In each of the past four years, Matt Mezger ’13 logged onto his computer at 12 a.m. on July 1 and made that fiscal year’s first gift to Lafayette’s Annual Fund. He did so even though he is still paying off student loans for his undergraduate and law school educations.

Making the first gift of the year turns my gift into a mini-celebration,” says Mezger, a 2016 graduate of George Washington University Law School. “Plus, it helps me remember to give every year.”

Matt Mezger

Matt Mezger ’13

His gifts are understandably not the largest in absolute terms, but any gift of any size is an important investment in Lafayette’s people – the students and faculty who make Lafayette a place of distinction. Without support from alumni at all levels, the College would not be able to seize opportunities to enhance students’ academic and social experiences.

Life is crazy for young alumni – starting jobs, going to graduate school, moving, and traveling – and there’s a lot on the plate. Mezger is no different. He hopes to pass the Virginia Bar Exam and join the law firm of Winston and Strawn LLP. He uses free time during the summer to meet up with several Lafayette classmates and friends in Houston.

In addition to being the first donor each year, Mezger volunteers as an Alumni Admissions Representative and a Class Fund Agent. His consistent giving for the past four years has put him in the Fleck Society, and he is a member of the Marquis Society, which recognizes leadership giving.

I had friends in high school who were great students, but they never even considered Lafayette because their families couldn’t afford it,” Mezger says. “Lafayette prepared me for life, and my gifts help make that possible for others.”

Mezger is a great example of the value of investing in Lafayette’s people. Not only is he planning to do big things to improve the world, he’s already doing big things to improve Lafayette through his volunteer work and his financial gifts.

Mezger plans to make the first gift to the Annual Fund next July 1, for the fifth year in a row. So, who’s up for a little competition?