ’09
Quantelligent Solutions LLC
Ms. Lisa M. Quartarolo ’87
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Christiane Quartier P’11
Mr. James D. Quay ’68
Mr. Jeffrey D. Queen ’69
Ms. Sarah J. Quickel ’13
Mr. Michael R. Quig ’86
Mr. Robert H. Quig ’60
Mr. Charles W. Quigg ’54
Ms. Christine Hayes Quigley ’96
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Lauren Quigley
Lindsey Morgan Quigley ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Quigley
Ms. Jaclyn M. Quiles ’11
Mr. Marc D. Quilling ’11
Mr. Bradley J. ’76 and Ms. Elizabeth Farley ’76 Quin
Mr. and Mrs. James Quin ’66
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Dona H. Quinlan
Mr. Edward A. Quinlan ’67
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Quinlan
Mr. Alexander A. Quinn
Mrs. Alyssa Leone Quinn ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Quinn
Daniel Patrick Quinn ’19
Ms. Elizabeth A. Quinn
Ms. Joanne Quinn
Ms. Marguerite Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Quinn
Mr. Patrick M. Quinn ’73
Mr. Ronald G. Quintero ’75
Mr. Roberto P. Quinteros ’19
Ms. Veroniqua P. Quinteros P’19
Ms. Lisa Quinto
Ms. Ella H. Quintrell
Mr. Lute A. ’74 and Ms. Lynn Reis ’76 Quintrell
Ms. Heather Quiroga
Mr. Joseph R. Quiroli Jr. ’72
Mr. Kwando Quist and Mrs. Mavis Opoku P’17
Mr. James D. and Mrs. Janet Quodomine P’11
Mr. Johnathan R. Quodomine ’11
R Jane Schwam Interior Design
R Mack Capital LLC
R.P.T. Inc.
Ms. Mildred F. Raab
Mr. Steven J. ’01 and Ms. Loren Berkheimer ’00 Raab
Ms. Jessica M. Raba ’03
Mr. Aized A. Rabbani ’95
Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Rabbitt ’74
Ms. Ellen Raber ’76
Mr. Adam J. Rabin ’13
Mr. Craig Koslofsky and Mrs. Dana Rabin
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Rabin P’13
Mr. David Inger and Mrs. Leora Rabin
Sidney C. Rabin MD
Mr. Alan B. K. Rabinowitz ’66*
Mrs. Irene S. Rabinowitz
Mr. Alexander J. Rabke ’13
Dr. David G. Rabkin and Ms. Patricia M. Nolan P’19
Mr. Martin V. Racenis ’11
Mr. Mark L. Rachleff ’63
Ms. Katrina I. Racibarskas ’11
Ms. Hilary A. Raciti ’12
Ms. Amanda R. Rack
Ms. Bethany R. Rack ’16
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Debra A. Rack
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Maryanne Rack
Mr. Robert W. Rack P’16
Mr. J. David Rackmales ’90
Ms. Mary Ann Rada
Dr. Gerald M. and Mrs. Miki I. Radack P’18
Mr. Joshua K. Radack ’18
Mr. James V. Radcliff ’57
Mr. and Mrs. William Radel
Ms. Anne F. Rader
Mr. John N. Rader ’67
Mr. Roger E. Rader ’61
Dr. Stephen D. Rader ’56
Ms. Caroline J. Radigan ’15
Ms. Allison R. Radocha ’05
Mr. Christopher S. Radomski ’15
Dr. John S. and Mrs. Carol L. Radomski P’15
Mr. Robert R. and Mrs. Susan J. Raesly P’15
Mr. Ryan R. Raesly ’15
Ms. Pamela S. Rafeld ’12
Dr. Heather A. Raff ’00
Mr. Charles V. Raffay ’60
Mr. Brian T. Rafferty ’93
Ms. Mary F. Rafferty
Rev. Raymond M. Rafferty
Mr. Frederick C. Raffetto ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Raffetto ’77
Mr. Andre D. Rafizadeh ’13
Dr. Farhad and Mrs. Christine A. Rafizadeh P’13
Ms. Sharon Shea Rafter ’86
Ms. Lisa Hurwitch Raftery ’97
Mr. Christopher C. Ragan ’90
Ms. Judith A. Hirx ’06
Ms. Sara Pleninger Ragins ’93
Mr. Anthony G. Rago ’14
Mrs. Gerardette Landy Rago ’85
Mr. William S. Rago ’08
Mr. Emilio and Mrs. Maria N. Ragosa P’22
Mr. Robert L. Ragot ’57
Mr. John M. Ragsdale ’62
Mr. David W. Rahal ’07
Mr. Abdulrahman Rahim ’13
Mr. Manzur-ur Rahman ’86
Mr. John H. Rahmlow
Mr.* and Mrs.* Hilton N. Rahn Jr. ’51
Dr. and Mrs. Donald G. Raible
Mr. Michael G. Raible ’07
Mr. Mark W. Raifsnider ’87
Ms. Juliana Spagnolo Raimondi ’03
Mr. Alfred Rainey II ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Rainey
Ms. Brianne K. Rainsberger ’05
Mr. A. Jason Rainville ’95
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Florence K. Raisig
Mr. Alan M. Raisman ’10
Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Raisman
Mr. Roy R. Raizen ’52 P’87*
Ms. Basmah E. Raja ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Vijay Rajguru ’84
Ms. Athena N. Rakebrand ’13
Mr. Dorde Rakic ’15
Mr. Glenn F. Rall ’85
Dr. Joseph C. Rallo ’71
Ms. Cynthia Sproul Ralph ’80
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Diane Ramacca
Ms. Rebeka F. Ramangamihanta ’16
Mr. Vijay M. Ramdeen ’08
Mr.* Lawrence J. ’50 Hon.D. ’92 and Mrs. Ina Lee Ramer P’83
Ms. Susan M. Ramer ’83
Mr. Alfredo F. Ramirez and Ms. Susan B. Besancon P’18
Ms. Emily S. Ramirez ’18
Mr. Roberto and Mrs. Josefina Ramirez P’14
Mr. Henry L. Ramm ’65
Mr. Christopher D. Ramos ’07
Mr. David H. Ramos
Mr. and Mrs. Humberto Ramos
Mr. Manuel A. Ramos
Mr. Steven Ramos
Mr. Salvatore and Ms. Becky L. Rampulla
Mr. Kirk L. Ramsauer ’69
Ms. Courtney T. Ramsdell ’08
Mr. Gregory J. ’81 and Ms. Katrin Leidal ’83 Ramsey
Mr. Lavel Dueshan Ramsey Jr. ’19
Dr. Meghan C. Ramsey ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Ramsey ’82
Mr. Walter C. Ramsley ’73
Mr. William and Mrs. Kathy Ann Paulik Ramson
Dr. Giovanni B. Ramundo ’86
Mr. Daniel J. Ramus ’82 and Mrs. Kay K. Reynolds ’82
Dr. Diane L. Ramus ’78
Rancho Santa Fe Foundation
Ms. Cynthia Ranck
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ranck
Ms. Laura Ranck
Mr. Jeffrey A. Rand ’10
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Rand
Mr. Jeffrey A. Rand ’10
Ms. Deborah Coonley Rand ’94
Alexis N. Randall
Mr. Bryan O. and Mrs. Renee Randall
Ms. Celia M. Randall ’18
Mr. Guyan O. Randall ’98
Mr. Lyman and Mrs. Martha Randall
Mr. Robert G. Randall Jr. ’71
Randall/Gonzales Family Foundation
Mr. Joseph and Ms. Shereen Randazza
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Randazzo Jr.
Mrs. Kathleen Gross Randazzo ’87
Ms. Clara N. Randimbiarimanana ’18
Mr. Barry F. Ranieri ’68
Ms. Prarthana Ranjit ’13
Mr. Mark A. ’06 and Mrs. Suzanne Dommerich ’05 Ranta
Mr. Holden T. Ranz ’12
Mr. Roger A. and Mrs. Sally Ranz P’12
Mrs. Susan Miller Ranzino ’81
Ms. Laiah B. Raphael
Ms. Laura S. Raphael ’17
Ms. Alissa T. Raphaelson ’97
Mr. Howard A. Raphaelson ’88
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Raphaelson ’61 P’88’91’97
Mrs. Liliana Rapoport P’21
Ms. Alexandra R. Rappaport ’13
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Rappaport ’81 P’13
Mr. William and Ms. Megan Rappolt
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rappolt ’67
Mr. Ralph A. Rapuano ’04
Mrs. Maureen Graham Raquet ’76
Mr. Thomas D. Rarich ’64
Kaitlyn Marie Rarick ’21
Mr. Robert J. and Mrs. Antonietta M. Rarick P’21
Mr. Steven M. Rashba ’82
Mr. Badih J. Rask ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raskin
Mr. Richard H. Rasmussen ’56
Dr. Carl L. and Mrs. Joan T. Raso P’20
Mr. Robert J. Rasp ’80
Ms. Ginger Raspiller ’80
Ms. Andrea E. Rastelli ’16
Mr. C. Eric Ratchford
Ms. Caroline Ratcliffe
Mr. Robert J. Ratcliffe
Mr. Thomas Ratcliffe
Ms. Charlotte C. Rath ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Rath P’17
Mr. Michael A. Rath
Mr. Timothy Rath
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rathemacher ’54
Molly Margaret Ratini ’21
Ms. Terri Ratini P’21
Ms. Prisca B. Ratsimbazafy ’17
Mr. Andrew C. ’08 and Ms. Alexandra Sippin ’08 Rau
Ms. Catherine E. Rau ’15
Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Rau Jr. ’63
Mr. Gregory P. Rau ’13
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Rau P’13
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Rau
Ms. Bridget K. Rauch ’15
Ms. Elizabeth Evans Rauch ’81
Ms. Elizabeth H. Rauch P’15
Mr. Gary W. Rauch ’58*
Mr. James A. Rauch ’60
Dr. Harold Seth ’74 and Dr. Beth G. ’76 Raucher P’10
Ms. Leslie S. Raucher ’10
Mr. Frederick P. Raupp ’88
Mr. Michael E. Rauscher ’92
Mr. Mark D. Ravalico ’01
Ms. Kimberly A. Raveling
Mr.* and Mrs.* Roland Raver ’35 P’68
Dr. Sylvina M. Raver ’07
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Raver ’68
Ms. Elizabeth A. Rawley
Mr. Lawrence J. Rawson
Mr. James P. ’92 and Mrs. Lara Campbell ’82 Ray
Mrs. Katherine Ray
Mrs. Megan Smith Ray ’97
Mr. Richard and Dr. Kathleen Ray P’19
Mr. Roger W. Ray ’86
Mrs. Rachel Davidson Raycraft ’13
Ms. Mary Ann Raykovich
Ms. Anna E. Raymond ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Raymond
Mr. John J. Raymond ’05
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Raymond P’18
Mr. Edwin H. Raynor ’89
Mr. Michael A. Raynor ’84
Mr. Collin R. Raysor ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Raysor P’18
Mr. James J. Raywood Jr. ’73
Ms. Dorothy G. Razawich ’93
Mr. James B. Re
Ms. Ruth A. Re ’14
Mr. Daniel N. Rea ’07
Mr. Alan S. Readinger ’60
Mr. Andrew T. Readinger ’87 and Ms. Joanne Murray ’87
Ms. Leslie Rosamilia Readlinger ’01
Mr. Robert H. ’96 and Mrs. Christine Jepsen ’96 Readlinger
Ms. Kelly A. Reager ’17
Ms. Margaret Reager
Mr. Patrick S. and Mrs. Linda A. Reager P’17
Mr. Scott E. ’93 and Ms. Megan Cornish ’92 Reamer
Dr. John J. Reap ’00
Mr. Vito W. Rebecca ’09
Mr. Richard L. Recce ’44*
Mr. Michael V. Recker ’90
Mr. Lon Record
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Reda
Mr. Merhawi Redda ’05
Mrs. Beverly Reddan
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Reddington
Ms. Kathleen M. Reddington ’08
Mr. Praveen K. Reddy `98
Mr. Richard A. Redeker ’65
Ms. Jamie L. Redes ’17
Mr. John and Ms. Geraldine Redling
Kendall Renee Redlitz ’21
Mr. Richard R. and Ms. Jane Williams ’81 Redmond
Mr. Robert D. Redmond ’78
Mr. Herbert Rednor ’40*
Mr. Howard S. Rednor ’68
Mr. Neil M. Rednor ’71 P’08
Ms. Cathie Redzinak
Mrs. Amy Frank Reed ’81
Mr. Arthur S. Reed ’75
Mr. Colin K. Reed ’16
COL David M. Reed ’73
Mr. David Andrew Reed Jr. ’19
Rev. G. Robert Reed ’50*
Mrs. Jeanne W. Reed*
Ms. Judith A. Reed
Ms. Karen P. Reed ’95
Ms. Leslie F. Reed P’17
Mr. Michael W. and Mrs. Lucienne P. Reed P’16
Mr. R. Edwin Reed Jr. ’59
Dr. Rebecca E. Reed ’84
Dr. Robert W. Reed ’63
Dr. Stephanie C. Reed ’95
Mr. Stewart R. Reed ’04
Mr. W. Jerry Reed P’17
Mr. William H. Reed Jr. ’56
Mr. William A. Reed ’17
Mr. James E. Reeder IV ’03
Mr. Brendan J. ’94 and Ms. Lee Walker ’91 Reedy
Dr. Brian K. and Mrs. Sarah C. Reedy P’19
Mr. Liam Christian Reedy ’19
Mrs. Wendy L. Rees ’87
Mr. Anthony F. Reese ’84
Mr. Kevin T. Reese ’08
Melanie Hillard Reese PE PP ’89
Mr. Robert A. Reese ’63
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Reese
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Reeser
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Reeser
Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Reester ’61
Ms. Bridgit F. Reeve ’16
Mr. Foster and Mrs. Valerie Kremer Reeve P’16
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Reeve ’62
Mr. Charles S. Reeves ’50
Mr. H. Gendell Reeves 1922*
Ms. Katherine M. Reeves ’10
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Reeves
Ms. Bobbie Regan
Ms. Ciara P. Regan ’18
Mr. Donald E. Regan ’51*
Mrs. Katherine Curtin Regan ’04
Mr. Avi Liveson and Ms. Linda K. Regan
Ms. Lucy C. Maher ’94
Ms. Marianne Regan
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Mary G. Regan
Mr. Thomas E. Regan ’80
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Regan Sr.
Ms. Aynalem T. Regassa ’18
Ms. Catherine Rege
Ms. Francine Reggio
Ms. Teresa Reggio
Mr. James and Ms. Jane K. Regina
Ms. Victoria Regina
Mr. Shawn M. Regits ’05
Mr. Christopher D. Regnier ’14
Mr. David S. and Mrs. Jane M. Regnier P’14
Mr. Donovan and Mrs. Susan Rego P’12
Ms. Shalini E. Rego ’12
Ms. Dona Rehm
Mr. John M. Rehm Jr. ’73
Mr. Mark and Ms. Sara Olson Rehms
Mr. Arthur J. Rehn Jr. ’90
Mr. David L. Rehrig ’69
Mr. Edward D. Reibman ’69
Mr. Glenn F. and Mrs. Sue Ann Reibman P’12
Mr. Joseph M. Reibman ’67
Ms. Morgan S. Reibman ’12
Ms. Allison L. Reich ’15
Ms. Amy C. Reich ’07
Mr. Christopher D. Reich ’03
Mr. Eric H. and Mrs. Debra O. Reich P’15
Mr. Orville Reed Reich ’69
Ms. Patricia L. Reich
Dr. Robert A. Reich ’51
Ms. Sharon A. Reich
Mr. Harold F. Reichard ’41*
Mr. Joseph R. Reichard, Jr. `68
Mrs. Joseph R. Reichard W’34 P’68*
Ms. Kathryn L. Reichard
Mr. H. James Reiche ’42*
Mrs. Cara Lyons Reichenbach ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Reichenbach
Mr. Eric P. Reichenbach ’82
Dr. Kyle D. Reichl ’10
The Hon. Douglas G. Reichley ’83
Calvin R. Reichwein ’20
Mr. John R. Reid Jr. ’64
Mr. William and Mrs. Julie Cabe Reid
Mr. Paul N. Reid ’80
Ms. Sandra Lee Reidel
Matthew Reidenbach
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Reif ’68
Mr. Ronald and Ms. Florence M. Reif
Ms. Jennifer Weiss Reif ’93
Mr. David A. Reifsnyder ’72*
Mr. John P. and Mrs. Nancy M. Reiling P’17
Ms. Megan C. Reiling ’17
Ms. Kaitlyn A. Reilley ’11
Mrs. Toby Frielinghaus Reilley ’88
Ms. Carey B. Reilly
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Donna Reilly
Mr. J.B. ’83 and Mrs. Kathleen Reilly P’16’18
Mr. James M. and Mrs. Carla M. Reilly P’14
Mr. James F. Reilly ’18
Ms. Jennifer Prosperi Reilly ’96
Mr. John G. Reilly ’18
Mr. Kevin Reilly ’97 and Mrs. Christina Tarantino Reilly ’98
Ms. Laura A. Reilly ’92
Mr. Lucas C. Reilly ’13
Ms. Marianna Macri Reilly ’06
Ms. Mary T. Reilly
Mr. Michael T.S. Reilly ’58
Mr. Michael J. Reilly ’94
Ms. Nicole S. Reilly ’00
Ms. Nicolette A. Reilly ’16
Mr. Patrick D. Reilly ’14
Mr. Peter M. and Mrs. Silvana V. Reilly P’16
Mr. Shawn M. Reilly ’01 and Ms. Erin D. Walworth ’02
Ms. Sydney M. Reilly ’15
Mr. Timothy J. Reilly
Ms. Tricia B. Reilly ’16
Mr. Robert T. and Mrs. Martha M. Rein P’20
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Donna S. Reina
Ms. Alanna L. Reiner ’14
Dr. Otto Reinert ’47*
Mr. William and Ms. Christina W. Reinhard
Ms. Katherine L. Reinhardt ’12
Mr. William and Mrs. Karen Reinhardt P’12
Mrs. Lauren Reinholtz
Mr. Ronald E. Reinholtz
Mr. Peter H., Jr. ’85 and Mrs. Mary Frances Reinke
Ms. Lauren Pike Reinking
Mr. Eric D. Reinmund ’13
Mr. Robert D. Reinschild ’49*
Dr. John F. and Dr. Enid L. Reinus P’16
Ms. Zoe A. Reinus ’16
Mr. Kyle C. Reis ’85
Ms. Mary Jane N. Reis ’88
Mrs. Meegan Lawson Reis ’95
Ms. Jennifer Reiseman-Briscoe ’94
Ms. Carly B. Reiser ’05
Ms. Karen M. Reis-Hottenrott ’85
Mr. Allen T. Reishtein ’65
Ms. Alexandra L. Reisinger ’15
Ms. Amanda J. Finkelstein ’07
Dr. Clifford A. and Mrs. Marilyn L. Reiter
Mr. Eric B. Reiter ’90
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Fredrica S. Reiter
Mr. M. Paul Reiter ’57
Mr. Nathaniel L. Reiter ’09
Mr. Zachary X. Reiter ’07
Ms. Sarah A. Reith
Mr. Jan H. Reitsma and Ms. Carol C. Meeker P’18
Ms. Sofia A. Reitsma ’18
Mr. Frank R. Reitter ’50
Ms. Mary Reitter
Mr. Kenneth K. and Mrs. Karen S. Rekieta P’20
Ms. Patricia Rekieta
Patrick R. Rekieta ’20
Reliable Mail Service, Inc.
Mr. William J. Relick ’50*
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Marguerite L. Relin
Mr. Cassidy S. Reller ’16
Mr. Paul A. Remaly ’50
Mr. Richard E. Remaly ’61
Mr. William F. Remaly ’61
Mr. Richard W. and Mrs. Victoria Rementer P’12
Remmel Foundation through PNC Charitable Trust
Mr. Roger Remo
Mr. Gustav and Ms. Eileen C. Remppies
Mr. Erik J. and Mrs. Dawn M. Rems P’12
Mr. John R. Rems ’12
Ms. Liang Ren ’17
Mr. Cody W. Renfrew ’17
Ms. Kimberlee A. Renfrew ’80
Mr. James A. ’06 and Mrs. Shannon Renitsky
Mr. Mitchell E. and Mrs. Kathy M. Renko P’21
Mr. J. Thomas Rennert ’60
Mr. Charles Calvert and Mrs. Katherine L. Reno-Calvert
Ms. Elizabeth B. Rentschler ’13
Mr. Stephen L. and Mrs. Linda A. Rentschler P’13
Mr. Thomas C. ’82 and Ms. Cynthia Koegler ’83 Renzo
Mr. Jonathan G. Renzulli ’17
Mr. George S. and Ms. Wendy Paschal ’86 Repchick
Ms. Catherine DiMarco Reppert ’81
Ms. Jennifer Boxer Reppy ’05
Republic Services, Inc.
Mr. Milan and Mrs. Christina D. Resanovich
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Wendy Rescott
Mr. William Resh
Ms. Kelley G. Reslewic ’12
Mr. Tom H. and Mrs. Julee A. Reslewic P’12
Mrs. Allison Kramer Resnick ’08
Mr. Christopher R. Resnik ’13
Dr. Randolph R. and Ms. Diane Resnik P’13
Mrs. Marybeth Ressa P’16
Rev. Daniel D. Ressetar ’51
Mr. Nicholas D. Ressetar ’81
Ms. Karen Bartlett Ressler ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Restaino
Ms. Marie G. Restaino
Mr. Robert J. Restaino ’09
Mr. David M. Restione ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Anne M. Rethmeyer P’19
Ms. Allison S. Reuben ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Reuben
Mr. Kurt R. Reuman ’94
Mr. Eric P. Reumann ’88
Mr. Alan W. Reutlinger ’60
Mr. Brian P. Revere P’21
Quinn E. Revere ’21
Mr. Daniel R. Revers ’84
Col. Richard D. Revie ’54
Ms. Suzanne Revy
Ms. Lisa Youngkin Rex
Mr. Eric W. Rexon ’89
Dr. Angelo T. and Dr. Benedicte M. Reyes P’17
Ms. Arielle L. Reyes ’13
Mr. Lucas F. Reyes ’17
Ms. Marjorie Reynik
Mr. Christopher Hoyt and Mrs. Laura S. Reynik-Hoyt
Mr. Daniel R. Reynolds ’08
Mr. Eric Ingersoll and Dr. Elaine R. Reynolds
Ms. Elise C. Reynolds ’18
Mr. G. Jeffrey Reynolds ’70
Ms. Grace E. Reynolds
Ms. Hannah C. Reynolds ’12
Mr. James E. Reynolds
The Hon. Jeffrey Reynolds
Ms. Jenneke Wilcox Reynolds ’92
Mr.* John W. ’77 and Mrs. Jodi A. Reynolds
Mr. John A. ’88 and Mrs. Dawn Arturi ’88 Reynolds
Mr. John D. Reynolds
Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Joy Elaine Reynolds
Mr. Arthur and Ms. Mary S. Reynolds
Mr. Michael Reynolds
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Peggy A. Reynolds
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Linda Reynolds P’11
Mr. John A. Reynolds ’64
Mr. Scott F. Reynolds ’02
Mr. Shawn A. and Mrs. Christine Reynolds P’18
Mr. Spencer J., Jr. and Mrs. Abigail T. Reynolds P’19
Mr. Stephen J. Reynolds ’12
Mr. T. Daniel Reynolds ’08
Mr. William W. Reynolds Jr. ’61
Ms. Suzanne E. Reynolds-Brady ’77
Ms. Betsy D. Rezner ’07
Mr. Gabriel J. Rhadigan ’13
Ms. Hannah S. Rhadigan ’11
Ms. Megan R. Rhadigan-Brack ’06
Mrs. Joan Williams Rhame
Ms. Deborah N. Rhebergen ’03
Ms. Kristin B. Rhebergen ’06
Rev. Paul L. ’73 and Rev. Marianne Okkema ’75 Rhebergen
Ms. Jane Rhee ’94
Mr. Christopher L. ’93 and Ms. Sarah Swan Rhinesmith
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis R. Rhoades Jr.
Jermaine A. Rhoden ’21
Mr. Alfred Rhodes ’53*
Ms. Cynthia Strahler Rhodes ’90
Mr. Daniel P. Rhodes ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Rhodes
Ms. Jennifer Monteverd Rhodes ’00
Ms. Joan Rhodes
Ms. Kara Anne Rhodes ’19
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Karen F. Rhodes
Mr. Kevin H. Rhodes ’82
Mr. Rand R. ’91 and Mrs. Kim Gursky ’90 Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richard Rhodes Jr.
Mrs. Eric Nolan Rhodin W’38
Mr. Blake S. Rhood ’11
Mr. Stuart A. and Mrs. Jennifer Dawn Rhood P’11
Mrs. Helen Riachy
Mr. M. Xavier Ribadeneira ’97
Angela B. Ribarich
Mr. Robert R. Ribarich and Mrs. Marguerite Thomson
Mr. Frank Ricca
Mr. Jacob M. Ricca ’14
James C. Ricca P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Ricca P’16
Mr. Travis J. Ricca ’16
Ms. Jane M. Riccardi
Ms. Danielle M. Ricciardi ’17
Ms. Eliza D. Ricciardi ’13
Mr. Matthew A. Riccio ’05
Ms. Renee M. Ricciuti
Mr. Bradley S. Rice ’16
Mr. Harry T. Rice ’38*
Ms. Karen Rice
Mr. Louis S., III and Mrs. Katharine B. Rice P’16
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Nancy S. Rice P’12
Mr. Raymond H. Rice ’63
Mr. Richard T. Rice ’88
Mr. Richard G. Rice ’12
Mr. Spencer C. Rice ’14
Ms. Suzanne G. Rice
Mr. Charles B. Rich ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Rich ’67
Mrs. Matilda J. Rich
Ms. Stephanie A. Richard ’10
Richard E Derrick DMD PA
Richard W. Karcher Trust
Mr. Benjamin P. Richards ’14
Mr. Frederick W. Richards ’57*
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Richards ’57
Dr. John C. Richards ’49*
Mrs. Joycelyn Y. Richards P’18
Ms. Katherine A. Richards ’13
Mr. Paul D. and Mrs. Lisa Richards P’14
Mr. Richard Y. Richards ’72
Ms. Sophie E. Richards ’14
Ms. Caroline J. Richardson ’10
Dr. Charles O. Richardson ’51*
Mr. and Mrs. Earle Edward Richardson
Mr. Hugh B. Richardson ’61
Mr. James N. Richardson III ’07
Jen Jennifer S. Richardson ’83
Mr. John E. Richardson ’87
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Richardson, Jr. P’20
Ms. Megan M. Richardson ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Richardson
Mr. Richard C. Richardson III ’78
Ms. Jordyn A. Richardson-Norris ’18
Dr. James E. Richie ’83
Dr. Marc B. Richling ’68
Ms. Jamie Jacobs Richman ’03
Mr. Jason S. ’08 and Dr. Danielle M. ’06 Richman
Mr. Mark S. ’81 and Ms. Debra Winpigler ’81 Richmond
Mr. Michael S. Richmond ’70
Richmond Industries, Inc.
