Educating gifted students to lead change means broadening the lens through which they see the world. Our interdisciplinary education does just that, but it demands state-of-the-art facilities commensurate with academic excellence and fully resourced programs that encourage collaboration and invention.


Investment Opportunities Include:

Integrated Sciences Center – Goal $60 million

A $75 million Integrated Sciences Center will advance our aspirations to lead in innovative teaching and learning, promote interdisciplinary connections, be environmentally responsible, and provide state-of-the-art academic space for the sciences, now and in the future. Connected to Acopian Engineering Center, the five-story facility will open in Fall 2019 housing biology, computer science, the environmental program, the sustainability initiative, the IDEAL Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Daniel and Heidi Hanson ’91 Center for Inclusive STEM Education, and collaboration space for neuroscience. Learn more.

Dedicated Academic Facilities – Goal $30 million

Learning spaces that match our faculty and students in quality are critical. We are renovating campus-based facilities and opening classrooms in new places, including our Lafayette NYC initiative in Manhattan.

Williams Arts Campus – Goal $20 million

A gateway to campus and a signal of Lafayette’s commitment to the arts, the Williams Arts Campus benefits students, faculty, and community alike. Spaces include the anchor Williams Visual Arts Building, William C. Buck Hall, the Ahart Family Arts Plaza, and 248 N. Third Street.

tecnology-innovationTechnology and Innovation Fund – Goal $15 million

Technology catalyzes innovation and both are key for a college leading change. Because technology changes constantly, ongoing support is needed to secure leading-edge tools.

Science and Engineering Fund – Goal $10 million

Engineering and the sciences are cornerstones of Lafayette’s curriculum and require investments in faculty development, emerging programs, equipment, and new approaches to teaching.


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