The Société d’Honneur has grown to 119 members, including the following 22 members inducted during the Live Connected, Lead Change campaign.

Carl G. Anderson Jr. ’67 and Deborah B. Anderson

Philip D. ’60 and Bernice Bollman

Nancy E. Brennan ’74

Anthony L. Conrad ’43 and Nancy M. Conrad

Peter C.S. d’Aubermont ’73

Bennett J. Goodman ’79 and Margaret Goodman

Heidi Ludwick Hanson ’91 and Daniel Hanson

George R. Jaqua ’38

Barbara Levy ’77 and Joseph Hollander

Richard M. Lieberman ’52

Judson C. ’79 and Cynthia Oaks Linville ’80

Lee Messner ’49

James T. Marcus ’50

The McCutcheon Foundation (Charles W. McCutcheon, Ann Terry, and Benson J. Chapman P’03)

Donald E. Morel Jr. ’79 and Lauren B. Morel

Ronald Nelson Rudderow ’57

Arthur B. Ryer ’30

Robert E. Sell ’84 and Susan J. Sell

Peter Simon ’75 and Janet Mauriello Simon ’75

Michael F. Weinstein ’70 and Jill Weinstein

George W. Whelen P’10 and Family

George L. Williams ’35