Ms. Rachael E. Richtberg ’13
Mr. Arno E. Richter ’50*
Mr. Harrison E. Richter ’04
Ms. Jessika Luth Richter ’01
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Leeanne Richter
Ms. Susan Schrenzel Richter
Mrs. Kathryn S. Richtmyre W’42*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Richwine ’73
Mr. J. Scott ’75 and Ms. Lisa Moore ’77 Rickard
Mr. Norman Rickard
Mr. Daniel M. Ricken ’12
Mr. Kenneth A. and Mrs. Audrey Ricken P’12
Ms. Jane C. Rickenbach ’76
Ms. Catherine M. Ricker ’90
Mr. John D. ’03 and Mrs. Alyson Gross ’04 Ricketts
Mr. and Mrs. H. Marvin Riddle ’51 P’80
Mrs. Linden Mills Riddle ’02
Mr. Ryan P. Riddle ’12
Ms. Sara N. Riddle ’08
Ms. Sheila J. Riddle
Mr. Stephen A. Riddle ’80
Ms. Sheryl A. Riddlestorffer
Mr. Scott Williams and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Rider-Williams
Mr. Derek G. Ridinger ’12
Mr. Larry G. and Mrs. Donna L. Ridinger P’12
Mr. Andrew J. ’85 and Mrs. Danner Schmunk ’83 Riebe
Ms. Allia Riebel
Ms. Celina Riebman
Mr. George F. Riegel IV ’16
Ms. Rhae Anna L. Riegel ’07
Dr. Samuel Lenard Rieger ’63
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Anne Riehl
Mr. Daniel P. Ries ’88
Mr. Ronald F. and Mrs. Susan Rifenburgh P’12
Mr. David C. and Mrs. Joan E. Rifendifer
Ms. Victoria Mary Rigby-Hall ’19
Mr. Joseph A. Rigg ’50*
Ms. Deborah G. Riggio ’93*
Mr. Gordon G. Riggle ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Riggs
Dr. John Thorburn Rightor ’54*
Riginaldo Corporation
Ms. Alexandra M. Rigos ’10
Mr. John M. Rigsby ’49*
Mr. Herman and Mrs. Claire R. Rij
Mr. Leon W. Riker
Ms. Margaret S. Riker
Maryann Riker
Ms. Barbara A. Riley ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Riley
Ms. Cynthia Riley P’15
Mr. Dennis and Ms. Eileen A. Riley
Mr. George J. Riley Jr. ’50*
Mr. Juannell M. Riley ’15
Ms. Marisa Gaudreau Riley ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Riley ’56
Ms. Rebecca Riley
Mr. Samuel S. Riley ’65
Mr. Prabhat Rimal ’14
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Rachel Rimland P’20
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Barbara A. Rinaldi
Ms. Jennifer M. Rinaldi
Mr. Frank and Ms. Linda S. Rinaldi
Mr. Sonam and Mrs. Chhomo D. Rinchen P’19
Ms. Claudia I. Rinciog ’10
Mr. Raul and Ms. Bridget Rincon
Ms. Marissa J. Rinderman ’13
Mr. Brad and Dr. Robin C. Rinehart
Mr. William E. Rinehart ’50*
Mr. Christopher Ring
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ring
Mr. William J. Ring ’76
Ms. Ashley S. Ringquist ’98
Mr. James M. Rini ’98
Ms. Patricia M. Riordan ’14
Mr. Jeffrey R. ’99 and Mrs. Lauren Uhler ’02 Rios
Mrs. Maria Golub Rios ’01
Mr. Stephen A. Ripic ’95
Mr. Brandon L. Ripley ’04
Dr. Ian A. ’00 and Mrs. Kristie M. ’00 Rippke
Mr. G. Gary and Mrs. Susan C. Ripple
Mr. David B. Ripsom ’71
Maj.-Gen. Stuart W. Risch ’84
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Rishcoff
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Rishcoff
Mr. Scott J. Ritch ’98
Mr. Chad F. Ritchie ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Ritchie
Mr. William J. H. Ritchings ’16
Dr. Albert W. Ritter and Ms. Janis I. Joseph P’17
Mr. Benjamin H. Ritter ’17
Mr. Duncan R. Ritter ’10
Mr. Frederick J. Ritter III ’98
Mr. Joseph W. Ritter ’17
Ms. Kathryn M. Ritter ’08
Mr. Michael Ritter
Mr. Nathan J. Ritter ’14
Mr. Steven H. and Mrs. Jennifer M. Rittmaster P’20
Mr. Robert Ritz
Stephen L. Ritz Esq. ’63
Ms. Jessica L. Ritzenthaler ’14
Mr. William J. and Mrs. Diane Ritzenthaler P’14
Mr. Richard R. Ritzmann ’55*
Mr. Orlando A. Riutort ’63
Mr. Brendan M. Rivage-Seul ’05
Mr. Gabriel M. Rivera ’10
Mr. Isaias J. Rivera ’09
Dr. Luis R. Rivera and Dr. Elise Belilos
Rosario E. Rivera ’20
Mr. John A. and Mrs. Jodie M. Rivero P’12
Ms. Niccole A. Rivero ’12
Riverview Sportsmen of Dallas City
Mr. Vincent J. Rivetti ’59*
Dr. Saiyid Abu and Mrs. Paige B. Rizvi
Mr. Matthew A. Rizzo ’88
Mr. and Mrs. David Roach
Mr. Harold K. Roach Jr. ’74
Mr. Jack Terrance Roach ’67
Mr. Brian P. Robb ’94 and Ms. Katherine A. DeFuccio ’93
Andrew James Robbins ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Robbins ’64
Mr. James C. Robbins ’92
Dr. Annette Diorio and Ms. Kate A. Robbins ’05
Kyle James Robbins ’21
Ms. Lillian Robbins ’08
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Anne Robbins P’21
Dean Ronald E. and Mrs. Bonnie J. Robbins
Mr. Scott M. Robbins ’89
Ms. Tori Robbins
Ms. Renee Robbins-Lando ’89
Mrs. Joy Krueger Roberson ’02
Mr. Zurisadai Robert ’11
Robert A Walton DDS Inc
Robert J Fetz Family Revocable Trust
Robert J Starner DDS PC
Robert M. Amante, D.M.D., P.C.
Mr. Brian C. and Mrs. Tara A. Roberts P’14
Ms. Caitlin E. Roberts
Mrs. Candice L. Roberts ’91
Mr. Carl H. Roberts ’50*
Mr. Charles S. Roberts IV ’14
Mr. Christopher J. Roberts ’92
Mr. Connor D. Roberts ’17
Mr. David A. Roberts
Ms. Diane Fitzsimons Roberts ’88
Ms. Elizabeth Hallowell Roberts ’04
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Roberts
Dr. James R. Roberts ’68
Mr. James M. Roberts III ’72
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Roberts ’73
Mr. and Mrs. James Roberts
Mr. James M. Roberts ’18
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Janice M. Roberts
Mr. Jared K. Roberts ’16
Ms. Jessica A. Roberts ’09
Joshua Aaron Roberts ’22
Ms. Julie S. Roberts
Ms. Katherine M. Roberts ’11
Mr. Kenneth M. Roberts ’74*
Ms. Krysia Roberts
Mr. Dennis P. Flanagan and Dr. Laura R. Roberts ’79 P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Mathias M. Roberts P’18
Mr. Matthew K. Roberts ’90
Ms. Nancy Roberts
Ms. Nancy H. Roberts
Dr. R. Michael Roberts ’65
Mr. Ralph C. ’73 and Mrs. Wendy Mayer ’75 Roberts
Mr. Ryan J. Roberts ’08
Ms. Sarah E. Roberts ’14
Mr. Steven G. Roberts ’10
Mr. Zachary W. ’12 and Mrs. Leah Hayden ’15 Roberts
Mr. David J. Robertshaw ’68
Mr. Craig W. and Mrs. Rona B. Robertson P’18
Ms. Leocadie Robertson ’76
Ms. Linda Robertson
Mr. William and Mrs. Lori B. Robertson
Ms. Rachel M. Robertson ’84
Ms. Rachel F. Robertson ’18
Mr. Robert L. Robertson ’12
Mr. Timothy D. Robertson ’99
Mr. Christopher A. and Mrs. Valerie L. Robinette P’18
Mr. Owen C. Robinette ’18
Mr. David H. Robins ’66
Deirdre M. Robins ’21
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Mary Robins P’21
Mr. Atlee W. Robinson ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Robinson
Mr. David E. Robinson ’14
Mr. Douglas J. Robinson ’67
Mr. Douglas R. and Mrs. Lori Robinson P’16
Mr. Frederick A. Robinson III ’72
Mr. Gabriel J. Robinson
Mr. Glenford A. Robinson Jr. ’13
Mr. Ian Robinson ’77
Mr. Jerrell D. Robinson ’09
Mr. John Abbott Robinson ’61
Mr. John A. Robinson II ’90
Mr. John E. Robinson
Mr. Joseph R. and Mrs. Nancy H. Robinson P’18
Ms. Kathleen M. Robinson ’16
Mrs. Kerry Nichols Robinson ’09
Mr. Kevin A. Robinson ’16
Mr. Luke H. Robinson ’18
Mr. Matthew A. Robinson ’05
Ms. Melissa V. Robinson ’14
Mr. Michael J. Robinson ’15
Ms. Mildred Robinson
Mr. Mimsie and Mrs. Beverly Robinson P’14
Ollis Saxon Robinson ’19
Mr. Ruselle W. Robinson ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Brown Robinson ’68
Mr. Troy B. Robinson ’10
Mr. William C. Robinson
Mr. Austin M. ’08 and Mrs. Samantha H. ’08 Robison
Ms. Mary Wallendorf Robison ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick B. Robison
Mr. Scott W. Robison ’09
Mr. Thomas Robison ’54*
Mr. Robert H. and Mrs. Valerie E. Robitzski P’15
Ms. Zoe S. Roble
Mr. Ethan G. Robles
Ms. Anne Pardee Robson ’75
Ms. Piera Cote Robson ’91
Mr. Ferdinand A. Robustelli ’85
Mr. Michael Roch and Ms. Gail Griffith P’19
Ms. Darcy A. Rocha
Mr. Cameron J. Roche ’13
Mr. James P. and Mrs. Robin R. Roche P’13
Mr. Brandon and Ms. Jennifer S. Rock
Mrs. John V. Rock W’61 P’98
Mr. Daniel B. Rockafellow ’81
Dr.* and Mrs.* J. David Rockafellow ’45
Mr. Robert F. Rockafellow ’56*
Mr. William W. Rockafellow ’15
Ms. Julia B. Rockey ’15
Mrs. Margaret V. Rockey
Rockhead Communications LLC
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Claire E. Rockman P’15
Mr. Michael E. Rockman ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rockmore
Mr. Lawrence D. Rockwell ’51*
Mr. Mark P. Rockwell ’79
Mr. S. Kent Rockwell ’66 and Ms. Patricia Babyak
Mr. Drew M. Rocky ’98
Rocky Mountain Massage
Mr. Dennis P. Rodano Jr. ’91
Mr. Ryan K. Rodden ’06
Mrs. Karen A. Rode ’00
Mr. Gregory P. Rodebaugh ’06
Mr. Alan J. Roden ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roden
Mrs. Kathryn Yocum Roden ’03
Mr. Edward F. Rodenbach ’73
Mr. Hans and Mrs. Helen Rodenkirchen
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Rodgers
Ms. Jeanne V. Rodgers ’82
Mr. Jeffrey P. Rodgers ’04
Mr. Jim Rodgers Jr.
Mrs. Margaret Anderson Rodgers ’87
Mr. Thomas A. Rodgers ’52
Mr. Robert R. R. Rodite ’64
Mr. Victor M. J. Rodite
Mr. John and Mrs. Rose Mary Rodkey
Ms. Nancy Miller Rodman ’75
Mr. Mark S. Rodney ’67
Mr. Brian M. Rodowicz ’96
Mr. Carlos F. and Mrs. Lisa A. Rodrigues P’14
Mr. Christopher R. Rodrigues ’14
Ms. Ashley M. Rodriguez ’18
Mr. Christopher D. Rodriguez ’09
Mr. Davis R. Rodriguez ’11
Mr. Eduardo Rodriguez ’14
Mr. Edward L. and Mrs. Delores A. Rodriguez P’18
Mr. Leo and Ms. Jill Rodriguez
Mr. Jose A. ’84 and Mrs. Margaret Watters ’84 Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Ramon Rodriguez
Ms. Kara Lynn Rodriguez ’14
Ms. Kelly E. Rodriguez ’11
Mr. Miguel A. Rodriguez ’05
Rebekah Anna Rodriguez
Mr. Ricardo F. Rodriguez ’09
Mr. Robert A. and Mrs. Karen J. Rodriguez P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo A. Rodriguez P’11
Mr. Rodolfo Rodriguez ’18
Ms. Sandra N. Rodriguez ’08
Ms. Stephanie Rodriguez ’12
Ms. Claudia L. Rodriguez-McGill ’17
Mr. Steven T. Roe ’08
Ms. Stephanie B. Roebelen ’13
Mr. Edward W. ’80 and Ms. Valerie Roessle ’79 Roebuck
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Jane M. Roecklein
Ms. Bernadette Roeder
Mr. Kyle R. ’08 and Mrs. Christine Welsh ’08 Roeder
Ms. Alison A. Roedler-King ’80
Mr. Gave and Ms. Amanda D. Roehrenbeck
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Karen A. Roerty
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Rogacki ’81
Dr. Gary J. and Mrs. Camille E. Rogal P’12
Dr. Sarah C. Rogal ’12
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rogalski
Mr. Matthew N. Rogalski ’17
Mr. Stephen V. and Mrs. Rosann Rogalski P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Rogan
Mr. Andrew G. Rogers ’03
Mr. Braeden R. ’00 and Ms. Zakiyyah F. ’02 Rogers
David Bruce Rogers Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Rogers P’20
Mr. Fabian A. Rogers ’17
Mr. Henry P. Rogers III ’92
Mr. James J. Rogers
Ms. Jennifer J. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers
Mr. Jonathan J. Rogers ’75
Mr. Joseph W. Rogers ’83
Ms. Kimberly Carol Rogers ’85
Ms. Laurel Hope Rogers ’19
Mr. John and Ms. Lynda Rogers
Mr. Paul Rogers
Mr. William G. Rogers Jr. ’63
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rogers
Mr. William H., Jr. and Mrs. Joanne P. Rogers P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rogosa
Edward W. Rogowski ’22
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Rogusky ’81
Mr. Helmut H. Rohde
Ms. Rachel C. Rohinsky ’11
Mr. David S. ’82 and Ms. Deborah Vulkoff ’83 Rohrbaugh
Mr. Rodney E. Rohrbaugh ’64*
Ms. Jacqueline A. Rohricht P’21
Mr. Mark T. and Mrs. Summer D. Rohricht P’21
Ms. Xiomara L. Rojas-Asqui ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rolek
Mr. Robert E. and Mrs. Diane C. Roller P’11
Mr. Thomas P. Roloff ’87
Ms. Sharon Baillie Rolser ’79
Mr. Craig J. and Mrs. Lori Rolwood P’14
Ms. Barbara Romalin
Ms. Louise G. Roman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Roman
Mr. Ronald R. and Mrs. Melanie B. Roman P’17
Ms. Stephanie M. Roman ’17
Mr. David M. Romanelli
Mrs. Dina DeFalco Romani ’95
Dr. Albert J. Romano ’67
Ms. Alissa E. Romano ’04
Ms. Christina N. Romano ’10
Mr. Donald A. Romano ’54
Dr. Eugene J. Romano ’63
Ms. Helen L. Romano
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Jacqueline Romano
Mr. Joseph M. Romano Jr. ’97
Mr. Dominic and Mrs. Marie E. Romano
Mr. Robert P. and Mrs. Rosanne Romano P’19
Ms. Steffi Romano ’09
Ms. Susan W. Romano
Mr. Zachary M. Romano ’10
Mr. Anthony M. Romanoski ’10
Mr. Andrew T. Romans ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Romans
Ms. Elisa Romano Rombach ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rome
Ms. Erin Margaret Rome ’19
Mr. James D. ’94 and Ms. Shelley Butz ’95 Romeo
Mr. Steven Romeo ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Romich ’68
Ms. Carolyn R. Romney ’08
Christian Romon Ph.D. P’12
Andrew Joseph Rooks ’20
Mr. Karl E. Rookstool ’73
Mr. Christian M. ’96 and Mrs. Marianne E. ’96 Rooney
Ms. Katy L. Rooney ’15
Mr. Scott W. and Mrs. Linda Marie Rooney P’15
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Abigail Roos
Ms. Paula S. Roos
Ms. Margaret S. Roosa
Mr. David D. Root ’59
Mr. David S. Root ’15
Ms. Hayley P. Root ’16
Mr. Matthew J. Root ’06
Mr. Michael T. Root ’19
Dr. Robert G. Root and Ms. Anna Maria Marzullo P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Root P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Root P’19
Mr. Todd D. Root P’16
Mr. David D. Roper ’60
Rorre Inc
Ms. Jane B. Rosa ’18
Ms. Meredith B. Rosa ’13
Ms. Jillian J. Rosamilia ’14
Mr. Ivan R. Rosario ’12
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Sarah F. Rosato
Ms. Doris L. Roscioli
Mr. Alan S. Battisti and Hon. Paula A. Roscioli ’87 P’18
Mr. Ronald Roscioli
Mr. Brooks Roscoe
Mr. Gregory C. Roscoe ’06
Mr. Alexander S. Rose Jr. ’09
Mr. Andrew W. Rose ’13
Mrs. Caitlin Hope Rose ’15
Mr. Charles S. Rose ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton C. Rose Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Rose Jr. ’88
Mr. David Rose
Ms. Ellen H. Rose ’09
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Florence S. Rose
Gary S. Rose Ph.D
Mr. Jacob James Rose ’19
Mr. James M. and Mrs. Mary J. Rose P’19
Mr. Kenneth S. Rose and Ms. Linda M. Rich-Rose P’13
Mr. Kevin E. Rose ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Leon H. Rose
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Margaret Rose
Mr. Michael J. Rose ’96
Mr. Michael C. Rose ’90
Mr. Richard H. Rose ’52*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Rose ’64 P’87 ’90
Ms. Mary P. Rosebery
Ms. Marianne Edwards Roseman ’85
Mr. Adam D. Rosen ’18
Mr. Andrew B. Rosen ’16
Mr. Daniel E. Rosen and Ms. Ellen Dille P’13
Mr. David Rosen
Prof. Deborah A. Rosen
Mr. Louis J. Rosen ’71
Mr. Murray B. Rosen ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Rosen
Dr. Paul S. ’82 and Dr. Sheri G. Rosen P’18
Mr. Sam E. Rosen ’13
Mr. Samuel E. Rosen ’13
Mr. Steven D. Rosen ’02
Mr. Thomas J. ’84 and Ms. Rebecca L. ’84 Rosenbauer
Ms. Alicia D. Rosenbaum ’18
Mr. Adam W. Rosenberg ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rosenberg
Dr. Francine Eatroff Rosenberg ’90
Mr. Fred Rosenberg
Mr. Harry Rosenberg ’56
Ms. Sarah B. Rosenberg ’09
Dr. Beth R. Rosenblatt ’86
Mr. Gary Rosenblatt
Ms. Marisa Rosenblatt ’03
Mr. Eric J. ’97 and Ms. Jessica Rassas ’98 Rosenbloom
Mr. Daniel M. Rosenblum ’06
Allan Rosenbluth, M.D. ’59
Mr. E. and Ms. Maxine Rosenfeld
Ms. Michelle Orlans Rosenfeld ’93
Mr. Alex A. Rosenfelder ’14
Mr. Craig L. and Mrs. Amy Rosengarden P’15
Ms. Miriam B. Rosenhaus ’12
Dr. David M. ’79 and Mrs. Rebecca Flehinger ’81 Rosenheck
Mr. Michael S. Rosenheck ’17
Mr. David J. ’77 and Ms. Susan Zarrow ’77 Rosenkrantz
Ms. Dana M. Rosenkranz ’08
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Barbara H. Rosenn
Mr. Keith S. and Mrs. Silvia Rosenn
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Rosenthal
Ms. Kara Anne Rosenthal ’19
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Rosenthal
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Michelle H. Rosenthal
Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell S. Rosenthal ’56
Ms. Susan Rosenthal
Ms. Sarah L. Rosenzweig ’03
Mr. Jordan S. Roses ’16
Mr. Laurence and Dr. Lori Roses P’16
Ms. Jill A. Rosker ’15
Mr. Richard A. and Mrs. Jill A. Rosker P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rosmarin
Mr. Keith D. Rosmarin ’02
Mr. David M. Rosner ’95
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Sandra T. Rosner
Dr. Edward Rosof ’67
Ms. Alice P. Ross*
Mr. Frederick and Ms. Beth S. Ross
Mr. Brandon S. Ross ’16
Mr. Brian Connor Ross ’19
Mr. Brooks M. Ross ’97
Ms. Debra J. Ross
Mr. Delbert A. Ross Jr. ’57
Mr. Donald W. and Mrs. Carolyn Ross P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Ross ’84
Dr. Eric A. and Mrs. Ivy C. Ross P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Ross P’14
Mr. Jacob J. Ross ’00
Mr. Jared B. Ross ’01
Ms. Jessica L. Ross ’15
Rev. Kenneth J. Ross ’72
Mr. Kenneth Halsey Ross ’74
Mr. David and Mrs. Laura D. Ross
Mr. Lawrence A. Ross ’72
Ms. Marianne C. Ross ’82
Mr. Mark J. Ross ’14
Mr. Nicholas Ross
Mr.* and Mrs. Norman G. Ross Jr. ’47
Mr. Richard P., Jr. and Mrs. Shelley A. Ross P’22
Dr. Robert G. Ross ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Warren M. Ross Jr.
