Lafayette offers your company ways to engage in effective change and to make a difference in our community. By acting together, focused civic engagement strengthens connections among people and participation in the growth of the City of Easton’s neighborhoods and the greater Lehigh Valley region.

Sal Panto, Jr., mayor of the City of Easton, speaks about the importance of establishing corporate partnerships with Easton and Lafayette College.

Working with local schools and non-profit groups, Lafayette students and faculty members provide pre-college mentoring, promote community and economic development, contribute to environmental and sustainability initiatives, and assists in expanding access to education and the arts. The College’s corporate partners have opportunities to sponsor and volunteer with many of these leading programs.

Explore the following ways to connect with Lafayette:

Landis Center for Community Engagement

The Landis Center for Community Engagement offers Lafayette students and faculty the opportunity to impact the community in many positive ways. Priorities include offering resources and support to local K-12 education institutions, promoting community and economic development, contributing to environmental and sustainability initiatives, and supporting access to the arts.

Learn more about the Landis Center. 


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