Been there. Done that. And not just on the football field. Last year, Lafayette’s participation rate in annual giving was 37 percent. Lehigh’s was a mere 21 percent.

The Leopard wins the mascot race and the Lafayette-Lehigh Giving Challenge.

Lafayette is beating Lehigh on the football field and in annual giving, but we still need your help to meet our goal.

A victory? Sure. But in the bigger picture, it’s not much of a cause for celebration. Consider the schools Lafayette is looking up at.

Colgate’s participation rate is 50 percent. Holy Cross? 51 percent. Amherst? 53 percent.

Does that mean these are better places? Hardly. But alumni participation – the percentage of graduates who make a financial contribution to their alma mater – factors into college rankings and influences how people view the quality and value of a Lafayette education. It matters.

It’s been some year for Lafayette – a year of extraordinary visibility and pride. The football team’s 150th meeting with Lehigh and men’s basketball’s NCAA tournament appearance brought the College national publicity not just for athletics, but for academics, return on investment, and the value of the degree. And now people around the world are celebrating the Marquis de Lafayette – the boldness, idealism, and impact of our Marquis – as the replica of his ship, the Hermione, crosses the Atlantic, due to arrive in America June 5. (Stay tuned for much more information on that.)

The goal for alumni participation this year is 40 percent. We can get there – and beyond – if proud alumni help. It only takes a few minutes and a few dollars. All gifts, of any amount, count toward the participation rate. And all gifts can be designated to support any area of campus.

A few minutes and a few dollars. That’s all it takes to help Lafayette compete successfully in participation. Only you can make a difference. Only you can help Lafayette raise the bar.

To give, visit the online giving site or call (610) 330-5034. The fiscal year ends June 30.