Janet D. Ross W’32 Estate
Rossbach Consulting LLC
Ms. Caroline F. Rosseel ’88
Mr. A. Kent Rossetter III ’70
Ms. MaryBeth Rossetti ’92
Mr. Nicholas J. Rossetti ’05
Mr. P. Kurt Rossetti ’90
Dr. Anthony M. Rossi ’68
Mr. Gianalfredo Rossi ’06
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rossi ’72
Dr. John D., Jr. and Mrs. Betty M. Rossi
Ms. Lauren C. Rossi
Ms. Marissa L. Rossi ’17
Ms. Noriko Matsuyoshi Rossi ’73
Mr. Patrick A. Rossi ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Rossi
Ms. Suzanne C. Rossi ’12
Rossi Architecture Inc
Ms. Gina M. Rossitto ’15
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Rossmann ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Rost
Mrs. Adriana G. Rota P’13
Mr. Leonard A. Rota ’61
Mr. James G. Rotchford ’12
Roteman Electric Company
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Roth
Mr. David and Ms. Beth Roth
Mrs. Dana Swartz Roth ’06
Dr.* and Mrs. David W. H. Roth Jr. ’51
David M., Esq. ’70 and Mrs. Linda H. Roth
Mr. Jordan E. Roth ’05
Dr. Mary J. S. ’83 and Mr. Christopher N. Roth
Mr. Michael S. Roth ’70
Ms. Michelle Roth
Mr. H. Stephen and Mrs. Nancy Muldberg ’77 Roth
Mr. Trelawney and Mrs. Robin Roth
Capt. S. Robert Roth ’81
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Sally W. Roth
Ms. Shelley L. Roth ’82
Dr. Steven B. Roth ’63
Mr. Zachery B. Roth ’12
Mr. Michael D. Rothberg and Ms. Dana Stern
Ms. Eve M. Rothenberg ’19
Dr. Megan B. Rothenberger ’02
Ms. Donna L. Rothermel
Mr. Arthur J. ’55 Hon.D. ’05 and Mrs. Barbara S. Hon.D. ’05 Rothkopf
Dr. Jay E. Rothkopf ’98
Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Rothkopf P’13
Ms. Rhoda Caren Rothkopf ’74
Mr. Stuart Jay Rothkopf ’55 and Ms. Joan Mack
Mr. Zachary S. Rothkopf ’13
Ms. Ariana M. Rothman ’18
Dr. Gary J. Rothman ’74
Ms. Mary Millar Rothman ’76
Mr. Max B. Rothman ’62
Mr. Robert A. Rothman ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Rothrock P’17
Mr. Matthew M. Rothrock ’17
Ms. Jennifer M. Rothrock-West ’97
Mr. Joseph L. Rothschild ’16
Dr. Laura Fenster Rothschild ’00
Mr. Scott L. and Mrs. Susan L. Rothschild P’16
Dr. William S. Rothschild ’58
Ms. Jessica L. Rothstein ’13
Mr. James and Mrs. Laura Failla Rothstein
Ms. Brittney S. Rothweiler ’06
Mr. Brian J. Rotmil ’09
Ms. Diane Appel Rotmil ’79
Ms. Christine Rotonda
Mr. Anthony J. Rotondo ’87
Mr. Nicholas J. Rotondo ’03
Mr. Jarrod P. Rottau ’10 and Ms. Meghan D. Hayward ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Rottau
Mr. Howard Rottman
Mr. Donald L. Round and Ms. Wilma Lopez-Round
Mr. Harrison B. Round ’15
Mr. Philip A. Round
Mr. Stephen A. and Mrs. Sherrie L. Round P’15
Mr. Brian M. Rourke ’71
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Rouse P’19
Mr. Spencer M Rouse ’19
Mr. Brian R. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Routledge P’20
Ms. Shana M. Routledge ’18
Mr. Matthew J. ’99 and Ms. Jennifer Heim ’99 Roux
Robert L. Rovins Esq. ’76
Dr. James L. Rovnyak ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Rovzar
Jennifer Marie Rowan ’20
Ms. Laura E. Rowan ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Rowan P’16
Ms. Carol A. Rowand
Mrs. Barbara J. Rowe
Ms. Heidi A. Rowe ’83
Dr. Jonathan P. ’06 and Mrs. Kristen Tull ’06 Rowe
Mr. Andrew T. Rowland ’13
Ms. Elizabeth A. Rowland ’91
Mr. John M. Rowland ’11
Mr. Mark W. ’93 and Mrs. Sandra E. ’93 Rowland
Ms. Carol A. Rowlands ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Rowlands
Mr. David and Mrs. Cheryl A. Rowlands
Mr. Richard D. Rowlands and Ms. Eileen Underwood
Mr. Roger C. Rowlands ’69*
Mr. and Mrs. Ira I. Roxland P’98
Ms. Caroline Darlington Roy ’84
Mrs. Elizabeth Hyer Roy ’88
Ms. Erin M. Roy ’15
Mr. Matthew A. ’07 and Mrs. Jessica Donovan Roy ’09
Mr. Robert C. Roy ’69
Mr. Toms and Mrs. Katherine B. Royal
Ms. Jennifer Ullman Royall ’99
Mr. Clifford L. and Mrs. Carla M. Royalty P’20
Dylan Thomas Royalty ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Heinz J. Roye ’70
Mr. Gregory S. Royer ’86
Mr. Christopher J. ’04 and Ms. Emily Myers ’03 Royle
Mr. George D. Royster Jr. ’63
Ms. Susan Antonioni Royster ’01
Mr. Elliot N. Rozen ’12
Ms. Lanette A. Rozier ’75
Mr. William G. Rozier ’74
Ms. Kimberly A. Rubenfeld ’03
Dr. Richard E. Rubenstein ’62
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Ellen Rubin
Mr. Arthur A. Rubin ’77
Dr. Daniel A. ’02 and Mrs. Emelie George ’02 Rubin
Mr. David H. Rubin ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Rubin ’64 P’88’92
Mr. Howard A. Rubin ’77 and Ms. Mary J. Henry
Mr. Jacob A. Rubin ’16
Mr. Jay and Ms. Janet M. Rubin
Ms. Jill Farber Rubin ’84
Dr. Laurence Rubin ’76
Dr. Lisa R. Rubin ’97
Ms. Lori Glauberman Rubin ’76
Mr. Timothy R. Rubin ’88
Ms. Alexandra Rubino ’16
Ms. Rachel M. Rubino ’17
Mr. Ryan A. Rubino ’03 and Dr. Stephanie Morain ’07
Ms. Sarah C. Rubino ’18
Mr. Stephen A. Rubino ’10
Ms. Theresa Rubino
Mr. Anthony L. Rucci ’08
Mr. William T. Ruch ’17
Mr. Andrew R. Ruck ’13
Mr. Ivan A. Rudd ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Rudder ’63
Mr. Ronald N. Rudderow ’57
Dr. Daniel A. Ruddy ’03
Ms. Jean Marie B. Ruddy ’01
Mr. Jordan Ruddy
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Ruddy
Mr. Thomas A. Ruddy ’92
Mr. William P. Rude ’57*
Mr. Avi P. Ruderman ’10
Ms. Melanie J. Ruderman ’14
Ms. Ruth Ruderman
Ms. Kristina Huber Rudisill ’84
Mrs. Mary Ellen F. Rudoi ’96
Mr. Devon S. Rudolph ’11
Ms. Gabrielle C. Rudolph ’16
Mr. Jerome E. Rudolph ’12
Dr. John Philip Rudolph ’35
Mr. Robert M. and Dr. Carol Springer Rudolph P’11
Mr. Allen C. Rudy Jr. ’64
Mr. David L. Rue ’82
Dr. Christopher S. and Ms. Lisa S. Ruebeck
Mr. John E. Rueckert Jr. ’75
Mr. James A. Ruegger ’73
Mr. W. Anthony Ruegger ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Ruehl ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Ruesch ’61
Mr. Carter T. Rufe ’12
Mr. James F. ’81 and Ms. Elizabeth Bright ’82 Rufe P’12
The Hon. John J. Rufe ’62
Mr. Jonathan S. Rufe ’13
Mr. Robert G. Rufe ’67
The Honorable and Mrs. William H. Rufe III ’55 P’79’81’84
Mr. William H. Rufe IV ’79
Mr. John H., Jr. and Mrs. Sherri L. Rufer P’16
Mr. Zachary M. Rufer ’16
Ms. April Elizabeth Ruff ’19
Mr. Corey E. Ruff ’09
Dr. Dennis A. Ruff ’78 and Dr. Susan J. Mahler ’78
Ms. Vanessa Ruffiero
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Deborah Ann Ruffini
Mrs. Susan Parker Ruffner ’95
Mr. Anthony Rufo
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Jennifer L. Rufolo
Mr. Dan R. and Mrs. Ellen M. Rufus P’21
Ms. Lara Mary M. Ruggerio ’15
Dr. Mark Ruggerio ’78 and Dr. Vanessa A. Morenzi P’15
Mr. Ignazio and Mrs. Deborah Ruggieri
Katrina Nicole Ruggiero ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Ruggiero P’20
Mr. Jacob W. Ruggles ’01
Ms. Karen D. Ruggles ’08
Rev. Susan Ruggles ’90 and Dr. Roger W. Ruggles P’01 ’08
Mr. Gregory M. Ruhf ’93
Mr. Bruce C. Ruhnke ’63*
Mr. Ever S. Ruiz ’08
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Laurie E. Rule
Ms. Caroline Davidson Rullo ’93
Mr. Derek C. Rullo ’01
Mr. and Mrs. David Ruminski
Mr. Frank E. Rumpeltin Jr. ’67
Mr. Raymond J. Rumsey ’77
Mrs. Sabrina X. Runbeck ’10
Mr. Alan S. Runk ’60*
Mr. Christopher S. Runk ’89
Mr. Matthew B. Runkle ’11
Ms Christine A. Ruocco
Ms. Jennifer C. Ruocco ’14
Mr. Kenneth J. and Mrs. Mary Susan Ruocco P’14
Mr. Alexander N. Ruoff ’10
Mr. Steven G. Ruoff ’81
Mr. John T. Ruotolo ’93
Ms. Deborah A. Rupolo P’12
Mr. Michael J. Rupolo ’12
Ms. Alma J. Rupp
Braedon Tempest Rupp ’22
Ms. Jessica L. Rupp ’16
Clayton Demar Rush
Mr. Darl M. Rush ’52*
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Rush
Mrs. John E. Rush W’45
Mr. John Rush
Ms. Josephine B. Rush
Mr. Kevin J. Rush ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rush
Lt. Col. Durward M. Rushforth ’64
Mr. Howard Imber and Ms. Amy J. Rush-Imber
Mrs. Cynthia Milone Rusis ’88
Mr. John G. Rusnak ’77
Dr. John T. Rusnock ’84
Margaret Elizabeth Rusnock ’20
Mr. Harvey W. Russ ’51
Ms. Anne Kilborn Russell ’90
Ms. Caroline A. Russell ’17
Mr. Conor T. Russell ’18
Mr. Dale Russell ’16
Mr. David J. Russell ’04
Mr. D. and Mrs. Gail E. Russell
Mr. James Kirk Russell ’51*
Mr. Joel F. Russell ’69
Ms. Kelly L. Russell ’04
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kim S. Russell
Ms. Lorraine H. Russell
Mr. Matthew E. Russell ’11
Mr. James and Ms. Pamela L. Russell
Mr. Thomas B. and Mrs. Rooney F. Russell P’18
Mr. Wayne D. Russell ’71
Ms. Alexandra R. Russo ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Russo
Mr. Anthony F. Russo and Ms. Arlene M. Regan P’13
Mr. Anthony V. Russo
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Antoinett H. Russo
Ms. Dolores J. Russo
Mr. Joseph J. Russo ’09
Mr. Ralph M. ’91 and Mrs. Stacey A. Russo P’21
Mr. Salvatore L. Russo ’50*
Mr. and Mrs. Sam F. Russo
William Michael Russo ’21
Mr. Paul J. ’74 and Mrs. Susan S. ’76 Russoniello
Mr. Donald C., Jr. and Mrs. Cheryl Rust P’18
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Stephanie J. Rustemeyer
Mr. Craig RusticiMr. Craig M. Rustici ’86
Mrs. Ashley Dvorak Rutchauskas ’05
Mr. John N. Ruth Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Ruth Jr.
Mr. Earl and Mrs. Phyllis N. Ruth
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ruth Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Rutherford
Mr. Edward C. Rutherford ’60
Ms. Elaine Rutherford
Mr. Matthew S. Rutherford ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Ruthizer ’62 P’00
Mr. Joshua W. Ruthizer ’00
Mr. Ted Ruthizer ’69
Mr. Michael C. Ruthy ’85
Mr. and Mrs.* William P. Rutledge ’63
Ms. Amy Rutt
Mr. K. Matthew ’97 and Ms. Megan Cooper ’98 Rutt
Ms. Jessica J. Rutz
Mr. Howard G. ’82* and Ms. Lynn Matthews ’82 Rutz
RV Soccer Club
Mr. Andrew J. ’81 and Ms. Eileen Schunk ’80 Ryan
Mr. Christopher J. ’87 and Ms. Carla Goode ’88 Ryan
Mr. Dermott F.X. and Mrs. Jennifer A. Ryan P’13
Mrs. Elizabeth Ryan
Mr. Gilbert S. Ryan ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Ryan
Judge James T. Ryan ’56
Ms. Jessica A. Ryan ’13
Mr. Gerald and Ms. Katherine Ryan
Ms. Lindsey K. Ryan ’12
Mr. Michael F. and Mrs. Amy L. Ryan P’15
Mr. Richard E. ’86 and Mrs. Robin Ryan
Mr. Robert A. Ryan
Ms. Roxanne E. Ryan
Ms. Sarah A. Ryan ’02
Mr. Stephen K. Ryan ’75
Mr. Stephen D. and Mrs. Lisa M. Ryan P’18
Mr. Thomas H. Ryan ’03
Mr. Tommy G Ryan
Ms. Valerie Ryan ’76
Mr. William K. Ryan ’65
Ms. Barbara D. Rybeck
Mr. Dean W. ’81 and Mrs. Julie Schnatz Rybeck
Mr. Eugene J. Rycharski ’50*
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Ryder ’67
Mr. Stephen G. Ryder ’01
Mr. Arthur B. Ryer ’30*
Mrs. Beatriz Ryffel
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Rynne
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Ryon P’12
Ms. Agatha D. Rysinski ’10
Matthew Rytel
Dr. Michael J. Rytel and Dr. Pamela A. Moalli
S. E. E. Camp Inc
Mr. David C. Saalfrank Sr. ’60
Emily Mclain Saba
Mr. Ronald B. Saba P’19
Mr. Frank Sabatino Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saber
Mr. John N. Sabino
Sydney Lynne Sabino ’20
Ms. Rasha M. Sabkar ’91
Ms. Amy E. Storms Sable ’91
Mr. Robert Sablowsky
Mr. Charles J. Sabo ’83
Ms. Cynthia Sabo ’78
Mr. John A. Sabo ’74
Mr. Thomas and Ms. Marla J. Sabo
Mr. Kenneth J. Sabol ’70
Ms. Erica Saccente ’05
Mr. Robert J. Sacchetta Jr. ’16
Mr. Brian J. Sacco ’78
Ms. Catherine M. Sacco ’13
Mr. and Mrs. James Sacco
Ms. Megan N. Sacco ’08
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Sharon Sacco
Mrs. Lindsay D. Saccullo ’05
Mr. Evan M. Sachs ’16
Mr.* and Mrs. Harold B. Sachs ’45
Mr. Howard S. and Mrs. Lynda Sachs P’16
Mr. Robert C. and Mrs. Susan S. Sachs P’22
Dr. William A. Sachs ’75
Mr. Bernhard A. Sack II ’61*
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Sackett
Ms. Gertrude Sackett
Mr. Denis and Ms. Sara Sackett
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Frances Sackler
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sackman
Mr. Steven L. Sacks-Wilner ’71
Mr. Blase K. Sacus, Jr. ’95
Ms. Anna Sadler
Mr. Richard L. Sadler ’66
Mr. and Mrs. George Sadlock
Mr. Joshua D. Sadlock ’12
Mr. Richard A. and Mrs. Patricia Sadlock P’12
Mr. David Daniel Sadvary ’19
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Amy Sadvary P’19
Ms. Ruth Sadvary
Mr. John H. Saeger ’60
Mr. Bahram Safa
Michael A., Esq. ’77 and Dr. Marion Shapiro ’77 Saffer
Mr. Darius S. Safford ’13
Dr. Robert E. Safford ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Safir ’55
Mr. Stephen A. Saft ’61*
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sagal
Mr. Amit Sagar
Ms. Kaaren A. Sagastume ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Sagenkahn
Mr. Andrew J. Sager ’17
Mr. Edward F. Sager Jr. ’69
Mr. James Sahadi ’51
Ms. Amanda Sahl
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Barbara Sahm
Ms. Ida Sahr
Ms. Janet I. Sahr
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Saidel ’58
Mr. Jason J. Saied ’16
Ms. Kathleen Sailer
Dr. Rumneet Kang Saini ’92
Mr. Michael J. Sainsbury ’12
Ms. Leslie A. Saint ’04
Mr. McHerdy C. Saint Germain ’15
Mr. Michael L. Saint Germain ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Saint Germain
Mr. Michael E. ’02 and Mrs. Catherine Schmidt ’03 Saioni
Mr. Scott M. and Mrs. Diana K. Sajer P’22
Stephen Kittredge Sajer ’22
Ms. Margaret A. Sakasitz ’85
Mr. Mark F. Saker ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Saker Jr. ’64 P’96 ’98
Mr. Ryan J. ’04 and Mrs. Kelly Cusick ’06 Sakmar
Ms. Linda Kirk Sakowitz ’85
Sak’s Inc
Mr. John J. Salandi ’68*
Mr. Jaime Salaverri and Ms. Silvia Bolin P’18
Mr. Wesley G. Salazar ’13
Ms. Alexa C. Salcito ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Salcito
Mr. Steven N. and Mrs. Christine H. Salcito P’12
Mr. Elroy N. Saldanha ’12
Mr. Arturo and Mrs. Monica R. Saldivar P’21
Ms. Miranda Saldivar
Sophia Renae Saldivar ’21
Ms. Sakina O. Salem ’11
Ms. Victoria L. Salemi ’95
Mr. Michael T. Salerni ’17
Dr. Michael B. Salerno ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Salerno
Ms. Michelina C. Salerno
Mrs. Ingrid DeVries Salgado ’05
Mr. Jason E. Salgado ’92
Ms. Pamela G. Salkeld ’88
Mr. George and Mrs. Charlotte Salkin
Mr. Charles D. Sallada ’75
Mr. J. F. Sallada ’57
Mr. James U. Sallada ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Salman
Dr. Richard A. Salman ’79
Ms. Laurie J. Salmon
Ms. Lisa R. Salomon ’18
Mr. Melvin Salomon
Mr. Philippe Salomon and Mrs. Danielle R. Siegelbaum P’18
Mr. Zachary Aaron Salomon ’19
Salon Beautique Inc
Salon Rajeunir II, LLC
Sal’s Equipment Service and Repair, LLC
Mrs. Danielle Cortese Salsi ’02
Mr. David A. ’12 and Mrs. Kelly A. ’12 Salter
Mrs. Diane S. Salter ’86
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Michelle D. Saltiel
Ms. Dorothea Salvador
Mr. John Salvador Jr. ’56*
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Barbara A. Salvadore
Mr. Marcus Pompeo Salvadore ’19
Ms. Ann F. Salvatore P’13
Ms. Anna M. Salvatore ’13
Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins Salvatore ’07
Mr. Felix F. Salvatore and Ms. Christine S. Cavallaro P’21
Mr. Gerard and Mrs. Michelle Salvatore P’18
Ms. Jennifer M. Salvatore ’18
Salvatore’s Pizza & Restaurant, Inc.
Salvatores Pizzeria
Ms. Blake E. Salvesen ’05
Camille Roche Salyers ’22
Mr. Thomas E. Salyers and Dr. Kathleen M. Roche P’22
Ms. Sally Salzer
Mr. M. Arif Samad ’84
Mr. Christopher M. ’95 and Mrs. Karin Classon ’97 Samaritano
Mr. Joseph E. ’91 and Mrs. Maria M. Samaritano
Dr. Laurie B. Samet ’79
Ms. Sophie Samide
Dr. Akbar M. Samii ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Samilow
Mr. Daniel R. Sammartino ’84
Mr. Gordon R. Sammis
Ms. Amanpreet K. Samra ’18
Mr. Ranjit S. and Mrs. Kuldip Samra P’18
Ms. Andrea T. Samson ’17
Mr. Atunonyele Samu ’11
Ms. Cassandra L. Samuel ’06
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Maura B. Dougherty Samuel P’13
Mr. Donald L. Samuels
Mr. Emil L. and Mrs. Cathy A. Samuels P’19
Mr. Jeffrey C. Samuels ’81 and Ms. Amy Levine-Samuels ’81
Ms. Julie Elisabeth Samuels ’19
Mr. Michael D. ’01 and Mrs. Sara Latosz ’02 Samuels
Mr. Arthur J. and Ms. Karen A. San Filippo P’13
Ms. Chelsea V. San Filippo ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk D. Sanborn
Ms. Margaret B. Sanchack
Ms. Angelina Sanchez ’13
Ms. Estefania L. Sanchez ’10
Mr. Gustavo A. Sanchez ’10
Mr. Luis C. Sanchez ’18
Ms. Noemi Sanchez ’11
Dr. Orestes T. and Mrs. Melody Sanchez P’13
Robert Ashton Sanchez
Mr. Eduardo E. Sanchez-Diaz ’05 and Ms. Kelli McMahon Sanchez ’07
Mr. Matthew P. Sancilio ’17
Mr. Michael T. Sanda ’01
Tyler Stephen Sande
Ms. Holly S. Sandelands ’13
Mr. Ervin R. Sandell ’60*
Rev. Robert G. Sandercock ’44*
Mr. Thomas H. Sandercock ’51*
Mr. Andrew D. Sanders ’13
Mr. Chris W. Sanders and Ms. Kathleen A. Garrett P’16
Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. Sanders ’51
Mr. John S. and Mrs. Lisa K. Sanders P’13
Dr. Nancy L. Sanders P’15
Ms. Patricia A. Sanders
Mr. Ryan C. Sanders ’16
Ms. Wendy Unangst Sanders ’89
Mr. Philip, Jr. ’71 and Mrs. Diane F. Sanderson
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Sandford ’57
Mr. Mark T. Sandford ’99
Mrs. Joanna T. Sandin
Mr. Justin E. Sandler ’15
Mrs. Rachael Magner Sandler ’07
Mr. Steven M. and Mrs. Georgina G. Sandler P’15
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Anna Sandlin
Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Sandman P’21
Mr. Henry J. Sandman ’15
Ms. Anita Sands
Autumn Riley Sands ’22
Mr. Jason L. Sands ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Sands P’17
Mr. Matthew S. and Mrs. Judith L Sands P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sands
Ms. Harriett B. Sandt
Ms. Christine Capone Sandy ’74
Ms. Moulda Sandy-Brown
Mr. Christopher R. Sanford ’09
Mr. Collin and Mrs. Mary Jordan Sanford
Dr. Robert G. Sanford ’66
Mr. Timothy R. Sanford ’63
Mr. William and Dr. Kristen L. Sanford Bernhardt
Mr.* and Mrs. Daniel A. Sanftleben, Jr. ’54
Major General C. Dean Sangalis USMCR (RET.)
Ms. Samantha E. Sangenito ’12
Mr. Christopher Sanginiti ’12
Mr. Vincent L., Jr. and Mrs. Mary C. Sanginiti P’12
Mrs. Catriona Logan Sangster ’91
Mr. Charles G. and Mrs. Marie L. Sangster P’18
Ms. Kendall M. Sangster ’18
Mr. Antonio J. and Mrs. Luz S. Sanjuan P’13
Ms. Sally Sanjuan ’13
Ms. Deanne Sansone
Dr. Pamela J. Sansoucy ’08
Mr. Nicholas T. and Mrs. Adelene A. Sant Foster P’22
Ms. Rosemary Santa Maria
Mr. Emanuel J. Santa-Donato ’10
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Marion Santagata P’14
Ms. Brittany M. Santagata ’14
Alexis Veronica Santarelli ’20
Dr. Edward D. and Mrs. Renee M. Santelli P’19
Ms. Sandra Chesney Santo
Mr. William J. Santo ’53
Mr. Andrew J. Santomauro ’14
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Cynthia D. Santomauro P’14
Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Kelly Santore
Mr. John P. Santoro ’61
Ms. Katherine S. Santoro ’08
Mr. Robert S. Santoro ’73
Mr. Alessandre F. and Mrs. Heather A. Santos P’21
Mr. John, Jr. ’87 and Dr. Jacqueline Crawshaw ’88 Santos P’21
Mr. Raymond N. Sanzi III ’16
Mrs. Ann Day Saperstein ’01
Mr. Marc E. and Mrs. Joy M. Sapin P’15
Mr. Joseph A. ’03 and Mrs. Kristen Quigley ’04 Saporetti
Ms. Frances Saporito
Dr. John L. and Mrs. Elizabeth T. Saporito P’18
Mr. Matthew J. Saporito ’18
Mr. Eric L. Sapperstein ’88
Mr. Anthony M. Sarge ’69
Ms. Dayna N. Sargen ’02
Mr. Herbert R. and Mrs. Lorianne W. Sargent P’13
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Sargent P’16
Ms. Savannah M. Sargent ’13
Mr. William M. Sargent ’16
Elias H. Saric ’20
Dr. Muhamed Saric and Ms. Amy Kates P’20
Ms. Susan M. Saril
Mrs. Erin Campbell Sarkar ’97
Ms. Jennifer M. Sarkis ’11
Mr. John and Mrs. Shirley K. Sarles
Mr. Richard W. Sarpolus ’59
Mr. Frank M. Sarubbi ’62
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Sarubin
Mr. J. Leonard Sarver ’66
Ms. Kathleen Shannon Sarver ’83
Dr. Russell G. Sarver ’86
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Kimberly S. Sassaman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Sassaman Jr. ’62
Ms. Brenda Rochelle Sasso ’76
Mr. Edward P. Sasso ’94
Mr. Scott A. Satell ’84
Mr. Nikhil S. ’90 and Ms. Ellen Gwynne ’90 Sathe
Mr. Daniel R. Satriana Jr. ’76
Mr. Abraham B. Satten ’17
Mr. W. Bryan Satterlee ’56
Mr. Lewis S. Satulsky ’69
Ms. Claudia Gelb Sauchelli ’79
Ms. Julie M. Sauer ’08
Mr. Lewis E. Sauerwein ’65
Mr. David E. Saulter ’01
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Maxine Saum
Ms. Anne M. Saunders
Mr. Bowden M. Saunders ’17
Mr. Christopher H. ’91 and Ms. Elizabeth Altman ’90 Saunders
Mr. Grant H. Saunders ’09
Dr. Richard M. and Mrs. Eileen Saunders P’12
Mr. Steven N. Saunders ’12
Ms. Kristen T. Sausville
Dr. Scott W. Sautter ’79
Mr. Myron A. Savacool ’58
Mr. William H. Savage III P’22
Zachary Savage ’22
Ms. Georgiana Savas
Mr. Joseph H. and Mrs. Elise Savattieri P’13
Ms. Laura A. Savattieri ’13
Ms. Sarah M. Savattieri ’11
Ms. Lorraine Green Savicki ’82
Mr. George O. Savino ’67
Ms. Holly K. Savino P’14
Mr. Landon T. Savino ’14
Dr. Anthony C. Savitsky ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Savitz
Audrey Joan Sawers ’21
Mr. Norman H. and Mrs. Alison M. Sawers P’21
Mr. John and Mrs. Rebecca Sawicki
Mr. and Mrs. Brett J. Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Sawyer ’70
Mr. Jorge F. Sawyer ’10
Mr. Perry A. Sawyer
Mr. Benjamin T. Saxton ’04
Mr. Gregory M. Saybolt ’10
Ms. Jade L. Saybolt ’16
Dr. Matthew D. Saybolt ’06
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Lori Saybolt P’16
Mr. Collin J. Sayde ’12
Mr. Justin M. Sayde ’09
Ms. Lisa A. Sayed ’04
Mr. Donald Sayenga ’56*
Mr.* and Mrs. Edward V. Sayers Jr. ’57
Mr. John M. Sayles III ’77
Ms. Regina K. Saylor ’08
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Eva M. Sayous
Mr. Bart and Mrs. Martha Brackenridge Sayre
Mr. Warren C. Sayre ’93 and Mrs. Jennifer Marrone-Sayre ’91
Dr. Marc L. Sbar ’66
Mr. Donald B. Scace Jr. ’69*
Ms. Barbara Del Negro Scaffidi ’86
Ms. Patricia Scalabrini
