Lafayette Quad

Students enjoy the Quad on 3/23/12

Today is a beautiful day here on College Hill and the Quad is packed with students throwing frisbees and testing their slacklining skills. It is a scene guaranteed to make you nostalgic for college.

Lafayette students, we all know, work hard. They balance academics, volunteering, athletics, research, artistic pursuits, and on-campus jobs. And yet they still have the opportunity, from time to time, to spend an afternoon laying out on the Quad and basking in the early arrival of beautiful weather.

Bob Beane’s hope is that we, Lafayette young alumni, can make this wonderful experience available to one more student in the Class of 2016 – a student waiting to hear not only whether she’s been accepted to Lafayette, but also whether she’ll be receiving the financial aid necessary to make Lafayette possible. You may think your gift of $5 isn’t enough to make an impact. But if 1,000 young alumni give just $5, those $5 gifts will turn into a $56,988 one.

That’s enough money to make Lafayette possible for at least one more Leopard.