Thank you to all who shared favorite Lafayette stories in honor of Founders’ Day on March 9.

Who was your favorite professor?

Mayer is wearing a blue jacket and maroon tie. He is holding a Lafayette item in front of a backdrop with the Lafayette logo and other college logos

Professor Charles Best, Sr.Frosh “Intro to Engineering” (and later courses), not only looking like an engineer – complete with pocket protector – but also modeled engineering professionalism upon which I based my career. Also, Professor Robert Weiner, Jewish Studies, as professor, advisor, and friend to this day. ~ R. Mayer ’73

Professor Larry Resnick, Philosophy – Doctorate at Cornell studying under Max Black and another famous philosopher. Maybe the second Jewish professor at Lafayette. The course he taught was on Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations. Contraindications aside, the course taught me how to think. Think! ~ Ed Auble ’61

Professor Lorenzo Trialdi – I recall to this day his rendition of explaining the limit function while he drew on the board a choo-choo train approaching the fixed value. His long ponytail and simply fun demeanor made this 8 a.m. first semester freshman class easy to wake up for, which most would have blown off. ~ Robert Lyles, III ’86

Michael LeWii is looking at the camera from the side. He is wearing a green flannel shirt.Professor W. Edward Brown, Ph.D.He allowed me, as a freshman, to audit his class on Russian History, if I wrote a paper (which I did). Throughout his class, during which I attended each lecture, I learned about scholarship, knowledge, complete mastery of a subject, and how to make a presentation interesting. ~ Michael LeWii ’70

My favorite professor at Lafayette was Bernard Fried, professor of biology. In my junior year, Bernie suggested I apply to MD-PhD programs, which I had never heard of. This ultimately led to my career as an academic pathologist. We became lifelong friends. I spoke at his memorial event in 2022. ~ Marshall Austin ’70

Hon. Paula Roscioli is pictured in a black formal robe in front of the American flag

Professor James Lennertz His lectures were brilliant and thought-provoking. He ignited in me a desire to pursue a career in law. I am so grateful to him for seeing potential in me that I did not see in myself.” ~ Hon. Paula Roscioli ’87


Landon Adams is wearing a button down shirt and glasses. He is smiling.Professor Kofi Opoku, is one of the most beautiful people I know. He is gentle and kind. His compassion is unmatched. To me he is an embodiment of all things sacred. His experience, wisdom, and knowledge of the way the world works is a deep river from which we all drink. ~ Landon Adams ’02

Professor George Strodach in the Philosophy Department was my student advisor and my favorite. His quiet, unassuming manner was a steadying force for my young and impressionable mind. His pipe-smoking, tweed-jacketed demeanor presented Venn diagrams and syllogisms to me in a logical, understandable way. ~ Brad Day ’69

My favorite professor was Professor Dennis Johannssen. I was lucky to have him for both semesters sophomore year and his classes remained a standout throughout college. His dedication to knowledge and his creativity in the classroom enriched my entire year. I miss looking forward to his classes! ~ Lucy Kade ’22

Danielle Bero is pictured in a black, pink, and green shirt. Her hair is in a pony tail.

Debbie Byrd– she is an incredible writer, humanitarian, and social justice fighter. She has planted seeds in us that have lead to policy changes, educational leadership, empathy, global studies and above all else human connection. Professor Byrd is kind, caring, and rigorous in her leadership. ~ Danielle Bero ’07


Amos Han '14 is wearing a blue shirt and a Lafayette nametag.
If I had to pick one, I can’t tell you how much Prof. David Veshosky had impacted me personally, academically and professionally. I felt moreconfident in succeeding academically at Lafayette and after graduation. He and I remained in touch until he passed away in 2020. He is missed. ~Amos Han ’14

favorite Lafayette Memories

Bill Tucker is standing with the leopard with his wife, Barbara. I remember my last all-college day in the spring of 1981 so well. The whole campus was out on the Quad (including the future Mrs. Tuck) and it was a celebration of the end of the year, and the beginning of a new start for many of us. It was perfect weather, and everyone I knew was there. An A+ day! 

Bill Tucker ’81

March, 1975- to get front row tickets at MSG for the NIT game vs St. John’s, sat outside Kirby gym all night. I was second in line; 70 students gave me their ID cards and cash to buy tickets for them, too. Lafayette sold 4,000 tix! We lost the game, but I was so proud of the fan support.

Tom Odjakjian ’76