Ms. Amy L. Scalera ’17
Mr. Mark D. and Mrs. Victoria A. Scalera P’17
Ms. Barbara Scales
Mr. D. Stephen and Mrs. Sharon T. Scales P’17
Mr. Henry S. Scales ’17
Mr. Frank Scangarella ’54
Dr. Craig L. Scanlan ’69*
Dr. Eugene A. ’64 and JoAnne Belenchia Ph.D. Scanlan
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Scanlon ’61
Sophia Dorothy Scarano
Mr. John and Ms. Ursula M. Scarano
Mr. Peter A. Scardino ’72
Mr.* and Mrs. Harry O. Scarfe ’61
Mr. Christopher J. Scarmozzino ’09 and Ms. Kate O. Malamut ’09
Mr. and Mrs. James Scarmozzino
Ms. Ann Marie Scarpa
Mr. Peter Scarpato and Mrs. Paula Weiss P’08
Ms. Rachel M. Scarpato ’08
Mr. Robert and Ms. Jennifer H. Scavuzzo
Mr. Tom Scebelo
Mr. Andrew T. Scerbo ’17
Mr. John A. and Mrs. Laura A. Scerbo P’17
Mr. James L. Schaadt Jr. ’72*
Ms. Deborah Schaaf ’76
Mrs. Geraldine L. Schaaf W’53
Mr. Jonathan R. Schaaf ’98
Ms. Leah E. Schachar ’08
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Schachar
Ms. Samantha K. Schackman ’05
Ms. Louisa M. Schade
Mr. Luke M. Schade ’08
Mr. Mark J. Schade ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Schade
Ms. Elizabeth M. Schaefer ’04
Mrs. Mildred J. Schaefer W’41
Ms. Haley W. Schaefer ’07
Mr. James L. Schaefer ’09
Ms. Kathryn R. Schaefer ’14
Mr. Kevin W. and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Schaefer P’14
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Schaefer
Mr. Matthew Schaefer
Mrs. George L. Schaefer W’41
Mr. Peder A. Schaefer ’72
Ms. Anna G. Schaefer-Billiard ’10
Mr. Gary R. Schaeffer ’75
Mr. William I. Schaeffer III ’17
Mr. William I. and Mrs. Sally A. Schaeffer P’17
Mr. and Mrs. David Schaen P’18
Ms. Kristin E. Schaen ’18
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Schaer ’75
Mr. Stephen A. and Ms. Stephanie Schafer
Dr. Alyssa Picchini Schaffer ’04
Mr. Brian W. Schaffer
Ms. Dana Wolfe Schaffer ’85
Dr. Donald D. Schaffer ’54*
Mr. Forrest L. Schaffer ’55
Dr. James P. Schaffer
Ms. Melinda Schaffer
Mr. Phillip M. Schaffer ’13
Mr. William E. Schaffroth ’58
Mr. Scott E. Schaible ’86
Ms. Alexandra M. Schaller ’16
Mr. Robert B. Schaller ’68
Mr. Andrew R. Schanck ’06
Mr. Christopher Schank
Ms. Regina Schank
Mr. William and Mrs. MaryAnn Schankel
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Schapero P’14
Ms. Cathy A. Schappert ’79
Mr. Stephen R. Schappert ’14
Mr. Alan C. and Mrs. Leigh T. Scharfe P’15
Ms. Rebekah L. Scharfe ’15
Mr. Kyle W. Scharfenberg ’13
Mr. Pete W. and Mrs. Ashley S. Scharfenberg P’13
Doris Scharfenberg Estate
Dr. Lawrence Scharff ’53
Mr. John F. Schatz Jr. and Ms. Chineva-Schatz
Mrs. Lauren Phillips Schatz ’12
Ms. Regina H. Schatz
Mr. John J. Schauble ’78
Mrs. Alicia D. Schauer ’88
Mr.* and Mrs. David Schechner ’50*
Ms. Jennifer R. Schechner ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Schechner P’12
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Arlene Schechter
Mr. Adam E. ’99 and Ms. Karen S. ’99 Scheck
Mr. Donald G. Scheck ’71
Ms. Joanna B. Schecter ’97
Mr. Jonathan S. ’04 and Mrs. Malorie Ferrick ’07 Schecter
Mr. William L. Schecter ’68
Mr. Ryan E. ’93 and Mrs. Sally Schedler
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Scheer
Mr. Richard Scheer and Ms. Greta E. Gorder P’19
Mr. Robert J. Scheer ’81
Ms. Catherine Ellison Scheeren ’80
Courtney Elizabeth Scheetz ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Scheetz P’21
Mr. John and Ms. Patricia Scheidnagel
Mr. Laurence E. Scheiner ’85
Mr. Richard P. Scheines and Ms. Martha Harty
Dr. and Mrs. Scott T. Scheirer
Mr. Cullen L. Scheland ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Schell
Mr. John and Ms. Lisa Mazanek Schell
Mr. Robert M. Schell ’85
Mr. Christopher R. Schellens ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Schellens P’13
Mr. Lawrence Schelzi
Mr. Arthur J. Schenck ’73
Mr. Charles Albert Schenck Jr. ’59*
Mr.* and Mrs. Herman F. Schenck ’49 P’80
Mr. P. Curtis Schenck ’80
Mr. Adam J. Scheps ’12
Mr. Matthew S. Scheps ’12
Mr. Michael G. and Mrs. Lynn W. Scheps P’12
Mr. Michael P. Schept ’98
Mr. Stuart G. Schept ’94
Dr. Michael L. Scher ’67
Ms. Kellee Salber Scherff ’00
Mr. Edward M. Scherling ’67*
Mrs. Linda S. Scherling W’67
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Scherr ’78
Mrs. Christine Kelly Schetelich ’86
Dr. Luis F. and Mrs. Lauren Schettino
Mr. Heymore and Mrs. Kathleen Schettler
Mr. Luttrell and Mrs. Mary G. Schettler
Mr. John P. Scheuer ’71
Mr. Craig J. Scheuerle Jr. ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Scheuerle, Sr. P’15
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Linda W. Scheuerle
Mr. J. Ross Scheuerman ’15
Mr. Richaed R. Scheuerman, Jr. ’76
Mr. Robert L. Scheuermann ’52*
Mr. Stephen S. Scheufele ’70
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Barbara E. Scheve
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Scheve
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio F. Schiaffino P’12
Mr. Rocco F. Schiaffino ’12
Mr. Joseph R. Schiavino ’86
Pasco L. Schiavo, Esq. ’58*
Margaret M. Schiazza ’20
Mr. Theodore J. ’08 and Mrs. Kathryn Hamerslag ’08 Schick
Mr. William C. Schicke ’17
Mr. William A. and Mrs. Eileen M. Schicke P’17
Mr. Kort J. ’92 and Ms. Alison Pressman ’92 Schickfus
Mr. Adriaan Schieferdecker ’76
Mr. Gary Schiessler ’04
Mr. Jonathan Schiff
Mr. Perry T. Schiff ’13
Ms. Rosalie B. Schiff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Schiffenhaus
Mr. C. William Schildnecht ’64
Rev. John C. Schildwachter ’55
Mr. Tobin C. Schilke ’96
Mr. Gilbert E. Schill Jr. ’68 and Ms. Virginia P. Joyner
Mr. William and Mrs. Martha V. Schill
Mrs. Carol Christensen Schiller
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. June S. Schiller
Ms. Lisa J. Schiller P’12
Ms. Margaret Schiller ’84
Mr. Robert G. Schiller Jr. ’06
Mr. Frederick A., III ’86 and Mrs. Allyson Williams ’87 Schillinger
Mrs. Jeanne S. Schillinger W’61 P’86
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Schimmel
Dr. Jonathan Schimmel ’09
Ms. Jane J. Schindewolf ’82
Mrs. Maxine C. Schindler ’74
Dr. Peter D. Schindler ’52
Ms. Jean F. Schiowitz
Mr. Ralph A. Schipani III ’99
Mr. David R. Schissler ’08
Mr. Douglas A. Schiz ’04
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Christine W. Schlafke
Mr. Randall S. Schlegel ’06
Mr. Thomas J. Schlegel ’04
The John J Schlegel Trust
Mr. Steven L. Schleien ’85
Mr. Zachary J. Schleimer ’11
Mr. Austin R. Schlenker ’97
Mr. Richard B. Schlesinger ’60
Dr. Margaret Anne Schley*
Mr. Devin R. ’11 and Dr. Lauren Howland ’11 Schlichting
Mr. George T. Schlieben Jr. ’99
Lt. Col. Karl A. Schlimm ’86
Ms. Carolyn J. Schlitt
Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig E. Schlitt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Schlitt
Ms. Meghan A. Schlitt ’11
Mr. Tyler Schloss
Mr. K. Clark Schlosser ’57
Mr. Michael A. Schlosser ’82
Mr. Stephen O. Schlosser ’97
Mr. James R. Schlough ’74
Mr. Richard T. Schlough ’59
Dr. Paul and Dr. June Schlueter
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Jeanne M. Schlussel
Mr. John J. and Mrs. Virginia Schlussel P’15
Ms. Maura A. Schlussel ’15
Mr. James and Mrs. Susan Schlussel
Mr. Casey S. Schmalacker ’12
Ms. Susan Schmalacker P’12
Jesse Ian Schmeizer ’22
Mr. Marshall Schmeizer and Ms. Lisa A. Hartman P’22
Mrs. Jennifer King Schmell ’02
Mr. Richard G. Schmermund ’72
Andrew William Schmid ’20
Mr. Frederick Schmid ’59
Mr. Kevin D. Schmid ’13
Mr. Mark E. and Dr. Kathleen D. Schmid P’13
Dr. Robert L. Schmid ’09
Mr. John P. and Mrs. Cindy L. Schmidlein P’11
Mr. Michael A. Schmidlein ’11
Mr. Alex R. Schmidt ’10
Mr. Andrew F. Schmidt ’73
Mr. Brian G. Schmidt ’00
Mr.* and Mrs. Darwin W. Schmidt ’42
Mr. David Schmidt
Mr. G. and Mrs. Ellen Schmidt
Ms. Hilary A. Schmidt ’15
Ms. Keely L. Schmidt ’03
Ms. Marna B. Schmidt ’96
Ms. Megan M. Schmidt ’17
Mr. Michael S. Schmidt ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Schmidt
Mr. Matthew L. Schmitt ’15
Ms. Patrice B. Schmitt
Mr. Robert D. ’79 and Mrs. Sonia Schmitt
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Mara B. T. Schmittinger
Mr. Robert A. Schmitz ’58
Mr. Tyler N. Schmoll ’18
Mr. Andrew M. Schnall ’10
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Schnall
Calvin James Schneck ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Jere J. Schneck ’83
Mr. Ronald M. Schneeberger ’79
Mrs. Alisha Roller Schneider ’11
Mr. Randall C. and Mrs. Emily A. Schneider
Ms. Gail Nicholas Schneider
Mr. Gregory W. Schneider ’00 and Ms. Margaret Day Flores
Mr. Joel Schneider ’52
Ms. Marsha Schneider
Ms. Michelle Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Schneider Jr. ’54
Mr. Richard S. Schneider ’55*
Dr. Stephen S. Schneider ’66
Mr. Stephen R. Schneider and Ms. Debra Aronson
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Schneiderman
Ms. Eileen Fisher Schneidman ’88
Ms. Debbie Schnetzer
Mrs. Margaret S. Schnibbe ’77
Dr. Martin S. Schnier ’80
Mr. Zachary Z. Schnitzer ’14
Ms. Katherine Sendell Schnur ’85
Mrs. Judith Chopack Schnyder ’94
Ms. Alison R. Schoch ’10
Mr. Jeffrey A. ’78 and Ms. Lezlie Hunt ’80 Schoch
Mrs. Kelly Schoenberger
Mr. Alex F. Schoeneberger ’03
Mr. Geoffrey G. Schoeneck ’96
Ms. Janet A. Schoenfeld
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Joan L. Schoenfeld
Matthew David Schoenfeld ’20
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Lynda B. Schoeninger
Ms. Susan L. Schoenly ’90
Ms. Katherine Z. Schoff ’05
Mr. Neal and Mrs. Irene A. Schofield
Dr. Richard E. Schofield ’68
Mr. Stephen J. Schofield II ’91
Mr. Daniel B. and Dr. Robin M. Scholefield
Mr. David A. Scholes ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Scholes
Ms. Emily C. Scholler ’18
Dr. William L. and Mrs. Margaret C. Scholler P’18
Mr. Alex Schon ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Schoolcraft
Ms. Marjorie A. Schoonover
Mrs. Mary Schoonover
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Patricia Schoonyoung
Mr. Howard M. Schoor ’61 P’84 and Ms. Frances A. Loscoe
Mr. Brian L. Schor ’17
Mr. Jeffrey D. ’79 and Ms. Patricia Winkler ’82 Schor P’09’11’17
Ms. Jessica E. Schor ’09
Ms. Melanie C. Schor ’11
Mr. Kevin and Ms. Bonnie Rae Schorn
Mr. Gregory D. Schorr ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Schorsch ’80
Mr. Clifford and Mrs. Angela P. Schott
Ms. Jennifer Maloney Schott ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Schott P’20
Noah G. Schott ’20
Dr. Katie E. Schrack ’03
Mr. James R. Schrader ’69
Mr. Matthew C. Schrader ’13
Mr. Michael C. Schrader ’81
Prof. David M. Schrag and Dr. Tina H. Huang
Ms. Laura B. Schrager ’04
Mr. David B. Schram ’91
Dr. Joel David Schram ’62
Mr. Brian J. Schranz ’02
Mr. Brian Schreiber ’85
Ms. Heather C. Schreiber ’87*
Mr. John J. and Mrs. Jackie G. Schreiber P’16
Mr. Richard F. Schreiber ’81
Ms. Stephanie E. Schreiber ’16
Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Arlene Schreibman
Ms. Kayla J. Schreibstein ’18
Ms. Danielle B. Schreier ’07
Rebecca L. Schreiner ’21
Mr. William J. and Mrs. Jaqueline J. Schreiner P’21
Mr. David G. Schrettner ’90
Mr. Robert M. Schrier ’49*
Ms. Elisabeth Curti Schroder ’94
Mr. Arthur Schroeder
Mr. Craig A. Schroeder ’01
Dr. Diane L. Schroeder ’80
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Doris Schroeder
Ms. Jennifer N. Schroeder ’15
Mr. Karl R. Schroeder ’49
Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Mary C. Schroeder-Savino
Ms. Elizabeth Meyer Schrohe ’96
Mr. Charles P. Schropp ’66
Dr. Lisa M. Schrott ’87
Mr. Colby J. Schrum ’11
Mr. Steven R. Schrum ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schuck
Mr. William and Mrs. Sheila Schuck
Mr. William L. Schuck Jr.
Ms. Larisa M. Schuckle ’12
Mrs. Karen Shiers Schueler ’00
Mrs. Isabelle C. Schuessler W’41
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Debra S. Schug
Mr. Scott A. and Mrs. Heidi C. Schukraft P’21
Ms. Anna R. Schulman ’12
Mr. Kenneth S. and Mrs. Carol Schulman P’12
Mr. Michael J. Schulman ’16
Mr. Lawrence I. and Mrs. Lori D. Schulsinger P’12
Mr. Samuel A. Schulsinger ’12
Mr. James F., Jr. and Ms. Michelle Schultes P’12
Dr. Katherine A. Schultes ’08
Mr. Michael G. Schultes ’12
Mr. Carl H. and Mrs. Patricia A. Schultheis P’19
Ms. Kari Ann Schultheis ’19
Mr. Matthew Z. Schultheiss ’15
Mr. Kameron D Schultz ’19
Ms. Kristen E. Schultz ’13
Ms. Megan N. Schultz ’12
Ms. Melissa A. Schultz
Mr. Robert and Ms. Mimi Dryce Schultz
Mr. Rob and Mrs. Pamela J. Schultz
Ms. Rebecca K. Schultz ’14
Ms. Stephanie K. Schultz ’09
Mr. Harvey Schulweis and Ms. Barbara Benerofe
Mr. Andrew Schulz
Mrs. Frances M. Schulz ’04
Mr. Gerry R. Schulz Jr. ’56
Brig. Gen. William J. Schumacher Ret. ’60
Mr. Donald R. Schumaker ’87
Marti Schumaker
Mrs. Paula Goetz Schumann
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Schundler
Ms. Elyse D. Schunkewitz ’12
Ms. Anna F. Schurter
Mr. Anthony Schuster
Mr. David A. Schuster ’51
Mr. David C. Schuster
Ms. Donna Schuster ’88
Mr. Daniel W. Schutter ’61
Mr. Cory W. Schutz ’12
Dr. Michael J. and Mrs. Janet K. Schutz P’17
Mr. Noah A. Schutz ’17
Ms. Stacey Johnson Schutzer ’99
Ms. Lisa Barnes Schuyler ’88
Mr. Raymond Schwab
Schwab Charitable Fund
Ms. Kathryn R. Schwacha ’16
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Schwager ’84
Mr. Gregory W. Schwager ’07
Mrs. Liza L. Schwager ’03
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Schwagerman
Mr. Richard J. Schwalje ’12
Mr. Richard A. Schwan ’62
Dr. Robert M. Schwan ’65
Ms. R. Jane Schwann
Ms. Amanda N. Schwartz ’16
Dr. Anne J. Schwartz ’87
Ms. Audra Schwartz Sikorski ’90
Mr. Benjamin D. Schwartz ’69
Mrs. Christine Z. Schwartz `98
Mr. Daniel A. Schwartz ’90
Mr. Dashiell S. Schwartz ’13
Mr. David C. ’98 and Mrs. Genine Darrough ’98 Schwartz
Mr. David M. Schwartz ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schwartz
Mr. Hal A. Schwartz Jr. ’68
Ms. Haley M. Schwartz ’15
Mr. Jeffrey M. and Mrs. Wendy J. Schwartz P’15
Mrs. Jessica Pukash Schwartz ’91
Ms. Joanne Berkow Schwartz ’87
Dr. Jon H. Schwartz ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Schwartz P’16
Mr. Larry A. Schwartz ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Schwartz ’62 P’88 GP’21
Dr. M. William Schwartz ’57
Mr. Matthew D. Schwartz ’01
Dr. Norman J. Schwartz ’72
Mr. Paul M. Schwartz ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Schwartz P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Schwartz
Mr. Scott C. Schwartz ’88
Mr. Stanley Schwartz ’66
Mr. Tobias E. Schwartz ’15
Mr. Tyler J. Schwartz ’18
Ms. Wendy J. Schwartzberg ’87
Mr. George and Ms. Mary Schwartzkopf
Mr. Kenneth M. Schwartzreich ’96
Mr. N. Michael Schwartzstein ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Schwarz
Mr. Douglas T. Schwarz
Mr. Edward W. Schwarz ’51*
Dr. Ferdinand R. Schwarz ’61
Mr. James N. Schwarz ’67
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Patricia E. Schwarz
Ms. Samantha A. Schwarz ’12
Dr. Sumner I. and Mrs. Lisa H. Schwarz P’16
Mrs. Susan Waters Schwarz ’98
Ms. Lesley Kraut Schwarzman ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Schwarzmann*
Mr. Russell A. Schwarzmann ’55*
Ms. Leslie Punia Schwebel
Mr. Jeremy J. Schwed ’14
Ms. Judy A. Schwer ’89
Ms. Noel M. Schwerin P’21
Mr. Charles Puckette and Mrs. Greta Schwerner
Mr. Gordon R. Schwerzmann ’68
Mr. Jon Schwetzer
Mr. Gale R. Schwilk ’62
Ms. Gretchen J. Schwilk ’94
Shirley Schwimmer W’43 Estate
Mr. William C. Schwingen ’54*
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Brenda J. Schworm
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Christine Sciarrotta
Ms. Autumn Karwiel Scibelli ’07
Dr. John D. and Mrs. Cynthia L. Scinto P’21
Mr. John G. Scioscia ’14
Mr. Stephen A. ’98 and Mrs. Erica Mellin ’99 Scioscia
Mr. Andrew B. Scisorek P’13
Ms. Monica F. Scisorek ’13
Arielle Jordan Sclar ’22
Ms. Elizabeth A. Scoda ’17
Mr. Kevin Scoda
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Scoda P’17
Mr. Patrick J. Scognamiglio ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Scolaro
Mr. Michael J. Scolaro ’06
Mr. Joseph V. Scolere ’67
Score Chapter 306
Ms. Alexandra J. Scott ’14
Mr. Ashton T. Scott Jr. ’57*
Mr. Charles Reed and Mrs. Lenka Scott P’22
Mr. Christopher L. Scott ’02
Dr. Cornelius C. Scott III ’58
Mr. David A. Scott ’87
Erin M. Scott ’22
Mr. George H. Scott ’65
Mr. James P. Scott P.E. ’74
Mr. Jeremy C. Scott ’07 and Ms. Chrystie L. Neidhardt ’05
Mr. Joe Scott
Mr. John J. Scott ’53
Mr. John R. ’86 and Mrs. Marcia Carney ’88 Scott
Ms. Keeley P. Scott ’18
Mr. Kevin L. Scott ’13
Mr. Kyni Scott ’13
Ms. Laura C. Scott ’16
Ms. Lauren E. Scott ’12
Mr. Lorenzo A. Scott ’77
Mrs. M. Joy Scott ’91
Mr. Mark M. Scott P’22
Mr. Martin L. Scott ’55
Mr. Michael W. Scott
Mrs. Michelle A. Scott
Olivia Faye Scott ’21
Rev. and Mrs. Robert W. Scott, Jr. ’66
Dr. Stephen J. and Mrs. Marsha Scott P’14
Mr. Steven B. Scott ’16
Mr. Walter A. ’59 and Mrs. Catherine R. Scott
Mr. Wayne K. Scott ’05
Mr. William H. Scott ’67
Mr. William Z. Scott Jr. ’74
Zadok Slow Thunder Scott ’22
Mr. Robert P. Scotte ’83
Mr. Timothy J. Hughes and Mrs. Bette Scott-Hughes ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Scotti
Ms. Joanna L. Scotti ’17
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Karen Scotti P’17
Mr. Gary A. and Mrs. Cary Bangser ’76 Scottoline
Ms. Allison A. Scoular ’15
Ms. Katelyn M. Scoular ’10
Dr. Clark Scovel
Ms. Regina L. Scovill
Dr. Robert M. Scovner ’58
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Heather Kay Scozzarella
Mr. Martin D. Screen Jr. ’88
Ms. Ashley N. Scrivanich ’17
Mr. Mark L. and Mrs. Lora A. Scrivanich P’17
Mr. Anthony J. Scriveri ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Scriveri
Ms. Ansley H. Scudder ’09
Mr. Nicholas O. Scull ’68
Ms. Ellen M. Scullen
Mr. Douglas and Ms. Faye Scussell
Sea & C Consulting
Ms. Cynthia M. Seablom P’21
Mr. David S. Seal ’65
Mrs. Deanna W. Sealander
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Sealander
Mr. Eric C. and Mrs. Sandra Seale P’11
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Adrienne B. Searfoss
Mr. Blake S. Searfoss ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Searfoss P’17
Mr. Robert C. Searl ’84
Ms. Arlene Eason Searle ’95
Ms. Phyllis Bourquin Sears ’79
Dr. Charles C. Seastrom ’58
Mrs. Stephanie W. Sebastian ’03
Ms. Melissa B. Sebold ’18
Mr. Steven M. and Mrs. Sharon M. Sebold P’18
Mr. Larry S. Sechney
Mr. Jacob W. Sechrist ’04
Ms. Christina A. Seckar ’96
Mr. Thomas E. Secules ’72
Ms. Danielle A. Sedillo ’17
Mr. Thomas G. Sedillo and Ms. Diana San Antonio P’17
Mr. James S. Sedlak ’72
Mr. John Sedovy ’61
Mr. and Mrs. William Sedwick ’65
Mr. Bradley P. Seeber ’18
Mr. Bruce A. and Mrs. Carol W. Seeber P’18
Dr. John R. Seed ’59
Mrs. Marjorie W. Seely ’80
Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Joan Seery P’15
Mr. Kevin J. Seery ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sefcik
Mrs. Eileen B. Segal W’51
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Segal P’05
Mr. Andrew T. ’05 and Dr. LeAnn Dourte ’05 Segan
Dr. James H. and Mrs. Susan P. Segars
Mr. and Mrs. David Seger
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Seggel ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Sehring P’19
Mr. Donald M. Seib ’49
Ms. Jean M. Seibel
Mr. Donald P Seibert ’51
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Eva S. Seibert
Mr. William D. Seibert Jr. ’57
Ms. Tia J. Seibold ’14
Mr. Ulrich U. and Mrs. Janet L. Seibold P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Graham C. Seidel
Mr. Norman Seidel ’38*
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Seidel Jr.
Mr. Robert S. Seidenstein and Ms. Marilyn S. Riley P’14
Ms. Emily A. Seidmon ’07
Mr. Albert C. Seier ’99
Mr. Barton E. Seifert ’07
Mrs. Kimberly Legg Seifert ’93
Ms. Deirdre K. Seifried ’07
Dr. Edmond J. and Ms. Virginia Seifried
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Brianne M. Seiler
Mr. Richard D. Seiler Jr. ’54
The Seinfeld Family Foundation
Mr. Donald E. Seip ’50
Mr. Jacob E. Seip Jr. ’84
Dr. Ernest W. Seiter ’56
Mr. Connor P. Seitz ’17
Mr. Douglas C. and Mrs. P. Diane Seitz P’19
Mr. Thomas A. Seitz ’18
Dr. Hensley Sejour ’01
Ms. Donna Richmond Selden ’80
Dr. George J. and Dr. Priscilla Gabilondo ’95 Selembo
Dr. Brandon R. Selfridge ’06
Mr. Richard J. Selfridge ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm A. Seligman
Mr. Charles Peterson and Ms. Monica E. Seligmann
Ms. Emily C. Selinger ’99
Ms. Alexandra B. Seliverstova ’17
Mr. Carson R. Sell ’71
Mrs. Joan K. Sell ’60
Mr. Kyle M. ’92 and Mrs. Jocelyn Sell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sell ’84
Mr. Stephen M. ’90 and Mrs. Robin Karcher ’91 Sell
Mr. David E. Sellar ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Sellar ’63
Mr. Richard B. Sellars Jr. ’64
Mr. Donald R. Sellers ’66
Mr. Eric S. Sellinger ’85
Mr. John H. Selsor ’18
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Kathryn Selsor P’18
Mr. George H. Seltzer ’70
Mr. Brian P. Selvarajah ’12
Mr. Joseph V. and Mrs. Mary R. Selvarajah P’12
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Selzer ’63
Ethan Paul Semendinger ’21
Mr. Ryan P. Semendinger ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund S. Semon ’59 P’88
Sempra Energy Foundation
Mr. Christopher J. Senackerib ’11
Mr. Joseph F., III ’84 and Ms. Suzanne Wingard ’84 Senackerib
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Senchak ’69
Ms. Kelly M. Sendelsky ’10
Ms. Marlee Senderowitz
Mr. Louis C. Seneca Jr. ’81
Ms. Ariana M. Senerchia ’12
Mr. Jay V. and Mrs. Cynthia Senerchia P’12
Ms. Kara S. Senesi ’17
Mr. Stephen A. ’87 and Mrs. Kadie Senesi
Mr. Craig M. Senft ’15
Mr. Michael F. and Ms. Juno Senft P’15
Mr. Philip C. Sengle ’78
Senior High Fellowship Presbyterian Church at Shrewsbury
Mr. John J. Seniszyn ’08
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Jo Ellen Senna
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Denise R. Sennett
Mr. Kenneth H. Sennett Jr.
