This past week the Student Phonathon has been taking a break from calling alumni and parents and, instead, has been calling the Class of 2016 to congratulate them on their acceptances to Lafayette.

The response we’ve received from these accepted students has been amazing. The students have tons of questions and tons of enthusiasm for Lafayette. And the parents are perhaps equally excited – one mother went so far as to give the phone to her son while he was in the shower (I’m sure he’s looking forward to going away to college).

On campus, the sidewalks have been overrun with tours and classrooms are peppered with the eager faces of accepted students trying to get a sense of what life would be like at Lafayette College.

Which is why, as we enter the last week of the One More Leopard Challenge, every young alumni gift matters. These students have big plans for the next four years and your gift of even $5 or $10 can help make their dreams reality. 

Help us make Lafayette possible for One More Leopardmake your gift now!