Simply put, the Marquis Society has the power to change lives. Each year, Marquis Society members make a significant impact at Lafayette by enhancing all areas of the student experience.

In fact, last fiscal year more than 2,100 Marquis Society members contributed more than $18 million to support financial aid, programs, facilities, and more, which represents more than 60% of all giving to the College. As you can see, Marquis Society members are part of a supportive network that positively impacts all students. The College counts on annual Marquis Society giving to continuously enhance the College. In fact, more than 56% of Marquis Society members have been consistent members for 10 consecutive years.

Courtesies Extended to Marquis Society Members:

  • Invitations to annual events such as the Marquis Founders Society Dinner* in the fall and Marquis Porter-Fleck Reception at Reunion.
  • Opportunities to deepen connections through increased contact with faculty, staff, students, and alumni at exclusive regional events and dinners.
  • Recognition in the annual Summary of Giving and Volunteer Participation

*Marquis Founders level and above. For young alumni (within 10 years of graduation) Marquis Society level and above.

Marquis Society Impact

The Marquis Society enhances all areas of the student experience. Let’s take a look at one student to see how Marquis Society giving has impacted her four years on College Hill.

ANNA PTASINSKI ’18 – A biology major from Highlands Ranch, Colo.

  1. Outstanding Academic and Research Opportunities
    As a biology major, Anna conducted research on the immune system’s response to cancer with biology professor Bob Kurt through a fund established by a Marquis Society donor.
  2. State-of-the-art Facilities
    Three days-a-week, Anna is a student in General Physics — Mechanics and Thermodynamics, taught by Andy Dougherty, associate professor of physics, who uses classroom technology funded in part by Marquis Society donations.
  3. Commitment to Athletics
    A guard on the women’s basketball team, Marquis Society contributions support everything from the basketballs to athletic scholarships that provide much-needed financial aid to student-athletes.
  4. Remarkable Student Experiences
    As a peer mentor for the last four years, Anna serves as a positive role model for incoming students. The leadership development skills that she has experienced places her well ahead of her peers once she graduates. Marquis Society gifts provide support for programs that enhance the student experience and community outreach.

Membership Levels

Marquis Laureates
$50,000 and above

Marquis Council

Marquis Circle

Marquis Court

Marquis Founders

Marquis Society