Members of the Class of 2025 were welcomed across the country in August by alumni and parents who were willing to open their homes to the newest members of the Lafayette family. These in-person events were a celebratory return to “normal” following a year of virtual experiences brought on by the pandemic. In total, fourteen events were held with more than 500 students and families attending. Special thanks to the following families for serving as event hosts:

Adam ’14 and Amanda Grey ’13 – Pennsylvania (Lehigh Valley)

Libby and Tom Hipp P’22 and Henry Hipp ’22 – Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

Alex ’04 and Leslie Karapetian – New Jersey (Central)

Robert ’77, P’13, and Helen P’13 Young and Megan Young ’13 – New Jersey (Jersey Shore North)

Paul ’90 and Christine Doherty P’19 and Hannah Doherty ’19 – New Jersey (North)

David Tesher ’84, Anita Tesher P’16, ’19, Taylor ’16 and Haley Tesher ’19 – New York (Long Island )

Paula Goldsmith P’25, Jonathan Brecht P’25, and India Brecht ’25 – New York (NYC)

Michael ’82 and Jenny ’82 Weisburger – New York (Westchester)

Catherine and Christopher Mueller P’24 and Will Mueller ’24 – Washington (Seattle)

Sheila Black P’23, Russ Cranswick P’23 and Bryn Cranswick ’23 – Colorado

Ben and Jean Goodman P’25 and Leo Goodman ’25 – Massachusetts (Boston)

Jim Benjamin ’84 – Georgia (Atlanta)

Caitlin Hope Rose ’15 and Ben Rose – Illinois (Chicago) (cancelled)

Jill and Robert Bronstein P’21 and Lily Bronstein ’21 – California (Los Angeles)

Michelle and John Willams P’23, and Finn Williams ’23 – California (Orange County)

Andrea Palmer P’22 and Mark Orttung P’22 and Sarah Orttung ’22 – California (San Francisco/Bay Area)

Below is a sampling of photos from the events.

Welcome events were held in accordance with masking guidance at the time of the scheduled event.