Mr. Andrew and Ms. Michelle J. Sennett
Ms. Olivia G. Sennett ’17
Mr. Scott D. and Mrs. Tracy M. Sennett P’17
Ms. Catherine W. Senopoulos ’16
Mrs. Louise W. Senopoulos P’16
Mr. Michael J. Senra
Mr. Norman A. Sensinger Jr. ’59
Mr. James F. and Mrs. Joanne Senters P’13
Ms. Kelly N. Senters ’13
Mr. Richard E. Sentipal and Ms. Jo Z. Bruno
Mr. Seung-Duk Seo ’10
Mr. Rohan and Mrs. Grace Seopaul P’11
Ms. Sheena L Seopaul ’11
Mr. Andrew C. Sepe ’94
Mr. Anthony R. ’08 and Mrs. Sarah Rogers ’08 Sepe
Ms. Lisa Oliveri Serafino ’04
Ms. Linda J. Seranko P’11
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Serbent
Mr. Justin W. Serbent and Ms. Christine Bollmann
Serbent Family Living Trust
Mr. Kelvin K. Serem ’18
Ms. Jill Raizen Serling ’87
Mr. R. Colin Serling ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Serling P’10’12
Mr. Stephen H. Serling ’10
Mr. Alexander and Mrs. Mary Serowoky P’12
Mr. Joseph W. Serpiello ’78
Mr. Antonio Serrano III ’13
Mr. Antonio Serrano Jr. P’13
Mrs. Jennifer R. Serrano ’08
SerraWeiss LLC
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Serrill ’69
Sesame Rockwood Camps
Mr. Paul M. and Mrs. Sandra A. Sessa P’16
Mr. Ronald W. Sessa ’16
Mr. Mark A. Sessanta ’98
Mr. Aman Seth ’08
Mr. Rameel H. Sethi ’15
Ms. Grace Sette ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Setton P’12
Steven L. Setton
Mr. Andrew T Seumalo
Mrs. Jessica Badger Severance ’02
Mr. Alfred S. Sevi ’49*
Mr. Christopher D. Sevi ’79
Ms. Joann Faith Sexton ’19
Ms. Jenna C. Seybert ’15
Ms. Susan G. Seybert P’15
Ms. Christine Metros Seymour ’90
Mr. Roy F. Seymour
Mr. Yohannes S. Seyum ’14
Ms. Ceyda Sezer ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Yahya E. Sezer P’10
Mr. Philip A. and Ms. Margaret Sfraga
Ms. Mary E. Sfraga ’14
Mr. John B., Jr. ’81 and Ms. Elizabeth Canfield ’81 Sganga
Mr. Daniel and Ms. Marion Shabatun
Mr. Barry C. ’71 and Mrs. Laurie J. Shabbick
Mr. James R. ’81 and Ms. Lynne Wright ’83 Shackleton
Dr. Holly Merideth Shackman ’00
Mr. Lindsay ’82 and Ms. Elizabeth Kellley ’82 Shadbolt
William G. Shaeffer ’22
Dr. Andrew H. Shaer ’81
Mr. Christopher M. Shafer ’10 and Dr. Elizabeth A. Knapp ’10
Mr. Jonathan P. Shafer ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Shafer
Ms. Caroline M Shaffer ’19
Mr. E. Cam Shaffer Jr. ’59
Mr. I. Scott Shaffer ’76
Ms. Michele Shaffer
Ms. Sarah L. Shaffer ’11
Mr. Steven A. Shaffer ’77
Mr. Robert S. ’80 and Mrs. Donna Shafir
Mr. Anoop G. Shah ’09
Dr. Bharat C. and Dr. Avani B. Shah P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Gautam Shah
Mr. Neil Y. and Mrs. Cynthia Z. Shah P’18
Mr. Nicholas N. Shah ’18
Ms. Pooja S. Shah ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Sharad R. Shah
Ms. Sneha S. Shah ’10
Mr. Nikhil Shahdadpuri
Ms. Carol McDowell Shaheen ’81
Mr. Kia Shahideh ’18
Soudadeh Shahideh
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Shaia
Mr. Matthew P. Shaia ’09
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Robin S. Shainberg
Dr. Alexander C. and Mrs. Christine M. Shalk P’22
Mr. Raymond J. Shalley ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Shalley Sr. P’09
Mr. and Mrs. Seth E. Shalov
Ms. Christina M. Shaman ’16
Rev.* and Mrs. Donald E. Shamble
Mrs. Mary R. Shamble
Mr. Robert H. Shamble ’83
Mr. Ahmad and Mrs. Rebecca Shamim
Shamrock Foods Company
Ms. Christine J. Shanahan ’15
Mr. Richard J. Shanahan ’73
Mr. James A. Shanbrom ’63
Mr. Jonathan J. Shand
Mr. James and Mrs. Lynne S. Shand
Mr. E. Martin ’63 and Mrs. Patricia C. Shane
Mrs. Charlotte L. Shanen W’43
Ms. Kathleen Shank
Mr. Adam D. Shankman ’18
Dr. Steven Shankman ’77 and Dr. Miri G. Abramis P’18
Ms. Rosalind C. Shanks ’18
Ms. Catherine J. Shankweiler
Ms. Amy N. Shannon ’13
Mr. Bryan J. Shannon ’00
Mr. Daniel P. and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Shannon P’20
Ms. Helen Jean Shannon
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Shannon ’70 P’00’00
Mr. Joseph Shannon
Mr. Joshua D. ’00 and Mrs. Kristin E. ’99 Shannon
Mr. Kevin P. Shannon `99
Rev. M. Gregory Shannon Jr. ’62*
Mr. Michael P. ’04 and Mrs. Julia Handley ’04 Shannon
Mr. Rodney L. Shannon ’91
Mr. Brian D. Shapella ’99
Mr. Barton Shapiro and Ms. Laurie Chestnut P’14
Mr. Harvey ’63 and Mrs. Sandra H. Shapiro
Dr. Howard S. Shapiro ’70*
Ms. Jacqueline Flynn Shapiro ’80
Ms. Jill Rothenberg Shapiro ’89
Ms. Karen Heineman Shapiro ’91
Mrs. Kathryn Davis Shapiro ’09
Mrs. Laura Levin Shapiro ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Shapiro P’14
Mr. Michael R. Shapiro ’14
Ms. Nancy Batistich Shapiro ’94
Mr. Reed L. Shapiro ’14
Dr. Sanford Mark Shapiro ’65
Mrs. Sarah Stocker Shapiro ’03
Mr. Peter C. Shaplin ’01
Ms. Allison B. Shapp ’08
Mr. Richard L. Shappell ’50
Mr. Edward D. Sharkey ’85
Ms. Farrell A. Sharkey ’06
Ms. Patricia C. Sharkey ’09
Dr. Dhiraj Sharma ’05
Mr. John M. Sharockman ’60
Mr. Daniel R. Sharp ’07
Ms. Lorraine Sharp
Mrs. Margaret Tammaro Sharp ’08
Mr. Mark A. and Mrs. Dewanna M. Sharp P’20
Shayne A, Sharp ’20
Mr. Stephen K. Sharp ’70
Mr. Darius A. Sharpless ’15
Mrs. Florence Sharpless
Ms. Mercedes B. Sharpless
Mr. Peter S. and Mrs. Amy P. Sharpless P’21
Sophia Grace Sharpless ’21
Dr. John A. Shattuck ’57
Mr. Nathaniel A. Shatz ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Shatz P’11
Ms. Carolyn Graham Shaud ’93
Mr. Edward Shaughnessy
Mr. Robert M. Shaughnessy ’06
Mr. Jason H Shavel ’17
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Shelley L. Shavel P’17
Mr. Don and Mrs. Barbara Shaw
Mrs. Cara Albora Shaw ’85
Mr. Charles F. Shaw III ’69
Dr. Barton C. and Ms. Diane Windham Shaw
Mr. Jack O. Shaw ’17
Dr. John S. Shaw III and Ms. Carolyn Y. Fang
Mr. Justin A. Shaw ’08
Mr. Steven G. Shaw ’16
Mr. Graham and Mrs. Sybil H. Shaw
Mr. Timothy B. Shaw ’14
Dr. Walter M. Shaw ’52
Mr. William A. Shaw ’92
Mrs. Julianne Ritter Shawaryn ’93
Mr. Anthony M. Shea ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shea P’11
Ms. Patricia H. Shea
Mr. Thomas M. Shearer ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Shedroff
Mr. Williaml and Ms. Alice B. Sheehan
Mrs. Amanda Martin Sheehan ’98
Ms. Annika Elizabeth Sheehan ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Sheehan
Mr. Daniel P. ’08 and Mrs. Meghan Kelly ’09 Sheehan
Ms. Deborah A. Sheehan
Mr. Evan P. Sheehan ’13
Mr. Michael L. Sheehan ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Sheehan P’19
Mr. Patrick M. and Mrs. Lynda Sheehan P’13
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Regina D. Sheehan
Mr. Thomas A. and Mrs. Victoria Sheehan P’20
Mr. Timothy J. Sheehan and Mrs. Susan E. O’Malley-Sheehan P’14
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Christine Z. Sheehy
Mr. John O. Sheehy ’05
Mrs. Kenneth W. Sheeleigh W’51 P’83
Mr. Mark R. ’84 and Ms. Tara Glock ’90 Sheeleigh
Mr.* and Mrs. Matthias Sheeleigh ’50 P’84
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Sheets P’15
Mr. John R. Sheets ’70
Mr. Michael R. Sheff ’74
Mr. Charles A. Shefsky ’00
Mr. Todd E. Shegog ’87 and Ms. Barbara A. Buletti-Shegog ’88
Mr. Eric S. Sheidlower ’83
Mr. Benjamin S. Shein ’16
Dr. Leon R. and Mrs. Jill A. Shein P’16
Mr. William C. Shein ’69
Mr. James B. Sheinbaum ’76
Ms. Ndeshifewa E. Shejavali ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Shek
Mr. Joshua L. Shek ’09
Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Sylvia Sheketoff
Mr. William L. Shelden ’65
Mr. Carl R. and Mrs. Aimee Larkin Sheldon P’22
John Mathew Sheldon ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Sheldon
Ms. Lauren E. Sheldon ’04
Mr. John O. J. Shellenberger III ’66
Mr. James K. Shelley ’88
Mr. David D. Shellhamer ’07
Mr. Robert A. Shelmerdine ’74
Ms. Denise Christine Shelton
Ms. Mary E. Shelton ’19
Ms. Rashidah T. Shelton ’10
Mr. Minhua and Mrs. Xiaoyang Shen P’18
Mr. Ruili Shen and Mrs. Pingling Qin P’17
Ying Shen and Jing Yang
Ms. Julia Y. Sheng ’17
Mr. Zhe Sheng ’15
Mr. William L. Shenk ’53*
Demetrius Tyrone Shepard-Lewis ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Colin P. Shepherd
Mr. David B. Shepherd ’73
Ms. Eleanor Shepherd
Mr. Justin M. Shepherd ’10
Ms. Jaimie H Sheppard ’17
Mr. David and Mrs. Julie Sheppard
Ms. Mary Beth Sheppard
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Shepperson
Ms. Dana L. Sheranek
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Sherer
Mr. Conlin T. ’11 and Mrs. Anna Porges ’11 Sheridan
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Diann D. Sheridan
Mr. Kevin T. Sheridan ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Sheridan P’98
Mr. Robert and Ms. Mary V. Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sheridan
Mrs. Shirley F. Sheridan
Mr. Joseph Z. Sherk II ’67
Ms. Aperna M. Sherman ’02
Mr. Erik D. Sherman ’91
Dr. Rebecca L. Shermer ’87
Mrs. Vanessa V. Sherrer ’00
Mr. Bryan M. Sherrill ’18
Mr. Michael S. Sherrill ’88
Mr. Michael A. and Mrs. Karin J. Sherrill P’18
Mr. Dennis J. and Mrs. Ellen M. Sherry P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Sherry
Mr. Mark Sherry ’77
Sariyah Destiny Sherry ’20
Mr. Brian J. Shevitz ’92
Dr. Philip B. Shevlin ’61
Mr. William E. and Ms. Virginia Reilly ’89 Shew
Ms. Raisa Sheynberg ’04
Ms. Jia Li Shi ’16
Mr. Kang Shi ’16
Ms. Wen Shi ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Shiang P’14
Mr. Emerson Shiang ’14
Ms. Reilly J. Shiarella ’17
Ms. Kanako Shibano ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight M. Shibles
Ms. Caroline N. Shiel ’13
Mr. Christopher B. Shields ’92
Mr. Craig M. Shields ’63
Mr. Scott M. ’02 and Ms. Elizabeth Lamm ’02 Shields
Mr. Robert H. Shiff ’63
Mr. and Mrs. James Shiffert P’18
Mr. Michael P. Shiffert ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Shiffman
Mr. Walter J. Shilowich ’73
Mr. Alan R. Shimer
Mr. Donald Albert Shimer ’51*
Ms. Mayci N. Shimon ’16
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Carol A. Shimoskie
Mr. Edward S. Shinbach ’69
Mr. Dana B. Shinbaum ’84
Mr. Michael E. ’87 and Mrs. Yvonne N. ’87 Shincovich
Mr. Dmitry Shindel
Mr. Igor Shindel and Ms. Janet Mui-Shindel P’19
Mr. David M. Shindell ’18
Mr. Jarrett T. Shine ’96
Mr. Bradford M. Ship ’05
Ms. Alison Shipitofsky ’96
Mr. Christopher and Ms. Gillian T. Shipman
Mr. Roger Wood Shipman ’49
Mrs. Lugenia Shipp
Mr. Nathaniel E. Shipp ’16
Shirat Hayam
Mr. John J. and Mrs. Diane M. Shirley P’11
Ms. Marina P. Shirley ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Shively
Ms. Debra L. Shlossman ’09
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Shlossman
Ms. Cathy Furst Shmalo ’74
Ms. Lori Worobec Shmanske ’83
Mr. Alexander Shnayder ’10
Ms. Aaliyah B. Shodeinde ’17
Mr. Daniel P. Shoemaker ’94
Mrs. Elizabeth Shoemaker
Mr. Jeffrey A. Shoemaker ’10
Mr. Travis A. Shoemaker ’18
Mr. Richard C. Shollenberger ’60*
Mr. Daniel L. Shomon ’57
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Shook ’68
Mr. Andrew W. Shoop ’14
Ms. Sarah A. Shoop ’17
Ms. Elizabeth J. Shope ’93
Mr. Nickolay S. Shopov ’12
Mr. Gilbert N. Shor ’52
Mr. Michael L. Shor ’81
Mr. Freeman A. Shore ’62
Ms. Rachel E. Shore ’15
Mr. William M. and Mrs. Adie Shore P’15
Ms. Sylvia C. Shore-Katz ’82
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Susanna P. Short
Ms. Victoria J. Short ’86
Mr. G. Werd and Mrs. Mary Shortridge-Werd
Mr. Alfred H. Shotwell III ’65
Pastor James D. Shotwell Sr. ’53
Mr. Scott R. Showak ’15
Mr. Gary C. Shrader ’65
Mr. Conrad S. Shrager ’11
Dr. Jennifer L. Shrager ’89
Mr. Sebastian H. Shrager ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Shrager P’08’11
Mr. Jeffrey L. Shreiner ’72
Ms. Preeza Shrestha ’08
Mr. Shailesh Shrestha ’11
Mrs. Barbara T. Shreve
Ms. Rukhmitha N. Shridhar ’18
Dr. Eric M. Shrier ’93
Mr. Richard W. Shriner Jr. ’70
Mr. David Shriner-Cahn ’75
Ms. Ria Shroff
Mr. Ryan C. Shroff ’14
Ms. Emily Josephson Shteinhauz ’01
Dr. Blerta Shtylla ’05
David Garrett Shub ’20
Ms. Susan E. Shuey
Dr. Alan R. Shuldiner ’79
Mr. Alexander H. Shulman ’10
Mr. Alexander C. Shulman ’16
Dr. David H. P. and Mrs. Susan J. B. Shulman P’16
Mr. Ivan Shulman
Mr. Robert A. Shulman ’91
Ms. Robin Cohen Shulman ’86
Mr. Charles C. Shumaker ’84
Mr. Michael R. ’88 and Mrs. Jennifer Shumaker
Mr. Thomas M. Shumaker ’67
Ms. Alyson L. Shumeyko ’14
Dr. Christopher M. Shumeyko ’10
Dr. Mark V. and Dr. Nancy Keller ’80 Shumeyko P’10’14
Ms. Kahambwe C. Shungu ’87
Mr. Frederick H. Shunk ’56
Mr. R. Russell Shunk ’65
Mr. Kay M. Shupe W’50*
Prof. Franklin R. Shupp ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Shupp Jr. ’67
Ms. Rory Tomlin Shusted ’91
Ms. Sarah Shuster ’12
Mr. Richard M. Shusterman ’61
Ms. Kristin Johnson Shute ’96
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Denise Shyman
Mr. Mark L. Shyman ’63
Mr. Joseph J. Sialiano Jr.
Ms. Kimberly A. Sialiano ’09
Mr. Donald and Ms. Elizabeth M. Siano
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sibal
Mr. Kenneth A. Sibal ’58*
Mr. William J. Sibal ’61
Ms. Belinda Sibanda ’11
Mr. Chris and Mrs. Anne Sibeni
Mr. Scott A. Sibio ’87
Dr. Amy Silverstein Sichel ’75
Sicily’s Pizza II
Mrs. Ellen R. Sicinski ’89
Mr. Ronald O. Sickles ’66
Ms. Lana M. Sidani ’18
Ms. Thafhim M. Siddiqua ’13
Mr. Sabbir M. Siddiqui ’13
Mr. Jon J. Sideck Jr. ’69
Mr. Ben A. Sidell ’16
Dr. Roger D. Sidener ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Sideris
Mr. Ronald G. Sidovar ’67*
Ms. Nicole E. Sidrane ’08
Ms. Dorothy E. Siebert
Mr. Steven Siebert and Ms. Beverly Borg P’21
Mr. William R. Siebert ’68
Ms. Alana D. Siegel ’13
Ms. Allison C. Siegel ’16
Ms. Barbara Kerlavage Siegel ’79
Mr. Brandt E. Siegel ’03
Dr. Gary L. Siegel ’63
Mr. James F. Siegel ’84 P’15’16
Mr. Jason B. Siegel ’10 and Ms. Rachel L. Spence ’11
Mr. John A. Siegel ’15
Mr. and Mrs. M. Alden Siegel ’60 P’84’87’90 GP ’15’16’18
Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn B. Siegel
Dr. Neil H. Siegel ’67
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Siegel ’77
Mr. Carter E. Siegfried ’69
Mr. Robert W. Siegner Jr. ’71
Ms. Julie M. Sielicki ’88
Siemens Energy
Mr. John Roger Sies ’57
Dr. George L. Sigalos ’55
Mr. Jason A. ’91 and Ms. Tracey Gutierrez ’92 Sigalos
Ms. Helen M. Sigda
Mr. John P. Sigda ’86
Dr. John M. Sigda and Dr. Rebecca G. Rogers P’13
Mr. Gregory Moreau and Mrs. Mary Kay Sigda
Mr. Walter J. Sigda
Mr. Scott P. Backus ’07 and Ms. Carli A. Siger ’07
Mr. Arnold E. Sigler
Mr. Derek J. Sigler ’13
Ms. Jacqueline N. Sigler ’08
The Rev. Dr. Richard E. Sigler ’49*
Mr. Scott B. Sigley
Ms. Linda Siglin
Sigma Nu
Mr. and Mrs. Leif R. Sigmond Jr. ’87
Ms. Maria J. Sigmond ’90
Dr. Peter J. Sikora ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sikora ’67
Juliana Diane Sikorski ’21
Mr. Edward M. Sikorsky ’97
Mr. Gregory W. and Mrs. Cherise A. Sikorsky P’19
Mr. Jeffrey M Sikorsky ’19
Mr. William and Mrs. Joan K. Sikorsky
Michael Aras Sila
Mr. David M. ’86 and Ms. Kristen Albinson ’89 Silberstein
Mr. Laurence and Mrs. Muriel B. Silberstein
Mr. Brad S. Silfies ’96
Dr. Alan E. Silk ’77
Ms. Bonnie S. Silleck
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Silliman
Mr. George E. and Mrs. Francesca A. Silos P’18
Ms. Phoebe H. Silos ’18
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Silton
Mr. David A. Silva and Ms. Eileen McHugh P’13
Mr. Serafim and Mrs. Gina Silva
Mr. Jason M. Silva ’14
Mr. Jeremy T. ’00 and Mrs. Stacy Walter ’00 Silva
Ms. Katherine L. Silva ’13
Mr. Rodolfo Silva ’11
Ms. Stephanie L. Silva ’13
Mr. Virgilio Silva and Mrs. Magdalena Diaz P’13
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Vivienne G. Silva
Mr. Jeffrey R. Silvan ’07
Mr. Daniel T. Silveira ’11
Ms. Emily B. Silveira ’15
Mr. Benjamin S. Silver ’09
Mr. Daniel J. Silver ’82
Ms. Gloria Silver
Dr. Harvey D. Silver ’56
Mr. Jeffrey M. Silver ’89
Mr. Joshua G. Silver ’17
Ms. Lila R. Silver ’17
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Silver P’09
Mr. Michael G. Silver ’86
Mr. Ryan S. Silver ’09
Mr. Stephen A. Silver
Mr. Philip L. Silverberg ’09
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Susan J. Silverblatt
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Silverman P’14
Ms. Jessica E. Silverman ’14
Ms. Rachel G. Silverman ’18
Mr. Scott D. and Mrs. Lisa A. Silverman P’18
Mr. Steven Silverman
Hunter Ryan Silvernail ’21
Mr. Joseph P. and Mrs. Catherine G. Silvernail P’21
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Carol Silverstein
Mrs. Heidi Eckman Silverstein ’79
Mr. Leonard M. Silverstein and Ms. Judith Regan
Mr. Robin P. Silverstein ’87
Dr. David M. Silverstone ’41*
Dr. James J. Silvestri ’60
Mr. Timothy J. and Mrs. Kimberly J. Silvestri
Mr. C. Tyler Silvey ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Owen W. Silvey II P’11
Mr. Mwangala Simataa ’18
Ms. Alexandra L. Simels ’16
Mr. Matthew J. ’90 and Ms. Annemarie LaPietra ’91 Simeone
Mr. Arthur Simkins ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Simmermacher
Mr. William R. Simmermacher ’07
Mrs. Ellen Fioravante Simmonds ’78
Ms. Deborah F. Simmons P’14
Mr. Ethan D. Simmons ’18
Dr. James A. ’65 and Dr. Andrea Megala Simmons P’10
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry S. Simmons
Mr. Jonathan F. Simmons ’14
Mr. Parish E Simmons ’18
Mr. Ryan A. Simmons ’10
Mr. William J. Simmons ’04 and Ms. Julie N. Niblock-Simmons ’04
Mrs. Heidi Locke Simon P’21
Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Simon
Mr. J. Peter ’75 and Ms. Janet Mauriello ’75 Simon P’11’13
Mr. Michael G. Simon ’84
Mr. Richard D. Simon ’07
Rick L. Simon DPM
Dr. Robert L. Simon ’63*
Mr. Timothy C. Simon ’14
Mr. William P. Simon Jr.
Simon Economic Systems, LTD.
Ms. Emily A. Simone ’13
Mr. John W. and Mrs. Michaela M. Simone P’13
Mrs. Sandra J. Simone ’87
Ms. Patricia A. Simonetta ’77*
Ms. Daniela V. Simova ’06
Dr. Adam P. Simpson ’04
Ms. Claire M. Simpson ’18
Mr. Lucas D. Simpson ’13
Mr. Neville Harold Simpson ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Simpson P’18
Dr. Robert Allen Simpson ’69
Dr. Roy W. Simpson ’46*
Mr. Selwyn H. and Mrs. Claudette Simpson P’21
Mr. Joshua Michael Sims ’19
Ms. Laura J. Sims ’07
Mr. Gregory and Ms. Anne Marie Simsarian
Mr. William Mack and Ms. Lubov Sims-Mack
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Sinatra ’60
Mr. Stephen W. Sinatra ’98
Mr. Alessandro G. Sindoni ’16
Mr. Giuseppe Sindoni and Mrs. Marylisa Pariselli-Sindoni P’16
Ms. Aimee Bousquet Singer ’92
Ms. Candice N. Singer ’03
Mr. Drew A. Singer ’12
Mr. Michael A. Singer ’06
Dr. Neil and Mrs. Lydia C. Singer
Mr. Paul M. and Mrs. Laurie S. Singer P’12
Ms. Paula Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Singer ’65
Mr. Samuel W. ’08 and Ms. Christine Lee ’08 Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Singer
Mr. Mark B. Singh ’11
Dr. Linda A. Singletary
Mr. Darnell and Mrs. Tracey L. Singleton P’13
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Nancy M. Singleton
Mr. Whitney W. Singleton
Ms. Cheryl Kessler Singley ’91
Mr. Erik James Sink ’19
Dr. Ida Sinkevic and Mr. Ivan Trifunovic
Ms. Lauren Kozloff Sinrod ’94
Mr. Grayson O. Sipe ’10
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Sipe
Mr. John and Ms. Louise Sipos
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sippel
Mr. Brandon L. ’06 and Mrs. Allison L. ’06 Sipple
Mr. Donald E. and Mrs. Joyce Sipple P’15
Mr. Fletcher C. Sipple ’15
Mr. Donald C. Sirey ’90
Ms. Christina D. Sirico ’18
The Hon. Roger H. Sirlin ’63
Dr. Paul G. Sirota ’58
Mrs. Donna Z. Sirounian ’92
Mr. Andrew P. Sirpis ’67*
Mr. Carlos F. ’69 and Dr. Brenda C. Sison P’10
Ms. Catalina G. Sison
Mr. David P. Sison ’10
Ms. Dawn M. Sisson
Mr. Scott A. ’84 and Ms. Jacqlyn Kennedy ’84 Sisson
Sisterhood Temple Bnai Brith
Mr. Frank A. Sisti
Mr. Charles P. Sitkin ’56
Mr. Harvey Situ ’19
Mrs. Wei P. Liang and Mr. Yuan Situ P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Siuda P’09
Mr. and Mrs. Aravinth I. Siva Subramaniam
Mr. Steven J. Sivak ’01
Mr. Karl A. ’79 and Ms. Barbara Huster ’79 Sivek
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sivright P’05
Mrs. Abigail Frueh Size ’04
Mr. Ted and Mrs. Charlotte R. Sizemore
Michaela Sizemore
Mr. Theodore J. Skaar ’66
Ms. Renee Ferrari Skaf ’04
Mrs. Bridgette Bates Skaff ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Skahan
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Cindy Skala
Mr. Brian N. Skalla ’16
Ms. Briana L. Skalski ’12
Mr. George A. and Mrs. Sandra L. Skalski P’12
Ms. Alison P. Skapinetz
Mrs. Holly Miller Skarda ’81
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Lynne M. Skea
Mr. Albert H. Skeath ’69
Ms. Cantrell E. Skehan ’05
Mr. Matthew S. Skellan ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Alan F. Skelley Jr.
Mr. William C. and Dr. Maral K. Skelsey P’22
Capt. Peter Skerchock USNR (Ret.) ’50
Mr. Ricardo L. Skerrett ’82
Dr. James F. and Mrs. Jane Skiba
Mrs. Allison Marko Skidd ’00
Ms. Sally Stephens Skidmore ’82
Mr. David B. Skillman Jr. ’61*
Mr. Kenneth E. Skillman ’70
Mr. Willis B. Skillman ’59*
Mr. Carl F. Skinner Jr. ’81
Dr. Christopher H. Skinner ’82
Ms. Julie Marcus Skinner ’90
Mr. and Mrs. W. Mackey Skinner III ’58
Mr. Brian M. Sklar ’97
Mr. Thomas Joseph Sklow
Mr. Peter G. Skokos ’72
Mr. Richard J. Skokowski Jr. ’83
Mr. David J. Skolnick ’68
Mr. Justin Skolrud
Mr. Daniel L. Skorcz
Dr. Clement W. ’83 and Ms. Melissa Barnes ’84 Skorupka
Mr. Christopher A. Skrabak ’11
Mr. William J. Skrabak ’86
Mr. Dennis J. Skrajewski ’76
Ms. Juliana Skrapits ’76
Ms. Nina J. Skretkowicz ’11
Mr. Paul J. and Mrs. Carmen M. Skretkowicz P’11
Dr. Michael G. and Mrs. Mary Skrobola P’12
Ms. Melissa Veitengruber Skrocki ’99
Mr. Steven J. ’90 and Mrs. Rachel Leah ’92 Skrzypczak
Mr. Edward G. Skuchas P.E. ’71
Mr. Richard M. Skudera ’71*
Mr. John R. Skurla
Ms. Laura Skurla
Mr. Lawrence J. Skurla
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Skurla
Ms. Miranda D. Skurla ’18
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Maryann Skutches
Mr. David M. Skvoretz ’95
Mr. G. Skyler Jr.
Mr. Bruce T. Slaff ’74
Mr. Albert M. Slaght ’44*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Slaght
Mr. Robert L. ’92 and Ms. Sarah Meyer ’93 Slaght
Mr. John M. Slampyak ’71
Ms. Kelsey L. Slater ’11
Mrs. Marion H. Slater*
Mr. Robert Bruce Slater and Ms. Katherine Neville P’11
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Roberta G. Slater
Mr. Robert W. Slatoff ’60
Mr. Richard J. Slattery ’75
Mr.* Francis H. ’77 and Mrs. Melissa White ’78 Slauson
Mrs. Melissa White Slauson ’78
Ms. Donna Slavin
Mr. Glenn C. Slavin ’84
Mr. Jonathan Slawson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Slawson ’69
Mrs. Alexandra Pelberg Slawter ’02
Mr. Alexander M. Slayton ’18
Mr. Marc and Mrs. Lauren Slayton
Mrs. Nancy A. Slayton ’84
Mr. Scott and Ms. Shelby A. Fleck Slayton
Dr. Barry Sleckman ’83
Mr. Robert E. Sleep Jr. ’64
Ms. Ann Williams Sleigher ’94
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Slenker
Mr. David S. Slick ’78
Ms. Danielle D. Sliva ’07
Mr. William P. Slivinski ’66
Mr. Brian R. Sliwinski ’08 and Dr. Lauren L. Huntington ’09
Mr. Mark P. ’10 and Mrs. Kristin Ocampo ’10 Sliwinski
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Slobodien
Mrs. Sally D. Slobodien
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Slobodien P’84
Mr. David and Mrs. Kay L. Slobodnyak
Ms. Mary E. Slominski
Mr. Gregory R. ’79 and Mrs. Anne D. Slonaker
Ms. Margaret Anne Slonaker ’19
Mr. William H. Slonaker ’63
Mrs. Megan Lee Slootmaker ’96
Ms. Rebecca A. Slotkin ’14
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Margaret Slotkin P’14
Ms. Teri Slotkin
Mr. Gary S. Sluck ’92
Mr. Joseph L. Sluck Jr. ’91
Ms. Heather L. Slugaski ’09
Mr. Joseph V. Sluke ’17
Mr. Joseph J. and Mrs. Elaine C. Sluke P’17
Mrs. Casey Vasta Slusher ’09
Mr. Stephen R. Slutsker ’60
Ms. Karyn Slutsky
Mr. Kent D. Sluyter ’81
Ms. Aretha C. Smalley P’16
Mr. Matthew A. Smalley ’16
Ms. Helena Tregubov Smart ’96
Mrs. Kristine Richter Smart ’82
Madeline Kate Smart ’20
Mr. Melville R. Smart ’61
Mr. F. William Smead ’88
Mr. Jonathan and Ms. Anna Geraty Smedley
Ms. Lauren K. Smedley ’13
Ms. Sarah C. Smedley ’07
Mr. Alfred C. Smetana
Dr. Alfred J. Smetana
Mr. Stephen M. Smetana ’84
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Rosemarie A. Smialkowski P’14
Mrs. Stacey L. Smick ’96
Mr. Walter R. Smickle ’53*
Mr. Sherman H. Smickley ’50*
Mrs. Jayne A. Smiles W’59
Mr. Wilbur J. Smiles Jr. ’59*
Mr. F. Neil Smiley ’55
Lt. Col. Carl R. Smink ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Smitelli
Mr. Michael J. Smitelli ’16
Smitelli Chiropractic, P.C.
