“Tuesday and Thursday night Spanish class and how often everyone arrived drenched from a thunderstorm. All of our books were water damaged. It built community.”

A. Porter ’16

“As an engineer, it was a treat to have a class in Pardee, the hallmark building of Lafayette! Although I had a few classes here, my favorite memory is when my Psychology-major roommate brought me here to see her rat experiment and how she controlled them via electrodes. So amazing!”

J. Hamrick ’81

“Child psychology class with Prof. Mcgillicuddy-Delisi!”

S. Donnelly-Paolucci ’01

“Finishing my “final” final exam my senior year in May 1981 as an economics major.”

M.  Thomporas ’81

“Holding hands with my girlfriend, now wife.” 

J. Ojalvo ’92

“I remember movie nights where I saw everything from “The Muppet Movie” to “Alien.”

E. Reichenbach’ 82

“Working in the psychology department and typing massive documents from dictation. Also, watching “Animal House” in the downstairs auditorium!” 

A. Hardis ’85

“Meeting my professor in the elevator and having that remind me that I had a paper due that day and spewing that out at him. He forgave me for honesty.” 

Carolyn G. ’91

“My first class freshman year was an 8 a.m. English class on the 4th floor. Quite an early morning hike up all those stairs.” 

C. Thomas ’81

“Deb Byrd’s classes. She was a wonderful advisor and inspiring teacher.”

K. Weeks ’16

“Amazing classes with Profs. Upton, Blake, Washington, and Van Dyke. Also taking French class and first-year seminar. Also seeing my peers slide down the hill on lunch trays when it snowed.”

B. Mbadugha ’96

“Math class/calculus 2. Professor would allow the highest scoring student to stop class for a short story.”

M. London ’10

“Psych 101 – teaching my rat ‘mushmouse’ many tricks during freshman year classic.” 

B. Levy ’77

“Doing experiments on chicks at midnight for Dr. Hill. Taking care of Dr. Hill’s finches.”

S. Dunn Garson ’00

“Movie nights! “The Last Waltz” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” 

J. Weisburger ’82

“Senior year on the first floor after 3 and a half years of taking the STAIRS!”

J. Prince ’17

“Working at the IT shop downstairs in the basement. It felt great being able to fix people’s computer troubles, recovering their data and such!”

F. Abbot ’11

“Feeding the rats in the rat lab on the weekends. Late nights in my basement office writing my thesis under the direction of Dr. DeLisi.” 

B. Schein Shermer ’87

“Simply changing classes, going up or down stairs on either end of the building, one line of students going up, another line down. We were in a rush with only 10 minutes between classes. Saying  “Hi!” to friends!”

T. Hart ’77

“Taking the floor mats out of the entryway and using them as sleds down the front hill.” 

C. Brown ’77

“During the second semester of my senior year, I had a brief encounter with a beautiful young woman. Fast forward to 2022, we’ve been married for 38 years!” 

J. Schor ’79

“My sorority, Sigma Kappa, used to put on a ‘Fraternity Feud,’ based on Family Feud, down in the auditorium. Also has most of my classes here!”

T. Hagert-Sutka ‘82 P’17

“Literature of the Sea with Chris Phillips. Also working as a WA in the College Writing program.”

G. Marchena ’15

“Watching movies in the basement theater – “A Clockwork Orange.“

Billie ’80

“Having Mechanics with Michael O’Keefe.”

Jesse ’17

“Taking classes with Professor James Woolley in the English department.”

H. Epstein Ojalvo ’92

“The amazing philosophy classes with Prof. Panichas! Absolutely blew my mind.”

A. Cornwall ’15

“Discovering Milton (thank you Paul Cefalu), so many thoughtful discussions with Profs. Upton, Westfall, Smith, Washington, A. Smith – class on the Quad. The list goes on…”

N. Mbadugha ’03

“Trudging up the stairs to the 4th floor on a Friday morning. Prof. Pearson saying, ‘Oh, is it your turn to come to the Friday class this week?’ We both went from then on. Thank you!! 

Jeanele ’92

“Mud sliding down the hill behind Pardee!”

G. Asselin ’15

“Creating writing classes with Professor Upton.”

C. Calella ’16

“All of my theater classes! Also, mud sliding and trash bag sledding down the hill!”

Trudyann ’15