Mr. Adam E. Smith ’11
Mr. Adrien M. Smith ’00
Ms. Aimee E. Smith ’14
Mr. Alan E. Smith ’77
Ms. Alexandra I. Smith ’11
Ms. Alice Smith
Mrs. Amy Smith P’08
Mr. Patrick L. Janssen and Dr. Andrea L. Smith
Ms. Antoinette M. Smith
Mr. Arthur W. Smith Jr. ’50*
Dr. B. Douglas Smith ’87
Ms. Beth P. Smith
Mr. C. and Mrs. Betty Jean Smith
Mr. Broderick C. Smith ’16
Mr. Bryan L. Smith ’89
Mr. Cameron B. Smith ’18
Dr. Carl E. Smith ’50
Mr. Charles W. Smith ’60
Mr. Charles Q. Smith ’61
Mr. Charles F. Smith Jr. ’85
Mr. Charles A. Smith Jr. ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Smith
Dr. Charlotte J. Smith ’05
Dr. Christopher T. Smith ’65
Mr. Christopher B. and Mrs. Heidi K. Smith P’20
Mr. Colin M. Smith ’10
Mr. Craig F. Smith ’52*
Mr. Craig H. Smith ’71
Mr. Craig Smith
Mr. Craig R. and Mrs. Ann L. Smith P’18
Mr. Curtis Smith ’67
Ms. Dana J. Smith ’18
Mr. Daniel R. Smith ’10
Mr. Daniel P. and Mrs. Tamara P. Smith P’16
Ms. Danyelle C. Smith ’14
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Darcy A. Smith
Dr. David W. Smith ’74
Mr. David J. Smith ’92
Mr. David Kenneth Smith
Mr. David T. and Mrs. Mardi B. Smith P’17
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Smith III P’18
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Smith
Mr. David B. Smith Jr.
Mr. David K. Smith
Dr. Delbert B. Smith ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Smith
Prof. Derek A. Smith
Ms. Devin N. Smith ’16
Dmitry Malik Smith ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Earnest L. Smith P’02
Mr. Edward D. Smith ’53
Mr. Edward F. Smith II ’84
Mr. Edwin B. Smith ’75
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Elaine L. Smith
Ms. Emily J. Smith ’14
Ms. Emily E. Smith ’18
Ms. Emma C. Smith ’17
Mr. Eric S. Smith ’75 and Mrs. Christine Hurley P’11
Ms. Erica Flynn Smith ’05
Mr. Eugene P. Smith ’61
Dr. Frederick J. Smith ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Smith
Mr. G. Blackwell Smith III
Ms. Gabrielle Smith
Mr. George W. H. Smith IV ’93
Mr. George Smith
Mr. Glenn E. ’92 and Mrs. Pamela M. ’92 Smith
Mr. Gregg R. Smith and Ms. Karen A. Jezierny P’18
Mr. Gregory B. Smith ’80
Ms. Heidi Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Henley L. Smith ’51
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Holly L. Smith
Mr. Howard Smith Jr. ’80
Mr. Howard M. Smith ’89
Mrs. Irene Smith
Ms. Irene O. Smith
Ms. Isabel Hodges Smith ’74
LTC J. Bayard Smith ’95
Mr. James H. Smith ’53
Mr. Jefferson O. Smith ’65
Ms. Jenavieve S. Smith ’16
Ms. Jennifer L. Smith ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome T. Smith
Ms. Jessika D. Smith ’10
Dr. John Henry Smith ’57
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Smith P’14
Mr. Jon Davis Smith Jr. ’66
Mr. Joseph A. Smith
Mr. Joshua E. Smith ’07
Dr. Joshua H. Smith and Ms. Kathleen Swindler
Ms. Judith Potts Smith ’77
Ms. Judith Lynne Smith
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Karen Smith
Mrs. Katie Sisson Smith ’93
Mr. Keith J. Smith
Mr. Kevin Smith
Mr. Kevin D. Smith ’18
Mr. Kristian A. Smith ’13
Mr. Lawrence M. Smith ’57
Mr. Leidy B. ’84 and Ms. Leigh Devlin ’85 Smith
Ms. Leigh Anne Smith ’79
Mr. Leslie W. Smith ’14
Mr. Leslie E. Smith Jr.
Mr. Leslie Smith Jr.
Mr. Luke J. Smith ’14
Mr. Luke F. Smith ’18
Mr. William Elbery and Ms. Madeline Green Smith ’87 P’14
Mrs. Margaret P. Smith
Ms. Mary Smith
Ms. Mary Pat Smith
Mr. Jeffery and Mrs. Mary A. Smith
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Mary Ann Smith
Mr. Mark and Ms. Mary Susan Smith
Mr. Matthew R. Smith ’14
Mr. Michael C. Smith ’96
Dr. Michael A. Smith ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Smith
Mrs. Millicent Dunne Smith ’10
Mitchell B. Smith Esq. ’49
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Nancy G. Smith
Ms. Natalie E. Smith ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert F. Smith ’59
Mr. Oliver L. Smith ’50*
Mr. John and Mrs. Pat Smith
Mr. Patten M. Smith
Mr. Paul S. and Mrs. Gloria M. Smith P’13
Mr. Phillip J. Smith and Mrs. Geraldine Valentino-Smith P’18
Quinn T. Smith
Mr. Raymond A. Smith ’59*
Mr. and Mrs. Regan J.R. Smith P’15
Mr. Regan James R. Smith Jr. ’15
Mr. Richard Foster Smith ’60*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Smith Jr. ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Smith ’80
Dr. Robert C. Smith II ’67
Mr. Robert Smith
Mr. Robert C. and Mrs. Eileen M. Smith P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Smith
Mr. Ronald L. Smith ’61
Mrs. Rosalie B. Smith W’50
Mr. Russell M. Smith ’45
Mr. and Mrs. Russell M. Smith ’57 P’83’90
Mr. Russell R. and Mrs. Susan Smith P’11
Ms. Samantha K. Smith ’12
Mr. Sanford L. Smith Jr. ’56*
Ms. Sarah Blair Smith
Mr. Valdon and Ms. Sheri Smith
Ms. Stephanie Smith ’13
Dr. Stephen D. Smith ’65
Dr. Stephen J. ’84 and Mrs. Elizabeth Ann ’84 Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Smith P’12’18
Ms. Suzanne G. Smith ’75
Ms. Tegan M. Smith ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Royall Smith ’67
Mr. Thomas A. Smith ’71
Mr. Thomas B. Smith ’14
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Lisa C. Smith P’14
Mr. Thorold G. Smith Jr. ’63
Mr. Todd C. Smith ’94
Ms. Victoria B. Smith ’18
Mr. Wallace F. Smith Jr. ’85
Mr. Walter A. Smith ’65
Ms. Janille A. Smith-Colin ’03
Ms. Sara Smith-Katz ’07
Ms. Eleanor Smith-Khuri
Gabriel Ethan Smithline ’21
Mr. Shepard J. Smithline and Mrs. Annette E. Zwick P’21
Ms. Calla R. Smith-Triglia ’13
Mr. Eric M. Smoczynski ’04
Dr. Gregory J. Smolin ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Mervin P. Smolinsky
Ms. Vivian Smolke
Mr. Carl W. Smollinger ’50
Dr. Mitchell A. Smolow ’73
Mr. William J. Smolow ’49 P’73 GP’05*
Mr. John and Mrs. Patricia M. Smull
Mr. Daniel Ketterer and Ms. Mary E. Snatchko
Mrs. Sandra Leon Snead ’88
Mr. John Snedden
Mr. Jeffrey S. Snell ’12
Dr. R. Jeffrey and Mrs. Christine Snell P’12
Dr. Maureen Anderson Snelling ’92
Jacob Paul Sniegocki ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Sniegocki P’20
Ms. Diane M. Snipas
Mr. Marvin D. ’07 and Mrs. Stephanie D. ’05 Snipes
Mr. Craig S. Snively ’07
Mr. Robert S. Snook ’70
Mr. Timothy J. ’85 and Ms. Barbara Fooks ’85 Snope
Ms. Annette M. Snow ’16
Mrs. Kristin Winkler Snow ’80
Mr. Kenneth Snowe
Mr. Barley Snyder
Ms. Brittany A. Snyder ’11
Mr. Charles M. Snyder ’78
Mr.* Charles K. and Mrs. Shirley J. Snyder P’78
Ms. Christina L. Snyder ’13
Mr. Christopher D. Snyder ’00
Mr. Curtis B. Snyder ’95
Dr. David D. Snyder P’16
Ms. Diane K. Snyder
Mrs. Doreen H. Snyder P’16
Mr. Edward B. Snyder III ’79
Mr. Eugene Snyder
Ms. Gambrelle K. Snyder ’00
Mr. George E. Snyder III ’59
Ms. Hilary Snyder ’99
Mr. James W. Snyder Jr. ’53*
Mr. Jason A. Snyder ’94
Mr. Jeffrey Snyder
Ms. Jessica L. Snyder ’01
Mr. Gregory A. Ms. Jill E. Snyder
LCDR Lauren Hugel Snyder ’06
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Lori M. Snyder
Ms. Marianne Gawler Snyder ’00
Mr. Nelson D. and Mrs. Laurie Snyder P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Snyder ’69
Dr. Randall W. Snyder III ’87
Mr. Ryan D. Snyder
Ms. Sarah K. Snyder ’14
Dr. Thomas L. Snyder ’65
Mr. Willard R. Snyder ’55
Dr. Harry D. Snydman ’85
Dr. Henry J. Sobel ’73
Mr. Richard Sobel
Mrs. Stacey Gladstone Sobel ’82
Ms. Joelle A. Sobin ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Sobin
Mr. Matthew S. Sobo ’05
Ms. Danielle V. Sobol ’12
Mr. Gregory M. and Mrs. Donna M. Sobol P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. J. Sobota
Mr. Louis Joseph Sobotka ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Sobyak
Dr. Traci Ball Socha ’93
Mr. Stanley and Ms. Lori K. Sockel
Dr. Kenneth M. Soda ’84
Mr. Douglas L. Soder P’22
Mr. Rudolf and Mrs. Jean M. Soderlund
Sodexo Inc. and Affiliates
Mr. Michael C. Sodikoff ’00
Mrs. Meghan W. Soell ’01
Dr.* and Mrs. George A. Sofer ’48
Dr. Faisal Sohail ’11
Mr. Taimoor Sohail ’14
Mrs. Heather Wood Sohl ’04
Ms. Pauline Buckingham Sohn ’82
Dr. Sae H. and Mrs. Jungeun J. Sohn P’17
Mr. Lee J. Sokol ’55*
Mrs. Lucy A. Sokol W’55
Mr. David G. ’81 and Ms. Susan Murphey ’81 Sokolowsky
Dr. Kathleen P. Sokolowsky ’10
Mrs. Andrea Miller Solberg ’88
Mr. Thomas C. Soldan ’04
Mr. John E. Solder Jr.
Mrs. Karen M. Soldwisch
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. H. Berminna Solem
Mr. Michael J. Solenzio
Mr. Bert A. Solivan ’90
Ms. Simone A. Solivan ’03
Mr.* and Mrs. Calvin E. A. Solla ’50
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Soller
Mr. Joseph Sedwick Sollers III
Lt. Col. Robert E. Solliday USMC (Ret.) ’53*
Mr. James R., Jr. and Ms. Elaine Wildgen ’76 Solloway
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Solomito
Abenezer Solomon
Mr. B. Clayton Solomon ’11
Dr. Barbara S. Solomon ’77
Mr. Charles R. Solomon ’62
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Solomon
Dr. Howard and Mrs. Blanche Solomon
Mrs. Linda J. Solomon P’18
Dr. and Mrs. Martin P. Solomon ’70
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Jane Solomon
Mr. Philip Solomon and Ms. Holli Freed
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Susan D. Solomon P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Solomont P’13
Ms. Stephanie J. Solomont ’13
Mr. Gilbert and Ms. Eunice E. Solow
Mr. Andrew L. and Mrs. Sabina Soloway P’16
Mr. Matthew H. Soloway ’16
Mr. John A. Soltis ’67
Mr. Scott D. Soltis ’86
Ms. Sara G. Somach ’13
Dr. Stephen C. and Mrs. Martha C. Somach P’13
Mr. Frank E. Somers ’98
Mr. James H. Somers Sr. ’66
Mr. James H., Jr. ’90 and Mrs. Alissa Freimark ’91 Somers
Mr. Robert M. Somers ’62
Ms. Donna Somma
Mrs. Carol C. Sommer W’38
Mr. Emil O. Sommer III ’69
Dr. and Mrs. Steven E. Sommer ’77
Mr. Zachary J. Sommer ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Dean S. Sommers
Mr. John, Jr. ’71 and Mrs. Patricia B. Sommers
Mr. Paul E. Sommers ’09
Mr. Robert Laird Sommerville Jr. ’53*
Dr. Teresa J. Sommese
Ms. Rebecca Haag Sommi ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Sonabend
Mr. Kenneth L. Sondo ’02
Ms. Ellen Y. Song ’13
Michelle Deyu Song
Dr. Wenru Song and Dr. Lei Li P’15
Ms. Kathy Diener Sonier ’91
Mr. J. Matthew Soper ’07
Mr. Gilbert Sopher
Dr. L. Peter Soraruf IV ’70
Mr. James and Dr. Cynthia M. SoRelle
Ms. Caitlin E. Sorenson ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Steve T. Sorenson
Mr. Richard Soriano ’82
Ms. Kristen A. Sorice ’08
Ms. Julia Y. Sorkin ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sorkin
Mr. Henry Miyashiro and Ms. Mary Ann A. Soro
Mr. Lawrence B. and Mrs. Lauren Sorrel P’20
Mr. James S. Sorrentino ’61
Mr. Peter F. Sorter ’54
Capt. Jadwin F. Sortore ’59*
Mr. Victor G. and Mrs. Susan G. Sosa P’17
Mr. Daniel Sosland
Mr. Neil R. ’93 and Mrs. Heather K. Sosler
Mr. Stanley J. Sosnowski Jr. ’44*
Dr. and Mrs. Duane G. Sossong
Mr. Tyler D. Sossong ’10
Mr. Ed Sot
Ms. Esmeralda Sotelo ’18
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Sotiropoulos
Ms. Hanna M. Sotiropoulos ’14
Mr. Peter Sotiropoulos
Justin Andrew Soto ’20
Mr. Richard ’90 and Mrs. Tonia S. ’90 Soto
Mr. Jose L. Soto Fuentes ’09
Mr. Robert G. Souaid ’77
Mr. Brent R. Souders ’11
Mr. H. Richard Souders ’59
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Jadell A. Souders
Ms. Megan E. Souders-Zobian ’96
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Eileen M. Souliotis
Mr. Arthur J. and Dr. Cathleen S. Soundy P’16
Ms. Alexandria E. Sousa ’15
Dr.* and Mrs. Wayne A. Sousa ’69*
Southern Illinois University Foundation
Ms. Jill Souto
Mr. Jeffrey H. Sovis ’08
Mr. Martin J. Sowa ’80
Ms. Stacey Kolba Space ’92
Mr. Robert E. Spadaccia P’02
Mrs. Ann M. Spadaccini P’14
Ms. Laura A. Spadaccini ’14
Jack Spadoni
Ms. Laipeng Spagnoletti ’86
Mr. Patrizio M. Spagnoletto ’95
Mr. Robert N. Spagnolo ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Spahn
Mr. Charles V. Spahr ’54
Mr. James D.Spaihts ’57
Ms. Carolyn H. Spalding ’12
Mr. William W. Spalding ’72
Mr. Daniel I. Spalter ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Spalter P’13
Mr. Patrick and Ms. Kimberly A. Spang
Col. Clayton D. Spangenberg ’70
Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Spano ’60
Mrs. Erika J. Spano ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sparacio
Mr. Duncan H. Sparks ’17
Mr. Glenn M. Sparks Jr. ’81
Mr. Hunter R. Sparks ’07
Mrs. Kate Ellis Sparks ’08
Ms. Katherine B. Sparks ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Lee K. Sparks P’17
Mr. Michael J. Sparrow ’04
Mrs. Joyce Burns Sparta
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Sparta ’51
Mr. Thomas A. Sparta Jr. ’81*
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Spartin ’79
Ms. Elizabeth A. Spaziani
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Spaziani
Mr. Richard F. Speaker ’81
Mr. Eric D. Spear ’97
Mr. Leo J. Spear ’13
Mr. Luke W. Spear ’15
Ms. Marcia Spear
Ms. Rosanna Spear
Ms. W. Terry Spear P’13
Ms. Nyree S. Spearman ’17
Mr. Charles R. Spears III ’17
Mr. David B. Spears ’81
Mr. Thomas P. Speas Jr. ’76
Mr. John Specchio
Sn. Lauren Moses Specht USN ’02
Mr. Willialm and Mrs. Susan G. Speck
Mrs. Deborah L. Spector
Mr. Leslie S. Spector ’69
Ms. Maya E. Speelmans
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Speer
Ms. Samantha E. Speer ’09
Mr. William F. Speer Jr. ’68
Mr. Matthew A. and Mrs. Katherine Spelker P’16
Ms. Samantha R. Spelker ’16
Dr. David M. and Mrs. Elisabeth A. Spellberg P’15
Mr. Arthur E. Spellissy Jr. ’71
Mr. Patrick J. ’96 and Ms. Amy Daniels ’96 Spellman
Ms. Angela Spell-Sexton ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Spelman
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Jodi L. Spen P’17
Ms. Lindsay A. Spence ’17
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Spence P’11
Ms. Carmina J. Spencer ’16
Dr. David B. ’67 and Mrs. Virginia Spencer P’92
Ms. Emma L. Spencer ’17
Dr. and Mrs. Jarrod T. Spencer ’96
Mr. Kenneth M. Spencer ’52*
Mr. Steven R. Spencer ’95
Mr. Kyriacos Spentzos ’90
Ms. Cam Spera
Mr. and Mrs. Chirstopher P. Spera P’15
Mr. Cory P. Spera ’15
Mr. Robert M. Speranza ’18
Mr. Robert M. Speranza and Mrs. Lisa A. Lunde-Speranza P’18
Ms. Mildred Sperling
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Spero
Mr. Perry J. Spero ’93
Mr. Andrew D. Speter ’91
Mr. Anthony E. Spezio ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spicer
Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Spicka
Mr. Paul S. Spiecker ’62
Mr. Ray G. Spiecker ’65
Ms. Elanna C. Spiegel ’10
Mr. Elliott L. Spiegel ’71
Ms. Shari Reinherz Spiegel ’97
Ms. Samara B. Spielberg ’07
Mr. Daniel A. Spieler ’11
Dr. Arthur R. Spielvogel ’55
Mr. Charles J. Spies Jr. ’53*
Crosby Rose Spiess ’20
Mr. F. Harry Spiess Jr. ’64
Mr. Charles R. Spigelman ’76
Julian Bryant Spigner ’20
Mr. Lawrence B. Spigner ’93 and Mrs. Lauren M. Mazza-Spigner ’92
Mr. Brian F. and Mrs. Vicky E. Spillane P’16
Mr. David and Mrs. Catherine I. Spillane
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Spillane
Mr. Liam V. Spillane ’16
Mrs. Barbara G. Spina ’82
Mr. Ken A. Spinner P’11
Dr. Edward A. and Dr. Debra J. Spiro P’12
Mr. Jacob F. Spiro ’12
Ms. Leigh A. Spiro ’10
Mr. Richard L. Spitalnick ’66
Ms. Beth A. Spitalny ’01
Ms. Alexandra Matthews Spitler ’96
Mr. Adam N. Spitulnik ’12
Mr. David B. Spitulnik and Ms. Diana M. Cohen P’12
Ms. Carine Marangosian Spitz ’98
Dr. Herman Spitz ’48
Ms. Melissa J. Spitz ’06
Ms. Mia S. Spitz ’16
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Spitzer
Mr. Scott L. Spitzer ’73
Mr. Scott J. Spivack-Kerr ’09
Mr. Glenn and Ms. Verna M. Spoar
Mr. David C. ’74 and Mrs. Linda H. ’74 Spokowski
Mr. Walter S. Spokowski ’78 and Ms. Janice M. Grassia
Mr. Shawn Jeffrey Vogt Sponaugle ’00
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Spooner
Ms. Amy Spooner-Stevens ’06
Mr. David J. Sporer ’96
Dr. Daniel P. and Mrs. Sharon Sporn P’16
Mr. Zachary A. Sporn ’16
Sports Paradise
Ms. Kelly A. Sposato ’14
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Sposato P’14
Mr. Frederick H. Spotts 1914*
Mrs. Jill L. Spotz
Mrs. Mary B. Spragg*
Mr. Robert Spragg ’64
Ms. Barbara A. Sprague P’15’17’20
Ms. Regina M. Spratt ’86
Dr. Tabitha L. Sprau Coulter ’07
Mr. William A. ’71 and Mrs. Lynn M. Sprecher
Mr. Dean W. Spring ’73
Ms. Ann Springer
Mr. William and Mrs. Beverly L. Springer
Dr. Dale Ann Springer ’73
Ms. Helena H. Springer ’09
Mr. A. and Mrs. Dale Sprintz
Mr. Ryan P. Sprong ’18
Ms. Barbara A. Spruck ’90
Mr. Robert A. Spruck ’65
Mr. James E. Spruill III ’93
Mrs. Meghan Vacca Spurr ’03
Mr. and Mrs. B. Christopher Spyrou
Mr. and Mrs. James Squarcia
Professor John L. ’69 and Mrs. Mary Squarcia
Ms. Jennifer R. Squire ’13
Ms. Kathleen Squires Rodriguez ’88
Mr. Eeshan Sridhar ’11
Martin Ssessanga ’21
SSi Investment Management Inc
Mr. John C. St Clair ’67*
Mr. Carlton, Jr. ’86 and Mrs. Terry R. St. Bernard
Mrs. Natalie B. St. George ’04
Mr. Evan M. St. Jean ’08
Ms. Nancy E. St. Lifer ’80
St. Luke’s University Health Network
Ms. Jennifer R. St. Onge ’13
Ms. Michaela K. St. Onge ’10
Mr. Kevin J. St. Pierre ’89
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Giselle C. St. Vincent P’16
Mr. Thomas P. St. Vincent ’16
Mr. Roger D. St. Ours ’03
Mr. Allan W. Staats ’60
Mr. Robert F., Jr. and Ms. Mary P. Staats
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Stacconi
Mr. Nicholas K. Stacey ’11
Mr. Joseph Stach
Mrs. Kathleen J. Stach
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Stach P’21
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Katherine M. Stachowski
Mr. Paul J. Stack ’03
Mr. Karl A. Stackhouse ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Stadterman
Mr. William H. Staeger ’67
Mr. Brian P. and Mrs. Diane M. Stafford P’18
Mr. Eric R. Stafford ’18
Ms. Kaitlin M. Stafford ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Stager ’74
Mr. Mitchell A. Stagg ’72
Mr. Frank P. Stagliano ’13
Mr. Salvatore and Mrs. Loraine Stagliano P’13
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Diana Stagnato
Mr. Kyle Stagnito ’84
Laurie Stagnitta
Mr. Edward K. Stahl ’83
Rabbi and Mrs. Samuel M. Stahl
Mr. Harolld J. Stahle Jr. ’51*
Mr. Dale Stahley
Mr. Nils C. Stahlkrantz ’15
Mr. Per M. and Mrs. Jennifer M. Stahlkrantz P’15
Mr. Todd E. Stahlnecker ’98
Mr. Tom Stainton
Mr. Justas Staisiunas ’04
Ms. Jessica A. Stake ’06
Mr. Richard J. Stamets ’52
Dr. Katherine Vassos Stamidis ’03
Mr. David A. Stamm ’08
Ms. Kristl Alt Stanaland ’96
Mr. John M. Stanbury ’94
Ms. Diane A. Stanczak
Ms. Judith A. Stanczak
Ms. Elizabeth A. Standbridge ’96
Mr. John R. Standbridge ’18
Mr. Keith A. ’81 and Mrs. Marybeth G. ’83 Standbridge
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Standbridge ’55 P’81’86 G’18
Mr. Steven T. ’86 and Ms. Christine Leung ’85 Standbridge
Standish Foundation
Mr. Vincent F. Stanec IV ’17
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent F. Stanec, III P’21
Mr. Richard L. Stanert Jr. ’67
Ms. Alexandra Renee Stanford ’19
Dr. Brandon M. Stanford ’06
Mr. Christopher S. ’94 and Ms. Dana Pierce ’93 Stanford
Dr. Gregory G. Stanford P’19
Mrs. Jennifer L. Stanford P’19
Ms. Amy Shufro Stang ’81
Mr. John W. Stanhope ’61
Mr. Mark A. Stankevich ’75
Mr. Efrem E. ’07 and Mrs. Lesley K. ’09 Stanley
Mr. John M. Stanley ’57
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Stanley ’80
Ms. Melinda Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stanley P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Stanley
Mr. Ryan J. Stanley ’11
Ms. Nicole Ashely Stanton ’19
Mr. Sean A. Stanton ’07
Mr. Carl J. Stanzione II ’94
Mr. Brent D. Staples ’17
Mr. Charles E. Staples ’46*
Mr. Daniel C. and Mrs. Dana B. Staples P’17
Mr. Lewis F. Staples ’68
Mr. Mark A. Staples ’67
Mr. Selden P. Staples ’79
Mr. Jason Dittmar and Dr. Melissa D. Starace
Dr. Thomas J. Starc and Dr. Nikki Timko
Mr. Andrew I. Starfield ’04
Ms. Adrienne L. Stark ’04
Mr. Douglas T. ’74 and Ms. Nancy McKittrick ’74 Stark
Mr. Jeffrey M. Stark ’63
Ms. Rachel L. Stark
Mr. Robert J. Stark `92
Mr. Barry S. ’78 and Mrs. Lynn D. ’78 Starkman
Mr. Jonathan Starks ’96
Mr. ’75 and Mrs. John H. Starkweather
Ms. Kathleen A. Starkweather ’11
Ms. Ashley N. Starodub ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Starodub
Ms. Gail E. Staron ’89
Mr. Frederic W. Starr ’98
Mr. Ryan M. Starr ’95
Mr. William J. Starr ’76
Mr. Stefan and Mrs. Gabriela Stasakova P’12
Ms. Arin M. Stasco ’14
Mr. John and Mrs. Linda R. Stasiowski
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Beth Ann Stasiowski P’11
Mr. Ryan M. Stasiowski ’11
Ms. Sylvia Stasiowski
Mr. Cord A. Stasolla ’15
Mr. Richard Stassa ’84
Mr. Gregory J. ’03 and Mrs. Ursula V. ’01 Staszowski
Ms. Megan E. Statham
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kelly E. Statham
Mr. William A. Stathis ’15
Dr. David Eli Statman ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Staubi ’88
Mr. Connor L. Staudle ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Staudle P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Adam S. Stauffer
Mr. Benjamin P. Stauffer ’89
Dr. Eric A. Stauffer ’02
Mr. George H. Stauffer Jr.’64
Mr. Wesley Barrett and Ms. Sarah G. Stauffer
Ms. Zoe R. Staum ’14
Mr. Philip J. Staun Jr. ’70
Mr. Luke Stauring
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Carolyn Stavinski
Mr. Ernest F. Stavrovsky ’03
Ms. Janine M. Stavrovsky-Bonham ’03
Ms. Diane E. Staz ’93
Mr. Geoffrey R. Stearns ’13
Mr. Geoffrey B. and Mrs. Lisa Stearns P’13
Mr. Kenn S. Stearns ’10
Mr. Geoff Stearns and Mrs. Susan B. Stearns
Mr. Tyler M. Stearns ’14
Ms. Mary Barker Steblein ’99
Mrs. Alice H. Steckel*
Ms. Gwen K. Steckel ’13
Mr. Paul Steckel ’75
Mr. Robert I. Steckel Jr. ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Steckley ’59
Andrew Stednitz
Ms. Erin A. Steel ’12
Mr. Robert B. and Mrs. Martha S. Steel P’12
Mr. Donald F. Steele Jr. ’55
Mr. Lucas M. Steele ’17
Mr. Mark D. and Mrs. Theresa A. Steele P’17
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Mary S. Steele
Nicholas Robert Steele ’20
Mr. H. Kirk Steen Jr. ’51*
Ms. Amy Higgins Steenbock ’96
Mr. Daniel E. Stefan ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Karl L. Stefan
Mr. and Mrs. Targvinius Stefan
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Kathryn M. Stefanczyk
Ms. Margaret Skarbek Stefandl ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Stefanic
Ms. Abigail G. Stefanides ’16
Mr. Edward R. and Mrs. Sarah M. Stefanides P’16
Mr. C. Joseph Stefanowicz IV ’59
Mr. R. Brian Stefanowicz Jr. ’16
Mr. and Mrs. R. Brian Stefanowicz, Sr. P’16
Andigoni Steffa
Ms. Paulette M. Steffa
Ms. Louise C. Steffens
Mr. Matthew S. Steffens
Ms. Alison L. Nemeth ’09
Ms. Jessica K. Stehle ’05
Ms. Mary E. Stehle ’03
Ms. Ann Kathryn Stehney
Mr. Connor P. Steigerwald ’17
Mr. Curtis J. Steigerwalt ’51*
Mr. Thomas A. Steigerwalt ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Stein
Mr. Fred P. Stein
Ms. Jenna L. Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Stein P’21
Hon. Kenneth R. Stein ’52*
Mr. Kevin L. and Mrs. Pamela S. Stein P’13
Mrs. Mary Jane Stein W’42
Mr. Nicholas J. Stein ’13
Mr. Peter M. Stein ’73
Dr. Peter D. Stein ’83
Mr. Scott J. Stein ’88
Mr. Tyrell and Mrs. Sharon A. Stein
Mr. Everett and Mrs. Yvonne M. Stein
Mr. Robert J. Stein, Jr.
Dr. Rosemary K. Steinbaum ’74
Dr. Wayne E. and Mrs. Victoria Steinbeck P’14
Mr. Adam R. and Mrs. Franci S. Steinberg P’17
Dr. Gary R. ’09 and Mrs. Kristin A. ’09 Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Steinberg Sr.
Mr. Mark J. Steinberg
Mr. Robert H. Steinberger ’62
Ms. Denise Dreitlein Steiner ’00
Mr. Edward F. Steiner ’63
Mrs. Marjorie Kingsland Steiner ’82
Dr. Ronald L. Steiner ’82
Ms. Rachael Steiner Swiat ’97
Ms. Lauren A. Steinitz ’08
Ms. Lauren N. Steinitz ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Steinke P’18
Mr. Irwin and Ms. Linda K. Steinman
Dr. Richard Joel Steinmann ’66
Mr. Arthur D. Steinmetz P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Steinmetz
Mr. Jakob W. Steinmetz ’14
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Theresia U. Steinmetz
Mr. Andrew L. Stella ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Stella
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Stellar
Miss Elina Stelman ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Vadim Stelman
Mr. Paul W. Steltz ’81
Mrs. Barbara M. Stelwagon
Mr. John W. Stelwagon III ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Stelzer Jr.
Mrs. Eva C. Stem W’40
Mr. Ross V. Stemmler ’71
Mr. Albert N. Stender ’67
Ms. Tracy A. Stengel ’82
Mr. David and Mrs. Nancy J. Stepanski
Mrs. Erin M. Stephen ’04
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Stephens ’59
Eylijah Jordan Stephens ’21
Ms. Jill Foster Stephens ’92
Mr. Lawrence A. Stephens ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stephenson Jr. ’69
Mr. Gary G. Stephenson ’86
Mr. John C. Stephenson ’05
Mr. Mark W. Stephenson ’74 and Ms. Andrea St. Gelais
Dr. William B. ’95 and Ms. Elizabeth Howard ’95 Stephenson
Mr. Walter M., IV and Mrs. Anne Steppacher P’19
Anna Katharina Steps ’21
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Athena Ginis Stergiou
Mr. Joseph V. Sterlein ’59
Mr. John T. Sterling ’59
Mr. Adam H. Stern P’21
Mr. Andrew W. ’87 and Ms. Bonnie Wein ’88 Stern
Ethan Nowik Stern ’21
Mr. James K. Stern
Ms. Jessica R. Stern ’11
Mr. John M. Stern ’63 and Ms. L. Reed Catlett
Mr. Michael F. and Mrs. Nancy Stern P’11
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Stern P’21
Ms. Mindy H. Stern ’76
The Hon. Morris Stern ’62*
Major Robert D. Stern ’76
Mr. Robert A. Stern
Mr. Scott B. Stern ’89
Mr. Walter Stern GP’11
Mr. William R. Stern ’12
Mr. William G. and Mrs. Gail R. Stern P’12
Dr. Richard Sternberg ’80
Ms. Kara A. Sterner ’99
Ms. Jill L. Stessl ’17
Ms. Kara A. Stetler ’07
LTC (Ret.) Eric W. Stetson ’91
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Joan M. Stettler
Mr. John M. Stetz ’91 and Ms. Courtney A. Matthews ’91
Kristen Lilly Steudel ’22
Steven J. Morton & Associates LTD
Mrs. Anne T. Stevens P’16
Mr. Charles W. Stevens Jr. ’58
Ms. Emily Stevens
Dr. Eric E. and Mrs. Elizabeth E. Stevens P’17
Ms. Holly M. Stevens ’81
Mr. Peter Burgess and Mrs. Janet N. Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. John F. A. Stevens ’55
Ms. Katherine A. Stevens ’16
Ms. Katherine Stevens ’17
Mr. Ken N. Stevens P’16
Ms. Melissa C. Stevens ’95
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Meredith G. Stevens
Mr. Rex Stevens
Mr. Robert H. Stevens ’79
Mrs. Terri G. Stevens P’22
Mr. Warren W. Stevens
Mr. Daniel R. Stevenson ’10
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Doreen A. Stevenson
Mr. Robert M. Stevenson ’61*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Stevenson
Mr. William J. Stevenson ’10
Mr. Brent and Mrs. Tammy L. Stever
Mr. Robert T. Steward ’90
Dr. Barbara Y. Stewart
Mr. Donald A. Stewart ’02
Mr. Douglas R. and Mrs. Valerie K. Stewart
Mr. Emmett N. Stewart ’08
Mr. John W. Stewart ’10
Ms. Kate VanGulik Stewart ’98
Mr. Marlin B. Stewart ’54
Ms. Rebecca A. Stewart ’13
Mr. Robert E. Stewart ’78
Mr. Ryan T. Stewart ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Stewart P’10
Mr. Grant J. and Mrs. Christy A. Stidham P’21
Timothy Adam Stidham ’21
Mr. Joshua M. Stiefel
Mr. William G. ’96 and Mrs. Sarah Drake ’95 Stiefel
Mr. Douglas P. Stiegler ’62
Mr. Brian Stieritz
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Deborah A. Stieritz
Mr. Kurt E. and Mrs. Elizabeth Stieritz P’14
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Sheila M. Stieritz
Mr. Todd C. Stieritz ’14
Mrs. Carolyn G. Stifel
Dr. David C. and Ms. Susan C. Stifel
Mr. William Mrs. Ellen Keats Stifler
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Patricia D. Stift
Ms. Victoria Greenwald Stigum ’85
Mrs. Nancy Stiles W’35*
Mr. Arthur G. and Mrs. Ruth M. Stilianos P’22
Steven George Stilianos ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Stiller ’91
Mr. Jamie G. Stilley ’02
Dr. Michael Alan Stillman ’63
Mr. Peter E. and Mrs. Maureen P. Stillo P’22
Mr. Richard M. Stilwell ’79
Mr. Robert R. Stimeare ’54
Ms. Andrea C. Stimmel ’89
Mr. Manfred H. Stimmel Jr. ’58*
Mr. William ’81 and Ms. Helen Canavan ’81 Stimson
Mr. Frederick A. Stine and Ms. Susan Roeloffs
Ms. Maya E. Stine ’18
Ms. Karla V. Stingerstein ’97
Mr. Robert Stingle ’58*
Mr. Franklin S. Stinner Jr. ’11
Rev. Franklin S., Sr. and Mrs. Debora A. Stinner P’11
Mr. Leo F. Stinson ’06
Ms. Samantha M. Stipa ’18
Dr. Kari Horowitz Stirling ’04
Ms. Lisa Natishyn Stitt ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Stival ’79
Dr. Brian C. Stobbe ’11
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Anne Stockelman
Mrs. Traci McGrail Stocker ’90
Prof. J. Larry and Mrs. Noriko Stockton
Mr. Mark E. Stoeckel ’82
Mr. Conrad E. Stoerker ’17
The Honorable and Mrs. John Stoffa
Mr. Jeffrey D. Stokes P’12
Mr. Joshua D. Stokes ’12
Mrs. Rosemarie D. Stokes*
Mr. Alexander Stoler and Ms. Yanina Meshko
Ms. Carolyn M. Stolfi ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Denis A. Stolfi
Ms. Emily B. Stolkowski
Ms. Mary R. Stolmeier P’09
Carl K. Stolpe P.E. ret.
Ms. Heather G. Stoltz ’00
Ms. Clare M. Stomber ’17
Ms. Elaine McCluskey Stomber ’89 and Mr. Richard J. Stomber P’17’21
Julia Frances Stomber ’21
Ms. Andrea Stomberg
Mr. Joseph L. Stonaker ’54
Ms. Allison J. Stone ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Stone
Mr. Evan M. Stone ’70*
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Stone P’12
Mr. Howard A. and Ms. Valerie C. Stone P’22
Mr. Ian A. N. Stone ’10
Ms. Jennifer J. Stone ’04
Mr. John F. Stone ’69
Mr. John L. Stone ’15
Mr.* and Mrs. Josef Seegar Stone
Ms. Kimberly J. Stone ’00
Ms. Natalie S. Stone ’12
Mr. Nathan P. Stone ’71
Mr. Thomas B. and Mrs. Linda K. Stone P’13
Mr. Timothy B. and Mrs. Christina A. Stone
Mr. Warren L. Stone ’55
Mr. Craig J. Stoneback ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stoner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stoner
Dr. S. Donald Stookey ’37*
Ms. Cathy Stoops-McFarlane
Mrs. Shoshana Cohen Stopek ’00
Ms. Ashley M. Storey ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Ted R. Storlie P’14
Ms. Kerry A. Stormes ’04
Mr. Andrew C. Stotler ’01
Mr. Ronald J. Stott ’50
Ms. Sarah L. Stoudemire ’09
Dr. Gary S. Stoudt ’85
Mr. James J. Stouppe ’50*
Mr. Gregory A. and Mrs. Kelley R. Stout P’20
Kyle G. Stout ’20
Mr. Justin L. Stovall ’07
Mr. Christopher C. Stowe
Ms. Jacqueline D’Angelo Stowe ’94
Mr. Nicholas M. Stowe ’09
Mr. Allen and Mrs. Wendy J. Stowe
Mr. Angel R. Stoychev ’15
Ms. Briana M. Strachan ’11
Mr. George C. Strack Jr. ’63
Mr. James A. Strada ’05
Mr. Charles J. ’81 and Mrs. Lisa L. ’81 Straface
Craig Stewart Strand
Dr. John A. Strand III ’60
Dr. Mitchel B. and Dr. Regina A. Strand P’19
Mrs. Sallie S. Strand
Mr. Thomas Mitchel Strand ’19
Mr. John W. and Mrs. Margaret S. Strang P’11
Ms. Laura T. Strang ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Strang, Jr. ’78 P’18
Ms. Sarah W. Strang ’11
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Jessica L. Strasser
Mr. Peter Stratakos
Mr. Jay W. Strater ’84
Ms. Carolyn Cooper Straton ’87
Mr. Brian D. ’99 and Mrs. Lesley H. ’00 Stratton
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Stratton ’81
Mr. Gregg A. Stratton ’00
Mr. Christopher E. Straub
Mr. Donald S. Straub ’59*
Ms. Jeanne H. Straus P’13
Mr. Jesse T. Straus ’10
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Straus P’10
Mr. James S. Strauss ’68
Hon. Sidney F. Strauss ’59
Mr. Tim L. Strawbridge ’76
Mr. Thomas B. and Mrs. Karleen C. Strayer
Mr. Richard H., Jr. ’90 and Ms. Kimberly Ramstad ’90 Streamer
Streem Resnick Tetelman & Young DDS Inc
Mr. Dana D. Streep ’75
Ms. Mary Simon Streep
Mr. Bryan S. and Mrs. Leslie N. Street P’19
Mr. Kyle Devin Street ’19
Mr. Mark Streisel ’12
Mr. Mark J. and Mrs. Maura Streisel P’12
Mr. Roger T. Streit ’66
Mr. Jeffrey A. Streitel
Mrs. Kathleen Stribley
Mr. Brandon M. Strickland ’16
Mr. Frederick D. Strickland Jr. ’69
Mr. Kevin M. and Mrs. Lisa J. Strickland P’16
Mrs. Renee Becton Strickland ’82
Mr. Gerald D. Strid
Mr. William W. Striker ’49*
Mr. Dennis D. and Mrs. Diane E. Stripe P’12
Mr. Greg J. Stripe ’12
Mr. Richard A. Strizki ’55
Ms. Morgan D. Strobel ’11
Dr. Brad M. and Mrs. Judi Strober P’20
Ms. Amy Saalwachter Strobl ’95
Mr. Robert M. Stroble ’06
Mr. Jacob P. Strock ’17
Mrs. Susan M. Strohl
Mr. R. Coleman Strohm ’17
Mr. W. Robert and Mrs. Kimberly D. Strohm P’17
Mr. Arthur F. Strohmer Jr.
Mrs. Mary P. Stroia P’22
Dr. Bert E. Stromberg Jr. ’66
Ms. Carrie Lyn Strong ’99
Mr. David S. Strong ’82
Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Grace A. Strong
Ms. Katherine M. Strong
Mr. Samuel F. Strong ’12
Mrs. Jessica Rogers Stroud ’04
Mr. Douglas A. Strouse ’78
Mr. Keith J. Strouse ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Strouse ’70
Robert H., Esq. ’70 and Mrs. Norma Strouse P’05
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Donna M. Struble
Mr. Alexander J. Struck ’10
Mr. Russell D. Struck
Mr. Stuart J. Struck ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Stugibenetti
Mr. Samuel D. Strum ’86
Dr. Lawrence Paul Stryker ’70
Dr. James D. Stuart ’63
Mr. Samuel D. Stuart ’13
Stuart B Speicher DBA Lehigh Valley Summer League
Mr. Edward S. Stubits ’13
Mr. Edward J. Stubits and Mrs. Signe A. Solem-Stubits P’13
Mr. John L. and Dr. Linda G. Stubits
Mr. John-Frank Stubits ’05
Ms. Loretta Stubits
Ms. Abigail P. Studen ’17
Ms. Bethany J. Studner P’16
Mr. Gavin H. Studner ’16
Mr. J. Brett Studner P’16
Ms. Anne Y. Stuhler
Mr. Robert H. Stuhler ’42*
Mr. Adam F. Stulberger ’90
Dr. G. Alan Stull ’54
Ms. Audrey E. Stulle
Mr. Bruno J. Stulle
Mrs. Jodi Deitch Stumbo ’88
Mr. Richard B. Stump ’64
Mr. Robert P. Stupp
Mr. Robert P. Stupp Jr.
Mrs. Katherine W. Sturdevant ’05
Mr. Richard Sturdevant
Mr. Fletcher J. and Mrs. Toni M. Sturm P’19
Ms. Morgan Marie Sturm ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sturman
Mr. Maxwell H. Sturman ’09
Mr. John D. Stutz ’63
Mr.* and Mrs. David Styer Jr. ’38 P’69
Mrs. Helene S. Styer ’38*
Mr. Keith R. ’95 and Mrs. Jennifer Morelli ’93 Style
Mr. Kenneth M. Suarez ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Suarez
Mr. Sean I. Suarez ’91
Mr. Yashpal Subedi ’05
Mr. Donald A. Suberroc ’70
Mr. Craig G. and Mrs. Debra A. Subers P’22
Kyle Craig Subers ’22
Ms. Kruti N. Suchde ’12
Mr. Edward A. Suczewski ’09
Dr. Edward J. and Mrs. Juliene Suczewski P’09’11
Mr. Michael P. Suczewski ’11
Ms. Kara E. Sudberg ’13
Ms. Sharon Sudol
Mr. Robert Suess ’59
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Suffin
Dr. Daniel M. Suffin ’00
Mr. Mark Suffredini ’93
Sugar Hill Retirement Community Association Inc
Mrs. Roberta Sugden W’41*
Dr. Teruo Sugihara ’71
Ms. Cody A. Suher ’14
Dr. Robert A. ’77 and Mrs. Randa Suher
Ms. Samira Maclean Sujak ’19
Ms. Elizabeth S. Sulc ’17
Ms. Jennifer Woodworth Sulc ’92
Ms. Stephanie M. Sulfaro ’09
Mr. Brian C. Sullivan ’14
Mr. Brian C. and Mrs. Patricia A. Sullivan P’14
Ms. Cara L. Sullivan ’11
Mrs. Carol Willard Sullivan ’90
Ms. Catherine A. Sullivan ’16
Ms. Colleen A. Sullivan ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Sullivan
Ms. Doreen Ventresca Sullivan ’85
Ms. Elizabeth J. Sullivan ’10
Ms. Emilie H. Sullivan ’08
Emma Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Sullivan
Mr. Gregory J. Sullivan ’87
Ms. Hope V. Sullivan ’88
Mr. James Sullivan
Mrs. Jill Spinelli Sullivan ’96
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Joanne L. Sullivan
Mr. John W. Sullivan II ’73
Mr. John J. Sullivan P’88
Mr. John F. ’04 and Mrs. Kristen C. ’04 Sullivan
Ms. Julia J. Sullivan ’18
Ms. Kelly Diegnan Sullivan ’94
Ms. Laura Young Sullivan ’84
Ms. Lee A. Sullivan ’80
Ms. Lindsay M. Sullivan ’12
Mr. Luke E. Sullivan ’08
Mrs. Marisa P. Sullivan ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Sullivan
Ms. Mary S. Sullivan
Mr. James and Ms. Mary A. Sullivan
Meghan Helena Sullivan ’20
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Carol A. Sullivan P’20
Ms. Nancy M. Sullivan
Mr. P. Joshua Sullivan ’03
Ms. Peggy T. Dozsa Sullivan ’03
Mr. Peter M. ’82 and Ms. Andrea Josephson ’84 Sullivan
Mr. Rob Sullivan
Mr. Robert G. and Mrs. Sandra H. Sullivan P’18
Dr. Sarah A. Sullivan ’12
Dr. Scott Sullivan and Dr. Rosa Fini P’19
Ms. Shannon M. Sullivan ’13
Mr. Theodore R. Sullivan ’59
Dr. Theodore R. and Mrs. Brenda R. Sullivan P’16
Ms. Theresa Leland Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sullivan P’02 ’11
Mr. Nicholas, II ’91 and Mrs. Catherine Hammond ’92 Sumas
Ms. Allison H. Summer ’09
Mr. Robert M. Summerlin
Ms. Caitlin N. Summers ’15
Mr. and Mrs. George Brian Summers P’15
Mr. Michael Summers
The Hon. Thomas W. Sumners Jr. ’80
Mr. Charles W. and Mrs. Theresa Sumpter P’11
Mr. Cody C. Sumpter ’11 and Ms. Allie N. Seranko ’11
Mr. James B. Sumpter ’74
Mr. Cedric Sun ’53* and Mrs. Amy L. Sun Carr
Mr. Matthew Sun
Ms. Qi Sun ’11
Mr. Ruikun Sun ’17
Mr. Xiaofei Sun ’15
Mr. Yi Sun ’98
Ms. Yuchen Sun ’18
Mr. Zhe Sun ’13
Ms. Shirley Sundack
Ms. Susan O’Leary Sundahl ’98
Dr. David F. and Mrs. Molly D. Sunderlin
Sungard Public Sector Inc.
Ms. Erin Supinka
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Camille Supplee
Mr. Richard B. Supplee Jr. ’85
Ms. Stacey Fox Supran ’92
Mr. Paul Frederick Suprenard ’00
Ms. Denise J. Surdoval
Mr. Surendran Balakrishnan and Ms. Sharmini Surendran
Mrs. Meghan Mannion Suriani ’07
Mr. Kenneth G. Surowitz ’81
Susan B. Walsh, C.P.A.
Susan Harris & Associates Inc
Susan Hopper Bookkeeping LLC
Susan’s Gardens Etc
Mr. Barton N. Sussman ’82
Dr. Elliot J. Sussman
Mrs. Wendy Parker Sussman ’93
Mr. David Wendells and Ms. Marie Ann Sutera-Wendells
Mr. William G. Sutey ’04
Mr. Donald J. Sutherland ’60
Ms. Kerri-Ann T. Sutherland ’16
Mr. Christopher R. Sutka ’17
Mr. J. Michael ’83 and Ms. Tracy Hagert ’82 Sutka P’17
Ms. Jennifer L. Sutliff ’09
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sutter ’61
Alexander Issac Sutton ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Christy J. Sutton ’70
Mr. Edward F. Sutton and Ms. Patricia L. Cohen P’22
Mr. Geoffrey J. Sutton ’76
Mr. Harry A. Sutton Jr. ’51
Ms. Laurie Bonanno Sutton ’87
Mr. Evan I. Suval ’15
Dr. J. James Suydam ’80
Ms. Eiko Suzuki ’06
Ms. Kathleen M. Svec
Mr. Mark L. Svevar ’07
Mr. F. and Mrs. Charlotte W. Swaffield
Mr. and Mrs. Payson F. Swaffield P’13
Mr. Thomas P. Swaffield ’13
Mr. Thomas E. ’85 and Ms. Carol Worley ’84 Swaim
Mr. Robert D. Swain ’51*
Mr. Anthony B. Swale ’87
Ms. Stacy L. Swan
Swan Dive, LLC
Ms. Anna V. Swanby-Laisne ’09
Mr. Dale A. Swann ’57
Ms. Claire Elisabeth Swanson ’19
Mr. Donald A. and Mrs. Lisa M. Swanson P’11
Mr. Gordon B. Swanson ’66
Ms. Jessica E. Swanson ’11
Mr. Peter Goodell and Ms. Leigh Anne Swanson
Mr. Marc K. ’83 and Mrs. Caryn Barber ’83 Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Swanson
Dr. Stephen J. Swarin ’67
Mr. Daniel T. ’03 and Mrs. Jessica Papada ’03 Swarr
Mr. Benjamin T. Swartout ’11
Mr. James R. Swartwout ’68
Mr. Donald J. Swartz and Ms. Karen R. Glickstein P’18
Mr. Edward D. Swartz ’03
Mr. James H. Swartz ’51*
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Joyce Swartz
Mrs. Mary LaBuz Swartz ’09
Ms. Miriam L. Swartz ’18
Mr. Raymond P. and Mrs. Patricia A. Swartz P’14
Mr. Willard A. Swartz ’73
Mr. Peter B. Swasay ’60*
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Joanna Swaun P’21
Ms. Sara A. Swavely
Dr. Steven C. Swavely ’11
Mr. Thomas A. and Mrs. Jennifer L. Swavely P’11
Mr. Walter H. Swayze Jr. ’57
Ms. Alison C. Sweeney ’06
Garrett David Sweeney
Mr. Hugh O. Sweeney ’80
Mr. John F. Sweeney
Ms. Nicole L. Sweeney ’11
Mr. Timothy J. Sweeney P’21
Mr. Donald N. Sweeny III ’73
Dr. John W. Sweet Jr. ’78
Mr. and Mrs.* Kenneth Sweet Jr. ’54
Mr. Lufay A. Sweet II ’61
Mr. James A. and Mrs. Jeannette A. Sweetland P’15
Ms. Mary Jane Sweetland
Mr. William T. Sweetland ’15
Ms. June Pearson Sweetser ’76
Ms. Rachel M. Sweigart ’14
Ms. Samantha L. Sweigart ’18
Mr. Christopher J. Sweitzer ’07
Mr. Clarence W., Jr. and Mrs. Theresa A. Sweitzer P’18
Mr. Daniel J. Sweitzer ’18
Ms. Alison Dale Swenson
Ms. Amy Mish Swenson ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Swenson
Mr. Theodore R. Swenson ’51
Dr. Neal R. and Dr. Nancy S. Swerdlow P’13
Mr. Richard W. Swett Jr. ’98
Ms. Catherine E. Swezey ’02
Mr. Gregory D. Swiatocha ’06
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Janice E. Swick P’15
Ms. Michelle P. Swick ’09
Ms. Michelle J. Swick ’15
Mr. and Mrs. William Swick
Mrs. Winifred W. Swick W’41
Mr. Kenneth T. Swider ’84
Steven Swidler
Carol L. Swienckowski
Ms. Sarah A. Swienckowski- Eckhart ’13
Mrs. Roberlyn Barnes Swilling ’90
Mr. Theodore C. ’90 and Mrs. Dana Paul ’90 Swimmer
Ms. Claire E. Swindell ’96
Dr. Ronald Swinfard and Dr. Sara S. Viessman P’14
Mr. Clifford C. Swint ’79
Mr. Robert T. Swint ’74
Ms. Erica K. Swinton ’16
Ms. M. Louise Swinton
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Swoboda
Mr. John G. Swope ’92
Mr. William and Mrs. Martha Sullivan Sword
Mr. Kevin J. Swords ’02
Mrs. Brooke Niquette Sybesma ’10
Mr. Robert J. Sydor ’70
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Sykes
Dr. Sarah E. Sykes ’09
Ms. Lynn Sylvester
The Synod of the Trinity of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
Dr. Douglas Szajda ’84
Ms. Kirby N. Szalkowski ’16
Ms. Dawn Botti Szczecina ’91
Ms. Caroline R. Szczepanski ’09
Mrs. Donna F. Szczupak ’81
Mr. Julius and Mrs. Violet M. Szigeti
Ms. Patricia DeAngelis Szipszky ’87
Mr. Adam J. Szklanny ’13
Mrs. Christine Martha Szkwarko
Dr. Daria L. Szkwarko ’06
Dr. and Mrs. Henry K. Szmacinski
Ms. Natalia J. Szmacinski ’10
Mr. Andrzej Szponar
Ms. Karen B. Szteinberg P’17
Ms. Rachel A. Szteinberg ’17
Mr. Robert J. Szuhany ’06
Ms. Emily Christman Szymanski ’94
Dr. Jeffrey R. Tabak ’87
Ms. Jamie L Taber ’19
Mr. Joseph B. ’96 and Ms. Melissa Winsor ’96 Tacchino
Dr. Allen B. Tacker ’67
Ms. Marisa L. Taddei ’14
Mr. Ricardo C. and Mrs. Janelle A. Taddei P’14
Ms. Carol-Anne M. Taddeo ’84
Mr. Dennis B. Taffe ’86
Mr. Dylan P. Taft ’12
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Irene Tagaris
Ms. Ashley D. Tagen ’11
Jake S. Taggart ’21
Mr. Peter L. Taggart ’15
Mr. Christopher A. Tague ’00
Mr.* and Mrs. Harold M. Tague P’00
Ms. Christine M. Tagye ’08
Mr. Frank Andrew Tait ’71
Mr. Richard W. Tait ’52*
Mr. Kamil M. ’03 and Mrs. Simmone Chaddan ’04 Taitt
Mr. Mark A. Tajzler ’14
Mr. Roman J. and Mrs. Jane L. Tajzler P’14
Mr. Thomas P. and Mrs. Maria LaReddola ’89 Takacs P’15
Mr. Robert V. Takacs ’55
Mr. Sifiso Y. Takirambudde ’10
Ms. Gina F. Talarico ’06
Dr. Simon T. Tonev and Dr. Jennifer M. Talarico
Mr. Michael D., II ’95 and Mrs. Aimee Harrington ’96 Talerico
Alix Golden Talkow ’22
Mr. Andrew M. and Mrs. Ami G. Talkow P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Talkow
Mr. George, IV ’77 and Mrs. Deborah Nichols Tall
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Tall ’81
Ryan Zachary Tall ’22
Ms. Susan C. Tall P’22
Mr. Marcello T. Tallarigo ’96
Ms. Michele S. Tallarita ’12
Mr. David Talley
Ms. Karla P. Talley ’18
Mr. Paul A. Tallman ’72
Mr. Russell Talmadge and Mrs. Cassandra R. Chapman-Talmadge P’16
Ms. Sarah A. Talmadge ’16
Dr. Timothy D. Talmage ’87
Ms. Mahe Munir Talpur P’11
Mr. Zujjaj B. Talpur ’11
Mr. and Mrs. John Talty
Mr. Nakul Talwar ’18
Ms. Geraldine George Tama ’97
Ms. Elizabeth Carter Tamarkin ’95
Mr. Matthew G. Tambellini ’03
Ms. Debra Alenick Tambor ’81
Ms. Jennifer Kelleher Tamis ’93
Mr. Ashutosh Tamrakar ’12
Mr. Mariano John L., Jr. ’83 and Mrs. Cynthia C. Tan
Mr. and Mrs. Graham Y. Tanaka P’18
Mr. Marc Tancer ’11
Dr. Richard B. ’79 and Dr. Margaret Karcnik Tancer P’11
Ms. Emily S. Tanenbaum ’12
Mr. Jeffrey L. and Mrs. Karen Tanenbaum P’12
Ms. Julia R. Tanenbaum ’12
Ms. Kathryn A. Tanenbaum ’15
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Tanenbaum P’12’15
Ms. Betty Tang
Ms. Ke Tang ’17
Mr. Kenneth M. Tankel ’75
Mr. Neel R. Tanna
Dr. Barry and Mrs. Sandi Tannen P’12
Mr. Noah M. Tannen ’12
Dr. Stephen R. Tanner ’04
Ms. Rachel J. Tanz ’09
Dr. Robert R. ’72 and Ms. Jill Johnson ’72 Tanz P’09
Ms. Xenia Taoubina ’02
Ms. Stefanie H. Tapper
Mr. David J. Tapsfield ’09*
Ms. Kelly S. Tapson ’13
Dr. Victor F. Tapson P’13
Ms. Angela Tarantino
Ms. Carmella Tarantino
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Margaret Taranto
Mr. Jason R. and Mrs. Deborah A. Tarcza P’19
Mr. Colin P. Tareila ’09
Mr. Michael Tareila and Mrs. Paula T. Hogan
Dr. David A. Targan ’95
Mr. Nicholas A. ’04 and Mrs. Diana Crai ’06 Taro
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Tarr ’70
Ms. Lisa West Tarr ’86
Mr. Robert M. Tarr ’71
Mr. Michael P. Tarricone ’18
Mr. Edward A. ’79 and Mrs. Carol Coffey ’78 Tarsa
Ms. Shiori Tarui ’10
Ms. Margaret A. Tarvin ’84
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Taschler ’75
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Muriel A. Tashjian P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Taskey
Mr. Nicholas D. Tassoni ’17
Mrs. Jennifer L. Tastad ’03
Mr. William and Mrs. Constance Tate
Ms. Courtney Tate
Mr. Ronald F. Tate ’69
Dr. Joanne Dergosits ’81 and Mr. Philip S. ’81 Tatem
Ms. Taneesha N. Tate-Robinson ’13
Ms. Stephanie L. Tatge ’08
Ms. Maria Schweitzer Tatham
Ms. Kathryn Z. Tatlow
Ms. Betty A. Tatooles
Mr. John J. Tatooles
Mr. Tony and Mrs. Laura E. Tatooles
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Tator ’63
Mr. S. Wesley Tator III ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Tatum P’14
Mr. Robert T. Tatum ’14
Tau Chapter Association of Zeta Psi
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Adrienne T. Taucher
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Tauckus
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Patricia A. Tauckus
Ms. Sandra Tauckus
Ms. Quinn J. Taurman ’09
Dr. Javad and Mrs. Tabatabaie Tavakoli
Ms. Bridget M. Tavani ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Tavani
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Tavani, Jr. P’03’06’13
Mr. Liam P. Tavani ’03
Mr. Matthew T. Taverna ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Taverna
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Tavrow
Ms. Alana L. Taylor ’12
Ms. Allyson G. Taylor ’12
Mrs. Autumn Mowrey Taylor ’95
Ms. Barbara J. Taylor
Mr. Bruce L. Taylor ’78
Ms. Cassidy R. Taylor ’17
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Christine G. Taylor
Ms. Crystal C. Taylor ’03
Dr. Dean Gates Taylor
Mr. Dean E. and Mrs. Angela T. Taylor P’17
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Debbie Taylor
Mr. Donald Taylor and Ms. Lynn V. McEwan-Taylor P’21
Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Elizabeth A. Taylor
Ms. Gale Toale Taylor ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Ian H. Taylor
Mrs. Irene E. Taylor
Mr. Jeffrey Paul ’73 and Ms. Patricia Lessig ’75 Taylor
Ms. Jennifer Moyer Taylor ’94
Ms. Kathryn Gallagher Taylor ’96
Ms. Kathryn Gordon Taylor ’89
Ms. Kerry A. Taylor ’10
Ms. Kristen D Taylor ’19
Ms. Mary E. Taylor ’04
Mr. Michael G. and Mrs. Carolyn G. Taylor P’12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Taylor P’19
Ms. Patricia A. Taylor
Mr. Philip W. Taylor ’66
Mr. Randall G. Taylor
Mr. Richard V. ’79 and Ms. Carol Needham ’79 Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Taylor Jr. ’80
Mr. Robert W. Taylor
Mr. Robert Taylor
Ms. Sallie Lurton Taylor ’95
Mr. Scott T. Taylor ’89
Mr. Seth J. Taylor ’02
Mr. Tim Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent X. Taylor
Mr. Stanley J. Tchorowski P’14
The Teagle Foundation Incorporated
Mr. Mark T. Teare ’84
Mr. Michael E Teddick ’19
Mr. Christopher J. Tedeschi ’87
Ms. Ashley E. Tedesco ’17
Mr. Frank J. and Mrs. Elizabeth K. Tedesco P’17
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Lisa A. Teemsma P’16
Dr. Erin A. Teeple ’00
Mr. William J. Teeter Sr. ’63
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Teets W’49
Mr. Richard P., Jr. ’77 and Mrs. Lisa M. Teets
Mr. Marc H. Teitelbaum ’15
Ms. Rebecca K. Teitelbaum ’09
Dr. Luis and Mrs. Lisa Tejada P’12
Ms. Megan C. Tejada ’12
Mr. Ramon F. Tejada ’09
Ramon F. Tejada
Mr. Amir P. and Ms. Jessica Tejani
Mr. David A. ’79 and Mrs. Christene Flood Telesco
Ms. Nancy Telliho ’83
Ms. Audrey C. Temelini
Emily Susan Temkin
Ms. Michelle Steir Tempkin ’87
Ms. Leslie Pursel Temple ’90
Riley K. Temple ’71 Hon.D.’09, Esq.
Temple Sinai
Ms. Dawn P. Temple-Trent
Mr. Barry B. Ten Eyck
Mr. Peter W. Ten Eyck ’78
Ms. Carolyn M. Tencza
Ms. Patricia N . Tencza
Mr. Richard Tencza
Mr. Michael J. Tennaro ’93
Dr. Mark D. and Mrs. Christine Moreland Tenney P’18
Ms. Rachel A. Tenney ’18
Mr. Glen T. Tennyson ’11
Mr. Raymond E. Terek ’93
Mr. John W. Terembula Jr. ’94
Mr. Mark T. Tergesen ’99
Mr. James L. Terhune ’65
Ms. Nanor L. Terjanian ’07
Mr. John D. Terkovich ’08
Mrs. Jean Johnson Terrana ’78
Ms. Christina Terranova
Mr. Michael J. Terranova
Mrs. Victoria J. Terranova ’04
Mr. John H. Terrell IV ’91
Mr. Albert J. Terrile ’65
Ms. D’wana Speight Terry ’87
Mr. Gerald P. Terry Jr. ’00
Mr. Peter A. Terry and Ms. Margaret Hoffman-Terry
Ms. Shirley A. Terry
Mr. John R. ’79 and Ms. Martha Pickel ’79 Tersigni
Ms. Logan M. Terteling ’05
Mr. Donald L. Terwilliger ’28*
Mr. Mark R. and Mrs. Phyllis A. Terwilliger P’11
Mr. Nathan D. Terwilliger ’11
Mrs. Renae Schneck Tesauro ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Teschemacher
Mr. Eric W. Teschemacher ’11
Dr. Fred W. and Mrs. Alayne M. Teschemacher P’11
Mr. David C. Tesher ’84 and Mrs. Anita c. Tesher
Ms. Taylor N. Tesher ’16
Mr. Peter J. and Mrs. Kathie Teshima P’15
Dr. Charles B. Teske ’54
Mr. Theodore ’91 and Ms. Lisa Henry ’92 Tesler
Ms. Victoria M. Tesone ’18
Mr. Bartholomew and Mrs. Tobi Tesoriero
Ms. Marian Tesser
Mr. Anthony M. Tessitore ’97
Mr. Eldan D. Testa ’64
Ms. Allison M. Tether ’10
Mr. Jay S. Tether and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Smith
Dr. Severin Teufel ’56
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Katherine M. Tevis
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Tewell
Mrs. Julia Bateman Tewksbury ’10
Dr. James H. Thaidigsman ’53
Dr. Donald P. Thaler ’56
Jordan Elyse Thaler ’20
Thalheimer Architecture
Dr. Seth R. Thaller `71
Dr. John W. Thanassi `59
Mr. Thura Thant Sin ’18
Mr. Christopher A. ’86 and Mrs. Judith K. Thatcher P’21
Mr. Donald K. Thatcher
Mrs. Kristi R. Thatcher ’94
Mr. Eugene J. Thaw ’74
Mr. Kenny and Mrs. Vida Thaxton P’19
Mr. Richard P. Thayer ’61
The Ayco Charitable Foundation
The Carriag Group LLC
Ms. Jeanette L. Theodat ’04
Mrs. Megan Loeffler Theodor ’04
Dr. Nicholas Theodorou ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Theokas
Mr. Clayton M. Theophilus ’58*
Ms. Kelsey E. Theriault ’13
Mr. Richard E. and Mrs. Kimberly E. Theriault P’13
Mr. George N. Thibeault Jr. ’77
Mr. John P. Thiel ’06
Dr. James M. and Dr. Melissa Thoene ’75 Thiel
Mr. Walter L. Thiel ’64*
Mrs. Victoria Yung Thiersch ’96
Mr. Raymond W. ’88 and Ms. Elizabeth McKown ’85 Thill
Ms. Susan Ashton Thistle ’77
Mr. Matthew Tholis
Mr. Christopher Z. and Mrs. Mary B. Thomajan P’19
Ms. Allison M. Thomas ’16
Mr. Andrew D. Thomas ’04 and Ms. Gretel L. Raibeck ’03
Ms. Bonnie C. Thomas
Mr. Brian P. Thomas ’10
Mr. C. Peter Thomas ’73
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Mary E. Thomas P’17
Mr. Charles E. Thomas ’50
Mr. Christian M. ’93 and Ms. Deborah Markowitz ’96 Thomas
Mr. Christopher J. ’81 and Mrs. Denise C. Thomas
Mr. Cleophus Thomas Jr.
Ms. Dana C. Thomas ’14
Rev. Daniel C. Thomas Jr. ’71
Mr. David K. and Mrs. Marylu Thomas
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Diane M. Thomas
The Hon. Edward Mc Call Thomas ’66
Ms. Ellen M. Thomas ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett J. Thomas
Mrs. Erin McKan Thomas ’05
Mrs. Evan J. Thomas ’87
Mr. Gary L. Thomas ’63
Mr. Graham W. Thomas ’17
Mr. Jay F. Thomas ’79
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Thomas ’70 P’01
Mr. John G. Thomas III ’70
Mr. Keith Thomas ’71
Ms. Kisha L. Thomas ’08
Ms. Kristin A. Thomas ’17
Ms. Lauren E. Thomas ’16
Mr. Lee M Thomas
Ms. Lindsay C. Thomas ’17
Mrs. Marci E. Thomas ’97
Mr. Mathew S. and Mrs. Linda M. Thomas P’17
Ms. Megan M. Thomas ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Thomas
Mr. Michael Sentowski and Mrs. Michele K. Thomas
Mr. Paul D. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Thomas P’18
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Debbie R. Thomas P’13
Mr. Tedd and Mrs. Rebecca Bown ’74 Thomas P’14
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Thomas
Mr. Samuel H. Thomas Jr. ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Thomas
Mr. Sean P. Thomas ’18
Mr. Shawn Thomas
Ms. Stephanie N. Thomas ’18
Mr. Steven J. Thomas ’71
Dr. Theodore S. Thomas ’73
Mr. Todd S. and Mrs. Jennifer A. Thomas P’16
Ms. Tripti S. Thomas ’96
Mr. William R. Thomas IV ’53
Mr. William H. Thomas Jr. ’68
Yasir Thomas ’20
Thomas Conrad and Conrad
Thomas F Staley Foundation
Thomas V. Massa, D.M.D.
Mr. Matthew D. Thomases ’62
Ms. Dianne Bassler Thombs ’90
Ms. Alexis N. Thompson ’17
Mr. Anthony J. Thompson ’18
Dr. Arthur M. and Mrs. Diane P. Thompson P’17
Mrs. Barbara Thompson
Mr. Brett E. Thompson ’15
Mrs. Carolyn A. Thompson ’86
Mr. Donald E. Thompson Jr. ’64*
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Dorothy L. Thompson
Ms. Elizabeth Gardner Thompson ’83
Ms. Elizabeth Liebers Thompson ’87
Ms. Elizabeth S. Thompson
Mr. George Thompson ’15
Mr. Grant and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Thompson P’15
Mr. H’cone K. Thompson ’03
Mr. Ian W. Thompson ’16
Mr. Jeffrey F. Thompson Jr. ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Thompson
Mr. Jeffrey M. and Mrs. Carolyn C. Thompson P’12
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Thompson P’21
Mr. John Thompson
Ms. Katharine J. Thompson ’09
Mr. Keith E. and Mrs. Elaina Thompson P’15
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Thompson
Mr. Luke E. Thompson
Mr. Mark R. Thompson Jr. ’68
Mr. Michael D. Thompson ’81
Mr. Michael Y. ’12 and Mrs. Caroline Lang ’13 Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Thompson, Sr. P’18
Mr. Nelson Thompson ’57
Ms. Paige M. Thompson ’18
Dr. Richard A. Thompson ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Thompson
Mr. Robert B. Thompson ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Thompson
Ms. Sarah M. Thompson ’07
Ms. Stefanie Westphal Thompson ’85
Mrs. Susan Rohrbach Thompson ’92
Mr. Tristan S. Thompson ’13
Mrs. Victoria C. Thompson ’84
Mr. Brian F. Thomsen ’11
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Thomsen ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Thomsen P’11
Mr. Andrew J. Thomson ’73
Mr. Fletcher C. Thomson ’98
Mr. Jack H. Thomson ’08
Ms. Linda H. Thomson
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Nancy P. Thomson
Mrs. Patricia Egan Thomson ’89
Mr. Stanley B. Thomson ’46*
Mrs. Susan Carmichael Thomson W’56
Thomson Reuters
Colin W. Thorne ’20
Dr. Jeffrey B. and Mrs. Beverly K. Thorne P’18
Ms. Katherine P. Thorne
Mr. Michael J. Thorne ’18
Ms. Ruby Thornley
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph I. Thornton Jr. ’67
Mr. Christian Thorpe
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Thorpe P’89
Ms. Susan S. Thorpe
Dr. Thomas M. Thorpe ’71
Dr. David and Dr. Vicky E. Thorsell P’13
Ms. Devon E. Thorsell ’13
Ms. Mary E. Thorsen ’17
Otis James Thrasher ’21
Mr. Fred and Mrs. Barbara W. Thum
Mr. Ferdinand and Ms. Elizabeth M. Thun
Mr. Robert K. Thurber ’86
Mr. Brian ’79 and Mrs. Karen Thurman
Dr. Paul Eugene Thurston ’60
Dr. William E. Thygeson Sr. ’68
Mr. William E., Jr. ’93 and Mrs. Corinne T. Thygeson
Ms. Yuan Tian ’17
Dr. and Mrs. Russell Tibbetts ’76 P’12
Mr. David Bruce Tibbott ’81
Ms. Jill A. Tibbs ’03
Mr. Kevin F. Tichacek ’76
Dr. David S. Tichansky ’89
Ms. Margaret A. Tiedemann ’14
Kara Leigh Tiedtke ’22
Prof. James E. Tiernan
Mr. James and Mrs. Abby M. Tierney
Ms. Brianne E. Tierney
Mr. Matthew E. Tierney ’18
Mr. Michael P. and Mrs. Cathy C. Tierney P’18
Mr. Paul Tierney
Samantha Tierney ’20
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Tietjen
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Tiger Sr. ’57 P’81 GP’13
Mr. and Mrs. George Tiger Jr. ’81
Mr. Michael J. Tilchin and Ms. Linda Greer P’11
Mr. Ross G. Tilchin ’11
Mr. Fred and Ms. Barbara M. Tilden
Mr. Shawn R. Tilger ’94
Mr. David R. Tilghman P’09
Mr. George Q. Tillery ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Tilley
Mr. Michael T. Tilley ’08
Ms. Jennifer L. Tillman ’10
Mr. Joseph P. Tillman
Mrs. Karen Wilson Tillman ’97
Mr. Richard C. Tillquist ’14
Dr. Richard L. and Dr. Carolyn L. Tillquist P’14
Mr. Eric D. Tilson ’15
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Cindy Tilson P’15
Dr. Sherry-Ann S. Tim Kee ’12
Mr. Erick O. and Mrs. Maureen C. Timber P’17
Mr. Luke C. Timber ’17
Time Inc.
Mr. Charles J. and Mrs. Barbara J. Timko P’16
Ms. Sandra Payne Timm ’91
Mr. Lawrence C. and Mrs. Michele Tindall P’14
Mr. Matthew C. Tindall ’14
Ms. Susan Tindall
Mr. Carter M. Tindell-Hall ’14
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Tinker ’57
Mr. Colin B. Tinsman ’11
Mr. Jeffrey C. Tinsman ’69
Mr. Robert B. and Mrs. Michele R. Tinsman P’11
Ms. Cheryl A. Tintle P’16
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Jan Ann Tintle
Mr. John F. Tintle IV ’95
Ms. Leslie R. Tintle ’16
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Tintle
Mr. Andrew R. Tipton ’67
Dr. Jordan O. Tirrell ’08
TisBest Philanthropy
Mr. Ezra G. Tischler ’10
Dr. James F. Tischler ’71
Mr. Louis J. Tischler ’43*
Ms. Susan B. Tischler ’76
Mrs. Sarah R. Tisdale ’09
Mr. Robert J. Tisot
Mr. Lawrence H. Tittemore ’63
Ms. Caitlin A. Titus ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Titus
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Titus
Ms. Madeleine J. Titus ’18
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Titus P’18
Dr. Bruce E. Tjaden ’56
Dr. Marco Tjioe ’09
Dr. Martin Tjioe ’09
Ms. Janine N. Tkach ’06
TM Global Logistics Inc
Mr. B. Fred Toback ’62
Ms. Toni Tobey
Ms. Sandy Tobias
Ms. Wendy B. Tobiasson ’88
Dr. Cindy S. Tobin P’16
Mr. Jason L. and Mrs. Holly A. Tobin P’18
Dr. Jennifer L. Tobin ’94
Ms. Joanne M. Tobin
Mr. Jonathan D. Tobin ’99
Mr. Ryan M. Tobin ’03
Ms. Tara M. Tobon ’87
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Sally A. Toborowski
Mr. Ricardo A Tochimani ’17
Ms. Ashley A. Todaro ’10
Mr. Gerald J. Todaro and Ms. Barbara J. Waters
Mr. Gussie Todaro
Mr. Henry G. Todaro and Ms. Debra A. Sahm-Todaro P’16
Ms. Lauren N. Todaro ’16
Mr. Barry H. Todd ’65
Mr. Burton S. Todd ’66
Dr. Jeffrey S. Todd ’84
Mr. Thomas S. Todd ’15
Mr. Thomas Scott and Mrs. Kelly J. Todd P’15
Mr. William H. Todd III ’73
Mr. Hamdija Todorovac ’86
Mr. Colin S. Tofel ’13
Ms. Alicia P. T’ofori-Atta
Mr. Ryo Tokita
Mr. Christopher Toler
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Toler
Brad Toll DPM
Ms. Kylle Daley Tollefsen ’02
Mr. John A. Tolleris ’75
Ms. Ashley E. Tolomer ’08
Tom Butler Provisions, LLC
Mr. Gary P. Tomaino ’84
Mr. Alexander H. Tomashoff ’17
Mr. Brian A. Tomassi ’13
Mr. Mauro P. and Mrs. Luigia Gina Tomassi P’13
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tomberg
Mr. Mario V. Tomei
Mr. Aleksandar Tomic ’03
Ms. Mary T. Tomich P’21
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Tomik
Mr. Matthew H. ’03 and Ms. Christiane Conn ’03 Tomik
Dr. Robert L. Tomkiewicz ’64
Mr. Brian S. and Mrs. Andrea N. Tomko P’16
Ms. Katria A. Tomko ’16
Ms. Holly Lenz Tomkovicz ’91
Mrs. Bridget Ferry Tomlinson ’77
Mr. Anthony Tomljanovic ’90
Mr. Joseph G. Tompkins
Mr. Thomas L. Tompkins ’69
Christina Marie Toms
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Tomten
Mr. Clark S. Toner ’10 and Ms. Amanda E. Goss ’11
Ms. Jennifer L. Tonkin ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Tonks ’72
Ms. Chutima Tontarawongsa ’09
Mr. Nicholas R. Tonzetich ’04
Ms. Maura Toole
Mr. Thomas J. Toole ’16
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Michael Toole P’16
Mr. Thomas F. Toole
Ms. June Sprigg Tooley ’74
Mr. Christopher G. Toomey ’03
Ms. Barbara A. Toop ’79
Mr. Arthur E. Tooze Jr. ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Tope ’65
Dr. Arthur A. Topilow ’63 and Dr. Judith F. Topilow
Ms. Michele L. Toplitz ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Topor
Mr. Robert W. Topp ’95
Mr. Joe Topper
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Nancy Torchio P’12
Ms. Michela Torchio ’12
Ms. Corinne Stagen Torkelson
Mr. Richard F. Toro ’61
Ms. M. Cassandra Toroian ’94
Mr. Adam H. Torr ’04
Dr. George and Mrs. Marguerite N. Torres
Ms. Jennifer A. Torres ’94
Mr. Pablo ’07 and Mrs. Yanina D. ’08 Torres
Ms. Tania A. Torres ’12
Ms. Haley D. Torrey ’10
Ms. Aimee Torrisi
Ms. Alexandra H. Torru ’16
Mr. John E. and Mrs. Katharine L. Torru P’16
Ms. Johnna G. Torsone
Mr. Mark A. Torstenson ’89
Dr. Randi L. Torstenson ’00
Mr. Michael J. Tortora `06
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Tortora
Mr. Sergey G. Toshinskiy ’09
Mrs. Jennifer Golub Tosi ’85
Ms. Keri L. Tota
Mr. Peter A. Totev ’04
Mr. David J. Toth ’72
Mr. James E. Toth and Dr. Quynh-Thu X. Le P’21
Mr. Joseph M. Toth, Jr. ’55
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Mary Louise Toth
Mr. Thomas L. Toth ’71
Mr. Peter C. ’88 and Ms. Christina Roche ’87 Toto
Ms. Anda Totoreanu ’15
Mr. Jeremiah M. Totten-Greenwood ’12
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Donna Toub
Ms. Susan Tough
Mr. Kevin A. Toukoumidis ’98
Mr. Christopher P.T. Tourek ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Tourek
Mr. Frank E. Tournour ’88
Ms. Jean Toussaint
Mr. Daniel Toutoungi ’13
Mr. Harry L. Tower, IV ’98
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Pamela R. Towers P’18
Ms. Meghan S. Towers ’04
Ms. Andrea Loomis Towey ’90
Ms. Lorraine J. Towey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Town
Dr. W. Ben Towne ’09
Mrs. Cory Delafield Townend ’03
Ms. Erin E. Townley ’14
Mr. Martin L. and Mrs. Cathleen N. Townley P’17
Mr. Martin M. Townley ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic F. Townsend
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Lisa A. Townsend
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Towslee P’15
Ms. Danielle M. Towslee ’15
Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc.
Dr. Michael R. ’94 and Ms. Colleen Dayton ’94 Tracey
Ms. Carly D. Trachtman ’16
Dr. Mark S. and Mrs. Abby J. Trachtman P’16
Mr. Douglas J. Tracy ’00
Mr. Edward J. and Mrs. Helen Y. Tracy P’17
Ms. Lauren M. Tracy ’17
Trade Wholesalers, Inc.
Mr. Anthony J. and Mrs. Maryann Traina P’11
Ms. Jaclyn L. Traina ’11
Mrs. Julie Pollock Trainor ’87
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Sharon T. Trainor
Ms. Laura A. Tralongo ’17
Mr. Salvatore J. Tralongo and Ms. Marion A. Wildeman P’17
Ms. Diane Tran ’11
Mr. Tien V. Tran ’16
Ms. Trinh T. Tran ’10
Mr. Renaldo A. Trancoso ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Trapp
Mr. Michael Trauberman ’78
Mr. Steven M. Traum ’81
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Stephanie Trause
Mr. Dean C. Traut